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my final xam date sheet is out
life’s gonna be busier
but still i will try to update in between my holidays.
for the time being… actually for this phase of the story,
please bear with the small updates
longer ones in the second phase of the story

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Warning: 18+
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He hovered over her lips for a while… and then trailed down to her valley, placing wet smooches on her exposed skin. She went blank for a while and clutched the sheets tighter… she was wavering… faltering… she was getting moved. This was so not happening… her hold became tighter, as he slowly came atop her, setting his lips on her in a slow sensual deep kiss. Her hands automatically wrapped around his taut chest, hugging him while he dipped lower, slowly, sleekly, placing wet kisses everywhere he could.

He looked at those tempting curves that puckered their buds just by his one gaze. He leaned over and took in that entire mound of flesh into his mouth, flickering his tongue over her hardened buds. She hissed his ecstasy.. that satisfaction she was feeling within. He was slow and deliberately lingered longer, making her feel the bliss while she just waited to expect what might his next target be.


She had never felt this breathless or this excited before. His touch was stirring some new feelings in her that she had never been exposed to such things. She felt her hands move in a rhythm of their own… they slid up and down his bare body as her lips grazed his shoulder. He tasted of fire… a sweet fire perhaps..a sinful one that you’d rather choose to die in its heat than let it go.  She felt her muscles tense between her legs, throbbing to get even more intimate. Her hand moved down to free him from his jeans. He jerked back with the feel of her hands round his waist and smirked evilly. He moved a bit away and looked at her naughtily, “not so soon sweetheart… you are yet to be punished for your deeds…”

Before she should even react, she felt his lips return back to hers, devouring her carnally, wildly, biting her till she bled while she was stuck at a point.. his one hand held hers from moving while the other moved tenderly on her skin, making her feel ticklish.


“maan…stop…”, she spoke breathlessly not able to take that ecstasy so much. he smiled and slowed down but his actions left her blissfully shocked. His hand slid down to take off her shots and further down the edge of her panties trailing deliberate stokes…almost arousing her beyond anything. She so wanted to scream out but could only feel her own gasp as she felt his fingers slide into her in one swift moment. Her legs closed reflexively while her eyes widened to feel such an intimacy from him. she looked at him surprised but her vision blurred. His fingers rubbed her slowly, erotically on the right places that left her panting furiously. Her eyes had been shut tight and her head turned sideways when he whispered in her ears, “look at me sweetheart…”

She was probably not in a position to take in another gush of breath…looking at him was suddenly getting so impossible.

“Geet… look at me…”

“…”, she managed to whisper. His fingers wrecked havoc on her senses, making her even more wet and aroused. Her rock hard ni***** gave away the extent.



Ohh she didn’t even know why and how this word could have such an impact on her so much. she absolutely hated him for doing this to her. she slowly turned towards him and managed to open her eyes…gently. her focus was still not perfect but she could see his blurred face…so full of love and care.  He leaned over and kissed her nose softly… and then pecked her lips. She squirmed underneath him while he moved lower, placing one kiss below the other. He licked her br***** sensually, before placing wet smooches and then slid further down, trailing a line of kisses.

“ohh maan..”, she had probably become too poor today..having nothing but his name on her lips…completely blank that she was and totally lost in his world.


His tongue darted out swiftly and replaced his fingers right over her core making her scream loud enough for the whole city to hear. She had never expected this… not in her lifetime. Her fingers clutched the pillows tightly, trying hard to cover her scream as his tongue tasted those feminine juices in her…sucking out all that sweetness. His kisses were deep and erotic, making her swoon in anticipation while she throbbed harder with each stroke of his warm sexy tongue, delving deeper each time it thrust her. she writhed in pleasure as she hit her first orgasm of the night… moaning out his name loudly. Shaking violently!


He stopped, satisfied…and came atop her to see her flushed face…red and puffed. He didn’t even let her rest…he kissed her wildly on her lips not even letting her recover. Upon getting no response, he held her hand and jerked it close to his manhood, letting her know how much he was affect with this closeness. She opened her eyes and kissed him back, while her hands deftly undid his jeans, and then his boxers, baring him as much as she was. She didn’t even have to tell him…he was all over her even before she demanded, kissing, fondling and playing with her assets. It wasn’t long when she found herself wet all over again and the next moment she felt him right inside her, with one vicious thrust taking her to the end of the world. All she did was moan and shiver under him while he made love to her wildly… taking her to the edge and then bringing her down. It wasn’t long when she felt him swell and burst into her, finding his release as he collapsed on her heavily, breathing furiously.

“I love you…”


She heard those three words one again that Probably felt like the icing on the cake, in the aftermath of passion. She Had somehow grown addicted to those words… thought she never knew what they mean to someone..neither did she ever reply him back but somehow those words seemed to become an integral part of their togetherness.


He came out with his lawyer only to be greeted with yet again, an unpleasant news of his shares being brought by the Khurana Empires. He was shocked beyond words… how could maan let that happen? Let down his friend? He went back to his desk, checking every fact and detail of the so called news and he just couldn’t believe what was happening. Things were slipping right under his palms.


She woke up with the buzz of his phone in the early hours of dawn. She looked who was the caller and found someone from office. She was in no mood to let anyone take her hotshot away. She yawned and disconnected his phone and kept it in silent. The phone slipped her hands as she lazily rolled over o his side, hugging him . he was fast asleep but he could still feel her movements. He smiled and lifted her petite form on him. she lazily snuggled into his arms, placing soft kisses on his bare chest.

“jaan don’t…”

She giggled and continued to kiss him here and there, “I get my equal share as well hotshot… you can’t always be in advantage you see…”

He smiled with her shrewd answer, “tum kabhi sudhrogi nahi na? Here comes the Geet handa the shrewd…”

[you are never going to change do you?]

 And He stopped.

“…bitch…”, she offered with that sly grin as she straddled him, letting the spread slide down, baring herself completely, “you don’t have to stop maan…thats whats I am right… but that doesn’t mean you are spared…”

She spoke biting his lips. He cupped her br**** and raised himself to take them in his mouth while she moaned out his name. He flipped her over and bit her bud, making her wince in pain, “you are my jaan…remember that okay… only my jaan…”


She smiled naughtily and took a chance to reach for his hardness, surprising him with her boldness. Her hold tightened around him as he bit her harder to hold himself. He was already hardening and almost ready to burst.  He pulled himself away and narrowed his brows at her, “jaan you should better stop now…”

She ignored him altogether rather she was hell bent on making him taste his own medicine.

“why should I… when you never listened to me last night…”

“come on… you were enjoying that jaan…”, he spoke breathlessly.

She gave him a sly grin, “don’t deny that you are enjoying now…”

“ohh jaan… then better take it your way…”

He smacked his lips right on hers and pushed his tongue indie forcefully, not even letting her moan. His fingers duplicated hers exactly the way she had tortured him but between her legs.

“ohh…no…”, she gasped whilst his lips drew themselves away towards her warm wet core, ready to devour her all over again. he parted her slender smooth legs and watched her beauty unfurl in front of his eyes…looking at her face with a certain enthusiasm of a child. He dipped his head lower, tasking her to the core…reaching out to her. she squirmed and moaned… and screamed but he didn’t stop until he was satisfied.


She felt his weight shift on hers completely now and then he rammed right into her, catching her off guard. His fingers dug into her br****, almost making it bleed. She had never felt this wanted or loved… but everything seemed so new and all so good.

It was around 10am when he pulled her out of the bed and carried her to the shower. She was completely drowsy when he dipped her in the warm water in the bath tub. She seemed too tired.. so he just let her rest a bit and went to search for his phone, knowing Geet might have not even thought twice before breaking it. he went ahead and searched for his phone and found it on the carpet. He checked the logs— some from office and some from nisha. he immediately called back nisha who answered in one ring.


“maan… Geet tere saath hain kya beta? She is missing again…”

[maan… is Geet with you beta?]

Maan smiled, knowing that he is the first one nisha would call whenever Geet went missing.

“ji Chachi…wo kal se mere saath hain…”

[yes Chachi… she is with me since yesterday]

“but kal raat se…”, and then she stopped somewhere realizing whatever the matter could be.

[but since last night…]

She smiled, “tu theek tho hain na maan? Am more worried about you…”

[are you okay maan?]

She burst out laughing, making him feel embarrassed…still wondering if nisha still approved of them being together like this. He respected nisha  a lot… somewhere he didn’t want to hide anything with her.


“ fine… but..erm… just wanted to know.. umm we’re together..I mean I love her a lot Chachi and I really can’t live without her…her being with me like this..umm..”

Nisha kind of understood what he might be thinking and she actually  got convinced by his sincerity towards this relation, “its okay maan… I understand what you want to say. And I know you really love her beta… and issey badi baat mere liye kuch aur nahi ho sakti… meri parkati sahi haathon mein hain… shayad tumhare pyaar se wo badal jaaye..”

[and I know you really love her beta… and theres nothing more I want. My parkati is in safe hands.. may be your love can change her.]

I love her Chachi..and I love her the way she is. I want nothing more…”

Nisha was pleased…maan was the right one for her..just the perfect one.

“so… if your romance is done… do come over for breakfast with my parkati… and be fast…”

He laughed and blushed, “ji Chachi…”


He went to check on Geet. he knocked a few times and went in upon hearing no reply. He almost laughed, seeing her sleep comfortably in the bathtub. He went closer and tried to wake her up. She flinched a bit and slept off again. he sighed and carried her naked form into the bedroom. She looked so vulnerable…sexily vulnerable. He just felt like making love to her all over again. he managed to push aside every thought and laid her on the bed, wrapping the spread around her.

“jaan…wake up…”,he spoke pecking her lips, “jaan…”

“umm… sone do maan…am tired..”

[let me sleep maan… am tired]

She turned lazily while he pulled her to a sitting position. She frowned, pulling herself back, “chalo ghar nahi jaana hain kya…”

[don’t you have to go home?]

She made all kinds of faces, “abhi nahin…”

[not now..]

“chalo… Chachi ka phone aaya tha…she wants us home baby..”

[move… Chachi had called..she wants us home baby…]


She made all kinds of faces as maan helped her dress up. He held her inners while she slipped in. He made her wear her shorts and pulled the button together. he freshened up quickly and both drove out, more of him dragging her and making her sit. By the time they reached handa mansion, Geet was completely asleep. He sighed and pulled her out, “Geet chalo…we are home.”

“cant you just let me sleep in peace for once?”, she shouted at him, feeling irritated. He sighed and lifted her up in his arms, “ab so jao…and don’t shout.”

[now sleep… and don’t shout.]


Ahh it was bliss for the princess. She wrapped her hands around his shoulder and slept off on him. nisha was already waiting for them in the hall and  was awed to see her beloved maan carry her parkati like a princess. Ana came down running and blushed seeing them together. she winked at maan, “how come madam is sleeping so late?”

He settled her on couch, “hmm wok kal raat zyada der tak jaagi hui thi..”

[she was awake till take night yesterday..]

Nisha and Ana looked at each other, blushing, exchanging meaningful looks and then at maan. It was then he realized what he had blurted out. Ohh boy..maan singh khurana was embarrassed yet again, “ohh..i mean… wo…she was busy with office…”

“rehne do maan… “, nisha came to his rescue, “we know she was busy with office… come on.. lets have breakfast..”

“maa… wheres dad?”

“umm..he is still sleep..the doctor is yet to see him today…”


Geet’s ears shot up hearing their talks…she was uncomfortable on couch so woke up and ran straight to her room. She was late for office.


“am late Chachi…later..”

The three of them sighed and settled down for breakfast, talking here and there when maan’s phone rang. It was his mom.

“I have to leave was wonderful with you… but mom’s call..”, he made a sorry face.

Nisha smiled, “yes I’s calls are important…”

His eyes searched the hall for his princess who seemed to get lost in the grandeur of the mansion.

“jise dhundh rahe ho..wo tho ab office mein hi milegi beta…”

[whoever you are searching for..she will be found only in office now..]


He shook his head and smiled. His heart still wanted to see his princess but he really couldn’t bear those teasing eyes of nisha and Ana. He turned to leave when he heard that voice, “maan…”

He turned around and the next moment he felt a soft kiss on his cheeks, “will see you in the evening..”, she whispered into his ears.

He smiled, completely ignoring nisha and Ana and caressed her cheeks, “will be waiting jaan…” and walked out.

This was them! he suddenly realized. There was no playing games. Thats what they were and thence there was no hiding from others as well. moreover he was the Maan Singh Khurana… he could never be subjected to anything or anyone without his will. He smirked recalling about Arjun as he drove back to his home.



It was just a weeks and their closeness never seemed to end but the work restrains were too much. Arjun didn’t bother troubling any of them, very well confronting maan about their issue and he just knew he did it because of Geet. he was filled with a need for revenge…he had never fallen this badly ever…and he knew he had to teach both of them a good lesson.


Geet finally got some time and called maan after seeing his message.

“you are coming to the party with me…” he announced.

“with you?? Hotshot… dad is coming with me…”

“shut up… you are coming with me..thats it. I want you jaan… I want you badly…”

His voice was desperate…more of  a plea that she couldn’t deny. She hadn’t even seen him for the past one week…but they were held up in their respective works and Geet being Geet never left a chance to make sure she brought down each and every one who tried to mess with her. even after she heard arjun was out, she didn’t even bother to talk, rather tried to assemble all her assets that he had overtaken.


“just don’t be like that okay…”, she warned, trying hard not to smile. Sasha fact every one knew that the MSK and Geet Handa were together… the whole media knew..the whole world knew by now.

“I want you…and I will be waiting. Be before 8 and we’ll leave together..”

“am not coming…”, she bit back, checking the time.

“well then miss Geet handa…don’t come to me screaming that I rejected your calls.”

Ohh she hated that damn attitude of his. She could never take her ego being crushed.

“just know what hotshot..I hate you..”

“yeah I know you do babe… now hurry up, will ya?”

She sighed and kept the files away. It was already 6 and she had to hurry up.


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She sat up straight, hearing his words and looked at him carefully, “if you can’t go up…then bring others down?”

“Absolutely correct… now will you please let me enjoy my morning…”, he spoke lazily, trying to hold her closer but Geet’s mind was stuck at one point. He was right”if you can’t go up…bring others down!!! She stood up, ignoring his touch completely and went back to their room, freeing herself. He sat there for a while…wondering what happened. he felt that coldness again…after a long time perhaps..but he hated her going away like that!! she just went away? He shook his head”he was over thinking about it perhaps. He sighed and waited for her. but one thing was clear as of now”Geet Handa was back and she’d do anything to bring him down.


She was taking a long time now. He went and peeped into the room, worried about her. he stopped right by the door, surprised to see a very cold person sitting at the edge of the bed. She probably had some kind of a smile on her face which seemed very cruel. She was slowly taking off that bandage from her hands. It hadn’t even healed a bit and he knew it might be hurting her. but then that sudden coldness was way too much surprising for him. he ran to her and held her hands.

“ye kya kar rahi ho?”

[what are you doing?]

She looked up at him.. there was no emotion on her face…not even a bit. She didn’t even feel the pain it felt. She slowly stood up and took a step back, “I have to leave…”

He kind of guessed she was thinking about arjun..that was fine but then this coldness towards him… he was getting confused now… which was a very dangerous thing, especially after such a wonderful time they had spent with each other.

“Geet… are you okay?”

“yes I am…i have to finish what I had left midway…”

“relax baby.. I will drop you… lets have breakfast.”

He was surprised to see her agree to this but she remain quiet the whole time… lost in her thoughts. He prepared breakfast for both of them and served them in two bowls. They sat on the dining table, eating their food quietly. She remained lost in her thoughts while he kept on observing her. he told Geet about her work because he knew her quite well by now.. she would never take help from anyone. In fact, even he followed the same rule. Someone had rightly said–“Revenge is Bliss whereas Gratitude is a Burden.”


Geet was one shrewd business woman…just that someone has to awaken that demon in her. but her coldness was something that somewhere bothered him in the corner of his mind. the drive was even more silent. She had no emotion on her face. He was even surprised when she insisted him to drop her in her office rather than home. She ran into her building without even looking back at him. For once…he felt bad… not that he expected too much but then he at least expected her to reciprocate his feelings. He was in love with her..Madly perhaps but this little thing scared him a bit. But then he ignored it thinking she might be disturbed. Any girl would, especially after what arjun did to her. he wanted her to fight her own battle… and he will take care of arjun in his own sweet way.



It was the end of the week and he looked at his phone sadly. Neither did she call him once.. nor did she take a single call of his. He was suddenly feeling so detached from her. he so wanted to meet her but then he had a lot of traveling to do this week… but she could have at least taken his call. He did keep a track of her through nisha who seemed to get worried for Geet more every passing day. He made her understand that she was trying to get things right, of course not mentioning arjun fiasco. But one week without even speaking to her… it was definitely making him angrier each passing day and he hated that. he even chided himself for being so silly and stupidly was just one week only.. she was as much of a busy person as he is… but he just couldn’t make himself understand. By the end of the week, he admitted to himself that he was damn possessive about her and he was mad at her for not even returning his calls…not even a message!!! He was hell busy with his work but he never missed to give her a call or leave a message every single day without fail. Somewhere that night with her was etched in his mind… he had come to a conclusion that even she loved him…or else why would a girl like Geet Handa give in so easily?? She did it of her own free will and her eyes reflected that. that one night meant so much for him… he wanted to hold her tight and keep her with him forever and ever and never let her go.


Geet finally finished with her work and headed towards home with arrogance and pride written all over her face. Maan’s words actually had awakened that shwerd woman inside her. with her sharp wits and mind, she had finally been able to break through theat vicious circle that she had been pulled into and now it was the time to face her dad. She walked into the main hall ignoring nisha and Ana who seemed to be so delighted to see her home. She walked straight away to her dad’s room and knocked.

“come in…”

Mohinder watched his princess stand in front of him with pride..her head soaring high. He hadn’t even seen her properly for the past whole week and his health was slowly giving up on him. he had decided so many things but waited for Geet.

“I have done my job dad…”

He straightened himself and shot back, “but I need results…”

(Taking Writer’s liberty… any problem pls pmLOL)

She was his daughter after all. She didn’t falter, rather stood straight and spoke back confidently, “the land that have laid their eyes on has been leased illegally and I think the police will be reaching there anytime soon…”

“how can you be so sure of it? Just don’t think it to be a child’s play Geet…”

“I have made all the arrangements… it was simple but it took a long time to get to the roots. They had covered it pretty well…”


Mohinder looked at is proud daughter… she was his princess but it was him who had made her this cold. He felt choked and tried to stand. The doctors had warned him to get an operation, though his chances of survival was very less and he had flatly refused, saying he had to die anyways…sooner or later. The massive blockage in one of his major renal arteries was succeeding in their mission. He stumbled a bit and Geet ran to hold him, “dad…are you okay?”

She helped him sit comfortably and sat beside him. Mohinder looked at her face, which did show some kind of emotion.. though it was minimal but yes it did.

“how many times do I have to tell you to be careful?”

He smiled at her bossing was her who had taken the whole office charge after he took to bed and kept a strict eye on him too and what he did? Shoved her away when she needed him the most? He held her hand and placed it on his heart, “am sorry beta…”

She looked up at him, surprised to see his teary eyes, “dad?”

“am so sorry… I just shouldn’t have forced you into all these… for my reasons I pulled you into this world.. I ruined everything…”


She immediately wiped his tears and hugged him, breaking through that egoistic her, “its not like that dad…this world is mine as much as it is yours and I love working for your’ company…its just the best place I could have ever imagined.”

He smiled, hearing his daughter try to comfort him…and that was enough.

“Geet… just promise me one thing beta…will you?”

She sat straight, holding his hands, looking straight into his eyes.

“if ever you feel that its enough or if it becomes unbearable, please step down…”

Her eyes widened hearing that, “step down? But dad…its yours… how can i…”

“am not saying do it now… but don’t hesitate to step down if you think its enough. No business is more important than my princess…”

He softly caressed her hair while she hugged him tightly. Nisha smiled, standing beside the door… only Mohinder was the one who can make Geet do things which she’d never have done otherwise. She walked out before Geet noticed her and went to her room, smiling to herself. After a while, Geet went to her room and Ana followed.


“how come princess is home for so long today?”. Ana passed a comment.

“shut up Ana…”, Geet threw the towel playfully on her, “am tired…i want to take a bath now..”

Ana jumped on her bed and fell flat on it, taking Geet’s cell, while Geet went to get her clothes.

“di… lets party since you are in such a good mood…”

Nisha entered with a wide smile, “but no going out today… we’ll celebrate at home since madam has graced this house with her arrival today…”

“ too? Can you guys just let me shower in peace…”

Just then Ana noticed a message on Geet’s cell and smirked, showing it to nisha. Geet was busy in her work while nisha and Ana smiled, seeing it from maan. Ana opened the message and smiled naughtily reading the content. Geet watched the duo get themselves buried into her cell, “what are you guys doing?”

“I miss you a lot sweetheart…I so wish to have you in my arms right now and…”


Ana read aloud, making nisha gasp at the continuity of his sentence. Geet’s eyes widened in surprise… it had been yesterday that he had sent this message and she was too busy to even notice it. Ana looked at her naughtily, “I think he deliberately let this sentence at continuity…di… what are you guys cooking??”

It was then she realized she hadn’t seen him for the past one week…and then there was this sudden urge to go and give him one tight hug. They haven’t even spoken… she missed her hotshot. It was nisha’s words that brought her back reality, “what are you guys upto?”

“di… don’t tell me you are pregnant…” Ana was in splits with her own joke.

Nisha knew what could all this mean but she was a broadminded woman. It wasn’t a taboo in the world they belong to…but she was really concerned.

“Parkati… whats going on??”

Geet sighed and snatched her phone from Ana, “nothing Chachi…just don’t listen to Ana..she is mad…now will you two please let me take a bath peacefully?”

“not until you confess how much have you tortured that poor guy..”

Ana couldn’t stop laughing at nisha’s words. Geet glared at them, locked her phone with password and went to take a bath. Nisha knocked her door, “don’t forget that you have to be with us’ tonight… ask your maan to wait…”


Geet fumed hearing their laughter from outside. She took a quick bath and came out in her towel. She stood in front of the mirror, looking at her bare skin… almost losing herself into the memories of that night. it had been a weak since she had even seen him… or even heard him the whole night flashed in front of her eyes and a smile teased her lips… Geet handa was for the first time wishing to be with a guy rather than the other way round. She changed and fell on her bed, thinking what arjun’s reaction might be now when the police investigated the case. They had covered this small issue really well.


Arjun blasted as the police got him arrest warrant for illegal acquisition of land. He knew this was Geet’s doing…he just knew it. he didn’t have to even think. That bi*** was more than what he had thought. He was mad… how could he just underestimate that woman!! Well… since she had stepped into the lion’s den, she might face the consequences of it as well. he just had to wait for a few hours till he was bailed out by his lawyers.


She was slowly drifting off to sleep when Ana’s sudden voice disturbed her. she looked was getting darker. She frowned but Ana heard none. They wanted her downstairs for their so-called small party. She got up from the bed when her eyes fell on her silent phone. She didn’t know what happened but she felt like checking it.. and she did. But he heart sunk seeing n call or message from him. its been almost 24 hours since he had even called and she was suddenly feeling so low and sad. She chided herself”she was Geet handa…and she shouldn’t be worried for such stupid things. Her rational mind reasoned with her on grounds of work yet somewhere deep within, that she never realised, were the will and crave to feel those unknown feelings again. she sighed and went down the stairs to see the whole family wait for her. she was seeing her whole family together after a long time..her dad, Chachi and Ana. She smiled… never realising so many new emotions emerging within her. may be the spur of the moment…or that thing’ she felt with maan…but it felt so nice and overwhelming”her family’.


She joined them with Ana cracking some stupid jokes. They had ordered dinner from outside and decided to sit for a game of cards. The four of them sat around the table while Geet shuffled the cards and distributed them. the round started with nisha taking away the cake, while the next set was taken away by Geet. there was an ease in each of them but Geet wasn’t. Her mind went back to her phone again and again to see of he had called or texted her…but her face fell when she found none. Yet her big fat ego didn’t let her text/call him from her side. Why should she go after a guy?? It should be the other way round.


The clock struck 11pm and they realized how long they had played and even managed to take their dinner in between. But Geet’s mind was somewhere else.. it was hitting her ego that he wasn’t even texting her once when he had did the same for whole of the week. Cant he just do that for another one time? Nisha and Ana watched her naughtily after mohinder retired to bed.

“Geet… just go to sleep…or are you waiting for someone’s call?”, nisha teased.

Geet didn’t even understand what she meant. She was lost in her own words. She meekly replied in some random monosyllable and went to her room.



It struck 12 and she was hell irritated. Madam had finally put aside her ego for once and called him but he had rejected it. that was it. she just couldn’t take it. she changed into her shorts and a tank top and sneaked out…well she didn’t had to technically, in case you forget she was the Geet Handa but she made sure she made no noise. She took out her car and drove towards the farmhouse angrily. She didn’t know if he’d be at the farm house or at his home but that didn’t bother. She did what she felt was correct. She just somehow knew he might be there..and she just dashed iin without even noticing the door was open.


Maan had been really really mad at her and decided to spend some time in the farmhouse where he could just feel her around. And it just broke that damn self control and he angrily rejected her call. He stood looking out of the huge floor to ceiling window when he heard the door banging open. He turned around, only to be surprised seeing her march towards him furiously. Before he could even put up his stand, she hauled herself into his arms smacked her lips right on his. He stumbled backwards with the force, fighting her lips, trying to understand what she was upto. But Geet was nowhere near leaving him this easily…she pressed herself closer, wrapping her legs around his waist, almost making him fall on the couch.


He had been so waiting for this time with her… and here she was throwing herself at him. he kissed her back, ferociously, taking out his anger on her. his hand rubbed her back feverishly while his lips took in those soft petals into his mouth, devouring them… quenching his thirst with her taste and he had to admit, she tasted heavenly sinful. Probably the distance had made him feel the same but he just couldn’t resist. He didn’t even wait to intensify the kiss, rather just pushed his tongue inside, reaching the corners of his mouth.


She clutched his hair tighter, pushing herself further on to him.. trying to as close to him as possible. She had come to shout at him for ignoring her but here she was being pulled into a spiral of desire and lust. She opened her mouth wide enough to welcome his warm tongue in. Her lips closed over his tongue as she let out a deliberate sexy moan, feeling that warm fluid playing between their mouths. They were definitely angry on each other… they were in a mood to fight.. but the passion burning between them left no space for words. Their anger was felt in every kiss that led to another kiss, deeper than ever. She bit his lip and he chewed her up as his reply. But she was no less. Their tongues marched into a ferocious battle, making the kiss ever so erotic than before.


Unable to take it anymore, they just left each other, panting furiously for air. She parted a bit and rested her forehead over his.  Their breaths mingled, and so did the warmth of their bodies.

“how dare you reject my call?”, she spoke breathlessly.

“..and how dare you ignore me all this while…one whole week damn it. did you realize that someone might be waiting for your one call… or even a tiny text?”, he shouted back at her, still not letting go of each other.

“I was held up… but that doesn’t mean you reject Geet handa’s call…”, she snapped back. She made a face and got off him and walked straight up stairs to their bedroom. He sighed and looked at her angrily… what the hell does she think of herself? He followed her to the room, already planning to get back at her. he pushed the door shut with his leg and slipped his hands around her waist, pulling her closer in a jerk.


“I am not some who’d go after an egoistic proud kid like you…”, he spat it right on her face. Ohh she just hated that rude arrogant attitude of his. She gritted her teeth and shouted back, “then let me burst your bubble hotshot… you are one rude haughty arrogant man…”

“oh you bet I am sweetheart…”, he retorted angrily and ripped off her top. And they knew what was to follow next. He cupped her br**** while his lips went back to her, devouring it carnally. Her hands glided up his toned bare body, feeling each and every muscle with her palms. In a sudden sweift moment, he yanked her hair backwards and trailed his wet tongue down her neck line and dipping it into her cleavage.

“maan… “, she gasped, feeling her bra being unclasped. He pulled out that flimsy fabric, revealing her full round globes, all to his eyes’ delight. She stood there watching him so lost… if possible, she’d just pull him close and make love to him wildly. But then she suddenly realized her body’s reaction… her entire being throbbed just by that one look of his…to an extent that she felt that wetness down her core. She saw him move a bit and lift her up in his arms, “do you realize how beautiful you are?”


His voice was so soft, loving and sweet..that she couldn’t help but look up at him. he had always complimented her as beautiful…”, she felt something within her once again…like millions of butterflies zooming in her tummy, as he lowered her on the bed, ever so softly. There was nothing called anger than crossed his face. She felt touched… something new for her again. probably love’ is the one doing all the wonders. His care, concern, love for her had made it possible for her to feel such things… though it was a very slow process, she was feeling things. He hovered over her lips for a while… and then trailed down to her valley, placing wet smooches on her exposed skin. She went blank for a while and clutched the sheets tighter… she was wavering… faltering… she was getting moved. This was so not happening… her hold became tighter, as he slowly came atop her, setting his lips on her in a slow sensual deep kiss. Her hands automatically wrapped around his taut chest, hugging him while he dipped lower, slowly, sleekly, placing wet kisses everywhere he could.

He looked at those tempting curved that puckered their buds just by his one gaze. He leaned over and took in that entire mound of flesh into his mouth, flickering his tongue over her hardened buds. She hissed his ecstasy.. that satisfaction she was feeling within. He was slow and deliberately lingered longer, making her feel the bliss while she just waited to expect what might his next target be.


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