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“I never wanted anyone to tie me down.. Its my life and I will decide what to do and what not to… I want to see myself at the top… I have a lot to do in my life rather than get married and be an obedient wife… I WILL do what I wish.. and no one dare stop me..”

He looked at nisha angrily… who was totally in shock hearing out everything. She had never in her dreams expected that Geet would turn out like this!! She felt ashamed… she felt she had not done good enough to bring up Geet…she saw maan look at her…hurt and pained and she just dipped her head.


“glad that you spat it out in front of everyone… Now I can proudly say..Its Over!”, he looked at her in disgust, held his mom and walked away. He just couldn’t believe she thot it all a game!! He was defeated…and more than that he was mad at himself to have let himself vulnerable.  Avantika was still in shock… she couldn’t even believe what just happened! She suddenly hated Geet like anything… breaking her son’s heart who had been in love with her madly. She sat quiet throughout the drive and kept on thinking how maan used to tell her about the girl he loved… how happy he was..and what she found in Geet was completely opposite from what she had thought of. She hated her like anything…and wished she never crossed maan’s path ever again.


Silence prevailed in handa mansion for sometime as Geet took a deep breath in, controlling her rage. This was all so messed up. She sighed and turned to leave when she heard nisha’ voice, “what was all that Geet?”

She stopped, rolling her eyes and turned back to face nisha, “now what Chachi? I guess I was very clear with what I want..”

Nisha was disgusted at her thoughts… especially about her father when she had been so close to him. still…geet confessed everything from her own mouth..and that look on maan’s face..she just couldn’t bear it. he loved her so much and what did Geet give him in return???


“how can you even think to break maan’s heart like this? He loved you so much… forget maan…what about bhaisahab??”

“Chachi… please.. i told you it was over with maan… why didn’t you even ask me once before fixing this crap? Who gave you the permission…”

“I don’t need anyone’s permission to decide what to do what not to…’, nisha warned her…getting really angry at her words, “today I feel ashamed of myself… can’t believe its me who raised you up…your mom would have been so heartbroken…”

Geet twisted her lips, getting irritated, “yeah right…then who told you to do so much for me.. for god’s sake Chachi… you are not even my mom…”


And she stopped feeling that sharp sting on her cheeks. She looked up with her red yes only to see tears in nisha’s eyes as she had slapped him.

“I can’t believe what you have become… you broke maan’s trust..his heart…when he loved you so much… you broke all my expectations.. your dad’s expectations…and today you just…”, she wasn’t even able to complete the sentence. She breathed in sharply and turned away, “since you have spoken so much… I guess its better you learn things yourself…can’t believe you are the daughter of Mohinder and Jasmeet Handa!!”


Nisha walked away leaving her alone with that pain still lingering on her cheek. Geet stood there all alone in the empty house, fuming…whats wrong with everyone? Why were they not trying to understand what she wanted in life? she just hated every damn thing and she could just care less. She went back to her room and saw her face in the mirror. She took the comb and started coming her hair…it was the first time nisha ever raised her hand on her…she hated it. her ego was hurt big time…she combed her hair harder, breaking a few strands of hair… why don’t people understand?? Whats wrong with them? she changed into her night suit and fell on her bed…looking blankly at the ceiling.


He turned to face the ceiling…with her words still echoing in his ears. tears stung his eyes… he felt broken today… only she had the power to make him feel so helpless in front of his own heart. he hit his chest reminding himself to stop being  the maan’ and face the reality. He closed his eyes for a while, calming himself…his trust was broken so badly..that he’d never be able to trust anyone with his heart again perhaps.


She blinked a couple of times thinking so many things…about her dad, nisha, Ana… and her mom. Lots of memories flashed in her mind but she didn;t want to think of them. she covered her head with the duvet and slept off giving a full stop to all that crap going on in her mind.


Morning was very different for both of them. he was calm and quiet and seemed reserved. Avantika kissed his forehead as she served him breakfast but didn’t speak about that girl who broke his heart. maan preferred to say nothing.

Geet descended down the stairs, talking to Sasha on phone and saw nisha and Ana already on the breakfast table. She smiled and joined them, “good morning everyone…”

Nisha just took her plate and walked to her room. Geet expected that… but even Ana?? She didn’t expect that. she rolled her eyes, “ohh great now I have to bear all this drama.. god why me??”

Sasha came in and saw her having her breakfast all alone. She found it strange because handa mansion breakfast table busteld with people. She greeted Geet who was looking into her planner.

“umm..shasha.. have breakfast with me.. sit..”, she spoke munching her toast.

“ah thank you ma’am but..”

She stopped seeing that glare from Geet, “why do I have to remind you the obvious thing again and again that I don’t like to repeat things??”

“ahh am sorry…”, Sasha sat right in front of Geet while the maid served her breakfast. She wondered where others went but dare not ask her. Geet seemed to be back in her old form. The entire hall was silent except the occasional clanking of spoons and plates when Geet spoke up, “so when do we have to leave for New York?”

“umm.. on the 22nd…exactly two days from today.”

“umm…”, she finished her food and went to the couch, getting her purse, “get the car out…” and she walked out in attitude. Sasha sighed and looked at her incomplete breakfast plate…it was done for! But she somehow guessed Geet was not in a very god mood. She had been quite focussed after her dad’s death and she had been working really hard. She left her food midway and rushed out.


Two days passed quickly and Geet knocked the door.

“yeah come in…”, came nisha’s voice.

Geet went in and saw her sit curled up in one corner of bed and read a book. Nisha turned to see who it was and immediately looked into her book realizing it was Geet. she was really hurt with the way things had turned out…she was wrong about this girl. she loved none but herself and she left her alone for that. they haven’t spoken a word after that night and Geet didn;t evn ask for her. that hurt the most…she wasn’t speaking to Ana as well. and she wondered why she was here today.


Geet sat beside her on the bed and called her out softly, “Chachi…i will leave for New York today…”

Silence prevailed and nisha didn’t even look up at her and kept herself focused in the book. Geet sighed knowing nisha was mad at her and tried again, “Chachi… am leaving today..”

Nisha looked up this time hearing her louder voice and just plainly asked, “so??”

Geet was surprised to see nisha not reacting at all…usually she used to get very worried if Geet went abroad for anything…especially alone.

“wo..i just wanted to inform…”

Nisha cut her in between, “I am not your mom don’t have to worry. Have a safe trip.”

Thats it!!! but it hit Geet. this was not nisha..not the one she knew. She sighed and left her alone knowing it would take sometime before her anger melts and went to check on Ana who was rushing to her college.


“hey Ana…wait…”

She stopped and turned back to see Geet smiling at her.

“am leaving for New York… tujhe kuch chahiye??”

[am leaving for New York …you want something?]

Ana looked down, very hurt with the way her di had become, “umm no thank you. Am not in need of anything yet… bye..”

She turned to leave when Geet spat out,whats wrong with you all? Why are you guys behaving like this? Come on…its past already…”


Ana turned to look at Geet with tearful eyes, “whatever you did to dad was wrong di… and worse what you did to maan…”, and she just ran out. Geet stood there for a while… and sighed.. why do even people take such stupid things to heart? she rolled her eyes and walked out, carrying her luggage wondering how can people over react to such an extent!! Sasha was traveling with her and probably she knew Geet a little too well…she knew she wasn’t seeing maan anymore..reasons still unknown but yes she knew Geet and her temper. As they drove towards the airport shasha dared to ask question seeing Geet a little lost, “ma’am…is everything fine?”

Geet looked at Sasha quizzically, “tum jaan kar kya karogi sahsa?”

[what will you do knowing it?]

Sasha rolled her eyes and looked out, “am sorry I was just a little curious..”

“curiosity is dangerous Sasha… concentrate on what you are supposed to.”

Sasha sighed…no wonder this girl doesn’t have friends… as in real friends. She was very well aware of jazz, rahul, arjun… and everyone in her friend’s circle but she knew Geet was never close to anyone. She wondered if something happened with maan but she dare not ask her. Geet will not even think twice before chopping her off.



It was just a one day work for Geet in new York…she was supposed to get back home a day later. But things were strange…nisha never called…nor did Ana!! Usually nisha’s get so worried about small small things related to her… but there was nothing. Geet did try to call her but she remained unavailable. It was just evening when Geet decided to take a walk around the city. Her meeting was done and flight was the next day. She was anyways getting bored. She just changed into her casuals and walked out. Sasha saw her going out and followed quietly. She had observed Geet a little quiet these days and remembered Mohinder handa always asking her to take care of his child…she’d do her least for that man. She followed her quietly, keeping a safe distance. She was surprised when Geet didn’t take a car..nor a taxi. She just walked slowly. Sasha was confirmed there was definitely something wrong. She took a step when her cell beeped with nisha ma’am flashing on it. now that was really a confirmation..there was definitely something wrong or else nisha would never call her.


She answered the call only to hear a worried nisha, “shasha… Geet theek tho hain na?”

[Sasha… is Geet okay?]

Sasha smiled and saw Geet stand by the edge of a small bridge and look at the sunset.

“yes maa’m…she is fine… but may I ask if everything is fine?”

Nisha sighed, “I really don’t know Sasha… just be with her.. and take care of yourself too.”

Sasha was touched…she had always received a family love’ from this family.

“yes ma’am I will…”

“but don’t tell her I called okay… just don’t…”

Sasha looked at Geet once again who was lost looking somewhere, “umm rest assured. I won’t tell her…”



Maan sat in the conference hall, thinking something when he heard a knock and a female figure stepped in. He was too lost to even think about it.

“maan…”, he heard her seductive voice and realized it was the same client with whom he had just finished the meeting.

“umm yes…”

He noticed her take off her shrug and place it on the chair beside. She was wearing an off shoulder top, revealing her bosom and a short skirt. She came and stood right in front of him and smiled, “if you don’t mind.. I’d like to take you out on a dinner…”

He arched his brows looking at her while she winked with that sexy smile of hers. He sighed as he got off his chair and walked towards her. everyone knew what kind of a person maan khurana was…he got what he desired…and girls were just ready to throw themselves at his feet. He inched closer while she just willingly gave in. He held her by her waist and pulled her close while his other hand caressed her cheeks softly. She closed her eyes feeling that touch, “shall I take it a yes?”


He smirked, wondering how people get fooled so fact he had been the victim of the same recently.

“you are beautiful..”, he whispered in her ears while she smiled, blushing. His fringer ran down her neck, “I would so much love to go if it was only a dinner sweetheart… but you see I don’t give a damn to those bi**** who throw themselves at my feet…”

And the next moment she felt herself being pushed away. She was shocked and looked at him quizzically. He could just give a damn. He held his coat and walked out. He stopped by the door and spat out, “don’t forget to dress up before you leave this place…and better not show me your face if you are more interested in dinners and stuffs…”

She was embarrassed… this was really an insult. She muttered curses as she pulled on her shrug and walked out. He was really a smarty…but he was indeed irresistible.

He kept himself aloof…trying to focus on fact he over worked just so that he never thought of still hurt and it was painful. . and he didn’t even know how many days had gone by. He just let himself lose and went to the disc.


She landed in delhi and was so glad to get back home… but this time there was no one to greet her. nisha kept aloof and so did Ana. They had never expected Geet to be this heartless. She went to Ana’s room and saw her reading a book. She smiled and plonked herself beside her, “so..hows college?”

Ana looked at her from the corner of her eyes and then got back into her book, “its going fine di…”

Geet rolled her eyes…madam at least spoke something better rather than accusing her.

“umm.. and how are you liking your subjects?? Did you get any boyfriend yet??”

Ana looked at her only to see a naughty smile adoring her lips. She sighed… yes she was upset with Geet… and she still is… but there is a part of her who wanted her sister so badly. She kept the book away and rolled flat on her bed and sighed, “no di… theres no one..”

Geet smiled and rolled flat beside her, “anyone who you like?? Spit it out Ana…”

Ana sighed looking at her sister… does she even realise she had broken someone’s heart and is not even bothered a bit about hurting someone? She just wanted to change the topic, “di…lets go to the disc tonight…”

Geet was delighted…finally something good to take her mind off from so many things that had happened in these days, “fine… we’ll go tonight..”

Nisha watched them for a while and went back to her room. She wondered where Geet was heading towards… so insensitive to her surroundings??



Geet and Ana enjoyed the music when in the dark hall when they bumped into arjun and jazz who had come out for a date. Jazz was glad to see Geet and Ana and all decided to settle together. Geet didn’t even spare a look at arjun who seemed to watch her closely. The settled together with their respective drinks when jazz pulled them for a dance.

“no jazz am tired after the journey… I will sit and enjoy guys carry on..”

Jazz pulled Ana and arjun but arjun got a call and stayed back. He watched jazz give him a flying kiss and vanished into the crowd with Ana. He talked a bit and then his attention went towards Geet who seemed to play with her drink. He slipped a little closer towards her and traced his finger on the rim of her glass, “you seem worried sweetheart…”


She looked up at him angrily hearing those disgusting words from her mouth, “mind your own business arjun..”

He smirked looking at her reaction. She shook her head and got off the chair to get to the bar when he held her hand, “how come maan isn’t with you…i swear he’d have killed me for touching you…”

Geet breathed in sharply as she warned, “let go of me arjun…”

She seethed in anger as she felt him inch closer to her, still holding her hand, “come on Geet… you think I don’t know anything? I know you used him to get out of the mess that you had been in…”

She twisted her hand, “let go of me…”

“not until we are even for that slap… you remember sweetie?”


She was so mad…she hated this guy. She just gathered all her courage and pushed him away..but he was far from letting her go. He clutched her hair tightly and pulled her close, making her wince in pain. His face inched dangerously closer to her while his eyes burned with rage and lust, “I don’t forgive and forget…remember that…”

She struggled to let go when he left her. she looked around only to see jazz coming towards them. she glared at him angrily…but he just winked at her and walked to her. she was disgusted… she hated it and just walked out.


He watched her with arjun… he knew arjun would never think twice before hurting her… but he held himself back. He was drunk… but his heart didn’t seem to be at ease. It took him every ounce of his self control to just stop himself from killing that arjun for even touching her… but that pain was unbearable. The glass in his hand shattered into pieces while his fingers bled. He watched Ana follow Geet quietly and took a deep breath in. As much as he hated…he couldn’t stop himself from following them quietly just to see if she was okay. He watched them get into the car and drive away and sighed. He got back to the disc and fell on the couch… hating himself for still loving her…caring for her…and getting himself burned in that fire of love and hate.


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exams ahead..pls expect irregular updates till 16th nov


She sighed and shook her head, “maan…aap bhi na…kya kya sochte rehte hain… of course Geet ne han kaha hoga warna nisha kyun phone karengi??”

[maan… what has gotten into you..of course Geet must have said a yes..or else why would nisha call up in the first place?]

Avantika left, leaving his sleepless yet again! things are happening so fast… something was very wrong. Geet would never have possibly agreed for this…he knew her a little too well. it was him who was sulking with his hurt heart…not her!! he had to speak to nisha about it..that was the only way!!!

He calculated the number of days left…and that struck him!! it was just Thursday…and engagement was on Saturday evening!!! This was happening just too fast. He called nisha, wanting an answer… was Geet really serious about this? Her phone rang a couple of times but she didn’t receive. She was probably busy with something. He was about to dial again when adi came to remind him of the flight he had to catch. He closed his eyes…he was traveling!!!! He fell back on the chair, thinking of the possibilities… did Geet really agree for this?? But nisha wouldn’t do anything without asking both of them… he sighed as he boarded the flight. He might as well speak to them clear on Saturday itself.


Nisha sat in Mohinder’s study, lost in her thoughts…she didn’t know what she was doing..or fixing maan and Geet’s engagement was the right idea. She had no clue about their breaking relationship..but she was worried about Geet. she hardly comes back home… her time was either in office or with her friends or with maan…well thats what she had always known. But if you think of it.. Geet had never changed..even after her dad’s death!! She had always been like this… cold to everyone…ruthless… but at least she was better at home. But now..the only thing changed was her behaviour in her home. She hardly interacted with anymore…she was always busy with something or the other. She was ambitious… and practical but if one looked from a different’d seem that she had become more focussed after her father’s death…which in turn had made her way too practical..way to cold… way too ruthless…to an extent that she would never think even once before breaking someone’s heart. well.. she isn’t Geet if she isn’t cold and ill mannered. But mohinder’s last wish had nisha reeling into so many possibilities. In all her confusion, tension and burden of responsibility… she decided to at least settle with the engagement… marriage can wait. She just wanted to be sure that Geet was safe. She knew the arjun crisis really well… she knew he had been stalking Geet for a while..and she had an inkling that he didn’t have a good intention at all. She just wished Geet agreed for this… maybe she will agree..after all..they love each other. she made her plans!!


He called Geet once again soon as he came out of his scheduled meeting…this was the fifth time she had rejected his call. Frustrated, he threw his phone away, seething in anger. Whats wrong with this girl? if she wanted to stay away..thats fine… but when something this important was going on in their lives…madam doesn’t seem to bother a bit. His ego was hurt big time. Adi saw his boss in a foul mood and quietly opened the door of his car for him.  he stopped for a while and ordered adi, “come in another car… I’ll drive.”


He was irritated to the core now… the meeting had irritated him and so had Geet. it was Friday and he still had like 8 hours before he boarded the flight in Bangalore…back to delhi. He drove angrily towards god knows where… but he was lost in his thoughts…he was angry at her for testing his patience… this was going out of control. he tried to call nisha who seemed so busy to him all of a sudden. She did take his call but she was in no position to talk for she had been keeping quite busy. They did speak but hardly for a minute or two and some one or the other seemed to disturb them. for seemed like everything was going against him.. this engagement…their break up… then his mom shopping for Geet and all… he just wanted to get back and clear things out. He packe his stuffs and boarded the flight back home. Lot of things were running  in his mind… as he closed his eyes..remembering every time she had been cold… and he had always thought otherwise. His heart ached… how could she just not feel his love… every time he said I love you..he meant it…he said it from all his heart.. and his mom said she agreed for this engagement… there was definitely something fishy!!! He feared guessing what he might have to face up ahead…he felt the corners of his eyes burn when something struck him–his own name”Maan Singh Khurana!!! He was The MSK… and no one would dare to walk out on him… not even Geet. he had forgotten who he was in those few days… and he will get what he desires!


He reached home around 6 in the morning… and dead tired. He just changed into his tracks and hit the bed. His eyes dropped closed while he was taken over by his memories… the beautiful dreams that Maan had seen with her… not the MSK! Just the caring and loving maan..who had dreamed of her that night wearing a beautiful lehnga.

She laughed as she ran around, wearing that beautiful dress with her payal singing a sweet note. He watched her laugh and giggle… as he kept on admiring her beauty. She raised her hand to him.. he smiled and tried to hold her. she jerked back her hand, showed him a thumbs down and ran away laughing. He just couldn’t do anything but smile at her.

He smiled in his sleep… thinking about her. what he had thought of…and what had become of him…pathetic! it was not that he couldn’t track her down…he was the MSk after all..but he had laid himself bare in front of her..the Maan within him who loved her madly. He had given her enough time to adjust… to explain all that… but she was being too much. she was bringing out the bad in him…she was testing his patience.


Nisha checked the time… it was going to be 12 in the afternoon. She checked on Ana who had become very quiet after dad’s demise. Even Geet wasn’t there with her… she had become quite lonely. She just attended her college and got back home. She sighed… was she right in doing so? Was she being selfish?? But she doesn’t see another way!! She believed that maan and Geet loved each other.. and that they will be happy with this… but a fear lurked within”was she right? she called up Geet.. and madam bothered to take the call.. like she was blessing people.

“hey Chachi…”

Nisha heard her joyful voice after so many days… and she felt happy that at least she took the call.

“Geet…i want you home a little early today beta…”, she spoke lovingly.

“umm..why? is it urgent? I really don’t have time Chachi.. I just wanted to call you to let you know that we have signed a huge project with xyz people… but you called from your side…”

Nisha’s heart sunk… she took the call just because she wanted to share something!!! Thats it???  she felt choked with emotions…but she managed to speak out, “yes its urgent… be home by 6pm… I will be waiting.”

“umm…ok..”, she spoke checking her schedule. she had one meeting in the next 30 minutes which was anyways getting over by 6pm. She sighed and called Sasha to get things ready. Sasha had been observing Geet for quite a long time now… and she knew this was the real Geet”cold and ruthless. She didn’t what happened between her and Maan Khurana…they didn’t seem to be together these days… but then she should better look into her matters…or else Geet wont hesitate to chop her head off.


He woke up to his mother’s calls. He lazily opened his eyes and saw her smiling.

“maan… lets go.. its time…”, he heard her enthusiastic voice.

   Time?? For what?? He checked the time and it was 5 in the evening. Gosh.. he had slept for straight 10 hours. He was still feeling sleepy…dead tired. All the work had been keeping him just too busy. And then it struck him”it was Saturday!!! He saw his mother set his suit for him…she looked so happy about it. but how could he feel that happiness when she doesn’t even care? He heard her call him and scold him for getting late… he had to speak to nisha and Geet first.. and it was time perhaps. Though a part of him wanted Geet in his life… the other part seemed to be scared of the consequences. He was in a dilemma… what to do..what not to? He had been way too much patient with Geet..he had given her all the time… but it was time for answers. If she wanted this engagement..and them to be together..that was fine. He had tried more than enough to get to her…give her own space but if she doesn’t want to..then he can’t help it. it was anyways hurtful…!


They reached Handa Mansion by 6 pm. And walked in. Avantika and nisha greeted each other while maan looked around. There were no one around… there was no decoration… and definitely there was no get. He braced himself up for the events to follow and realized that nisha and Ana were quiet upset after mohinder’s death. Nisha just wanted to go on with the engagement privately. He sighed and sat down as the ladies spoke within themselves.

“Geet kahan hain?”, avantika asked taking away all the attention.

[where is Geet?]

Nisha smiled and tried to handle it, “busy hogi meeting mein… bas aati hi hogi..”

[she might be busy in some meeting.. she might be on her way]


Maan looked at nisha intently hearing her reply and nisha caught that. she smiled weakly assuring him but he wasn’t convinced. Nisha knew of the risk she was taking…but this was probably the best. She could visualise the future.. she could see Geet getting all lonely and standing alone at the end of the day…and she definitely didn’t want that. she knew maan was the one for her…it may take her time to understand but Geet had been with maan for so long..they have shared a very close relationship… and she will understand. Just this hope made her strong enough to carry on with the engagement.


It struck 6:30 and avantika was getting restless. The auspicious time was going away and Geet wasn’t back. Nisha sensed her discomfort and maan’s questioning gaze when they heard footsteps. Avantika turned excitedly to see Geet who had probably made her son go gaga over it… and was sweetly impressed by her personality she carried. Geet was dressed totally in formals and hung her coat over her hand. She carried her bag and her usual black stilettos.


Geet saw some people in her house wondering why nisha asked her to be home so suddenly. She saw nisha smile at her and went closer, “sorry I am late.. was held up…” and then her eyes fell on maan, who seemed so serious, looking at her. at first she didn’t understand what was happening..why was maan here out of all people… didn’t she say they were over with it??? and who was that lady beside her? she narrowed her brows at him while he was firm on not losing this time. He had given her enough time.. he had laid himself vulnerable in front of her… and painfully realised that she didn’t care. He didn’t hate her..but he hated himself for losing himself to a woman so easily. He had thought over it so much… it pained him to see her break off from him…but he was the maan singh khurana afterall. He had tried all possible ways of getting to her..speaking to her..but she had again told him that she was over with it and that he should be too. It was probably the only time they talked in those whole one month…and that too hardly for 20 seconds.


Nisha caressed Geet’ s head, “Geet..this is avantika khurana.. maan’s mother.. and you know why she is here?”

Geet looked at nisha confused. Nisha smiled, “she wants to take you home as her bahu… and surprise surprise… you and maan are getting engaged today!!!”


Nisha expected her to be happy..delighted that everyone approved of their relationship…but to her utter shock all Geet did was shriek, “what???”

She looked at everyone and then at maan..who seemed to have no expression on his face. He stood there calmly, seeing her reaction…like he had expected it. he stood cool and composed, not even caring a bit..but it was definitely a shock for her!!

“engagement?? Chachi… whats this?”, she bit out rudely.


Nisha was scared seeing her reaction…this was completely the opposite of what she had expected. She immediately looked at avantika apologetically, who seemed to be equally in shock.

“Geet… what is wrong? I thought you will be happy beta… you both love each other right…then whats wrong? You guys always wanted to be together..”

“who told you that?”, she screamed at nisha not even caring who was present and who was not.

“miss Geet handa…behave yourself…”, nisha warned.

Geet sighed and looked at maan angrily, “can you please excuse both of us for a while..we need to talk…”


Nisha looked at avantika who was totally confused. They were about to go when maan stopped them, “stop… “, and then turned to Geet, “whatever you have to speak..speak out in front of everyone…”

“fine… as you wish…”, she bit back, “whats all this drama maan?”

Nisha and avantika stepped aside seeing the turn of events…maan suddenly seemed so he was in his workplace..and avantika just knew there was definitely something wrong between them!


“drama?? If you call this drama..then whats is it that  you have been doing all this month han?”, he looked at her menacingly  hearing her so rude.

But Geet was nowhere near to stop…, “I had clearly told you that its over… don’t you get this simple thing??”

Nisha gasped hearing it from Geet…how could she? When did it all happen? Why?? She looked at maan knowing well how much he loved her..but today even he seemed quite angry. He strode across the hall and grabbed her by her shoulders, shaking her violently, “its not you get it?? its not…”, he screamed out.

She turned away breaking his heart, “IT IS AND GET AWAY FROM ME!!”


He pulled her closer, “you cannot walk out on me Geet…”, he warned.

“ohh yeah right.. I am walking out on you right now…just leave me alone..”

His expressions softened seeing her so cold..his voice choked as he whispered out, “what about our love geet? What about those beautiful moments we had spent together…they mean so much…”

She cut him off in between, “it means nothing to me..and love? what love are you talking about? Wait a minute… don’t tell me you were serious about it???”, she was surprised that had been taking it all so seriously, “Goodness gracious.. The Maan singh Khurana being serious about a girl? am I dreaming?”


He was shocked to hear all this coming from her… he felt his heart may burst with the pain he was feeling right now. His eyes reddened while he shook her again, pleading, “I love you Geet… I really do…”

She pushed him away looking at him in disgust, “but I don’t maan… and don’t pretend as if you never knew all this.. you are no saint..remember that!”

He was broken… how could she just do this??? He looked up at her…he was angry…he was broken… he was hurt, “why???”, was all he could whisper.


because thats what I am… everyone thinks am behaving like this because of my dad’s death.. well let me clear everyone’s doubts that its not so. Am perfectly fine. Dad…he had to go someday..sooner or later. I couldn’t be with him..that was my fault and I will deal with it. but I thought you are’d know how to draw line between your emotions and the moments that we shared…”


He was astounded to hear her speak about her dad like this… she wasn’t affected? Not even a bit? How cold could she be?? He gathered all his courage and shattered heart and managed to speak out, “how much more selfish can you be??”

He was disgusted at her thoughts… he was proved wrong so so wrong, “I loved you so much… everytime I told I love you..i meant it…”

“ring a bell Mr Hotshot…”, she spoke up, “you said you loved me.. but did you even think for once that why I never said all those to you??”


It struck him..she was right… she had never been responsive to was him who had been madly in love with her!!! that means she had never taken it seriously? He felt hurt… it ached but then his inner self seemed to make a mockery out of him…the maan singh Khurana who never thinks twice before breaking anyone’s heart… has today got his heart broken by a girl he loved so much?? he had never been serious about other girls… so that was fine… but today?? His life seemed a joke to him… Maan Singh Khurana lost to a girl today… his ego was hurt big time.

“so.. you were pretending…”

“Mind it maan… I was clear about what I wanted. Its you who was stupid enough to take things serious and be stupid enough to bring you mom to your engagement knowing we were done?? And Your mom…she had never met me…but still agreed to…”


“dare you speak anything about my mom…why do you accuse me of this? Why don’t you ask your Chachi and make things clear why she thought to go ahead with this engagement? I tired to speak to you before it was too late but you seemed to busy in your own life to bother about others…sadly..not even your dad. and since you have confessed so much Miss Geet Handa… be kind enough to tell everyone the reason why it didn’t work out between us!”


She looked at him angrily and he returned the favour with the same intensity.

“I never wanted anyone to tie me down.. Its my life and I will decide what to do and what not to… I want to see myself at the top… I have a lot to do in my life rather than get married and be an obedient wife… I WILL do what I wish.. and no one dare stop me..”

He looked at nisha angrily… who was totally in shock hearing out everything. She had never in her dreams expected that Geet would turn out like this!! She felt ashamed… she felt she had not done good enough to bring up Geet…she saw maan look at her…hurt and pained and she just dipped her head.

“glad that you spat it out in front of everyone… Now I  can say proudly that its Over!”, he looked at her in disgust, held his mom and walked away.


next: Face Off with Nisha


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