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Okay..she told him, that was fine. But why the hell Aryan? Geet was still friends with him..even that was fine but he just didn’t like him…especially from the time he had dared to propose his wife right in front of him.

“geet… its good that you were out and enjoyed your time but hell.. you scared the life out of me.”,
he clipped, trying to keep calm.

“am sorry… bas mujhe pata hi nahi chala… Maan pease don’t get angry na..”

He just didn’t want to talk now. The name “Aryan” just spoiled his mood.

“no am not. i gotta go… you take care. Good night!”

And he just disconnected the call, leaving her all clueless about what happened to him suddenly.


She was deep in her dreamless slumber, cocooned in the warm blanket when she felt something move around her. she changed her sides, cuddling more into the blanket but she felt something move again. it happened a few more times and that awakened her. was something up? She looked around…early streaks of dawn infiltrated those thick translucent curtains and something of a silhouette moved!

She was startled. It was still dark and she was alone in this pent house. She rubbed her eyes, thinking it could be a dream perhaps but then it was no dream. She saw it move around her room, ever so stealthily that she was sure it was some rogue.

“who’s there?”,
she braved her voice and got up to check what was wrong. Before she could even turn on the bed lamp, the shadow leapt on to her, making her shriek. She fell on the bed, with something or rather someone heavy and her heart constricted in her.

“no..let me go…”, she wriggled beneath, shutting her eyes tight, scared out of her wits. She tried to hit it… kick it scream and almost cried when he just placed his finger on her lips, silencing her.

“sshhh…its okay pumpkin…its me!!! Shhh…”, he calmed her down, holding that laughter.

It took her some time to recognise his voice and then she opened her eyes, trying to search for his eyes in the dark. He had been away for so long… she knew how much she missed him and then suddenly, someone into her room had scared her. she was breathing hard and he just caressed her cheeks softly.

His other hand reached out for the bed lamp and switched it on, with a smile on his face, “see… its me geet!”

A wave of relief coursed through her veins and she felt her life return to her. it was him… back home, finally.

“Maan..”, her voice broke as she traced her fingers down his cheeks to his jaws. He kissed her palm as it ran down his mouth.

“ohh Maan…”,
she cried and hugged him tightly pulling him on herself, so relieved that he was back. She had been feeling so lonely these days and he was supposed to be back in one or two days. And now that he was finally back to her…she couldn’t help but cry in happiness.

He kissed her face all over and shifted all his weight on her, letting her embrace him all to her heart’s content. It was indeed bliss to lie in the arms of the woman you love. They have a strange feminine power in them that can absorb any form of restless energy and convert them into love and warmth.

She held him close until she felt better and when he knew, he just rolled off her to his side, pulling her to him.

“you were scared…”

“i am always, when you go away from me…”

He kissed her forehead, “but am back now… its over. You needn’t be scared anymore…”

She snuggled closer to him, if that was at all possible, “umm…i know. But since when have you been moving around like a thief?”

He smiled at her drowsy voice, “i reached home at around 4am. You were sleeping so  i just didn’t want to disturb you.”

“and so you decided to move around like a thief and scare me, is it?”

He laughed heartily, “not at all pumpkin…all i ever wanted was to just sleep with you in my arms…”

She smiled and placed her head on his chest, “now…sleep..”, her voice dropped softer with the lilt of her sleep and he obliged.

She had been perhaps so happy that all these days of insomnia seemed to take it effect today. she slept soundly, like a baby, with a smile adoring her lips, unaware of time or day or anything for that matter. Only when his voice reached her ears, did she giggle and open her eyes to the blinding brightness of the day.

“umm yes dadima…
“,he sighed in defeat,  “hum aa rahe hain… yep.. han geet so rahi hain abhi…hmm… i will tell her..”

She stretched lazily, hearing his defeated voice…only with dadima that seemed to comply. Hey wait…they were going somewhere?

She opened her eyes and checked the time.. 10am. Damn! She was late but she was too lazy today.

“Maan…hum kahin jaa rahe hain?”

He finished the call and went to her side, “yep we are… now come on get up sweety.. we need to catch a flight.”

“whattt??”, she was surprised yet she didn’t want to leave the comfort of her bed, “but you just came this morning na… you must be tired.”

He pressed his lips to her mumbling ones making her smile. She seemed to have blossomed back to life with his arrival. That never fading smile on her lips just said it all.

“ummm…”, she gave out a deliberate moan, drowsily..sexily making him sigh. He broke apart and cupped her cheeks, “you don’t want me to rip your clothes now and miss our flight…do you?”

She turned a shade pink but eyes him naughtily, “what is it Mr Khurana that you are trying to hide from me?”

He stood up and pulled her up along with himself, “come on geet… freshen up.

She giggled more and he smiled seeing her so happy.

“please Maan sone dijiye na…”


She pulled away her hand in a jerk and fell back on bed, “please… i am still sleepy…”

He rolled his eyes…she was still a kid. And he loved that.

“nope…not a minute more pumpkin… we have to leave.”

She twisted her lips and pulled the duvet on her, “ i ain’t going…you don’t even know how many sleepless nights i have spent all alone…”

He sighed..this woman was a kid but a mature kid at that. He pulled away the duvet and lifted her up in his arms, “please jaan…we are getting late…”

She made a face, “but hum jaa kahan rahe hain?”

He sighed and her reaction would be worth watching.


“WHATTT???”, her sleep vanished, eyes wider than ever and her jaw dropped!

He smiled, “ji han Mrs Khurana… we are going to india…in the next four hours!”

And the happiness he saw in her was beyond words. She jumped and ran and laughed whole-heartedly, her energy doubling each minute as they pass and in the next few hours, they were on their flight back home.

Even the ten hour flight couldn’t diminish her enthusiasm. All Maan did was see her glowing face. how happy she looked that he was back and that they were home. There was a warm reception from Dadima and Annie at KM. Geet couldn’t be happier. They were home after such a long long time.

She changed into her night gown and fell on the bed with a thud. They reached late night but that just couldn’t bring her down. Maan did all this for her…she knew. Gosh… she had never been this happy. The moment she heard the door shut, she rushed to him and hugged him from behind.

“I love you Maan…”
, she kissed his bare shoulder, making him sigh.

This woman holds immense power on him perhaps. He turned back to her and took her hands and kiss her palm, “you aren’t sleepy now?”

She smiled, “does it seem so Mr Khurana?”

The windows were open and the curtains danced to the soft wind that twirled around with a soft music of their dance.

He smiled, “so..would you like a dance, my lady?”

She couldn’t keep her happiness and laughed, “why, of course sire…”, and she bowed down like a lady.

He winked and walked to his cup board. He had a collection of music… classics to waltz to jazz to rock…anything he fancied. He chose one and put it up on the stereo and dimmed the lights. he walked slowly towards his beloved with a grin plastered on his face as the music started.

He bowed down and asked for her hand. Her lips curled into a smile as he pulled her and she swayed to his tune. The wind played the harp wth the curtains while she rested her one hand in his and the other on his shoulder flowed with him.

I wondered should I go or should I stay,

The band had only one more song to play.

And then I saw you out the corner of my eye,

A little girl, alone and so shy.

(A lovely piece of music… do check it out)

She was amused with the kind of music he played…old, classic waltz. His hand rested softly yet firm on her waist, guiding her. their steps were uncalibrated and they stepped onto each other’s toes, being the novice that they were. It did nothing but erupt laughter from her lips.

I had the last waltz with you,

Two lonely people together.

I fell in love with you,

The last waltz should last forever.

She swirled with him and turned and bowed as he guided her back to her toes and held her captive by his eyes.

“You’ve got a nice collection of music Mr khurana that I knew not of!”,
she teased.

He leaned closer, as their steps started matching now, in an incoherent waltz, “weren’t these years enough for you to know me well, Madame?”

Her night gown flowed with the music and the wind as he led her effortlessly. He lowered her to an arch and brought her back, gliding across the floor as swift as water.

“how unromantic of you sire! Surprises ought to be kept for special occasions for women, you see…”

He arched a brow and started singing along as they covered the entire room and led to the balcony, unaware of the time or place.

But the love we had was going strong,

Through the good and bad we get along.

And then the flame of love died in your eye,

My heart was broke in two when you said goodbye.

He sang along with an expression and twirled her around, bringing her back to his embrace. As his lips played in sync with the song, she could do nothing but adore this man in her life. He made a sad face as it came to the goodbye part…and she knew he was being his usual Thespian king.

I had the last waltz with you,

Two lonely people together.

I fell in love with you,

The last waltz should last forever.

“hope this isn’t our last waltz sire!”, she spoke playfully.

He shrugged and kept mouthing the song, making faces… the lover that he was.

“I am afraid this isn’t, my love… we still have a tango to tap to…and a jive to rejoice…”

She laughed and swayed in his arms, “ohh dear…what do i do with my thespian king now?”, she mimicked his over dramatic voice.

“Might as well just love him a little more to make him happy, My lady!”

“but isn’t that asking for more than what he deserves?”

And he did nothing but sing out along with the song…his reply that made her burst with laughter.

It’s all over now, nothing left to say,

Just my tears and the orchestra playing.

“tch tch tch… i wouldn’t like my King crying now…would I?”, she made a puppy face and joined him in the laughter and the song.

La la la la la la la la la,

La la la la la la la la la.

I had the last waltz with you,

Two lonely people together.

I fell in love with you,

The last waltz should last forever.

La la la la la la la la la.

The song slowly died but her laughter didn’t. He picked her up in his arms and gently lowered her on the bed, “well… your king is an innocent soul lady… have some mercy please”

She bit her lips and then pretended to think, “umm…umm.. only if he promises never to leave me alone like this again..”

with all my soul and heart darling..”

And he kissed her lips, sweetly and tenderly, making her heart swell in happiness. The wind still danced as he embraced her and led her to a sleep full of dreams…just like he had led her through the waltz.

The next morning, Geet wore a saree, feeling novelty in her attire. its been so long that she had worn a sari now. She prepared tea for dadima and Maan who were seated in the garden, discussing something.

“umm… you look nice geet…”,
annie yawned and entered the kitchen to get her coffee.

“thanks annie… waise I met Aryan a few days back… are you two still in contact?”

“really? Thats cool. Yeah at times we talk… he is busy and am busy.. so..”

Annie and Aryan had been good friends and since annie had to back in India, they realized they were better off as friends and not complicate things.

“chalo… freshen up and come for breakfast…”, she instructed and headed to the lawn with the tray.

“So.. when are you taking her Maan?”, dadima asked, curious.

“umm.. we will head off tonight. Its a surprise you see.”, Maan smiled

“hmm.. women love surprises beta…”, dadima winked.

He recalled the previous night when geet had said the same and laughed, “yeah… surprises!”

“kiske liye surprise?”, geet joined them with the tray, “good morning dadima…”

“morning beta…”, dadima hugged her, “we are so glad you came. It brings back the life of this mansion…”

Geet smiled and served them their tea while Maan gazed at her bare waist, past her magenta mono-color sari. It was rare that she wore sarees back in London. And hell she looked hot..especially with those dripping wet hair and that bit of red sindoor between the wet locks.

As she tucked her pallu at her waist and went about doing her work, his gaze followed the trail of her white skin, making his lips dry.

“here..maan?“, she called out to him, handing over his cup, “kahan khoye hain aap?”, she rolled her eyes and took a seat beside him, taking her tea.

As she and dadima talked about their lives and her work over tea, he knew how hard he was trying to control that itch to trace his finger along her waistline where her saree started.

It took geet sometime to realize a certain gaze focussed on her and when she looked at him, his dark eyes made her gulp hard with consciousness. The moment dadima was done with her tea, she quickly got up to get inside.

He smirked at her naughtily and stood up just beside her, close enough that dadima couldn’t notice where his hand went.

“alright dadima..i will head off to the office and take a note of the progress.”

She caught her breath in her throat as his finger softly and sensuously caressed her bare cold skin, making her gasp. She glared at him, but he could just care less. He walked ahead nonchalantly and then suddenly turned, pretending to have been reminded of something.

“ohh han.. geet zara kamre mein aana. Need to discuss something important.”

Dadima found it genuine and ignore while geet knew what was to come. Why can’t Maan mind people, place and time?

She sighed and got to the kitchen slowly when she heard him scream, “GEEETTT… where the hell are you??”

Even the servants were startled as to why he sounded so annoyed. It even scared geet that he might have needed her urgently. Instructing the servants, she just rushed to their room frantically, worried what caused his sour mood.

The moment she got in, he shut the door and pushed her right on to the wall.

“ahh maaan… what is…”

She couldn’t even continue and he just smacked his lips on hers, catching her off guard. She wriggled and wrestled with him, unable to understand this sudden assault when he just broke apart and pulled off her pallu, shocking her.

“Maan.. ye kya kar rahe hain aap?? Ohh  dear…”,
she tried to push him,but he pinned her hands over her head and kiss her back, hard this time, coaxing her to open her mouth and sliding his warm tongue to explore her.

“ahhh..”, she moaned feeling that pleasure course in her veins and the next moment she was responding back with an equal fervour.

When she was sure she was losing herself, he broke apart and breathed hard, “what the hell took you so long?”

“Maan… please let me go… “

He dipped his face into her bosom over her blouse and bit her tender buds, earning a moan from her.

“its your fault and i wont let you go…”, he exhaled, tracing his fingers round her waist, like he had wanted to, “do you realize what you do to me pumpkin?”

A deep he of red settled over her face as she felt tickled in the pit of her stomach hearing the intensity in his voice.

“Maan…”, she moaned out while he placed open mouthed kisses”hot and wet down her throat, losing herself.

“umm??”, he mumbled, training his tongue down the valley of her curves.

“ohhh…”, she sighed as her fingers curled into fists in his hairs, “jaane dijiye please..”, she could barely whisper and then her eyes widened in surprise when his fingers sneaked into where she had tucked her pleats.

“Maan… no…”, she warned, “not that…stop…”

As if he ever listened to her! he pulled out the pleats and knelt down, pressing a deep wet smooch on her belly button… making her shiver.

He looked up to see her flushed face, eyes scrunched shut and her tummy tucked in out of anticipation and slowly…ohh so slowly stood up, his breath tracing her bare skin, tickling her as he stood up.

His thumb rubbed her lips making her gulp hard, down her parched throat, “you should wear sarees more often…”

Her lips trembled as she tried to retort, “no..thank you. I don’t want to be getting into troubles because of that…”

He smirked and an evil one at that, “just you wait till i come back!”

And then he was gone, in a jiffy, closing the door shut, leaving her in that disheveled form. She shook her head… what in the world was she going to do with him?!!

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Geet followed annie’s gaze and realized her gaze was stuck at her neck! Her eyes widened while her face reddened in embarrassment. She quickly covered that mark Maan left with her dupatta.

“errm…wo annie chalo freshen up. Tum tired hogi…”,
she tried to cover up and annie just burst out laughing.

“ohh geet…you are so innocent..”, she hugged her whispered into her ears, “so… i guess it was wild.”

“eeewww…annie shut up and go! mein khana laga deti hoon…”, she rushed to the kitchen exasperated! Damn hell… both siblings are just …arrghh…! the next few days, she knew, her life was going to turn upside down.

Geet and annie had a hearty breakfast while Maan slept. Geet never had this much enthusiasm at the breakfast table since Maan had kept busy. And annie being around and with Maan at home, she was happy… after a long time. The ladies had their usual chit chat over breakfast about work, home, other women and whatever they could. While annie watched tv, geet went to check on Maan and found him all set to leave for office.

“Maan.. kahan jaa rahe hain aap?”

He kept looking at his planner and replied, “thoda office jana hain sweetheart…”

She was angered..just last evening only he was back and he was leaving already.

but aap kal hi tho aaye the na?? Nope.. you are not going anywhere… Not at all”

He sighed and cupped her cheeks lovingly , “bas thoda sa hi tho kaam hain na pumpkin… jaldi aa jaunga.”

She pouted, “but aaj Saturday hain na… phir kaaheka office!”

He laughed at her cute angry talk, ” i know baba bas chotta sa kaam hain. Will be back by evening.”

She twisted her lips and looked away, not convinced. He knew she was insecure that he might just not turn up in the evening. He felt bad but then he had to make her believe him. he placed a quick peck on her lips, “okay ab muh mat phulao. Pumpkin looks too delicious to eat. I promise i will be back by evening and take you and annie out for dinner.”

She looked at him from the corner of her eyes, still angry, “pakka?”

He grinned, “han baba…pakka… first shopping and then dinner. And kal, i will be all available to you meri jaan…”, and he winked making her smile.

She raised up on her toes to kiss him when a loud scream echoed in their room and annie jumped on Maan squealing, ” OMG bro…i have missed you sooo much!!”

Geet stopped, feeling embarrassed and took a step back but then realized annie never noticed them at all. she was all into hugging her brother. Maan hugged her back with that smile geet loved on him.

“kya bro..aap mujhe airport lene kyun nahi aaye? I was waiting you know..”

“yaar i was sleepy…”, and then he looked meaningfully at geet, “something or the other just kept me busy and i was too tired.”

Annie giggled at her own naughty thoughts while geet blushed looking away.

“acha chalo..let me go running late. Be ready by 7, we will be going out.”

He just took his stuffs and walked past them while they just followed him to the door, with geet walking a step ahead of annie.

Maan sprang out of the door while geet and annie saw him off. And the next moment, he took a u-turn, hurried to geet, placed a kiss on her lips and walked into the lift. Geet stood mortified, unable to react. Annie was right beside and Maan never seemed to care about time , place or person. She was too shy to even turn back and walk into the house.

A few minutes passed in silence and she just prayed the earth swallowed her up then and there itself.

“ab stop dreaming about your husband and get inside geet..”, a laughing annie zapped her back to reality. She dipped her head in embarrassment and walked it, unable to face annie while she laughed on. When geet didn’t say anything, annie pinched her nose, “stop turning red bhabhi… that shows how much he loves you. You needn’t feel embarrassed about it.”

It made geet feel better and the day went exceptionally good for her. cooking, gossiping, laughing and eating and more talking!! They didn’t even realize when the time passed and it stuck 7pm and Maan was back. Geet was happy..she had never even thought he’d be able to make it in time, considering the work pressure but he just proved her wrong. The trio got ready, and as promised, Maan took them shopping and then dinner.

By the time they reached home, annie was dead tired…first because of the flight and then all that fun. She straight away went to sleep while geet changed and get to bed. Thats when she checked her phone and found 5 missed calls from India, specifically from her home, Hoshiyarpur. Its been so long that she had been back home..may be more than a year! The last time she was in Hoshiyarpur was around the time she had just completed her second year in college and that too for just a day for she had to leave for London by the earliest flight. Maan being settled here, made it difficult for her to travel back home plus her own job!

She sighed and realized she would have to call back the next morning itself. Maan was busy with some files and he would take time so she just slept off, thinking about her home.


The next day was lazy and geet enjoyed watched Maan and annie fight for remote, lying on the floor on the living room, all lazy while she finished the dishes post breakfast and went to her room and called her mother.

“hello? Ji kaun?
“, rano’s voice almost made her cry.


Rano’s happiness knew no bounds, hearing geet’s voice,“geet…puttar..kaisa hain mera baccha?”

“mein theek hoon maa aur aap? Papaiji, Darji, chayiji, rajji, veerji… sab kaise hain?”

“sab theek hain..acha bata Maan kaise hain?”

They talked here and there when rajji snatched the phone and started complaining her of not visiting them. Geet felt happy and sad at the same time… perks of marriage! Huh! She missed them terribly.

Chayiji snatched the phone and teased her, “kyun re geet… hume apne pote-poti ke kab milwayegi?”

Geet blushed and then smiled and rano snatched the phone, “geet puttar… tu yahan aaja… hum sab tujhe bahut yaad karte hain..”

They talked telling geet how much they missed her and that they were looking for a guy for rajji  and they wanted her home. They even asked her if she had children or even planning to.

At this, geet just laughed, “nahi maa..abhi kuch socha nahi hain…”

And the other side went silent, worrying geet.

“maa…you der?”

“geet… shaadi ko teen saal poore hone aaye hain beta.. aisa kab tak chalega? Mana ke maanji teri padhayi poori hone ka wait kar rahe they..par ab?…”

More than rano, chayiji kept on telling her stuffs here and there that left geet completely silent. She didn’t know what to think now. Not that she didn’t want to have kids but then again when they are so busy in their lives, she had no idea what to do.

Her saviour was annie who was screaming at the top of her lungs, calling out to her. she quickly finished the call, giving some excuse and went out to check on annie who was laughing her head off while Maan tickled her. she sighed in relief and rushed to rescue her. they had their usual chit chat, making fun of each other while geet was lost in her thoughts, occasionally joining them in their laughter.

The whole day passed and Maan noticed her being a bit aloof. Geet changed into her night dress and walked to the cupboard when Maan pulled her to him. she collided with him while her nose hit his chest.

“owww…”, she cried, rubbing her nose.


Geet?? Her eyes widened! There had to be something serious now.

“umm Maan?”, she spoke, still rubbing her nose.

He tipped her chin and lifted her face up, “kya hua?”

“ehh?? Kya hua?”
, she looked confused!

“subah se pareshaan ho! Whats the matter?”

She blinked couple of times realizing he noticed it. She was reminded of the whole conversation with her family and her lashes dropped.

“geet…who called?”

She guessed he knew she had been on a call and he was serious. There was nothing she could hide from him.

“wo… maa ka phone aaya tha!”

“aur am sure they must have said something! right?”

She sighed, “they miss me..and they wanted me to visit them Maan.. “

“tho isme pareshaan hone wali kya baat hain pumpkin?”

“nahi… mein pareshaan nahi hun Maan…its just that…”,
she breathed in sharply, not revealing a lot, “just that i miss them too…”

He pulled her close and hugged her, soothing her. he realized she hadn’t been to India for a long time and even if they made small trips, it was never to Hoshiyarpur, for they were always on the move due to their work and stuffs. He lifted her and carried her to their bed. He gently put her down and pulled the duvet on her. he turned to leave when she held his hand, wondering where he was going.

He pressed a loving kiss on her forehead, “i have a few mails to check. I will be back in ten minutes…”

And he left, leaving her all alone to ponder over things. The night lamps were on that made myriad of silhouettes on the ceiling, making her travel into the spirals of her mind.

Rano and chayiji had asked her why she hasn’t planned a baby yet but she didn’t have any answers for them. She sighed…how would it feel like to carry their baby in her womb and nurture it with all her love? how would it feel like to hold that tiny little life in her hands and watch it grow? Ohh how many times has she imagined this, when she was alone… thinking of the times that would bring so much of happiness with itself. Instinctively her hand caressed her flat tummy and smiled imagining it grow, with the baby inside. She would actually look like a pumpkin! A soft smile adored her lips when she thought of it but then she didn’t know if it was the right time to expect something like this! Maan was so much into his company…he was putting his best to make it to the top,he has been working so hard and then baby would mean just another responsibility she was scared to put on him. watching him, she guessed he just wasn’t ready perhaps.

But somewhere deep within, she hoped for that small miracle to happen. Yet, she was unsure… uncertain of what might follow next. What if something went wrong between them…

“na na babaji…”,
she immediately cursed herself for thinking something bad. They are so happy with each other..she was so happy with Maan and she loved him like crazy…she chided herself not to think bad.

A few minutes to silence and she felt his hand snaking round her waist and pulling her to him. she didn’t know what she was feeling right now because everything was mixed up. She wanted to smile but she couldn’t and if she wanted to cry, she couldn’t. All she did was look straight into his eyes and try to understand what she wanted, through him, while he kissed her.

He saw her not herself when he made sweet love to her. she seemed a little distant. He never looked away from her…rather tried to read what was in her mind. Her eyes lever left his, letting him look deep into her soul where he found a certain kind of hope, he had not idea for what. She sighed and moaned out his name while she climaxed and thats the only time their eyes contact broke.

He kissed her again before taking her into his arms and pulling duvet on them. She slept off almost immediately but he lay awake, unable to comprehend her behaviour today. she said she missed her family… but then why did it feel that there was something else? Just a few days more and he will be totally free to devote his time to her.


It was just Wednesday and geet’s heart almost broke hearing annie was going back to India. Maan stayed back in Dublin for completing the last few works related to his project. Sure he did speak to her over phone but she felt lonely, yet again.

By Thursday, geet was left all alone, once again. she didn’t even want to go back to that empty house without Maan. She was done with her office for the day but she just didn’t want to go back home. It was the typical English weather for by afternoon, it had started raining. It was just 6 in the evening and she just didn’t take her usual subway home. Instead, she just walked aimlessly on the pavement, hoping to pass her time.
It was drizzling, so she walked into a nearby cafe and sat by the window, watching the rain and the busy roads. The waiter served her mocha and she just sat there, lost in her thoughts.

“hey…mind if I join you mademoiselle?”

A familiar voice made her look up and a smiling Aryan greeted her.

“ahh…aryan… “, she was glad she found someone to talk to. Aryan took the seat beside her, “what are you doing here all alone geet?”

“just trying to get out of the mundane schedule…”
, geet smiled.
She had been friends with Aryan even now. Aryan had left his part time job as a language teacher and was busy with his office.

“and where is Mr. Hitler Khurana sweets?”, spoke the usual Aryan way.

“come on..stop calling my husband a hitler alright!’, geet hit him playfully.

They had a coffee together… and another and some food and they just didn’t realize how long they spoke until aryan’s phone rang with someone from home.

“its late geet…shall i drop you home?”

“no..thanks. i will take the subway. You go home. Your mom must be waiting..”

Aryan gave her a friendly hug, “alright… take care. Do keep in touch…”

“sure.. and thanks Aryan… i had a wonderful time today..”

“with me, you always will sweets…”, he winked playfully and walked off.

Geet reached the penthouse almost around 9 and she was too full to even have dinner for that sake. She changed into dry clothes and checked her phone”10 missed calls from Maan.

She panicked, knowing he must be angry, he usually called her around 7 and right now, he must be worried like hell. She immediately called back and he answered in just one ring.

“where the hell were you geet? Why weren’t you picking up the damned phone? You know how worried i was…?
“, he screamed from the other end.

“am so sorry Maan.. wo office se nikalte waqt i met a friend and just forgot to put the phone back in loud.”

“you were out..with whom??”
, his voice softened, feeling glad that she wasn’t keeping
locked up at home.

wo actually i was in a cafe aur Aryan mil gaya…tho we just got into talking and didn’t realize ki itna late ho gaya. Usi mein i forgot about the phone…”

Okay..she told him, that was fine. But why the hell Aryan? Geet was still friends with him..even that was fine but he just didn’t like him…especially from the time he had dared to propose his wife right in front of him.

“geet… its good that you were out and enjoyed your time but hell.. you scared the life out of me.”, he clipped, trying to keep calm.

am sorry… bas mujhe pata hi nahi chala… Maan pease don’t get angry na..”

He just didn’t want to talk now. The name “Aryan” just spoiled his mood.

“no am not. i gotta go… you take care. Good night!”

And he just disconnected the call, leaving her all clueless about what happened to him suddenly.

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