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(French Translation for Absconding.)


He liked that us’ there, though pretended to be oblivious, “its not us darling.. they are staring at you..”, and dug back into his food. Seriously.. what kind of man he was and what kind of people he hired!! She looked all round and the women glared back at her with utmost jealousy which she didn’t even understand! She sighed and tried to eat before hunger kills her.



She was totally bored the whole day. By now, she knew she was not welcome by the ladies in the office. She was appointed as his PA and she had no damn idea on what to do! In fact, she was not at all interested in doing anything for this crazy man. Post lunch, she sat in her cabin, talking to chris or walking around, checking all the floors, making it oblivious to others. The decor was nice and there were security cameras around. She just wanted to get to his mansion and see the security settings there. She still was not very happy with the fact that her holidays were cut short because of this man!!! She sighed and took out her pistol, tucked in her boots and started playing. The intercom rang continuously gaining her attention. She wondered whether she should pick up the phone at all. Come on, she won’t be PA-ing around him. He wasn’t in his cabin and the phone was crying mercilessly. She tried to ignore it but that damn phone was not even in a mood to shut up. It rang twice…thrice and then she lost it. She grabbed the phone and spat out, “who’s it?”

The other person on the other side cleared her throat and bit back in the equal tone, “connect me to MK..”

Geet looked at the phone wondering who was this creature anyway, “he is not here… tell me your name..i will inform..”

Ms Shruti Iyer so hated this girl and her guts and MK having lunch with her was something she couldn’t bear.

“Shruti Iyer it is…i have something important to talk to… please pass on the phone..”

“I said he isn’t here…”

“i know.. he is not in your cabin you fool.. connect me to his intercom..”

Geet rolled her eyes..she was really short tempered and could hardly bear any nonsense.

“shut up…and get off..” and she kept the phone with a bang. Only this man could hire creatures like this Iyer girl!!! She sighed and looked at the watch…it was going to be 6 in the evening and she was bored to death.

“i was better off fighting terrorists…i have nothing to do here..”, she mumbled to herself when the phone rang again. She sighed and took the call again.

Hey missy.. what the hell do you think of yourself han? Its your first day here and  you have the audacity to talk to me like that! I will see to it that MK gets to know your real face..”

“buzz off…and one more time you call, i am gonna shoot you..”, geet disconnected the phone and tried to gulp down her anger. Damn! This woman was such a bitch! She was really mad and she’d actually shoot her one more time she called.

She kept back her pistol back in her boot when the phone rang again. That girl seriously wants to die!! She ignored the call and then it rang again…and again!!! She was so so so angry right now. The phone rang one more time and she lost it.

“you bloody bitch… wait till I go to you and shoot you dead..”, she hissed, taking the call.

The line went silent for a while and a deep voice reached her ears, “hey beautiful…is it you?”

She closed her eyes.. was him on the call!!! Well…she was not guilty!!

“yeah… what happened?”, she snapped.

“oooh… who were you swearing at darling?”

“none of your concern..”

“you are angry..beautiful…”, he spoke lovingly.

“first thing.. stop calling me names.. second… i can’t stay here a minute longer… and finally, what kind of bitches have you employed Mr Khurana?”

He laughed hearing her swear…boy she was cute. It seemed as if he was hitting on his bodyguard…but damn hell..its worth risking for!

“alrighty… i called you to inform just that we will be heading home in next 15 minutes..sweetie pie. Will see you in the parking…”

She sighed, “yeah fine i’ll be there…”

Finally… finally she will have a moment of rest. The day was not very good. He was chauvinist and he had a hoarding of women who hated her! She just walked out to the parking, tapping away on her phone, giving details to Chris. Soon as she reached the lot, the maan’s security saluted her.

“hmm… the moment we reach the mansion, i want the details of all the guards here and the arrangements there..we need to monitor the current situation first..”

“yes ma’am…”

She nodded and looked into her phone texting Chris as the guard opened the door for her to get in. The moment, she got in, he matched up with her and slid beside her on the back seat, peeping into her phone. She was startled to see him suddenly jumping over her. She pulled away her phone and glared at him, “hey..what is your problem Mr. Khurana?”

He raised his brow at her, “nice phone geet…mind if i see it?”

She pulled away her phone to the other side, as he lunged forward to grab it.

“hey… its not a play thing. Its custom made Mr Khurana…  its…umm… sophisticated!”, she gave him a nasty look.

He twisted his lips and looked away, “jeez… its just a phone beautiful and you are so rude…”

Geet could care less. Her phone, right now, was the most precious gadget she has and has got all the data in there.

They reached the mansion in 30 minutes and she was led to the guest room. She found her room quiet comfy and decided to rest for a while. She opened her bag and took out her tee and a pair of tracks. She took a warm shower and hit the bed, and dozed off in a minute.

She woke up around 7:30 in the evening feeling relaxed and decided to take a tour of the mansion. The Khurana guy was nowhere to be seen and she loved this silence. It was much needed! She liked the decor and everything about this mansion. It was huge and still had a warm homely feeling to it. The khurana guy was not around…it rang in her head as she took the tour..round the gym, his room, his study, the spare rooms, kitchen, lawn, backyard, driveway, attic…the guy wasn’t around!!


She stood in the middle of the living room and screamed her lungs out, “MR KHURANA…JUST COME OUT WHEREEVER YOU ARE HIDING…”

A few servants came running to her wondering what was wrong and she glared at them, “where is Mr. Khurana?”

They looked at each other blankly and someone from them replied, “he said he would be in his room…”

“but he isn’t…”

The old family butler, Nakul, came forward, “Ma’am… i.. I guess he isn’t in the mansion right now…”

“and pray where could he be..?”

“NO idea…he must have gone out or something..”

“what? That moron was supposed to tell me where he goes and where not…“, and she rushed out, calling out to the security checking if they were with maan.

His guards were off to take a small break in the outhouse, where they were settled. Geet rushed and asked them if maan was with them. The head guard, Rajit panicked, “no…he doesn’t have anyone with him…”

Geet glared at all of them, “do you realize what danger he might be in?? And how the hell did he go out of the mansion without anyone noticing??

Rajit dipped his head, “he does that at times ma’am…sneaks out and..”

He couldn’t even complete and geet rushed off. She put on her canvas shoes, tucked her revolver into her pocket and ran towards the car. This man was so mad!!! Damn!!! Rajit followed and both of them got into the car while geet switched on the phone. When she said it was custom made, she indeed meant it was custom made! It had special settings to trace locations directly from satellite and not via any gprs services. She quickly turned on the tracker  while Rajit drove faster, looking here and there.

Geet felt so angry on him right now. That man’s life was in danger and freak decides to run away like a bride!! She didn’t even have his number but for once she was glad his uncle was smart enough to fit tracking devices in all his cars. She quickly called chris and asked to track the location.

It took almost 20 minutes to know where he exactly was. They got off the car and geet was so shocked to see things in a mess. Apparently, he had decided to sneak out and park his car near the road and have roadside aloo tikka masala with his friends. Someone was playing guitar and now suddenly everyone seemed to fight. She was so enraged seeing him punch a guy out of nowhere and a gang of goons decided to beat the hell out of him. His friends were engaged in the fight and there was this chaos around, attracting attention.

Rajit rushed to push off the guy who were trying to hit maan. A few guys held her while another one tried to punch him. Rajit caught hold of that man while geet rushed to help his out. A guy was about it hit him when she just held his hand mid away and thrust a kick right on his stomach and the next moment landed a punch on his face, knocking his down. Maan was quick enough to take the cue and knock down the other two guys.

A few other guys surrounded them but geet was quick enough to pull out her gun and point at one of them, in a threatening stance which made them back out and then quickly disperse, seeing that rage in her eyes.

“One more step…and you’re dead!“, she hissed, making them walk back.

The next moment, their eyes met, his were thankful while hers were spitting fire and she thrust a punch right on his stomach!!

“owww…ouchhh…”, he winced holding his stomach as she dragged him to the car and pushed him in, leaving Rajit to clear off the mess. She drove him towards the mansion not even looking at him and dragged him inside.

The moment they were in, she screamed, “what the hell were you doing you fool?”

He had still not recovered from the punch he received…damn this woman was so strong! Yeah he respected women but this freaking woman actually punched him, making him see stars with open eyes. He was a man of principles and ego too!!

He straightened himself, “and what the hell did you punch me for beautiful?”

He had that sharp look on his face, his voice a little stern but that endearment didn’t leave his lips. She tapped her foot and put her hands on her waist, “its you who needs to do an explanation…you sneak out, you get into some fight, you don’t realize you are in danger… and you ask me why i punch you?”

He sighed… this is what he didn’t like. He wanted to have some fun and his uncle… that bloody old ass actually hired him a beautiful bodyguard who was to be with him 24/7! Not that he minded being with her all the time (wink wink) but he wanted to feel free too.

“listen sweetie pie…”

“stop calling me names…”, she snapped.

“alright pinky…

“mind your tongue Khurana..i will shoot you right here…”

“okay..listen beautiful..that girl was in trouble. The guys were mistreating her… and i just can’t bear that…”, he spoke seriously. She looked at him, blinking her eyes… she did see a girl beside.

“you know what… i appreciate what you did but that doesn’t excuse you for sneaking out…do you get that?”

He rolled his eyes, “as much as i’d love to be with you 24/7.. i want to be free for once too…”

“..and then just die like a it?!!”

He knew he can’t argue with her.. and this was the first of a kind he was witnessing. She pulled him to the couch and leaned over him. His eyes were stuck on his face… my my..she was so close to him… she was so pretty and she looked so cute with that anger and her cutie white tee. Their lips were mere inches… ohh she was going to kiss him!! He felt elated. Madam may be feeling guilty about punching him and hence making up with the kiss! Damn those plump lips… he wouldn’t mind it..would he?!!!

He parted his lips a bit as her breath tickled his skin…ohh he was so happy right now. She was indeed going to kiss him.

And the next moment, she planted a smack on his head and platered the bandage on the cut on his forehead, “stop dreaming you fool and go get some rest!!”

His dream world came crashing down as he caressed his head, “why the hell did you hit me again?”

“if you space out thinking crap…i have to do it.”, she warned and walked off, asking nakul to get dinner to her room.

He stood up, caressing that bandage, “hey honey bunch…”

She stopped on her tracks, fisting her fingers, preventing herself from punching him right on his nose. She gritted her teeth, “stop-calling-me-names”, she emphasised on each and every word.

He could just care less. He made a face and taunted her, “you could at least say sorry…”

“for what?”, she spoke without turning back.

“for hitting me…”

“you deserved it…”

“hey pretty… its a basic curtsey…you know..”

” don’t give a damn..just buzz off khurana…get out of my sight till next morning. I need some sleep..”

She walked off with a huff.. too much pissed off at this guy. He was indeed eccentric and she wondered how long would she be able to bear it.


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Ana, Nisha and Avantika hugged her and blessed the baby. Sasha had gone back to her home, after geet’s marriage but geet still kept contact with her. Ana held the delicate doll in her arms as she slept. After thinking for a few minutes, she turned to geet, “di.. lets name her Naina..”Nisha smiled and looked at the baby, “yeah..she has got beautiful eyes..”

Avantika held the baby, “meri bacchi tho bilkul geet pe gayi hain…”

Maan stepped in finally, as geet’s eyes met his, “nopes… wo tho mere maan pe gayi hain!”

He came and sat beside geet, not knowing how to express his happiness. Avantika gave the baby to geet and the rest of them left, giving them their much needed privacy. He had heard what geet had told about his princess. Geet saw him staring at the little life like she was the most precious jewel in this world.

“maan… hold her..”, she whispered.

He didn’t know if it was all a dream..too good to be true perhaps. He was too over whelmed with emotions to even speak something. Geet swore she saw droplets of tears in the corner of his eyes as she gave him the baby. his hands were trembling as he took his little doll in his arms and a drop of tear escaped his eyes and fell on the baby’s cheek. The baby stirred a bit and then started crying. Ohh god… she was his princess and she was as real as she could get. He gently rocked her, too choked to even speak out, “my…my princess…”


Another drop of tear escaped his eyes and this time, geet wiped it away. He turned to face her and saw her smile through her own tears, shaking her head.

“she is real maan…and she is your daughter…only yours…”

He smiled a bit…his she was! He looked at his Naina and pressed a kiss on her tiny forehead, “daddy loves you a lot baby… “

Naina had stopped crying and with aan’s soft caress her lips did curl a bit..may be she was smiling. Geet noticed that, “maan..dekha.. she smiled… she smiled…”

His eyes widened in sweet surprise and rocked her again, “baby..phir se smile karo na… smile again..daddy wants to see…”

Geet giggled as naina yawned with his constant rocking and then dozed off in a while. His smile vanished and he looked worried, “geet… what happened to her? why is she not listening to me?”

Ohh god..geet had never seen him like this.. a kid in front of her. he was always the mature one and she was crazy and suddenly their roles seemed to have reversed.

“maan… she is sleeping. Let her sleep…”

“ohh…”, his face fell..he wanted to play with her more with his naina. He gently placed her on the crib and came back to her. they felt short of words right now. So much had happened since the day they had met and they have come a long long way. She placed her head on his shoulder and his hands wrapped around her, watching the little life sleep away merrily.

“maan…”, she whispered.

“hmm jaan…”

“are you happy?”

He turned to face her.. what was she even asking!!! Happiness was an understatement right now. He cupped her face and placed a kiss on her lips, “right now jaan…i am the happiest and most satisfied man in this whole of universe..”



Naina was six months now and she was the apple of everyone’s eyes. Ana loved her the most.. but of course less than maan. Everyone thought, geet would be the one pampering her, loving her the most, be a doting mother but maan beat her in that!! It was the time they were India and geet decided to take maan and Naina to that cottage behind her beloved resort. Ana was doing well..she had just joined the business and she was proving out to be good.

She drove to the resort while Mr Khurana decided, for once to not show his chivalry and hold his princess in the passenger’s seat throughout the journey. Geet couldn’t wish for more. Her two most prized possessions were happy with each other. Naina was already proving to be her father’s angel. She stopped in front of the resort and smiled, “come on.. lets go.”

Maan carried naina and came out, wondering why they were here at her resort! Geet looked at her resort..her mother’s favourite and held maan’s arms, as she led him behind towards the cottage. He played with naina until he stopped, watching the beautiful scene in front of him. She took naina is her arms and kissed her rosey plump cheeks, making her gurgle.  The cottage was still the same, with the small pond in front, soft grass and everything kept intact.


“jaan..where are we?”

Geet looked at him and smiled, “at my mother’s…come on, lets get in.”

This was the first time geet was speaking about her mother to him. She never did.. avantika was always beside her to pamper her and being so close to her personal space was something that made him so happy. He was led inside and was shocked to see all her mother’s belongings in that place. He watched her take naina in front of a huge portrait..he guessed she was her mom because they had so much in common.

Geet let naina touch the portrait as maan came and stood beside her. She was choked with emotions tonight when she felt his soothing hand snake round her waist and pull her close. She looked at the portrait and a drop of tears escaped her eyes, “mom..see…its Naina.. you would be so happy right?”

Maan held her close, soothing her. She had always missed her mom in her life but nisha and avantika seemed to fulfil that. But it was also true that she didn’t have her mother and her beloved daddy to share this happiness. They’d have been so happy to see their princess’s angel in her arms.


She gave Naina to maan who was very much enjoying this whole trip and speaking to them in her own language. Geet opened her bag and took out her little doll that she always had. she turned to maan and smiled, “I don’t think i am going to need it anymore now…her place is here..”

She placed the doll by the portrait and hugged maan and naina. They were her life right now. She never ever interfered in any office matters..she was firm on her decision. She was a fulltime mom to Naina and and very hot wife. she did well. The only thing that irked her the most was maan pampering Naina to hell. Maan didn’t mind because that was what he loved the most..pampering both his angels…boy, his hands were full.

That night, while coming back home, he decided to drive while naina had slept off.

“Jaan… won’t you look for mom now?”, he didn’t want her to  miss anything in her life anymore.

She just patted naina softly and smiled, “No..i don’t think I need to now. I finally found her..”, and she placed a kiss on naina’s forehead.


Back in their room, she placed naina on her crib and sat beside her, watching her. That had become her hobby these days. Maan smiled and stealthily went ahead and lifted her up in his arms, scaring her, “maan… what are you doing?”

He took her to the washroom and placed her on the cold floor, “you know..i think theres something missing in my life..”, he spoke sadly.

“and pray what is it?”

He sighed and turned on the shower, drenching her completely, earning a shriek from her. She struggled to get out but he held her firm on her place, not letting her even move.

“this is what i missed..”,he spoke, looking deep into her eyes.

“ehh?”, she was confused as to what he was hinting at.

He looked so serious, “i miss this…the feisty geet Handa that i had always known.. i miss her arguments, her command over me.. that fiery attitude and that insane girl…”

She was just drawn into the depth of his eyes until a smile crept on her lips. She pulled him into the shower and took off her shirt, smirking, “so you mean.. this?”

Ohh boy… she had her own ways to surprise him. She pulled off his shirt and smacked her lips right on his. Her hands went to unbutton her jeans followed by his as he backed her up against the wall. She broke the kiss and licked her lips sensuously, “Mr sure didn’t miss me that bad.did you?”

He pushed away the hair from her face and cupped her cheeks, “i missed you like hell jaan…”

“then surprise me Maan…”, she moaned and then winked at him. He sighed..who was he kidding! She was Geet after all. He picked her up and lowered her in to the bath tub, turning the water on, determined to make this a wonderful night for her.



She walked in to the party,  with her head held high, with little naina struggling to catch up with her mom’s pace. There was some party and maan had to attend it. He had reached a bit earlier for some meeting and they had to join him in a while.

Heads turned around to watch the Geet Khurana, the hot headed heir to such a huge property but gave up everything just to be with her love. She still had at aura,…that arrogance in her..that cold look she gave to people. Some people were very sure she didn’t change a bit..and indeed she never changed. Just that her outlook had changed.

Geet wore a tight fit black jeans and an off white shirt, since the party was more official. She knew what to wear and what to speak. Some of her old associated greeted her..she nodded in acceptance and went ahead, looking for maan. Little Naina was hardly 5 years and she wore a cute pink frock because her beloved daddy wanted her to wear that tonight for him.

(am as much a ruhi fan like most of you here)Wink

Naina was a total replica of maan…her postures, her looks, her way of sitting.. eating everything. And she was maan’s world. Geet was forgotten the moment maan comes back home and takes his princess in his arms. Naina watched her mommy’s high heeled sandals as she struggled hard to catch up with her.

Geet watched maan talking to some random girl who seemed to throw herself at him! Damn that bitch! The whole world knows he was married but bloody bimbos still try to get on him. She eyed that girl nastily.. she was not backing off.  Well..she wouldn’t let her go easily even for this small thing as well. She held naina’s hand tighter with one hand while got a glass of her fav red wine on the other, and walked towards maan with a smirk.


Maan was trying to make a conversation regarding the deal they had signed but this stupid woman seemed to be more interested in him. Gosh..he prayed someone save him and the next moment he watched his darling wifey pour the entire glass of wine on the lady in front of him.

“what the hell.. can’t you see i am in the middle of an important discussion??”, the lady screamed, scaring little naina! Maan was so happy to se his princess. He just lifted her in his arms and she hugged her, finally reaching her daddy.

“oops…my bad..”, geet smirked!!

“you bloody shit…i was having an important conversation with my’ partner and you jealous bitch… trying your stunt…”

Geet gave her one look…and that once look said it all, “Bitch please.. he is my husband before he is you “partner’ whatever..”, she stated with a smug smile.

Maan gasped hearing geet, “jaan please… language!!”, he was worried about naina


those words. Naina watched her mommy so bravely shut that girl up. Even she hated any girl approaching her daddy. She snorted her nose and clutched maan tightly, “mommy…”

“yes darling…”, geet replied, not even looking away from that woman!!

“what is a bitch?”, she asked innocently. Maan glared at geet, shocked realizing naina was already learning things. Geet couldn’t hold herself back and burst out laughing. She pointed towards the girl with her thumb, “this woman you see sweetie…trying to irritate your daddy.. people like her are called bitch…”

Maan swore he will give geet a piece  of his mind once they get home. Naina hated girls who line marofied on her daddy. She glared at the woman, “shoo..go away bitch. Stay away from my daddy… go.. goo..”

Geet was laughing her head off while maan stood flabbergasted hearing naina speak those words. The woman felt so humiliated and walked off, not wanting to make a fool out of herself. Once she was gone, naina kissed maan’s cheeks, “you are only my daddy…” and hugged maan. Geet was laughing out… and he just kept on watching her. No wonder naina was possessive about him, just like her mother!! He sighed…well this was his world but he would still talk to geet about her language!



Naina’s tenth birthday was round the corner and geet was busy making list of what they wanted to shop. As time passed, naina grew even closer to maan. They used to call each other with such names..that geet thought were pathetic. Maan called her whatever came to his mind.. sometimes it was naini… or doll or nono.. or titu or whatever! Jaan was still exclusive for her and she enjoyed that. Once the father-daughter duo reunite, she would vanish somewhere!

Naina was waiting for maan..they wanted to go shopping. Just then Ana joined them. She was doing so well in her work and married to one of her college friends whom she had met in London. Geet hugged her  but Ana was more into her princess naina. She loaded naina with all her favourite gifts and what not.

maasi.. you brought this for me… “, naina squealed in happiness carrying her latest doll house that she had asked Ana to bring with her and ana did it happily.

Geet frowed, “Ana stop pampering her too much…”

“come on di..she is just a kid. And she is my princess can’t stop me..”


Geet rolled her eyes when maan came back from office. Naina left everything and ran into his arms. He lifted her up and there was hell lot of exchange of hugs and kisses that geet didn’t even consider counting..they were PDA certificate holders! Maan and Ana had a warm hug.

“hey..where’s harsh?”

Ana sighed, “he is got some work. I was free today so decided to visit my princess.”

“daddy… we need to go shopping today…you remember na?”

He sat on the couch and made naina sit on his lap, “your wish is my command golu..”

Geet rolled her eyes..golu.. damn he invented another name for her!! Seriously…golu???

“NO..naina. No more shopping. I will go get the needful Just  now massi loaded you with gifts right..”

Naina made a face, “aann.. i want new toys mommy..pleasee…”

“NO means NO. You have enough…besides i am not giving you anymore money for that..”, geet said sternly, only to make naina grin.

“what is it now?”, geet looked at her suspiciously.

Naina shook her head, “ok..don’t give…”

Geet wondered what was in that little brain of hers! She was very stubborn and maan always said she inherited that trait from her and naina giving up this easily..not possible!!

“are you sure? Am not going to drive you to the mall as well.”


She nodded happily and pulled maan’s cheeks, “okay… my daady is there..he is my bank credit card..mera debit card…mera driver.. mera doll.. mera teddy…”

And she went on and on pulling his cheeks. Geet watched her husband in shock and so did Ana… while maan agreed happily to be her chauffeur, her driver, her bank balance…and what not!


Geet sometimes wondered if maan had really lost his head but then seeing him so happy with naina only made her feel proud of herself for once in her life. She never stopped him from showering his love on naina for she knew naina needed him as much as she does. He lived in them. She quietly went  to the bed and slipped beside maan, wrapping her arms around him. More than naina, it was his big day today..his princess’s birthday was no less than a national holiday for his employees. He was so tried for he did everything for her.. well all naina had to do was command and he’d happily do anything. She pressed a soft kiss on his forehead as tears of happiness rolled down her eyes, “I love you so much..hotshot!!”

His arms snaked round her waist and pulled her close, surprising him. He came on top of her and dipped his head into her hairs, “and I love you too jaan…”

She just held him close to her heart, feeling his heartbeats and his soft breath. He loved her so selflessly but her love was selfish. And that perfectly balanced each other. She loved him and this life so much more…and she was indeed thankful for that one day in  her life when the stars had conspired for them to meet. And 11 years to their marriage..nothing changed..not his love, not her madness, not their passion…just nothing. The only thing that probably changed over the years was her cooking. She smiled…at least she was a good cook now!

Eternity was in our lips and eyes,
Bliss in our brows’ bent; none our parts so poor
But was a race of heaven.

-William Shakespeare.



Thank You so much for bearing with me.

Thanks a Lot!


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