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Geet realised the poem was something to do with that hospital thing… it was the day she had realized her love for maan….but then..why there was such things in the journal?

Maan had left early as he had some work and then an inauguration ceremony of a shopping mall. Day was going to be a long one… roops was leaving and he knew Geet would be sad.. he didn’t know how..but he just knew. He wanted to give them some privacy. He had been quite happy seeing geet getting back to her old self around roops. He had no issues with roops behaving indifferently with him..but geet was fine.. he loved that feel somewhere within.


Geet: roops.. you better come back for dinner after your work,..

Roops: no ways..aaj jasmeet aunty ke saath dinner hain.. remember I am shifting there….

[no ways… today I have dinner with jasmeet aunty.. remember I am shifting there…]

Geet pouted..she had been enjoying sooo much… , “roops… at least sham ko tho aa..phir chali jaana…

[roops at least come in the evening… then you can go..]

Roops: okies I’ll try!

Dia and namra were off to school and Geet got back to her laptop. She had been trying hard to get her job transferred to Delhi.. but it was getting though that the last resort she felt was to give a resignation letter. She was super frustrated with all the office bearers. Dadima was gone to her friend’s place. Nakul and others were busy in their work but Geet was not at peace. She was walking up and down thinking what could she do. She had been on leave for more than a month,. Pressure was building up. She hadn’t told this to anyone but she was worried about it also. Should she leave her job?


In all her dilemma she thumped on the couch and looked at her phone. And that’s when it hit her. She got ready and took the car keys and ran out. Nakul saw her going and called her back, “Geet baby kahan jaa rahi hain aap?

[Geet baby where are you going?]

She just answered without turning back, “jaldi waapis aa jaungi..agar bache waapis aaye tho sambhal lena….i’ll be back soon..

[I will come back soon… if the kids come back.. take care of them… I’ll be back soon..]


Maan finished with his office…for some reasons his mind was wandering somewhere else. He didn’t know where and why..but he was a little disturbed today. He had to visit some mall for inauguration. It was in central Delhi.. one of the biggest of its kinds having a very posh aura. And of course it had all the branded stuffs….! Maan wanted to get back home… he was never this homesick.. but he couldn’t stop thinking of home today. Adi saw him lost in his world as they drove to the venue. He wondered why was it so..maan was always focused…but then he giggled to  himself. He must be thinking about his wife!!!


Adi had literally spread Maan’s marriage thing to some of the office people… of course those who he believed to be his confidante. They were scared of Maan so didn’t question him and since Maan had himself not announced it to the world, his staff knew how much he remains under media scanner, so kept quite. Maan head adi call him..and that’s when he realized they had already reached the venue. He was behaving weird and he didn’t even realize that! He was just missing his family which was just too unlike him. He looked around to see all the media persons surrounding him…throwing questions at him…. And he didn’t even know what they asked. He left adi to handle all that and went ahead.


Geet stopped the car in front of handa haveli… and stood by the door. 5 years… she hadn’t been there.. her own house.. lace where she was brought up..where she had spent the most precious time of her life. She slowly pushed open the door… everything was just the same…. She had tears in her eyes…5 years.. was quite a long time! She walked through the hall… looking around..everything was just the same as she had left it. She was lost in her own thoughts when she heard her mother, “welcome back home beta….

And that was it. She turned and ran into jasmeet’s arms. It felt so warm….like she was missing this love! Dadima and kids loved her too.. but still she felt cold.. and this was just the perfect place,. It really did feel like home!!! Jasmeet was glad to see her back… she made her sit beside and talked about anything and everything. She even cooked and fed Geet with her own hands. Geet didn’t even lok at the clock. Dia and namra were already home and crying for Geet. But sometimes a little bit of personal space was also required. She was quite disturbed after reading that diary entry and mother seemed to be just the perfect person to turn to. Jasmeet shoved the food into her mouth and asked abruptly, “does Maan accept you Geet? In real sense…. Does he even realize your presence?


Maan cut the ribbon amongst thunderous clap. He was led inside and requested to buy something for himself or his family. He sighed… and looked around. It had all kinds of shops..starting from food to clothing. He just roamed around with a bunch of his associates hanging around with him and the media persons clicking photos even at a very unnecessary thing. He tried to divert his mind but then he couldn’t. he went into a shop and brought two cute dresses for dia and namra. He had a sweet smile selecting dresses for them. He loved the way they’d reject whatever he bought for for them, papa doesn’t know shopping. They always had complaints with whatever he brought but would eventually wear them and flaunt then in front of their friends. He moved ahead and brought a simple pearl set for dadima as she loved wearing them. He felt satisfied but then again something was missing. He knew he was done…. But something was lacking.


Geet stopped eating and looked at jasmeet! She herself didn’t have any answer to that. But she knew somewhere Maan didn’t accept her.. and why to hesitate when it was the truth? Jasmeet sighed understanding her condition, “I know that you are determined Geet.. but I want to be very clear with you. I don’t have any issues with your decision and will support you as well.. but you accept this marriage right?

Geet looked confused… did she accept or not? But she knew in her heart that she did but with Maan it was difficult to accept.


Jasmeet: jitna mein tujhe jaanti hoon Geet… you will never expect anything from him but tu is shaadi ko maanti hain right! Jab koi rishton ko dil se maanne lagta hain na beta.. tho kahin na khin ek choti si expectation aa jaati hain… its not wrong to expect something from your life partner.. wo tera haq hain..but I just don’t you to hurt yourself in these expectations beta… if you feel suffocated.. you are always welcome back! Tujhe azadi chahiye tho mujhse kehna Geet.. I’ll never let you get stuck in something that kills you every minute!

[how much I know you Geet… you will never expect anything from him but you di accept this marriage right? And when someone starts accepting a relationship, somewhere tiny mini expectations crop up…its not wrong to expect something from your life partner.. its your right to do so but I just don’t want you to hurt yourself in these expectations beta… … if you feel suffocated.. you are always welcome back.. if you ever feel like freeing yourself.. then tell me.. I’ll never let you get stuck in something that kills you every moment]


Geet was quite. She was looking down. She knew she wanted to do it.. if not for Maan.. then at least for the kids! She slowly finished her food and got up to leave. She hugged jasmeet and moved ahead quietly. Jasmeet let her go because it was high time she realized what she had to do and what not.


Maan was still feeling empty within. He had finished roaming the entire mall but he couldn’t find peace. He was about to turn back and wind up when his eyes fell on a saaree that was displayed in the glass window of one of the shops. He was instantly reminded of the evening Geet wearing that saaree…. A smile appeared on his lips. She was looking beautiful…and he accepted that. He even felt like laughing at the thought that Geet was wearing a saaree but she did look beautiful and his legs just moved in on their own. He asked the salesperson so get that saaree for him. The man was shocked to see the Maan singh khurana buying a less expensive saaree… it was just simple.. plain body and aanchal with a single color and a wide zari border. He tried to show him something better than that… but Maan’s eyes were just stuck on that saaree. He just knew that will suit Geet perfectly.

Adi looked carefully and smiled, “bhaiyya.. ab jo sir bol rahe hain..wahi kardo…

[bro just do what sir is saying…]


He got it packed and moved out. He was feeling better now..better than what he had been feeling the whole day. He was suddenly at ease and his day just seemed to move normally…in fact he even forgot about all the gifts he had bought in front of his work.


Geet had a tough time making the kids understand that she had gone to visit their choti naani. They were crying but Geet managed to quiet them telling them about roops visiting them in the evening. It was then the kids stopped crying and went back doing their homework. Geet went to her room and again looked at all her documents. She never realized when Maan came.. she was in a dilemma…about her job and about what jasmeet had told her. Maan gave out the gifts and looked around for Geet. Roops just entered the mansion right at that moment and saw Maan handing out the gifts he had brought. She was really infuriated to see him empty handed for Geet. But as for Maan… when he didn’t find her.. he just kept it hidden inside the shopping bags. He didn’t know why but he didn’t feel it was the right time to do so. It was quite awkward too.. so he just dropped the idea and got back to his room.


He changed and sat with his laptop getting back to his mails. House was very quiet… he wondered …too quiet. He took a deep breath in.. pheww he was glad that he’d be able to work peacefully. But oops.. he was so so so wrong and the next moment he heard a loud howling, shouting, shrieking, laughing… whatever you can call it. He got irritated and kept his lappy aside and stood in the corridor, looking down at what was going on. Roops was running with some papers in her hands, dia and namra were clapping and cheering for roops and Geet was running after roops, trying to snatch away the papers.


roops: you called me..and look at you.. what were you doing alone?

Geet: give it back roops.. they are important.

Roops swiftly moved away from Geet’s reach, “kamini…. Aisi kaunsi secret hain tho tu mujhe nahi bata rahi…hmm..”

[whats that secret that you are not willing to tell me hmm….]

Roops was running all round the hall and Geet was really fed up running for her.

roops..waapis kar warna pitegi tu mujhse….”

[roops give it back or else you are going to get a nicee one from me]

no ways… you were hiding it Geet… so am definitely gonna see it…

Geet was wearing her tracks and a top. She saw no other way…roops loved playing hard. But she was the sherni of course. She climbed over the couch and literally jumped on roops, making both of them fall and finally snatched her office papers that she had taken away. She stood up panting and gave a hysterical villainous laugh, “he he he… dekha.. mujhe panga lene ka anjaam..”

[hehehe see what is it to mess with me….]


Ohh she was sooo looking like a villain.. Maan could do nothing but smile at her antics. She was just the same old Geet that he had always seen..bubbly and nautanki! Geet gave another victorious laugh looking up and that’s when she saw him looking intently at her, with a smug smile. Her smile vanished immediately…and her eyes got fixed at him only. He was wearing his black vest and tracks.. her heart skipped numerous beats as she kept looking at him.. and of course feeling embarrassed at being caught in her ‘villainous act’.


Roops got up massaging her arms and looked at Geet. Her eyes were fixed at something up and she rolled her eyes seeing Maan looking back at Geet. She had never seen Geet this lost…. But then she was also angry at Maan for not getting a gift for Geet. So she tried to get the facts in. dadima also joined them when roops broke the silence, “Geet… you know what Maan got gifts for all of them except you…

Roops expected Geet to react violently as she used to,..but to her surprise Geet just averted her gaze and looked down feeling embarrassed. But what to do… her eyes just couldn’t stop staring at the man standing above her.

Dadima rubbed it in, “haan baat tho sahi hain roops… Maan should have brought something for Geet too right….”

[haan you are right roops… Maan should have brought something for Geet too right…]

As if Geet cared! She tried to go from there but roops played her card, “dadima… he doesn’t consider Geet his friend anymore….he has changed..

She pretended as if she had not seen Maan.. but that was also rubbing the wrong side for Maan! How come roops can say like that? Of course he does!

Dadima: and we feel Maan has become selfish too… he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings….


Maan rolled his eyes.. natak mandali!!! To his surprise, even dia and namra joined roops bad mouthing Maan as rude and blah blah blah! Roops was having super fun!! And somewhere Geet was also getting affected.. little bit J of dia and namra.. ek dum tiny mini bit..!

Roops: sigh.. you can’t expect anything from Maan right….

Geet was suddenly reminded of jasmeet’s words. She got up leave. The moment she stepped on the sitars she heard his voice, “Geet…

She looked up.., he was standing at the top most stair holding something.


And he just threw the packet on her..she caught it!

ye kya hain?

[what is this?]

He rolled his eyes and replied, “jo bhi hain..bas pehenna mat…

[whatever it is..just don’t wear it..]


She didn’t miss that naughty glint in his eyes and the next moment he banged the door of his room shut. Roops ran to Geet and snatched away the packet and tore off the covering. Dadima and roops were shocked to see a simple yet a beautiful baby pink saaree …that too gifted by Maan..and to whom..GEET!!!! they had never ever imagined something like this this soon….

Even Geet was awed…. She slowly inched closer and took the saaree in her hands.. it was sooo soft… so smooth…and silky.. she didn’t even realize that she had tears in her eyes. Thousands of emotions brewed up in her heart.. does that mean he cares for her… he brought it for her right…. FOR HER!!! She slowly took the fabric closer and kept it near her heart.. it meant a lot to her… a lot!


Maan sat in his room..thoughtful. he looked at the invitation card he had received from the owner of the shopping mall he had visited. it was for the party the next day.. .. just to celebrate new beginning and it was written, “with family..” and he had requested Maan specifically to bring his family. He kept the invitation aside and rested his head back on the chair..lost in a new dilemma again!


next: partyWink… or party…Broken Heart

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The guys caught up and saw geet. She turned towards another lane and ran. Anisha had hurt her ankle and was bleeding badly. She had never seen anything of this kind  ever in her life. With trembling hands she called up maan and narrated the entire story and that she was hiding somewhere. At first maan was furious but he had to act fast. Luckily, he was with his friends nearby and made it quick to the place where anisha had told. In no time he found her, trembling and sweating. He held her stand up when he saw her ankle bleeding. He didn’t even speak a word. Anisha knew he was angry and didn’t even try to  speak to him. He carried her towards his car and made her sit in the passenger seat. He turned around to look for geet and his anger reached a new level seeing no geet around. He had strictly asked geet not to do anything like this.. and even if she did, where the hell was she?


He looked around and got into the drivers seat… waiting for geet, thinking she might be around. Anisha sat mum… shivering. She had never seen maan this angry ever..moreover she herself was in shock with whatever was happening. It was 5 damn minutes and geet wasn’t back. Maan couldn’t hold back and banged his hand on the steering. Anisha jumped with the sudden movement and was shocked to see maan’s expressions..his eyes were red..spitting fire and he shouted, “WHERE IS GEET?

She trembled with the intensity of his voice. He had never ever been this angry..especially in front of her! She was so scared..he couldn’t even voice out anything. Maan was getting frustrated by the minute and when she didn’t answer, he just held her arms and shook her violently, “where the hell is geet?

This was a shock for anisha… her eyes widened and pupil dilated! She managed to point towards the direction geet had run. And the next moment she heard the door of maan’s side bang shut and he was gone! She sat still for a moment not able to digest what she saw..and why there was so much anger! She held on to herself and came out of the car, limping.


Geet was caught by them but she managed to escape and run. She was smart…. But she was scared too. She somehow lured them to some other lane and ran back for anisha. She wanted to get anisha out of the place before they caught up again. She was limping due all her tiredness. She was just a meter away from the place where she had asked anisha to hide when she collided with something hard. She immediately looked up…only to meet the raging eyes of maan! She herself couldn’t fathom how much safe she felt at that moment… like her life just returned back to her.


Maan looked at geet from top to bottom… her shirt was torn around her right shoulder, the corner of her lips was bleeing.. and she had a lot of scratch marks on her now exposed skin. His anger reached a new height… he had warned them didn’t he… and he was also angry to see geet in that condition….his frustration….. everything just made him mad..not able to help the girls when they needed him…. And those guys who dared to mess with his dear ones just came out as an outburt. He pushed her away a bit and roared, ‘what the hell do you think yourself han? Jab jo marzi aaye wo kardiya..kabhi kisi aur ke baare mein sochti ho bhi ya nahi????

[what the hell do you think yourself han? Whatever comes to your do it… do you ever think of others?]


Geet was shocked to see maan this angry…she thought probably he didn’t know that anisha was just fine. That is why he was getting worried..but she felt something crack within her again when he burst out, “do you even are about anisha? Meine kaha tha na don’t take her with you…you don’t care abouot me or yourself… that’s fine by me..then why her? You kmnow how important she is to me…..”

Geet was stunned! “You know how important she is to me…” rang in her head… was she not important? For the first time in her entire life she felt herself so timid… that crack hurt a lot… a layer of tear settled on her eyes…. Was she of no importance to him…. How easily he said that….it hurt.. and she didn’t even realise that it was her heart that was cracking and it was the pain the cracks caused…..


Maan was angry..yes he was because he had seen anisha in such a state..and he had seen geet in such a state… and he couldn’t do aything and he didn’t even realise what all he had gone and done… what damage he had done.. anisha stood behind maan… hearing all that.. somewhere feeling glad that he cared for her. But she hated the fact that he shouted on geet. For god’s sake it was geet who had saved her… ! maan tunred back to see anisha standing…looking at him..scared and trembling. He shook his head and went closer to her. Anisha moved back a little… angry on him for behaving rudely with geet!

why did you come out of the car? Come..let me help you..” he tried to be as polite as he could..he tried to control his anger. Geet stood numb…. She was blank..  she was hurt…. And she felt her life go away as he moved away! Why did she feel left out…ohh sorry..she had been feeling being left for god knows how long..but she never bothered! Then why today? Did she expect something in return from him? Maan was about to hold anisha’s hand when he heard something drop. He immediately pulled his hand away and tuned back to see geet lying on the road, unconcious. He got so scared…. He ran back to her shouting, “geet…geet…. You okay?” and placed her head on his lap. He tried to wake her up a few more times and when she didn’t, he panicked more.


Anisha tried to walk but it hurt. Even she was worried about geet. But then she saw maan carrying her to the car. His expressions had turned to fear… there was no more anger…no frustration but a sudden panic. He pushed geet  indide the car and sat in the drivers seat. He loked around and realised anisha was still out. He just called her out, “anisha…come fast..we need to get to the doctor…” anisha slowly limped towards the car and sat in. maan drove fast.. his fear returned…. He shouldn’t have shouted at geet like that…!! He recalled his parents..and he couldn’t remember their faces… he was scared to lose anyone after his parents but now geet’s condition just scared him to hell. Geet had always been a strong girl… and he had never seen her so lifeless before. He couldn’t think straight and parked in front of the hospital, not knowing anything else to do.


He carried geet and rushed in..he didn’t hear hear anisha calling him to help her get out of the car or even wait for her. She somewhere felt bad..but then she brushed it aside… it was natural on his part to worry about geet! Even she was! Maan rushed in calling out to the doctors and laid her on the bed. The doctor asked him to wait outside till she checks her up. Meanwhile he called jasmeet and informed about geet being in hospital. He was so scared..he didn’t even budge from his place…anisha called at least sit and relax for a while but he never heard her.


She slowly walked to the nurse and asked for dressing her wound. It was a deep cut….not too deep but painful. She looked towards maan.. and he was still out there..looking for geet! She sat quietly as the nurse dressed her wound..and she didn’t even feel the pain unlike other days! She was lost in her thoughts… and it was then that she was for the 1st time ever she held no importance in front of geet! She tried to divert her mind… it was silly to think… geet was equally important to her also… but somewhere.. today she was in double minds. Why did it happen? She knew how close geet and maan were..then hy suddenly she felt alienated? Like she was no one in between them!!! Was she thinking too much?

Jasmeet arrived and tried to calm maan. The doctor came out and maan rushed to her. Anisha was just a mute spectator of all this. She had nothing to do!!!


Doctor: just relax maan.. she is fine. Just minor scratches…. But she is still unconcious. How did all this happen?

Maan narrated the entire incident and jasmeet was super duper shocked. She saw anisha and went to check on her. Meanwhile, maan asked, ‘how much time will it take for her to wake up doc?

Doctor: umm she will be up any moment..but it seems she is very scared of something..that is why I asked you how did all happen. She had supposedly taken it to heart… and very scared… that is why she  fainted..or else theres nothing serious to it.

As the doctor walked away, maan did take time to realise what happened. Geet was scared… and still she managed to save anisha and also herself… but what did he do? Pour out all his anger on her? He felt bad..real bad and the 1st thing he’d do once she wakes up was to apologise to her.


And it was not long when geet gained consciousness and the next moment she felt someone very warm surround her… squeeze her tight! It took her sometime to realise that she was in a hospital and that maan was hugging her tightly!!!

am sooo sorry geet…. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that…but mein kya karta… mein kitna ghabra gaya tha pata sooo sorry….

[am soo sorry geet… I shouldn’t have shouted  at you like that… but what could I have done? I was so scared you know that… am sooo sorry…]


Geet smiled weakly.. maan was very emotional.. and it was just her to whom he pours his heart out…she was still not over with whatever happened earlier..but seeing him like that…her heart just gave up! She hugged him back feeling at ease! Jasmeet smiled at the duo..and geet felt better… she felt the warmth she had always felt..that calmness that just settled on her heart… it was similar to sometihng…but what? The hug was so familiar… it may not be for maan but she felt it…


Anisha stood at a corner…why did she feel so left out? As if she did not exist! Was there really no anisha? She was completely forgotten…. Why? She felt so alienated… like she didn’t belong there! She had no issues with maan and geet’s frinedship..but today was something different. She had no importance today… she felt the corners of her eyes burn.. and she was not that vad to say maan to stay away form geet… but it did pinch her!!! The way they hugged..the way geet smiled…. The comfort they shared…..she was just a o one! She was nothing infront of them!


And that hit geet…. It was the same feel..that she feels every night… in her dreams… the person holding her close to his heart.. that comfort.. that ease… that security… and her desire to do anything and everything for that person…. Was it maan? Her eyes widened…. She was in love with that person… she had managed to understand…was it maan? So all this..she had been feeling all these years… she was in love with…..



She woke up with a start with namra trying to wake her up. She didn’t even realise when she had slept off the couch itself. Her neck ached…and she loked at the journal in her hands….!

Namra: angel chalo…. Roops jaa rahi hain…

[angel lets go..roops is going..]

Geet checked the time… it was quite late..and she was an early riser.

Geet: papa office chale gaye hain kya? Aap logon ne breakfast kiya?

[ papa left office? You people had breakfast?]

Namra nodded a yes for everything. Geet asked her to go and she’d freshen up and join them. As namra left, geet looked at the journal once again!! She opened the page where she had left the previous night…


tanha aaj mehsoos kar rahe hain….

Kyun unke dur ho jaane ke khayal se darr rahe hain…

Jaante hain ke wo humare hain….

Phir ye kashmakash kyun?

Kyun aaj unki awaz anjaani si lagi…

Kyun unke ask dhundhle se lage…..

Shayad bas ek khauf hai dil ka…

Kyun aaj unse alag mehsoos hone lage….

Kya khata hui humse ki aaj..

Jaane pehchaane se wo… ajnabi lagne lage!

Geet realized the poem was something to do with that hospital thing… it was the day she had realised her love for maan….but then..why there was such things in the journal?


next: kuch tho hua hai…kuch ho gaya hain…Wink

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