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“shit…”, geet pushed maan back to the corner and knew she has to distract them. She looked here and there and pulled her frills up, revealing the thigh pads she wore with her pistol tugged within. She took out two and threw one at him, “use…when needed…”

He caught it but glared at her, “geet…you are not going… get back…”

But she was already gone! He closed his eyes..this girl was too damn stubborn! For the first time he felt bad that his security came at the cost of her life! He looked at his hand with which he had held her arm sometime back, and found it smeared with blood! He gasped…she was bleeding… so the first bullet had pierced her arm. There was no way he was going to let her out in the danger..she didn’t even have any guards on! And there was definitely no way he was willing to wait till Rajit evacuated the party and came to his rescue.


Geet was swift and she was clever. She hid herself behind the pillars and checked on their position. For now..she could see only three people.. there could be more. She had to be careful. She just waited to buy some time till rajit and team reached them evacuating the guests from the party..and for that she needed to deceive them. She reloaded her pistol and peeped out a bit to check on maan. He wasn’t visible though for she had come a bit far from him and looked around.

Maan looked at the gun he had in his hand… she was out there all alone and he was unsure whether going out to help her would be a good idea at all. he wanted to help for she was more in danger than he was in… yet he didn’t want to be a liability for her either. He trusted her skills but still he was worried of her safety. He heard footsteps and quickly pulled himself back into the dark.

And opportunity comes faster for the patient. She heard footsteps and it was time to lure them. she quickly  took a step out and stood right in front of the masked man, aiming right on his chest. Before he could react, she shot him and the sound of the fire did the trick.

Maan peeped out to see what happened for the distant sound of the bullet had made his heart skip. The first person came to his mind was geet. This was a frustrating moment… he could neither do anything to risk his life for which geet was fighting and he couldn’t even open fire…he had no idea what they could do. But he was surprised to see the man run towards the direction of the sound. That means, it had to be geet, shooting. He reloaded the pistol and quickly followed the man, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Geet quickly made a dash towards the lawn so that she could buy time for maan as well as the others and she knew she’d be followed. She heard one of them shout, “there..follow them..”

Damn those heels! She had to act fast. These were the attackers that were after maan’s life. She looked for a cover for now they had started firing at her. She swiftly dodged the aim and hid behind a tree and tried to shoot. There were a few more…just like she had expected and with the high security here…there must be someone who had let them in because no one here came unscrutinized. She was luckily with maan and he had been spared of the procedure along with her and dev.

She knew she was being surrounded. She shot another one and hid again. She tried to reload her pistol but it wouldn’t. She quickly checked the magazine… F*ck! Out of bullets! She didn’t have spare bullets for the other gun was with maan.  They were closing up and she had to get out of this. She looked around and made a dash towards the darker side where lesser lights illuminated. She threw her heels on the way that made it difficult for her to run and rushed faster. A few of them followed while the someone fired at her. Fortunately, she had slipped and fallen down to escape the shot.

“ouchhh…”, she felt her ankle hurt and she looked back. They were close. Shit! She has to do something.

“come on Rajit… make it fast…”, she called out mentally.

She somehow managed to stand up and suddenly felt a hand drag her down behind a bush. She was startled…attacker!!! she curled her fingers into a fist and thrust a punch right on her attacker’s face making him wince in pain!!

“arrghhh you crazy moron…”, he dropped his gun and held on to his nose.

Her jaws dropped down to the ground and she gasped, “Maan??? Ohh dear… “

She quickly pulled him closer to her by his shoulder and checked on his nose and whispered, “am so sorry…i thought it was an attacker…”

She quickly scanned their surrounding and sighed..maan had pulled her amidst some bushes where they were not visible.she knew they were searching for them.

“oww…it hurts you pig…do you have to hit me all the time??”, his nose still hurt.

She cupped his face and checked on his nose,“i said am sorry… it was just a reflex…and what the hell are you doing here? For god’s sake, they are after you…”

He caressed his nose and glared at her, “when i tell you not to run away.. why the f*ck do you run?”

“its my job Khurana..and how dare you call me a pig?”, she snorted.

“bloody broke my nose..yes pig because you are pigheaded geet”, he fumed.

“and you deserved it for venturing out alone… you fool..”

“yeah right… and you were intelligent enough to run out of your own.. look at your pathetic condition…”, he retorted back sarcastically.

“i am trained for this okay…”

“yeah i can see that..had i not pulled you out of the way, you would have been dead by now.”

“I didn’t ask you to pull me out…”

She stopped and got alert when the nearing footsteps and glared at maan, almost ready to murder, “great..they found us…aur chillao…”

He gritted his teeth, “as if you were kept in silent mode…pig..”

She reached closer and pressed her hand over his mouth, “shh…they have found us i guess..”, she quickly looked around and grabbed the gun that he had been carrying, “..and when i say run… RUN and don’t just follow me like a dog…”

He wanted to retort but she didn’t let him for she pressed her hand tighter on his mouth. He sighed..her hands were so soft! He wondered how come such tender hands could handle guns! Oh wait! He had been knocked out by those hands twice already… who the hell was he complimenting!

She pulled away her hand from his mouth, aiming to shoot when he just registered, “but geet..your ankle..”

She had fired already. Damn this woman… does she even listen to anyone…like ever?

“Maan RUN…”, she pushed him out of the bushes and herself ran towards the men, ready to shoot them.

He got up and watched her run into the attackers all by herself. He shook his head, “damn you woman…there’s something called brain…”

She hid behind a tree, firing when her eyes caught him, running towards her. F*ck! Kill him…someone please kill him!

“Maan…go away…”, she screamed.

He threw away his coat and dashed towards her…and he was fast. She was aiming at someone when he pushed her away. She couldn’t believe this! This man was crazy… stupid enough to embrace death by all means! She glared at him but he had no time. He held her hands and ran. she had no choice by now but to run. Her ankle was sprained she guessed.

The attackers followed them towards the party hall and geet did turn back to fire at them but thankfully Rajit and others were already present in the hall to back them up. His security were up on their toes and the attackers knew they were outnumbered. It was clever to retreat for now. Rajit and rest followed them while geet glared at maan, “what the hell is your problem? Why don’t you quietly do what you have been asked to? Do you know what could have happened when you jumped in between dragging me out??

She waited for him to react but he just dusted himself and walked out, dragging her.

“hey… whats wrong with you? Can’t you hear? Mr Khurana…where are you dragging me…”

He pushed her into the car with force which made her angrier. What the hell does he think of himself? He closed her side of the door and sat beside her.

“what the hell was that Khurana.? Answer me damn it…”

“Shut Up!!!”, he barked, with his voice gone rude, “chup chap baithi not answerable to you whatsoever!”

“what the hell…”

He glare at her, “Just Shut up! And keep your mouth shut till we get home..”

His tone was so serious…he seemed angry. She had never seen him serious at all in these days she had been with him and now…he was behaving so rudely! She looked away from him fuming… this man was nuts! She was here to help him out..and instead of being grateful, he was being rude! To hell with this foolish man!


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He was equally upset too! They reached too early! He didn’t like it.. didn’t like it at all!  Before he even knew, she was out of the car and flashed her smile, “thank you so much for the ride back home…”

He nodded in acceptance, “well then..see you tomorrow in college.”

She blushed a bit… so he is expecting to see her in college the next day! She dipped her head in shyness and nodded, “umm..bye then…thank you again..”

She turned and walked back slowly into her house. He watched her retread and drove back home to tell dadima everything about meet! Gosh… she was an angel. She was sweet…sober..calm and very beautiful. She seemed genuine.

“meet…”, he murmured to himself as he hit the road once again, “I just cant wait to know you more!”

She quickly changed into her casuals and caught up with her family…her beloved mom and dad. She seemed unusually chirpy that day and that didn’t miss her parents.

Rano kept the plates and poked, “ come madam is so happy today?”

Meet was busy with her dad when she heard rano. Her mind instantly went back to the events of the day…it seemed to tickle her in the pit of her stomach. It was just their first meeting and sparks seemed to fly already.

She didn’t even realize she was grinning like a fool which made rano pull her ear,“oye dhyaan kahan hain madam… aaj tho aap ke haav bhaav hi badle badle lag rahe hain..”

Meet first blushed but then quickly hid her embarrassment behind her fake anger, “ma… aap kya keh rahi hain? Mera dhyaan yahin hain…”

“yeah…i can see that..”

“aannn dad… ma ko bolo na…”, she whined like a kid to which mohinder smiled and shook  his head.


He finished his assignment and glad that he was done, rushed down to his friends who were already waiting outside the mansion. Dadima was in the hall when she saw him rush out, “maan… where are you going? Its 8pm already…”

He ran to dadima and kissed her cheek, “got outing with friends dadi… will be back soon..mera intezaar mat kijiyega…”

He jumped into his friends’ car and the first thing Rohan did was to ask about Meet.

“so bro… ye meet ji ka kya chakkar hain? Aaj tho bada drop kar rahe they usey ghar pe… first meet and so much progress hmm…”

Maan wasn’t surprised that they had followed up on him and Meet. He shook his head, “shut up rohan… she was alone so i dropped her simple as that…”

They teased him and had fun… and  everyone seemed to know about the sparks flying between the two… it was just a matter of time now.

She happily stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. She gave a flying kiss and then looked at her own reflection with a fake anger, “oye Geet… aaj tho maza aa gaya. And didn’t you see how he was looking at me…gosh… my heart still goes dhak dhak..dhak… haiyee… Maan…”, she blushed and hid her face behind the teddy she was holding, “his name is Maan…”

She couldn’t take that excitement anymore and fell on the bed with a thump, taking out her digital diary.

“…and I believe there’s a lot in store for us.



She couldn’t sleep that night… was it the excitement of the day or the anxiety to meet him tomorrow…she didn’t know.

But when you know something has been pulling you close… you just can’t stop yourself from taking the bait and get pulled towards the same instead.


The day seemed brightest and especially to those who had found something extraordinary in each other. As they entered the college together…all the head turned their way, some in admiration and some is jealousy. But who cared! They had become really good friends.. not that they were being too close…they maintained their distance bt strings of heart once pulled just makes music on its own.

That day, meet had reached early to college and so did maan. They met at the gate and just the perfect beginning of their already perfect day. They didn’t know what pulled them towards each other but they liked spending time. It was more than a month since they have known each other and each day seemed even more beautiful.

“so…you are coming with us to the camp?”, he found no other way to start the conversation.

She smiled and looked down. How much he’d appreciate to see that smile again… her long hair let down and the gentle breeze didn’t leave a chance to tease them.

“yes… or else nisha will kill me.”

He was excited to hear that. Since they were in their final year, few months before they were out, everyone was excited about this camp in some forest.

“cool then… it would be so much fun. I heard you will be interning in IISc?”

Wow…he knew about her??!!! She was just considering about it. Gosh… he does know about her. She felt her cheeks go warm and her smile turn an inch wider.

“umm…i am just thinking about it…not yet decided anything yet. What about you?”

They walked slowly, gathering everyone’s attention…for they looked beautiful together. Her white and royal blue salwar kamezz matched perfectly with his white shirt and denims… coincidentally though.

i will be joining dadi in business… its been long she’d been doing everything alone..”

They reached near her class and it was sad to part. But they had to. Meet’s friends caught them together and took her away just to tease her. There was no doubt that they were the talk of the college now. They were usually seen together in the cafe or just walking together into the college or sometime near the basketball court…!


Meet sat irritated on the bed, unable to decide what to take for the trip. She had called up so many friends for help and even rano couldn’t make her understand. They were supposed to leave for the camp the next afternoon and here she wasn’t ready. She quickly made a call to her best friend but she was unavailable. She threw the phone and fell on the bed.

“teri  tho band bajne wali hai geet… aaj ke din bhi you can’t decide what to wear. Kal teri camp hai aur tu gadhi… can’t decide! Huh! Maan bhi tho aa raha hain na…”,she made a babyface, “ab mein kya karun?”

She stood staring at her dresses for like an hour before deciding which one to pack for two days one night camp and which one to not. She was finally satisfied with her stuffs and finally decided to sleep.

The next day, they were supposed to depart from college at around 11am and it was some 4-5 hours drive and people were more excited for the bus journey. Nisha, rohan and their entire gang along with maan hijacked one bus. They wanted to go together in one bus so they literally ran off to occupy. It was almost 10:55 and meet wasn’t there.  Everyone had taken his seat when nisha noticed that meet was missing.

“guys… meet hasn’t come yet..”

“what??”, everyone called out in unison. Rohan got off the bus and looked around, “Nishu are you sure she said she’d be coming?”

Maan’s heart skipped a beat…she wouldn’t be coming?

Nisha sighed and got off the bus along with rohan, “she said she will be here but pata nahi ab tak kyun nahi aayi… let me call..”

Maan too got off the bus…she had told him she’d come right. Suddenly it seemed dull that she wouldn’t be here and noticed nisha worrying as meet wasn’t picking up the phone. Other buses started leaving but they requested the driver to just wait for a few more minutes.

“this girl… come fast…’, nisha murmered.

Maan was getting restless now..she said she’d come and she just can’t back out.

“meeettt…”, nisha screamed gaining all his attention. He looked in front and saw her running towards them with a bag in her hands.

his lips curved into a smile  of their own. she wore a simple purple salwar kamezz and had tied a side plait with her long hair. She looked so cute. When everyone was wearing shorts and revealing tops…madam shows up wearing such a cute dress. He felt like laughing…gosh she was cute.

Meet finally reached them and sighed. She was panting heavily. Nisha took bag and glared at her, “why the hell were you late?”

“sorry yaar…wo maa was taking a long time in preparing lunch for all of us.”

“whattt…aunty prepared lunch for all of us??”, rohan’s eyes widened in surprise and happiness and quickly snatched meet’s bag from nisha’s hands, “i will keep it safe… worry not!!!”

Nisha laughed and both of them got in. Meet sighed in relief and looked at maan who shot her a glare…accusing that she had almost taken his breath away. Like she understood…she made a baby face and pouted, as if she couldn’t have helped it. He sighed and led her in.

She took a seat beside nisha whist he took a seat right beside her in the next column. The bus started and everyone was hooting and cheering…she had a wide smileon her face. She knew he was sitting right beside her and that this trip was going to be completely unforgettable for her.


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