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hey tomorrow is the last day of my holidayOuch..
and today is the last update of this week..the 5th oneBig smile!!!
no updates tomorrow as i’ll be busy finishing my homeworkBig smile..gosh..i havent even started a single oneConfused!!! enjoy!!!

IMPT: this update is dedicated to anu di (hermoso). she wanted some of her fav scenes from the movie Roja to be incorporated in this update..its the suitcase one. thought there are no suitcases here i have tried to depict the similar situation with a little differes…ummErmm or may be a lot of difference hehe!!!!LOL
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Maan had the habit for going for a jog early morning or a workout. But since he had hurt his hand, he decided to go for a walk and settled on the swing with his laptop after he was done. He felt someone looking at him.. he raised his head only to see a blur image of geet standing by the window… with her hair open…gazing at him. He twitched his brows and smiled a bit. Geet was so lost in him that she didn’t even realize him smiling at her! it was namra’s voice that brought her back to reality. she had woken up and was waking dia up for school. she looked back at them and then looked at Maan who was looking at him. She suddenly felt her cheeks burn a bit…ohh god..did she blush? No that wasn’t possible. She shook her head and again looked at him..he was smiling at her??? she was sure she was dreaming! She smacked her head and went in murmering, “geet..tu pagal ho gayi hain..tujhe hallucinations kab se hone lage?

[geet you are getting mad… since when did you start having hallucinations?]


She got dia and namra ready for school and walked then towards the breakfast table. Dia and namra ran to Maan and kissed him on his cheeks.

Dia: you okay papa?

Maan smiled, “haan much better…

Namra: aapne dawa li?

[did you take medicine?]

Maan: ji haan madam..aur abhi breakfast karke bhi lena hain..

[yes madam.. and I have to take after breakfast also..]


Geet looked at him from the corner of his eyes..he had changed. She sighed in relief..Probably the morning thing was just her imagination. She quietly sat with the kids and had her breakfast, stealing glances at him from time to time. He was getting too many calls and texts regarding office. He was not even able to have his food properly. Dia and namra finished their food and went to school. geet saw them off and got back to the hall when she head Maan speaking to Adi on phone.

yeah right… fine take care of the office…. am coming in an hour..


Geet narrowed her brows..she was still not over with the previous day’s events but she chose to ignore it. She was his friend after all…she doesn’t even expect him to accept her as his wife…even she agreed with him. A few signatures on some random papers had just changed everything and she just hated its outcome. She can’t even speak to him properly…why? She shook her head.. she has to get everything back to normal. She wasn’t here to take Anisha’s never! And probably that is what Maan feared she guessed! She has to make him understand that she was still his friend.


Maan finished his call and looked up to see an angry geet standing in front of him. He wondered now what was she up to. He flipped through his file and she still stood there tapping her foot.

Any problem geet?“, he asked without looking up!

Where are you going?” she asked him sternly.

umm office mein kuch zaruri kaam aa gaya hain… I have to go..

[umm some urgent work cropped up in office… I have to go…]

you are not going anywhere samjhe!

[you are not going anywhere..understand?]

Maan looked at her, “what?

you heard it right mr Maan Singh are not going anywhere. Stay back and take rest!

Maan rolled his eyes, “geet… stop it..

Geet quivered a bit but put up a brave face, “you stop it!! Ek tho tum theek se kha bhi nahi sakte aur upar se kaam… oyeee tum koi super man nahi ho samjhe!!

[you stop t. 1st of all you can’t even eat properly and avobe that work…. Oyee you are not a superman you get it!]


He just kept quiet and looked at her intently…he just wished she was what he wanted her to be!!! Geet couldn’t understand his reaction..she feared a backlash but she tried again, “oyee aise kyun dekh rahe ho mujhe? Kabhi dekha nahi kya?? You better cancel all your plans and just sit back at home…

[oyee..why are you looking at me like this? Never seen me or what? You better cancel all your plans and just sit back at home…]


Maan just waited there..holding his breath…. That look on her face.. and that gunda-gardi….he missed that sooo much..he missed her cribbing..shouting …and he couldn’t hold back himself. He stood up and hugged her! geet stilled with that sudden move…still not able to understand what he meant. Maan was so happy to see that old geet back…just that he never realized past can never come back!!!

am sorry for yesterday geet……” she heard him whisper in her ears. Her eyes widened…was she hearing right? she thought probably he didn’t  even want to see her face..she was just trying to get them back to their old selves!!! He straightened himself and gave her a smile and again got back to his call. She stood there..all confused and all the more disturbed with his behavior! And before she could even realize he was already on his way towards the door. She shook her confused head and ran to him!


Maan… where are you going?

office geet…some important work…

Geet glared at him. He was not fine and look at mr superman!! She twisted her lips and snatched away the file from him, “you are not going!

Maan rolled his eyes and snatched back the file from her with his left hand, “geet… am leaving..

She snatched the file again, “No…

yes..” and he snatched back the file!

geet… gussa mat dilao…” he gritted his teeth when she snacthed his files once again.

[geet don’t irrtate me..]

nahi dila rahi… am just telling you don’t go..and take rest. You are not even able to move your hand!

[I am not…am just telling you don’t go… and take rest. You are not even able to move your hand]

am getting late geet…” he tried to move…and upon getting no success, she resorted to her last refuge, “DADIMAAA………………..

geet shut up…and don’t call her. this is important!

dadimaaa…… ” she screamed louder. Maan thought it wiser to vanish before Dadima comes. The moment he placed his foot on the doorstep a loud voice stopped him!

stop right there Mr Maan Singh Khurana…..

He closed his eyes, gritting his teeth….he slowly turned back giving a murderous look to look, who just hid behind Dadima giving him a wide grin!!!

you are not allowed to go anywhere…

He was anyways getting bored and irritated as well by sitting at home and his staff messing things around. Maan Singh Khurana is the best..and he realized he had to get back.

Dadima..important work..sorry..” and he walked out in hurry lest Dadima stopped him. Geet pouted cutely… he is mad!!! But she was still confused about his behavior.


The whole day she kept thinking about his sudden change in behavior. She went quiet and Dadima noticed that worry on her face. Maan was supposed to come back later in the evening. She spent time with dia and namra but her mind was somewhere else. When dia and namra were watching tv, Dadima called her to her room. Geet entered and saw Dadima resting on her rocking chair, with her head rested back and eyes closed. she slowly went and sat on the floor by her and kept her head on her lap. Dadima slowly opened her eyes and caressed her head.

kya baat hain geet..subah se hum dekh rahe hain…kis baat se pareshaan hain aap?

[whats the matter geet… we are noticing from the morning… what is it that bothers you?]

She shook her head 1st in denial but then her heart felt heavy. She slowly narrated the entire incident to her…Maan’s sudden change in behavior and his anger the previous day. Dadima took a deep breath in and spoke, “this is what we are worried about geet!!! Maan is still living in the past!

mein samjhi nahi Dadima…

[I didn’t get you Dadima..]

you know what geet… he wants Anisha back..and he also wants you back…but he always wants you back as his best friend…

but I am still his friend Dadima…..

Daidma smiled, ‘yes of course you are beta… but he is not able to accept the present geet… he wants the old geet back…like how you both used to… he has lost so many people in life..and he is just scared to lose anything more…!


Those simple words of Dadima answered all her questions. She realized what had gone wrong. And as far as she could recall.. he did respond when she behaved like she used to years back..and he was irritated the previous day just because he had never seen the new geet before. She realized he was searching for that ‘old geet’ in her…and probably the 5 years was creating all the problems. She quietly went back to her room and stood by the window…lost in her own thoughts.

If her turning back to the ‘old geet’ could take things better between them..then be it!! It was too tough for her to go back… but she decided she will. At least he will be happy… instantly she remembered her very own words that she had written in her diary…


theres no limit to what I wouldn’t do for you…

Just ask for it..

And it will be done!

No matter the miles…

No matter the sacrifice…


She smiled for finding the reason for his behavior yet she was confused once again! what will she do?? She knew her feelings for him were not right…she was not able to come in terms with her own conflict between her feelings and her thoughts. At one point she decided she’d reach him like his friend… but at the other side..a fear of backlash settled in her heart…her own feelings!! She was not sure how right it was..but probably she never realized that she needed a push!!!


She made the kids sleep and went to the room she was given before..just beside the kids’ room. she wanted sometime alone. She fell on the bed still lost in her thoughts. She couldn’t even fall asleep..she kept twisting and turning… memories flooded her mind..with Maan and Anisha and her own feelings! Restless, she decided to take a walk. She came out of the room..the entire mansion was silent. She walked across the corridor for a long time…yet there was no peace!! She thought of going to the terrace. She walked towards the stairs when she noticed lights switched on in the room at the corner of the corridor. It was the store…who would know KM better than her? Some servants were cleaning it in the morning.. probably they had forgotten to switch off the lights. She sighed and walked towards the room planning to switch the light off and shut the door. The night was dark and long….she could only hear her own footsteps. She slowly pushed the door open and went in, searching for the switchboard. She looked around and there she saw some old pics of little Maan and his parents.. with Dadima… she smiled..and ran her hands over it. They were dusty…sneezed a few times but moved further with her rising curiosity. There were some antiques kept at a corner… and so many old things. She moved around trying to remember some of the things she had seen in KM earlier.


Her nose was turning red due to constant sneezing. It was almost half an hour that she was taking the tour of the storeroom. She decided to get back before her nose gave up. She hurried through the cartons and other things kept there when she stumbled upon a wooden frame and collided with an old cupboard kept beside her.

ouchhh….” She winced and she hit her leg and the next moment she winced louder, “aaahhh…“. Something hard fell on her head as a result of colliding with the cupboard and probably something was kept over it that fell on her head. She caressed her head making faces and looked down to see what fell on her.  she bend down and picked up a blue colored journal that had fallen on her head. It was quiet dusty but she loved its color. It was a bright shade of cobalt blue and there were some intricate designs on its top. “umm..what could it be? Meine tho Maan ke paas kabhi aisi cheez nahi dekhi….

[umm..what could it e? I have never seen something like this with Maan….]


She stared at that journal for a long time… there was something that attracted her towards it. She shook her head and kept it aside, let it fell on someone else’s head and walked further. She took a few steps further but stopped short and turned back to look at that thing again. She felt she had seen it somewhere…. But where? she tried to think but then when she couldn’t recall..her curiosity won over her and she took the diary and ran back to her room!!!


She peeped into dia and namra’s room..both were in deep sleep. she smiled and got back to the other room and cleaned the diary properly. It looked beautiful. She wondered if it was Dadima’s…ummm ut then why would that be in the store and that too in such a pathetic condition? Was it Maan’s personal diary? A naughty smile crept on her lips… so he did write diaries!!! She thought of opening it…ummm no she shouldn’t read someone’s personal diary..thats wrong!! But then her gundi brain started working out of nowhere… diary was in a pathetic condition…that means Maan doesn’t need it anymore. And since she was a confused soul..she thought it wiser to read his diary and get to know more on what he felt. She giggled ta her own plans and cuddled up on her bed. She slowly opened the first page and her eyes widened seeing that name—Anisha!


She stopped for a moment..wondering whether to go further or not… it was then she remembered the diary that Anisha had gifted her when she was back from London! So perhaps this was Anisha’s diary…!! She felt the corners of eyes burn with so much pain and hurt she felt within… Anisha hated her..she didn’t even bother about that! the only thing that worried her was seeing her precious diary in such a poor condition. It was ought to be preserved..her last memories and not thrown away like that. she knew Anisha was not wrong in disliking her…and probably that’s why she never complained either. She wanted to know more about her and Maan… she had even missed their wedding!! She didn’t even realize when tears had rolled out of her eyes. she turned to the first page and checked the date. She realized she was probably in her 2nd year in college at that time. She ran her hands on her writing..anisha did have a beautiful handwriting. geet didn’t even bother to wipe her tears and read the 1st line…


Ye kaise anjane ehsaas hai

Kyu dil ko kisi ki talash hai…

She smiled Reading the first two lines… they sounded sooo sweet!!! She recalled Anisha telling her that they were supposed to put their feelings through poems and songs. It was silly yet it was dreamy to both of them.

Samne aaye to kyu dhadkane tez hoti hai

Kyu use dekh kar waqt ruk jata hai…


Her tears rolled down her eyes and vanished into the pillows and she didn’t even realize. There was a smile on her lips… probably she was connecting herself to the lines she read! She was reminded of the previous day when she had seen Maan shirtless… her heart raced again with the mere thought of it.

sahi hain… mere saath bhi tho yahi ho raha hain aaj kal..” she giggled.

[its right..even the same thing is happening with me nowdays…]

Kyu use muskurate dekh kar dil ko sukun milta hai

Kya naam hai is ehsaas ka jo mujhe uske aur karib le ja raha hai..


Anjaan hu me abhi bhi us ehsaas se

Anjaan hu me abhi bhi humare is rishte se…

She closed her eyes imagining Maan smiling… ohh he looked so handsome with that smile on his face. She was reminded of the hug he gave her in the morning…he saw the old geet in her…she smiled a bit.. thinking so manythings together… and didn’t even realize when she had dozed off.


It was a Sunday morning and geet woke up late. Dia and namra were ,mad at her for ditching them and sleeping in the other room. Geet literally had to go on her knees to manaofy them..but they were Maan Singh khurana’s daughters after all!!!

Irritated geet murmerbed to herself, “jaisa baap..waisi betiyan…kitni ziddi hain..uff”

[like father like daughters…. They are so stubborn uff]

She got really busy with them the whole day that she almost forgot about that diary or Maan. Even Maan didn’t bother to speak with her. he was busy with his work and he actually called Adi and some other staff home to help him with the project. Dadima was totally pissed off with these two crazy people in her house. She just wished that “that person” comes real soon.


Maan’s hand was getting better and he was able to move it and carry out basic things. Nakul and others were anyways there to help him out. it was the day Maan had his plaster taken off and the next moment he popped the bomb of his leaving to Singapore for an urgent meeting. He had been working on that project for long. Geet glared at him..though they didn’t speak much..geet couldn’t help herself from getting worried.

Maan…not again…

Daidma looked at geet..she was totally frustrated with the duo.

geet… important hain I can’t miss it!

[geet its important… I can’t miss it]

but you..arrghhh why am I even stopping you… tum tho apni zid chodoge nahi…

[but you..arrgghh why am I even stoping you.. you won’t listen to me anyway]

good observation miss geet Handa….i’ll be back in 2 days Dadima…bye”

Geet stilled hearing that…”miss geet Handa…”  for a moment even she had forgotten who she was!!! Tears threatened her eyes… but she chose to avoid it. Anyways she can’t force it on him either. Dadima looked at Maan and then back at geet. Even she was hurt with Maan’s behavior. Geet blinked her lashes a couple of times and looked at Dadima smiling, “Dadima… why are you not having your food?

Dadima knew geet was hurt… she wanted her to at least show her emotions, “wo geet we are sorry…”


Geet just cut her off, “Dadima..aap kyun tension leti hain? chaliye muh kholiye….”

[Dadima why are you taking tension? Now open your mouth…]

And she fed Dadima..not letting her speak anything. She kept on blabbering anything anything and everything and if Dadima wanted to speak on that topic, she just avoided pretending to speak to the kids or going to the kitchen or changing the topic. It was around 11am. Geet was running towards the kitchen carrying vegetables in her hand. Her dupatta was tied around her waist and that’s when she heard the main door bang open. She stopped on her track and looked towards the entrance. Dadima was on a call with one of her friends. The moment she saw the door open. She immediately disconnected the call. A wide smile appeared on her face seeing the person coming inside.


Before geet could even realize, she herad a very familiar voice, “surprise..surprise…..” and that’s when she saw Roops getting in carrying her luggage. Geet’s eyes widened in surprise.. and a smile appared on her face.

Roops took Dadima’s blessing. Dadima kissed her forehead and whispered, “help us Roops… we are so dead!

Roops winked at her and ran to geet. Geet ket the veggies aside thinking Roops was coming towards her to hug her. she smiled and raised her arms and the next moment Roops pushed away her hand giving her a deathly glare!!


next: roops shouting at geet

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hey people… so this is the 5th update of this weekBig smile
my college is reopening on 31st and probably next update is
going to be the last one of the back to back updates. Ouch
from next week i dun think i’ll be able to update this regularly.. Ouch
but yeah i will try my best for at least 2 updates a week!Embarrassed hope you all understand!!!


bahut zor se lagi hain kya?

[is it hurt badly?]

naa..doc says its just a minor will be okay by the end of this week!

dinner kiya? Where are your medicines?

[had dinner? Where are your medicines?]

Maan: haan baba..i had dinner with my client and medicines..ummm Adi must have kept it on the table!!

[yes baba.. I had dinner with my clients and medicines…umm Adi must have kept it on the table]


Suddenly geet waked his arm…actually on the same hand that was injured!!

oucchh…geet what are you doing?”

He was reminded of the times when geet used to hit his arm when she’d be angry on him. He smiled seeing her expressions!

you can’t take care of yourself..can you? You know how worried I was?’

what??” he looked up at her and found something in her that he couldn’t understand!! And may be he didn’t want to understand!

Geet realized what she said and cursed herself, “jhalli..muh bad are mad!” and then turned to Maan, “wo..i mean Dadima was so worried pata hain na… tum call nahi kar sakte the kya?

[idiot… shut your mouth..yu are mad..!  wo..i mean..dadima was so worries you know… you couldn’t call or what?]

Maan sighed and tried to reach for the water bottle kept on the table in front of him, “umm naa Dadima would have got more worried…


Geet saw him trying to reach for the bottle but he was finding it difficult with one hand plastered. She rolled her eyes and brought him the bottle!


She just didn’t say anything. She looked away…just hating the formality between them. When he was done, she held his arm, “you better sleep…take rest

Maan felt really awkward with her holding his arm like that. this was not the geet he had ever known and this was actually too much for him! He gave a very uncomfortable smile, “umm..geet chot mere haath mein lagi hain..pair mein nahi..i can walk!

[umm..geet… my hand is hurt..not my legs.. I can walk]


Geet felt that crack in her heart again… she slowly looked up at him and found him looking at her intently. She took a deep breath in and slowly slid away her hand from his! Both didn’t speak at all. He walked to his room while she just walked beside, carrying his medicines and files. As they neared his room Maan went in and switched on the lights. Geet quietly followed him and kept his things on the table! She turned to ask him what more he needed!

wo tummhe kuch chahiye..

[wo if you need anything…]

And he spoke simultaneously, “good night geet….i’ll take it from here..” she just shut up instantly and left the room. It was a long day for Maan and he needed some time alone!

As geet left, he shut the door and stood in front of Anisha’s portrait, caressing it.

its tough to live like this Anisha….i know you must be hurt with that marriage thing..but mein iss shaadi ko nahi manta… wo bas Dadima ki zid thi.. and once she is over it..i’ll set geet free…

[its tough to live like this Anisha… I know you must be hurt with that marriage thing… but I don’t call it a marriage….it was Dadima’s wish.. and once she is over it… I’ll set geet free..]


Geet slowly went into her room and saw dia and namra sleeping peacefully, cuddled up to each other. She thought of going to them… but then she didn’t feel very good. She sighed and went near the window…looking out! she remembered how her hands slid away from his..and she smiled! that was okay no…! she smiled wider..and closed her eyes…feeling the breeze! A drop of tear trickled out of her eyes… but she didn’t let her smile vanish!

It was early morning when geet heard Dadima shouting. She wondered what was wrong and that’s when she realized she must be shouting at Maan! She freshened up and went downstairs only to see a worried Dadima scolding Maan for his carelessness. she went closer and made her sit on the couch.


relax Dadima…. Zyada chot nahi aayi hain.. aap tension na lo…

[relax Dadima… he is not hurt badly… you don’t take tension]

Dadima looked away angrily, “aap tho humse baat hi mat kijiye geet… kal aapne hume uthaya kyun nahi jab Maan waapis aaye tho?

[you don’t speak to us geet… why didn’t you wake us up when Maan was back?]

Geet hugged Dadima, “aww Dadima..i didn’t want you to worry…

as if we are not worried now…”

Dadima looked at geet..wondering why there was a sudden melancholy look on her face. Dia and namra got ready and left for school. on Dadima’s strict instructions Maan stayed back home. while having breakfast she noticed geet trying to avoid looking at Maan. She wondered what was wrong with them!!! they spoke..that was fine but geet avoided looking at him. Did anything happened between them?


Maan was finding it difficult to eat with his left hand. His right hand was plastered. Geet was serving Dadima and Maan when she saw him struggling to eat his food. Maan tried again but failed. Eating with left hand was tough. He tried again but this time the spoon slipped off and fell on the plate with a clank. Geet shook her head to take all the thoughts away from her mind and took his spoon. Dadima looked at both of them..still wondering what was wrong.  they were speaking properly just the day before..but now what happened!

Maan looked at geet, twitching his brows. Geet just avoided looking at his face and held the spoon in front of his mouth!

geet…I can eat…

yeah I can see that…

Before he could say anything, she shoved the spoon into his mouth. Dadima smiled at geet’s manmaani but she was worried too. They were again back at the formal thing! Maan looked quiet disturbed. He was not liking it at all. He ate a few spoons from her hand but unable to take it, he just left the table right there pushing away her hand, “just stop it geet! Just because we have signed those papers… you are not compelled to do anything of this sort!


He just walked off. He cannot be unfair to!! she was the one and only in his life..he will not betray her…never ever!!! Geet just stood there…numb! She had never thought of such a repercussion. She was just trying to help him..nothing else! Unknown to her, tears rolled down her eyes. Dadima felt really bad…she went and put her hand on her shoulder!

am sorry beta,…”

Geet shook her head, trying to wipe away those tears, “no..its okay Dadima… i..i….shouldn’t have…

She couldn’t even complete. She pretended to have done with breakfast and carried the plates towards the kitchen. She put the plates in the sink and sighed… okay she shouldn’t have done that!! she shook her head to get away from those feelings and plastered  a smile on her face and went out with a mug of coffee….she must apologize. She walked out..but then dropped the thought…he must be better to avoid going to him for the time being.


She prepared lunch and she didn’t even realize when dia and namra were back. her afternoon went like that. she saw nakul hurrying up with Maan’s was tough to catch up with Maan’s tantrums when he stayed back at home. servants ran here and there carrying out his orders and he just didn’t even step out of the room.

Geet kept an eye on everything..he was probably in a very bad mood. So she avoided going in front of him. Dadima was going mad with Maan and geet’s behavior. Later in the evening, dia and namra were busy doing their homework when geet went to the kitchen to finally take his coffee and apologize.


She took the coffee mug from nakul and headed towards his room. Not that she was scared of him…but there was this certain distance between them that created all the difference. She saw the door of his room open..probably he had kept it open for nakul. Nervous, she just peeped in and just stood rooted. Maan was trying to change his shirt and he had just opened his shirt. Her heart skipped a beat….she just kept gaping at him….he was someone that god had created with all his time…!


Maan felt someone watching him. He turned around and geet just hid back! she rested her head on the wall and took a deep breath in!! the only thing that came to her mind was ‘beautiful’. She had never seen him like that… yeah she had seen him shirtless countless number of times yet he looked different…more manly now…he sure had grown up to be a charmer.


Maan shook his head finding no one around and shook his head and turned back to the mirror. He pulled the fresh shirt over his left hand and and realized it will be tough for him to put it over his right hand! He sighed when he felt that piercing gaze again…he thought maybe it was just his imagination but that feel did make him restless. He turned around towards the door once again and geet pulled herself back to hide herself.


Her heartbeats echoed in her ears…she tried hard to ignore them..but they just wouldn’t go away! Millions of untold emotions that were buried deep within her found life!!! She shook her head a couple of times to avoid the feel but the more she tried to get away..the more they engulfed her! she again peeped in…worried about him. He was still struggling with his right hand. He had managed to take off his shirt..but he was finding it tough to move his hand. He called out to nakul a couple of times but probably he was busy with some other work. He called for another servant but he didn’t show up either. He got really angry and punched the nearby wall with his fist!


Geet was startled to see it. She looked around and then realized she was still holding the coffee mug. She gathered courage and finally knocked the door, not able to see him that helpless. Maan very rudely answered, “come in..

He thought it was nakul or some servant. Without turning back he just shouted back, “kitni der lagti hain tummhe..couldn’t you hear…

[how long does it take for you… couldn’t you hear?]

He turned back..and stopped seeing geet placing his coffee on the side table. Before he could have said anything more, geet clarified, “wo..mein tumhari coffee laayi thi…

[wo..i got your coffee…]

umm theek hain…..


He just looked away. Geet managed to stop her tears from flowing out and walked towards him. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes, questioning her as to why she was still there. As if she read her thoughts…

wo..i heard you calling for someone… nakul kaka is out for grocery…umm…i..mmm… I can help…


Maan just kept looking away and didn’t even speak a word. Geet sighed and went even closer to him. She held his right hand softly above his sling with one hand and stretched the other over his bare shoulder to reach for the shirt. Her hand slid over his bare shoulder softly… and she felt jitter s down her spine. She was horrified at her own reaction and looked up at his face. He was still looking away. She bit her lips and tried to concentrate on her work. She slowly raised his hand taking care that it didn’t hurt and slid it through the sleeve.

lo ho gaya….

[see its done]

Maan turned his face to look at her and then at his shirt. She tucked his shirt carefully around his sling and slowly buttoned his shirt.

geet…its fine I can do that…

she didn’t listen to him and just kept on buttoning his shirt. Maan realized she wasn’t listening. He spoke louder, “geet..”

am sorry…” she cut him in between! He looked at her face.

wo…I just wanted to help you….sorry agar tummhe hurt kiya tho….

[wo..i just wanted to help you… sorry if I have hurt you…]


Maan guessed she was speaking about the breakfast fiasco. Somewhere even he felt bad for behaving rudely with her.

look geet…even am sorry..i didn’t mean to…

its fine Maan…just relax and take rest. Dadima is very worried. Tumne medicines tho le li hain na…

[its fine Maan.. just relax and take rest. Dadima is very worried. You had your medicines na..]

umm nahi..bas abhi lene hi jaa raha tha…

[umm no i was just going to have them]

Geet moved back and went near his table and got his medicine. It was then he realized that she was done with his shirt. And the next moment she was right in front of him with his medicine. He gave a weak smile and had it.


tumhari coffee rakhi hain table pe..have it warna thandi ho jayegi….”

[your coffee is on the table..have it or else it will get cold]

And she just walked out, his room had now started giving him a very different she never belonged to that place..there was no sign of geet… it was full of Maan and Anisha… and their love! She went to her room and found dia and namra waiting for her. she shrugged off all her feelings and got engaged with them.


The next morning…geet woke up early. She took a cold shower and stood near the window…staring outside! The sun had just risen and the morning rays just gave her a bit of warmth. She wiped her hair and put the towel aside. She pulled away the curtains of the window properly to let the sunlight in. the window overlooked the garden and there she saw Maan sitting on the swing…doing something on his laptop. She kept looking at him for a while..he hadn’t taken a bath perhaps but he looked beautiful! She felt her heart thud again with those hidden emotions… and for a moment she just decided to give in! the sunrays hit his face..and for a while she felt she saw him glow. She took a deep breath in and smiled a bit… her morning haf never been this perfect before.


Maan had the habit for going for a jog early morning or a workout. But since he had hurt his hand, he decided to for a walk and settled on the swing with his laptop after he was done. He felt someone looking at him.. he raised his head only to see a blur image of geet standing by the window… with her hair open…gazing at him. He twitched his brows and smiled a bit. Geet was so lost in him that she didn’t even realize him smiling at her! it was namra’s voice that brought her back to reality. He had woken up and was waking dia up for school. she looked back at them and then looked at Maan who was looking at him. She suddenly felt her cheeks burn a bit…ohh god..did she blush? No that wasn’t possible. She shook her head and again looked at him..he was smiling at her??? she  was sure she was dreaming! She smacked her head and went in murmering, “geet..tu pagal ho gayi hain..tujhe hallucinations kab se hone lage?”

[geet you are getting mad… since when did you start having hallucinations?]


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