What if you meet your mirror image someday??? Shocked???

Actually by mirror image, I wanted to imply someone who is exactly the same as you…your attitude, your behavior towards others, your way of talking, your way of seeing the world…and so on!!!

You’ll like the person for once…but you’d definitely get irritated by those of his attitudes that you have which other people don’t seem to like!!! Then you’ll realize how you can even irritate people  regardless of you being a dignified personality, beautiful/handsome, charismatic and so one “THE GOOD THINGS”!!!

But what if you meet your mirror image who is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE to you…confused???? this is what happens in the life of a young boy and a gir when they meet!!!

Kawaii brings you her 2nd FF on Maan & Geet – FAIRY…TAIL???!!! INTO THE LIFE OF A DEVIL & A DAMSEL.

They say like repels and unlike attracts!!!

On the outside, for people to see,

If she is a rock…he is a boulder!

If she is strong…he is stronger!!!

If she has beauty…he has charms!

If she is intellectual…He is diplomatic!!

If she is cold…he is colder!!

And is she is salty…he is saltier!!!

But what about inside… lets try to find out!!!

If she is innocent…he is evil!!

If she is a naive…he is artful!!!

If she joins hearts…he breaks hearts!!!

If she is kind…he is cruel!!!

If she is a pretty rose…he is a painful thorn!!!

If she has a fear of love…he has a hatred for love!!!!

Just to summarise it all up and give your brains some time to relax…i’d like make a final conclusion!!!


Torn between outer attitude and innerself…what storm arises when these two meet??? When they are separated…or say when they fall in love!!!

Love…hmm…kawaii wonders…now will they ever fall in love??? Will these two OPPOSITE POLES ever MEET???


2 responses to “Fairy….Tail???!!!!

  1. jyotsna

    28/02/2012 at 11:24


  2. Mskfan

    25/02/2015 at 22:37

    Wonderful .awsm story..From start to end it was amazing.


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