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He smiled and pressed a kiss on her palm, “you think i would stay away from you for the next three months while you complete your semester? Hell no Miss handa… even though we are not married officially…you are mine form the very beginning itself.”

She laughed at his cute anger and kissed his cheek. If he was crazy about her then, he is crazier about her now. He followed her to the US and will stay with her until she is done with her semester. Gosh…this was really crazy. She closed her eyes, feeling him beside her…and meet’s words echoed in her ears–I will always keep you and Maan locked in my heart…Love me or Love me not!

He watched her in awe or shock or something that could not be expressed just in words! He had some work in the US and thats why he had come with her. he had his own flat for the stay and he had been so excited about them being together. But she had surprised him yet again! she had out rightly told him that she’d be staying in the hostel! He had protested and made a fuss but she knew how to handle him.

“No Maan… ye sahi nahi hain. This is my education, this is what I have achieved through my hard work and I won’t let it go! i know you are mad at me and i do appreciate your thoughtfulness but I can’t accept it. Its just not me.”

She had been honest to him always and very straightforward. she always told him that just because he could provide for her, doesn’t mean she should take him for granted. He had probably fallen for her all over again.

Its been two days she had settled in her hostel but he missed her. he fell on the bed after a long tiring day and how he wished she was right here, beside him. but then she’d be here in weekend…that was a relief!  His phone buzzed breaking his reverie and he smiled seeing her name flash on his screen.

“why are you not asleep? Its late you know…”, she complained the moment he took the call.

He smiled, “you are not asleep as well jaan…”

“its because i miss you Maan…”

“but i don’t…”,
he spoke coldly.

“and why is that so, your highness?“, she mocked!

“because right now…i imagine you right under me, moaning my name as i rip your clothes off and make love to you like a lover possessed!”

She turned a dark shade of red, realizing where his thoughts were leading.

“don’t you think you fantasize a lot Mr Khurana? You might stop wasting your time on this and put a bit more effort in your work?”,
she teased, gaining her composure.

“well jaan… you just really don’t know what my fantasies are then…
“, he spoke with a low deep baritone making her heart stop beating.

“am sleepy…good night..”,
she cut the call unable to take that intensity that oozed out of his voice.

He sighed and kept the phone over his heart, “i miss you so much geet…”


She woke up lazily on his bed, stretching and yawning until she realized she was completely naked, just a sheet fell on her loosely! She blushed hard and then smiled…hell it was weekend! It was a Saturday today and she had come just last evening, finishing her college. She checked his side and he wasn’t around. Might be in the gym. Her phone buzzed and she was too excited to answer it.

“Meeettt… how are you? Teri tabiyat kaisi hain?”

Meet smiled and coughed a bit, “theek hun meri maa…don’t shout in my ears. They work perfectly fine for me.”

Her voice seemed hoarse and weak that worried geet.

“meet…tu theek tho hain? You don’t seem well!”

“no fine. Just got a little fever..season’s changing here. So tell me..hows Maan?...”

And the sisters went on and on and on filling each other up  on what they did and what they didn’t. Maan came to check on her and smiled realizing she was on call with meet. He pressed a kiss on her lips and went ahead with his office calls.

Once done, geet hurried up and prepared breakfast for her and Maan. He had just finished up with his call and pulled her to his lap,”sit.. and talk!”

Geet rolled her eyes, “as if you have time…”

He sighed…he had been too busy these days. Its been a month since he was here and she came home every weekend without fail but he really couldn’t give her time as much as he was supposed to.

“am sorry jaan… aaj ka din all yours. Tell me what you want to do!”

She sighed and placed her head on his chest, “do you really have to go back?”

He was surprised to know that she knew he’d be leaving back to India.

“how did you know?”

“you think you’d hide and i won’t know?”,
she spoke sadly.

And this was exactly the reason he wasn’t telling her.  as such he wasn’t able to give her time and since this project was done, he was urgently needed back in India. She had been so happy to be home with him every weekend and he really was held up. He kissed her forehead, “am sorry..”

“don’t be. as a compensation, take me shopping and a dinner date!”, she giggled in his arms.

Geet felt the corner of her eyes burn when she watched him forward a ring to her in the course of their dinner.

“marry me jaan…I know i should have done this long before but i was keeping too busy. Punish me for procrastinating but say yes please…”

Everyone in the restaurant watched them in awe while she nodded in affirmative and hugged him tightly.

“but Maan… what about mom and dad and dadima??”

He leaned towards her naughtily and winked, “you think they don’t know?”

Her eyes widened in surprise…so this all had been a plan? She hit Maan playfully… this was perhaps the happiest moment for her.

They were already half naked the moment they had entered their flat. He kissed her madly, pushing away the straps of her bra and freeing her globes.

“Maan…”, she gasped while he gave her no time to think and back her up against the table. And the next moment, he pushed her so that she could lie flat on the table and watched her nudity unfold.

He went breathless seeing her so beautiful, blushing as if he were seeing her undressed for the first time. His hardness was all throbbing and aching to be inside her. he leaned over her and pulled her closer, clutching her airs, “damn geet…you will be the death of me someday!”

She felt her lips dry but he didn’t even give her the chance to reel upon it. The last thing she felt before closing her eyes was his lips over hers, claiming her in the wildest possible way.

The next morning she found herself on his bed…all wrapped up in a sheet. She sighed…this has been a habit now. She opened her eyes only to see h suitcase lying beside her and he was busy packing. She was shocked as she sat up and gazed at him.

“what is this Maan?”
, she spoke angrily.

He sighed and gave her a weak smile, “am going back today jaan… you forgot?”

It was then it struck her…he was going back and that day was today! she suddenly felt so sad…upset and dejected. She got up and rushed to him and hugged him from the back, “don’t go…”, she cried and kissed his bare back.

He sighed and pulled her to his front, wiping her tears, “tears are the last thing i want to see geet…its just 2 months more and we will be together forever!”

She shook her head and hugged him tightly, “i don’t want to stay away from you Maan…”

He sighed…he’d have to make her understand. He cupped her face and made her look at him, “geet…do you remember what you said when we came here a month back?”

She looked at him for an answer, not letting him go.

He sighed, “you said this is what you had achieved with your hard work and dedication and that you didn’t want to let it go. and right now… don’t let it go!!! you have worked hard…i wouldn’t want you to let it go.

Look at me…you think i will be able to live without you? But i will because i will be happy that you are pursuing your dream!”

She realized what he meant and nodded softly, “am sorry. I never thought of you..”

He smiled naughtily to lighten up her mood, “you don’t have to think of me baby… meet is there for me Back in India…”

He winked and she frowned realizing what he meant. She threw a pillow at him angrily, “grrr…i hate you Maan…”, and stomped towards the washroom, making him laugh to his fill. She was one crazy piece god had created taking all his time and no wonder he was in love with her. all he needed was to wait just 2 more months!!


She had never seen meet this happy ever in her life. As she prepared herself for vidai, adorned with the bridal attire and the vermillion of Maan’s name, all she could ever think of was her sister. She had given up her love just for the sake of her happiness and now when she was going away, it hurt like hell.

She had come back from the US, finishing her last semester just a few weeks back and had been shocked to see meet so frail and weak. She hadn’t been keeping well and none told her about it, not even Maan! She had cried and even declared that she wouldn’t marry until meet was fine but meet insisted. She looked worse than ever… her immune system seemed to have weakened but she had that undying passion for life. She was the only one who made geet agree to get married.

She fell on her knees in front of meet and cried, “i don’t want to go…”

Meet smiled through her tears and hugged geet, “shut up… and just don’t irritate me you fool. Now that you are gone…i wouldn’t have to share any of y stuffs with you.”

Geet smiled through her tears hearing her childish talks and meet did too but they couldn’t help crying.

“i will miss you meet…how will i drool over tom cruise and irritate you? How will I bug you with all my nonsense?”

Meet smiled, “don’t worry… you have got Maan to do so for me…”

but what about you?”

Meet wiped her tears and gave a cheeky smile, “ for me..I can spend all of my time watching P.S. I Love You without getting disturbed!”

The sisters laughed and Maan hugged meet, “You had called me an angel meet..but for me you are my angel!”

“I love you…”
, meet sobbed.

“and I love you too.”


She sat on their beautiful bed, waiting for him. she had been with him countless number of times but today was something very special. She was in his his wife.. just his. She had never thought this could be so exciting but then nervousness seeped in when she heard the door click open. She trembled as his steps came closer…slow and heavy while millions of butterflies zoomed in her tummy.

She felt the bed sift slightly as he sat beside her and her toes curled in extreme shyness. She shut her eyes tight when she realized his hands were lifting off the veil from her face.

Maan had been anxious..she was and forever! As he lifted her ghunghat, his breath was caught in his throat, seeing his blushing bride look like an angel in the dimly lit room.  Her lips trembled while her eyes made desperate effort not to flutter open. Her mouth had parted a bit to take in air to her lungs but he was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.
she was astonished when he kissed her softly…and tenderly. His fingers slid across the nape of her neck and caress her gently to relax her. his other hand went around her waist and softly played with her bare skin.

She sighed and then realized he was just trying to calm her down. She smiled at his effort and he indeed succeed. She kissed him back lovingly until they both were panting for breath. He pushed her on the bed gently and she obliged. He leaned over and kissed her eyes one after another and looked deep into them, “I have something for you…”

He fished the pockets of his sherwani and took out two diamond studded bangles, “my mother had given this to dadima before she took her last breath… and i want you to have them.”

She couldn’t even react seeing him so emotional as he slid the bangles one by one in both her hands and kissed them softly, “now they belong to you jaan…”

She blinked away her tears and pulled him atop her and kissed him hard on his lips, making him groan, “..and I belong to you now…”

His smile turned into a naughty one, “ohh how i love you turning me on just by your words…”

She blushed but she didn’t look away from him. he was her husband now…her lips curled into a smile. His hands deftly yet softly took off her jewelleries one by one, kissing and leaving his mark on every inch of skin he freed.

She gasped and called out his name in ecstasy when he pulled away her choli, revealing her deep red lacy bra. He took off his shirt and fell back on her and took his own sweet time to explore her. she was extremely aroused when he used his mouth, not his hands, to remove her inners.

The foreplay had been long and wanton.. she was wet and she desperately wanted him in. As if he read her discomfort. With one vicious thrust, he was within her, filling her with senses that she had never felt before, paving way for the most memorable night of their lives.


She hadn’t been feeling well a lot lately. It was six months to their marriage and Maan made the best partner ever. When she got her job in a reputed firm, she had refused to join for she couldn’t have left dadima alone. But dadima was the one who was able to make her understand…even Maan couldn’t do much. But for the past few days she was restless. She had been on a tour for the last 10 days and this time she was in Hong Kong for a conference. Maan had been calling her, asking her if she was fine. She said she was fine but something unsettling a feeling surrounded her.

She had called home and spoken to everyone but there was something amiss. She had missed Meet but when she had called, rano said they had brought Meet for a check up. She was worried but they said it was okay and that she should think more about her conference and not worry about home.

She sat in the conference not listening to anyone. Her mind was lost somewhere she didn’t know. She felt her head bursting with a sudden pain and she felt claustrophobic in that huge hall. She tried to control herself but she couldn’t. She got up and excused herself saying she wasn’t feeling well. And the next moment she fell on the floor, unconscious!!!

She woke up with a heavy head in the hospital after god knows how many hours but she found Maan sitting beside her, holding her hands. He looked lost… like he was in a deep thought.

The moment he saw her open her eyes, he hugged her tightly, “ohh thank god you are fine i was so scared geet..”

Somehow that restlessness had not subsided. She felt Maan’s words hollow and unconvincing.

“How’s meet?”, was the first question she asked. Maan broke the hug and looked at her painfully… realizing the connection both the sisters shared!!!

A drop of tear rolled down his eyes and he hugged her back…and this time, he was trembling in her arms, “am sorry… I should have let you now!”

And the next few hours saw a crying geet , flying back to india. Maan had somehow broken the news of meet’s demise to her. her immune system had stopped responding somehow and she couldn’t take it. It was a blow to her…losing meet was something geet couldn’t take. She cried the whole day while Maan just held her…but she, later on, shut herself from everything.

It took him two whole months to realize she had slipped into depression. She had stopped eating altogether; she had stopped going out…she had lost weight and she looked lifeless. Twins are connected in ways only god could understand. He took her to every damned doctor…stayed back home to make her feel better but nothing seemed to make her smile.

He was scared if he might lose his jaan…she was suddenly so quiet. She hadn’t even been to work for the past one month. That day he found her sitting in their balcony in KM, looking at something. he went closer and gently put his hand on her shoulder, “geet?”

She turned back to him and he was shocked to see her eyes red and puffy yet the tears didn’t seem to cease!

“is everything alright? What happened jaan?”,
he panicked.

She shook her head and hugged him tightly, “I… I am pregnant..”

He sighed in relief…he wanted to be jump around…to kiss her senseless but he was scared to see her act like this. He cupped her face and made her look at him, “are you not happy?”

She sniffed, “I am…but..”

but?? Jaan…can you believe we are going to be parents…”, he tried to lighten the mood…to distract her.

Meet…I want her back…please Maan bring her back..”, she fell on his chest and cried…and cried…and cried… until her voice grew hoarse. Maan realized she was finally taking out that pain she had buried within her. No amount of medication helped than this news. He didn’t leave her even for once and waited until she calmed down.

“shhh..Meet is coming back to us geet…don’t you see?”, he placed his hand over her flat stomach, “and she would hate you if she saw you crying, especially right now when we should be celebrating her arrival in a new form..”

Geet just held on to him…listening for she could do nothing more…just wait and wait and wait…

…until she held her darling son in her hands. She watched him like she she was seeing a baby for the first time. Everyone came and blessed the mother and the chid but she was in awe of him. it was much later when Maan came and sat beside her, “see… he looked exactly like you jaan.”

She smiled, “hmm… “, not looking away from her son.

“he is meet’s gift to you jaan… name him!”, he spoke kissing her forehead.

Geet thought for a while and smiled, “Meet gave meaning to our lives… and I want to cherish meet forever… I name him Arth’...Love me or Love me Not!”




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“didn’t you tell her that i was here?”, he asked firmly.“yes sir, but she insisted!”

He sighed in frustration…running his hand along his hair! Ohh how could he not know his geet? She wouldn’t take his money… how the hell could he forget she was Geet…she surprised him in every step of life and this is why he had loved her!!

Loved Her????

It struck him. Meet was saying the same!! Realization dawned upon him but he wouldn’t dwell upon him because if he did, he would go mad. Right now, his major concern was his jaan who was out there all alone! He ignored the doctor and everyone around and rushed behind her.

It took him sometime to let the feel sink in but right now, he had to see her, talk to her, hold her tight in his arms and kiss her senseless. He rushed out and saw her getting into a cab. He wanted to call her but then his phone buzzed. He quickly got into the car and asked his driver to follow her car. It was a cold evening in NYC and she had no warm clothes on.  He checked the call from office and disconnected it. He had all his focus on her cab and he wanted to see her asap.

He was surprised to see her not going towards her University. Technically she was supposed to go NYC north but she was heading the opposite, away from the main city. He couldn’t understand but he followed. His heart ached to see her all alone… she loved him with all her body and soul and all he did was leave her all alone…to an extent that right now, when she isn’t well, she has no one to turn to. How worse could it get? He was shocked more to see her getting off by a small apartment… very tiny it seemed from the outside and limp her way in.  He wondered why she wasn’t living in the hostel when she had all the accommodation there!

Taking sceptical steps, he stepped in and followed her quietly. She was too lost in her own world to even notice that there was someone behind her. she sighed and managed to climb her way up to the first floor and get into her garret. Her house was in a mess…it was just one bhk and not at all spacious. She sighed …she has to live here for now. She had left her hostel for meet when she had met with that horrible accident and she couldn’t apply back due to her scholarship not being granted plus it was the mid semester now.

She had too much to think about today…maan was here but why? He shouldn’t have been here. And if he is, she shouldn’t see him. she turned back to lock the door with tearful eyes when something prevented it. She looked up to see what stopped and gasped, seeing him right infront of her! her eyes widened and her hands automatically covered her mouth to let him know her surprise!

Tears, that hung loosely by the corner of her eyes made their way down and she quickly looked away, “you…you shouldn’t have been here!”

His heart clenched painfully seeing her so weak that it took her too much effort to hide her tears. Where was his’ geet whom he had seen back in shimla? What has he done to her? he stepped inside forcing himself in and the place made him uneasy. She lived here?? In this dingy place?

She didn’t know he would be here. For god’s sake she was trying to go away but he was not letting her. she was trying so hard to stop thinking about him… can’t he see she is not meet? She is GEET…her heart screamed out…she was HIS GEET! She isn’t meet!!!

“lets go…”, he commanded and held her hand, trying to lead her out.

She was surprised to see him like this! Didn’t he call her a bitch the last time? Didn’t he hate her mere presence sometime back? He wasn’t supposed to see her!

“Ma…an…”, her lips trembled when she took his name from her lips. It felt as if its been eons since she had called him yet it was ironic that she had taken his name even in her sleep.

Maan stilled…her voice…suddenly seemed so different now, sweeter than ever, and turned to look at her.

“wh..where are you taking me?”, she trembled.

He brushed his fingers across his hir in frustration, not leaving her hand, “why the hell are you staying here? Is this even a place to live in? Am taking you with me…”

Geet was shocked to see him like this but she didn’t want to go. she would stay here, somehow finish her study and probably when get a job, would then move out.

“no…i can’t..”

But before she could even say anything, he was already dragging her out. He was strong so she got pulled. She tried to free her hand but he held her tight, not even letting her free. Her injured leg hurt but he cared a damn now. He couldn’t see his jaan in such a pathetic condition.

“maaan… stop please…”, she cried. She didn’t want herself to fall weak.

“you are going with me geet…thats it!”, he dragged her out.

“no… please..aahhh…”, she cried in pain as it pressurized her injured leg. He stopped immediately and she was glad. She pulled away her hand and spoke on his face, “i don’t want to go Maan. Please leave me alone.”

And the next moment, he scooped her in his arms and walked down the stairs, shocking her beyond her wits.

“no..what are you doing? Please let me go…”, she pleaded, cried and begged for she had no more courage to bear another rejection. She already had a guilt to last for a lifetime. But he would hear none. He walked until the car and by now, she was crying, begging him to let her go. he looked straight into her eyes and spat out, “I won’t let you go… do whatever you wish to!”

She went numb hearing that. Did she even hear that? Was it even for her? did he even mean that? She just kept gaping at him…she really didn’t have it in her to take one more blow.

As he gently made her sit in the car, she leaned back on the seat and closed her eyes, letting her tears roll down. Maan got in beside her and asked the driver to get them back to their hotel.

He finished with one of the calls from office and looked at her. she had fallen asleep. Things in office had gone for a toss as he left for the US on such a short notice, everything had to be rescheduled and he had been continuously on call. They stopped at one of the biggest hotels in NYC and he carried her in.

Geet had been too weak and tired and had dozed off. The moment she felt something warm, she leaned into it, not realizing they were Maan’s embrace. He watched her snuggled into  his warmth and sleep like a baby. She has lost weight…he could guess, lifting her.  he walked in and people gaped at them. A few sneered while a few were in awe of them. He cared a damn. His jaan was safe and sound, thats what it mattered the most.

He carried her to his suite on the fifth floor and made her sleep on the warm fluffy bed and tucked the blankie around her properly and placed a kiss on her forehead. A drop of tear escaped his eyes and fell on her cheek. She had been too exhausted and she also ran temperature. He sighed… and watched her sleeping until his phone buzzed with meet’s name flashing on it. He took the call and quietly went out to the living area so as not to disturb her.

“… you found her, right?”, was the first question meet asked!

…And you lied! Once Again Meet!”, he spoke with a dejection, walking into the balcony.

She smiled, “I never lied Maan…not this time.”

“yes you did!”

“I told you half truth… don’t you see!”

Maan was ready with an answer but her words actually made him think. She said geet had an accident…and he realized he had run off without even listening to her fully.

Seeing him so silent, meet knew this was her cue, “You denied loving her Maan and how could have I accepted that when your heart seeks none but her? you can’t lie to me and you know that.”

Maan was speechless. He had just denied loving her and meet had proved him wrong. She didn’t even need to complete her sentence and he had rushed to his jaan like a whirlwind. And now that he knows what his heart desires, it suddenly felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

“now stop thinking Maan and please bring her back!  I want you two to get married asap!”

He was brought back to reality by her sweet yet a wavering voice. How hard could it be for her to let go of her love? His heart ached for the girl too who had spent years loving him yet he just couldn’t love her back like he does to geet.

“meet… “, he hummed softly.

“yes Maan…”, meet realized the sudden drop in his voice.

“am sorry…”, his voice was filled with sadness and guilt.

Meet bit her lips, trying hard to stifle the sob and managed to smile, “you should be Maan because you broke my heart!”

He felt even more guilty. Why has fate brought this on them? Why was he the one to choose? Why was he the one to hurt an innocent soul?

“will you ever be able to forgive me meet?”

Meet smiled, “of course silly… but i won’t deny that I love you Maan and I always will. But am not the right person for you. She is. You are an angel Maan and its me who committed a sin by hurting you. And the only thing i can do is let my angel go. you are the best part of my life and always will be…you don’t have to be sorry about anything!”

“I love you meet…and i really do!”, he confessed honestly.

“and I will always keep loving you.”

Meet disconnected the call and closed her eyes letting those tears fall. She cried silently but then these were more in gratitude than sadness. The two best people in her life were happy and she could perhaps happily sleep now.

He softly caressed her leg where the injury lay and softly kissed the bare soft skin. She was his sunshine…his reason to smile and his sole reason to live and he would make everything alright. He slipped beside her and took her in his arms, like it was the most natural thing to do in this whole world and closed his eyes. Geet invariably snuggled to his warmth and he just kept smiling, until he dozed off.

The next morning geet found herself comfortable wrapped in a warm blanket. It had been a long time since she had actually had a proper sleep like the last night. She stretched herself feeling much much better but her heart was far from feeling anything good. Maan had brought her here last night… Maan!!! Why was he doing this? She had accepted her fate then why?

She got up and looked for Maan. He was nowhere to be seen and hence she decided she’d leave before he comes and makes her fall weak again. she realized she was still in the same dress that she was in yesterday and it was good. She could go back to her refuge and sulk there all she wants. She has to move on from this…she has to go ahead, finish her studies and move on in life.

She took slow deliberate steps towards the door when she felt his cold hand slide across her waist and pull her back. She gasped and her back hit his cold chest and his other hand came in front, pinning her hard to his body and dipped his face into her neck, “where do you think you were sneaking out, hmm?”

Geet was shocked out of her wits for she didn’t understand what was going on. Why was he behaving like this? She tried to push his hands away from her waist…she could realize he was just out of the washroom. The scent of his shower gel reached her nostrils making her take a deep breath in. She shivered with his breath falling on her neck as she struggled hard and finally freed herself. And when she did turn back, Maan saw tears in her eyes, her face marred with unfathomable myriad of emotions.

“what are you doing Maan?, “she cried, finally asking the question that had been bothering her all this time, “why are you here? Why did you get me here? You shouldn’t be even talking to me, do you realize that?”

Maan watched her burst out painfully and took a step closer and held one of her hands gently and brought it close to his heart, “am here to take you with me…”

This was all a game! Doesn’t he realize what the hell was he doing? She immediately pulled away her hand and took a step back, “NO!! I won’t go…”

“..and i will take you with me jaan…”, he spoke firmly.

Ohh that word… that endearment he always had for her made her chest clench in pain. she looked at him angrily and screamed out, “for god’s sake wake up Maan.. i am GEET and not MEET! This is MY identity. Am not the one who you love. Am Geet and i lied to you, i wronged you…and i don’t even deserve to even show my face to you ever!!”

It was now that he realized what damage had he done. he had made her feel low of herself. He had made her accuse herself… and he…only he had done this to and he would have to undo the damage. He walked closer to her, cupped her face, gently caressing her cheeks with his thumb, “no jaan… its me who wronged you. I know you are GEET…my Geet! I know what i am pursuing. I want You in my life…”

She felt weak in front of his loving gaze…did her eyes deceive her? was it really love or something other than love that she was seeing in his eyes today! she held his hands over her cheeks and cried, “no Maan… i can’t! I am not Meet, please understand that. Don’t make me weak than i already am. Please…go away!”

He couldn’t see her cry like this. He held her face still and gently lowered his lips to hers, kissing her softly yet sensuously. At first geet was shocked… but she had no more energy or courage to fight her heart. It had always laid itself bear in front of this man. She cried to the kiss, responding to him, telling him how much she had missed him. his lips took her softer ones in a slow longing kiss, running his tongue over the seam, desperately pleading her to let him in. And she did…she kissed him back fervently, clutching his shoulders tight. He drank away her tears that had rolled over to her plump lips and almost lifted her up, backing her against the wall.

She was trapped between his bare body and the cold wall behind her.  she held  more of him, as much as she could with her small fists and kissed him back fiercely. Its been so long…how much she had craved for his one look… how much she had wished for his one touch.. and right now, it perhaps seemed like a dream. The moment she opened her eyes, it would all vanish.

They parted after a long breathless moment and she rested her forehead over his and her tears touched his cheeks.

“I love you geet… please mujhse dur mat jaao…”

She shut her eyes tight hearing those words and shook her head, “no Maan… don’t!! I can’t be with you!!”

He gently lowered her to the floor and she pushed him away, surprising him, “you were a dream to me and you still are. I confused myself with the reality and i need to face the consequences.”

She turned to leave when he pulled her back holding her hand and dipped his head into her hear, kissing her neck, “no.. please! Don’t go. I need you Geet… do you realize how worried i was when i heard about your accdent?”

Geet pushed him away with all her might, making him step back and stumble, “don’t give into the moment of weakness Maan. Wake up and see! I am not your Meet…i am geet! Go away!”

She turned to leave and the moment she reached the door, she heard him speak!

“do i not get a choice?”, he spoke, breathing out, angry now.

She turned back only to see him angry…hurt…frustrated and what not!

“do i not get to make a choice now, han geet?”

He took dangerous steps towards her and towered over her, “it was meet’s choice to go and complete her thesis…i agreed. She decided to play along, dragging you in…i didn’t even doubt her once… fate decided something for you and me…i never denied, you decided to leave me and go away… i agreed…then where the hell my choice stand? Do i not get a chance to follow my heart?”

She stood ashamed hearing him. how right it was. She dipped her head in shame!

“Look at me jaan…“, he thundered, “…and tell me where do i stand in this! You both sisters decided everything of your own… i never said anything. And now when i want to decide what i want…everyone has a problem! Is it fair? You never wronged me in deceiving me…rather you wronged me when you didn’t give me choice to decide for myself!”

She looked at him painfully… he was right! They never gave him a chance to decide for himself. They had decided everything by themselves. She looked down. Realiing sorry was just a small word for him now. They played long and they played bad!

He watched her trembling and lifted her face to make her look at him, his anger now replaced by sheer love for her.

“and you know what jaan…today i have that choice to decide for myself. And I choose you geet… you are mine…and only mine!!”

She felt her heart would burst open with so much emotions surging within her. but what about meet? She would break if she knows this. She can’t let it go. Maan cupped her face and pressed a gentle kiss on her lips.

“meet??”, she whispered painfully, “this is wrong Maan… i can’t hurt meet. Please. Don’t do this!”

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to bed and gently lowered her. he came atop and kissed her madly, leaving her breathless.

“no…stop Maan…”, she pleaded breathlessly, “we can’t! Meet… no…”

He pushed away her hairs that covered her face and wiped her tears, “do you know who gave me this freedom to choose you?”

She shook her head for a no. He smiled, “meet, herself!”

“what?”, geet gasped in shock.

He placed a deep wet kiss in the hollow of her neck, “yes she did because she was the one who knows me more than i know myself. She made me realize what i actually want in life. She might have done wrong..but i don’t blame her jaan…”

Geet was overwhelmed with emotions realizing her sister had been brave enough to let Maan go. she broke down in his arms and cried for her sister…cried for herself but mostly, she could really feel what meet must be going through.

He held her close, letting her cry her heart out. He kissed her, caressed her gently to make her feel better and realized how long it had been that he had held her like this, in his arms, so close to his heart. He kissed her softly at first but then realized the woman in his arms was the one who he loved with his heart and soul. She sought solace in his arms and he would do anything to make her happy.

She moaned when he took in that tender yet erect bud into his mouth and gave it a tight suckle. She arched her back to offer herself to him and he made sure she was with him all through. he left no place on her body undiscovered and untouched. His fingers deftly went between in legs, cupping her soft warm core, making her jolt in pleasure.


She wanted to scream but it came out as a mere whisper, exciting him more.

“shhh jaan… let me!”, he whispered sexily into her ears. She shut her eyes, blushing furiously. He took his own sweet time to explore her secrets, playing with the slick folds of her secrets, making her high and shy at the same time.

By the time he left her, she had come three times already, just with the foreplay of his hands and mouth. He kissed her one last time and entered her simultaneously, pushing his entire length within her, earning a scream sexier than a siren.

She clutched his shoulders tight, trying to hold herself and dug her fingers into his flesh, drawing out blood. He groaned as she wrapped her legs round his waist and dug her heels deep into his hips. He gave her time to adjust and slowly set a rhythm of their own,that spoke volumes than just mere words.

The way she sighed and moaned and curled her lips to cry out his name made him want her more than ever. He explored every corner and crevice of her mouth with his tongue  as he felt his release.

It was much later that he realized he had to take care of her medicines too. He had slumped on her in the aftermath and they oth had dozed off. The bright afternoon now blazed brighter as he watched her shift and hide herself in his arms. He pressed a soft kiss on her forehead and got up to get ready and make arrangements to go back home. He talked to her university and then her doctor and made necessary arrangements.

It was evening when she woke up, feeling lighter in heart and he was already there with food and her medicines in no time.  He kept the tray beside her and pressed a loving kiss on her lips, “come on… have your food and then we can see to your medicines.”

It was then she realized she was completely naked with only the spread loosely wrapped around her. she blushed furiously recalling what had transpired between them just a few hours back. She  tried to gather the sheet around her and realized his gae was completely on her. she turned even a deeper shade of red seeing him state ather shamelessly.

“ahh…i. i need to freshen up..”, she fumbled to distract him unable to take that intense gaze.

“sure… let me help you jaan…”, he offered naughtily.

“ahh no…”, before she could even complete her sentence he scooped her up in his arms and walked towards the washroom.

“Maan…stop.. kya kar rahe ho? Put me down please…”, she pleaded seeing that devilish grin plastered on his face.  he place her  gently on the floor and walked out, closing the door behind. She was totally in love with this guy. She took her own sweet time to wash herself and get ready in clothes he had already brought for her. she was happy after a long time and knew they’d be getting on the flight to home in a few hours where another face off awaited them.


Maan held her firm by her waist as she trembled, seeing her home after a long time. She was emotional but she was scared to face meet. But maan urged her to get in.  And when she did…she was scared but what she saw made her cry. There were her mom dad, her beloved sister and dadima, all awaiting their arrival. But the first thing she did was rush to meet and hug her tightly, “am sorry…am so sorry meet…please maaf kar de…”

Meet smiled and wiped geet’s tears, “now that you are back…i wa nt you and Maan to get married asap. Ohh god…i can’t wait!”

“but… can you…”

“shhh…its alright”, meet cut her in between, “i have talked to everyone and they are happy. As for me…am happy that you are happy. The two best people in my life are happy and i want anything else!”

Geet hugged her parents and touched dadima’s feet who had been too angry on her. but meet made sure she accepts geet and she did whole heartedly.

All was said and done. geet would finish her last semester and then they could get married. Meet was all alone in  the backyard, watching the starlit sky when geet came and sat beside her, keeping her head on her lap, “its strange isn’t it…we plan something and something else happens?”

Meet smiled and caressed geet’s head, ” and love can be so strange… but am glad that you are happy!”

“i want you to get well meet…for me at least.“, geet’s voice broke.

“umm… you never know what fate plans for you geet. Just go with the flow instead of fighting it. Life becomes much easier that away.”

“i can’t see you in pain…”

“and trust me i wont be. you and Maan are just perfect together…”

Geet didn’t say anything…just kept looking at the sky. What might happen next, no one knows…someone wins and someone loses!


She sat in flight and rested her head on his shoulders, “you didn’t have to come with me you know…”

He smiled and pressed a kiss on her palm, “you think i would stay away from you for the next three months while you complete your semester? Hell no Miss handa… even though we are not married officially…you are mine form the very beginning itself.”

She laughed at his cute anger and kissed his cheek. If he was crazy about her then, he is crazier about her now. He followed her to the US and will stay with her until she is done with her semester. Gosh…this was really crazy. She closed her eyes, feeling him beside her…and meet’s words echoed in her ears–I will always keep you and Maan locked in my heart…Love me or Love me not!



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