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“hectic… I am assisting dad in his work along with college… its tiring.”

He smiled and spoke genuinely to her, “miss busy handa… you seem to learn a lot lately hmm…”


The waiter served their orders and left. The whole evening they talked about everything except the reason why she was upset. He didn’t ask and she never bothered to answer as well. they spoke everything except the bitter things… they spoke of their college… their work… their lives and Geet seemed to calm down a bit… a lot of it!!!


They probably finished the third coffee and none of them realized how long it had been. They did find comfort in each other’s company… thats what they could conclude and maan seemed to drown more into it. if possible, he could probably go on listening to her forever and ever. It was only when maan’s cell beeped, they realized it was past dinner time.

“Geet… lets have dinner together…”


Geet thought for a while.. she was in no mood to get home. She agreed and they headed to a restaurant. He was just too happy with her being around. She was so different… unlike those girls who threw themselves at him. she definitely had a spine, he was confirmed and this is what he loved the most about her. oops!!! Did he say ‘loved’?? well whatever it was… it was such a nice feeling. They settled on their table and as usual he let her order. By now he had come to know that she loved continental food, especially non-veg dishes. Dessert…umm he knew what she’d order—chocolate mousse!!! And she ordered exactly that…for both of them. It didn’t matter whether she knew all this about him or not… he was happy that he has come to know her so well. they silently had dinner when maan suddenly spoke up.


“you were upset about something? Wanna speak about it?”

It was then she was reminded of the real reason why she had come out of the house. she pierced the meat ruthlessly with her fork and looked at him, “I am damn irritated hotshot… you wont believe dad did this to me…”, and she narrated him the whole thing of the proposal and stuff.

“I just don’t understand what he was thinking!”

Maan thought for a while… he knew it was wrong to know personal stuffs from other companies… it was business after all… but he knew he has to make Geet understand. She was very competitive in nature… very straightforward and very hardworking. He might just guide her…he didn’t know from where these feelings came to him but they were all so automatic…like he didn’t have any control over what he was feeling and strangely maan singh khurana was going just the way his heart wanted to.


“listen Geet… if you really want to do anything properly, the first thing is to be very patient with stuffs around…”

She stopped midway of her food and listened to him carefully… he indeed seemed very career oriented…thats what it looked like and thats what she concluded about him. he was one Richie rich fellow who knew a lot.

“you cannot get angry just because you think you are right. listen to the other person..try to formulate his/her words… the reasons, calculations, speculations, profits, losses… anything that related to it.. research on the proposal… think about it and then decide on those that fits your company the best! These are the basic basic stuffs Geet… you can’t ignore them if you are directly involved or indirectly.. don’t forget… its an organisation and to fit in, you have to be a good listener as well.”

“then I was wrong…”, she was irritated. Geet handa was wrong???


“its not about being wrong or right sweetheart…you are definitely not wrong from your point of view but you will lead people. You cant be impulsive even if you are right..”

She seemed to be in deep thought. Maan noticed her expressions and held her hands softly, “do you understand? You are just a beginner right now. I will be frank with you Geet… you hardly have any experience! You are just nothing right now without your father’s name! You need to develop those things…or else you are nothing.”


She muttered a faint ‘umm’ and both finished their dinner silently. Maan didn’t probe her further nor did he say further allowing her to think. He has come to know her calibre and he was somewhere excited to see her prospering… soaring high in the sky. He wanted to guide her.. he wanted her to be the best in her field. He felt something around him, looked around a bit and then ignored.

They walked towards the car park slowly when maan felt a tug on his arms. He stopped and turned back only to see Myra, standing in front of him. Geet turned back to see her when Myra’s piercing glare focussed on her. she rolled her eyes and moved a bit farther, watching the drama unfold. She was definitely not into all this. She pretended to yawn, showing off Myra and waited for the drama to start. Myra looked at maan who’s gaze was too cold to bear.


“what is it Myra?”

“maan…”, she spoke softly, “please listen o me for once…”

Maan sighed, “yeah am listening…go on!!!”

She tiptoed and cupped his face, “why don’t you believe me maan… I really do love you!!!”

He was bored… he held her hands and pushed her off him, “we are done Myra… you know it well. did you not hear anything that day?”

She looked at him earnestly, “I did… and I thought a lot about it too… I thought maybe I was over reacting but then I wasn’t wrong maan. I did fall for you… big time! I love you a lot..”

Her words meant nothing to him.. he was totally cold… to her feelings, like they meant nothing to him.

“I know it will be tough for you but trust me… its no plan.. it no game. Its as real as it could get!!!”


He looked at her for a while and then yanked her close in a jerk. Geet was enjoying the moment but she was totally shocked when maan  pulled myra closer. Where they going back together again? Ohh god that sl** was trying so hard to rope her hotshot. She absolutely hated it. she felt like pulling away Myra and giving her one tight slap for her audacity. But what she heard further actually made her head spin.

Maan lifted her hand and caressed her cheeks, “what is it that brings you here Myra.. back to me?”

He was so soft… Myra was somewhere wishing that he was convinced. She closed her eyes, feeling his touch, “you… yourself. You do remember those night right… how you loved playing with my curls…”

Geet had just come closer to do what she had planned but now she felt like puking, hearing those words. Ewww… how could she say all those crappy things? And hotshot loved her long hair?? She craned her neck a bit to really check whether myra had long hairs.. and indeed she had…waist long dark think locks.. beautiful ones.

“its true… I do like women with long hairs…”


Geet felt like killing Myra right there for having long hairs. Ohh god.. she didn’t even realize what she was thinking.. probably the being ‘Geet handa’ effect. she thought whatever she wanted to and there was nothing… absolutely nothing in the whole world that could stop her from doing whatever she wished to…not even her conscience.

“…but I don’t like Myra who has long hair!”

He pushed her away coldly and turned back to Geet, slipping his hands round her waist, “good night Myra… have a good sleep. Bye.”

Tears rolled down her eyes seeing the rejection in his eyes… he never felt anything… anything at all. And then her eyes fell on Geet who walked so close to maan… his hands protectively wrapped around her. she burned in anger… jealousy.. how could she? She screamed out loud, “its it because of her?? is it her for whom you reject me???”


He heard it… she heard her broken voice too…coated in the pain of lost love but they ignored. they got in their cars and drove off. Maan drove straight to handa mansion and stopped right in front of the gate. She looked at the place and then back at him suspiciously, “you seem to know a lot about me…eh hotshot?”

He smiled, “of course miss Geet Handa…everyone knows you!”. He stressed a bit on her surname.

“thanks a lot…”, she spoke plainly and turned to get off. He leaned forward and before she could realize anything, he placed a soft peck on her cheek, “good night…”

She got off and turned to face him. he smiled, waved a bye and drove off. She wondered what was wrong with this guy!!!

“you are incorrigible..”, she muttered to herself. But then it was bail-able right… I mean he helped her a lot today.. then it was ok? Was it really ok? She shook her head and ran inside.  


The hall was entirely dark as  she stepped in. She sighed and stepped on the stair  when she heard nisha’s voice, “why were you so late?”

She turned back to see a fuming nisha.

“and pray why were you not taking my calls Geet? where were you?

She rolled her eyes, “I was having dinner with a friend… phone was on silent and thats why I was late! Now can I get back to my room…please?”

Nisha was very worried… it was 11pm and Geet wasn’t even taking any call since the moment she left the house!

“how can you be so careless with everything Geet? do you realize how worried I was?”

“Chachi..please, aap meri fikar mat kijiye… I am fine. Kuch nahi hoga mujhe…”

[Chachi…please stop worrying about me. I am fine. Nothing is going to happen to me]

“yeah right but then do you care about me?”, nisha really didn’t want to have an argument with Geet but Geet never leaves her a choice.

“good night Chachi…”, Geet walked away, not even bothering to answer nisha. She had a lot to do today… she had to prove something to her dad and she will. She heard nisha shout at her, “Parkati… could you please learn to behave?”


She ignored all of it and shut the door. She dropped her clothes and went to take a warm shower. She was pretty tired but then she had to prove her worth. She quickly finished her shower and stood in front of the mirror, drying her hair. She took a few strands of them, locking them between her fingers and moving the dryer over. She looked at her hair that reached probably upto her shoulders and was reminded of maan’s words on the same.


A smile teased her lips as she recalled his words… she was never into all those girly lovey dovey things but some moments do get you the feel of being a girl. She didn’t know what was she doing.. she kept the dryer down and  ran her fingers in her hairs, detangling them, softly, carefully. She checked their length.. umm only till her shoulders—pretty shorter than Myra’s!!! She smiled how he never cared for Myra in front of her… from day one.. be it the disc, the restaurant, Paris…or even now. She felt pampered and somewhere deep down something tingling but she ignored it altogether. She ruffled her hair and hit her head, “huh… Parkati..”


She laughed at herself and got back to her bed. She brought some files, her laptop, pen, paper, books… whatever important she could find and sat on the bed, surrounded by the stuffs. She had a lot to work on. She started her work by reviewing the basics of the company..where it invests, which deals had been signed… and simultaneously made a  report for herself . she stayed awake the whole night, flipping through pages, browsing through websites, noting down the things she needed to study… and she didn’t even realize when she dozed off, in the early hours of the morning, completely exhausted!


He walked into his office, greeting people who wished him. they were confused… Maan singh khurana actually wishing someone that too so nicely!!!! It was a good news for the employees… they will be spared. He straightaway went to his cabin and called for Adi. He briefed him all about the scheduled meetings and he was too happy to feel irritated by some stupid meetings he hated. He didn’t know why he was so happy… but then he was sure the reason was Geet. he didn’t know what feelings he had been feeling but it was all so new… so beautiful.. days were so bright and he just couldn’t wait to speak to her. he called her a couple of times but all of them went in voicemail. Knowing her, she must be in college or breaking her head over what he told last night. he loved her single mindedness. She did whatever she liked to… somewhere deep inside wishing her to grow immensely.



It was not in him to go after someone… be it Geet! and same was with her. one month was gone..they spoke hardly once or twice. Life seemed busy… but they always thought about the other person. Geet was still busy in learning everything that she could.. about the market, the company’s shares, the different departments… everything. She just wanted to prove her worth. She even kept quiet at times where she’d accompany her dad from some meetings and find things absurd.


Life was busy for him too. He got a few deals on an international level and he was totally engrossed in it. it was something related to his favourite field of marketing and management and something he had been eyeing for a long time. Meetings after meetings, travels, conferences… it was just too hectic. He didn’t meet her..neither could he speak to her and then he didn’t feel much. yeah he did feel nice seeing her around and speaking to her over the phone but his work preoccupied his mind pushing away almost everything about her out of his mind.


Geet forgot all about the khurana person for there were no occasions that related her to him. she was done with him… she hardly spoke to hotshot and got focussed in her work. She worked really hard and did impress people in the office. She worked with one motive that she had to be at the top. Mohinder was too happy to see Geet working so hard yet his health became all the more fragile. Nisha worried for both of them…geet seemed too busy to even know what was going in her home and then there was mohinder who refused to talk about his health issues to his daughter. Nisha was stuck in the middle… she couldn’t see Geet going colder and colder yet she couldn’t even tell about mohinder for he had taken a promise. She felt it so stupid.. so childish but then she didn’t want to let them down.



She sat in her cabin browsing through some files she had been working on. she didn’t even tell her dad about the research she had been doing for the past three months. She was still stuck as just an assistant… like an apprentice and that was it. she had no say in office matters whatsoever until she was asked to. Mohinder made sure no one helped her just because she was the chairman’s daughter. He made sure she wasn’t given any special treatment, no respect in terms of positions… she even had to collect her own from the canteen and strangely Geet kept mum to all these. Mohinder was at first very surprised knowing that Geet hated being treated the way she didn’t like… but she was calm. He probably guessed she was trying to get in terms but least did he know her secret efforts… precisely it wasn’t secret but she worked when she was totally alone..nor did she even speak about it to anyone. Her phone buzzed breaking her concentration. She looked up from the file and then at the name flashing on it. hotshot… umm she looked at the time… it was going to be 10pm. She didn’t even realize how long she had worked but then she was getting his call almost after one whole month. She finally closed her file and rested back on her chair.


“hey hotshot…”

“Geet.. meet me in 15 minutes in front of the airport.”

“what? Airport? Where are you?”

“just do as I say okay… come now. Am waiting.. 15 minutes.”

The call was disconnected. She looked at the phone and then at the time, “whats with him?”


But he sounded quite serious. She wondered if he was in some problem. She picked her keys and walked out. She drove as fast as she could and reached in 10 minutes. She parked her car in the taxi stand. She saw him stand at a corner, waiting for her. she waved at him and ran out.

“you okay hotshot? Is there something important?”

“umm.. I just wanted to see you before I left!”

She was surprised, “left? Are you going somewhere?”

He was seeing her after such a long time. She had got a very sharp features.. probably developed as she grew up in those months. He crossed his arms over his chest, ‘yep I am… shifting to London for a year.”

“what??? London? So suddenly??? I mean how… why…”, she was totally surprised. He had become a good friend and more than that she knew he was a very good help as well.

“work Geet.. I have lot of things to handle there and its getting tough doing it from here…”

“yeah right… but for one whole year??”, she eyed him meaningfully, “what do you do hotshot?”


He smiled… she still didn’t have a clue who he was. She just accepted him just the way he presented himself and trusted him as well. she was someone who wouldn’t even touch her own self until she wished to…then who was he?

“nothing much Geet… I just run a small company… thats it!”, he answered playfully.

“small company and it has got a branch in London? how exactly small is it?”, she asked him suspiciously.

His smile became wider and he leaned forward and pulled her into a bear hug, “yeah…its a very…umm… different kind of company you see!”

“really?”, she still didn’t seem to be convinced yet she reciprocated the hug.

“I will miss you… so do give me a call whenever you will be free…”

“hmm I will…”


She didn’t even say that she’d miss him… she’d miss her friend…because those things probably didn’t exist in her life. she bid him a goodbye and walked off not even waiting for him to leave. Her work was done… then what was the need to stay back? Maan hoped she’d stay.. but then seeing her walk away… he somewhere felt a little bad. He wanted to see her so much before he left… he’d be busy there so he might not come to india at all, until its urgent, but her walking away pinched him somewhere but then who cares!! She was the ‘Geet handa’… and that was all about her. he smiled and turned to leave when he heard a jerk of a taxi driver make a very lewd comment on her.

It was really very bad and maan was furious. How dare he? He turned around to beat the hell out of him.. how can someone say like that about his Geet? more importantly about a woman? He just turned to the person and the next moment he saw him fall on the ground crying n pain. He was surprised to see Geet stand beside… apparently thrusting a kick on his right place, making him wince in pain.

“Trust me…I am even more indecent.”

She spoke so coldly… maan was actually witnessing this side of hers for the first time ever. He knew she was like that from day 1 but then there was a certain spark in her eyes that he just couldn’t miss… something so fierce and strong…yet so cold and ruthless. He watched her walk away in attitude even without turning to at least wave him a goodbye.

Did she even have a heart? he shook his head and let that pass. He was thinking too much about it perhaps. She was like that and he respected women who didn’t cry for help, rather stood up for themselves. But that look I her eyes…that bothered him somewhere within. He pulled the blanket closer in his business class and dozed off, waiting to step down t the place where he was brought up.


Meanwhile, Geet walked back to her office, collected her files and other documents and headed home. The house was probably in a pandemonium… servants running here and there, crowding mohinder’s room and gossiping amongst themselves! Was something wrong? Curious, she walked up the stairs and peeped into the room. The doctor just came out which made her panic a bit.

“what is wrong with dad?”, she demanded, “what happened?”

She ran in to see her father lying on the bed , looking almost lifeless and then at a worried nisha. She saw him for a while and screamed at the top of her voice, “suna nahin meine kya poocha… dad ko kya hua hain?”

[did you not here what I asked… what happened to dad?]


The doctor immediately came closer to them, “relax miss Geet… sir ko kuch nahin hua hain. Work overload ki wajah se thodi si kamzori hain and low bp…thats it unhe bas kuch dino ke araam ki zarurat hain.. aap please shaant ho jaiye..”

[relax miss Geet… nothing has happened to sir. He is a little weak and has got low bp due to work overload…thats it. he needs to rest for a few days…please calm down]


Mohinder looked at the doctor and blinked his eyes in assurance. The doctor sighed and left. Geet just sat beside her father, watching him sleep under the effects of medication. Once he slept, she sat on his table and reviewed whatever reports she had made that day. Nisha called her for dinner… she refused, she sent her dinner in the room…she was least interested in it. she was focussed on something very different altogether. She checked on her father from time to time and slept off there on the table itself.


next: One year later…


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He paid the bill and dropped her in front of her college. She ran inside to the parking waving him a quick bye. He checked the time… already 10 minutes past 7. He sighed… he had to get to some stupid party!!!

Geet rushed home only to find her dad waiting for her restlessly.

“Geet…where were you? Do you really want to go or not?”

Geet knew mohinder was a little mad at her or else he would never address her as Geet. she didn’t even speak anything, rather rushed to her room to get ready.  She took a quick shower and stood in front of her wardrobe, trying to select a perfect party wear. She breathed n sharply… that khurana guy was going to be there. She shook her head and dropped the towel she had around her head on the carpet. She put on a knee length off shoulder gown and hurriedly combed her wet hair. Nisha came in to check and what she saw made her blood boil.


“ye kya pehen rakha hain? Do you even know how to dress for a party?”, she screamed at Geet.

[what are you wearing? Do you even know how to dress for a party?]

She rolled her eyes and murmured to herself, “she started again!!!”

Stop murmuring and change into this…”

Geet looked at the grey georgette sari that nisha had shoved into her hands and made a face, “Chachi…sari??? ewww its so old fashioned!”

“shut up.. or else I will make sure you are grounded for a week now..”

“but Chachi…”

“parkati… do as I say!”


She made all kinds of faces… sari and for Geet handa? Definitely not. But then nisha was stubborn as well. Geet came out wearing the sari and nisha just couldn’t stop admiring. She pulled her and made her sit in front of the mirror, “dekha kitni pyaari lag rahi hain meri parkati..”, she took the comb and brushed her hair and made a face, “bas ye baal thoda badha le parkati am telling you…zyada khubsurat dikhegi…”

[see how pretty my parkati is looking… just that grow your hair a little longer you will look even prettier.]

Geet managed to bear all that drama keeping her mouth shut just so that she could go to the party and teaches that khurana a lesson. Mohinder was awed seeing his daughter in a beautiful sari, descending down the stairs, looking more beautiful than a fairy. He had never imagined his daughter like this and then his eyes fel on nisha having a wide grin plastered on her face. He laughed… nisha is the only person who can make Geet handa do things beyond her will. He smiled at nisha, appreciating her for the hard work and hugged Geet, “you are looking beautiful princess…”

Geet twisted her lips, “I look like a ragged beggar…”


She shut up instantly seeing nisha glare at her and looked away. She was totally uncomfortable in that outfit but then she couldn’t have done much. nisha probably had kissed her more than 1000 times before they left. She sighed and braced herself to meet that jerk and make things even between them as they neared the venue.


There was a huge crowd waiting to see a glimpse of maan singh khurana as he stepped down his car. There were corporate leaders, fashion divas, press and lot more. Adi handled them with the security as he walked in with pride oozing out of his every move. His sense of dressing, his way of speaking everything seemed to scream out his sky high reputation in the society. He talked to a few people and the press and then his eyes fell on arjun. He smiled and hugged him. they had a little chat here and there when arjun got a call from his dad. He excused himself and walked to the other side while maan held his drink and stood with adi at a corner, watching everyone. Adi was briefing him of the projects they were handling, the clients present at the venue and then of the handas who had just arrived. He rolled his eyes…handas! he was reminded of the meeting in Paris… he could vaguely remember adi telling him of the handa daughter going there. He had refused to meet her. he was or say is probably too busy with Geet in his thoughts to think of anyone else. It was anyways good that he didn’t meet her  or else he would have been cursed for insulting a woman. But then he had read the received document and Mr handa had personally called him to look into it. he sounded quite proud and happy that day. He sighed and looked at the time. It was just 8:30… he had left Geet in her college just an hour earlier but he missed her. he wished if she was there…he wished he could see her and thats when he heard some faint whispers which eventually grew louder. He wondered what was wrong…everyone’s attention seemed to be focussed at one point.

Adi adjusted his specs, “I think its the handas sir…”


He sipped his drink and waited for the crows to move away a bit. Not that he was really interested but someone else managed to catch everyone’s attention even in the presence of maan singh khurana was definitely something he was looking forward to. Adi went ahead to check on what was going on and came back smiling. Maan looked at him quizzically.

Miss handa has come sir with her father today…”

Adi was totally impressed with Geet in that brief meeting in Paris and he was extremely happy to see her here as well. not adi but even others were awestruck seeing such a beautiful girl being the heiress to all the handa properties. She looked absolutely stunning in that sparkly gray sari with the backless blouse and her demeanour was something too attractive.


“Miss handa is here?”, maan was surprised. He might get to see her today…as if he cared! His heart was stuck with someone else and one other seemed to hold his attention for a long time. The crowd cleared a bit and adi went ahead to greet Geet. she knew how to speak to whom and seeing adi there, she was sure that khurana fellow was there. She shook hands with him as they spoke and walked around slowly, away from the crowd and thats when adi saw maan looking at them. He couldn’t even read his expression.. was he shocked? Or was he happy? Or what? He was confused and so was maan. He had never imagined Geet to be here and like this… she looked absolutely stunning in that beautiful sari… probably he had just forgotten to breathe. They came nearer when adi spoke up, “sir… this is Miss handa.. Geet handa.. and ma’am…”


Before he could speak further, someone called him from behind. He looked back for a moment and Geet totally jumped on him, hugging, surprising all around who saw them.

“ohh god hotshot… I didn’t knew you’d be here.. tumne mujhe bataya nahin you were coming?”


It took him some time to register the fact that the beautiful angel standing in front of him was none other than Geet handa herself… he spoke mentally again, “Geet,,,Handa!”

Geet  was totally thrilled to see her hotshot there and she didn’t even knew why she was so happy about it all of a sudden when she had just seen him an hour back. She was scared to attend a boring party for she didn’t know anyone well but then seeing her hotshot there gave her the boost to walk ahead. She looked at him, all lost and in a deep thought.


He was reminded of the time when adi told about miss handa who had come to see him that day in Paris.. he was even told that she came to visit him the next day as well but he had already left. He could very well remember taking her out on her birthday, their dance, their kiss… he stilled for a while! how stupid was he to have not thought of asking Geet who she was and not meeting miss handa that day. And here she stood in front of him… smiling, making him skip a few beats here and there, looking absolutely marvellous. Her voice broke his chain of thoughts.

“hey can you please stop staring at me like that hotshot… its embarrassing.”

He snapped back to reality and looked at her blinking his lashes and took the liberty of pulling her closer by her waist, “no no… you look absolutely beautiful sweetheart…”

People saw that instant flare in them and burned in jealousy while mohinder was quite happy that Geet was going well with maan khurana.

 “stop trying to make fun of me okay… can you believe it.. Geet handa and in sari??? Yuck… disgusting…”

They walked to a lone place casually… too casually for others.

“not at all Geet… am being honest with you. You are looking too beautiful.”


She couldn’t help but look at him hearing that honest confession from him. he is the only person who called her beautiful.. not once but twice now. He looked so honest that she had to believe it. they spent the whole evening together, away from people, away from everyone around. The ones who were supposed to get msk’s attention were let down so badly and tthey cursed Geet for that. but then the duo could care less. They loved the time they spent together. arjun was surprised to see them so close. Even he wanted to grab Geet’s attention but he was held up. He was this weakness for the paparazzi and he couldn’t even avoid clients.  Maan checked the time and decided to leave. She made a baby face.

“sorry sweety… I have to catch a flight early morning tomorrow… have to leave”

“kahan jaa rahe ho? Aur mujhe bataya kyun nahi?”, she literally screamed at him, not wanting to be left alone in this party. She seemed to forget about the khurana guy altogether.

[where are you going? And why haven’t you told me yet?]


Ohh boy, he was totally floored by her dominance. He absolutely loved the way she was getting angry… it felt all so cute and everything jut for him!!! he leaned closer and placed a peck on her cheeks, “going to Bangalore for a few days baby… got something important..”

She turned away angrily, “yeah right and here I was thinking of us going for coffee tomorrow after my college…how dare you keep busy when you are with Geet handa? “

He felt he’d faint right there. He was loving this dominant side of hers so much. he had never experienced being dominated by someone but with her things had always been different. He wanted to kiss her sugar sweet mouth right there… his heart was beating so fast just with her words, he wondered what it would be like to discover the secrets of her heart.


“then come with me!”, he spoke huskily, into her ears. she shuddered a bit and shot him a glare, “yeah then you attend classes on my behalf hotshot…”

“come on Geet.. I will be back in a week.. I ever knew you’d miss me so much already… Geet handa! The offer is still open babe… come with me then..”

She twisted her lips and walked away, “remember hotshot… Geet kabhi kisi ke peechey nahin jaati… log Geet ke peechey aate hain…bye”

[remember hotshot… Geet never follows anyone… people follow Geet…bye]

Her attitude was cold, ruthless but even in that he didn’t how he seemed to find pleasure… may be because it was only for him… just him.



He didn’t even realize when his days seemed brighter… or nights excitingly sleepless. One week in Bangalore… and he was in bliss unlike other times. There were women throwing themselves at him but he didn’t even look at them. He was probably going crazy he thought because nothing but Geet seemed to occupy his mind. they have hardly met 10 times and she seemed to have gained controlled over a part of his life. he would time and again remember their meeting in the bar in Paris where he had advised her on her project and who knew she’d use it against him. adi somehow realized that maan had changed a bit… tiny mini bit but he did. She had called him once in between and he just couldn’t hide his happiness. He didn’t know what was wrong with him… he hadn’t ever felt something like this in his entire life and he didn’t knew what was the feel but whatever it was… he loved it. he wanted to sit with her on a coffee shop and listen to all of her talks… her bitching about girls… her swearing at people..he was just too excited to get back to delhi and meet her again.


But things were different with Geet. she became even more focussed on her career. Though she liked spending time with her hotshot but that was it. it was limited to the time they were together. she even took off from college and accompanied her dad to meetings, learning his way of working, dealing with people… there were times when she’d highly disagree with the opinions of the clients but since she wasn’t directly involved in the office matters, she had to keep her mouth shut. She was just an apprentice and somewhere she had started feeling suffocated with that ‘apprentice’ tag around her. she wanted to get directly involved in the office matters… mohinder knew that well but he wanted to groom her well.


That evening Geet came back with a real bad mood and threw the files on the table. Nisha ran out hearing the noises and saw Geet totally red.

“Geet.. kya hua beta? Sab theek tho hain…?”

[Geet… what happened beta? Is everything fine?]

Geet didn’t even bother to answer. She ran up to her room and shut it with a bang. Nisha was a little worried seeing Geet so angry. It was just the matter of seconds when mohinger came in calling for Geet.

“Geet apne kamre mein hain, ” nisha replied, “kya baat hain bhaisahab… kuch hua hain kya? She is too angry…”

[Geet is in her room…what happened bhaisahab…did something happen? She is too angry…]


Mohinder sat on the couch and gulped down the glass of water. Nisha sat beside him, waiting for him to answer.
“I disagreed with her on a proposal made by a client. Apparently she had some issues with that but I disagreed… “

Nisha sighed, she has to learn a lot. She is only a kid bhaisahab…and kids are highly impulsive. Give her some time to calm down and understand your point of view…”

She saw a forlorn father all of a sudden. She leaned closer and pressed her hand on hers, “aap aur kitne din chupayenge ye baat bachon se? They have to know it right…”

[for how long are you going to hide this thing from the kids? They have to know it right…]

He looked at nisha and then looked down, “I don’t want to burden my princesses with anything now nisha..”, he breathed in sharply, lifting his spirits, “its just a minor heart problem jo jald hi theek ho jayega… so don’t stress yourself. Jaake zara dekho madam ka gussa kum hua ke nahi..”

[its just a minor heart problem which is going to be okay soon… so don’t don’t  stress yourself. Go and see whether madam has calmed down or not]

“but bhaisahab… how long are you going to hide it? its worrying me a lot…”

“nisha… don’t worry about me. I bet I can live enough to see both my princesses getting married and settling down happily… go and check on Geet.”

Nisha sighed and went to see Geet. she knew mohinder’s biggest dream was to see his daughter’s getting married but then his health was worrying her as well.


Maan landed in delhi and the first thing he did was to rush home and hug his mom. Avantika was surprised to see maan so happy… genuinely happy…in fact very happy.

“maan…kya baat hain beta…itne khush lag rahe hain aap aaj?! Kaam kaisa tha?”

[maan whats the matter beta… you look so happy today! How was your work?]

“am okay ma… I am happy… but honestly I don’t know why!”

Avantika sat on the bed while maan lied down on the bed, keeping his head on her lap, “I feel so light… i.. I really don’t have a real strong reason to be… but I am happy.”

Avantika knew maan would only lower his barrier when he connected himself too emotionally to someone.

“do you want to tell me anything about it?”

He thought for a while and then shook his head for a no, “nahi… I will tell you when the time comes.”

He kissed her cheek and ran to his room. He couldn’t wait to speak to her..see her. gosh… he was actually being a despo. Geet was right… but then there was this fact as well that no other woman had ever made him feel like this… imagine..The Maan Singh Khurana going after someone so desperately… but then thats what ‘certain feelings'(wink wink) do to you right! he hasn’t seen her for one whole week… he instantly dialled her number.


Geet sat in front of her laptop, checking some documents from the office, totally irritated. Her dad didn’t support her…in front of the clients!!! She had never felt this let down before. She thought at least her dad would be right beside her no matter what and this rejection was a huge blow to her big fat ego. She pressed the keys mercilessly until her phone buzzed. She was even more irritated. She was in no mood to talk to anyone. She ignored it not even once checking the caller. There was silence for a while and her phone buzzed again. She was just too irritated.. she picked the phone to throw it away when her eyes fell on the caller id. She didn’t know why she just couldn’t proceed with her action. There was this unknown trust building within them that she decided to speak to him.

“hello…”, she spoke angrily.

Maan wondered what was wrong with that tone of hers, “hey Geet… you okay? You seem too angry sweetheart..”

“you bet I am hotshot… this is too much. honestly… I wont even feel guilty if I murder someone right now.”

“woah… calm down tiger… baat karni hain?”, he asked her calmly. He knew she was upset about something.

[woah… calm down tiger… you wanna talk?]

She sighed, “hmm…not now…”

“will be waiting in the coffee shop… the same place where we had been last.. in 15 minutes!”

“I said not now…”, she shouted but then stopped midway, “…hey are you back?”

“umm… I want to see you next 15 minutes and we can speak.”

She looked at the time and then shut the laptop angrily, “am coming…”


She disconnected the call and threw away the pillow angrily, that she held. Nisha just entered and saw her setting her dress.

“Geet… shaant ho ja beta… you should think…”

“am going Chachi…”, she spoke, wearing her watch and keeping her purse.

“but Geet… its already 8 now..where are you going at this time? I know you are angry but..”

“bye Chachi…dont wait for me…”, she was in no  mood to listen to anyone. She didn’t even hear nisha and walked out. Nisha was worried as to what Geet was upto.. she ran after her, “geet…stop… you are not going anywhere now. Geet…”


Geet heard none. She ran down the stairs and walked across mohinder who was watching tv after changing. She didn’t even look at him, nor did he stop her. nisha ran down shouting for her and she just walked away.

“don’t stop her nisha…let her go!”, mohinder intruded.

“but its already 8..kahan jaa rahi hain bataya bhi nahin… I am scared for her…”

[but its already 8… she didn’t even say where she was going… I am scared for her..]

“jaane do usey. She needs to clear her mind and think rationally. Gusse mein business nahin chalaya jaata. I know she will be fine.  Lets have dinner. Am famished!”

[let her go. She needs to clear her mind and think rationally. Business cant be run in anger. I know she will be fine. Lets have dinner. Am famished!]

Nisha sighed… she knew mohinder’s motive behind this little harsh demeanour but then she was really worried for Geet. she served dinner for mohinder abut couldn’t eat herself.


Geet drove out angrily, speeding up. Everything in the office played in her mind… how could her own dad oppose her like that? cant he see the profit the company shall gain from this? And he was so harsh to her in front of the clients… she almost missed hitting a car and stopped right in front of the coffee shop. she carried her purse and ran inside, knowing exactly where her hotshot must be sitting. And she was right. he was sitting at the corner most place… is favourite and the same place where they had sat last.

He looked at her… for the first time feeling something within him. she looked so pretty… but her anger filled face spoke another story. He was worried seeing her this angry. She pulled the chair roughly and sat with a thump. How he had wished the first thing he’d do is to hug her tightly but then seeing her this upset…he knew there must be definitely something wrong. He ordered her favourite Americano and held her hands softly.


“Geet… calm down. Things can never be sorted out in anger!”

She looked up at him instantly… how does he know when to speak what? She was awed by this ability of his! She took a sharp breath in, trying to calm herself. She was seeing him after one whole week. She was happy…of course she was. But then she didn’t even try to give him a weak smile. She was upset and there was no hiding.

“phew… so  when did you come back?”

“aaj hi lauta hoon… reached home at 5… how was your week?”

[came back today itself… reahed home at 5…how was your week?]

“hectic… I am assisting dad in his work along with college… its tiring.”

He smiled and spoke genuinely to her, “miss busy handa… you seem to learn a lot lately hmm…”

The waiter served their orders and left. The whole evening they talked about everything except the reason why she was upset. He didn’t ask and she never bothered to answer as well. they spoke everything except the bitter things… they spoke of their college… their work… their lives and Geet seemed to calm down a bit… a lot of it!!!


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