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Brij?”, he wasn’t even listening to her.

Geet knew she was a bad liar when it came to Maan for he read her eyes like an open book. Still, she didn’t want any hassle. Her lips said no but her eyes betrayed! And Maan knew his jaan inside out. Before geet could even ask him stop, he had already stormed out of their room.

“Maan…please stop…”, she rushed behind him, calling him out.. she had been weak and couldn’t pace up to him, but nevertheless, she followed, frantic and scared.


Annie was in the room just beside theirs. Hearing geet’s voice, she rushed out and held her, “ohh god geet kya hua? You know you are not well…see you can’t even walk!”

Geet held Annie, “Annie please stop Maan… bahut gusse mein hain…”

“theek hain..pehle tum baitho…”

Geet held her hand, “no please…just stop Maan first.”

Everyone sat in the hall, rejoicing the good news that beautified this teej festival. It was almost dinner time and all the puja were done. Geet had been sleeping the whole time for she had been sick. Brij was talking to someone on phone while the ladies were spreading the table. Darji was working on some stuffs and everything seemed too peaceful until Maan’s voice shook the entire haveli!

“Brijjj…”, he marched with long strides, fuming within. His eyes were red in rage. He didn’t care where he was or who was he dealing with. All that mattered to him was the person standing right in front of him had dared to lay a finger on his pumpkin. In three years of their marriage, he never dared to even raise a voice at her, and someone hurting his beloved drove him crazy with anger.

He screamed for his attention again and everyone were scared to see Maan this angry. Papaji came rushing, “Maan bete…kya hua? Aap itne naraz kyun hain?”

{Maan bete..what happened? Why are you so upset?]

Maan shot him a glare and walked straight to Brij and waited for him to finish the call. Rano and others rushed out, getting worried that what had made their reverend son-in law this upset. Brij smiled seeing him and immediately kept the phone, “Arrey Maanji…kya baat ho gayi?”

[Maan ji, what has happened?]

He felt like punching this douche bag right now for he was acting as if nothing happened!!! Rano came running, worried what has upset her favourite son-in law, “Maan puttar ki hoya?”

He turned back to rano, “Am sorry Ma but koi meri jaan ko haath lagaye ye mujhe pasand nahi!”

[am sorry ma but i hate anyone who dares lay his finger on my jaan.]

He turned back to Brij and punch him hard on his face, making him tumble down. Brij was unprepared and this sudden blow made him fall, shocked and disoriented!

“Maan Puttar…kya kar rahe hain aap?“, Darji shouted.

[Maan puttar…what are you doing?]

He didn’t even listen. He bent down and picked brij up, who still hadn’t recovered from the blow he received, “tu janna chahta hain na meine tujhe kyun maara?”

[you want to know why I hit you?]

Brij was too shocked, “Maan…ye aap kya..”

But Maan didn’t let him speak. He pushed him away, “Ye ek aurat pe haath uthane ke liye…”
[this was for raising your hand on a woman..]

“Ye kya bakwaas hain?”, Brij fumed, “aap meri behen ke pati hain par iska koi matlab nahi ke aap jo chahe karein..”

[what is this nonsense? You are my sister’s husband but that doesn’t give you any right to do whatever you wish to..]

Maan could almost kill him there. the audacity of this man! He pulled him close by his collar and thrust another punch into his stomach, “ye..apni behen pe haath uthane ke liye…”

[this…was for raising your hand on your sister…]

Tayijji’s eyes watered as she rushed to Maan, “Maan ye aap kya kar rahe hain..chodiye usey…”

[Maan… what are you doing…please leave him..]

But Maan was in no mood to listen to anything. he prepared for another punch but this time Brij countered the attack, “aap jaante nahi aap kiske saath dushmani kar rahe hain Maan…”, he threatened,furious, ready to fight back.

[you don’t know who are you dealing with!]

“Jaanta hoon… I am dealing with a spineless bas***d jo apni mardangi dikhane ke liye aurton pe haath uthata hain…”

[I know… I am dealing with a spineless bas***d who, to satisfy his ego raises hands on women…]

Aap had paar kar rahe hain Maan… mein bhool jaunga ke aap mere behnoi hain..”, Brij screamed, unable to take that blow on his ego.

[You are crossing your limits Maan…I will forget that you are my brother-in law..]

“had tho tune paar ki hain saale…”,
Maan bit out.

And in no time, Brij was over Maan, revenging for his bruised ego. Maan felt a punch on his cheek but he wasn’t going to let go of this jerk. He held his hand, and pulled him into a lock, hurting him. he screamed and kicked Maan on his knee that had him disoriented and he freed himself. He turned back and was about to hit him but Maan was quick enough to table, and thrust a few more punches, making him bleed. Papaji and Darji tried to stop him but he was nowhere near stopping. He had been too damn angry to see his geet so scared and so much in pain. he never realized when Brij had fallen down and was bleeding from his nose and mouth yet he didn’t stop kicking.
Tayiji begged him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. Rano asked him too but Maan was not even in hs senses.

he heard that familiar plaintive cry of his pumpkin, who came rushing to him and held him away, “Maan..chodiye please…stop…”

“Geet…just stay away…”, he stopped for a moment and pushed her away to a safe distance, “I won’t spare him today!”

But geet hugged him sideways, “Maan please…”, she cried, “stop all this. He is injured please…”

He looked at her tear stricken face. he didn’t want her to cry when she should be squealing in happiness and ceased for a while. He felt sad for her that she had been through all this when he wasn’t with her.

“Please stop…”, she sobbed, “its enough! I can’t take this anymore!”

He could never deny her. he softened seeing her cry on her happiest moment. He pulled back and hugged her, placing a kiss on her forehead, “as you wish jaan…”
He held her close by her waist and walked back. Brij stood up, with the help of Papaji and Tayiji, wiping that blood off his nose, “ye aapne sahi nahi kiya Maan…”

[it wasn’t a good move Maan..]

Maan stopped on his tracks and looked at geet, who seemed to shaken up with everything. he gestured her to wait and walked back to Brij. Geet tried to hold him back but he didn’t stop.

He smirked as he went closer to brij and without a warning, punched him one last time making him fall back again!
“aur yeh…yeh meri Patni pe haah uthan ke liye…”

[and this… this is for hurting my wife]

And indeed it hurt like hell. Rano was so upset with all the drama unfolding but somewhere deep down she felt blessed that her daughter got such a husband who always stood by her side.

Maan went back to geet and hugged her. as he walked to their room, he just announced, “Hum yahan se jaa rahe hain… abhi isi waqt!”

[we are leaving… right now!]

Everyone was surprised to hear Maan make such an announcement. They knew Maan had a bad impression on them now and upsetting their son-in law was a sin, according to their beliefs and more than that they feared a bad reputation, in their own town as well as back in Maan’s family.

After almost half an hour, he walked out, calling the driver to take their luggage and holding Geet, who seemed too upset with the whole thing. Annie had never expected something like this to happen but she was glad that they were moving out. She felt sick learning of Brij and his stupid mindset. Everyone in the Handa clan rushed to them, trying to stop them from leaving.

Papaji bowed his head in shame, “Maan ji ruk jaiye..aap aaj hi tho aaye hain… ”

[Maanji please stay… you came just today]

Darji too came forward, “Maana humare bache se galti ho gayi.. par aap aise naraz hokar mat jaiye puttarji..”

[We agree our kid made a mistake.. but please don’t go being upset like this..]

He gestured Brij who came ahead and apologized too. But Maan would buy none of that. He was hell angry and would never bear his wife being insulted. Annie looked away as tayiji approached her, asking her to make her brother understand. In all this, the only woman who remained quiet was Rano for she knew it was better if geet was with Maan. She’d be safe there, both physically and mentally.

When Maan and Annie didn’t budge, Tayiji went to geet, “puttar… tum log itni raat kahan jaoge.. aur tu pet se hain.. teri tabiyat bhi theek nahin..aisi halat mein bahar jana theek nahi..tu hi maanji ko samjha…”

[puttar… where will you go at this time of the night? And you are pregnant too.. its not good to go out in this condition..please ask Maan to stay..]

But to her utter shock, all geet did was look away, holding Maan’s arm tighter, giving her answer.

Maan placed his hand over her hold and caressed it gently and looked back at tayiji, “I hope aapko apka jawab mil gaya… humari fikar karne ki koi zarurat nahi…”

[I hope you got your answer. No need to worry about us.]

As they headed out, Papaji tired to stop them but Maan just gave a cold look, “Jahan meri Geet ki izzat nahi… am sorry papaji par mein wahan nahi ruk sakta.”

[where there is no respect for my geet, am sorry papaji but i can’t stay there.]

He turned back one last time to look at the family members, realizing how shallow they had been, “Geet ki fikar karne ki koi zarurat nahi…”

[You all don’t have to worry about geet..]

And he walked her out. No explanations asked or made. They drove out, leaving the bitter things behind. The drive was silent. Annie sat in the front, leaving her bhai and bhabhi alone to rest and engaged herself on her cell phone, texting dadi of the good news that was coming home.

Maan sat with geet and she just leaned on his shoulder.

“are you okay jaan?”, he whispered, pulling her close in her arms.

“umm.. am just tired!”, she mumbled, “I want to sleep.”

He pressed a soft kiss on her head, “rest! We will be reaching the hotel in a few minutes, you will have your food and medicines and then sleep.”

She nodded and closed her eyes, feeling the peace after such a long time. She recalled the moment when he had whispered into her ears that they were going to become parents and this actually sunk into her completely right now. She had been too much disturbed to think in those terms. Now that things were calm, she had all the time to think about her baby!!

Oh My God! They were actually going to have a baby! She couldn’t even believe it… seemed like a dream. It felt like just yesterday when she had been thinking of carrying her and Maan’s baby and now that it was coming true, it felt so surreal! She was too lost in her thoughts, probably didn’t realize when they had reached the hotel and checked in or when  Annie came and Maan left!

“ohooo.. I see someone too much of a lost case!”, annie teased, sitting beside.
Geet snapped back to reality and smiled…actually smiled after ages, “no..i was just thinking…”

“..about the baby..right?”, annie cut in, making geet smile wider and nod.

“ohh geet…you don’t know how happy we are.. and trust me more than Bhai, its dadima who is jumping in joy. Can you believe, the moment i told her about this, she was off the bed and running all round?”

Annie spoke stuffs here and there making her laugh and she felt lighter at heart. A few moments later, Maan joined them, as the room service served them their dinner. They had their food amidst chatter and laughter and later annie excused herself to her room.
Geet cleaned up and went to change, while Maan called up Adi to make arrangements for the tickets. She came out, wearing her night suit and how wonderful it felt. She had stopped wearing those back home fearing tayiji’s taunts ut with Maan, she could just be herself.

She realized he was on call, booking for tickets and went closer, mouthing him to give her the phone. He wondered what she was upto, not getting anything. she rolled her eyes and snatched the phone from him.

“han..hello Adi… please book four tickets instead of three..”

Before Maan could even ask her anything, she already confirmed, “yes..right. do it. Don’t worry about your boss…just do it.”

Maan wondered what was going in her mind but nevertheless he gave in, without questioning and took the phone from her.

“han Adi… do as your Ma’am says..yeah fine!”

He kept the phone down and picked her up in his arms with one swift movement and carried her to the bed. She giggled while he laid her down gently and slept beside her, perching his head on his elbow, “whats going in that brain of yours?”

Geet smiled seeing his face..ohh how much she had missed him! but she needed to discuss Simmi with Maan. She knew he wouldn’t say no to her but she needed him to be aware.
“Maan… about the tickets… there is someone who needs our help. This ticket is for her…”

He leaned close to her and pressed a finger on her lips, “shh… i don’t want to know anything. I know you well pumpkin and I know there is something. but for tonight, can we speak about us?”

She felt so overwhelmed with his love…no questions asked… no answers sought and he was always by her side, as she had cited, not a step ahead, not astep behind. She raised her hands and cupped his face, “yes… Maan…its like a dream..”

He caressed her hurt cheek, “does it hurt? Its all my fault. I just shouldn’t have left you there alone!”

She held his hand that was on her cheek and brought to her lips, kissing it softly, “don’t say like this okay. I was alone thats why I fought my own battle… and You can never leave me alone, can you?”

She smiled naughtily and guided his hand and placed it on her stomach, “see.. I wasn’t alone!”

“ohh what do I do with you geet?”, he just dipped his face into her shoulders and hugged her tightly as his hand slowly trailed imaginary lines on her stomach, “I still can’t believe we are going to have a baby… “

A thin film of tear clouded her eyes, more out of happiness and gratefulness for this man in her arms and she softly caressed his back, “I love you so much Maan… and now I just want to go back home with you…our home!”

He broke the hug and kissed her… their breaths mingling unevenly, trying to be in sync with each other and the happiness brewing up inside their hearts.


Maan and Annie sat shell shocked hearing about Simmi as geet narrated the whole incident and why she booked an extra ticket. Annie was furious, “how can they even think like this? When we go to pick her up, just remind me to teach them a lesson!”

And in no time, they headed back to Simmi’s place and Maan just kept holding geet’s hand, feeling proud of her.

Geet got off the car, and went straight into the house, despite the protests by Simmi’s parents while Maan and Annie waited outside. A crowd had gathered to see Geet daring to reach Simmi.

After a few minutes, despite the old couple’s begging and crying, geet brought Simmi out and looked at her parents, “aaj se Simmi ki koi zimmedari aap par nahi hogi.”, and she just walked back proudly to Maan.

[after today, you don’t have to bear any responsibility for Simmi.]

Someone from the crowd shouted, “tu bahut galat kar rahi hain geet… apne bure saaye se ye tujhe bhi barbaad kar degi…”

[you are doing wrong geet..she will destroy you with her bad spirit.]

Geet was about to reply but Annie cut in, “thanks hume pehle se warn karne ke liye. Agli baar we will make sure that hum aap logon ke bure saaye se bache rahein.”

[thanks for warning us before hand. Next time, we will make sure we stay away from your bad spirit.]

“tum aaj kal ke bacche kuch nahi samajhte… wo baajh hain beta.. sab par bura asar hoga..”

[you young people don’t understand anything…she is unable to conceive.. she will be a bad omen for everyone]

“Tho aap logon ko usey doctor ke paas lekar jana tha… kya pata kharabi isme nahi iske pati mein ho..usko ghar se nahi nikalenge.. lekin Simmi ko zarur nikal denge…wow.. very nice.”. Annie taunted, making everyone gasp.

[Then you should have taken her to a doctor and who knows, problem is with her husband and not her.. you won’t throw him out of the house but you will throw Simmi out.]

Everyone watched them in shock, more at geet who hugged Simmi as she burst out crying, hearing all those taunts. She consoled her and made her sit in the car and turned to her parents, “log tho bahut kuch kahenge.. par aapse aisi ummeed nahi thi aunty ji..bachpan se jaanti hun aap logon ko…par khair koi na…Simmi yahan kabhi waapis nahi aayegi. Chalte hain hum.”

[people will say a lot of things but i didn’t expect this from you auntyji.. i have known you since childhood but… anyways Simmi isn’t coming back here anymore. We must leave now.]

Maan sat in the front, feeling so proud of his pumpkin. She was something! he smiled and put on his shades, as they drove out of HP, leaving the women to finish their talks.
Simmi cried all the way to Amritsar, telling geet and annie how grateful she was and blessed to have a friend like geet. She had lost hopes of seeing the light but everything seemed different now. Annie wiped her tears, “Now you don’t have to cry. Its over and dadima tumse milkar bahut khush hongi..”

Geet kept quiet and looked out of the window, feeling happy that she was back to where she belonged to, truly. Its sad that people still held such cheap mindset, needless to say even her family let her down. She was upset but not angry. They had been brought up that way and being confined in that place hadn’t brought any changes in them and sadly, they themselves don’t want to change.

“kya soch rahi ho?”, he whispered, pulling her close to him, while they walked into the airport.

She sighed, “umm.. nothing.”

He kissed her cheek, “I can’t wait to go back home..with you.”

She smiled and leaned on him as they walked, leaving Simmi and Annie giggling behind.

“Don’t worry Simmi… ye dono tho aise hi hain.. tum ignore karna seekh lo.”

[Don’t worry Simmi.. these two are like this only, you learn to ignore!]

Simmi had never laughed genuinely for a long time now but today she did. Her own family..her own town didn’t accept her but people who she didn’t know came to help her. she watched Maan and geet walk together… and felt happy. Strangely she never missed her husband…you need to have feelings for someone to miss them and she had none. She had left them long back, when he had abandoned her.


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“I love you Maan…”
she didn’t know why but she felt like confessing today. her heart had been so heavy and dadima’s ill health just scared her more to death.

“love you a lot pumpkin. Now sleep…good night.”

She kept the phone and tried to sleep but nights had been sleepless for her these days perhaps. And just like the previous nights, she just couldn’t sleep.


“Simmi..tu please khud ko sambhal. Mein tujhe yahan se le chalungi. Tujhe kuch nahi hoga!”

She didn’t know from where she got this courage but she found herself determined to help her friend. She was stronger than she had been, all thanks to the loving family she had back in Delhi. Had she been the geet that she was a few years back, she’d even not dare to open her mouth. But now, she knew what was wrong, was wrong and though she knew her family wouldn’t approve of it, she had to help her friend no matter what.  she quietly got back home, taking care she was well on time before anyone questioned her and found the house being decorated. She looked around carefully and saw rano coming to her, smiling.

“maa, ye sab kya ho raha hain?”

Rano gave her a basket full with some decoration stuffs, “bhool gayi geet… parson teej hain! aur ye sab usi ki taiyyari hain! chal ja, ye saman tayiji ko de aa!”

“ohh…theek hain!”, she nodded and walked slowly towards tayiji, who was busy cleaning the rooms. She didn’t even want to face her after her usual taunts but then she was one person who could never keep grudges against her loved ones.

Tayiji gave her a look while taking the stuffs from her, “itna ghumna phirna band kar aur ja apna kamra saaf kar!”

Geet just nodded quietly and was about to go when tayiji called her, “geet puttar…”

She turned back, hearing the gentleness in her voice, “ji tayiji?”

“umm..maanji kab waapis aa rahe hain? wo itne achanak aise chale gaye..mujhe chinta ho rahi hain..”

Geet was surprised to see that genuine concern and she felt happy that tayiji was not rude. Though she may sound like one, but she loved her deep down.

“ji..maan ko office se phone aya tha aur unhe urgently jana pada..”

Tayiji cupped her face, “dus din hone aaye hain geet aur maanji bhi nahi aaye tho mujhe fikar ho rahi thi..”

“nahi tayiji.. bas kaam khatam hote hi wo aa jayenge.”

“theek hain puttar… koi gal ni. Tu ja apna kaam kar!”

Geet smiled and left. She felt really glad that tayiji wasn’t being her usual self. She had always been like this. She was bitter mouthed but she never thought  ill of anyone.
It was late evening when she called Maan but he didn’t answer!  She called him a few minutes later but he just disconnected the call. She was worried now for Maan never did that. She thought he might be busy so she waited until dinner was over. She quickly went to her room and called him yet again. after a few missed calls, he finally answered but he was frantic.

She could hear voices…lots of noise from the other side, like some kind of altercation or anything for that matter that wasn’t pleasant at all.

Maan…aap theek hain? what is happening?”

She could hear his heavy breaths, “jaan..i will speak to you later alright. Am still at

She could feel that tension in his voice that worried her more, “Maan..kya baat hain? sab theek hain na?”

“bye geet..take care. Annie might visit you tomorrow.”

“Maan…”, she couldn’t even complete and the line had gone dead. She sighed and immediately called Annie, asking about dadima. This was one relief that Dadima was totally fine and she was back home.

“Annie is dadima around? Can I speak?”

“she is sleeping geet. Acha suno.. i will be going to your place may be tomorrow or day after..”

She was reminded of Maan and immediately asked her, “Annie, tell me honestly, what is going on there? I know there is something really serious and your brother is just not telling me anything!”

“umm..err geet, you know there is some legal issue going on right so the media kind of got the wind of it and now they are haunting bhai like hell!”

“am worried… i want to go back to Delhi right now!”

“don’t worry geet, I am anyways going to bring you back with me.”

Geet smiled, “yeah.. come soon. But if you come, how will dadima manage? She isn’t well na..”

“umm..tum fikar mat karo. Bua ji aayi hain. she said she will take care!”

“hmm..come soon okay. I really can’t be in peace!”

“calm down babes…Am coming soon. And Just don’t worry about bhai.. he is totally cool.”

It took a bit persuasion from Annie to calm geet down but she wouldn’t rest until she was back home and seen everyone fine with her own eyes.

The next morning, geet found everyone busy preparing for teej. It was her first festival at home so things were a bit more grand than usual. Geet kept herself busy with the preparations until she saw Brij go out for getting stuffs. She was quick on her toes because she knew this was one moment where she could help her friend. She quickly asked rajji to make an excuse for her and rushed out of the house.

It was bright afternoon and she just ran out to Simmi’s. Her parents were shocked to see geet back again. they tried to stop her, fearing the society which considered their daughter as a bad omen, but geet was adamant.

Once Simmi’s parents were away, she quickly locked the door behind her and rushed to simmi, “sun, kal teej hain aur tu taiyyar rehna. Mein kal sham ko Delhi jaa rahi hoon..aur tu mere saath chalegi!”

Initially simmi was shocked to death, sceptical about their escapade but geet was determined, “par sab…kyun?”

shh.. kal teej hain aur sab busy honge. Kisi ko pata nahi chalega!”

“par ye sab tu kyun kar rahi hain geet? Tujhe pata hain agar kisi ko pata chal gaya kit u mujhse milti hain tho sab kya kahenge?”,
Simmi had tears in her eyes, overwhelmed with the effort geet was putting in.

Geet wiped her tears, “kyunki tu meri dost hain aur sahi aur galat ki pehchaan hain mujhe!”

Simmi hugged her and cried and geet could just say nothing because all simmi had in her heart was pain and only pain. at least she was letting it out.

She took her leave and slowly walked out  of the door, being careful that none saw her.  she sighed looking around and stepped out but froze right on her steps, meeting those red, furious eyes that held terror and pure terror in them.

Brij was returning home and whilst his jeep made through the narrow lane, his eyes fell on geet who was stepping out of that woman’s house. He halted the car and glared at her. how dare she!!!

Geet was rooted at her spot, fear engulfing her as to what would happen to her in the next minute. Brij was heartless and she knew what he was capable of.

“Gaadi mein baith!”, he thundered, grabbing attention of the people around, who also seemed too stunned to see someone at Simmi’s house!

“GEETT… gadi mein baith!”
, he screamed, making her jump. And when she just couldn’t move, he held her hand and dragged her to the jeep.

“ahh..veerji…“, she could merely squeak out. She was scared now, knowing how cold her brother was.

Brij didn’t say anything. he just made her sit in the jeep and drove madly towards Handa haveli.

The house was bustling with all the preparations. Darji was watching news on TV while the women chatted and a few neighbours were home too, for the teej preparation.
The moment geet got down, Brij dragged her in, holding her hand so tight that it pained her. her eyes watered, “Veerji…please chodiye…”

It hurt so bad that she jerked her hand off, enraging her more. Brij looked at her with utmost hatred and grabbed her hair and dragged her in, “bahut par nikal aaye hain tere. Abhi batata hoon…”

She cried in pain, as he dragged her inside, shocking everyone out there. Rano came running, “brij kya kar rhe ho? Chodo usey…”

He shot a stern look to geet and pushed her away. She was about to fall but her papaji held her, “geet beta…kya baat ho gayi?”

Before anyone could say anything, Brij thundered, “usey kya pooch rahe ho chachaji… mujhse pooch..kahan dekha tha meine ussey!!”

Darji came to them, glaring at geet, “kya kiya isne ab?”

“Darji.. ye itne din se humse chup chup ke uss Simmi se mil rahi thi. Wo tho acha hain aaj meine issey dekh liya…”

Everyone gasped, murmuring stuffs about geet and simmi. No one ever dared to even go near her, let alone talk to her. Papaji was shocked but he cupped geet’s face, “puttar…kya ye sach hain?”

Geet look down, not saying anything.

“Bol geet..kya ye sach hain?”, Rano asked her.

Geet sighed and nodded in affirmative, angering everyone.

Tayiji burst out, “dekh liya beti ko itni choot dene ka anjaam?”, she rushed to geet and push her away, “kyun re… teri shadi itne bade ghar me karwayi tho iska matlab tu kuch bhi karegi! Mana kiya tha na tujhe..?”

han geet…kyun gayi thi wahan? Humne samjhaya tha tujhe..phir bhi?”, Rano questioned, scared of her daughter’s future now.

Geet kept mum while Tayiji spoke whatever came to her mind, “…uss banjh ke ghar jakar tune tho humari naak kaat di..sharam nahi aayi tujhe?”

This irked geet. She had been quiet knowing fighting with these people was useless but then demeaning a woman to this extent, made her patience break. She glared back at Tayiji, “Baanjh nahi hain wo…”, she screamed, “Nahi hain wo koi buara Saya… aap sabne mil kar ussey baanjh bana diya hain”

Tayiji was enraged by her audacity to talk back and turned to rano, “dekh le rano apni beti ko… apne ghar ki izzat ki koi parwah nahi hain issey..”

“ye galat hain geet..tu ussey nahi mil sakti..”

“Kyun nahi mil sakti?”,
geet blasted, “kya kharabi hain usme? Baccha nahi ho raha tho ghar se nikal denge? Kabhi socha hain uspe kya beeti hogi? Shaadi koi khel hain kya? Uske pati ne usey chod diya tho kyaa aap log bhi uske saath aisa suluk karenge?”

“ehh lo.. shaadi ki baat two keh rahi hain jisko uske pati ne uski shaadi ki raat ko bina dekhe chod kar chala gaya?”, Tayiji tainted, making geet go numb!

Rano didn’t want this to come out like this. She didn’t even know when Tayiji had got to know this but Darji was more shocked, “kya?”

“han bauji”
, tayiji commented, “apni geet bhi kaunsi doodh ki dhuli hain? Yaad hain shaadi ki raat maanji chale gaye they kisi kaam se? Wo issey yahan chod kar gaye the… aur ab jab ye waapis aayi hain, ab bhi issey chod kar chae gaye hain…”

“tayiji ye kya keh rahi hain aap?”,
geet was stunned as tears rolled down her eyes.

“sahi tho keh rahi hoon… ek waaris tho aaj tak unhe de nahi paayi…tho tujhe bhi yahin chod kar chale gaye…warna koi apni biwi ko aise maike me chod kar kyun chala jata?”

“tayiji bas… ek aur shabd nahi! Aap hoti kaun hain mere aur Maan ke bare mein kuch kehne wali? Kuch jaanti bhi hain mere aur Maan ke bare mein?“, geet had hot tears rolling down her face, unable to hold that hurt and anger at the same time.

“mujhe kyun chup kara rahi hain geet? Khud se ppooch…shaadi ke teen saal poore hone aaye hain..tu bhi Simmi ki tarah hain…Maan se pooch kyun nahi aaye tujhe lene?”

“bas!!!”, darji thundered, “geet ko yahan se lekar jao…”, there was enough drama for now. Everyone was in a festive mood and he really didn’t want people to gossip, “aur geet koi koi bahar nahi jaane dega!”

Geet stood defiantly while rano tried to make her understand, “Geet.. tu Simmi se aur nahi milegi bas!”

Geet pushed her away, “Mein jaungi ussey milne… woe k insaan hain..koi janwar nahi!”

Brij shouted, “bahut badtameez ho gayi hain tu…bhool mat tu hoshiyarpur mein hain…

Jo galat hain.. wo galat hain veerji.. aur mein Simmi ke saath aisa nahi hone dungi..”

And the next moment, she felt her head spinning and she stumbled back, falling on the ground. Her cheek burned with the stinging sensation and she felt her face going numb with the intensity of the slap.  She couldn’t even move for a while but the incident just shook her. rano quickly walked geet to her room and made her sit on the bed, “ye kya ho gaya hain tujhe geet? Kyun aisa kar rahi hain? sab tho tere bhale ke liye hi keh rahe hain na..”

Geet just didn’t reply. Tayiji’s words rang in her mind..maan left her because she couldn’t bear him a child! Maan would kill to get her, she knew him that well, but tayiji’s words hurt her deep within. When rano was gone, she somehow walked towards the washroom and checked herself. her cheek had turned completely red and it was bleeding too.she tried to touch it, but it hurt so much. She just washed herself and went to sleep but she couldn’t. She missed Maan. She wished he were back soon. Tayiji’s words just didn’t leave her mind. She trusted Maan but she was hurt deep down. Tears rolled down as she cried her heart out. She was back home after so long and it just didn’t seem that people were happy to see her back!

The next morning, rano woke her up early around 4am for the teej festival and gave her the shagun and stuffs. She hadn’t slept the whole night and it was just when the clock had struck 3, she had finally closed her eyes. She felt feverish, dizzy and weak. Rano asked her to get ready and come to the living room for mehendi. Geet just kept quiet and did as instructed.

She sat quietly as the ladies applied mehendi on her hands, teasing and also gossiping about what had happened the previous evening. But geet was far from all that. She felt her heart sink with whatever was happening. Tayiji didn’t even look at her and she couldn’t bother about it. she just did things mechanically as rano told her about the fast and stuffs.

Handa Haveli was full with people and geet just kept to herself. She was carrying some stuffs across the hall when rajji screamed, “geet didi… dekho jiju tv par hain… ”

Everyone gathered around and rajji pulled geet near the tv as well. There was some interview of his, regarding the legal problem that he had been dealing with. Geet just heard nothing. She just stared at him lovingly. Its been long she hadn’t even spoken to him. even with those shades on, she could sense he was tensed and tired. She so wanted to run and hug him till her hearts content. Her own house now seemed to suffocate her.

She was about to leave post his interview when there were pictures of him with a girl, claiming to have filed the case and the news reporter talked of how they had been caught in a hotel, late night. There were images of him escorting the lady out of the hotel in the morning and talks dominated the headlines. Geet was shocked at first but what killed her was tayiji and others looking at her accusingly. Papaji immediately turned off the TV and asked everyone to leave.

Geet couldn’t understand what was going on. Maan being with a girl, the problems he’d been facing, dadima’s ill health, just nothing made sense. Everyone stared at her like she was the main culprit.

“Dekh liya…isi wajah se Maan ne tujhe yahan chod diya..samajh ja geet aur tu humse zaban lada rahi thi..”

Geet felt the pinch in her heart. she didn’t know who taunted but her heart sunk with that comment. She felt dizzy and nauseated. She hadn’t eaten last night and she was to fast the whole day for teej. She knew Maan and she knew media well. She just walked slowly back to her room when she heard a familiar voice, “Geettt…”

She looked towards the door and saw a beaming annie, rushing to hug her. geet couldn’t see her clearly with tears clouding her eyes but she was glad annie was here.
“ohh I missed you so much. Told you I’d come right…”, annie ran and hugged her tightly. Geet felt that warmth in Annie that she had missed despite being home. Geet hugged her tightly and finally took a deep breath in.

Annie pulled back, holding her shoulders, “Ab bhai nahi aa sake tho unhone mujhe bhej diya tumhare liye…”

And the next moment geet fell limp in her arms, scaring the life out of her, “Geet…oh my god…geet kya hua??”

But geet didn’t respond. She wanted rest…she wanted to go away from everything and this darkness that she was in right now was the best place.  She was tired and she wanted to go back home.

She didn’t realize how long she had slept or where she was but she felt nice. Not dizzy not suffocated…in fact she felt peaceful and warm and happy. She stirred a bit and felt the warm embrace of someone around her. she slowly tried to open her eyes, adjusting to the light when a hazy but a familiar image greeted her. she blinked a couple of times and this time she saw him, close to her, holding her in his arms. Unsure, she looked around and found herself in her room, still in HP.

“ma…an…”, she could just barely speak.

He just pulled her up close in his arms and hugged her, “thank god you are fine! What have you done to yourself geet?”

She felt nice… warm, in fact happy in his arms, safe after a long time. Tears clouded in her eyes, “I missed you so much Maan…”

“you scared me…”,
he place a kiss on her temple.

“but how come you are here…all of a sudden?”,
she asked, not even parting away.

“Annie called me up, said you fainted and ran high fever… and here I am..”

but Maan… what about your work?”

“you are more important to me right now…”, he leaned closer to her and whispered in her ears, “and guess what?”

, she spoke faintly.

He smiled, “we are going to be parents…”

The look he saw on her face was worth the happiness he had received when he had gotten here. From shock to surprise to amazement to happiness…her tears said it all. she had been so low all these days and suddenly learning of her pregnancy and seeing Maan back, she just couldn’t hold it back. She hugged him tightly and cried her heart out.

He hadn’t expected to hear such a good news when he had headed back to HP. All he wished was his pumpkin was fine. Annie’s call had really scared him when she had cited that geet ran high fever as well. But when the doctor confirmed the news, he just couldn’t have waited for his darling pumpkin to just wake up. He pulled her up in his arms and caressed her back, “shh… its okay pumpkin.. am back to you.”

“Maan.. I want to go back.. please..”

“Umm I know.. but you are not well na…”

“Maan please…”

He cupped her cheeks to tell her how much he wanted her back with him but she winced in pain, the moment he did so.

His ears shot up as he tried to hold her again and she winced. Worried, he pulled her close and checked her cheeks and was shocked to see it totally red, with a bit of clotted blood here and there. it didn’t even take him long to understand what could have happened.

“Geet…who did this?”,
he breathed in sharply, making geet gulp hard.

“Tell me geet…ye kaise hua?”, his warm breath fell on her, telling her how angry he was.

nahi…wo Maan kuch nahi… I just fell and there were pebbles…“, she tried not to worsen the situation. Right now, she needed none but Maan to be with her. they were going to be parents and she needed nothing else to worry them.

“you think me a fool?”,
he thundered. How dare anyone lay a finger on his pumpkin?
“was it papaji??”, he screamed, scaring her. he was angry and she knew how violent his anger was. He never got angry and when he did there would be no stopping!

“nahi Maan..please calm down…”

“Was it darji?”,he asked seething.

“no Maan… aapplease gussa mat kijiye…”

“Brij?”, he wasn’t even listening to her.

Geet knew she was a bad liar when it came to Maan for he read her eyes like an open book. Still, she didn’t want any hassle. Her lips said no but her eyes betrayed! And Maan knew his jaan inside out. Before geet could even ask him stop, he had already stormed out of their room.

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