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sorry for being this late people…
as u grandfather had a brain stroke and he was in the hospital for weeks
and then we got him to our place here and upar se i had my internals
so i was all stuck up! so to compensate for the loss..
here i am with a loonnnggg update!!!!



Dadima took a deep breath in and spoke bluntly, “she was killed in an accident a year and a half back geet….”

what?” that was the 1st thing she blurted out of the blue!!! Did she hear it right?

Dadima sighed sadly, “yes geet…she has gone very far away from us…..very very far….”


Geet sat numb..motionless…how could this happen?? Every sweet and bitter memories flashed in her mind…the day she had met Anisha in caf….their Maan teasing sessions….their talks…their masti…Anisha’s hatred…her tears…her sweet talks…her smile…everything just came out as tears! Dadima looked at geet carefully and held her hands, “dia and namra are so small geet… hum kaise unhe sambhalenge…aur Maan? Jo hua..that was one could fight against it….but we are so worried for others….hum kya karein geet?

[dia and namra are so small geet… how will we take care of them and Maan? Whatever happened was fate and no one could fight against it… but we are so worried about others… what shall we do geet?]


It was a big shock for geet…Anisha’s demise..and what pained her the post was Maan and those kids being lonely all these years!!! Before Dadima could continue, geet stood up and silently walked towards Maan’s room like it was a reflex!!! She pushed the door open and walked in and saw him standing near the window looking into oblivion. She just didn’t say anything. She put her hand on his shoulder and he knew nothing else. He just turned around and hugged her tight!

His tears wet her shoulders and she just held him…and let him cry silently because she knew Maan needed her the most now!! As for Maan…he really needed someone by his side..especially with the dilemma he is in..and who could be better than geet? There was no need of words between them..she knew what he needed the most like she had always knows…he just has to pour everything out to her!!! that’s it! That was geet…for Maan!!! She will handle everything..there was no need for him to worry anymore!


Later that night..Aryan returned from his trip. Somewhere he had realized that it was time to set her free….no one will remain happy in this relationship and he actually agreed with himself! He found the house entirely dark and quiet. As he walked further..he found geet sitting on the couch in the dark…lost in her thoughts! He went and sat beside her.

Aryan: kya baat hain? itni pareshaan kyun ho?

[whats the matter? Why are you so tensed?]

That’s when geet realized Aryan was back. she gave him a weak smile and tears rolled out of her eyes. Aryan panicked and held her hands!

Aryan: hey….kyun ro rahi ho? Kuch hua hai kya geet?

[hey…why are you crying? Did something happen geet?]

Geet sobbed, “Anisha di…wo….she..she is no more..”


And she broke down. She had managed to put up a brave face in front of Maan and Dadima… but how much could she stop herself? Aryan was shocked…Anisha was his batch mate..not a very good friend though..but that was shocking!!!! He held geet close to his heart and let her cry!!!

Geet: Maan akela hain Aryan…

[Maan is lonely Aryan]

That hurt…hurt a lot!!! But he could never ever ask her to forget Maan..because he knew she lived him!

Aryan asked softly, “you want to go to him geet?


Geet sobbed, ‘I…I don’t know…..but I cannot see him like that! usey meri zarurat hain Aryan…aur dia aur namra ko bhi….unhe meri zarurat hain…

[i…i…don’t know but I cannot see him like that! he needs me Aryan… and even dia and namra,..they need me,…]

That was it!! Aryan knew he had to let her go sooner or later..but he didn’t expect it to be so soon!!! Somehow Aryan managed to get her back to her room and make her sleep. But geet was restless… she couldn’t have slept in peace when a part of her was away in agony!!!


The next day…she was again running here and there…getting ready. Roops served breakfast and called out, “geet..whrere are you going? Tu kisi se kuch keh kar kyun nahi jati?? At least have your breakfast..”

[geet where are you going? Why don’t you say anything to anyone as to where are you going? At least have your breakfast…]

Aryan came to the hall smiling, “ab usey mat rook Roops…ab kuch nahi ho sakta!!!

[don’t stop her anymore Roops… nothing can be done now!!!]

Roops: what are you saying Aryan?

Aryan coolly munched his toast and said, “she found her destiny Roops..let her go!”

That was enough to make Roops understand what was going on! It was somewhere related to Maan she knew it!


Roops: why are you doing this Aryan? Jasmeet aunty aaj aa rahi hain pata hai na! what shall we tell her?

[why are you doing this Aryan? Jasmeet aunty is coming down today…remember? What shall we do?]

Aryan: tell her the truth Roops! Geet won’t be able to live without him….

Roops: then what about Anisha han?

Roops got very angry when Aryan told her about Anisha’s demise!!!!


Roops (angry): han tho Anisha nahi hai that’s why he needs geet right now..hai na! pehle tho geet ki yaad nahi aayi? Phir ab kya hua use? Why is he doing this to her? geet ko jaane ki kya zarurat hain? Anisha mili nahi tho geet hi sahi… how low can he stoop?

[yeah right so Anisha is not there that’s why he needs geet right it so? Where was this before? What happened to him now? Why is he doing this to her? and why does geet need to go? He didn’t get he can take in geet… how low can he stoop?]


Aryan: Roops..calm down…its not like that,..

Roops shouted back, “then how is it? Geet is one mad girl who will push herself to the extreme for him… and he just seems to take advantage of that!!! and I am telling you Aryan…geet can never be happy like this!!!”


That when they saw geet running out… Roops turned to catch hold of her..but stopped seeing Jasmeet standing in front of them. Her eyes widened seeing her standing at the door..did she hear everything? Ohh god,..her face was cold and expressionless..!!! geet walked past Jasmeet and she held her hands! That when geet realized it was her mother!!!

Geet: mom…aap?

Jasmeet: where are you going?

Geet knew she would stop her..and she was in no condition to stop..she cant stop herself from going to him! She just looked down..keeping mum!!!

Jasmeet breathed in sharply, “geet…tu aisa kyun kar rahi hai beta..?

[why are you doing this beta?]

Geet: let me go…..please….

Her voice has so much pain..and the way she requested…. Jasmeet couldn’t have stopped her anymore. Her grip loosened and she ran away!!!


Meanwhile in Maan’s room…

Dadima: aaj hum bahut khush hain Maan…geet waapis aa gayi hain..

[we are very happy today Maan… geet is back..]

Maan was getting ready to leave for office. They’d be leaving for Delhi a day later. So he had to wind up his work.

He smiled, “yes she is back Dadima.. and even I am happy!!!”

Dadima: Maan..hum soch rahe the aaj ye rishta kar hi de..

[we were thinking we should go ahead with this alliance]

Maan turned back to look at Dadima..she had a strange happiness in her eyes…and he was actually scared of that!!!!

Maan: kaisa rishta?

[which alliance]

Dadima said happily, ‘aapka aur geet ka…

[geet and yours]

Maan was shocked to hear that!! he was actually furious!

Maan (angry): Dadima…do you even realize what you are saying?

Dadima’s smile vanished seeing him so angry! How much she had wished to see Maan and geet together… but Maan’s reaction was somewhere scaring her!


Dadima: what happened Maan?

Maan: how can you ever think like that Dadima? Aap geet se….arrrghhh aap aisa soch bhi kaise sakti hain??? just because I agreed to think over a marriage that doesn’t mean you do like this!!!

Dadima: tho isme galat kya hain Maan? Aap aur geet ek dusre ko kaafi ache se jante hain…its better to bring geet home rather than someone whom you don’t know…

Maan was enraged and probably for the 1st time he raised his voice against Dadima, “so you think marriage is a game Dadima??? Let me get it clear..i am marrying because you wanted me to..for my kids and not because I want it okay!!!”

Dadima was shocked to see him this angry!!


Maan: Anisha still lives in me Dadima… I don’t care about whatever happened between us..but I still love her. and geet…. Do you even know about her life 5 years later? Is she married or engaged or where does she live or what she thinks of this? Did you ever think of her? how can you so easily pull geet into all this han? Don’t complicate things than they already are…

Dadima went quiet hearing that! true she didn’t know what was geet’s life now..she had been so much involved in her own thoughts that she had completely forgotten about this!! But somewhere she still has a feeling that geet isn’t married..there was nothing in her that shows she was married and she knew geet still loved him..or else she would never have come to him like this!!


Maan gave her a disappointing look, ‘it will be better if you don’t speak anything on this in front of geet…!! She has her own life Dadima.. we cannot go and spoil it like that!

He walked away angrily, running into geet in the hall way. He looked at her face..and took a deep breath in and walked out. geet saw his face..she knew he was angry at something… what was it? She saw a dejected Dadima come out. she ran to her and held her hands!

Geet: Dadima.. are you alright? Kya baat hain? why was he so angry? Aur aap..maan ne kuch kaha kya aapse? Uske liye mein aapse maafi mangti hoon….

[Dadima..are you alright? Whats the matter? Why was he angry? And did he tell you something? I apologize for him…]


Dadima looked at geet one more time carefully and she was 100% sure that she still loved Maan and that she was not married. She had no idea about her engagement or whatsoever….but Maan’s words did make her think about Geet’s current life!!! She had gone away from everyone so suddenly..and somewhere that night had all the answers!

Dia and namra came out running and pulled geet into their room. Dadima kept quiet the whole day..lost in thought!

Later in the evening geet took namra and dia for an outing…and a small ice cream party. In the car, namra sat beside geet and dia on her lap, almost dozing off with the cool breeze.

Namra: angel..hum kahan jaa rahe hain?

[angel..where are we going?]

Geet: we are going to the beach..

Namra’s mouth turned a big O, “beach…waaaooo…. Hum hum wahan bahut khelenge na angel…

[beach…waaaooo….we’ll play a lot there na angel…]


Geet nodded smiling and held dia properly as she slept off on the way itself. geet enjoyed with the kids but her mind was somewhere else. How could Maan have managed everything all alone? How much pain he must have undergone…..


It was around 6 in the evening when Dadima heard a knock on the door. Maan was back early and was engrossed in a call. Dadima opened the door..and was shocked to see Jasmeet…after so many years……looking pale and weak!!

Dadima was surprised, “j..jasmeet..beta aap….

And she hugged her. Jasmeet gave a weak smile and hug back lightly. Dadima feklt that difference! She instantly let go and pulled her in. Maan came out, still talking on the phone and his eyes fell on Jasmeet…his mumma! He immediately disconnected the call and it actually took him some time to realisre that was the truth!!!! Jasmeet was actually standing there…in real!!! He ran and hugged her like never before…Jasmeet smiled to see her son grown up so much and reciprocated the hug!!! Dadima somewhere understood that change in behavior!!!

Maan pulled her and made her sit on the couch!!


Maan: mumma..kahan chali gayi thi aap? Pehle geet aur aap..kyun chali gayi mujhe chodkar…

[mumma.. where had you gone? 1st geet..then you… why did you leave me and go…]

Before he could continue, Jasmeet spoke up, “Maan..i need to talk to you and maa urgently..right now!

Her tone was strict and serious!

Jasmeet turned to Dadima, “geet ko aur mat uljhaiye maa..she has seen a lot…

[don’t entangle geet anymore maa.. she had seen a lot..]

Dadima understood her unsaid words… she immediately dipped her head and tears rolled out.


Jasmeet: Maan… I know everything about you..and am really sorry about Anisha..but please move on Maan.. you have the right to be happy…it may be difficult for you beta..but I really want to see you settling back in life again!!!

Maan: mumma..aap bhi..

He closed his eyes to hold that drop of tear Jasmeet seemed very cold..he didn’t know why…but she sure sounded different!!! But Dadima knew Jasmeet was just trying to protect geet,…more than geet, Jasmeet was heartbroken after Maan and geet’s rishta was pulled off!


Dadima couldn’t have done anything!!! She really didn’t want to hurt geet either! She had given a deep thought t her words in the morning and after seeing that coldness in jasmeet’s eyes… she knew what she had to do!

Dadima sighed sadly, “tum hi samjhao isey jasmeet..he has turned so mean!

[you only make him understand Jasmeet..he has turned very mean]

Maan: Dadima..what are you saying?

Jasmeet didn’t want to say anything here. She just wanted to make sure geet’s wasn’t hurt! 5 years sure had changed everyone.!!!

Dadima just couldn’t stop herself and burst out, “you are so selfish Maan… bas apne liye you are not giving your children their rights….

Maan was shocked to hear ‘selfish’ for himself..that too from Dadima!!!


Dadima: just because of your happiness…just to see you happy..anisha agreed to carry namra…even though she was not at all ready for it..just to see you happy and your kids happy..geet came back…and you…what are you doing? you are just thinking about yourself Maan…

Those words were too heavy for Maan…. Tide of time had left deep scars on his heart..and now when he knew namra was….ohh is that why namra was born weak..almost dying…!!! He went numb… and he actually didn’t know what to do or what to say!!! His head dipped in extreme sorrow.

Dadima: aur aapka jo rawaiyya hai na Maan… kaun karega aapse shaadi han? No one..and because of your selfishness….you will stay alone like this Maan…..! we wanted to see you happy Maan… now tell me who will marry a man like you?

And that’s when they heard the door bang open and geet marched in and shouted back at everyone on their faces, “mein karungi Maan se you get that? I will marry him… so leave him alone!

[I will marry Maan… do you get that? I will marry leave him alone!]


next: “hum tho haare..maahiya re..

moonde naina..neend tihare…”

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She really didn’t want to face him and that was clearly visible on her face..and the pain that reflected!! Her heart contracted thinking about Anisha…will she even want to see her face?

Maan kind of understood that look on her face. He moved forward to reach her..make her tell her so many things. She just stood up..and moved a step back!!! Maan felt that pinch him..why was she running away? Why? What did he do? Dia and namra looked at both of them shocked..not able to understand what they were doing!!!!


Maan was pained to see her running away from him…he didn’t know why! 1st she tries to distance herself from him…and then suddenly disappear for 5 long years and when they meet again..she is running away from him! Why?


Maan; geet….meri baat suno

[geet…listen to me]

She just wanted to get away from there. She shut her eyes and walked out..literally running away when she heard dia speak, “angel!! Aap jaa rahi ho?”

[angel you are going?]


She stopped….dia and namra were the cutest angels ever on this earth..anisha will never like her staying with her kids! It was better she goes away from there before she comes.

Namra: aap waapis aaogi na?

[you will come back na??]

They had so much much expectations and so much sweetness…. She couldn’t reply them because she didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Dia: you will come na angel?


Even Maan looked at her expectantly…even Dadima! She was trapped in a maze..there were so many entries but there was hardly any exit! And with her weak wouldn’t take her even a second to go back to Maan and Dadima.. and the cuties but she cannot right! They heard a loud thunder..probably it was going to rain. Dia got scared and hugged namra. Geet helplessly looked at the two cuties.. why did she feel that they needed her? why there was a sudden urge to be with them and hold them tight in her cocoon? Why did she feel a pull towards them? She really didn’t want to go..yet she had to go! There was no place for geet in here.

She looked one last time at Maan’s face and couldn’t stop her tears. No matter wherever she goes or where she hides..her stupid heart always has the weakness for Maan!! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! There was another loud thunder and she just ran out. Dadima sighed and kept looking at her… she had said 5 minutes right..she wont stop her! she knew she was being a bit selfish..but she can never see all her children breaking down like that. she was determined to bring them together before she closes her eyes forever!


Maan ran after. He had found her after so many years..and this time he wont let her go. He couldn’t stop Anisha… it was never in his hands..he was helpless that time..but this time he is not. He will bring her back and they will go back to the good old days that they shared! Geet was someone that he had always wanted beside him in every step of his life..even when Anisha was with him and even now! He was alone..he had tried searching for her so much…but didn’t understand why he couldn’t find her!


It had suddenly started raining heavily in the otherwise bright afternoon. Geet ran out…what was she doing? Everything went blurry in her tear clouded eyes. She cried..suppressing her voice..and that’s when she felt someone hold her hand and haul her into his chest. She knew it was Maan…she closed her eyes and tired to push him away!

Maan: geet..listen to me…

Geet cried, “no..let me go…..

She struggled hard..wriggling her hands… trying to pull herself out but he held her strong…not letting her move!

Maan: listen to me geet..look at me….

She shook her head violently, “no..please..let me go Maan… jaane do mujhe…


Abhi to aaye the aur aise chal diye

Dekha bhi nahi aur fir gum ho gaye…


Kya hai jo tumhe mujhse dur le gaya hai

Bata bhi do kyu tumne ye duri banayi hai…


Aaye ho ab to fir na jaane denge

Chahe jitna bhaag lo hum ab tumhe dhund leng

(by ritzz)


He suppressed his own cry and hugged her tight. She was again trying to go away….and he really can’t afford to lose her! she cried.. struggled to move away hit his chest hard..but he still didn’t let go. He just held her tight..close to him! She fought for long..Rain drenched them completely… and she cried….!! He didn’t even loosen his grip. Finally she just ceased her struggle and hugged him tight..crying her heart out. he just held her…letting her cry! He didn’t know why she was so upset or why was she running away from him… but that didn’t matter any more…what mattered him the most was he finally found her.


Geet hugged him never before. All these years…how much she had craved for him… Maan…Maan…. Maan…. that was it! She just gave up..she couldn’t hold back and held him tight! She was seeing him after so long..he was fine..he was so happy,….that just soothed her heart and that he still remembered her!!! they stood there..getting wet in the rain..god knows for how long but finally geet moved back..wiping her tears and turend to leave. He held her hand!


Maan; tum aaogi na..

[you will come na..]

She bit her lips..she can never ever deny him. It was never in her to deny him what he expected from her! she just nodded softly and walked ahead!!!




Geet lay on her bed…it was 1am and she isn’t able to sleep a wink. Every time she closed her eyes..dia and namra flashed in front of them! They way they looked at her…they spoke to her…and that moment when namra was trying to comb dia’s hair..why did it feel that something was wrong? Even Maan… he held on to her like he needed her more than anything else!!! Why was she feeling so restless1 where was Anisha when she went in there? But she had to admit she was eagerly waiting fpr the morning so that she could go and meet them! And Maan..the way he asked her to come… she had to go!!!!


Next Morning…

Geet left without having breakfast. Prem was to leave to pune and geet didn’t even speak to him. Rather..she didn’t speak to any one since last night. She was lost in her own world….she hadn’t even had her dinner and she was hurriedly getting ready to go somewhere none knew of!!!

Roops held her hand, “geet..kahan jaa rahi hain?

[geet..where are you going?]


Geet just gave a look that shocked Roops..she was completely in a she doesn’t know is going around her.. her mind was somewhere else!!! She was hurriedly packing some things…and running here and there.

Roops asked again, “ least have breakfast..”

Geet just answered absentmindedly, “nahi..mujhe late ho raha hain..they must be waiting for me….

[I am getting late.. they must be waiting for me…]

Prem:  am going today geet… tu kahan jaa rahi hain.??

[am going today geet… where are you going?]

Geet ran out holding her car keys, “I am late..i have to go..”


And she was gone!!! The one thing that was in her mind that they must be waiting for her!!! well..this was the geet… that lived and dies for Maan!!! Roops and Prem didn’t understand anything. Aryan was out for a few days.. and geet behaving weird!!!


Geet ran up the stairs because the lift was full!!! She was completely breathless by the time she reached his suit. She was about to ring the bell when she heard a loud cry from the other side of the door. She panicked…was it dia..or namra??? She literally gate crashed and ran inside and help crying namra in her arms and gave a deathly glare to Maan!!!!


Maan was surprised to see geet there..and the way she glared at him… he gulped hard!!!! He was trying to feed vegetables to namra…and when she didn’t he scolded her and she started crying. Geet kissed namra and looked at Maan holding spoon in his hand  looking at them incredulously.

Geet: aarrghhh Maan…

Maan: kya? She was not eating vegetables…

And before even he could say a word further she shouted back, “tho iska matlab you will start doing atyachaar on them han? Bolo..mera muh kya dekh rahe ho? Aisa koi karta hain kya? You actually made her cry you monster….

[so does that mean you will start torturing her then han? Tell… you are you looking at my face like that? you actually made her cry you moster]


Dia was hiding under the table because she knew if she was caught Maan will make her eat all of those veggies too. Namra was caught..she had to pay! She heard geet and slowly peeped out and giggled seeing geet shout at Maan!!! Maan noticed dia and turned to her, “ were hiding here han..badmash!

Dia giggled and ran and hid behind geet.

Maan: dia…come out….


Dia stuck to geet while geet some how managed to pacify a crying namra. Maan rolled his eyes and went around geet and pulled dia out holding her hands.

Dia made a pout, “nahi   khana papa..plleeejj..”

[wont eat papa..pllleeejjj]


Maan lifted her up with his one hand and held the bowl in the other, “kaise nahi khaogi mein dekhta hoon…. Eating vegetables is good for health.”

[I’ll see to it how you wont eat… eating vegetables is good for health]


He carried her to the couch and made her sit there. Geet managed to calm namra down and held the glass of milk for her. she wondered where was Anisha and why was Maan doing everything all alone. That was really not giving her a good there was something she doesn’t know. Namra was still sobbing.

Geet: na beta…good girls don’t cry na..chalo be brave.

Namra gave a weak smile and sipped milk in installments.

On the couch..maan was having tough time to feed dia.

Maan: dia…finish your food…

Dia shook her head, playing with the cushion, “naaah…

Maan just put the bowl aside and started tickling her. dia rolled on the couch laughing. Maan was having super fun!


Maan:nahi khaogi?

[you wont eat?]

Dia (laughing): na….

Maan tickled harder, “ab bhi nahi?

[not even now?]


Dia just kept on laughing….her giggle filled the air..geet’s attention was diverted towards little dia. She was so awed by those two cuties..and Maan’s smile..she felt she could just look at him forever and ever and ever…..realization stuck her….. he was married and he was the father of two kids..and what was she doing there? She pushed aside the thought for the time being and concentrated on her work. Namra was better now. Maan managed to feed dia and went to chage as he was to leave for office. Dia ran and hugged geet!


Dia: you came angel…

Geet nodded smiling. Namra smiled and placed a kiss on geet’s cheek!

Namra: chalo angel… we will play…

Both of them pulled geet to their room. She just followed them. Dadima stood by the door watching all the events. Somewhere her wish was coming true! She recalled the day she had put forward Maan and geet’s rishta in front of Jasmeet…she had done it without asking Maan because she knew geet was just the best for Maan… and the glow on geet’s face…the happiness in jasmeet’s eyes.. and in a flash everything changed!!! Maan had put forward his will to marry Anisha… and geet..she had smilingly supported him throughout! How much will she do for him? Dadima knew this was one of the reasons for geet leaving them and going away. But if possible..she will like to see Maan and geet happy together…they will be happy together..they are happy together,..she can guarantee that!!!!


Geet was playing with the kids when her phone vibrated with aryan’s name flashing on it. She didn’t even think twice and disconnected the call. She got few more calls from her office and she declined all of them and finally switched off her cell. More than that..the thing that was bugging her was Anisha’s absence. It was evening and she had to leave. She got so close to the girls in one day itself that she didn’t want to go..but she didn’t know how right she was!! She decided to leave when she collided with Maan..getting into the suit.


Geet was lost in deep thought… there was no sign of Anisha anywhere around. She was not sure whether to ask about their mother to the kids..but then thought otherwise. It was evening she there was no Anisha… she was with the kids all the time so she couldn’t even ask Dadima about it. But she was really curious…she was going away lost in her thoughts when she collided with Maan!


He looked tired…and that rich corporate look of his..ohh god.. she couldn’t believe she still felt like drooling on him! But she had an important question to ask too. He smiled at her and she popped the question, “Maan..where is Anisha di?

That was sit! His heart contracted!!! Where is Anisha? He went numb…Anisha.. millions of memories flashed in his mind….he hadn’t spoken about her for god knows how long!!! Tears threatened his eyes… and his smiled just vanished! Geet just watched his expressions change into a painful one! she couldn’t understand where did she go wrong? Why was he sad? Is something wrong? She raised her hand to reach him.


Geet; Maan…

He pushed away her hand and walked into the bedroom..Shutting the door with a bang! Geet just watched him… unable to understand what just happened! She turned around to see Dadima standing near her!! geet gave her a questioning look and Dadima pulled her made her sit on the couch.

Geet: Dadima..anisha di kahan hain? meine unhe kabse nahi dekha…

[Dadima where is Anisha di? I haven’t seen her for so long]

Dadima: I have seen that restlessness in you geet..since the time you have come here!! You really want to know where is Anisha?

Geet: yes Dadima..why the kids alone? Why Maan is alone? Di kahan hain Dadima?

Dadima held her hands, “if I tell you where is Anisha.. will you come back to us geet?


Geet didn’t know what to answer. She was here because Maan wanted her to be..but after this…she didn’t even have the tiniest idea what to do..but she really did want to know where was Anisha! and maan’s reaction to her question was something very shocking to her

Geet: Dadima.. please bataiye Anisha di kahan hain….

Dadma took a deep breath in and spoke bluntly, “she was killed in an accident a year and a half back geet….


next: maan..did you think about our proposal?

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