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Fairy…Tail???!!! #55


She instantly stopped and thought for a while…yes…he did help her a lot…how much fun they had together in the college…and how he had always been with her whenever she needed someone badly by her side!!! And then that realization dawned upon her—he was the only one to see her cry out loud…always!!! He was always Babaji always sent him to her when she was down…she just could never hide it from him….never!!

Maano jaise use pata ho ki uske aanson uske dil se ganwara nahi..alag nahi!!!

A smile crept on her lips and a slight blush too!!! But this definitely didn’t go unnoticed by a certain someone….

She served him his hot chocolate with a beautiful smile on her face.

Maan (st): uh oh…she was mad at me right?

But then her smile was so genuine…no hidden meaning…just as pure as her and at that moment he just couldn’t say her anything because that smile on her lips had taken all his attention! He wanted that smile and he got it!! He wants nothing else.

She got back to her work as he sipped his drink slowly…enjoying the taste of her hands…that actually felt so nice!! He was lost in his thoughts when a voice distracted him, “Aap geet ke dost ho?

He looked up to see a lady clad in salwar kameez..that lady…he recalled…might be the wife of the caf owner.


She sat beside him..he wondered why!

I don’t know you well though but I really want to thank you today!”

Thank and me??

yes…this is the first time am ever seeing geet smile so naturally and all because of you! So thank you…thank you so very much!

She rose to leave but Maan got his 1st clue! He stood up.

ji ek minute

She turned around, “yes?

He smiled, ” mera naam Maan hain..may I ask you something?

She smiled back and both of them sat!!

“yes you can!”

ji…wo…geet yahan kabse kaam karti hain?

Preeto couldn’t be happier…ab she thinks ke aag to dono taraf se lagi hain na!!!Wink

geet….its been almost over two months!

Maan nodded but he went thoughtful…why did the lady thank him?? Geet was smiling…how is it related to this lady? He was so confused but didn’t know how to ask that lady when he had just met her a few minutes back!but preeto could understand his confused state of mind!

mujhe pata hain Maan…aap bahut confused hain..”

Maan was brought back to reality, “huh..ji?

Preeto gave a weak smile, “bahut hi pyaari bachi haim wo…jab pehli baar usse mili thi thi…ek pal ke liye mein use dekh kar darr hi gayi thi….aankhon mein wo soonapan…chehre par udaasi…shayad kisi sawaal ka jawab dhoondh rahi thi..humari iss choti si dukaan mein kuch bhi theek nahi tha…zyada log nahi aate…kamai bhi nahi thi…

kuch khoi hui us raat pata nahi kahan chali jaa rahi thi akele….bachon se mili…shayad unke chehre par udaasi nahi dekhi gayi…aur aaj hum jo kuch bhi hian…sirf geet ki wajah se…

Maan listened to each and every word carefully…sometimes he was sure that he understood her…but the next moment he realized that he doesn’t even know her properly!

yahan humse pehle dosti hui…” she continued, ” phir baakiyon se…caf mein aayi to dekh kar boli—iss jagah ko thodi sajaawat chahiye! Bas phir kya tha…us bachi ne yahan ka roop hi badal diya. She spent her own money on us poor people…use to ye bhi nahi pata tha ke hum ache hain ya bure..bas karti chali gayi!

College ki wajah se har weekend yahan aati aur kaam mein help karti…jab kamai hone lagi to kuch paise dene chahe the humne use…par uss bachi ne mana kar diya….she doesn’t take salary Maan!!

Maan just kept looking at her…keen to know more!

par aankhon mein wo soonapan kum nahi hua….use uski zindagi ke bare mein poochne ki koshish ki to uski aankhein bhar aayin…..usse baat karni chahi..par har baar wo baat taal (avoid) deti..kabhi kuch nahi kehti! Shayad mein samajhne lagi thi use…kuch to hai jise wo yaad nahi karna chahti…

Aur aaj aap aye Maan…pehli baar uski aankhon mein ek nayi chamak dekhi meine…yahan uska koi kaam nahi par shayad raj aur Nini mein apna bachpan dekhti aur unse sabse pehle milne aati…aur aaj jo rounak dekhi meine uske chehre par..laga jaise aap hi ke aane se yeh hua hai….humesha uska saath rehna Maan…wo sabke liye hain..but uske liye koi nahi…wo akleli hai Maan!!

She had tears in her eyes, may be of happiness of finding geet in their lives…! GEET…an inexpressible feeling! Maan sat mum..thinking about whatever preeto had said!

aap use akele nahi chodenge na Maan?

He looked up at her and nodded, “wo akeli nahi nahi hain..p…..p..

bhabhi” preeto helped him finish his sentence, “geet mujhe bhabhi keh kar bulati hain!

Maan smiled, “Ji Bhabhi”

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Rahul and Dan sat alone in their respective rooms talking over the phone!

Dan:……I am sure Maan is not coming today either!

Rahul: its been 3 months and every weekends he says he is not free! Its horrible!

Dan: and he never tells what he does either!

Rahul: umm..i think he is hiding something from us!

Dan: am very sure about it. The whole day in college he stays with his best friend—GEET and now he doesn’t even have time for us on weekends!

Rahul: but enough is enough…today evening we are going to spy on him….and know his little secret!


Its been 3 months since that say…Maan never forgot about preeto’s words…but things are really different now.

Maan and geet…now the names have become inseparable..the whole college saw a blooming friendship between the two to that extent that where there is Maan..there is geet and vice versa!

There was a huge gossip about that dic night too..but both od them couldn’t care less! They were so much into each other yet they would never accept each other as Best friends or dates! But the whole college knew the truth!

Their day starts with each other and end on each other…always seen together! Of course girls were super J of geet!!! Maan had completely forgotten about Yash and his moving back to India while geet…about her past life! It was somewhere proving really good for geet….she just didn’t care..she didn’t want to care..she was happy with Maan…happy with her new life…happy with her new friends!

She had become friendly with boys…may be that Sweetu inside was finally coming out! So there was not much fuss about anything. Boys strated accepting and liking her as the prez!

And talk about weekends…where was Maan????

Well…Maan would always end up in her caf. He’d order a cappuccino or a black coffee or a hot chocolate and sit for hours enjoying her…playing with the kids…not to forget talking with other girls who openly drooled on him. And each time geet would be up with her jhoota gussa as to why he was there yet again…cribbing the whole time, but from inside, she really liked him coming for her.

Not that they weren’t attracted to each other..there would be thousands of butterflies in their tummies at little close encounters…her slight blush….those tiny mini eye locks…..the excitement to meet each other…the endless calls….teasing each other…, but they were super busy with studies, seminars, events, functions in college, and of course parties. Their life had become a bit busier to realize anything as of now, yet so so so easy for both of them!



Rahul and Dan secretly followed Maan’s car from a safe distance in the evening, determined to know what little secret he was hiding.

They parked their car behind the caf making sure it went unnoticed by Maan!

Dan (whispering): hey we have been to this place before!

Rahul: shhh….lets follow him!

Maan entered the caf with a smile on his face and rahul and Dan followed him quietlyand stood behind Maan…a few feet away!

Everyone greeted him and even preeto for he had become friends with everyone! Geet came out in her apron, holding a tray full of snacks.

Rahul and Dan were shocked to see this avatar of their prez…and the worst part…Maan knew about it and didn’t tell them!!! They felt so cheated…but evil minds…huh!!!! A wide smile formed on their lips….patting themselves mentally for finding out Maan’s little secret!!!

Geet walked towards Maan making faces, when her eyes fell on two people behind Maan…trowing a wide smile at her!!! and she tripped….shocked again…but she did!!!

The tray fell on the ground with a loud noise!


And she ended up in Maan’s arms…holding her protectively, still unable to believe what she had just seen!!!!


Fairy……Tail???!!! #54

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~PART 54~


I’ll find out everything about hr…if I ask you won’t answer me geet…at least I know you that much!!!! But I need to find out everything about you…and even it means opening up your past…then be it!!!! I’ll find out everything!!!!

He knew not when he slept off. And look at the conspiracy of nature….she wants to close the book of her past and he wants to open it now!!! Wonder what lies ahead…..

It was around 6 in the evening when he woke up….her thoughts still lingering in his mind. The 1st thing he did was to call and check on her. now that was strange…..she wasn’t receiving his calls…!!! May be she is in the washroom…may be still sleeping!!! He freshened up and called her again. She didn’t take the call!!! He tried again and again but she was no where near receiving!

He got worried….is she alright??? He paced up and down in his room waiting for her to take his call or call him back. she did neither of them! Should he go to her place to check on her? why the hell he was even asking this question?? He knew even if the answer was a NO…he’d still go for her!


He knocked the door of her flat only to find it locked. Damn! Where did she go now? His cell beeped and hoping it was her, he picked it up immediately without looking at the caller id!

Maan: hello..where the hell are you?? Do you even have any idea how worried I am??

Rahul: Ah its ok Maan…calm down!!! I’m fine buddy and we are in the sports club basketball court…..

Maan closed his eyes in frustration and took a deep breath in!

Rahul: are you okay buddy? You sound worried!

Maan: ahh nothing

Rahul: you not coming?

Maan: umm… a bit busy!

Rahul: come on Maan..are you not over with dreaming about romancing with prez yesterday? Its Saturday dude!!! We have a night out man!

\Maan didn’t hear anything…the only thing that was circling in his mind was Saturday,…umm what was about Saturday??? And that’s it!!! He cut the call without answering anything and went to his car! Damn!!! This girl is so dead!!!

He drove as fast as he could and in no time he reached the caf she worked in. he barged in angrily but was full of people…ab apna tamasha nahi banana!

He gulped hard and took a corner table. His eyes searched for her…she wasn’t around. He looked here and there only to find Raj and Nini playing around. Nini spotted him and called raj!

Nini: Bhaiyya….wo..wo..geet didi ka dosht…

Raj immediately looked around to find Maan throwing a sweet smile at them. Raj narrowed his brows and walked staright to him.

Raj (sternly): Hello…Mr. KIDNAPPER!

Maan’s smile vanished immediately….this raj really knows how to irritate him!a frown decorated his face!!!!

Maan (sternly): I AM NOT A KIDNAPPER.

Raj (sternly): Why are you here Mr. Kidnapper?

Maan was anyways losing patience for not seeing geet around and now this raj! He couldn’t control and shouted, ” I AM NOT A KIDNAPPER!”

And that’s when they heard the shattering of a glass. Geet was coming out of the pantry with an order when Maan’s voice reached her ears. She never expected him to be be honest she had completely forgotten about him. So startled by his voice..she tripped…god knows how, more of a shock again, gathering all the attention! Maan shot a deathly glare at her and she gulped her saliva very well understanding the reason…

Jaise ek dusre ki nazar hi kaafi ho…

ek dusre ko samajhne ke liye….

Maano dono ki nazrein kisi shabd ke mohtaaj nahi….

Preeto and other waitresses gave each other a smug smile and immediately went on their toes. They pushed geet towards Maan while preeto helped others with the orders and the mess. Maan shot her a glares and pulled her out of the cafe!


Maan…chodiye mujhe..

She tried to wriggle her hand away but he held her tightly….people looked at them in shock…last time he had kissed her right?? And today he seemed super angry!!!

The moment they reached outside, he threw her hand away in a jerk and looked at her angrily…for the 1st time geet didn’t like this…somewhere she felt bad the way he threw her hand away! But his looks meant something else…she could guess he was angry because she came without telling him….

A part of her was super annoyed…why should geet Handa need to seek permission from anyone on what should she do and what not!!! Yet a part of her was super happy ti see someone care for her some much…she was missing this warmth in her life that she was feeling now!!! She smiled at her own thoughts…but she needs to control!!! This dusht daanav in front of her was boiling totally like red hot molten lava..his red eyes complimented her imagination beautifully and she couldn’t stop giggling!!!


She immediately put her hands on her mouth, “sorry Maan…” and giggled again!

Maan: CHUP…ab ek aur shabd nahi! Tum yahan kar kya rahi ho?? You know you are not well……then……..

Geet murmured knotting her dupatta, “blah…blah…blah…khadoos kahinka…kitna gussa karte hain!!!”

kya…kuch kaha tumne???

umm..n..b…nhai to..

no I heard you say something!

Nahi nahi kuch bhi to nahi kaha!!!”

theek hain…agar koi baat nahi hai to chalo!

He held her hands and walked towards his car. She stopped and pulled her hands back!


of course…GHAR!

but why?

you said na koi baat nahi we are going” he said it as a matter-of-fact!



dekhiye..aap har baat pe GEET…GEET…chillana band kijiye!!!

She made a baby face, “mujhe pata hain mera naam geet hain!

GEET..” he gritted his teeth!

Dekha..phir se!!! Kaha na I know my name is Geet!!!

He rolled his eyes, “OK fine….ab chalo!!


dekho….seedhe seedhe meri baat maano warna…

she knew his anger but she put up a brave face, ” wa..warna kya karlenge aap??? Mujhe nahi jana hai bas!!!

tum chalogi ya nahi?


Maan raised his brows!

She fumbled, ” b…b..mera matlab hain NAHI”


She cut him in between, “I am going in! Do whatever you want….BUT I AM NOT GOING HOME!

And before he could say something she had run away inside. He stood there..still fuming…but kya karein Maan babu apni geet se zyada der naraaz nahi reh sakte na!!! he smirked…a clear sign of something evil in his mind!!!!

ab dekhta hoon geet…ki tum kaise waapas nahi chalti ho mere saath!

He went inside and took a seat right in the centre of the hall.

Now seeing Maan back created hot gossips between the waitresses which geet was oblivious to!

Maan sat there quietly. Whenever anyone came to take his order, he;d refuse politely. Geet was busy inside and the big discussion was up that the hot guy who is geet’s BF wanted only her as his waitress!!! So they made a plan!

Waitress1: geet…can you please go and take the order from table no 2…you see we are all busy and the customer have been sititng for a long time!!

The moment she told this to geet, rest pretended to work…come on they were busy right!!!! Geet agreed without even thinking!

Maan would have been gone right!! Its been so long since she hadn’t seen him barging into the pantry and shouting at her!!! sge gladly wlaked towards the table.

Maan was looking down at the menu when geet reached him!

Geet: welcome to our little world sir. What would you like to order?? Sorry to keep you waiting for so long!!!

Maan immediately looked up with a big smile!

Geet (shocked): aap???

Maan: yes..and I would like a hot chocolate with extra cream please!

She banged her hand on the table..grr why the hell he is still here and upar se ordering her grrr!!!!

aap ab tak gaye nahi??

Maan: oh come on geet…you wanted to stay here and I didn’t want to go alone so thought I’d come here as a customer!!

Geet (irritated): Maan..ghar jaiyie! If you thinbk by doing this you can irriate me to get home then you are so damn wrong!

Maan made a face, ” geet…apne customer se aise baat karte hain??

Uh oh..she was cought off guard!!! She never thought he’d use this as a weapon!!!

Geet: what??? Just go home Maan!!!

Maan: is this the way you treat your customer Miss???

His voice was loud…had an authority which made everyone look at them. He grinned trapping her badly!!! She can’t say him no now!! She glared at him, stamped her foot and walked away!


Geet stood there preparing his hot chocolate with extra cream..hurling curses: grr…itna bada dusht daanav Babaji ne meri hi kistmat me likha hain…!! Hate him….yuck!!!!

But it was today when he heard someone in her heart retorting back: he helped you a lot geet..tu kyun unke bare mein galat soch rahi hain?? For the 1st time he asked you something so you should feel happy right??”

She instantly stopped and thought for a while…yes…he did help her a lot…how much fun they had together in the college…and how he had always been with her whenever she needed someone badly by her side!!! And then that realization dawned upon her—he was the only one to see her cry out loud…always!!! He was always Babaji always sent him to her when she was down…she just could never hide it from him….never!!

Maano jaise use pata ho ki uske aanson uske dil se ganwara nahi..alag nahi!!!

A smile crept on her lips and a slight blush too!!! But this definitely didn’t go unnoticed by a certain someone….