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PARINEETA [ART 50 on part 50… can’t believe it!!!! Shocked
so this is a longgg update as a part of completing 50 parts!!!!Big smile
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She gulped hard…his look was intimidating.

erm..i…was wondering if you had packed your stuffs…

yes I have…“, he snapped….he sighed and again looked up ar her, “could you please send nakul wilth my coffee?

She just nodded and left the room immediately. She didn’t know why..she still feared going to his room. She did as she was told and headed back to her room. Luckily she was distracted by roops’ call asking her to come fast. They were having a gala time out there. She got busy with her and Maan just slipped out of her mind.


The next day was exciting for all…dia, namra, dadima and Geet. As they drove towards the airport, Geet called roops and told her about her arrival. She sat with dadima in the flight, talking about all her college masti…! Maan sat a bit farther from all of them.. closed his eyes and lost himself in his thoughts.


It was around 12 in the afternoon when they landed. Maan had been very quiet throughout…. He was going to meet everyone after so many days…. So many years.. what will he say… what will they say? He had completely lost contact with them.. did he even know that he was coming? Did they still remember him?


Geet’s squeal broke his thoughts..and he realized they were already walking out of the airport.. she had seen roops and prem and ran towards them. Prem hugged her tight.. and twirled her around lifting her up.

Prem: Geet… you actually got married.. CONGRATULATIONS yaar….

Geet laughed, “thank you.. aur tu kahan gayab tha itne din? Phone nahi kar sakta tha?

[thank you…. And where were you lost all these days? Couldn’t you have given me a ring?]

They were talking and talking.. prem and roops touched dadima’s feet. Prem saw two cute angels hiding behind dadima. he asked them to come out. Dia shook her head and hid back. He felt them sooo cute. Geet saw them and called dia and namra out. Both of them ran towards Geet and clung to her , hiding from prem.

Geet: aap dono darr kyun rahe ho? ye tho prem hain.. aapki angel ka friend… chalo hello bolo….

[why you two are scared? This is prem.. your angel’s friend… come on say hello..]

Namra shook her head in denial and held her tighter. Geet kneeled down and held their hands, “jaise roops aapki angel ki best friend hain.. waise prem bhi hain.. aap unse dosti nahi karoge?

[like roops is your angel’s friend, similarly, prem is also your angel’s best friend! Won’t you become friends?]

Prem moved closer to them and extended his hand, “ prem.. may I know the names of you princesses?

Dia slowly moved ahead and gave her tiny hands to his, “ dia khulana…

Maan smiled hearing her pronunciation. He was observing everything from afar. Narma went closer and shook his hands, “and I am namra khurana…

Prem looked at both of them…. And he knew they were Maan and anisha’s daughters. He looked up to see Maan looking at them. He took a deep breathe in went to him….it was suddenly so awkward for them. Both of them reluctantly shook hands.


thanks for coming… Geet is too happy….she really wanted to come“, he spoke looking at Geet who was busy with speaking to roops. Dia and namra were hugging roops and pulling her out.

Maan gave a weak smile, “I guess she is…“.

All of them headed out. Prem drove while Maan sat in the from beside him. In the middle row sat Geet and dadima and the last row was occupied by roops and the kids, playing. Prem was speaking all about the masti they were having. He even told about everyone being there and missing Geet badly.


Prem:..aur this time.. it’s a lavish pujabi wedding.. and guess the surprise.. rashmi’s family owns a huge palace like mansion here.. and even the ladekwalas are staying here..

Geet’s eye’s popped out. She slid forward and clung to prem’s seat.

oh my god..kya baat kar raha hain? Ladkewale aur ladkiwale ek hi jagah…

[oh my god..what are you saying.. bride and groom in the same place..]

Roops managed to speak between her laughter. The kids were tickling her, “hmm.. puneet’s family stay in Bangalore right…so they all decided to come together at rashmi’s place and finish with all the rituals and stuffs along with marriage and then get back to Bangalore taking rashmi along..

Geet was sooo filled with excitement, “prem…jaldi chala gadi..mujhe abhi ke abhi wahan pahunchna hain….”

[prem…drive fast…. I want to get there right now..]

And finally people heard Maan’s voice, “Geet… Geet..calm down..we all have proper functioning ears…

And before Geet could say anything dadima spoke up, “wow… hume tho ab pata chala ki Maan bol bhi sakte hain..”

[wow… we just came to know that Maan can speak]

And everyone burst out laughing!!

dadima… aap bhi?

[dadima.. you too?]

rehne do Maan… sabko shaadi ki hawa lag chuki hain…“, roops shouted from behind.

[leave it Maan… the wedding wind has affected all]


Even Maan couldn’t help but smile. As they entered through the huge iron gates… everyone’s jaws dropped open….it was decorated beautifully.. and it was then Geet realized that it was not one but two huge mansions with the driveway in the middle.  People were all around.. the decorators, family members, worried mothers, girls giggling and laughing around…. And the winter sun shining bright with the gentle cold breeze.

She pulled her sun glasses above her head and stepped out of the car, looking around… scanning the hugeness of the place. Maan and prem got the luggage and roops guided them inside. As they headed, roops just leaned forward and whispered in Geet’s ears, “everyone knows you are be prepared..”

And before even she could realize.. she heard someone shout, “Geet…….

And the next moment she knew she was being run over by a throng of people. Actually people were hugging her soo tight.. she felt choked!!! Dia and namra got scared and ran to Maan seeing so many people attacking their angel. Dadima was so happy for Geet.


Geet managed to hold herself.. and finally see..not all..but most of her friends.. her close ones hug her!!!

Meera: Geet… OH MY GOD…. Tu kitni badal gayi hain…kahan thi tu itne saal…bhool gayi na hume..

[Geet… oh my god.. you have changed so much… where were all these days.. you forgot us no…]


Everyone told how much they had missed her..her sudden disappearance and losing all her contacts… Geet had tears in her eyes. Rashmi’s mom came and greeted dadima and Maan. She asked prem to guide Maan to the ‘boys’ wala room… actually the guys had taken an entire hall because they wanted to enjoy… it included puneet’s friends too…and puneet himself. And of course the girls were no less. Seeing the boys take up such a step.. even they took another hall in the other mansion.. all girly stuff!! Rashmi’s mom escorted dadima to a separate room…lest she was disturbed by these people.


Geet realized she was taking too long with her friends. She excused herself and looked for dia and namra. The kids were so scared to see people attacking their angel, they came back running to see if she was okay. As they saw Geet away from the crowd, they ran and hugged her.

“angel…you okay?“, dia asked worried.

kyun..mujhe kya hua?

[why..what happened to me?]

wo..wo… everyone was trying to kill you na..“, namra spoke hugging her tight. At this Geet started laughing… the kids were scared because they thought they were killing her. someof Geet’s friends saw her hugging the kids. Riya went ahead and asked, “Geet..who are they?

Geet gave a wide smile and pulled dia and namra closer, “meri betiyan hain…

[they’re my daughters]

There was such a scream and squeal that actually made the elder shout to maintain silence. They all dragged Geet and the kids out on the driveway.. it was lined by small bonsais and a fountain in the middle.


Meanwhile, as Maan entered the hall..everything went silent… everyone present there stood gaping at him…at first everyone was like Oh my god..THE Maan SIGH KHURANA….. and the next moment…”abbey apna Maan aaya hain…”. He wasn’t sure how they’d react…he had missed them all…no matter how far he stayed away from them..he had spent his most glorious years with them… they hugged him… laughing and commenting on how he had forgotten all of them… and he just didn’t have anything to say. They tried to ask him about anisha..but those who knew, it had apparently come out in some local newspapers as he managed to keep everything hush hush…and those who were a little bit in contact with him then….so it was all kept low..and they were more than happy to meet him after a long time. Even Maan felt relaxed.. after years….


Geet was again drowned in the pool of questions.. and when they knew she was married to Maan…… they literally went in shock!!!

Riya: but Geet…he..he married anisha right… then…..

Geet didn’t want to speak about anything regarding her marriage.. nothing at all! She just changed the topic saying, “long story..i’ll tell later..but first tell me where is rashmi?

am here….”, Geet heard a voice..and turned to look at rashmi..stading in front of her..with a smile on her face. Her face was glowing….she was in a simple pink salwar kameez. Geet ran towards her and hugged her, “ sooo happy for you yaar,….. “

me sooo glad that you came..

Geet straightened herself and pushed her, “pehle bata puneet kahan hain..mujhe milna hain abhi ussey…

[first tell me where is puneet… I want to meet him…]

Rashmi shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know where he is..”

what do you mean by you don’t know?

I mean..he must be busy with something na.. waise bhi aaj sham sangeet hain.. you’ll meet him there…


She heard dia crying. She ran and managed to pull her out from the crowd. Poor baby had got her cheeks red due to all the pulling and cuddling. Namra’s cheeks were red too.

oyyi… meri betiyon ko tang mat karo samjhe…

[oyii… don’t irritate my daughters….]

The afternoon went super awesome for everyone. Maan was enjoying listening to his friends and meeting puneet and his gang. They were very very nice people. They had lunch together.. and Maan had an instant liking towards puneet. He had met him in his office but he got to know him better like this. Prem was planning all the prank they were going to play on the girls in the evening. Maan was quiet throughout but he enjoyed their talks. Geet never missed taking care of dadima and the kids even while enjoying with her friends. Many of her friends were married and were there with their hubbys/wives and kids (if they had kids lol).


With all the excitement..everyone had forgotten lunch.  And finally rashmi’s parents had to run helter-skelter calling everyone for lunch. The friends decided to have lunch sitting on the floor in a huge hall. The guys were called in too….and Geet really had a big surprise seeing all her friends there. Even dia and namra had found friends.. so Geet was quite relieved. Maan sat beside puneet, speaking to him..and occasionally looking at the kids  or at Geet..who just seemed to glow every passing second.  After lunch, the boys decided to go for a hangout while the girls stayed was already 4pm and they had to get ready for the function.


Geet noticed prem continuously on call with someone all the while and when she asked him, he just ignored. She knew her friend was crazy… she ignored it too. She helped dadima with her medicines and dia and namra to freshen up. The girls started getting ready.. and girls will be girls. Geet helped dia and namra get ready in their cute lehengas and did their hair. Then she went ahead helping rashmi get ready…and then helping each other one by one.. the girls got ready and it was already 7. Geet  took a quick bath and just wore her lehenga and wrapped the dupatta around her. the moment she would go to get ready, someone or the other will call her to help.

Maan got ready in a black sherwani he had packed. He punned the button and looked around for his dupatta. He checked his bag… umm something was missing. He looked around for a while and realized one of his bags was accidentally taken to dadima’s room. He sighed and went to her room looking for it. he found dadima on the way and asked if she had his bag.

umm pata nahi beta..humne itna dhyaan nahi diya.. aap humare kamre mein dekhiye..hum Geet se poochte hain..”

[umm we don’t know beta.. we haven’t noticed… you check in our room, we’re asking Geet.]

please not the color code before you read
geet, roops, maan, prem, puneet, rashmiWink

He sighed and went ahead. Dadima looked around for Geet and found her helping one of her friends with her hair. She asked her to go and check. Geet pulled her hair in a messy bun and walked towards dadima’s room. She found roops and prem speaking to each other in the hall. Prem called her, “oyee sun….aaj dress code hain…

[oyee listen..we have dress code today…]

what? What kind of dress code?

umm..girls have to wear a flowr..anykind of flower in their hair…

really? Is it? and what about guys?”

umm..rose on their sherwanis…


Geet rolled her eyes at the stupid dress code and walked ahead. She peeped into dadima’s room and found Maan struggling with the dupatta. She smiled… no matter how hard she tried, she always slipped in slightest of his gestures. And the way he was trying to fix it up..she was reminded of that small boy who was sooo innocent…. Always trying to do things all alone. She walked in and cleared her throat. Maan turned around…. A frown on his head just because of that silly dupatta! Geet just kept looking at him, smiling. He shrugged his shoulder like, “what..” types. He had managed to find it but was having troubles fixing it.


She inched closer to him and lifted her hand to his shoulder, fixing the dupatta..pulling it right and left, setting it properly. He sighed and looked at her.. she seemed so engrossed in her work… a few strands of hair fell over her eyes…he noticed she wasn’t even ready… her hair was a messy bun, she hadn’t even set her clothes right…and again his eyes went back to her eyes..that were having troubles with those hair. They could hear faint music from the hall downstairs..people had started gathering…but his attention again moved back to her hair. Involuntarily, his hand moved up and before even she could realize, it slid the strands away and tucked it behind her ear.  She stilled for a moment… and looked up… only to see him gazing at her intently. She felt her cheeks burn… and her lashes fell.


He snapped  back to reality and took a step back. She finally took a breath and smiled, ‘see…its done!”

umm..thanks…“, he looked here and there… there was a sudden silence between them…,”I should get ready…“, he managed to blabber.

He put a step ahead to walk when she placed her hand gently on his chest. He stopped abruptly wondering what was she upto. She wasn’t even looking at him. She turned a bit and got a rose from the table beside. There were fresh roses in the vase nearby. She picked the deepest red one and gently tucked it in his sherwani!!! She caressed his shoulder and took a step back, “its perfect!!”

He didn’t know what to say….. he was blank… he looked at her smiling.. proud of something he couldn’t understand and walked out..leaving her all in smiles.




The ladies sat together, signing songs and playing the traditional dhol. A few girls were dancing..and the air was just filled with laughter. Puneet stood with his friends and Maan and prem were already there….everyone were just waiting for the bride and her friends. Prem noticed the girls descending down the stairs and whistled loudly. There was a huge round of applause as the lovely beauties descended down. Rashmi wore a magenta colored ghaghra choli with a matching sent of jewelry. Roops and riya and ananya and meera.. everyone descended…and helped rashmi beside puneet. As they looked at each other.. puneet’s friends hooted loudly, making rashmi turn scarlet. Maan looked for dadima.. she was with other elders talking. He looked for dia and namra..and found them running around with other kids. He looked around for Geet… and found her…hey wait a minute.. where was Geet? His eyes skimmed through the crowd trying to locate her. roops noticed that. She slid beside Maan and whispered in his ears, “look up the stairs..” and ran away, giggling.


She wore an pink colored lehenga.. and a short choli that revealed her waist.. her dupatta was normally put across her neck… and her hair was tied in a tight French plait. His eyes stuck at her..she was looking breathtakingly beautiful…there was no doubt about it. Geet was late.. so she managed to dress up in whichever way she could. She felt someone stare at her.. she looked around..but she didn’t find anyone. She ignored and went to join her friends.


As the function started.. there were dance performances by rashmis’ cousins and puneet’s friends… ladkewale giving tough takkar to ladkiwale!!! Geet stood with her friends, clapping…giggling… and she again felt that gaze… she looked around and found no one. She  sighed and ignored it. and it so happened that the ladke-wale were taking the upper hand. It was then rashmi  realized the guys were all prepared for it..but there was no way the girls side could have accepted defeat like that. She called her mom abd whispered something in her ears. She went and told her friends and some of Geet’s friends.


Ananya took the stage and announced, “ab innt ka jawab tho pathar se dena padega.. and here we have our star performer…Geet….”

There was a huge round of applause..and Geet was shocked to hell. She looked around and saw everyone staring at her.,. kya hain???

[what is this?]

Rashmi’s mom came forward and held her hands, “I know you sing very well Geet…. Come them what we are…

but aunty..i…

Even dadima joined the persuasion gang and finally pushed Geet to the  centre of the hall. Even Maan was surprised to see Geet. Geet looked at her friends with a pleading face… ananya screamed, “show them THE GEET FACTOR….geet….”

All the girls were shouting, “Geet…Geet….”


And she was totally nervous. She hadn’t even sung in  years!!! She looked all around her and found the boys smirking… as if they knew the girls were going to loose. She shot them a glare and looked at rashmi’s expectant face. She sighed and turned around….the lights dimmed and the spotlight fell on Geet.


Gopiyon sang ghoome kanhaiya
Raas rachaiya radha na jaaye re

Ab saanwra na bhaaye re


Geet put her dupatta over  her head, hiding her face… moving her waist. The girls clapped..while the boys gave a thumbs down seeing the classical start!!!! But the next moment they saw all the girls joining Geet… and shooting them glares!!!!

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that sexy Radha body

 please hear the song while you read…warna mazaa nahi aayegaWink

A black sleek merc entered the drive way…. It was posh and elegant!!! He stepped out and his driver took the car forward to park.


Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody blames it on Radha


Geet made cute faces…and pulled roops towards her.. roops stood ith her legs crossed, pretending to be kanha and Geet twirled around her. prem hooted seeing roops joining the dance but his friend pulled him away, saying the girls were outnumbering them and that they had to do something.

Chhede hai hamka daiyya, bairi Kanhaiyya
And everybody blames it on Radha

Geet and roops ran across the hall and pulled rashmi with them too. Puneet smiled and stood up and joined prem and others who were planning to do something. He even called Maan… but sir denied out rightly. He walked slowly around the hall..watching the one who has stolen his attention from the early evening.

Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Hamka to laage bore
Hua hai aisa baavla jo kehta jaaye


Geet saw the boys approaching them… while her eyes looked for Maan. He wasn’t seen with his friends… she even wondered if he was enjoying or not.

O Radha teri chunri
O Radha tera Chhalla
O Radha teri natkhat nazariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

Prem barged in between the girls…. Dancing..of course the boys couldn’t hold back! They had to show that they were better than girls.



He met up with some of his friends near the door..and was sooo happy to see them after a long time. He had to thank rashmi for arranging everything in such a short notice….!!!

Maathe pe pankh mor
Kehte hain makhan chor
Bajaaye baansuri
Bada aaya chit chor
But Radha wants more


Geet pulled in dia and namra too…. As they teased the guys..ananya went and stomped the foot of a guy.. and the girls burst out laughing. Geet caught Maan’s gaze on her..and gestured him to join. He smiled a bit..and shook  his head for a no! she asked again..but he said no!!

Dhoondhoongi chaaron ore
Milega koi aur
Doongi main haathon mein
Mere dil ki ye dor
’cause Radha wants more

Rashmi looked at puneet naughtily and twisted her lips..making faces. He felt that sooo cute..but he couldn’t let her win..could he? Even he walked ahead and pushed rashmi away and took the centre..teasing her.


O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai
O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai


Other couples and elders joined them was too good and they couldn’t help their feet tapping. Prem held roop’s hand and swirled her around

O Radha ko sambhaalo
Koi ise bata do
ki milega na koi saanwariya


He swirled her faster and left her hands, showing his tongue. Poor roops felt her head spinning and her friends caught her on time. She had lost her balance and about to fall. Geet laughed seeing them but then she heard a familiar voice….

O Radha teri chunri
O Radha tera Chhalla
O Radha teri natkhat nazariya

They saw a gropud of boys..joining them..and what they saw..made Geet’s jaw drop down!!!  She was soo surprised…. She stood rooted there for a while.. she didn’t even know how to react as everyone ran to them..greeting them….

O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

She caught his gaze..and the next moment she just ran and hugged him tight, ‘Oh my god..Aryan…………….” he smiled and hugged her back tightly.. he wanted to surprise everyone and he was happy that he least to her!!!



missed me???“, he spoke naughtily.

too much..“, she nodded and hugged him back again! Maan noticed that… sand he didn’t know why he didn’t like that!! He knew Aryan and Geet were very good friends… but then..somewhere he felt she shouldn’t have hugged him like that!!!


They looked around to see prem go and dance with every other girl..twirling them.. winking at them.. roops never missed that!!! She walked closer to him and stomped her foot on his!!

owww… teri problem kya hain??

[oww..whats your problem?]


Rashmi looked out for puneet… he seemed lost in the crowd but saw him hugging some shortly clad girl… she was actually one of puneet’s cousin she wasn’t aware of!!! Puneet felt that piercing gaze on him..and looked around to see rashmi giving her deathly glares. He understood her anger and went closer to her. she twisted her lips and walked away.

Hey Radha Radha kaahe itna guroor bhala
Chhodo bhi nakhre ye kaisi ada


Rashmi didn’t even look at him!!! He sighed and looked at prem who actually gave up manaofying roops.. so he twirled her around and pulled her close..

Toone kya socha ik tu hi mashhoor yahan
Laakhon hain gopiyaan bhi hum pe fida


Roops held rashmi’s hand and both walked away from the guys while Aryan held Geet’s hand and ran to join the others!!

Ho saari hi duniya ye maani hai
Shuru hum se teri kahaani hai


Roops showed her tongue to prem and went ahead taking rashmi along with her..after all they were on the same boat.

O rehne de re kanha
Bhoolega tu sataana

Jo giroongi main ban ke bijuria


As everyone joined them…. The girls went ahead and pulled Maan into it too. He was least interested but somewhere he couldn’t take his eyes off Aryan and Geet!! He caught Geet’s gaze who was again pleading him with her eyes to join.


Panghat pe aake saiyyaan, marode baiyyaan
And everybody blames it on Radha

She asked him to join them again… making faces. He smiled at her antics and shook his head.


Chhede hai hamka daiyya, bairi Kanhaiyya
And everybody blames it on Radha

She again pouted and asked him to join. He looked away. And finally she got really angry.

Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Hamka to laage bore
Hua hai aisa baavla jo kehta jaaye


She made a sad face and turned away from him!!! Damn..why was he so khadoos??? Can’t he even enjoy???? There a sudden silence all around… and the next moment she knew her dupatta was off her shoulder. She turned around only to see Maan holding her dupatta and join the other…

O Radha teri chunri
O Radha tera Chhalla
O Radha teri natkhat nazariya

He put her dupatta across his shoulder and pulled her with a jerk…as everyone clapped..seeing the great Maan singh khurana join them….,eera pushed Geet closer to Maan…

O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

she hadn’t even expected him to join…and the naughtiness she saw in his eyes… his pulling away her dupatta… and dancing.. she was just mesmerized with the whole thing?? Was she seeing the Maan singh khurana?? Was she seeing her Maan??? Tears formed in her eyes… as she joined him in the fun….there was a lot to say to him… she wondered if this was reality or just a dream..that would vanish the moment she opens her eyes!


next: planning a bachelors’s partyLOL

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sorry for the late update guys… my cousin was here!!!
madam is elder to me na.. so she was full on busy ordering me around the house!!!Ouch



“why? Is there something wrong?“, she seemed more interested in him rather than her own food.

He craned his head to look at her, “ab tumhe agar rashmi ki shaadi mein jaana hain tho mujhe time tho niklana hi padega na…

[now if you want to go to rashmi’s marriage.. so I have to take out time naa]


Her jaws dropped down….and her spoon fell on the plate with a clank. He checked his blackberry planned, keeping his plate aside and spoke, “umm we can’t go a week before… i.e tomorrow..but I think we’ll make it on her sangeet…

She was stunned for a whole 5 minutes. Maan wondered what happened to her! “Geet…Geet… you okay?


He got no response from her. she was looking at him intently..her mouth wide open and she wasn’t even blinking. He kept his plate aside and shook her holding her shoulder, “Geet… you okay??? Geet?
she snapped back to reality blinking her  eyes a couple of times!!!

you okay??

She looked at him in awe..and asked meekly, “are we really going??

Maan rolled his eyes…nautanki she was…she IS!

aur nahi tho kya.. mein apne meetings reschedule kyun kar raha hoon??

[then what… why do you think am rescheduling my meetings???]

OH MY GOD!!!”, she shouted, kept her plate aside and stood up on the couch!!!

Mr Maan Singh Khurana…AGREED to finally enjoy his life???” she was sooo sarcastic… Maan stood up and raised her hands, “Geet..stop it…

no no..tell me again that we are going…tell me….”


Maan didn’t know how to react… she was being…… he thought a while…umm yes..she was being typically her!!! he crossed his hand over his chest and nodded, “yep..we are going!!”

And the next moment the entire mansion was echoing with her squeals… she actually hugged him tightly standing on the couch itself shouting, “Oh my god Maan…. I love you I love you I love you sooo much…….we’re going…

She jumped down the couch and started jumping all around like a kid, shouting, “yeiipiieee we’re going..we’re going…


He stood stiff….. she hugged him…. And her “I love you” echoed in his ears… it was  so quick.. and so…warm! Like she meant it..whole heartedly! He was distracted by her shouting at roops over the phone,.. finally madam got time to switch her phone on and take Geet’s call! She was blabbering about all her plans and what all they’d do..and when she’ll reach…. He shook his head.. ignoring it.. she said it in excitement… he sat on the couch, trying to finish his work. He never realized till now that his simple words will mean so much to her. he kept glancing at her from time to time.. at one moment she was jumping up and down the stairs… the next moment walking round and round the dining table..playing with her curls… speaking to someone or the other over the planning already about what she’d do and what not!


HE smiled and concentrated on his work… but his attention was with her. he dipped his head into the lappy but smiled whenever she made some stupid comments over the phone. She was a kid..he was sure by now..nevertheless he actually enjoyed all her talks, gestures and her stupid comments. He heard her finish her call and run up the stairs.

Geet…where are you going??“, he called her.. seeing her hurry and trip on the stairs!

dheere chalo..

[walk slow..]

nahi nahi..mujhe packing bhi tho karni hain… aur dadima aur dia aur namra ki bhi tho packing karni hain…. I don’t want to miss out anything.. and Amritsar mein kaafi than dhoti hain raat mein.. I have …“, and she was out of his sight!!!!

[no no.. I have to pack also.. I have to pack dadima and dia and namra’s stuffs too.. I don’t want to miss out anything.. and its quite cold at night in Amritsar.. and I have..]

He just smiled…hearing the concern in her voice… and then suddenly something else also echoed in his mind!!!


Maan.. sirf aap aur hum… we want to spend some time alone with you… dadima…. we don’t know if she’d like to come with us…and its quite cold there too…she might not like it

[Maan… only you and us… we want to spend some time alone with you.. dadima… umm.. we don’t know if she’d like to come with us…and its quite cold there too.. she might not like it]


He shook his head… wondering why suddenly his mind made such a stupid comparison… they were going to manali for a few days..and he just remembered that incident all of a sudden… he chided himself saying he wasn’t was just a memory.. similar to the present… and again his mind went back to the past she hadn’t asked dadima if she wanted to go he immediately put up an excuse..even Geet didn’t ask dadima if she wanted to go.

He heard something fall with a loud noise. He panicked and ran upstairs to her room wondering what happened. He pushed the door wider calling out, “Geet..are you okay??

He looked here and there and then looked down..only to see her sitting on the floor holding her waist, groaning in pain. He ran towards her and sat beside.

Geet…you alright? I heard something fall…what happened?

aahh… i.. I was trying to get that bag… stupid chair….

He looked around to see the bag lying on the floor…a chair beside the open cupboard and it wasn’t even tough to guess the situation. She had been jumping on the chair to get that bag. He sighed and gently gave his hand to her. careful Geet… you are behaving like a kid…

She held his hand and tried standing up but she couldn’t. it wasn’t a bad one..but it did ache a bit. He sighed and scooped her up in his arms. She gasped at the sudden act…her bare arms brushed over his.. she felt goose bumps all over her. she looked up to see his face… he looked straight..but she could see that worry in his eyes too!!!

He gently lowered her on the bed and tucked the blanket around her.

is it paining badly?

umm not much…I’ll be okay by tomorrow…

are you sure? I mean agar zyada dard kare tho doctor ke paas chalna padega tumhe…

[are you sure? I mean if it hurts badly, you have to go to a doc…]

ahh fine Maan….

She saw him go towards her cupboard and keep the chair and the bag properly… haiyeee she was full flat on this caring side of his….. she kept gaping at him like an idiot as he put the things properly.

Geet… better remain careful if you don’t want to miss rashmi’s marriage…

ummm…“, she made a baby face… she so wanted to go. And at that moment she actually promised herself that she’ll get better by the next day no matter what..warna that khadoos won’t even take a second to cancel all her plans.

now sleep quietly..”, he spoke as he went closer to the door.

par mujhe neend kaise aayegi??“, he heard her cute voice.

[but how can I fall asleep?]

 He stopped and turned back only to see her pouting like a kid. He felt like pulling those plump cheeks right there.

kyun..koi problem hain kya?”

[ there any problem?]

umm…“, she nodded her head, “am sooo excited that I can’t sleep…

He rolled his eyes and walked out, “Good night Geet…..“, switching off the lights and closing the door.


She lay there.. alone.. yet happy. She closed her eyes and recalled how he had broken the news of them going to Amritsar a day later….and her own reaction…”I love you..i lobe you…I love you Maan….”

Her eyes widened…OMG did she really say him???? She felt sooo damn stupid… and she actually smacked her head a couple of times, “stupid..stupid..stupid.. kya zarurat thi aise bolne ki..

[stupid..stupid…stupid.. what was the need to say like that?]


She cursed herself a bit..but then she thought something and blushed.

ab kabhi na kabhi tho batana hi tha.. so ab bol diya tho galat kya hain… janab ko pata bhi tho chale ke log unke bare mein sochte kya hain…

[now I had to tell him that some day or the theres nothing wrong in tell that to him now… sir also needs to know what people think of him..]




The next day she felt warm and cozy in her bed. She cuddled up to the two pillows on either side of her..hmm they were warm. She lazily opened her eyes.. to a bright morning…with a smile on  her face. She had stayed up too long last night.. and she didn’t even realize when she had slept off. The pillows beside her were soft too. Wait a second… she never keeps pillows on her sides. She pulled away the blanket and was stunned to see dia and namra sleeping peacefully on either side of her. she looked at them..and then looked at the time.. it was 10am already. Oh my god.. she had been sleeping like a log. She immediately stood up..and she felt a slight pain  on her back…probably because of the last night. She sat on the bed and massaged it a bit.


Namra woke up and kissed her on her cheeks, “good morning angel….”

“morning beta… tum log kab aaye?

[morning beta.. when did you all come?]

Dia woke up and plonked herself in her lap, “wo.. shubah sho rai thi..hum bhi sho gaye…

[we came in the morning.. angel was sleeping so we also slept]

Geet giggled at her talks.

breakfast kiya?

[you had breakfast?]

Both of them shook their head as a no.

chalo you people go downstairs and have your coming in 15 minutes… angel has to take a bath no..


As dia and namra left, Geet went to take a warm shower. Warm water cascaded down her body..making her feel better. She opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror with a strong determination, “nahi Geet… tu haar mat Maan warna khadoos sab plan cancel kar dega…. Waise bhi bas thoda sa hi dard hain.. you can have a painkiller…

[no Geet… you cant give up.. orelse that khadoos will cancel all your plans. Anyways its not that bad… you can have a painkiller…]


She changed and walked downstairs, feeling much better. She informed dadima about their trip to Amritsar. Dadima was suddenly thoughtful.

nahi beta.. aap sab jaiye.. we don’t think we can go…

[no beta… you all go.. we don’t think we can go…]

“par kyun dadima.. aapko chalna padega… meine aapke liye packing bhi karni shuru kar di hain…..

[but why dadima.. you have to go… I have already started packing for you…]

par beta…

you are going dadima..thats it! What do you think that I’ll allow you to stay alone in this haunted house for entire 4 days and enjoy myself out there! We all are going..and thats final!


She didn’t even allow dadima to speak anymore. Dia and namra were just too excited to go to a wedding. The whole day she was busy with everyone else’s stuffs… finally she managed to get some time for herself. She decided to pack her things. she walked towards her room when she stopped by Maan’s room. Was he ready? Did he take all his stuffs? She so much wanted to go inside and check. She was reminded of Maan’s cold behavior when she had gone into his room earlier.. but her heart wasn’t in a mood to let go. She slowly pushed open the door and went inside. And there..the first thing she saw was the big portrait of anisha, hung right beside his bed. She went towards it and stood quietly beside it..running her hands over it.

wish you were here di…


And the next moment she heard some one entering the room. She turned to see Maan standing…watching her intently. He was on a call..and she couldn’t miss that frown on his forehead. Was it because she was in his room? Or was it because of the call? She knew he didn’t like anybody going into his room. He inched closer to her, getting over with his call. She wondered if he was annoyed with her…. she walked a few steps ahead, “wo..i..was just checking..”

He twitched his brows on her.

She gulped hard…his look was intimidating.

erm..i…was wondering if you had packed your stuffs…

yes I have…“, he snapped….he sighed and again looked up at her, “could you please send nakul wilth my coffee?

She just nodded and left the room immediately. She didn’t know why..she still feared going to his room. She did as she was told and headed back to her room. Luckily she was distracted by roops’ call asking her to come fast. They were having a gala time out there. She got busy with her and Maan just slipped out of her mind.

The next day was exciting for all…dia, namra, dadima and Geet. As they drove towards the airport, Geet called roops and told her about her arrival. She sat with dadima in the flight, talking about all her college masti…! Maan sat a bit father from all of them.. closed his eyes and lost himself in his thoughts.


next: ohh radha teri chunri..oh radha tera chalna..oh radha teri natkhat najariya…Wink

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