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the word itself tells the stroy…PARINEETA– THE MARRIED WOMAN!!!!
the story of love…friendship….sacrifice….heartbreaks…and the bliss of a married woman!!!!!
Do join me in this new journey…and give your wishes!!!
I bring You my 3rd FF on Maaneet!!!!!


tried to give a long epilogue
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It was a year to their marriage now…1 year, 1 month and 3days to be precise! She was the happiest person today. Her feet were not in the ground…she was flying…soaring high in the sky. Dadima was finally back on their anniversary and geet’s birthday. There was a grand celebration to commemorate this day as it was very much necessary for the world to meet mrs khurana! Namra was going to be 8 now and dia was 6 and a half. She was quite chirpy the whole day. She just couldn’t wait for him to come back home. Her wishes had come true. She finished with her work and closed her lappy. She had decided to work from home for some time, especially for the kids. She swirled around and smiled and get to their room. It still had his aroma…she held his shirt and pretended to be holding him. she giggled and waltzed to an unknown music of her heart.

She finally settled on the bed and kissed his photograph that she had placed by the bed lamp on her side of the bed.

“you better come back soon…i just can’t wait to have you with me..”

She blushed thinking about how he might react…she was just too excited. She could have probably spent the whole day just talking to his photograph when the kids were back from school. She sighed and texted him with a kiss smiley and went to attend the kids.


He was sitting in a meeting when his phone vibrated. He looked at the name and couldn’t resist smiling. He’d have ignored it if it was anyone else for he was very particular about his meetings and stuff. He even tried to do the same with her message too, saving it for the time he will be free. But that intense pull towards her seemed to get stronger each passing day. He tried to concentrate on the meeting but he couldn’t even sit still for just five minutes. He sighed and opened the message. He was sweetly surprised seeing the smiley but then he couldn’t understand the reason for it. he thought if he had forgotten anything but nothing came to his mind. anyways he tried to focus on the meeting and replied her back with a small text—Don’t distract me from the meeting.

He waited for her reply, totally excited to see her reaction but there was no reply. He wondered why she even sent him a text when she herself was not interested in it. he kept his phone inside and went to attend some other works, very well knowing her bubbly naughty nature.

She was busy with the kids and totally forgot about the text. She had even left her phone in their room. She was just too happy. She gave all her time to the kids and dadima. She didn’t even realize how time flew away so fast. She served dinner to the three and looked at the watch. It struck 9 and he just stepped in, texting someone. He looked a bit busy. Her hopeful eyes just couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of his but he just walked away, totally lost in work. He even asked nakul to get his dinner to the study. Dadima saw geet sighing sadly, seeing him walk away like that. she had seen geet quite excited the whole day and her reaction seeing maan confirmed that she was so waiting for him.


Dadima cleared her throat, “geet…beta you look worried. Is something bothering you? We have been seeing you restless since the morning…”

She gave a weak smile, “ahh no dadima… its nothing important…”

Dadima had seen their care for each other, their love, their stupid fights everything… she just hoped whatever it was, it just never pained them. Geet set his tray and sent it with nakul while she got the kids to their room, telling them stories and listening their talks. She kissed their foreheads while they slept and walked back to her room. Dadima had retired for the day and she saw nakul get maan’s plates. She sighed and instructed him to retire for the day. The rest were all gone. She switched off the lights of the hall and went in. He had already changed and was flipping through a file sitting on the bed. When it came to his work, she never ever interfered. She had waited the whole day…so what’s wrong in waiting for a few moments more?

She looked at him for a while and then went to change. She still wore her shorts and his shirt. They had replaced her night suit. She came out tying her hair up in a bun. She saw him keeping his files away on the shelf. She smiled and went to him, snaking her arms around him, placing her head on his shoulder. He smiled and kept doing his work.


what was that smiley about in the morning?”, he inquired, “you didn’t even reply me back…”

It was then she realized that she completely forgotten about it. she giggled to herself hearing his complaint knowing very well that he might have got really restless.

“umm…actually I had been dying to tell you something…”

He turned around and held her in his arms. She comfortably placed her head over his chest. Her one hand held him while the other held his hand and placed it over her tummy, “do you feel anything maan?”, her voice cracked.

It took him a few seconds to realize what she was speaking about. His eyes glittered with joy as he caressed her tummy. He instantly straightened and cupped her face. Her eyes were tear struck. He himself was getting emotional, “is it for real? Is it a dream?”

She shook her head as a lone tear escaped her eyes, “no its no dream… I am pregnant…”

He didn’t even realize when tears had clouded his eyes too. He lifted her up and twirled her around, “ohh geet I love you…I love you…I love you a lot…” she giggled seeing him so so happy…probably more than her and why would he not. He still couldn’t forget his first baby…and he still held himself responsible for her loss. Though he didn’t express that openly to her but she could guess. He put her down and suddenly became really worried, recalling the doctor’s advice. He had taken her for regular checkups and the doctor did advice to be careful. He wiped her tears and kissed her softly. She smiled into his mouth but felt his ragged tensed breaths. She pulled her and cupped his face, “what happened maan?”

Unable to hold himself back, he hugged her tightly, letting his tears wet her shoulder. She couldn’t understand anything but stopped feeling his tears.

“I am scared…”, he confessed honestly, “I want you all fine…”

She realized the extent of his hurt especially about the baby thing. He had never ever complained nor even questioned her about the baby. But her condition post miscarriage had literally shook him. that’s why, she realized he had been very careful with her, making sure she had medicines regularly, and even forced her to consult with a doctor even if she had the slightest of health issues.


“I am all fine maan…”, she caressed his head softly, kissing his forehead, “I promise I will be fine… my baby is coming back to me…”

He looked at her tear struck face and kissed her eyes, overwhelmed with the surge of emotions, “yes…he is coming back…” he kissed her nose, “my baby…”, he spoke out, feeling choked.

She held his hand and placed it on her still flat tummy, “its all yours maan… “

He knelt down and kissed her stomach, “only mine… “

She smiled seeing him behave like a kid, “hmm…only yours…”

He lifted her up and made her lie down on the bed and slipped beside her, “does dadima know about it?”

She turned to him and bit his nose naughtily, “nope…i wanted you to know this first…no one knows yet, except the doctor though..” and laughed it off.

“ohh geet… I can’t live without you…” he confessed, pulling her on top of him. she just smiled and rested her head on his chest, hearing his heartbeats.


A few weeks later,

She woke up feeling really very uncomfortable. She found herself sleeping on him, completely undressed. His arms held her tight around her waist. She looked here and there and gently pushed his hand off him. the feeling was completely detestable. She somehow managed to slip on his shirt and ran to the washroom, throwing up. This was the worst phase of her pregnancy she was going through. It was already 3 months and her morning sickness was just getting worse. She felt breathless. The moment she thought it was over, she felt giddy and threw up yet again.

Maan noticed her rushing to the washroom, getting really worried for her. he waited for her to come back but she was taking longer than usual. He could hear her for a while but then suddenly everything went silent. He just couldn’t sit. He slipped into his tracks and rushed to her. he knocked a couple of times but got no answer. The door was open and he rushed in, only to see her in the worst condition ever. She was slumped on the floor, looking completely lifeless. He ran to her and helped her stand. She looked a mess. She held him close and stood up. She felt like throwing up again. He helped her out and cleaned her up thoroughly. He realized he had to take her to the doctor. This was getting worse. He carried her to the room and made her sit comfortably. He made her drink some water and called the doctor, explaining her situation.


The doctor did a thorough check up and advised complete bed rest. Everything was normal but just that due to her previous health issues, she was facing problems. Maan looked at her worried while she gave him a sweet smile, trying to assure him. he sighed and drove her back home. Dadima was worried sick, jasmeet too. They helped geet in settling on the couch for she seemed really weak.

By the end of the week, geet was hell irritated. They didn’t let her even move her finger. whatever she wanted, came right beside her. she felt suffocated being locked in one room and just doing nothing. The kids seemed to join ‘Maan Brigade’ along with dadima and mamma. She hated it…she wanted to walk and eat normally. Her morning sickness was still the same. It would take time to improve. Maan stuck to her the whole  time and when he was away, dadima or jasmeet would stick to her. it was around that time when she got the news of rashmi’s baby boy. She was just too happy. She wanted to atleast go around but these people really made her feel that she was sick. She just waited for maan to come back so that she could give him a piece of her mind.


He came back early that night and she refused to speak to him. he tried to ask what happened, she literally screamed at him for making her a convict in her own house. He just heard her silently as she scolded him for locking her up in one room, making her eat all sorts of stupid tasteless things and not letting her move. She stopped for a while and looked at him angrily.

“aur kuch baaki hain? Wo bhi bol do…dil halka ho jayega…”, he spoke innocently.

[is there anything else? Speak it out…you will feel lighter]

The next moment she broke down, crying her eyes out. He went closer and hugged her, knowing very well the reason of her mood swings.

“ok ok shhu…shhuu… don’t cry… we will go out tomorrow okay… “

She didn’t stop, rather kept on crying, clutching his shirt.

“geet…sorry baby…i was just worried about you… okay we will go to rashmi’s place tomorrow okay…”

“umm…”, she managed to squeak, still sobbing badly, “and…and… I want ice cream…”

“Belgian dark chocolate..”, he completed her sentence, “I will get it okay… now please stop crying…please…”

She  smiled a bit, hearing him speak to her so cutely. She put her head on his lap and slept off.



“Maan…are you done?”, he heard her shout for him the nth time. It was only five minutes since he went to the washroom and she complained that she was missing him. he rolled is eyes. He’d probably go crazy with her mood swings.

“geet…am shaving baby…can you wait a little more?”, he spoke sweetly to her. in her 7th month of pregnancy, he had to be very careful with what he spoke, how he behaved…every little thing. He still couldn’t believe it was all coming true. His baby was coming true. And time sure flies fast…it was her godh bharai today. Preparations were in full swing. Roops had come back to delhi specially for this event. Anu and Aryan had been married over three months now and even they are flying down to delhi. Rashmi was back and all her friends were coming.  He lathered his cheeks with the foam when he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to see her standing there, with her cute baby bump, wearing her bath robe. She had just taken her bath and was sitting on the bed.


He leaned over the door and looked at her carefully, “what are you doing here?”

She eyes him from top to bottom. He was in towel and half lathered cheek. she had always wanted to see him shave. It was funny but she did wonder why shaving took him so long.

“I wanted to see you…”, she spoke cutely.

“see me shave???”, he arched a brow, totally amused.

She pushed herself in and stood in front of him, waiting for him to start. He sighed. He really cant say anything…especially on her special day. And he loved pampering her mood swings. He was about to continue when he watched her stare at him lovingly, so lost in him. he then looked at the mirror, realizing her gaze on his bare body. He smiled knowing very well what was in her mind. but then his eyes fell on her face, slowing giving out tiredness. She was getting tired very quickly nowadays. He caressed her cheeks, “you tired?”

“umm..”, she spoke, still lost in him. he patted her head and lifted her up, making sure he wasn’t hurting the baby and made her sit on the basin counter. Her cheeks brushed against his and some lather came on her. he felt that sooo cute. He leaned closer and placed a kiss on her lips. He was about to get back to his brush when she held him. he looked at her quizzically. She smiled, taking away the brush from him, “mujhe karna hain!!”

[I want to do it…]

She leaned over to him when he inched back, holding her hand, “geet…you have just taken a bath.. you will get dirty because of me…”

She gave him a sarcastic look and twisted her lips.

“after this…”, she pointed to her bump, “you think I will mind any of this?”

He was amused to hear her acceptance of him in every aspect of life. he smiled and rested his hands on either side of her and forwarded his face. She smiled cutely and lathered his cheeks very carefully. He just couldn’t have enough of his wife…she amused him in every step of life.

She took the razor and gently moved it along his cheek. he held her hands, “be might not  want to cut me down today…”

“shuu…don’t disturb me okay. I will do it…”


He stood still while she finished off with whatever she started. She looked around and smiled, finding the aftershave. She took it in her palms and smelled its aroma. Ahh she had always loved it. he just watched her curiously while she applied it on his cheeks. She felt proud seeing him looking dashing. She leaned forward and kissed him on his cheeks.

“how am I looking?”, he asked her, smirking. She smiled pulled his cheeks, “very cuteee”

He twitched his brows at her words. She raised her arms up in the air. He sighed and lifted her and took her to the couch.

“don’t you want to get ready? Everyone is waiting for you…”

“but I want to go with you…” she said it cutely.

“okay…wait for me till I come back from shower…”


He held her carefully and walked her down the stairs where everyone was waiting. It was evening and the guests had already arrived. Her face was covered with her dupatta and he made sure she didn’t trip. Roops and rashmi took her to the sitting area and made her sit in the middle, surrounded by pillows so that she was not very uncomfortable. Maan stood at a corner and watched her lovingly as everyone gave her shagun and blessings. Dadima gave her gift and whispered, “may the baby bring you both even closer…”

Geet smiled and looked down. Jasmeet followed and other elders too. Roops went and placed the gift on her lap. She smiled and whispered in her ears, “hope you make another baby real soon…”

Geet glared at her, trying not to blush. This girl will never change. She sighed and smiled when rashmi whispered something into her ears. maan just kept on watching her. she looked no less than an angel..he himself had got her ready for this occasion. There was suddenly this complete silence and everyone’s eyes went to the door. Maan didn’t like it… gayathri stood there, with gifts in her hands. He had not spoken to her after that confrontation in the airport. He absolutely detested the way she had spoken to geet. even dadima was surprised…and everyone else was too. Maan worried about geet, fearing what she might tell her. he wanted to go and ask her directly as to why she was there but then his eyes fell on geet, who seemed so calm on seeing her. she didn’t even worry, rather she was the only one who smiled at her arrival.


Geet was glad that she could make it and felt maan’s gaze over her. she turned to him and gave him an assuring smile. He sighed and looked away, clearly understanding that it was her who had invited her. he still didn’t understand why she needed to do that. it had taken gayathri a long time to come in terms with the reality and understand that maan was happy with geet. she had always wished for maan’s happiness too. Anisha was gone… may be somewhere she was at fault for her daughter’s misery. She was surprised when geet gave her a call the previous day and invited her for the ceremony. She was touched by her gestures for maan was far from speaking to her. she slowly walked to her and gave her the gift. Geet blushed as she whispered in her ears, “May you get all the happiness that you deserve with maan…”

Dadima and jasmeet were quite happy seeing the turn of events. Gayathri spoke to them very nicely. She was even emotional for she remembered anisha’s godh bharai. Maan just stood there, watching his life glow…he had tears in his eyes today. She had walked into his life directly from heaven  it seemed. Everything was still a dream for him because only he knew how he had lived with the guilt of taking away all her happiness. And today seeing her so happy, filled his heart with immense warmth that he had always wanted.



She sat on the bed, reading anisha’s diary she had just recovered. She had kept it somewhere and had lost track of it. she had found it that day while trying to search for her stuffs. Her eyes fell on the acoustic guitar that decorated their room… a beautiful red and black coloured one that he had gifted her on her birthday cum anniversary. She smiled and got back to re-reading the diary when a paper slipped down. It was a yellow coloured card. Curious, she picked it up and read those lines,

“Kisi Fakir ne kaha hain—

Apne ghumon ki yun numaish na kar…

Apne naseeb ki yun Azmaish na kar…

Jo tera hain, tere dar pe khud aayega

Roz Roz usey pane ki khwahish na kar   “


She felt the corners of her eyes burn… they both shared exactly the same feelings. She could very well relate to her love..better than she had before…the pain she was in… the guilt at the end too. Tears rolled down her eyes and she started sobbing, more because of her pregnancy. Maan just entered and was surprised to see her sob very badly. He got really worried and ran to her. she saw him come and tried to hide the diary under the pillow. In the process, she didn’t realize that the diary slipped off and fell down.

“geet…what happened…you okay?”, he hugged her close, worried as to what was wromg. She held him close, shaking her head, “i missed you…”

She found her solace in his arms but his eyes did catch a glimpse of the diary fallen on the floor. He picked it up so sleekly that she didn’t even notice. He just knew whose it was. He held her close, not letting her know about what he had found.



It was yash’s first birthday and geet was going bonkers searching for him. he was only one but he was the naughtiest. His sisters had a big role to play in that. she looked around the house calling out to him. she had started worrying when she heard his giggle from the kids’ room. She peeped in, only see the three of them playing together. Cute plump yash giggled as dia put her cute red dupatta on his head, playing their doll house. she was so amused to see them together. Her three little cuties playing together.

Yash maan khurana—that’s what geet had decided to keep their cutie son’s name, after maan’s dad. He had just started walking and he’d always end up with his sisters. And his sisters never failed to pamper him to hell. she watched yash giggle, feeling that dupatta on his head. Ohh he looked absolutely adorable. His eyes fell on geet and his smile became wider, “… ma..”, he tried to stand up. Geet giggled and called him out, “aaja mela bacha…”

He walked slowly to geet, raising his hands up to her. she knelt down and took him in her lap, kissing his cheeks when she heard a sad dia, “mamma not love me anymore…”

Geet looked up to see dia and namra looking gloomy. She smiled and pulled them into a hug, “no baby…i love all of you… “.

She kissed each of them while yash got stuck between the ladies, trying desperately to come out of it.

“chalo..get ready…don’t you have to cut the cake?”

The girls shouted and ran to get their dresses, while geet carried yash and went to help them.


She finally managed to finish getting yash ready after dia and namra. Dadima came to check for them.

“ didn’t get ready beta?”

Geet made yash wear his cutie blue booties, “dadima.. ye kuch karne de tab na… he refused to come out of his bath tub and now since I forced him, he is mad at me… sigh like father like son!”

[dadima…only if he lets me do anything na… he refused to come out of his bath tub and now since I forced him, he is mad at me… sigh like father like son]

“na……” yash tried saying something in his own language, still angry on geet. he tried to pull geet’s hair. She just managed to dodge that, “badmashi nahi yash… mamma shaath nai badhmashi…”, she spoke cutely yet firmly.

[no badmashi with mamma]


Dadima laughed and took yash away till geet got ready. Maan had been very busy the whole week. He somehow managed to finish his work and reach home at time for the party. He had to hurry up with things since guests already started pouring in. He held yash proudly in his arms and made him wave at the camera in front. Geet just stood there, watching him, adoring her husband. He was probably the best hubby and the best father in this whole world. She felt proud to see her daughters join their papa too…her cute complete family.

Later at night geet came to their room, carrying a sleepy yash and made him lie on his cot. He had just come back from the washroom. She had not got much time to spend with him…and today was really a very big day. She went to him and hugged him. he smiled and held her close to his heart, “are you happy geet?”

She closed her eyes for a while and snuggled closer, “more than ever…I love you…”

“I love you more…”, he spoke cutely. She raised herself up to see his face but then her eyes fell on anisha’s portrait behind him. she was reminded of so many things…she  felt nostalgic. Come to think of it…she realized she never found anisha’s diary after that night. she did search for it after that but she couldn’t. Strangely, she couldn’t even find her own diary. She had searched for them for a long time but she couldn’t find any. She wondered what happened to them…did maan find those… if he did then why didn’t he let her know? Did he read them? There were a lot of questions in her mind that she wanted to ask him but every time she  went to him, she was always swept to another world which made her forget everything else. Its been a year now and she didn’t know where those two diaries went. She looked up at anisha’s pic and felt her smiling. She blinked a couple of times and the next thing she felt was his lips on hers, sweeping her yet again to a very different world, where only the three of them existed—Geet, Maan and Anisha and their love.


very emotional right now…but still Thank You again everyone!!!


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As mush as You are, even I am sad…
actually feeling really low that parineeta has come to an end. Ouch
It had been my dream FF..when i realized what does it mean to crave to write!!!!
Thank you for being with me all through!!Embarrassed

I will continue with My ss…do give it a try if You have not yet started. I have updated only four parts yet!!



Warning: 18+


She walked down and made her sit beside prem. Roops looked at her husband and looked down blushing furiously. Geet felt something again. She tried to ignore it but it was all too strong. She looked out for the kids who sat with dadima and their friends watching the rituals. There were lots of people…all her friends but she couldn’t find the cause that made her so restless all of a sudden. She missed maan…he was supposed to be back right after sangeet but he wasn’t. Only she knew how she had survived all these days without him and now this sudden weird feel made her even more restless.

As the rituals started, there were a group of musicians playing gujrati songs on marriage and the dancers playing garba. It was all set for the marriage. She again felt that gaze over her and she just hated it. she tried to look around but there was none who looked suspicious. She really felt uncomfortable with that piercing gaze all over her. she just wished maan was back and right by her side. She tried to look again but everything seemed normal. May be it was a play of her mind. she decided to ignore and went to roops as they stood up for the phere. She helped her stand when her friends and pulled geet away. Rashmi smirked and looked at roops evilly, “happy wedding.. we are off to enjoy…”


Geet laughed seeing roops confused look. Rashmi and all ran to the dancers and joined them, giving mean looks to roops. The music, the environment, the excitement was at its peak and poor roops couldn’t even enjoy. She burned in jealousy seeing her friends dance while she was stuck in the rituals. She looked at prem angrily and whispered in his ears, “ask the pandit to finish this fast na… I want to join them too…”

Prem looked at roops and then at the girls dancing. He was really in for a trouble… instead of being interested in her marriage, all could she think w2as of dancing. He sighed..Wondering how did he even fell for her? But then it was probably for this nature of hers that he fell in love with her. he looked at her lovingly and whispered, “few minutes more…”

Roops looked at him…he looked so sincere and so earnest that she couldn’t do anything but blush. She saw her dupatta being tied to prem’s for the phere…she just couldn’t be happier. Lost in each other, she just followed prem obediently.


Geet swirled around with the music, giggling with her friends. The kids had joined her too. She knew garba a bit for she had seen roops doing that. she followed the dancers and got indulged. She felt really nice…dancing after years perhaps. She closed her eyes, imagining maan to be there around somewhere…watching her. she so much wanted to be with him but he might be busy. Rashmi and others danced like crazy as the music went faster. This was literally called marriage wala dance. The guys joined them too, whistling while roops was dying to join them.

Geet felt that gaze yet again. She hated it. she slowly opened her eyes, this time feeling it too much intensely. She was lost in her maan and her restlessness about this unknown person just made her too angry. She turned back, dancing, to look out for that person when her gazed stopped right on him—watching her so intently. She stopped on her tracks, still not able to believe her own eyes that it was really him. he was back? Everyone was busy dancing to even notice anything.  She blinked a couple of times, trying to hold her emotions while he stood there, boring into her soul with his gaze, yet smiling sweetly.


The music went faster as everyone surrounded her, baring  her view of him. she was still lost in him that she even forgot she was standing like a statue in the middle while everyone else danced around her. she was almost at the verge of crying and ran to him. he smiled seeing her so restless and the next moment, she hauled herself into his arms, hugging him tightly. Only he knew how he managed to finish his work as fast as he could and get the first flight available. Otherwise he’d have missed the marriage as well. more than that It was her who pulled him  back. she had probably become his life gradually. she was his addiction from very beginning, in everything he did, everywhere he went—she had always been there with him, knowingly or unknowingly. And now their togetherness was nothing but the proof of them being destined to be with other. It was pure, it was bliss and it was just them…just the two of them. And this is why probably they didn’t even feel shy to express their desire so openly to  each other.


Her arms went around him, pulling him close to her. he dipped his head in her hair, taking in her intoxicating scent. The entire world around was forgotten…no words spoken, and that hug just said it all. Roops was finally done with the marriage and ran away from the mandap to join her friends when her eyes fell on maan and geet. she watched them from afar for a while, feeling extremely happy for both of them she waited for them to notice people around as now people have really started taking note of them. But she sighed knowing this was not possible. She smirked and went to them. She held geet’s arms and pulled her away. Both of them were shocked to see roops giving them glares.

“ye kya ho raha hain? For god’s sake stop your pda baba…”

[whats going on? For god’s sake stop your pda baba..]

Maan rolled his eyes and teased her, “apni biwi ko hi hug kar raha tha okay… tumhe nahi..”

[I was hugging my wife, not you…]

They stared at each other and then burst out laughing. Maan hugged her, “congratulations roops… am really happy for both of you…”

Geet wondered about these two getting friendlier day by day. Nevertheless, she loved it. roops broke the hug and made a face, “since you have missed out everything…sangeet, mehendi and marriage… you will have to face punishment…”

Maan arched his brows, “oyee I didn’t miss the marriage okay…cut that out. I was there when you came to the mandap…”

Geet realized then that it was him all this while. he was actually there from the beginning. Roops  smiled and continued, “but you did miss the rest…that doesn’t spare you okay…”

“since today is your day, I can’t even say you a no…”

Roops laughed at her victory and pulled geet away, “this is your punishment…”


She dragged geet to her friends who were still dancing. Geet giggled and looked at him cutely, walking away. He made a baby face, totally not willing to let her go. She smiled naughtily and looked away from him, enjoying his plight. Even he had toyed with her these four days—be it the phone or her dreams. So…he did deserve little bit of punishment. He watched her mingle with the crowd, yet standing out, dancing, swirling, laughing with her friends, giving him naughty looks. He sighed and realized he had to woo her back as well.

He kept on staring at her all through, catching her gaze from time to time, making her blush. But she refused to go to him, making him really desperate. They all settled for dinner. She made sure dadima and the kids were comfortable. Dia had dozed off already. Geet took her in her lap and made sure namra had her food. They really looked tired, so she sent dadima and namra back. She settled down to have dinner, with a sleeping dia on her lap. Maan sat beside her, looking really tired. He really did have a busy schedule.. he insisted on taking dia while she ate but  she refused. She took care that he was not too stressed. She tried to wake up dia to have something but she cried a bit and slept off again on her shoulder. They were teasing roops like hell.


Vidai was in a few hours and she didn’t want maan to stay back. She somehow persuaded him to get home and take rest while she’d go back in the morning. He tried to refuse but then he was really very tired. She went to see him off till the car park. Most of the guests had left…only a few close friends and family members had stayed back.. he stopped by the car and turned back to her. before she could realize anything, he pressed a hard kiss on her lips, “be back soon okay…”. he demanded firmly. She smiled and nodded in affirmative. He drove off with little dia still sleeping. She caressed her lips a bit and got back to her friends. They were busy playing all sort of stupid games with the newly wed.

They were so involved that none realized it was time of the couple to leave. Roops was surprised that this came all so early. As the final ritual started, she didn’t feel anything. She was in fact enjoying all that. she turned back to see her family and friends for one last time before getting into the car and thats when she realized what she was going to miss. She ran and hugged them, sobbing. She hugged geet and cried…she had been her best friend since standard 6th. Prem also felt sad seeing her cry. Geet smiled and patted her back, “shh…don’t will anyways be with one of your best friends right—prem!”

Geet wiped her tears watching the car drive away and turned back to her friends. Rashmi was in tears too, “I will miss prem more…”

Everyone started laughing still in tears. But again, it was time for everyone to leave. Geet just couldn’t wait to get back home. She bid everyone goodbye when puneet offered to drop her back home since maan was not there. She refused politely but rashmi insisted. She couldn’t even say no. Anyways she was to take taxi. They dropped her off in km and drove off.


The entire mansion was silent. Everyone was tired. She checked on dadima and the kids. All were fast asleep. She went back to her room and switched on the lights. It was just the early streaks of dawn decorating the sky. She saw him, sprawled on the bed, sleeping. He was really very tired. She went closer and caressed his hair for a while, watching him. she had missed him badly. She sighed and stood in front of the mirror, taking off her jewellery.

He opened his eyes a bit, hearing those soft tinkling sound and stretched himself. He turned to see her stand in front of the mirror, doing something. His eyes noticed her attire carefully. She wore a golden yellow sari with heavy work around the borders. He heard her bangles chime as she moved her hands to tie her hair up in a bun. The smooth expanse of her bare back made him gulp hard. Her blouse probably had a thin strip to hold it around her back. She took off her earrings and her necklace. The muscles around her shoulders flexed as she moved her hands swiftly. His gaze fell lower down to her waist where her  sari started. He so wanted to run his finger on the lining where it covered her. his gaze fell on her hips, perfectly rounded and sexy. He gasped in some air, imagining how it would feel to have them under his palms.


She felt something and turned back. He pretended to sleep. She sighed and went to change. He left his breath and closed his eyes, unable to get those images out of his mind. she looked rather ravishing today. He was still drowsy. He yawned and tried to sleep. She came out wearing her shorts and his shirt, letting her hair down. She saw him still asleep and slipped beside him. she so wanted to hold him close but then she didn’t want to disturb him. she turned her back to him and switched off the light, trying to sleep.  Silence prevailed for a while as her eyes closed. But the next moment she felt his hand slide up her bare thighs and move under her shirt. She was startled with this sudden move when his hand cupped her breasts  making her gasp.

“maan…”, she panted and turned back to  see him. he opened his eyes slowly to look into hers. His hand roamed over her curves, squeezing them harshly. Her hands went to hold him right over her shirt, feeling butterflies in her stomach. he didn’t say anything and slowly came on top of her. he pulled his hand out and caressed her cheeks softly. She took in a sharp breath feeling his entire weight shift on her. he watched her carefully, breathing heavily, hovering over her lips. She became really emotional and cupped his face, “I was dying to be with you…”, she spoke honestly.

He caressed her lips with his thumb and her tongue traced the path of his thumb, making his lips go dry. He looked at his shirt on her and smirked. She smiled and pecked his lips, raising up a bit, “I wanted to feel you..”

“But I just don’t want to feel you…”, he spoke rather huskily, “I want to have even more of you…” she shivered with the intensity of his words and his piercing gaze. He shifted a bit and brought her bare legs around his waist, pressing his hardening length right over her core, letting her know the extent of his arousal.

“ohhh…“, she hissed, being thrown into a spiral of desire. He took the opportunity to take in her lips for a lip-lock. She raised a bit, willingly giving in. She instantly opened her mouth to let him in. His tongue dipped almost till her throat, rolling over hers, touching the corners of her mouth. He pressed himself even more into her, making her part her legs even more to him. she clutched his hair tight, on his sudden onslaught. He parted a bit to take in as much air as possible and dipped his head into her hairs, biting her earlobe, rolling his hot wet tongue over her cheeks, down her throat. She moved her head to her side, giving him space, trying hard not to moan out loud. Her hand crazily went over his chest. She hated that vest. She pulled it off his, tossing it away. His skin was probably made of fire, burning her.


She felt his hand slide under her to squeeze her bottom. She felt breathless with so many thing happening at a time. She  let her hands fall on her sides, not even trying to hold him. he hovered lower and bit her curves harshly right over shirt. She arched herself  to offer him, trying hard not to hold him. he smiled and nibbled on her lips.

“hold me sweety…”, he spoke into her mouth, “don’t hold back…”

She moaned out and clutched his hair, pulling him up to face her. she was panting furiously. She tried to take a deep breath in, trying to catch her breath and pushed him on to the bed. She was going mad with him taking so much time. She hated it. she was more into his rawness. She gave him a glare and straddled his waist. Her face was completely red by now. Her hair fell on her sides, making her look really wild. He watched her moves carefully for he loved when she took the lead. He guessed where her next target will be and smiled to himself.


He was sweetly surprised when she went for her shirt, instead of his tracks as he had expected. He held his breath and watched her carefully as she meticulously opened the buttons of her shirt, exposing her front. She didn’t even take the shirt off her. she just left all the buttons open. Her hands slid down sensuously down her navel, stopping right over her shorts. He gulped down hard seeing her open the button of her shorts too. To his utter disbelief, she took her shorts off and threw it away. The only thing that covered her nudity was her tiny panties. She was looking directly into his eyes, as if giving him an open invitation to plunder her assets. He couldn’t wait to hold her. but she surprised him yet again, leaning right over him.

“wont you undress me today?”, she teased him, licking his lips sexily. He smirked and held her by her waist, “I want you to do that…for me! I wont even touch you till you do so…”

She saw his hands fall by his sides, meaning each and every word of his. She took in a sharp breath and went back to sitting position. She looked directly into his eyes and took off her shirt. Her hands went to unhook her bra and the next moment, she was as bare as he was. She again leaned over him and cupped his face, “is that it?”, she spoke, feeling him stiffen just with that. he didn’t even wait for her to speak further. His hand clutched her hair and smacked her lips right over his. Her fingers held his shoulders and his other hand went down to her hips, Pulling off her panties. She smiled into his lips and pulled away to look at his face. He cupped her breasts in his hands instead and raised himself a bit, taking them in, one at a time. The first thing he did was to suck them as hard as he could.


‘maan…”, she screamed, falling over him. he didn’t let go. He tweaked her ni**** with his fingers while the other curve was in his mouth, pleasuring him and her as well. her fingers dug into his chest as she went breathless. She somehow managed to reach his tracks and push them off. He was so lost into her…that he probably didn’t even realize what she did. He stopped for a while. feeling her hands right over his hardness. Ohh that exquisite feeling when she held him tight, “ohh geet…”, he moaned, feeling extremely aroused. He literally felt the o***** even before they actually started anything. The moment he felt he’d probably explode, she surprised him further, by slipping him in. His eyes widened feeling this extreme rawness in her act. He looked at her face…it was flushed and her eyes her shut tightly, telling him she felt the same as him. she rocked back and forth, gently adjusting herself, setting the pace. Ohh he absolutely loved her dominance today. He felt back on to the bed, feeling her sharp bites all over him, trying to hold himself.

She was hot…she was deliciously wet and she was his. He flipped her over and thrust himself harder into her. his fingers dug into the most sensitive part of her swell, making her go bonkers.


“ahhh ma—an…”, she whimpered under him. and then her eyes snapped open realizing the reality of her dream fantasy. His mouth was again drawn to her mounds, relishing her like never before. A tear slipped out of her eyes as she felt herself explode. She felt dazed, going blank… there was probably nothing to think now. Her dreams were realized…her wishes had come true. They had come a long away and there is just no looking back.



It was just a few days after roops marriage when dadima started finding it extremely difficult to stay in km. Countless number of times she had found them getting touchy feely around the corners of the house, in the kitchen, anywhere possible. She knew this was to happen…but to this extent…she had never imagined! It was really very embarrassing. She made some excuses and went over to stay with jasmeet, giving them all the privacy they needed. She was now worried about the kids… but then she smiled and went to take some tea with jasmeet in the garden, letting them handle everything there.

It was probably around 8 months to their real marriage and their closeness never seemed to end. In fact they found it even newer and exciting than before. Geet had completely forgotten about anisha or gayathri or anyone else for that matter. She was too happy to see her cute little family together. She still wondered why dadima decided to stay with mamma…she thought maybe she got bored or something with her and maan being in their respective offices, kids in school. Hmm.. elderly people did need someone to be with them always. She even spoke to dadima about it…asking whether she should stop her office but dadima had scolded her for thinking so. She said she enjoyed staying with jasmeet thats why she was there.


Geet came out of her reverie hearing dia scream. She looked out of the kitchen to see namra and maan running after her, to catch her. she smiled, getting back to her work—typical Sunday for them. Life seemed so normal…she stirred her curry, hearing their laughter. She felt satisfied after years. yes! This was her life—Geet Maan Khurana. She could never ever forget whatever happened in the past but what matters now was the present. She simmered the gas and turned to get the dishes out when his hands slipped around her waist, making her jump. She turned to him and he pressed a kiss on her lips in return.

“maan…kids..”, she reminded him. but then she heard the kids  standing by the door and giggling, seeing the love their parents held for each other. Geet felt extremely shy like that but she even got angry on maan. She turned to the kids and spoke a bit strictly, “you two better go and play in the garden. Go…”

The kids laughed and ran away. She turned to maan angrily only to see him smile at her. he held her waist and pulled her close to him.

“what do you think you were doing hmm?”

“what did I do sweetheart?”, he spoke nuzzling her neck. She unknowingly turned her head aside, “maan please… am serious…”

He pressed a wet smooch on her neck ,“even am serious geet…”

She rolled her eyes and pushed him away a bit, “what was that? do you even realize you are spoiling the kids?”

He pulled her close again and get back to where he left, “they should also know how much their mamma papa love each other right… only then they’d hold respect and love for others..”, he tried to reason with her.

“but that doesn’t mean you…ahhh…”, she couldn’t even complete her sentence with him biting her complaining lips.

“you speak a lot you know…”, he spoke over her lips. She sighed and pushed him away, “chodo mujhe…parson namra ka birthday hain I have a lot to plan…”

[leave me… day after tomorrow is namra’s birthday. I gave a lot to plan]


He walked into his room with files in his hand, sweating profusely. It was again the onset of summer and it was very very hot outside. He had some files to get from home so thought he could have lunch with her. he saw her sitting on the bed, making some list, probably for namra’s birthday the next day. He took a closer look and found her wearing her usual shorts and his shirt. He smiled and went to get his files but his eyes were stuck at her. she was chewing the end of the pen…looking into her list trying to see if she had missed out anything. His eyes fell on his shirt. She had buttoned only two right over her bosom. The rest were left open. He sighed and kept the files back in the shelf.

“shame on you geet…’, he spoke searching for his other file, not looking towards her. he didn’t even notice what she was doing now.

“what did I do now?”, she spoke, totally amused of his comment.

He looked into the file he was checking, “the weather is getting hotter than you…”

There was a complete silence for a while. he wondered why she was not retorting back. He turned towards her unable to understand the silence. He was shocked to see her stand right beside him, buttoning her completely unbuttoned shirt. He never even realized when she had gotten closer to him. he blinked a couple of times to make sure it was as real as it could get.


She made a face and turned away, putting the buttons together, “yeah right…if thats the matter then go and make love to the weather since you find it so hot…”

She walked away in attitude, making his head spin. Ohh she had come to him all by herself…he couldn’t bear that fact. The file from his hands dropped and he strode across the floor and held her tightly from the back, not letting her move. His one hand made its way to her breasts sliding down her collar while the other unbuttoned her short and his fingers delved in. She had just buttoned two of her shirt buttons and he didn’t even need to take off her shirt. He just slid his hand into it like it was normal for him. she moaned, feeling his hand squeeze her curves demandingly while the other cupped her core, sliding in, “maan no…”

 Her legs refused to support her as She fell to her front unable to take that sexual assault on her all of a sudden. But he held her firm, trapping between his hands. He nuzzled her neck, biting her cheeks, “still so wet umm…”, he spoke into her ears, making her wriggle in his hold. His fingers stoked her ever so sensually that made her dizzy.

“no..leave…”, she spoke breathlessly when his thumb dug right into her left breast making her scream out loud.


“I know this is your most sensitive part…”, he spoke roughly and the next moment his finger thrust in savagely into her. her pupil dilated as she convulsed around him, “I know you so very well…”, his voice oozed out attitude as he went deeper into her, “…then how can you ask me to f*** someone else…”

“ahhh…”, she hissed, unable to even turn back and face him.

She was completely breathless and his words seemed to  arouse her beyond her will. He was mean, he was rough, he was wild… but that’s what she loved about him. he was earnest in everything he did… starting from carrying out his responsibilities to satisfying her desires. She felt herself being pushed on to the couch. He ripped off her shirt and his finger went into her cups, pulling them down.  She just gave in for another passionate love making, losing herself completely to him. she was his…his only…his wife… his Parineeta!




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