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she called maan once again with tearful eyes…and this time, he disconnected the call!! That was the end of her patience..she threw away her phone angrily and fell on the bed, crying! why was he out of all people avoiding her? she cried not because she was upset..she cried for an unknown reason that brewed up in her heart…like a certain helplessness she had felt long ago…too helpless and too pitiable!! She cried for something painful..something similar she had felt before..sometime in the past but she couldn’t remember a thing! And she cried until she fell asleep!!!

She felt her eyes burn as she opened them hearing her phone ring. She was still so very upset… just the thought that maan was not talking to her made so restless and so helpless. She didn’t know how long she had slept but the sky had turned brighter..may be it was afternoon. She was so badly expecting it to be maan but her heart sunk when it flashes Sasha instead of maan, asking her if she had been doing well.


Geet had no mood to even ask her anything at all. Everyone seemed to avoid her all of a sudden and even maan! She just answered in monosyllables and disconnected it.she went down the stairs, not wanting to eat anything and opened her laptop that maan had gifted her. she had a few songs lined up. She had learned how to operate the basic apps. She put on her headphones and closed her eyes, listening to songs..lined up. One song played after the other..and another and another one…but there was one song that caught her attention.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance


She twitched her brows…she had heard this somewhere before… she didn’t know why but it felt so familiar…like there was some connection to it..something deep. She didn’t open her eyes but she felt quite restless… as she twisted herself when something just flashed in front of her eyes… a girl hugging someone…they were probably in a car..their faces were hazy..everything was blurred but they seemed to be very close to each other.. and the same tune played in the background. It just happened in trifle and it was all gone. She snapped open her eyes and immediately paused the song!! What did she see? Could that girl be her? she didn’t know what it was..but it definitely bewildered her..the girl was in a car, with a guy..holding him close…she stared at the screen blankly not able to get anything. Her heart was beating so fast.. what did she actually see? She was anyways disturbed by the events of the day…she didn’t want to think more about it. she shut down the laptop and fell on the couch, staring at the ceiling blankly.


Maan had been too busy with his work and handling media and the questions they threw about her. he was trying so hard to pacify the media but then seemed adamant. And in all this, her continuous calls had made him so restless.  He so wanted to speak to her but he knew this was not the right time…with him being this busy and then the media stalking him! he had no choice but  to disconnect her calls until she gave up. He knew she must be so upset but then he couldn’t have helped.


It was evening and she was lifeless! She was just lying on her bed, lost somewhere she knew not of! She didn’t even bother to even check when the door clicked open. She heard Sasha and raj downstairs, talking about some issues. She just turned away and closed her eyes, not wanting to hear or see anyone. She did not even wake up when Ana or Sasha called her for dinner. She just pretended to sleep…she was mad at them but she was more upset to do anything. Ana was surprised when Geet chose to sleep in her room, instead of her. she knew Geet was disturbed but then no one wanted to scare her as well.


It was well past midnight when her phone buzzed. She anyhow hadn’t been able to sleep. She was in no mood to listen to anyone. But then, the name maan flashing on her screen almost made her heart cry to go to him. she immediately took the call and cried, “maan…”

He closed his eyes, hearing her trembling voice. He knew she must be feeling so left out and restless, given her state of mind. but somehow he had understood that understanding this Geet was easier than understand the Geet handa he had known earlier. this Geet was not as complicated as her..but even in that, he loved her, insanely.

“maan…where are you? They are not letting me go out… and you didn’t even come today…”, she cried.

“jaan…shh…rona nahi… please..”

[jaan..don’t cry..please…]

“I want to see you..”

He closed his eyes knowing it was dangerous right now. he tried to divert her mind, “Geet..listen to me carefully…”

“no.. mujhe aapse milna hain abhi..bas…”, she was in tears already.

[no…i was to see you now…]

“I can’t come now jaan…its late..please..listen to me..”

“nahi..mujhe milna hain abhi…isi waqt…”, she cried.

[no I want to see you now itself…]

“but I can’t baby…”, he tried to let her know her helplessness.

No sooner had he said that, he heard her cry and disconnect the call. He cursed himself..she was anyways upset and he just couldn’t make her cry now!!!


“maan…what did you do?”, he chided himself. No ways he could have seen her so upset!! He brushed his fingers through his hair and called her back. To his utter dismay, she disconnected the call.

“ohh great! You reap what you sow buddy..”, maan cursed himself. He was the one disconnecting her calls the whole day and now when she did, it hit the right spot. He called her again and she disconnected it yet again. she was dying to speak to him but then him not coming to her made her so mad. She fell on the bed and sobbed! He was not coming..she hated the whole feel and worst of all he stopped calling after that!!! she checked her phone, still sobbing but there was no call from him anymore. Great…he doesn’t like to speak to her now just because she got mad at him!! she cried more, hiding her face in the pillow. He knew well she couldn’t live a day without speaking to him, then why was he playing with her like this?


The entire room fell silent while she sobbed, feeling so heart broken that he wasn’t even trying to speak. Almost after 15 -20 minutes, her phone buzzed yet again. she lifted her face, eyes red with tears and her hair all ruffled! She looked at her phone and tears rolled out…it was maan! She didn’t waste a time and immediately took the call, unable to keep herself away from him. by this time she knew, he meant more than anything o her now..may be it was her past connections with him that she was feeling so…but she knew he was the sole reason to brighten her day.

“he…hello…”, she choked while speaking.

“jaan…please am sorry… don’t cry na…”, he pleaded. He knew how restless his heart was to see her!

“tho phir aap mujhse milne kyun nahi aate?”

[then why don’t you come to meet me?]

“I am here darling…just for you…”

Her eyes widened in surprise…he was here??

“here?.. where? Wait let me open the door…”, her voice was suddenly so full of excitement but she still choked with emotions.

“shhh..jaan..listen…listen to me..don’t open the door…”

She stopped her running around the room, hearing him, “what? Then how will I meet you?”

“just come to your balcony…am standing right in front of your house!”

She frantically rushed to her balcony, pushed away the curtains and opened the door and rushed out. She looked here and there and her eyes fell on him…standing right in front of the main gate, near his car, holding the phone to his ears. ohh god… she was too over whelmed to say anything. She just watched him smile at her for a while when his voice broke her trance, “kya hua? Mujhe nahi pata tha tum mujhe itna miss karogi..hmm jaan…”

[what happened? I never thought you’d miss me so much..hmm jaan..]

She didn’t say anything and he realized she was still emotional..or may be mad at him! she didn’t even reply to his naughty question.

“why can’t I go to you?”, she spoke after a long pause and watched his expression turn serious.

“jaan..listen to me very carefully…don’t go out for some time now…no dance classes.. no doctor..nothing.. “

“but why? Sasha even locked me up in the house and asked me not to even see you…”, she clutched her dress tightly, “and..and you didn’t even take my call today…”

“I know and am sorry for that baby… but see theres a small problem na… and I want you all safe hmm!”

“umm…”, she nodded in agreement.

“and I wont be seeing you for a while now… not even speak to you over phone…”

And thats exactly what she hated, “no…i can’t do that! we can speak on phone no…”, she pleaded.

“please Geet… its for your own good… you trust me na?”, he looked up at her…directly into her eyes. She was in her pjs and she just stood still, watching him intently.

“Geet…you trust me right?”

“yes I do…”

“then please… let me go. I promise to be back once things are will be quick…and follow whatever Sasha tells you…don’t step out until I tell you to  okay?”

“umm…i will… please be back soon..”

He smiled, “yes I will sleep. I must leave…its late..”

“no..i want to speak more…”

He sighed…he didn’t want to let go of her either. But he had to be careful now. he got into his car as he spoke, “okay fine.. now sleep..i will be on line…”


He put on his Bluetooth as he drove out, speaking to her in between about what she did and what not while she lied on her bed, keeping the phone near her ears, listening to him, speaking to him in between. She knew she won’t be even hearing for the next few days. She braced herself up… as she listened to him, talking about office and in between speaking to someone else putting her on mute.

He opened the door of his room and realized she had fallen asleep. Her soft breaths echoed in his ears that almost made him smile. he recalled the times he’d just wake up in the middle of the night only to see her sleeping, post their passionate night.

“good night…”, he whispered and disconnected the call. As much as he hated to admit, he was again being pulled to this side of her more strongly than ever before.


It was surprising for everyone the next day that Geet didn’t ask anyone about anything. She kept to herself and did whatever was told. Ana was a little upset that she wouldn’t be seeing maan for a while now… but she never realized the burning sensation she had within. It was evening when her friends came to pay her a visit. College was over earlier, and they wanted to go out. They paid Ana a surprise visit.

“hey Ana..get ready..we will go bowling and then dinner…”

Ana was surprised too. But she didn’t want to go leaving Geet alone. Sasha was out for work and she’d be late. She declined the offer but her friends insisted.

“no guys… I have to be with my sister…”

The guys laughed, “come on Ana.. she is old enough to take care of herself..isn’ t she? You keep on missing things just because of your sister… “

“and I guess you will lose your love too if you be this nice to people…”

“guys stop it…”, Ana didn’t want to discuss all that now.

“then come with us…”

After a lot of persuasion Ana sighed in defeat, “ok fine..let me ask di… but we will be back early okay…”

“ya hurry up will ya…”

Ana rushed up the stairs and checked on Geet. she was reading one of her elementary poetry books.

“dii… I have got friends.. they want me to go out with them.. will you be fine?”

Geet was quite happy..this was the first time Ana’s friends were here at home.

“yeah sure..why not…go and have fun Ana…”

Ana smiled, “come on I will introduce them to you…”

Ana took Geet to the living area where friends sat, “di..this is Jason, Tina, Mia, Andy and jessy…”

Geet smiled at all of them, hello…”

Ana smiled..actually felt happy to see Geet getting along, “you guys sit while I change and come…”


Geet sat quietly, in front them, not knowing what to speak becaus ehs ehad no idea wht they were doing or how they were doing. Jason looked at Geet and them winked at his friends, “so Geet… hows it with your health? All fine?”

“ya..we heard you can’t even walk properly…”, another girl asked and hi fived her friend.

Geet was about to answer when another girl spoke up, “hope you are now at least able to read and write..”

Poor Geet was totally unaware of what they were hinting at, “no.. I am better now…”

“yeah right…ana was saying you are not even able to read the time.. can u tell us whats the time now?”, a girl mocked her.

Geet gulped hard…probably she shouldn’t have been here. She looked at the watch and then at them. she still had problems in reading roman numbers and the looks on their faces scared her all the more.

“come on Geet… tell us…” and they laughed.

She felt the corners of her eyes burn. They were laughing at her… she felt so embarrassed.

“ahh..i..i will go see Ana…”, she tried to excuse herself when another guy commented, “how pathetic! Gosh she is so dumb! I wonder how Ana bears with her… “

“ya…if she were my sister, I would have been embarrassed to death…”

Geet held back her tears as she saw Ana coming towards them with a smile. they became quiet when they saw Ana and walked out to their cars. Geet bit her lips to hold back her tears and that lump in her throat that hurt her.

“di.. call me if you have any problem..bye..”


The moment Ana left, Geet locked the door and rushed to her room. She was so hurt… how could they say like that? she was embarrassing?? Tears roled out of her eyes…she felt so humiliated that she burst out crying with no one around. She was pathetic… that hit her real hard. With her mental state, things affected her quickly. She felt so lost… was she really an embarrassment? They were true too..she couldn;t write properly…she couldn;t read well..she could even walk properly.. and for the first time it hit her that she was not normal. For the first time she felt that she was no okay..she was suffering from a disease.. some problems…she had some weaknesses.

The whole evening she was lost in the pool of hurt and humiliation. She wiped her tears as Sasha came back. She was too tired to speak anything to Geet. she just served her dinner and retired to bed which hurt Geet all the more. Maan had even asked her not to call him. was there really a problem or they were embarrassed to have her around?

She so wanted to speak to maan but then he might not take her call let her drop the idea. She had no idea what all they might be thinking about her. come to think of it, they never allowed her to go anywhere alone or even let her meet anyone.


Ana was having lots of fun when her friends asked about maan. She told them clearly that she didn’t want to speak about maan and Geet at all but then that happens with friends. they nudged her to speak out..whether she liked her sister going out with him.

“Ana don’t be dumb… your sister is not as good as you right.. tell him about your feelings. I mean you don’t even know if she is even going to be alright or not…its your chance baby…”

Ana didn’t want to get into all this…she was happy with however things were but then she never knew when their words affected her… or when jealousy knocked her heart and she let it in. She didn’t want to think on those lines but then she couldn’t stop. Geet had always got the best things in life… she was the most sought after child in the family.. she was the heir to every thing… she was the apple of everyone’s eyes and now maan… he saw nothing beyond Geet and only Geet!!!


Geet was lying on the bed when Ana came in. Looking very tired and lost. She had spent the better part of the evening, least she could speak to Ana about it. she watched Ana carefully..she seemed irritated about something. she just threw away her accessories angrily.

“Ana… are you okay?”

She didn’t reply. She kept on keeping her stuffs here and there. Geet wanted to tell her about her friends but then stopped seeing her so disturbed. She held her shoulders and ade her look at her, “Ana what happened?”

“nothing just tired..”

She wanted to leave and not face Geet…not at least now. but Geet was worried. First Sasha and then Ana…her fears reached a new level.

“Ana …listen to me na please…are you alright? Did you speak to maan today?”

His name on her lips was something that hit Ana. She hated herself to have been thinking something as stupid as that but then s many things were going on in her mind. she couldn’t stop feeling sad about her own self.


“di stop it… I said I don’t want to speak to you now… can’t you leave me alone for a while?”, Ana screamed and rushed to the washroom.

Geet stood aghast… Ana too? She didn’t want to speak to her as well? why? Was she that pathetic? No one wanted to speak to her any more it seemed. She was indeed embarrassing!! She hung her head and went back to her room.


Meanwhile, Ana cursed herself standing under the shower to have spoken to Geet this rudely. She  even slapped herself for thinking bullshit about maan and Geet but there are things that happen beyond your will. Her heart couldn’t stop but drift towards maan and she knew it was impossible. Maan loved Geet a lot but then one tiny hope was still somewhere within that he could be hers. She went to apologize to Geet but found her asleep. She sighed and went back.

Things turned worse for Geet when she was left all alone in the house. she didn’t speak much to Ana after that and Sasha was keeping too busy. It seemed as if no one had time to speak to her anymore. Even maan was away. She called him in between but he didn’t take the call neither did he call her back! So many thoughts crossed her mind…she was indeed a shame to all. That’s why no one was ready to be with her in front of the public. Even in her ice cream trips, maan made sure she was inside the car all the while so that no one saw her. the more she thought about it, the more she felt lonely and hurt. Ana’s friends were probably right! it scared her more that she doesn’t remember a thing and maan would also hate her!!


It was a bright day and how she wished she could at least see maan. Things were getting difficult for her. she curled up in one corner, lost in her thoughts when she heard the doorbell ring. She was broken from her reverie with the bell ringing continuously. She looked was afternoon perhaps. Sasha and Ana never came this early. Could it be maan? Her heart fluttered but then how could he be here when he himself wanted to be far from her. she was scared…she was not supposed to open the door. She slowly went closer and spoke out loud, “who’s there?”

There was a complete silence for a while that scared Geet even more. She looked here and there and tried again, “whos it?”

“Hello ma’am..its me Nishant and I have something important to speak to you..”

Nishant had been following maan for wuite some time and he was very sure this was the house. he had seen maan’s car in the middle of night in front of this house with him talking to someone over the phone.

“am sorry…i don’t know you. I cannot open the door..”, Geet replied.

“ma’am please… its important..”, nishant tried again, curious to know who could that be on the other side. His sharp mind was already thinking of ways to make the lady open the door.

“am sorry…i am told not to…”

A few seconds of deep thinking and nishant laid his trap, “ma’am… maan sir has sent me to talk to you.. he said its important please…”

Her heart skipped beats! Maan sent him?? there was no way he’d send people without any reason…like he had sent adi. Her innocent mind didn’t think anything beyond maan and she opened the door immediately, shocking nishant to hell!!!

Geet Handa was alive??? Oh My God… this was something too big of a news. It took him some time to get into his senses. He immediately composed himself and looked at her carefully…she was the Geet handa and there was no denying. This news would be worth broadcasting. He’d get a very good footage for exposing the truth behind the dead Geet handa. He was indeed amazed to know how cleverly everything had been set to make it look as if Geet was dead.


“maan sent you?”, her excited voice seemed to break his reveire. He calmed his nerves and smiled, “yes ma’am… I’d like to take you to him.. could you please…”

He tried to be careful because the world knew what Geet handa was! One mistake and she’d not even think twice before chopping his head off! But he was surprised when she smiled ever so sweetly, “ahh.. ya sure..can you give me a minute…”

“ya sure… why not..”

Excited, Geet rushed to her room. Wow..maan was calling her…she was too excited. He was still with her… it soothed her hurt heart. she wore her jeans and fought with herself over which color shirt to wear to look beautiful in front of her. after a cute little fight, she settled for a beautiful red top and then decided to change into skirt. She hit her head and giggled at her own excitement. She changed into a white skirt, reaching just below her knees. She tucked her phone in her small bag and rushed out, leaving a note for Sasha behind!!!


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How Ana just wished to watch them like that forever and ever!! They looked so cute together!! Sasha and raj left for office while maan came to the breakfast table with a plate of hot pancakes!!

Ana looked at him naughtily, “woah..The MSK cooking for us? How come we got so lucky??”

Maan smiled and ruffled her hair, “it happens once in a life time darling..”, and he just laughed it off.

Ana was so awestruck with him..he was indeed charming and chivalric and who knew she might just lose her heart to him!!!


So many nights passed since then… and so many things happened! One restless soul always slept in the anticipation of meeting him the next day while the other soul slept only to dream of him. It was probably around a month or so… and things were surely changing faster. Maan seemed to spend every little time he got with Geet…who was more than happy to have him with her. Sasha was happy to se changes in maan and Geet’s relationship while her own relation seemed to make her life brighter.

Ana turned in her bed, changing sides when her eyes fell on Geet, sleeping beside her, with a sweet smile adoring her lips. Ana smiled..she had been so happy for her sister…but then her own feelings had been quite tumultuous all this while. she stated at a smiling Geet and recalled the evening which had made Geet so happy.


Maan had come wearing his suit…looking absolutely dashing. Geet was so happy to see him at her place. Upon asking, he informed that he’d be leaving for a party..geet just couldn’t have stopped staring at him.. and Ana.. uff her heart  couldn’t have been happier! She never interacted too directly..but then she had become good friends with maan and raj over the month. It had actually become a ritual for maan to drop Geet at her dance class and Ana at her college. She had been just too addicted to this daily routine.. so many things seemed to have been forgotten.

Ana smiled, thinking of maan… he was indeed a charmer! She looked at the ceiling…trying to sleep…so that she could wake up to see his face in the morning. It didn’t matter if he came to see Geet only… it didn’t matter he never thought differently about her but then she was happy that he could make it every day! That seemed enough.


For Geet, things were completely different. her day started with maan…her day ended with him. either he was in his office or he was with her. he seemed to have made his space in her life. he had taken her out for a walk or even an ice cream countless number of times… and it felt special because it was all for her…only her! she had never in her life felt so happy..and somewhere in this, her quest for their story’ seemed to have been lost somewhere for she was living in a dream world right now. his care, his love…his smile..everything seemed to affect her and she could do nothing but get into the flow, forgetting everything else.


The next morning, Geet was getting ready when the doorbell rang. A smile crept on her lips… it must be maan! It was time already. She quickly pulled on her jacket combed her hair while Ana rushed to open the door. And there he stood…the man who had taken away her sleep… clad in formals, with his utterly sexy smile adoring his lips.

“good morning…”, he greeted her so sweetly.

Ana eyed him naughtily, “how come you are here so early? Didn’t sleep last night or what?”

Maan fake a cry, “what can I do when you two girls eat my head off the whole day…”

He ruffled her hair lovingly and walked in! This was what Ana and maan shared now! they would taunt each other for stupidest of things and then laugh it off. It was more of close friends types! When Geet got mad, Ana would help him woo her back and of course there was seldom a chance when the reverse happened!

Maan sat on the couch when Ana commented, “am sure breakfast tho aap yahin khane wale hain… I am going to make spicy oats…”

[am sure you are going to have your breakfast here..i am going to make spicy oats..]

Maan gave her a serious look, “oats will be fine with me..but please zeher thoda kum daalna..”

[oats will be fine with me…but please add less poison!]

And the next moment he burst out laughing seeing that expression on Ana’s face!!

“maan…grrr I hate you sooo much..”, Ana screamed and threw a cushion at him.

“ohh my… easy tiger.. don’t wake that chudail in you…”, he pinched her further.

“you are so dead…”, Ana threw another cushion at him angrily. Maan laughed and threw back another at her…and then suddenly the whole living area became a battle field!!

Geet stood by the stairs, adoring the cute best people of her life, fighting like kids. When she knew they were being too much, she stood in between and shouted, “okay..war over..please stop. We are getting late..”

The three had their breakfast together, with maan and Geet stealing glances at each other. Ana was super happy…her day was made! The three headed out and Ana took her usual seat at the back, leaving the duo to themselves.


They had just gone a little further when Geet exclaimed, “maan… aaj ice cream khane chalein…please…”

[maan..shall we go for an ice cream please..]

Ana was not listening to them. she was lost in her thought when it struck her…she had forgotten to tell them about some fest in college that she had participated and wanted them to attend it and also a little help in her subject from maan.

“di… maan…i want to..”

She was cut in between by maan, “Geet…this is the third time in this week already..”

Ana stopped, smiled and tried again…she had to submit her assignment the next day, “okay…ice cream can listen…”

“please..please…please…pretty please… “

“no ways Geet… not this week anymore…”

“guys… are you listening?”, Ana tried again but then they seemed to be so lost in their own world to even listen to anything.  This was not the first time it was happening… but she had never taken them to heart! but then… when your feelings grow stronger..your power to feel emotions enhances ten times. Pain is more painful…happiness is more happy…she felt bad! When they are together, they see no one else!


She sat in the car while maan went to drop Geet. Stella greeted them and extended her hand for a shake. Geet gave her a stern look and held maan’s right hand tightly, pretending to have not noticed anything. Maan got that… he had been noticing her quite a lot..she never liked him speaking to Stella a lot. He sook his head and cut short his conversation with Stella.

Once Stella was gone, he squeezed her hand tightly, gaining her attention and looked at her meaningfully.


“jaan… were you by any chance jealous of Stella?”

The color on her face faded… she was not jealous because she never knew what it meant but then she hated Stella for even laying her eyes on her maan!

“who said I was jealous… I was not..”, she pretended to be all fine. He laughed at her effort to not show her vulnerability and brought her hand close to his lips and pressed a soft kiss on the back of her palm. She stilled…feeling that feather light touch of his lips on her skin… almost burning that part. Her eyes widened in surprise and shock…rendering her completely speechless! This was the first time he had ever been so open like this… her heart skipped millions of beats while he enjoyed her reaction.

He waited for her to speak something or even fight how she used to get back to him for everything he did… but this was not Geet handa he was dealing with! He left smiling, leaving her still in a sweet shock!! He went back to Ana waiting for her. they drove silently for a while when maan spoke up, “ were saying something Ana?”

She was mad at both of them for not listening to her but then he did!! My goodness, he did! A wide smile adored her lips..out of all, he didn’t miss her!! she felt her chest swell up in happiness.

They spoke about her subjects and what she needed help in…maan explained in such expertise, she couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter. She so didn’t want to get of the car and go away from him but then her friends were waiting for her. she half heartedly said him a bye and rushed off. Off late, maan had been the gossip in her friends circle and that everyone knew she had been a nut case now.


“hey you should say him Ana… so what if he is your sister’s boyfriend.. anyways your sister doesn’t remember anything at all…”, one of her friends commented and burst out laughing.

Ana was so mad at him for making such a statement, “dare you speak a word against my sister!! I told you she is like this because of an accident and I don’t see anything funny about it… better behave yourself… else I will not think twice before I kill you…”

“hey hey we are sorry okay.. just kiddin’… why don’t you introduce her to us? She will feel better if she meets people..”, he winked at his friends unnoticed by Ana.

Ana just shot them a glare and walked off. They were such moronic people… she hated them! she got into her class and tried to take her mind off those crap opening her book.



Geet was so excited to have been able to come with maan for an ice cream. She was completely unaware of the developing feelings of Ana towards maan. She was living in a dream world now…with no sense of reality. She still had jitters all over post that kiss… facing him made her flush but then she couldn’t help but be with him all the time.

Maan made her sit in the car while he went out to attend a call from office. She licked her mint with chocolate chip waiting for him. maan spoke to some client about his work when he felt someone watching him. he immediately looked around but found no one. He sighed and continued with his call. Once done, he got to the car and drove back to drop her.  he stole glances at her…she was too busy to even notice ice cream dripping down from the corner of her lips. She was messy… he smiled to himself! The messy Geet Handa!

They stopped in front of her house and her hands were totally sticky and messy! He looked at her.. she looked so damn cute! A piece of chocolate still stuck to the corner of her lips and she was finding it difficult to open the door with her messy hands. He just couldn’t have enough of her. how he wished she’d at least remembered something about that he wouldn’t have to hold back! His pupil dilated as his throat hurt with that lump forming in it!! he had her so close..that day, she was lying in the pool of blood and he was just beside her but couldn’t even reach her! he wanted to hold her close to his heart once and cry his heart out…she was in so much pain and the result of that is right in front of him!!


She felt his piercing gaze at him and looked at him, looking so lost.

“maan…kya hua?”, she asked cutely.

He knew he cant just go ahead and express himself openly to her… in fact he had no one to open up. He wanted to turn away from her but deep down, that spark still remain alive in them. he held himself back, still not averting his eyes from her until he couldn’t. He leaned forward and pressed his lips on the corner of her lips.

She felt she’d faint right there!!! her heart beats echoed in her ears..what was he doing? Her eyes widened in shock…unable to understand what should she do! Before she could even react, that sensation was gone. She looked at him bewildered and he just looked away to the other side, unable to answer those questioning eyes.

“it was the chocolate…”, he managed to mumble, “you should get back home..”

Geet was equally stunned with his sudden change of mood..he seemed a little lost somewhere. She somehow managed to open the door and rush in!! The moment she was gone, he hit his hand on the steering, cursing himself to have scared her like this.

Ana stood at her balcony, secretly wishing maan to come out and wave Geet a bye so that she could get a glimpse of him. but sadly, he didn’t tonight!! She sadly watched his car move away and got back to bed. Geet joined her sometime later but this time, none of them spoke!! Geet was too disturbed..and so was Ana!!! With feelings, come the desire to own! Ana was probably transitioning to that phase and she never realized what was happening with her.



Maan woke up a little late the next morning. He got ready and walked down to dining hall. Avantika sat with the news paper, furious! He kissed her cheeks, “good morning mom…”

Avantika glared at him, “can you tell me what exactly are you doing?”

“what did I do now?”

Avantika threw the news paper at him. he grabbed it and checked the first page which shocked the hell out of him.

“MSK hiding his love life… could it be the future Mrs MSK?”

The head lines and the reports screamed out all the possibilities of who could it be the girl and why was she kept hidden!! There was a picture of maan’s car right in front of the locality where Geet stayed!! Goodness… there was a picture of him with Geet but then thankfully her face was not visible. He had held her close by her waist!!

“what is going on maan? I see you too busy these days…”

He was too shocked to realize anything… how come he had forgotten all about the media?!! Shit… he had actually forgotten about them!! he got continuous calls from office as he rushed, speaking to adi! He had completely forgotten about media getting involved…he had actually never even expected the media to stalk him!

The moment he reached his office, media crowded him clicking pictures and whatever they could ask! For a moment he had forgotten he was the MSK!! Adi came rushing and his body guards helped him get in without much hassle! He get to his cabin and closed the blinds! He sat on his chair, trying to get a grip on things! he had been going out with Geet quite frequently now… but in all that he had made sure she was not out in the public for long. But then…media getting to know..and then the locality of Geet… he was getting worried! He closed his eyes and then suddenly remembered he had felt someone looking at him the previous night in the ice cream parlour! Could it be that he was stalked??!!!


The morning at Geet’s place was too stressful. Sahsa was worried sick… things were falling apart so quickly..things that had been kept buried for more than a year now was resurfacing. Geet wont be able to handle this knowing how much pressure she would be in! And the picture of their locality was scaring the hell out of her. Raj and Ana tried to calm her down but she was too worried.

“I don’t know how am I going to deal with this! I had old maan sir not to get too much involved.. and Chachi.. gosh she will be so upset…”

“Sasha.. please don’t worry.. they haven’t seen Geet’s face I guess.. we will come over it..”, raj tried to console her but Sasha was nowhere to understand. Ana went to check on Geet who was sleep, unaware of anything going on around. She tucked her properly in the spread and went back to Sasha who was trying to call maan!

The news was everywhere by now, spreading like a wild fire that a girl had been spotted with msk… and no one knew who she was! The world knew about MSK and GH link up and break up so who could this new girl be!


Maan rushed to Geet’s place only to meet with a nervous Sasha. The reports had taken rounds of their locality trying to search for that girl! everything seemed to crumble year of hard work seemed to just go into the drain. After much discussions, finally maan had to decide the toughest, “Sasha.. don’t let Geet go out of the house whatsoever… I can manage the media but we have to keep Geet away from all this..i will try to be less in contact for the time being… I just hope this news doesn’t reach India!”

Geet woke up to her own sweet rhythm of heart and smiled thinking about him. he would be here to pick her up for the day! she got ready taking all her sweet time and came down to meet Sasha and Ana getting ready to leave.

“hey..where are you going? Wait..i have to go too Ana..”

Ana and Sasha looked at each other and sighed. Sasha stepped ahead and spoke out, “your dance classes have been terminated and from now on you are going to stay back at home..”

“what?/ but wh..why? where is maan? Ana… whats wrong?”, she was too shocked to hear Sasha’s verdict all of a sudden. Sasha did’t want to tell her anything of media or anything. She was anyways stressed out…nisha would be so mad now.

“Geet..jitna kaha jaye..utna kiya are not going anywhere..and maan is not coming here anymore.”

[ how much is told… you are not going anywhere..]

The thought that she might not be able to meet maan almost killed her right there. Sasha had never been this strict. She ran up the stairs and the first thing she did was to call maan. She was so scared of this sudden change. She waited for him to take the call but then he didn’t take the call!


She was surprised..he might be busy, she guessed. She called him again…she knew he will be able to handle Sasha for her! and this time he disconnected the call! She was all the mre surprised. She had no idea what was going on and suddenly everyone seemed to alienate her.  she tried again and again and he kept on disconnecting her call. She was so shocked..he never missed her calls she knew. How much ever busy he was, he always took her call…and suddenly everything seemed like breaking down. She rushed down to ask Sasha what was going on but then stopped short seeing her angry about something.

Sasha looked at Geet and then at Ana. Ana looked down and quietly went out.

“Geet…listen to me carefully.. we are going out. DO NOT…i say DO NOT open the door for any body… whatever reason they may say, until and unless you are sure it is us, don’t open the door for anyone…”

Geet was so confused, “but why? What happened?”

Sasha sighed, “do as I tell you…its not safe outside… “

“but Sasha tell me…”

“shh… don’t open the door..not even for maan you get me?”

Geet looked down while Sasha went out. She was so confused and shocked at the turn of events. she rushed to her room and tried to call maan again and again but he never took the call. She was so upset at the end…what was wrong with everyone? Why were they suddenly avoiding her?? she called maan once again with tearful eyes…and this time, he disconnected the call!! That was the end of her patience..she threw away her phone angrily and fell on the bed, crying! why was he out of all people avoiding her? she cried not because she was upset..she cried for an unknown reason that brewed up in her heart…like a certain helplessness she had felt long ago…too helpless and too pitiable!! She cried for something painful..something similar she had felt before..sometime in the past but she couldn’t remember a thing! And she cried until she fell asleep!!!


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