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@sdlife19: i can understand urPOV but wht not meet… that shuldn’t have been a question here. Rano only knows that meet hadn’t told maan about her accident. thats it.
she doesn’t even have an inkling to what these girls planned…
she doesn’t even know that meet pushed geet  into her shoes, she sent geet to manali or the very fact that geet is in love with maan.
Right now, she thinks meet is unwell so geet is trying to
rope maan…and its obvious her motherly instict wouldn’t allow it!! So basically, Rano doesn’t know a thing about what meet or geet did!


“mom… I…I missed you..”, she managed to speak, despite being choked with emotions.

And the next moment, she felt nothing but a sharp stinging sensation on her cheeks, which made her stumble backwards. She looked up at her mother’s face which had nothing but resentment and disgust! Needless to say, geet was confirmed her mother had seen her and Maan outside!

She had nothing to say but dip her head in shame! Not that she regretted being with maan, she regretted letting meet down…she regretted staining a divine sisterly relationship and she regretted making her mother resent her.

“why did you do this geet?”, her mother’s voice reflected nothing but her indignant zeal.

“this is why i had sent you to study in the US? So that you…for god’s sake he is your sister’s fiance! They have been engaged Geet… didn’t you have any shame before even touching him?”

Rano looked away in disgust, which clearly stated that she had seen her and maan in that position, and then that kiss… she felt her heart constrict seeing her mother in such a pathetic condition.

She managed to hold herself and walk closer to rano, “mom… please… am sorry. I know i did wrong..but for once, listen to me…”

Rano pushed her away, “why should I listen to you? You are ruining not one but three lives here. And as far as I know, my daughter would never do this… and today i am ashamed that you are my daughter!”

It hit her like a tornado, crushing whatever was left behind. Tears and more tears spilled out of those blue eyes, “mom…am sorry. It wasn’t intentional…”

“get out..”, rano cut her in between shutting her up. She looked at her mother wide eyed.

“get out of my house!”

“mo…mom??”, she cried.

“did you sleep with him?”, rano asked suddenly, making her gasp, “tell me honestly geet… i saw it today and you think am a fool not to understand what is going on behind my back? Did you sleep with him?”

Rano’s eyes had hurt, anger, disgust and what not when she realized this had been too farfetched.

“mom..please… its not..”, geet cried, holding her hands but she jerked it off.

“did you or did you not geet?”, rano’s voice came out stronger and sterner than ever and geet loved her mom too much to lie. She dipped her head and nodded softly. Rano couldn’t believe it. She had somewhere hoped that her daughter wouldn’t do that ever, especially to her sister! But she felt paralysed now, unable to move on the revelation.

When she didn’t move, geet was scared. She rushed to her mother and tried to shake her, “mom… i know what i did is not forgivable but i love him…”

“shut up…”, rano’s voice sounded scary now, “and just get out of my house. You think i will let such a girl with no dignity live in my house?? Just get out…”

Geet fell on her knees and hugged rano by her waist, “mom.. please let me speak to meet once…she much be waiting for me to tell her…”

But rano would hear none of it. She held geet and dragged her out. Geet cried, “no mom..please…am sorry… i would do anything to correct that…mom listen to me please…”

But rano didn’t listen a word. She dragged geet, pushed her out, “never show your face so long as am alive geet!” and she shut the door right on her face. geet broke down, knocking the door, “mom please ek baar meri baat tho suniye… mom..”

Rano turned away from the door and sat on the couch, with her eyes moist and her mind jammed. What have they gone and done? one daughter was battling with her life while the other was ruining everything!! She cried silently for both of them, trying hard to hold herself from breaking down. Mohinder was still in Hoshiyarpur… her mother-in law was probably breathing her last now. She couldn’t possibly tell him..and what would she say? She felt wronged…so wronged!

It was almost 10:30 at night when her motherly love overpowered everything in her. There was a complete silence. There were no knocks…no geet calling out to her. she felt torn. she checked on meet who was waiting for geet to come back, not knowing what had happened when she was asleep a few hours back.

“maa… did geet call? She was supposed to come back today..

Rano kissed her daughter’s forehead, trying hard not to cry, “umm… i will give her a call. May be flight is delayed! You take rest!”

She tucked meet properly and walked out. She felt restless… there was no knocking…no crying… and she was scared now. It struck 11pm when she realized she had been pacing around the hall. How could she sleep when her child was suffering outside in the cold?

Losing that battle, she quickly opened the door to look for geet. She looked here and there and then found her, lying on the cold floor of the porch, unconscious. She panicked and quickly checked on her. she was breathing but she was cold. She shook her, patted her cheeks and called out to her several times before she opened her eyes, “”

Rano’s heart bleed, seeing her so lifeless… devoid of charm. She had trails of tears down her cheeks and fresh tears made away.she said nothing but wiped her tears and supported her back to her room. Geet hadn’t eaten anything at all. rano took her to her room, helped her change and fed her some roti and sabji that she had prepared but geet wouldn’t look into her eyes nor would she speak. She managed to feed her half a roti and then she refused to take another morsel. She turned to leave when geet held her hand, like she always used to do when she was young, “mom… please mat jao…”

Rano sighed and pushed her hand away, “I don’t want to even look at your face geet. The only reason you are here is because I couldn’t have seen you like that!”

And she left, leaving geet all by herself. Geet had no energy or even the will to go after her. she was fatigued and her lashes felt heavy, due to tiredness and constant crying and in no time, she had drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Dadima had been so happy to see maan back and happier to see him happy. She knew he had been to shimla with meet and when she had asked about the trip, Maan just hugged her and told her that he would like to marry her as soon as possible. Dadima saw his excitement and felt so happy. She quietly made her calculations and decided that she’d speak to rano and Mohinder on fixing the date as soon as possible.

Maan finished with a few mails and calls from office,before actually retiring for the day. He was too eager, excited..anxious… to the extent that he wished she were with him right now. He would waste notime and make love to her like never before. He shook his head and went to freshen up…she must be tired. Anyways, its a few more days before they get that licence. He came out in a towel, witing his head and opened his suitcase to take things out. He smiled seeing a few of her belongings stuffed in there. he took them out and smelled them..exactly like her! apparently, she had bought too many things for everyone back home that she never had space to fit her own clothes so she stuffed a few of her dresses in his suitcase. He kept them aside carefully, unable to forget how he had ripped off the dress on her each time they came close. He stopped and hit himself… this was not good.

He took out his stuffs when he noticed a passport. Was it hers? He picked it up, running his hand through his wet hairs and opened it to check…

He stood shocked at what he saw”Geet Handa! Geet… he tried to remember hard. Wasn’t it her sister’s name? How come her sister’s name was here when the photograph had been meet’s!! Was it a mistake? He carefully looked at her picture…curly hairs…sharp features.. he felt his head spin. Why the hell would geet’s passport have meet’s photograph? And if it was Meet’s passport, why would it have geet handa as her name? He wanted to keep it away but the name Geet stuck in his head…he kept the passport away and fell n the bed but he couldn’t sleep.after reeling over it for a long time… why would Meet have Geet’s name on her passport? When everything was same then why the name? He closed his eyes suddenly feeling very tired from the trip.

When she had met him for the first time after whole 7 months and hugged her… she had pushed him away like he was a stranger, her attitude, her boldness, her way of dealing with things…he had found them all so different! He woke up with a start… what the hell was he thinking!! Why would Meet even try to… he shook his head trying not to think more on it. Or god’s sake they had spent their most intimate times together… and he knew his love very well. He might just go to her place the next day  to give her passport and ask about it very well. There must definitely be some mistake.

A blurred dream faded and another set in… maybe it were her tears that made even her dreams hazy. She could see herself walking hand in hand when he bought her a butterscotch ice cream which was Meet’s favourite! She smiled in her sleep as another drop of tear rolled down and she murmured to herself, “if only you knew maan… that its me Geet!”

The next morning geet woke up with her heart thudding with a severe ache. She had a hard time opening her eyes and realized it was 8am already. She felt so heavy in her heart, how would she face people now? Especially meet? She somehow managed to drag herself to the washroom and freshened up, her heart breaking bit by bit. Her most beautiful moments with maan danced in front of her eyes, making her smile was just all a dream and now is what is reality…bitter and painful. She has to face meet now.

She walked out only to get the news that their grandmother had left this world early morning and that rano had to go. she had been hospitalized for a long time. Geet felt like crying…her beloved grandmom was no more! Rano was frantic and hurrying up instructing geet to stay with meet as she was not in a state to travel anywhere. And geet just stood like a statue…time moved and so did people but she remained still…frozen in the moment.

She snapped back to reality hearing a click on the door and then realized rano was gone and meet just entered the hall, her face brightening as she saw her sister stand.

Meet was so happy that geet was back. She had missed her…no doubt she missed maan too but having geet back was like a breather. She knew they had some cold war between them because of maan but then without geet she was lonely. She was as incomplete without geet as was without maan!

“geet…tu kab aayi? I had been waiting for so long you know!”

Geet smiled weakly through her tears and slowly walked towards her sister. As she reached her, she knelt down, kisses her sister’s forehead and placed her head on her lap, silently praying if her sster could make her feel better and take away this pain and heart break.

Silence prevailed for a long time but meet felt warm wetness on her lap. She wondered what had made her sister so restless and so hurt. She caressed her hair, “geet…kya hua? Are you alright?

Geet just nodded softly but she didn’t look up at her. meet was worried now, seeing geet so detached and so upset. She cupped geet’s face and raised it up so that she could see into her eyes but to her utter surprise, geet’s lashes dropped for reasons unknown to her.

“geet tell me na..what happened? Did something happened in Shimla? Is something wrong? Does…does maan know?”, meet’s voice trembled as she spoke the last line.

Geet shook her head in denial but her tears made meet really restless, “tho phir ye aansu kyun geet? Bata na kya hua…you are worrying me!!”

Geet looked down, as her fingers clutched meet’s skirt on her lap, “i don’t know why this happened meet… but i did something wrong and terribly wrong. I know i shouldn’t have… I should have stopped…but i couldn’t!! Mein kya kaun ab? What should I do? I was being selfish… will you ever forgive me?”

And she broke broke down, letting her tears down. Meet blinked away her tears, probably relating to things from the past and the present. She bit her lips to stop her sobs and when she could finally do it, managed to speak, “tu maan se pyaar karti hai… hain na?”

Geet gasped hearing those words from meet and immediately looked up at her, “meet?? What are you saying?”

Meet tried to smile, “swear on me you will speak the truth… these tears are because you love him, isn’t it? “

Geet looked down, shaking her head, trying hard not to hurt meet, “nahi nahi ye sach nahi…”

“phir ye aansu kyun geet…tell me if not for maan? You can’t lie to know!!”

It was so hard for geet to not cry now. she held meet’s hand and cried, “I had done wrong meet…please mujhe maaf kar de… I love him ike i have loved no one ever… I tried to stop myself  but nahi reh saki bina pyaar kiye ussey… bahut pyaar karti hun ussey…bu…but i swear I will go away..yes I will and will never come between the two of you…”

She cried but then there was complete silence. Meet’s hands felt limp and geet looked up at her face. she seemed stunned and frozen…and her gaze somewhere else. She wondered what was wrong and turned back to see what was behind her that held meet’s attention so powerfully.

And when she did… she knew it was probably the death of her. Maan stood by the door, stunned and very angry. His expressions screamed that out. He had been here to return her passport but what he heard and saw was probably a stab to his heart! He was at first shocked to see meet in a wheelchair but what hurt the most was betrayal! His heart was butchered so badly… they were twins…they lied… “she” lied! Everything was a lie… the love, their passionate nights… their talks… their moments… every damn thing was just a lie!!!

Geet felt her life being drained out of her body, slowly. She saw that anger in his eyes…that accusation that directed towards her… and that hatred! She couldn’t let that happen. She had never expected this…but then its all done! she stood up, trembling in fear and took a step ahead, “maan..”

Even her voice came out as a mere whisper and her name from her lips filled with nothing but detest! It had always been Geet? Her boldness…her way of speaking… dealing with people…it was not his Meet!!! His fingers curled by his side as rage coursed through his body…how could they?

Meet was scared to see maan to see like that as well. She had never known all this could come like this, “maan.. please listen to me…

But he was in some other world perhaps. His piercing gaze killed geet. She was in such a state where she could neither go ahead nor go backwards. Meet’s voice echoed but his heart and mind revolted. All this time he had been cheated!!

“You lied…”, he snarled and geet knew it was directed at her.

“n…no…maan..”, her own voiced seemed so weak and unknown to her now.

“You lied…”, he spoke again, deaf and blind to anything else but the pain in his heart. He was in no state to listen to anything now. He couldn’t believe what she had done to him!!!

“maan…please listen for once… I may have..”

“YOU BLOODY LIED”…he screamed so lied that she jumped and stepped back, almost falling to the ground but held herself against the couch.

His eyes had so much hatred… indeed she lied and she had been such a pathetic person!  Before she could even stable herself, she watched him rush towards meet and kneel in front of her and cup her face, “what the hell happened to you meet? Why didn’t you bloody tell me? Ye kya ho gaya tumhe? And why did you ever lie to me? To your maan??”

Meet though scared and hurt, found solace in the arms of her beloved. Those moments came back to her with his loving words when her life was snatched away from her. she cried… and she realized today how desperately she had wished for this one moment when maan would hold her and take away all her fears. She was in love with this man and there was no denying… her prayers were answered today. She had always imagined this day… and gulped down her pain when she knew he would have touched someone else… kissed someone else.. hugged someone else… but now nothing mattered. She fell in his arms, crying her eyes out, giving into her feelings that she had bottled up as mere wishes all this time!


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@ALL finally updating. thank u all so much for waiting. My college pre final year is stressful.
I will be slow. Please bear with me

Recap: Maan fires geet for saving him from the attackers, having his own reasons. They swear never to see each other again. A week later, they find each other in a pub and despite the cold war, they click together!


“Two Blazers please, one for me and one for this lovely lady beside me!”

Geet glared at him, “why the hell are you here Khurana? And I don’t need your drink…”

” Its not my drink, its the bar’s! Cant you just stop being a stubborn ass for once Miss Handa? Someone is trying to be a gentleman here and you…arrghh! spoilsport!”

“you’re drunk!”, geet looked away.

He smiled and leaned over her shoulder until his breath tickled her ear, “and so are you! “

The bartender served thir drinks and went off. Maan forwarded one to her and smiled, ” come on beautiful, just loosen up already!”

She hated that word! He calls her everything but her name. She quickly finished her drink and wiped her lips, i don’t know why you are doing this but let me remind you Mr Khurana, it was you who amended never to see each others’ faces by all means so why are you here? Someone as important as you just shouldn’t be talking to someone like me! But yes, I wont be ungrateful for thats not my nature. So thank you for the drink!”

She turned to leave when he grabbed her hand and pulled her hard that she collided with his chest, “one dance wouldn’t hurt, eh, Beautiful??!!!”


She raised her head and shot a glare at him, “let me go Khurana!”

He had that crooked smile of his, adoring his lips, “come on beautiful… one dance!”

She so wanted to slap this guy! First, he fires her and then forces her to dance! F**k him! she struggled to pull away her hand but he was smooth enough to snake his other hand round her waist and jerk her close, making her gasp. Her eyes widened at his audacity… bloody hell, this guy was dead! He looked straight into her eyes…and leaned closer. She moved her head back, unable to move herself away from him. his hold became tighter and he was coming even closer…and closer… she gaped at him wide eyes planning to slap him hard but then stilled when his breath fell on her lips!

“I know you are planning to grace my cheek with a swing of your hand, but i would save it for some other day… because right now, Ms Handa, i am in a mood to dance..with you!”

“you know what… you are nothing but a condescending jerk, Khurana..”, she spat at his face, unfazed.

He laughed and moved back, still not letting her go, “well then beautiful, condescending jerk it is..”

He took a step back and held out another glass of the whiskey they were having, “loosen up already!”

She hadn’t forgiven him yet but nevertheless, she took the glass and gulped down the entire drink in one go! this was their 4th drink and she was already tipsy, just like him. the music soared high and he just dragged her to the dance floor. The lights were dancing in frenzy and so were they. She was light headed and the music demanded to be loosened up! He saw her still a bit skeptical to be with him but the whiskey had a proper time to act. He gulped down the drink that he was holding and pulled her to him in a jerk, making her stumble and fall on him.

She laughed and steadied herself, “you know what Khurana… I hate you.”

“feelings mutual beautiful…”, he screamed to overcome the loud sound. She giggled and swayed to the music, forgetting everything. he was totally happy to see her like that and joined her for a dance. The night came alive with more and more people gracing the dance floor and they lost themselves. They were having super fun dancing…then drinking…and then more dancing… for a change, it was tolerable being with each other because they weren’t sober!

The music turned to somewhat intriguing music–Pink Lips! Geet was super was her favourite song! And the whole environment suddenly changed…he watched her swaying her hips… wrapping her hands round his shoulder…hell yeah, he loved it!


Honthon pe beimaaniyan
Karle karle, thodi nadaaniyan
Honthon pe manmaaniyaan
Karle karle, thodi nadaaniyan

Mujhe aadhi raat ko sataane lage
Mujhe apne saath tadpaane lage
Tu aaja paas, ye bulaane lage
Tujhe chhoona chaahe
Mere ye, mere ye, mere

Pink lips, pink lips, pink lips
Pink lips, pink lips, pink lips
Pal-pal tujhko karte miss


He was enjoying every bit of her expressions… how she twirled around and she puckered her lips everytime it said- I know you want my baby lips…

He was so amused now. This girl was crazy. The music went on and the energies soared high. He held her by her waist and danced with her. things with his beautiful were always crazy!

Pink lips, pink lips, pink lips
Pink lips, pink lips, pink lips
I know you want my baby lips

Hello-hello bol ke baby lips khol ke
Missing tenu whole day
Love you menu bol de

Pink Lips..

The song slowly died down and gave way for a new one, slower this time. She still had energy to dance the whole night. She was enjoying her time with khurana jerk for a change. She watched him look at her intently. She arched her brows, asking what was wrong and what happened next just made her temper reach a new level.

He cupped her face and pulled her close and kissed her tight on her pink lips! Her eyes widened in shock… she still at first and then her expressions became that of astonishment and when he left, it became more than fury. The music now changed to a soft romantic seductive number Tera nasha.. and a very few people, especially couples flocked the place.

Raat javaan mast samaan
Aise mein honthon se honth mila
Jism tera aur ye adaa
Saansein sulagtii hain hosh kahaan

The sensual lyrics hit their ears as their eyes met…for the first time and everything seemed to have been forgotten. The seductive lyrics and the romantic aura added to that feel. He had never felt that bad of an urge to kiss someone…when she puckered her lips to that pink lips lyrics… when she wrapped her arms round his shoulders, swaying to the music..and holy f**king hell he didn’t know why he did that!

Geet was too stunned… what the hell did that jerk do?? Her eyes met with his chocolate brown ones and her lips quivered… ohh  God of all Jerks, please kill him, please!!! But the time stood still for both of them…captivating them in the moment. She felt something in the pit of her stomach…

From your lips to your hips to your fingertips
I wanna kiss your body all over
From the Goosebumps on your skin
Baby U don’t have to say a word
Use your imagination
Kashif’s on a mission
To give u everything that your body’s been missing
I can’t wait no more, I’m gonna explode
I’m waiting, Anticipating, Tonight it’s goin’ down



He watched her with abated breath, come close to him and ahh those lyrics… they were surely a turn on.


Who the f**king hell slaps a guy when he kisses you especially during a seductive music number? I mean wouldn’t that turn you on instead!!! This bloody witch had the worst timing… and more than that…this was the third time she had hit him! what the hell was wrong with her brain?

“what the…”

He stopped seeing her angry face turn into a sad one all of a sudden. He expected her to hit him and scream and swear at him like she always does..but then she was almost at the verge of crying? Holy Cow…this girl cries???

He watched her expressions and was worried if she’d really cry!!! Gosh…the last thing he ever wanted in his life was to make a girl cry! He had always made them smile.. he was the ladies’ man! Damn…he wouldn’t make her cry!!! That would be an insult to his image!

He quickly leaned closer and cupped her face, “hey…you are crying??”

She twisted her lips and pushed away his hands, “you kissed me!!”

She complained and walked out! He sighed…what the hell was wrong with her? he followed and noticed her going out of the place. It was probably 1am now and she was not in her sense! But who the hell cares..he wasn’t either!

“hey beautiful, listen to me! Why are you crying?”, he jogged behind her and held her hand. She turned around with her eyes watery, “you…you Khurana jerk..kissed me!!”

“han tho?? Whats the big deal?”, he spoke as a matter of fact!

She twisted her lips and pulled her hands back and walked on the empty road, upset and dejected! He followed, “hey… Ms handa..wait. where are you going at this time of night? Let me drop you home at least..”

She wouldn’t listen. She walked faster and he followed, “ok.. listen to me.. we are far from the pub now.. come on its not safe. Let me drop you.”

This time he caught up with her and turned her around by her shoulders. She looked at him, pouted sadly and looked down, “but…you kissed me!”

He rolled his eyes, “and whats wrong with me kissing you beautiful? Whats your problem?”

She felt somewhat shy so she fidgeted with her fingers and spoke sadly, “but i have never kissed anyone before!!”

It didn’t come as a surprise to him. he expected it. Who would kiss this Phoolan Devi and be kicked left right and centre? But then…women, especially sad women were his weakness.

“ohh but that’s not a problem Beautiful… you can kiss someone you like now as well!”, he tried to explain her like an enlightened being.

“and who would i kiss?”

He thought for a while and smile, “yeah.. you can kiss me you know! I have kissed you already…so it wouldn’t hurt!”

Her eyes widened in hope, “really??”

He felt proud… well two drunkards out of their senses would definitely be!

yeah you can. Come on.. try it. But yeah… don’t you dare hit me again, lady!”

She giggled and they came closer. She had liked his idea… which had no head or a tail.his hands rested on her waist while she tip toed and closed her eyes, moving closer to kiss him.

Closer…and closer…and closer… and BANG!!!

There was a loud noise of a car screeching and a few men rushed towards them with canes and guns!!! At first they couldn’t understand and stood holding each other but then it was Maan who first saw the guns in their hands! Shit shit shit!!! Not again!

He looked at geet who was totally senseless about anything right now, being drunk but he had a better tolerance level. He held geet’s hand and looked at her, “listen beautiful, when I say ruun… we run okay!

“but our kiss?”, she asked shying.

“we can do that later okay. Now.. RUN!!!”

They both held hands and ran!!! the men hadn’t surrounded them completely so they took that way…and this was way from the pub they were in!!! The men followed them with one of them shooting but it missed maan by a few inches.

It took some time for geet to actually realized what was happening. She was running holding his hand and the gun shot made her aware what was going on. She looked back and then at maan and realized she had no gun!! F**k! She came to pub so she felt there was no need of it!!

She heard footsteps coming closer and she was quick enough to think. One man had caught up with them. She jerked off maan’s hand nd screamed, “Just run faster!!”

He stopped and glared at her, “am not leaving you behind!!!”

The man caught up with geet and held her. she was agile. She quickly took the advantage and kicked that man right where it hurt the most, “take that you asshole!”

Her heels hit the right spot that left him on the ground groaning in pain. Maan came to her and held her hand, dragging her, “lets go…”

She looked at maan and then at the man lying on the road and then at the men who were about to catch up. She quickly grabbed the gun, tucked it in her jeans and ran!! she knew she was not sober enough to shoot plus they were outnumbered. It was late and hardly there were people around. She didn’t want innocent lives to be lost. The best thing was to hide for now until they get help.

Same was with maan as well. He knew they can do nothing as of now. They ran through narrow lanes and by-lanes of the cityscape… the never ending “galiyan” and they were short of breath. The men were still following them. He looked around and saw a truck! Yeah!

Geet dragged him away but he held her, “no..lets hide here!”

he helped her climb into the back of the truck… and then himself climbed up as well.  The men were nearing. They had to think fast before they got an inkling. Maan looked around and realized it was a goods truck that they had been into. It was carrying stuffs in sacks. The back bar of the truck was closed, so they were safely hidden. They could hear the men shouting and looking for them. He quickly took off his watch and looked around. Those people were looking in the opposite direction. He threw the watch far away from them so that it caught their attention and indeed it did. The men heard the sound and ran towards it, thinking they went that way.

Maan sighed and fell on the sack where geet was lying, tired and worn out.

“I guess we have to stick with each other for a little longer beautiful!”

Geet didn’t reply rather sighed and looked up to nothing. Maan fell flat beside her and looked up too, “lets rest here for a while..”

And a cool breeze of the night just made them sleep… and they slept too, giving into their tiredness and the whiskey effect!


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