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fairy…Tail???!!! #66


Just then the doorbell rang! She was about to go when he pulled her to sit down!

Maan: tum baitho…I’m seeing!

Rahul stood on the door dumbstruck…hawww the great MSK was in an apron..OMG that too a pink one!!!! His jaws dropped down…unable to believe his own eyes! Maan waited for him to come in but he didn’t move! He rolled his eyes and went back to geet..and as we all know..MKS was a man of few words and he really didn’t care about what people thought!

Geet (shoving spoon after spoon in her mouth): who’s it?

Maan (sarcastically): no one..ignore!!!

After a few minutes Dan came and saw Rahul’s condition at the doorstep! He pushed his jaws up, “hey snap out fella…did u see a ghost?

Rahul (in trance): you bet…I’ve seen more than a ghost!

Even Dan was shocked to see Maan like that but oh well…love can do wonders! And this was just the beginning! More was yet to come.

They joined Maan and geet at the dining table. They talked here and there.

Rahul: dude….you are not going today?

Maan: where?

Geet was still completing her food!

Rahul: College!!!!

Maan: ohhh shit!!!! How can I forget?? And I have to get back home….and Dadima..

He rose to leave and turned to leave, “geet finish your food and go to college with these two okay!

And he rushed out like a whirlwind! Geet looked down at her plate and it struck her!

ohh shitt!!!!” she blurted out!

Dan and Rahul looked at her surprised…woah so prez also uses words han!!!

Like she understood. She gave a naughty smile, “hey am not prez here okay!

Dan: yeah right!

Geet: but guys I have to rush to college.

She got up and took her plate to the sink!

Rahul: hey finish your food!

Geet: sorry Rahul but we need to get to college fast….college fest..remember!

Rahul: ohh Shit!!!! Preparations starts today..lets rush!

They reached college and all rushed to work. The council room was stuffed with teachers and office bearers! And after much discussion the final schedule was prepared. Fest was 3 days long…the 1st day would be the opening ceremony, 2nd day would see carnival by the students with stalls and games and dance and fun…students from other colleges would also visit the college! And the final 3rd day will be dedicated to the students of XIBM for all their hard work..The closing ceremony with the ritual theme party!

Less time and more work! Geet being the council president was super busy the whole day…approving the themes and looking out for volunteers! Ohh god she had been rushing the whole time…but still somewhere deep in her heart she wanted to see him in college!!

She had no time to breathe. She was walking through the corridors browsing through the posters and notices to be put up! Suddenly she felt someone pulling her by her elbow. She tried to struggle but before she could, she found herself surrounded by a very soothing a familiar warmth…she smiled even without looking at his face!

you had lunch?” his husly voice in her ears send a shiver down her spine! She stiffened immediately…forgetting everything around…even the fact that they were squeezed between two pillars or she was trapped between a pillar and him!

Ohh how much she missed him since morning and sahabzade is giving his darshan now!!!

He caressed her cheeks with his fingers creating goose bumps on her! she immediately closed her eyes giving into the moment…this new found feeling after “ages” of separation…there was no moment more beautiful than being with him! She had almost forgotten her own self…probably the same self that she showed in that trial room face-off!

did you have lunch?” he asked again! Ahh…what was happening to her? her knees felt so weak…like all her energy had been drained out of her legs…but she was just loving each and every moment there!

umm..” she didn’t even open her eyes…his hands squeezed her waist and her almost stopped breathing! She just didn’t have any knowledge about what was happening around!

And he knew his geet really well! He backed off and pulled her out! She came back to reality with this sudden pull and opened her eyes…..and then she actually saw him! He was in his grey jeans and skin fit black shirt with a top few buttons open…his trademark style! He looked really handsome….a slight blush crept on her cheeks as he dragged her out holding her tight!

Geet: Maan… where are you taking me?

She protested even not wanting to!

Maan: we are going out for lunch!

Geet; bu..but others are waiting Maan…I have to arrange…

He stopped and turned to look at her.

Maan: Ms president your so-called volunteers are all out for lunch! Do you even have any knowledge? Just look! Do you see anyone here?

She looked here and there! There were indeed very few people around!

Geet (cutely): no!

Maan: ab chalein? Ya aur bhi proof chahiye? Waise bhi classes are suspended till the fest…so theres no hurry!

Geet: okay!

Both walked and Maan led her to his bike! She just smiled and followed his lead!

Geet (excited): wow….ye aapki bike hain?

Maan (proudly): yeps!

Geet: woah…its awesome!

She went closer and checked it all over! He stood curiously, “you…know about bikes?

Geet: yeah..i have some knowledge about them!

Maan (taking out his bike): hey that’s you know how to ride?

Geet: umm..yeah but not very well. I was doing my P.U in India when I learnt but am not very good!

Maan: you wanna try?

Geet: what me??…ujhse nahi hoga! Its been a long time Maan!

Maan: ohh that’s okay!

He sat on the bike, “hey hop on!

But she stood there thinking something!

Geet: umm Maan..

Maan: yes

Geet: erm…would you mind if I try?

He rolled his eyes!

Maan (st): uff this girl..itna mann hai..but her nakhre! What will I do with her?!

Geet: umm…but am not very good and..

Maan: yeah geet..i got it! I’ll be right behind you okay!

He slid back to the pillion seat and she hopped on to the rider’s seat…both unaware of the trouble they had landed themselves on! (Kawaii wink winkWinkWink)

She started the ignition and slowly pulled out of the college gates. And his hands swiftly went around her waist holding her tight! She almost forgot to breathe! Oh that was a trouble indeed!

He was riding slowly but her hands shivered! She cursed herself for asking him to let her ride! His touch was enough to make her lose focus..and now his hold..they were creating jitters all over her body!!!

She was on the verge of losing herself when she felt his hand leave her waist…she sighed in relief and tried to concentrate on the road but..ohh no!!! he noticed her hands turn unbalancing the handle! His hands just slid on hers and reached the handles! He slid closer and his head almost rested on her shoulders! And the biggest problem—he didn’t have any idea about what was he doing to her!

His fingers curled over hers as he helped her control the accelerator!

You nervous shona?” he mocked!

Oh dear…does he even realize what was happening to her? her fingers felt weak and her grip went lose on the accelerator. It was him who was now doing the actual riding!

She just went blank…as his chest touched her back..a heat wave just emerged in her with that touch….and she was again losing herself completely! Her breathing came out ragged and shallow and she just didn’t have energy to fight anymore! She completely leaned back on his!

His hot breath fell on her nape…and his head rested between her neck and shoulder!

Ahh that sweet aroma of hers..Wasn’t the morning enough…he had to lose focus now out of all times! Her slender neckline was visible to his eyes…. His cheek brushed her neck…so smooth was her skin…how badly he wanted to kiss her there and then!!! Really…being with her is gonna be the death of him! He needs to snap out warna they are definitely gonna meet with an accident!

There was a red signal…he thanked his starts for saving them!

Maan: geet….

She was in a place where she had never been..a bliss!!

Geet: hmm..

It actually came out as a moan…he took a deep breath in!

Maan; just lemme ride okay! Turn around!

They couldn’t have parked at the signal so she just took a 180 degree turn facing him as he took over the controls!

Maan: hold me tight okay!

And he sped up soon as the signal turned green! She sat there clutching his shirt…and her head touching his bare chest through the shirt! Ohh goodness…why her out of all people?

The smell of his colonge was spinning her head! Morning…she had controlled but now..there was no chance of running away! And the positing they were in…glued to each other…she finally hugged him tight unable to hold back the ripples in her…and her whole body jolted with an unknown sensation! He somehow managed to reach a cafe and helped her down.

Too much to talk yet no words to say! They had missed each other but after that breath taking ride they just couldn’t breathe properly, let alone speak!

They quietly finished their lunch and got back! This time she sat as a pillion and held him lightly! She was in a hurry to get get back to college and get out of the spell that he just casts over her every time he is around!

She found jess waiting for her! the moment she reached the council room, jess pulled her in!

Jess: geet..where were you? I was waiting for you! Any ways…you have to help me now!

Geet understood what she was talking about!

Geet: but jess…the college fest..

Jess (cutting in): listen geet…we don’t have classes now so this is the best time! Pease please please pretty please!!!

Geet (sighed): if I say won’t listen to me now would you?

Jess gave a wide smile and nodded!

Geet: so what do I do to help you out?

Jess hugged her tightly and made her sit.

Jess: heres the thing! I will propose to him if that jerk doesn’t but before that I want to make sure he is not mingled with any other chick!

Geet (innocently): but jess…what if he LIKES some other girl?

Jess (evilly): then what…I’ll just go and kick that girl  out of his life and have him for myself!!!

Geet’s eyes widened at that…ladki khatarnaak hai..she made a mental note!

Geet: so..what do we do now?

Jess: the best and the simplest of all and foolproof plan…that’s being used since time immemorial in the battle of love…

Geet curiously looked at the Jess in front of her….gosh this is one new jess she had never met with! She felt somewhat scared at her evil side!

Geet: and..w..whats that?

Jess’ eveil look vanished and a sweet smile decorated her face, “MISSION JEALOUSY  sweetheart…you are so naive!

Geet: you think that’s going to work?

Jess: yeah of course!

She explained geet all about being jealous in love….of course poor Sweetu didn’t know something called Jealousy! So everyting was new to her! Whoa you feel J when you are in love!!! That was so funny for her! jess explained her the whole plan to be executed the next day and both got back home!

The whole night jess’ words played in her mind! She laid on her bed with her blankie and looked at the couch where he had slept the previous night! It was empty today!

Geet (cutely): why are you doing this to me han? Ek to jab aap mujhse door hote ho I miss you so much and want to tell you so many things…and when you are near I just forget what I want to say! And upar se jess bolti hai that when you are in love you get jealous! Mujhe to uski baatien hi samajh nahi aati! Uff stupid jess… (she made a face) and even you are stupid! Dono milkar mujhe pagal kardoge!! Arrgh..

She just pulled her blankie on her face and slept off!


As per jess’ plan geet madam joined her gang during lunch time! And she sat opposite to Rahul deliberately! They talked here and there and when geet knew it was time to execute their plan, she started her work!

Geet: guys…you sooo happy today!!! So very happy!!

Dan: woah..prez and happy..wonder who dared that!

Geet smacked Dan and continued, “ahh shut up..its not about me..its jess!

And immediately Rahul’s ears shot up and he looked at geet intently! Now this was something geet had never expected! It was so funny to see Rahul like that…she was actually enjoying it already!

Rahul: jess..what happened to her?

Now Dan and Maan looked at rhaul curiously!

Geet (pretending to daydream): ahh you don’t know??

Rahul: NO…

Geet: ohh…she has got someone in her like you know and she likes him so very much!!!!

Rahul stiffened for a moment..a fear lurked in his heart, “what???

His face turned pale and his color faded!

Geet was so much enjoying that look on his face! And she just gave a missed call to jess’ cell under the table…well it was time for jess to show up!!!



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Fairy…Tail???!!! #65


why are you leaving me again?” she was asleep but her heart knew his every movement!

He looked at her face…tears already brimming at the corner of her eyes. And he realized the result of his doings…a fear had settled over her heart of him leaving her alone…not talking to her…his walking away…he closed his eyes in pain! She feared losing him!

He kneeled down by her bed and placed a kiss on her forehead!

am not leaving okay…I’m here…just here!

Immediately her expressions softened. She held his hand and slept off!!!


MM waited for Maan to leave now that geet was back and good! Like he understood!! He looked at geet and then mm…

MM..can I stay here for the night..please!!!

Geet was no where near leaving him and MM knew they were close. Seeing geet’s condition she had to agree.

Mm: yeah…she won’t leave you I guess! Can You please wait outside Maan…let me help her change! she is too tired!


He nodded gladly and tried to move his hand. She twitched her brows in discomfort. He immediately caressed her head with his other hand and tried again. She urgently woke up with a startle and looked at him worried!

He smiled, “kahin nahi jaa raha…bas tum change kar lo phir room ke andar aata hoon!


She still didn’t want him to go…..a big NO written all over her face. He just gave a gentle pat on her cheeks and left. She sat there quietly making grumpy face!

MM brought her a fresh pair of Pj and a lose white stain top. She unwillingly changed into them and sat on the bed. MM, before leaving cupped her face, “Don’t do that again okay! You scared the life out of me!

sorry MM” she made a baby face.


MM (smiling): glad that Maan is with you! And yes, 90 degree is with me! You were out the whole time..poor fellow was so worried and hungry!

Geet: where is he?

MM: ahh he is having a night out with me…so he’ll come tomorrow!!! Sleep well baby doll!


Geet gave a weak smile  but her eyes were searching for Maan! Did he go away? How will she sleep? She felt so scared….

MM came out of the room and found Maan dozing off on the couch!

MM: Maan..

He immediately stood up startled!

Maan: is she asleep?

MM: no…she won’t until she sees you! So you better go and yes try to catch some sleep! You must be tired!

Maan: yeah..thank you MM.


MM was just about to open the door when something stopped her.. she turned around.

MM: Maan..

Maan: yes MM…

MM: do take good care of her okay (she gave him a stern look) be careful with what you do!!!


He smiled, as if he needed to be told that! hey wait…”be careful with what you do..” did she just think they were going to…..ahem… was sooo embarrassing!!! He knew it was kinda common in the countries like the west but..he would never ever do something like that…chii..he’d rather not even think about it! What was MM thinking???


ermm…I…I…” he fumbled, “its nothing like that MM..i should go and check on her!!!

He tried to divert the topic! MM nodded and left. He closed the door and sat on the couch sighing. Yaar yeh MM ka dimag ulta chalta hain kya? Pheww she is gone….what a relief! He took a deep breath in when a loud shriek almost stopped his breath in between, “MAAANNN…


His heart stopped beating and he ran to her room shouting, “kya hua…kya hua…kya hua????


He looked here and there. She was not on bed…oh god where was she? He heard a sob and looked up…she stood on the middle of the bed in her Pjs holding her blanket and was on the verge of breaking down. The moment his eyes fell on hers, 2 large drops of tears made their way out of her eyes down to the corner of her lips!!


He finally continued with his breath that was stuck in his throat seeing her fine! Oh god.. she looked so cute with that little pout of heres..he couldn’t stop laughing at her antics!

Geet (annoyed): you are laughing at me??

Maan (laughing): no not…

Geet: yeah I can see that!

She puffed up her cheeks and looked away!


Sometimes life just gets you back to the same old stage from where you had started and never wanted to go back! Geet was no exception to this! The advent of Maan or say her MK had filled her life with so many things that she just couldn’t help running back to being the old Sweetu—cute, bubbly, vulnerable and ever loving!


Maan: sorry baba… am not laughing really!!!

He tried to muffle his laughter! But she was already in a foul mood.

Geet: aap mujhse baat mat karo okay..ek to I was so worried as to where were you and instead of manaofying me you are laughing at me na..


Her expressions changed drastically to a sad one..almost crying…large drops of tears ready to bungee-jump from the corner of her eyes! He rolled jis eyes!

Maan (st): ohh god…agar ise abhi nahi manaya to phir se rone lagegi!


Kawaii *jumping out of nowhere* oyeee yeh dialog kahin suna suna lagta hain ….hain na??? [refer PART 2]


Maan: ok geet am sorry…

Geet: sob..don’t talk to me…sob

Maan moved to her side, “olle mela bacha..mela shone mujhshe shorry..dekho shona kaan pakad ke shorry..” he held his ears and looked at her cutely!

Geet (making faces): theek hain theek hain maaf kiya!!!


He smiled and raised his arms to her. and there was no need of thoughts or any words or even the slightest of a hint..she knew her place perfectly well. She got off the bed and fit herself in his ars…hugging him!!!

Maan: shona..

Geet: umm..

Maan: you don’t want to sleep?

Geet: umm no

Maan: and why is that?

Geet: ‘coz the moment I close my eyes you’ll go away!


It pinched his heart yet again…even in that cuteness she manages to say so many things in simple gestures that you can’t run away from even if you want to!

He caressed her hair softly, “mein tummhe chodke kahin nahi jaa raha okay! Chalo so jao!!

She again refused to get out of his embrace, “and how do I make sure of that? who knows what will you do after I sleep off!!!” her cute complaints sounded cute but the depth in them couldn’t be ignored!

His heart ached to no ends, “you don’t trust me?


She raised her head and smiled naughtily, “iss mamle mein….Kabhi NAHI!” and she giggled. But he was not into a fun mood!

Maan: then what should I do to gain that trust?

Geet (innocently): its Simple…be with me…always!!!

He hugged her tight closing his eyes…he seriously needs to gain that trust!


He lifted her up and tucked her comfortably on her bed and himself settled on the nearby couch. She looked at him sternly. He rolled his eyes, “kahin nahi jaa raha baba!


yeah promise

pakka wala???

umm pakka wala!” he smiled.

He kept flipping through some sports magazines he found on her table and she kept gazing at him till she knew not when she had slept off!!!!



It was around 7am! She stretched herself and opened her eyes slowly…room was filled with dim morning light of the sun trying to peep in through the white curtains. Her eyes instantly looked towards the couch…a smile played on her lips seeing him sleeping there. But she didn’t miss his bare arms resting on his chest. It was then she realized he had taken off his shirt. He was in his vest!


Her morning was already made…to have him in front of her eyes..that was all she needed and that was all she realized she had been craving for all these days! Sleep had never been this peaceful and she never felt this fresh! She took off her blankie and sat up straight! A sudden chill surrounded her..ahh it was so cold! She instantly looked at him..he seemed uncomfortable in that position and moreover he had no blanket on him! She didn’t feel good at all. He had been sleeping in that cold the whole night?


She recalled how he had tucked her comfortably in her blankie…she cursed herself for not taking care of him! He was so careful with her and look at her…sleeping peacefully!

gadhi..kutti kamini…sirf apne bare mein hi soch…ab kya baithi hain? Go and do something!” she cursed herself under her breath! She got out of the bed and took her blankie and went to him.


For a moment she observed his face…he was in deep sleep…His sharp nose…his lips..the firm jaw line….every inch of his face carved into perfection! She raised her had to touch him but came back to reality when the blankie slipped from her hands and fell on her feet! She looked at him once again and gently spread it over him still admiring his face…” ..just…be..autiful..”


While spreading the blankie her fingers just brushed against his bare shoulder! It felt cold but a shudder ran down her spine. She fell on her knees still lost in him! His face looked so serene…she had a sudden urge to kiss him on his cheeks….she so wanted to get up and run away unable to take that strong surge of emotions in her but her face did inch closer involuntarily!


She had never felt this mesmerized by someone…it took all her courage and self control to stop herself. She was just a few cm away from his cheeks when she stopped! She looked at him again and blushed! Ohh my…what was she doing? She smiled, smacked her head and ran to the washroom!



It felt so warm! God knows how he slept in that cold the whole night but now it was warm…..soothing! a sudden light on his eyes disturbed his sleep! he was sleeping peacefully and now this light! He pulled the  blankie over his head and slept! Hey wait…as far as he remembered, he never had any blankie while he slept! He opened his eyes and pulled down the blankie and that bright light again!!! He closed his eyes and opened it again slowly adjusting to the intensity!


He looked towards the source of light…so she had a balcony just across her bed. He blinked a couple of times to his adjustment!

She stood there in the balcony with a white gown. Her hair fell below her waist…she stood wiping them! Her back faced him and she was completely unaware that he was already awake!


He had never seen such a beautiful morning…she looked so beautiful like that…what will happen to him when he sees her face? Lost in that beauty, he got up and walked towards her!

She smiled sensing him standing behind her. she turned to him, “good morn…


Her words got stuck in her throat when he just held her by waist and tugged her hard to collide with his tough body! He didn’t speak anything…his eyes looked into her so intently and deeply that she almost forgot what was she saying or doing! He raised his hand and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear that was teasing her cheeks! Her hands rested on his chest and this time she didn’t dare to push him away! Strangely she didn’t want to! The moment was so perfect…he had literally stopped breathing seeing her face…water droplets on her face shining like diamonds in the morning sun!

They could have stayed like that for eternity when a rumbling sound distracted them! He raised his brows! She felt so embarrassed!!!


Geet: wo…wo.. (she looked everywhere except him!) mujhe bhook lagi hain!

She made a cute face…he was about to laugh it off but stopped…knowing very well she hated being made fun of!

He sighed and let go of her, “acha tum ready ho javo..mein breakfast banata hoon!

He went out and freshened up in the guest washroom and headed towards the kitchen!



She sat on the dining table shouting, “MAANNN…jaldiii mere pet mein chuhe dnace…umm nahi nahi kabaddi khel rahe hain!!!

aa raha hoon baba…” he shouted back from kitchen!

Maan (st): uff kitne nakhre karti hain…

But he just loved every bit of her nakhre..and he’d be happy to oblige gladly to all her orders…pata nahi madam ka mood kab kya ho!


By the time he reached her with breakfast, she had already closed her eyes and opened her mouth, ready to shout!

Before she could, he shouted, “CHUP…BILKUL CHUP!

umm..” a tiny squeak escaped her  wide open mouth and she looked at him opening one of her eyes!


He placed the food in front of her and sat beside, “ab chillana mat! Chup chap khao! Agar itni hi bhook lagti hain to itna saara pagalpan kyun karti ho? Why is everything so extreme for you han?

She made a sad face and looked away…probably he didn’t understand her..thats what she thought! He took a deep breath in. he shouldn’t have shouted!


Maan (sweetly): dekho shona…you do something like that… do you even know what happens to me? Mein kitan darr gaya tha pata hain!!!

His voice was so sincere, she couldn’t help looking at him!

Geet: umm…

Maan: chalo forget it…and eat fast before it gets cold!

She took a bite, “aap nahi khaoge?”

Maan: umm No..i haven’t taken a bath na..

Just then the doorbell rang! She was about to go when he pulled her to sit down!

Maan: tum baitho…I’m seeing!


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