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i have tried to put forward maan geet aryan and dadima’s pov in this update! it may feel a bit boring..but it is very much needed to clarify what each of them feels or thinks about the situation!

Even Dadima couldn’t understand what to do now. Yes she did tell them about angel…she did tell them that angel will come and take care of them… but she didn’t know that dia and namra will take it to heart like this!!! She made the girls lie on her lap and closed her eyes mumbling, ‘hume maaf kar dijiye geet…

[forgive us geet..]


Here Maan and  geet were having a lot of fun. They had dinner together… went to an ice cream parlor and geet…as you see the naughty geet.. she smeared all her ice cream on his cheeks saying it was her bday return gift!!! Maan smirked and smeared the ice cream all over her face saying it was her bday gift!!! But she knew she had already got her bday gift…and probably this was the most beautiful bday gift ever!!!


It was around 11pm when they finally decided to go home. Maan drove while she just sat silently..watching him..still trying to capture each and every moment of his in her heart! Who knows she might not be able to see him ever again!!! Suddenly her heart felt heavy with those thoughts…. Yes..everything will become just a dream.. a passing phase… a memory….

“The Hardest Moment in Life is not when

You lose something and tears come out of your eyes….

It is, when you know you are losing something

And You Are Forced To Smile!”


She came out of her thoughts with the screeching sounds of the brake. She looked around to find herself at the grand entrance of THE TAJ…she looked at him quizzically. He smiled and got out of the car. he went to her side and opened the door for her and extended his hand to her. she smiled, a bit unsure about what was happening..but still took his hand and came out. he said nothing…just walked ahead..holding her hand. But this time..she didn’t move! He waited for her…but still she didn’t. he turned back only to see her looking directly into his eyes…a denial sparking in her eyes! He tugged her harder..she resisted and tired to take her hands off his.


Maan: ghar chalo geet….

[come home geet…]

She stood there…numb….still as a statue!

“ghar chalo geet…..”..kitni aasani se keh diya “ghar chalo….” Kitni asani se haath pakad liya aur le chale…par kehne aur karne mein fark hota hain…. Jitni asani se ghar chalne kaha…utna hi mushkil tha geet ke liye aage badhna….

[“come back home geet…” he said it so ealisy..”come home…”how easily he held her hand and led her… but theres a big difference between words and action…! How easy it was for him to say it… but he didn’t realize how difficult it was for geet to step ahead!]


Thousands of memories flashed in her mind..and that one night had changed so much for all the three of them… and Anisha’s qwords echoed in her mind….

chali jao geet..nafrat karte hain hum tumse…. We hate you…did you hear that..!  and yes..if you really want to do something for no OUR Maan then promise us…promise to stay away from his life.. our life… both our lives! Chali jao humari zindagi se… humari yaadon se…chalo jao..itni door ke shayad kabhi hume  tumhari parchayi bhi na dikhe!”

[go away geet… we despise you..we hate you..did you hear that..! and yes..if you really want to do something for for OUR Maan… then promise us… promise to stay away from his life… our life.. both our lives…! Go away for our life… from our memories… go away.. so far that not even your shadow  is visible around us!]


Geet took a step back….no..she can’t go! She wriggled to free her hand from his grip… she cannot do that… Anisha…no..she can’t! she wriggled harder. Maan was not sure why she was behaving like that..but one thing he knew that she was again slipping away from his life…!

Maan (sternly): ghar chalo geet….

Teras clouded her eyes….and she tried to move away!!! She shook her hand violently to get out of his tight grip….

Maan: geet…why are you doing this?


She couldn’t have taken that pain in his voice..but she really didn’t have in her to bear Anisha’s hatred again!!! She really can’t break that promise to her… and with one swift pull..she freed herself. Maan looked at her painfully…why was she doing that? why was she going away again? He had found a little peace..a little happiness after so many days..and even that doesn’t seem to have pity on him!!!

He held her hand again, “geet..don’t go…please..

Her heart stopped beating hearing that…”geet..don’t go..please..” tears rolled down her eyes…yet she managed to gulp down that lump down her throat!

“chali jao humari zindagi se…” echoed in her mind. She closed her eyes tight..not able to see his face….for a moment she saw the glimpse of that old crybaby Maan…who needed his gundi geet so badly…but this time..she will fail him…. She has already failed him!!!!


Geet; let me go Maan..

Maan almost choked with emotions, “but why geet? Kyun jana chahti ho hum sab se door? Why did you go away in the 1st place itself? tell me..if there is anything..ANYTHING that bothers you..tell me……..”

Geet: I’m sorry…but I can’t…

She just turned around, pulling away her hand from his and ran…

Maan called her back, “ can’t go like this…..

He followed her for a while.. but geet ran faster..crossing the road in a trifle and getting lost in the crowd! And he stood there all alone,…once again! Dejected…once again! Helpless..once again!!!! Life is a circle…no matter what you do or where you go… you always end up where you had started off!


She ran…pushing through the crowd..wiping her tears.. she cant do it!!!! She won’t let anything happen between Maan and Anisha because of her….because of her negligence….!!! She ran like a lunatic..trying to get away from him…trying to go far far far away from him…. From their shadows…from their memories!!! Wahan geet ke liye koi jagah nahi…..

[there is no room for geet anymore..]


People came and went…and she kept running…she ran…and ran…and ran….she cried…and she ran…till she barged into her place…Aryan’s place!!! She hadn’t realized how long or how far she had run..she was short of breath! She closed the door and leaned back against it…trying to catch her breath…make sure everything was just over!!!!


After a few minutes..she opened her eyes… the hall was dark..and probably everyone had gone to sleep. She wiped her tears  and decided to get back to her room. She took a deep breath in and walked ahead. She had gone a few steps forward whne she heard a very familiar voice, “so you had fun geet?’

She stopped right there…unable to hold back anymore…! She turned around to see him with a gentle smile on his face and ran into his arms…crying out loud…. Pouring out her heart to him…!!!


Aryan was waiting for her and he was really happy that she ,met him..but he was scared of her reaction after the realization and he had guessed it right!!! Geet never cries….but when she means she is just too much in pain…unbearable pain!!! He held her tight and let her cry…caressing her back…comforting her. when she was much calmer..she straightened herself and looked at his face!!!

Geet: will you do me a favor Aryan?

Aryan (softly): what geet?

Geet put up a brave face, “if I ever…I mean it Aryan..if I ever try to go back to him…please stop me!

Aryan was surprised, “what? Tum theek tho ho geet? Do you realize what you are asking for?

Geet: meine tumse kabhi kuch nahi maanga Aryan… bas yeh ek cheez… stop me…at any cost! Just stop me!

[I never asked anything from you Aryan… only this thing… stop any cost! Just stop me!]


She walked away without even waiting for his reply! She knew it would only take his one look and she will run back to him…throwing away all that she has… but she really didn’t want to break that promise either that will come between maan, Anisha and their happiness!! If staying away from her can keep them happy…then be it!!! She is no one to interfere!


Maan stood there for a long time…he looked blank… she was long gone!!!! He was back to square one….a lost person…why did she run away? Teras formed in his eyes…. Why? Why do people leave him and go away always??? Why??? What has he done??? He clenched his fists….. damn! Damn! Damn! He was tired of finding answers to his own questions..but he failed every time! He didn’t know why people left him…why did he have to be alone?

His phone buzzed flashing Dadima’ s number. He disconnected it and walked into the lobby!!!

Main Bahar Khada Barish Me

Un Haseen Lamho Ko Yaad Karta Hu,
Pani Ki Tapakti Bundo Ke Beech

Unhi lamhon ko jeeta hun,
Kabhi Haste The Sath

Kabhi Lada Karte The,
aaj kaha hai woh jo mujhe

apne palkon mein baithaye rakthe the

Ab dard bhi dard nahi deta…

Ran berang se ho gaye…

Tanhayi thanhayi se aise roothi ke

Zindfagi bhi berukhi ho gayi….

by anu di (hermoso)


Dadima was waiting for him impatiently. Dia and namra had slept off crying for their angel!!! She was worried to see Maan so low when he entered the room! His demeanor reflected it!!! Dadima pulled him in and made him sit on the couch!!

Dadima: Maan kahan the aap? We had been waiting for so long? Aur aisa kaunsa zaruri kaam yaad gaya that you suddenly had to leave for somewhere?

[Maan..where were you? We had been waiting for so long? And what was that important thing that you suddenly had to leave for somewhere?]

Maan kept quiet..,,still trying to understand those tears in her eyes..and his own loneliness and confusion!

Dadima: Maan..we are asking something..please answer! We were so you realize that Mr. Khurana? And you have kids least try to be responsible…..

Maan cut her in between, “mein geet se mila Dadima…

[I met geet Dadima]

And that was it! Dadima sat there….shocked!!! she remembered dia saying she had seen angel…does that mean geet is Mumbai??

Dadima: kya keh rahe hain aap Maan? Geet se mile?

[what are you saying Maan? You met geet?]

Maan: yes Dadima….and she didn’t come back..

He just stood up and walked into the room and lied down beside his sleeping angels..caressing their heads… looking at them!!!!


Dadima saw his pale face.. and then glanced at those kids…and then it struck her…geet was really somewhere in Mumbai and it won’t take lo0ng for Maan..the Maan Singh Khurana to find out about her!!!! she went to her room and lied down…lost in her thoughts… she had to meet her…and she will!!! She had been strong all these years..after her husband’s demise…then Yash and Avantika… and she will stay strong a little longer!!!!

She called up Adi in the middle of the night asking him to find the whereabouts of geet Handa!!!


Aryan stood in his room…facing the window!! The night was long and gloomy!!! Geet cried..and she asked him to stop her! but how can he do that? he can never tie someone down to him! She will be happy only with Maan…and whatever relation he and geet shared was just a showoff.. both of them knew that clearly!!!! He sighed… he’ll set her free when the time comes!!!

Sheeshe ka aashiyana tha woh ,

jahan sirf mein hi mein tha,

Zindagi ke naam par ,

tumhara saaya hi tha.


Chaha ki yeh aasman hamara hota ,

khwashion ka koi kinara hota ,

yeh soch kar na roka apke saye ko,

door jata hi kyon agar woh hamara hota

 by anu di (hermoso) on aryan’s POV


just then he got a call…it was from one of his subordinates reminding him of the recording he has a week ahead!! He closed his eyes for a while..and smiled! let fate take her own course…you cannot fight with her anyways!


next: geet meets the kids

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