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It Takes two Part 10

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“thank you…”, her lips curved more than usual to let him know what she was saying. He smiled and just got back to his room, feeling so glad that she was alright. For some reasons, all his tiredness was gone and all he wished was to see her again at the dinner table.


Geet served then the biryani, making everyone’s mouth water. Annie and dadima were more focussing on maan and Geet now, eagerly waiting how maan compliments her. they had their bites and Geet waited impatiently waited for their reactions. Annie and dadima looked at Geet and then something struck annie. She blinked her eyes to dadima and then look at Geet, who was dying to hear something good about her food.

“Geet…”, annie said sadly.

“han annie…”, Geet’s heart was beating so fast.

Annie made a face, “ye biryani…umm…ummm…”, she fumbled with her words deliberately.

Geet’s heart almost sunk, “acha nahin bana hain kya?”, she spoke meekly. Before annie could reply, dadima also put forward her words, “umm… kuch tho hain isme Geet… thoda sa aur teekha…u mm umm..”

[umm..theres something Geet…may be a little more spicy…umm..umm..]


Maan saw that face of hers and stifled his laughter. Her doe shaped eyes almost had water in them as if the moment dadima or annie said anything, she’d burst out crying. he took in a spoonful of rice and his eyes widened in amazement. It was amazingly delicious…the typical Indian style. He glared at dadima and annie who were definitely hell bent on scaring the poor girl.

“yaar Geet… I think its a little bland…”

“ok fine thats it..stop pulling her leg you two, “, maan interrupted unable to hold his laughter, seeing her reaction, “its really tasty okay… so cut the crap and enjoy the meal..”

Annie and dadima burst out laughing seeing Geet glare at them. thats when her eyes caught dadima’s who winked at her gesturing towards maan. It was then she realized that he had actually complimented her food for the first time. She didn’t know what to feel…to be happy or feel angry on him. but then that smile on his lips…his help..everything seemed to be so nice. She blushed a bit and sat down to eat.


Next few days went busy as Geet enrolled herself in come extracurricular classes after her college and maan kept busy with work. But even in that he didn’t miss her morning prayers, the smell of her breakfast and dinner (lunch…he missed coz she was in college lol) and then her non stop chatting with annie till late night in the living room. He somewhere knew she was a very warm person and very innocent. And he liked that about her. actually, he had started liking everything about her.

It was a Saturday and everyone was free in the evening. annie was lying on the floor of the living room, changing channels while dadima was speaking to someone over the phone. Geet came and joined dadima once she was done with her call. Even maan came out of his room after a while and the next moment was fighting with annie for the remote. Dadima smiled and whispered to Geet, “beta…how are your classes going?”

Geet smiled back, “it’s good dadima…am improving.”

Dadima was so happy to hear it from Geet. she ust kissed her forehead and blessed her. on her first day to college, Geet had come back early and upset. On asking, she told dadima everything about what happened and how maan consoled her. she put forward her will o learning fluent English and it was with dadima’s help that she had joined a spoken English class and she was a very quick learner.

“we are so proud of you beta…”,

Geet had wished to keep this a secret until she she was completely good at it. anyways her husband hated people who couldn’t speak in English. Sad though, but she kept it a secret between her and dadima. Even annie was excluded on safety purposes!!


“dadimaaa…”, annie screamed, “bhai is hitting me… ahh help…”

ohh shut up annie… let me watch something interesting..

Geet smiled seeing the brother sister fight when dadima thought something.

“okay people… chalo aaj hum rapid fire khelte hain.. we are bored..”

Maan rolled his eyes, “and that will be your stupid song rapid fire..right dadima..spare me please!!”

Geet laughed seeing him frown when it came to girly things. dadima quickly threw her card, “Geet will be our and annie are a team..”

And both of them screamed at the same time, “NOoo…”

“am not playing this stupid game dadima.. and with annie..never!!”

“am not going to be in bhai’s team..he is such a dumb when it comes to songs…”

“annie shut up… you are no better not playing. Bye..”


“aap darr gaye?”

He stopped right on his tracks hearing that faint voice asking him in the sweetest way ever. He turned around to see her looking at him cutely, “don’t challenge me Geet…”

“phir humare saath  kheliye…”, she teased him.

Dadima was enjoying this. Ahh it felt so good after so many days.

“am not interested…”

“then you lose maan…”, dadima teased. He rolled his eyes and settled on the floor, “fine.. I will play and be ready to lose…”


Dadima and annie squealed while Geet just kept on watching that frown on his face. She smiled and settled down in front of him while dadima sat beside her and annie sat beside maan.

“okay fine… we will start…with any song. You have to chose a word from our song and use it in the first line of your song..okay?”

“alright…dadima will start…”, maan smirked shooting glares at her. dadima rolled her eyes..who was he kidding!!

o…sajna…barkha bahar aayi

Ras ki phuhar laai

Ankhiyon mein pyaar laayi…”

(its a very old song if you remember, by lata ji, one of my fav)


Annie wolf whistled as maan and Geet wached dadima amazed.

wah dadima… kya romantic song hain…” annie teased making everyone laugh.

“oye annie..apna turn mat bhulna…”, Geet reminded her.

“ohhh yeah…bhai.. do something..”

They thought for a while and then annie sang, “bahanron phool barsao..mera mehboob aaya hain…”


Geet and dadima rolled on the floor laughing seeing annue enact the song so hilariously. He just watched her laughing so heartily… my my, he felt tingles run down his body.. her red lips moving continuously as she sang, laughed and so much more. They went on and on nd maan just kept noticing her. she was definitely someone who had taken his breath away. He didn’t know how long it went but then there was a sudden silence. It was dadima and Geet’s turn to sing and they were lost in thoughts.

“be ready to lose…”, annie laughed like a demon.

“annie shut up and let them think..”

yaad aa gaya…”, Geet clicked her fingers and sang, “tu shayar hain.. mein teri shayari..tu aashiq hai mein teri aashiqui…”


She stopped midway realizing his gaze on her, completely on her almost boring into her soul. She had never felt something of this intensity…to an extent that she shivered with his gaze. They were lost in their moment as annie and dadima continued to sing… making sure not to disturb their cute moments.

Their eye lock was broken when annie shook maan, “bhai..we are me..sing something..”

He looked at Geet who was showing them a thumbs down now. he smirked and looked directly at her, “chaand mera dil… chandni ho tum.. chand se hain dur..chandni kahan..” (wink wink)


Geet’s heart was beating so fast…what was he doing? She had realized that there was a certain spark between them but then sitting in front of everyone and so direct..she felt her cheeks warm as a shade of redness came over. Annie and dadima looked at each other meaning fully..time to wrap up.

“ match is a tie then…lets have dinner…”

They quietly went to the dinner table, Geet feeling so conscious while serving his dinner, especially after their moments in the game. She tried to restrain herself… but then the pull was just too strong. It was only 8 and no one was in a mood to go to bed.

“bhai…lets go for a walk na..”

“sure… dadima and both join us too..”

Dadima thought for a while and yawned, “no you guys go.. am tired..”


Geet was feeling so conscious but then she was glad that annie was with her. the traffic was thinning down as they walked slowly on the pavement. The weather was pleasant but the three of them remained quiet. Maan walked ahead while Geet followed quietly. Annie was about to say something when she realized why dadima had decided to stay back!! Fish!! She was such a dumbass. She quickly thought for a while, formulating her excuse.


“ahh..geet I ahve to rush yar. My friend was supposed to call me.. he needed help in assignment and I forgot my phone in my room.. he must be calling for a long time now need to rush bye…”

“arrey annie..suno…” and before she could complete her words, she was gone. Geet sighed and turned back to maan, only to realize that she was alone with his now. millions and zillions of butterflies raked her body as he looked at her so intently. Geet looked down, feeling his gaze all over her, wo..annie…”

sigh..let her go Geet… you can’t find anyone else lazier than her…”


They walked in an awkward silence for a while…maan so wanted to turn back and talk to her..she was the one who had taken over his mind and he knew it was not normal. But seeing her this quiet, he checked himself. They walked further ahead in that silence which suddenly seemed to feel nice. He had slowed down to her pace and she  felt nice. He was always leaving her in a dilemma of her own feelings… what was she supposed to feel now?

“ice cream?”, he asked stopping outside a small parlour.

“umm?”, she looked up to see his face in the dark. His hair was ruffled..unruly unlike his cleanly combed style..and he looked so damn handsome that she even forgot to breathe. Maan waited for her answer and when she didn’t he just walked in and got two cones with double scoops.

“here…mujhe nahi pata tha tumhe kya pasand I got chocolate chip for both of us..”

She smiled taking her cone, “thank you..”


The walk back to home was much more pleasant than her because they conversed, licking their ice creams all along the way.

“tum bahut acha gaati ho..”, he complimented to which she blushed. She was just not thinking anything. She was going with the flow. But maan was in deep thoughts.

“college kaisa chal raha hain?”

“ji… its good. yahan ki padhai bahut achi hain..”, she spoke plopping a large bite of her chocolate chip.

“umm… am glad ke tum better feel kar rahi ho. I was really worried seeing you cry that day..”


He confessed honestly, making her look at him. he was worried? Babaji..what is happening to her!! he looked really concerned. She just gaped at him…he cared!! He cares!! She didn’t see a pebble lying and tripped. He held her by her waist, preventing her fall, “sambhalke Geet…”

Her ice cream fell on the ground as she clutched his shirt as a reflex. He helped her stand, “tum theek ho..?”

“ji.. thank you, again..”

They quietly walked towards their apartment when he held her hand, making her stop. She truned back to look at him and she just stood still, seeing his expressions gone so serious.

“maan…aap theek tho hain…?”, she asked in concern.

“stop affecting me Geet…”, he blurted out, “tum ye kya kar rahi ho mere saath?”

She was stunned hearing that coming from his mouth… it was more than one and half months she was here and they talked rarely but saying something like this… she gaped at him in amazement and his eyes locked over hers, not even moving a bit. As is time stood still till his phone buzzed. He was distracted. She took her cue, freed her hand and ran into the lift, fighting for her breath.


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It takes two Part 9


As Geet moved to her seat beside annie, she did feel his gaze all over her… she felt so conscious of it…she had always felt like that from day 1. Annie’s eyes followed maan’s surprising her to no ends. She looked at dadima and winked. Geet took the bowl to serve herself  when their eyes met…once again! it was just a fraction of second..she blinked in acknowledgement  for the forms and looked away.

He sighed and left, thinking all the way to office what was actually going on in her mind at the first place! She screams..she laughs…she understands… what can he make out of this? He knew he was getting too involved whish was so not him.

“its just a matter of time maan…”, he convinced himself, “she is just… too irritating?” he settled with that question, lingering in his mind the whole day.



He noticed her quite nervous and restless in the morning. She was wearing a faded jeans with a white top, letting her hair down. He sighed…he didn’t want to notice her or anything and thats why they hadn’t even talked for the past one week, trying to keep distance. But he did see that worry  on her face, clearly visible and why would she not when it was her first day in college. Annie and she got into the same college but different departments so timings were different. dadima tried to encourage her and make her understand but she was hell scared.


Maan was supposed to drop them in college for the first day. annie plonked herself on the  passenger’s seat in the front while Geet sat at the back, hell nervous, sweating even in the ac. Maan tried hard to ignore…but each passing day seemed difficult, not to notice her. he stole glances at her from time to time and she just kept looking out the window. They stopped right infront of their college when annie squealed and rushed out, “Geet… am checking the time tables in the notice board..jaldi aana..”


Geet just nodded but she knew what was going within her. her stomach churned and twisted and she felt like throwing up whatever she had eaten. Not that she was afraid of the studies, she was more worried about the new place, its people..their behaviour. Maan watched her as she slowly got off the car and unwillingly tunred to leave. He just stepped out of the car and held her hand, making her stop. She gasped feeling that grip on her hand, almost knocking the breath out of her.

She really needed help now and for the first time, she did see a glimpse of softness in his eyes yet his face told exactly the opposite thing. She looked at his grip on her hand and then back at him. his touch…their first touch perhaps…she stood numb for a while, letting the feel sink in.


He watched her expression change from shock to something composed. He pulled her close to him in a jerk while her heart just stopped beating at all. She was so close to him that the scent of his cologne reached her nostrils, making her head spin.

“Geet… there will always be difficulties.. new things and new people. Be strong and face them…”

She was lost in the way his lips curled while he called out her name.. probably for the first time she didn’t let her pain resurface. He just left her hand and drove away. It was then she let her breath out which had started choking her. he spoke… my my..he spoke to her. she glanced at her hand where he had held her…does he even feel anything…anything at all?


Maan drove back to office contemplation on what he just did!!! He wasn’t supposed to get this close to her…he had been trying so hard to ignore her but he somehow just couldn’t take her off his mind. he wondered if she would be alright. Even in between meetings, he felt like calling her once and checking on her..she was way to nervous. But then his ego stopped him big time… why should he in the first place!!


The day started good for Geet but it did turn out to be one of the nightmares for her as the day progressed. There were students teasing sessions and someone caught Geet off guard. She was not very fluent in English and that led to all the more issues, making her feel pathetic. Her mind went back to her wedding night when maan had asked her the same questions and how he had walked out on her. Millions of needles pushed through her heart like ice cold daggers and she just made a dash towards the exit. She had leanred to use the subway by now, being with annie all the time. She quickly took train back home…all the while sobbing ceaselessly. She is the one who lacked..thats why people made fun of her. her accent..she couldn’t even speak properly and couldn’t understand half of their sentences. She had been glad in the morning that maan did care about her, somewhere down the lane but it all crashed with whatever happened in college. She just got into the lift and pressed the topmost button.


Maan had been back to take a file. It was just 3 in the afternoon and dadima had gone to a friend’s place. He took the file and headed towards the lift. He pressed the button and the next moment, the door opened and she rushed out, dashing with him and not even caring to see who it was. It took him some time to realize that it was her and that she had been in tears. Something just irked him… he tried to step into the empty lift but somehow he just couldn’t. Something told him there was something not right. he hated his heart for being this manipulative as he walked back into the house and keeping the files on the table. He looked around for her and found her in the kitchen drinking water. She was sobbing badly and spit out some of the water. He was worried.



She got alert hearing his voice and quickly wiped her tears. She kept the glass away and tried to rush out of the kitchen. She didn’t want to face anyone right now..especially him out of all people. But he held her arm and jerked her to a stop, “Geet…kya hua?”

umm..nnahi.kuch nahin.”, she tried to avoid his gaze and move away but he wasn’t convincd. He held her tighter and didn’t let her move, “Geet.. tell me tum roo kyun rahi ho?”

Tears spilled out of her eyes as she tried hard to hide them. he didn’t like it… he was somehow  not liking this at all. She tried to look away from him and her hairs fell on her face, hiding her well. he jerked her once again and brought her close, causing her hairs to move away, “batao kya hua…”


Her tears made him quite restless as she just couldn’t hold herself and burst out crying. she fell on her knees and cried while he kneeled down beside her holding her. her head leaned on his shoulder while he held her close, “shh…its okay… just tell me whats wrong..”

She had never heard this caring tone of his…she was so upset, her heart was heavy but jus the thought that he was beside her was like a dream for her. she clutched his shirt and sobbed and he just caressed her head until she was calmer. He helped her stand up and led her to her room and made her sit on the bed. She just looked down, sobbing.

“Geet…”, he called out gently that touched her heart for the first time, “look at me…”

His hands that held hers, squeezed them gently and she just couldn’t deny. She looked up only to see him smiling…she was awed by it..he smiled!! And he looks so…so beautiful when he smiles.

“do you want to tell me? College mein kuch hua hain right?”

He was correct. She just dipped her head, feeling miserable. She wanted someone to talk and here he was, doing it for her.

“listen Geet… you can’t let people affect you with their talks. Take pride in what you are and if needed, hone your skills and fill the void in the fields you lack. Or else you just can’t move on.”


He stood up and walked away, letting her think! He was the one who had dumped her on their weding night and she wondered of he was the same man who was talking so sensible just now. he indeed had very good thoughts. She just fell on her bed, trying to understand what he said. And he was right. all these days, she had let people decide for her… first her family then her so called husband and then dadima. If she had to move on… she had to fae the situation. She didn’t realize when she slept off thinking about everything.

“kyun mujhe aap aisi kashmakash mein daal rahe hain maan jissey mein bahar hi nahi aa pa rahi…”

[why are you pushing me into a dilemma maan that i am not able to come out of it.]


Later dadima woke her up, asking why she was back so early from college. Geet felt fresh after a good cry and then his words. She thought for a while and held dadima’s hands, “dadima.. mein theek hun… bas mujhe aapki ek choti si help chahiye.”


Maan reached home right at dinner time and was welcomed by the mouth watering aroma of chicken birayni. Its been long since she had a proper Indian meal. He walked in only to see annie watching tv, lying on the floor. he smiled and walked past when annie screamed, “bhai..freshen up fast..geet is cooking biryani for us today…”


His eyes instinctively went towards the kitchen where he saw her standing by the counter, stirring her dish with the ladle and taking in the aroma. She had a cute smile on her face and she didn’t look gloomy. Geet felt something and looked up. Their eyes met for a while in a cute eye lock and she just smiled… the same one that had taken his breath away sometime back. He held his breath as she murmured something.

“thank you…”, her lips curved more than usual to let him know what she was saying. He smiled and just got back to his room, feeling so glad that she was alright. For some reasons, all his tiredness was gone and all he wished was to see her again at the dinner table.


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