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This update is for shruthe di and jeeju on their Anniversary. So Happy Anniversary to both of you for this extraordinary achievement WinkHug


“..I got this for you long time back but never got a chance to give you.


Long time back…she wondered how long was his long time back…”. he was undoubtedly making his own space in her life and she was just not able to deny. The more she tries to reason it to herself…the more she feels pulled towards him. how she wished she could get to know more about him…actually everything about them’…when they met? How they met…what did they do…what all did they speak…but her brain just didn’t seem to help her when she wanted it the most.

Just then she heard the doorbell come alive. She immediately kept that locket in the drawer of her dressing table and walked out, slowly. She was still limping a bit. Sasha was already at the door, greeting someone.

“Sasha..who’s there?”

Sasha turned towards her with a wide smile, “here Geet…i would like you to meet someone…”

Geet looked at the man standing right in front of her with a smile on his face. His big spectacles didn’t help her recognise that person but he definitely seemed to know her…and that too very well. she tried to recall if she had ever met that person before but it was nothing…her mind was blank. She looked at him confused while he just went ahead and extended his hand for a shake, “its so good to see you all fine ma’am… more than anyone, maan sir is the happiest person to have found you…I am Aditya…or Adi..”

Though confused, she did hold his hand hearing maan’s name from his mouth…this means she can trust him.


“I am sorry… I am not able to remember you..”, she confessed honestly to which he seemed to react quite positively. She was amused.

“that is fine ma’am..maan sir has told me about you. Anyways, we had always met formally earlier… this is the first time am meeting you informally…”

Wow… another chapter of her life”the formal chapter. She wondered how it was in her past…how she worked… what was she like…she had to know this story as well.

“ma’am… can you get me your laptop… if I don’t finish this work properly, maan is going to kill me…”

Sasha smiled and asked adi to sit,” why don’t you two sit and talk while I get the laptop? Adi…i was about to cook something hot and spicy…would you like to have some?”

“yeah sure… why not… “

Sasha left to get Geet’s laptop from her room while Geet and adi sat down.

“you really don’t know ma’ happy sir is to have found you back…”, adi could really not contain his happiness.

She just heard him in awe… everything in her life was so unknown to her.. adi…sasha… nisha… ana… she doesn’t even remember anything about them properly. And maan… things always seem to end up with him these days… his care and concern for her seemed to engulf her entire life now. he seemed to be present in every aspect of her life.


Sasha gave them the lappy and headed to kitchen while adi switched it on to install some software. Geet just say in front of him…quite lost and confused. There was a complete silence in the room except the frequent tapping of the lappy keys.

“umm adi…”, Geet asked after a long time.

“umm..yes ma’am..”, he peeked his head from the laptop and looked at her.

“how was I in the formal front?”, she asked innocently. Her eyes were lost somewhere and adi knew she was trying to hard to remember so many things.

“formal front?”

“yes…you said you have met me formally… can you tell me how where and was I… was I strict..or rude…”

Adi smiled hearing her and stopped working for a while, thinking of the first time he had seen her.

“… I think we first met in Paris…”

Her eyes widened hearing the word Paris… wow…she has only heard about it till now and how she wished to visit it and look at the turn of events…she has already been there and she doesn’t remember a thing!!!

“ came to meet maan sir on your father’s behalf…and you wanted maan sir to approve of your project…”

Wow…her father..she doesn’t remember a thing about him. and then it struck her… her mother!!! She doesn’t seem to even remember her mother. She always had nisha Chachi around her…but never her mother! Where was she? Was she back at home…In India..waiting for her to come back after recovering? She never came to visit her…she felt the corners of her eyes burning.


Adi was about to speak something more but stopped seeing her looking so sad. He wondered if he said something to upset her and apologized immediately, “am so sorry ma’am..if I hurt you in someway…i didn’t mean to…’

Geet snapped back to reality and shook her head, smiling, “umm..nothing its okay. So..tell me more…how was i?”

Adi sighed in relief, “on professional one could beat you… you made your company soar high…”

She was awed by her own abilities…she could run a! that was so damn exciting. Just then Sasha came with all the snacks…hot pakode and green chutney, lots and loads of them. the trio had a good time chatting and laughing…actually Sasha and adi talked and Geet just listened to them.

Adi left post his work while Geet was still lost in her world…who was maan? Who was she?? She looked at the was going to be 11pm. She checked the hall and to much relief…the lights were off. Sasha had already retired for the day. she got back to her desk and opened her laptop. she had seen Sasha working on it and she had taught her too…but unfortunately just the switching on and off. Further, she knew how to play her favourite music and videos..and she just didn’t know how to operate. She sighed… things are just too new. She switched off the laptop, put it securely in the bag provided and went to her cupboard. She opened it and sighed..seeing all her things stacked there… there were a few bags as well that nisha had brought from India which contained her stuffs. She pushed away the bags and tried to create space for the laptop. in the process, a bag slipped and fell on the floor, scattering things here and there.


“wah Geet…you are great…if Sasha wakes up, she is going to ground you for staying up so late… “, she murmured to herself. She kept the lappy in place and sat on the floor, picking up things, which actually amused her when she found out what the stuffs were.

There was a bunch of keys with a ring that had her name inscribed on it. she looked at it carefully… seemed like that of the keys of a house. wow…the things were hers then how come she never saw them? she was using those…which house keys..she didn’t know but then she started picking up things one after the other, trying to recall things. she looked around and found something like a small cell phone. She picked it up and took a closer look… it was a white coloured one..small and handy. She tried to switch it on but it was broken perhaps. She investigated it a little more closely and realized it could be an ipod of hers. So many memories must have been attached to them yet she doesn’t seem to remember a thing.

She looked further and found a pair of broken sunglasses… strange!! Things were broken then why did Sasha keep them safely in her cupboard? They could be something important perhaps..related to her in a very different prospect. There was another flat box. She opened it and found a small mirror attached to its cover and some smooth powdery thing kept in the box…she smiled, still trying to remember things! wow she even used make up! And now she doesn’t even know how to put on a simple cream..actually she doesn’t use anything now. she looked for more and she found more things like some official papers…scratched and cut…and then a comb…a pen…she sighed knowing she wont be able to recall anything more. So she just kept everything inside the bag and walked back to keep them in the cupboard when she tripped on something.

“ahh…”, she gasped and looked down to find the source of her pain. She found a pink coloured box. She picked it up and turned it around to inspect it and suddenly she went numb. It felt as if she had experienced a similar thing before as well… like something in the past very faint… but it was the same feel…picking up something when she tripped! She kept the bag inside and sat on the bed with her pink metal box. On a closer inspection, she realized it was a camera!!! Wow…she was excited. She could have a glimpse of her past in this perhaps. She just hoped it wasn’t damaged like her other accessories. She pressed the button to switch it on, hoping just in case it worked. And she did pray silently that it somehow worked.


Her hopes crashed when it didn’t get switched on! she had so many feelings brewing up altogether to know her identity…and this damn thing was not even working. She tried again…she can’t let go of it. everyone thinks she is not well enough to know anything but she was dying to know who she was… and very badly she needed to know. She tried once again and this time she had tears in her eyes…

“please……i need it…”

After a few trials…it did get switched on and that came as a big relief to her. she wiped her tears, trying to understand what was inside. Sasha also owned a similar camera. It needed to be charged and she just couldn’t wait for the morning. She kept the camera on the bed and walked towards Sasha’s room. Sasha had deliberately left the dim lights of the hallway switched on in case Geet woke up in the middle of night. Geet was quite thankful. She slowly peeked into Sasha’s room and found her sleeping soundly. She tip toed to her table and looked around. She was too excited to sleep… and lucklily found the camera and the charger right on her desk. She grabbed the charger and swiftly walked out. Her excitement was something that couldn’t be held back. She closed the door of her room and put the camera on charge. Luckily it accepted the charger. She indeed thanked her stars to have been so helpful to her. everything was going swiftly. She just hoped everything went fine.

She sat by the plug point, checking how to operate the camera. She knew anything she presses could delete the memory but very carefully she pressed something she had seen Sasha doing and an image cropped up right on the screen. And she was just awed by her own image flashing right in front of her… totally in formals, wearing sunglasses and not even a smile on her face.  She felt so stunned by her appearance…she was in no way like the person she was seeing in the image. She had that certain aura around her… she could feel it in that image itself. Curious and stunned, she pressed the next button and then there were a few pictures of her office…some random sites and stuff. She was way past her bed time. She thought of sleeping because whatever she was seeing, nothing seemed to remind her of anything. Unable to take it anymore, she lazily pressed the next button and what she saw just made her sleep vanish into thin air.

She blinked her eyes a couple of times, trying to make sure what she aw was as real as it could get. There was a pic of maan, with a smile on his face!! He looked so handsome in that pic… she just couldn’t take her eyes off him. she wondered how did his pic come into her camera and the answer came from within…”long time back…”


She was so overwhelmed with emotions..he was there in every aspect of her life…her past her present and she knew he was going to be there in future as well. she pressed the next button and that was more than the world shocking” . there was maan and he was with a girl…holding her tight..and the shocking part was she’ was the girl!!! she was all in smiles, holding him close to her… and he had just cocooned her in his arms! She didn’t know what to think…sasha said he loved her…but what about her? the pic was a proof that they were close… but she never remembers a thing!! Tears rolled out of her eyes, “why don’t I remember anything?? How am I supposed to feel anything? Who was I??”

She just didn’t have it in her to even change the pic now. she wanted to know everything. She recalled the time when she had seen maan fr the first time…how he had hugged her madly in front of everyone and she just didn’t recognise him at all!!! Though she didn’t remember a thing… she knew what she was feeling was something from the past…the warmth and that unknown’ feeling she has for him was all because her heart somewhere recognizes him…she didn’t even know the reason why she was crying but yes she was! Unable to hold back herself, she took her phone and called him right away.


Maan was sitting in his study, working on something when her call surprised him. wondering if she was okay, he took the call immediately.


“maan…”, her broken voice almost made him run to him. he stopped working as his heart started beating so fast!!!

“Geet…what happened jaan? Are you okay?? Kuch hua hain? Do I need to visit??”

“no… sab theek hain…”, she managed to whimper out.

[no..everyhtings fine..]

He fell back on the chair, still not convinced, “phir batao na jaan..kya baat hain? I can sense kuch tho zarur hain…”

[then tell na jaan…whats the matter? I can sense theres someting..]

She felt even more emotional hearing him call her jaan…’ he always does that and he doesn’t even expect anything from her. she gathered up her courage and spoke out, “I want to see you…tomorrow…”

Ohh how could he deny when his life was asking for him!! if possible, he could just run to her now itself and hug her so tight that she hid from this world.

“pehle ye batao..tum theek tho ho..?”, he asked lovingly.

[tell me first are you alright?]

“umm..mein theek hoon..bas aapse milna hain kal… jaise bhi…”

[ okay but I want to see you tomorrow…anyhow..]

He didn’t even waste a second to browse his planner and check his schedule. He had a very important meeting lined up for the next day and he just couldn’t shift it to some other day.

“I have a meeting tomorrow Geet…”, he spoke dejectedly, “not free until evening and I can’t reschedule it…”

“thats okay… hum shaam ko mil sakte hain kya?”

[can we meet in the evening?]

“umm..okay then I will come to your place around 5…is it fine?”


“chalo…ab job hi tumhe pareshaan kar raha hain..usey bhool jao and get back to sleep… we can discuss it tomorrow right…”

[now whatever is troubling you…just forget it and get back to sleep…]

Ohh how come he knew she was worried about something?? she looked at their pic right in front of her and caressed his face, “hmm..okay..goodnight..”

He sighed in relief after finishing with the call but then why did she suddenly call up at this time of night..asking to meet her..did she remember about them?? should she actually remember about them? as he lay on the bed, he kept on thinking… should she really remember about them? things weren’t like a fairytale between them…they had gone wrong so badly..and even today he couldn’t forget the moment when she had broken up with him and then their face off during their engagement… did she really not feel anything about it??



She woke up late due to tiredness from the last night. she sat up and the first thing she saw was their pic together and smiled…she was going to ask him everything today. She had to know…and what happened between them! she heard her door knocking and quickly switched off the camera and hid it under her pillow. Sasha came to wake her up with a wide smile on her face, “you have got someone Geet…”

Before she could even understand a thing, a face appeared in front of her, confusing her a little. She looked at her carefully, trying to recall who was it but she didn’t. She saw the girl all dressed in a pair of jeans and a lose kurti and she was pouting cutely when she wasn’t able to recall her. she tried to think a little harder..when the girl spoke up, “kya di.. mujhe hi bhool gayi aap…”

[what di.. you forgot me this easily…]

Blame it all on her prosopagnosia that she took some time to relate the voice with the face. And when she did, her face lit up, “Ana… you are back…”

The girls squealed in happiness as the sisters hugged each other. Geet freshened up and the three had breakfast together, “Ana…hows Chachi?”

“she is fine… I will continue my college here…so I will be staying with you 24/7 now…”

Geet was definitely more than happy when Sasha burst her bubble, “ to go for your therapy…”

“umm Sasha… aaj nahi na please…see Ana kitne dino baad aayi hai… I want to be with her today please please…pretty please…”

[umm..sasha… not today na.. see Ana has come back after such a long time.. I want to be with her today…]

Sasha was quite happy to see Ana back. After a little pouting and cribbing finally Sasha gave in. She left for office leaving the sisters to catch up on their days.


Ana and Geet were having too much fun..talking and laughing…and commenting on some hindi show actors. But one thing Ana noticed was Geet continuously asking her time. Initially she thought Geet was asking just like that but then her asking the time continuously made her curious, “di…ye aap baar baar time kyun pooch rahin hain? Koi aane wala hain kya?”

[di..why are you asking the time again and again? is someone coming?]

Ohh she looked everywhere but at Ana… it felt all so embarrassing suddenly..her waiting for maan and then her sister catching her…she turned pink, unknown to herself.

“maan ka intezaar ho raha hain?” Ana winked at her. she had just remembered about maan being here in London as well.

[waiting for maan?]

She looked down unable to take that piercing gaze, “nahin aisa kuch nahin hain…”

[no..its nothing like that…]

Ana started laughing at this, “theres no point in lying. Its already 4 now..lets get you ready…”

Geet blushed while Ana got her ready. The doorbell rang sharp at 5 and Ana rushed to open it.


Maan knew how he had spent the day thinking about her, waiting for the time to pass as quickly as possible. the meeting didn’t go that well because it was her who had been on his mind all through the day and now he just couldn’t wait to see her. he was surprised to see Ana opening the door, “ohh you are back..hmm…”, he caressed her head, smiling as he walked in.

Ana smiled naughtily, “yes I am…and a small surprise is waiting for you…”

He turned around her, “surprise for me??”

Ana giggled, “umm.. look behind you…”

He did…and he just stood rooted, seeing her standing right in front of her. and she looked totally different…clad in that green salwar kameez and that plaited hair…almost knocking the breath out of him. he had never ever seen her wearing something Indian (except that sari in the pasrty of course.. the first and the last time) and she looked more than pretty. He was at loss of words for a while…not knowing how to compliment her while she just stood, feeling ticklish in her tummy with that look of his”burning her soul especially after seeing their pic together!!!


Both of them stood motionless till Ana had to cough and intervene, “see…standing here like this is not going to help… you have to do something about it right...”

Maan snapped back to reality and glared at Ana..while she just giggled and went near Geet, “don’t stay out too late…sasha will kill me otherwise… and yes have a happy time..”

“Ana..shut up…”, Geet grumbled hearing her speak all the nonsense.

“shall we go?”, like he understood she wanted to speak to him alone.

“umm..”, she nodded meekly and walked beside him, slowly, taking baby steps. She was still limping a bit and the next moment she knew her feet dangling in the air while Ana whistled loudly, seeing him carry her out to the car.


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She didn’t even reply and just kept looking down. He caressed head and tucked in a strand of hair behind her ear, “Geet…its okay. It will be alright. Come on… lets go…”

She knew her legs wouldn’t there was no point in actually planning anything. It was her fate… she was totally heartbroken… but she was surprised when he lifted her up in his arms and walked out. She had never thought something like this… and probably her heart realized the extent to which he cared for her. he looked straight as he carried her towards the door…and she just couldn’t tear her gaze away from this man who had held her enchanted like this!!!

He made her sit in his car ever so gently and all she could do was just be awed by him. he seemed to take care of her like a baby…with so much love and dedication! He pulled the seat belt across her and his breath just brushed her cheeks, making her shiver. She had goose bumps on her skin. She just held her breath and wait for him to finish with the seat belt. His every gesture seemed to evoke something in her and she didn’t even know what was it.

She just watched him take the driver’s seat and start the car. He made sure the windows were all closed and the ac was on. the windows and windshield were mirror glasses so it was safe for Geet. he couldn’t have seen her cry this badly. He had never seen the Geet handa cry for anything..not even after her father’s death but here this girl was someone who was more than the word innocent’ itself…a fragile heart it seemed.

On the other hand, Geet was quite disturbed all the while. she still felt her legs stiff… she was in one way happy that he was with her but then her health was making her upset because she knew she had been under treatment for so long. She snapped out of her thoughts when they came to a halt in front of an ice-cream parlour.


He turned to look at her and smiled softly, “Geet…wait here. I will get the ice cream.”

“umm…”, she just nodded weakly.                              

He kinda guessed she was still upset about the fall. He got off and came to her side and opened the door. He held her hands and pressed it, “Geet… I know you are upset but please jaan… smile! it will improve with time. You have to be patient throughout.”

She nodded and looked down. He leaned closer and pressed a soft kiss on her forehead. The moment seemed so beautiful for both of them… for him it was like breathing air after ages and for Geet, it was like a tender touch of love coming her way… all she needed to do was embrace it tightly. He closed the door and left while she just kept looking at him till h disappeared into the shop. she sighed and looked around. The evening was bright and there were children and people all around…laughing, playing, eating ice creams and chocolates sitting in the shop and outside… running..oh ya! She can’t even walk by herself! How pathetic! She got that sudden weird feel”she can’t even walk properly! It pinched her deep within…she saw girls of her age walking and laughing so openly and here she can’t even go out of her house. she felt the corners of her eyes burn realizing how poor she was.. she could have cried had it not been maan who was back with their ice creams. She quickly blinked her lashes to get away with those tears and smile at him. he got inside his car and passed her ice cream. She opened the packet and found a chocolate flavour.


“what are you thinking?”, maan asked her seeing her so lost.

She looked outside at a bunch of girls enjoying the evening and then at maan and then looked down. What was she even thinking? Sasha had asked her never to go outside or even show her face.


“lets get back home…”

He was about to start his car when his phone buzzed. It was someone from office and he just couldn’t avoid. He smiled at Geet who was watching him and then stretched his hand to the back seat, pulling out his laptop. he collected some info and opened his laptop, checking something out. He was busy checking his mails when he felt her gaze right on him. he looked at her to see what she was doing and almost smiled seeing her look at his laptop so curiously.

“what are you looking at hmm jaan?”, he spoke without even taking his eyes off his laptop.

She put a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth and gulped hard, “ye aapka laptop hain?”

[is this your laptop?]

“yep…mera hain..”

[yep..its mine..]

“its so beautiful… Sasha ke paas bhi hain but she never lets me touch it. bolti hain office ke documents hain…”

[its so beautiful…sasha also has one but she never lets me touch it… she says it has impt office documents.]

He laughed at her cuteness, “you too had one…”

Her eyes lit up that moment hearing about her past she also owned a laptop!!

He watched her cute expressions and felt like pulling her cheeks so hard but resisted himself.

“…and it was way better than mine..”, he added.


He swore he’d do anything to get that smile on her face that he saw now. she smiled for the first time post the incident this afternoon and it was so like her— so like the Geet handa!!

“really? I did?”, she scooped another spoon of ice cream and shoved it into her mouth.

He typed something and pressed something and finished with his work, “yep… You always had the latest gadget that came to the market… you were a gadget freak!”

She kept her ice cream bowl away and took his black sleep laptop on her lap, running her hands over that flat smooth surface. He wasn’t sure what he saw on her face… the happiness of finding something new or the happiness of realizing how she had been in the past.

He shook his head and drove back. He watched her from time to time and she seemed to investigate that laptop…probably trying to remember things…or how it worked or how she worked. A few minutes went in silence except the occasional honking of the car and she just broke the silence, “tell me more about myself… “

He looked at her for a moment and found her looking at him so earnestly… with hopes in her eyes that he might help her…and he so wanted her to know everything but the images of her condition a week back flashed in front of his eyes…she has so restless…unable to even recognize herself…he didn’t want that to happen to her. she was quite broken after what happened in the afternoon.

“maan…boliye na… kaisi thi mein? Kaun thi mein? Aapko kaise janti hun? Hum kahan rehte the?…sabkuch…”

[maan tell na.. how was i? Who was i? How do I know you? Where did we stayed?…everything…]

As much as he wanted to tell her everything, he was equally scared of putting her in pain because he knew if something happens to her she wont be able to take it and neither would he.

“maan… please boliye na…”, she spoke like a kid.

He knew he just can’t escape it…he knew avoiding the question might stress her as well..and telling everything was a problem too but he was sharp. He took the route in between. He flashed a faint smile and nodded, “araam se Geet… first breathe..”

She pouted ever so cutely, “I want to know…”

“and am telling! You were one stubborn kid… always got what she wanted…”

She listened to him attentively but her hands seem to caress the laptop on her lap. She really had that tinge of Geet handa in her..there was no second thoughts.

“…and your entire life revolved around…”, he stopped watching her so engrossed in that laptop. he sighed…she was really in there…hiding somewhere.

They halted right in front of her house and he just carried her back in, just as lovingly as he had done earlier. she felt tickled in the pit of her stomach… actually kinda cute. They had just entered the house when they were greeted by Sasha.


“ohh thank god you are back Geet…where had you been? I was so worried and you didn;t even take your ph…”, and she just stopped seeing Geet in maan’s arms!!

She was quite stunned seeing them like this and stood there, watching them…actually gaping at them. Geet looked at maan and then back at Sasha and she knew she’d be getting scolded for good.

“sir…you here? Is she alright?”

Maan nodded and walked in and gently put her on the couch, “yeah…we had just been out for an ice cream treat…”

Sasha seemed worried, “but sir…you can’t take her like this… its…”

Maan cut in between, “its okay Sasha… she was a little upset and you know I couldn’t have seen her like that. and don’t you worry…i wouldn’t do something that exposes her identity…trust me..”

Sasha sighed…she really can’t argue with this man, now can she! But she was happy seeing Geet getting so well with maan. She had known Geet breaking maan’s heart during their engagement…and Geet had been so wrong. But maan was probably too good to be true it seemed. Maan bid them a good night and left.


she saw herself in front of a small cottage right in the middle of a small garden. She looked around and found a lake right in front of the house. it was a beautiful sight to behold. The place breathed serenity. She looked around and moved closer to the lake. The place her a certain warmth surrounding it and she just loved the whole feel about it. as she neared the lake, she saw a girl..sitting right on the grass and looking to oblivion. She seemed of her age…and she held something in her hands. She walked nearer and took a closer look. She was surprised to see her holding a cute but an old dirty doll in her hands.

She woke up with a start hearing the clock tick 7am. gosh…she had been dreaming again but this dream was so different that other dreams. She was feeling so lonely all of a out of place and so helpless. She closed her eyes and tried to visualize the girl she saw in her dreams again but she couldn’t. Everything was hazy…very faint except that doll in her hands. A sudden pain hit her chest…she didn’t know why but it hurt.

It took her sometime to realize that it was just a dream and she was fine but it was hard to ignore it. just then she heard Sasha walk in with a wide smile on her lips.

“good morning Geet…how are you feeling?”

Geet yawned lazily and stretched, “good morning… am better I guess…”

Sasha walked to her and started folding her duvet, “lets get you ready for the physiotherapist…and yes you’ve got a gift darling..”, she winked.

“yawn…gift?? what is it?”, Geet was curious…who would send her a gift?

Sasha passed a toothy grin, “dunno… but it seems to have been sent with lots of  love…”

“bolo na kya hain…aur kisne bheja?”

[tell na what is it and who sent it?]

Sasha smiled, “first get ready then we’ll see. Its a big thing…”

Sasha helped a curious Geet take her bath and get ready in her pink and gray track suit. She held her hands and walked her to the couch where a huge packet lay waiting for her. she was excited to know who sent it. Sasha made sure she was sitting properly and not stressing her legs and went to the kitchen to get her breakfast, leaving her all alone with her gift.


And as shasha had told her, the gift was indeed big and a little heavy. It was neatly packed in a blue wrapper with a ribbon tied to it. she looked around it and found a card attached to it.

Sasha had just come with her bowl of cerals when she saw the card in Geet’s hands and the look on Geet’s face just said it all. She sat beside her, took the card and read it aloud.


…Just a small present for a crazy yet a very special person.

Hope you liked it.


Ohh this man would probably make sure she fell hard for him…real hard. She felt her cheeks warming up just by hearing his name. Sasha looked at her from the corner of her eyes and saw her lost in her thoughts.

“oyee open the gift…”, she nudged making her conscious.

Sasha just couldn’t stop smiling as Geet slowly opened her gift. Anyone in place of Sasha would have gotten jealous for the attention Geet was getting but then she knew what it meant to see the person you love smile,…even for the tiniest of the reasons.


The two sat dumbstruck seeing that sleek sexy Apple Macbook Pro right in front of them, sitting proudly on the table, flaunting itself. It took both of them sometime to understand that It was as real as it could get. When they were able to get a grip on the reality, they stared at each other and the next moment burst out squealing in happiness!! The black and silver colour shined like diamond…making their day. their happiness was put to half with a call on Geet’s cell. It was maan. She looked at her phone and then at Sasha.

“go on…pick the call..”, Sasha nudged. She was probably seeing the real thing between them now.

“and yes…don’t forget to thank him…”

“umm..”, Geet nodded and pressed the receive button, “hello…”

“did you like it?”, his deep voice almost made her swoon in anxiety.

“umm.. ahh…yes thank you so much but iski kya zarurat thi maan?”, she was still pondering whether to just accept it as it was.

[what was the need maan?]

“Geet…its not for you honey… its for that gadget freak within you.. acha suno.. I will send Adi in the evening to you. He will do all the installation and stuff. Is it okay with you?”

“yes that will be fine…I guess”.

She was actually at loss of words…what more to say now? he was just like someone right out of her dreams… fulfilling every wish of hers.

“Geet…”, she heard him speak, “listen… theres another small packet inside the box. I want you to open it when you are alone okay?”

“umm…”, was all she could say. She had never been this enchanted by anyone ever in her life.

“good… then I must hang up. Time to work. Bye..and take care…”


She looked at Sasha gaping at her, giving her naughty looks, “what did he say hmm? Tell me…tell me.. “

Sasha watched Geet quite lost and almost laughed seeing her condition..the Geet handa was actually at loss of words in front of someone… and that someone had to be maan, sooner or later.

“Geet…bolo na…”

[Geet tell na…]

“umm..nothing.. unhone kaha wo shaam ko kisi ko bhej rahe hain kuch installation ke liye…”

[umm nothing..he said he will be sending someone in the evening for some installation stuff…]

“okay… chalo lets move. We are getting late..”

Geet carefully put her Macbook in the packet and Sasha kept it in her room ad headed off to the physiotherapist.



Maan’s day was quite bright. Heow he wished he could see her face when she opened the gift but then she was happy perhaps. He walked into his office greeting everyone. He settled in his cabin when adi came to inform him of the meeting to be held later on.

“ know what you have to do right! make sure no one knows about her…”

“right sir…and it will be a pleasure to see her after so long..and yes Mr. Arjun had called the previous day asking for you…”

His blood boiled hearing his name…its been a year since he had heard of him..but his name was enough to make him seethe in anger. He clenched his fists…getting reminded of so many things at once… and his Geet!!!

“…I avoided him saying you are busy and cannot speak to him..”

“umm…don’t forward me any calls or anyone for the next half an hour.”

Adi left making him restless. That bas***d was back…and he could never forget till date what he had tried to do with Geet.. and when he thought things would be better, he just pops up from somewhere. He stood by the window, looking out, trying to calm himself. He must not let anyone know a thing about Geet…especially arjun. And unfortunately, he can’t even speak about him to Geet. he recalled nisha telling him that Geet was sexually harassed before she met with that fatal accident…how he wished it was all so easy to kill whoever tried to lay his hands on his jaan. But he just cant go and ask her out rightly! As much as he was happy finding her back…he felt equally helpless.



Dr Richard looked at the reports and smiled, “you have improved so much Geet… it won’t take time to get you out of this completely…

Geet and Sasha looked at each other and smiled but then something struck Geet.

“, I keep on losing my balance…”

“that is going to take time dear…but your reports are welcoming…”

“umm…doctor.. “

“yes dear..tell me..anything you’d like to tell me…how has it been with your dreams?

“yes I wanted to tell you that…i saw it again… the car! I was was hazy but I knew it was me…i was crying.. and I felt…i… I felt so lonely…and so hurt… but then there was light in front of me…and thats it. I don’t see what happened next…

Richard heard her carefully and looked at her reports again. her brain was slowly trying to unblock her memories.

“listen carefully Geet…if you want to remember things…you have to make yourself think about it…”

“think about it?”, Sasha was worried if Geet might just get another prosopagnosia attack.

“yes…you see yourself in the car and crying right… then think more about it… think of the moments when you felt you are most hurt…more in pain…and try to think what triggered it… it might be a little tough…but try to remember those things first because its human psychology to remember the pain more than the lighter moments…”



She woke up with a start, panting. She dreamt it again. the car…the hurt..but why was she hurt so much? she looked around and saw the gift packet still lying untouched. The person maan was speaking about was yet to come. She was reminded of maan talking about another packet. She searched box again and found a small packet neatly wrapped. She looked around for Sasha and realized she was in the kitchen, preparing dinner.

She very carefully tore open the packet and a sleek platinum chain slipped out and fell on her lap. She picked it up and looked at it carefully. It was thin chain with a G’ pendant hanging from it. ohh it was too beautiful for her… she just couldn’t take her eyes off it. she didn’t know how to thank him…should she call him or should she not he has been doing so much for her! she thought of calling him and kept that pendant back into the packet when she found another card inside it…a small one. She pulled it out and tried to read as much as she could..well her skills have been improving these days.

“..I got this for you long time back but never got a chance to give you.


Long time back…she wondered how long was his “long time back…”. he was undoubtedly making his own space in her life and she was just not able to deny. The more she tries to reason it to herself…the more she feels pulled towards him. how she wished she could get to know more about him…actually everything about them’…when they met? How they met…what did they do…what all did they speak…but her brain just didn’t seem to help her when she wanted it the most.


next: Geet Finds her camera..


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