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Chapter 6

Finally Done with exams, Done with Hostel and Done with College.
it was so tough saying goodbye not knowing whether we’d ever see each other again. Ouch
but then every end is a new beginning!
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“You do know that I wont let anything happen to you right?”

She reeled in those words! She hadn’t heard him them, sucked into the spiral of his annoyance but now that she was back within the confines of her room, she had had the time to think and bask in his possessiveness. it was always with them and this feeling surrounding them. Her heart fluttered, her valiant knight wanted her all to himself. Something knotted in the pit of her stomach and she sat up abruptly. She looked at the time and realized sleep wasn’t to come to her now. Her heart beats were still erratic, even after hours of that confrontation. She quickly pulled the  silken shawl to cover her shoulders and rushed out to seek solace, to calm her beats and hold herself.

The clouds had perhaps conspired against her, hiding the moon within their embrace and she scuttled through the darkness to get to her destination. She needed peace desperately, she needed to accept what she felt today with his words and knowing he wouldn’t be there with her tonight.

She sighed in relief when  the sweet fragrance of the white flowers reached her nostrils and she stepped forward. But then the clouds decided to end their game. They parted and there he stood, in all his glory, his one palm softly resting on the trunk and the other hand clenched on his side. She stopped short, seeing him stand there, straight and looking somewhere she couldn’t decipher.

He had not been able to sleep. He had to come here no matter what. and the clouds had been the perfect friends to him, hiding the moon away for him to hide himself. She was gone and it didn’t matter with whom she had, as long as she was safe but he just couldn’t bear that. He hated the feel that he felt now, realizing that she had given away his space and time to someone else. he was angry at her to have not waited for her, and more than that he was angry at himself to have failed her. he held the sharp intake of breath and punched the tree with his clenched fist, earning a gasp from her.

She had not expected him to be this angry. Rushing to him, she held his hand and immediately checked for any injuries. His knuckles had turned red and she looked at him worried.

“what are you doing?”

He turned away from her, unable to understand what has come over him! she observed his sharp intake of breaths and almost melted with his possessiveness. a faint smile tugged on her lips as a warmth spread all over her. it was all for her. from their childhood, it was all for her.

“I am here”, she whispered and brought his hand close to her mouth and pressed a soft kiss on the back of his palm.

The sweet fragrance of the heavenly flowers seemed to intensify with the wind and a shudder passed down his body feeling those soft pink petals on his skin. He turned to look at her, his breathing almost halted and his anger almost melting. He wanted to say something but that look in her eyes took his breath away…liquefied and something more…something akin to a fire that warmed him from within!
unknown and unarmed he had dared to venture into the pool of emotions that they both felt at this moment. His skin burned where she had kissed him and his eyes held her rooted in her spot. She still held his hand, softly yet firm, unyielding to his anger that was now as invisible as the air around. He stepped closer, his other hand raised and cradled her head, going deep within her silky long locks. She felt like a candle, melting with every gesture of his and her head leaned to his warm hand that now held her. she could feel the pressure of his fingers on her scalp, that made her gulp.

“Maan…“, she whispered.

His eyes softened, pupils dilated and then he had scooped her up in his arms, in one swift and sudden movement. She gasped, more because of the skin to skin contact she had with his. Her shawl had slipped off her shoulders and tingles ran down her spine when her bare shoulder touched his.

Her hands went around his neck on their own accord to steady herself, her heart running a marathon perhaps. But his gaze kept her captive. Lost in the dark depths of his eyes, she never realized what his intentions were, until he had bent down and placed her on her bed.


He whispered, when he realized she was too lost in the moment to let him go. he knew not what came over him but this was the most beautiful night for him. having her with him was just what he had always secretly whished for. He had wanted to be her gallant knight…always! he had wanted to rescue her…always! he had wanted to be by her side…always! call it innate but it was all so natural for him.

“breath now Jasmine.”

His breath fell on her face, making her quiver when he realized she hadn’t let him go and held her breath back. A tinge of red settled on her cheeks, warming her skin yet she didn’t let go of their eye-contact. He smirked at the effect he had on her as he gently held her hands and slowly, oh so slowly pulled them away from himself. Her lashes dropped as she felt his weight slowly lift off her and she left the breath she was holding. And then she felt his soft lips n her forehead.


And he was gone, his whispers still linger in the air. She felt dazed. What just happened? Her heart thudded in her chest and she could no longer even will herself to sit up and look at her flushed face in the mirror. Was it a dream? She gently touched her forehead and looked at the ceiling blankly. The moon still shone and the stars still twinkled and she could still feel the winds waltzing with the curtains. Was it real? He said sorry…but for what, she had no idea. She was blank now, or may be not for the dynamics of their relation was so uncertain.

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

He stood by his balcony, feeling the air, staring into the vastness of the sky. Things have changed and for once he was happy because after tonight, he could express himself freely to her. she had always been his special one…his jasmine and it was unacceptable for him that someone else could take that place. She was someone who always brought unexpected change in him, reactions he’d probably never give but something changed tonight, he knew and there will be no stopping back. It was like a tightly shut door just opened, after ten whole years of realization and self fight. It wasn’t a dream…it was real.

How he wished he could have stayed and watched her sleep but he knew he couldn’t. And the night seemed arduous and tormenting. It was tough to wait when he knew this was no dream. He had to bear it!

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep- while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

The loud clamouring reverberated in the huge hall of the Khurana Mansion, making him laugh. His entire family was here today, Rano ma, Papa, Naina. Dev and his mom and dad and dadima…celebrating Sunday with a heavy breakfast. He looked around for her wondering where she was. As if his mom heard him.

“Arey Rano, where is geet?”

“she got a call from office. She will be here soon.”

“On Sunday too?”, dadima said, exasperated.

“God knows maa ji, what is wrong with people these days!”

He sighed and looked at dev who seemed equally restless as him. he was continuously looking at his phone and at the door, as if waiting for someone.
And then she walked in, like a breeze of cool wind, brightening the day with her smile. His eyes met hers and time stilled for a moment. If she wasn’t sure last night, she was now because when his eyes held her captive, she knew the dynamics have changed. Her heart thudded when he pointed the seat next to her to sit.

“Geet…beta come here.”,
dadima called her. she gulped in, breaking free from the charm he had held her with and went to dadima. She kissed her forehead and geet touched her feet. She walked around serving everyone, chole bhature with coffee and juice as preferred. She served babe papa and badi maa and then dadima, chiming about anything and everything.

He waited with abated breath for her to serve him and when she did, he couldn’t stop looking at her. she looked fresh like a lily and smelled earthy, her wet locks looked even longer and he recalled the previous night when he had felt those silk under his palms. He wished to run his finger along her cherry cheeks but held back the urge.

She poured his coffee and her hand slightly brushed his, making her so aware of his gaze on her. she looked at him, scared to lose herself again but she took the plunge nevertheless. It was Naina’s booming voice that brought her back from the dream that was last night she quickly looked away and realized he had held her hand.

One hand of hers held the coffee pot while the other hid under her dupatta that he held. His hold, warm and firm that was, made her gasp. She quickly looked around and found the others busy with each other and looked back at Maan, tugging away her hand. He smirked and pointed to the seat beside him once again but she was nervous now, busy pulling her hand away. And when he hadn’t ,she pouted, pleading and he maintained a firm expression, enjoying every bit of her discomfort.

“geet…sit.”, he commanded in a low voice but then realized her gaze had stuck somewhere else. And when out of curiosity he had followed her gaze, he felt angry. Dev had caught her attention and she had complied. They were talking through some sign language that had taken away all her attention.

He looked at her and then at Dev and then found her hand slipping away from his, making him angry. What was happening? Worse was when she went and sat beside then and they got busy in chatting something seriously and he was forgotten. He was not angry on dev…he was angry because he was forgotten.  He wanted to get up and leave but he loved this togetherness. Finishing his breakfast quietly and quickly, he excused himself on the pretext of some work.

Geet noticed that. She knew how much he loved family gatherings and how upset he was when she left him but there was nothing to be done. Dev needed her and she had to be there for him. she had always been with him from the start and she couldn’t leave him midway.


She rushed to KM when she saw his car enter the porch. He had been out the whole day and he was gone with his golf set. But her heart was restless. She tried calling him a few times but he wasn’t in a mood to answer. It was dusk and now that he was back, she couldn’t have waited to confront him. forgetting who was around, she dashed into his room and collided with his back, almost falling. And he held her hand, preventing her otherwise sure shot fall. His eyes seemed hurt and angry.

“sorry. I was just…”

“I need to take a bath.”

He walked towards his wardrobe, cutting her off in between. He was too upset.

“Maan please, it was important.”

He turned back, narrowing his brow at her.

“ohh was it really?”

He walked towards the washroom taking his towel when she held his hand, her eyes pleading him.

“yes Maan.. please don’t be angry. Dev really had something important to say.”

“yeah fine. He is important. Good. Please look after my innocent brother geet.

The taunt was subtle and she knew it well. Ohh dear, she knew she had to make up. She thought for a while.

“I will make it up to you Maan. Please talk to me.”

It was a desperate bid and he knew it well. He turned to face her, looked at her and then her hold on his hand.

“and how exactly do you want to make up?”

She gulped down hard, crushed under the weight of his dark humour.

“I…I’d do anything you ask me to.”

She mumbled. He cocked his head to the side and raised a brow.

“You do realize what you are asking for jasmine, Don’t you?”

She loved pampering his possessiveness…something that was just for her. she looked straight into his eyes, “Yes.”

He jerked her close and one hand ran around her waist, making her heart stop. So close she was to him that she could smell his sweaty cologne. Her soft body touched his hard one, unleashing yet another something’ she had no idea of.
His lips tilted to give a wicked grin.

“I will ask for it when the time comes and You CANNOT deny me geet.”

The weight of his words crushed her and she melted and flowed and reeled in the feel he evoked in her.

As she walked out, there was a slight drizzle. Her skin had goosebumps, partly because of the rain and partly because of what he said.

“ohh Maan…what do you do to me?”

She sighed feeling chills settling on her and she walked back to her home, still lost in her world with Maan. What relationship did they share? Were they friends? Of course not for she had come to realize that in the course of time he was away from her. she thought of reasons and excuses to understand the dynamics of their relationship but she couldn’t. All that she wanted was to be With him, every moment of her day and every moment of her nights. And when she fell on the bed, she realized their relation was better left Unnamed!

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Chapter 5

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“Good morning” -6:30am

“Wake up sleepy head” -7:04am

“Jasmine you wouldn’t want to get late to office. Wake up.” -7:38am

“Diii…wake up na. You have become so lazy these days!”, chirped Naina as she pulled away the curtains, letting the light in.

She flinched, fighting with the light, pulling the spread over her face. she was in the middle of a beautiful dream and she didn’t want to wake up. A dream that didn’t let her sleep at nights and the dream that didn’t let her wake up!

Hadn’t it been for Naina, she’d have skipped her office for the beautiful night had not ended for her. a night where he was there, sitting beside her, under that bakula tree, talking of stars and moons and dreams and fairies… clich! She smiled and checked her phone and sprang up from bed immediately, realizing he had texted her, waking her up from her sleep.

A smile crept on her lips, recalling he must have been out already for he was accompanying bade papa to Gurgaon for some project. They had stayed up till 2am last night yet he managed to wake up early and text her as well.

“I am up already Mr. Khurana, you needn’t worry ;)” – 7:45am.

She didn’t know how much time passed between them and it was already more than a month that he was back and she had no idea what it was between them that kept them together but she knew they needed to be with each other to get through their days. She stood under the shower, letting the moments pass her mind when they had sat under those flowers of heaven, his pealing laughter and their mindless conversations.


She didn’t know what to do for her best friend wasn’t even ready to look at her. what wrong had she done? Maan and her were supposed to go buy her new books but he got busy with his cricket practice. Dev was around there and he had offered to replace his younger brother. He had taken her in their car and helped her buy books.

She ran to his room and saw him pacing his room restlessly, seething in anger.

, her lips trembled.

He shot her a glare and then turned away. She ran to him and held his hand, “I am sorry.”

He threw her hand away and turned away from her, feeling hurt. He was angry and he was upset with her. he wouldn’t speak to her.

“Maan, please don’t be angry.”, she spoke softly, “speak to me please.”

“why should I?”, he snapped, clenching his fist.

“you…you were busy so…”, she trailed there, feeling scared of his anger.

He turned to her in a swift “so?? So you would go with bro?”

His gaze killed her, so much anger she saw in them that made her squirm.

“No…actually wo…”, she didn’t know what to frame. He was out with his friends and she was the one left waiting.

“You…you were with your friends…”, she managed to speak.

He strode towards her dangerously and shook her by her shoulders, “Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?”

His eyes glowed with rage and she looked down, nodding softly. He did ask her to wait. But he got held up.

“but you were late…”

“I went to inform them that I wouldn’t be joining them for the evening and if that took 15 minutes, you’d go with anyone,, is that it?”

she wondered going with Dev wasn’t a big deal but why was he angry? She looked up to face him, “I..I needed the books today…”

but he cut her off, “and thats why you couldn’t wait for me. You went with someone else. How dare you?”

he pushed her away, “get out and don’t talk to me.”

She cried feeling hurt and went back home crying. He was mad and she didn’t like
the way he behaved with her. she remained cooped up in her room until the evening when he barged in, dragged her out, along with her new books. He took her to the same shop that Dev had taken her, returned the books. She was shocked at this but then she was too upset to even talk to him.

He dragged her to another bookstore and bought her the same books and gave it to her. she first refused to take them so he shoved them in her bag and took her to an ice cream parlour and bought her favourite one.


He finished with his work around lunch and checked his phone and smiled seeing her message. A smile crept on his lips. Its been over a month since he was back and she seemed to have the same effect on him as she had back in their childhood. he checked the time , made his plans and sent her a text, realizing she’d be in her office now.

She smiled, seeing the text from him and something melted within her.

“Wait for me Jasmine…shall pick you up”

She read and re-read the text again and again feeling butterflies in her tummy. Jasmine, ohh dear Jasmine, what hath he done to thy heart!! her cheeks warmed up at the thought itself. What he was and what has he become, she couldn’t fathom for she didn’t want to. Because what was now was too beautiful to be defines. He was coming for her… his Jasmine that she was, blooming in his presence. Her mind went back to their daily ritual under the bakula tree and that mere thought just brought the fragrance of those sweet flowers that her mind had imprinted in her soul.

She sat by her table and rested her head on the table, looking out, towards her balcony, where the curtains danced to some unsung song and sighed. He was late. How desperately had she waited for her Maan and how heartbreakingly he had not shown up, despite waiting for almost an hour, alone, in the dying dusk. It was Dev who had found her, alone in front of her office and given her a ride back home. She closed her eyes left a long sad breath.

Her phone came crying and she opened her eyes lazily to see the caller. She sat up straight seeing his name and quickly answered the call.


“Where are you?”

He sounded angry. She knew for she could hear his ragged and angry breaths.

“At…at home.”

“You came with Bro?”

Though it was supposed to be a question but she knew him better than that.


It was meek. He clenched his fist to hold himself.

“Maan? Where are you? Are you home?”

She was worried feeling the silence on the other side. And then he had disconnected the call. He was mad. She knew it. and a mad Maan was difficult to handle. She pulled her dupatta and rushed to KM.
She almost collided with dadima.

“Geet… what happened?”

“dadima, is Maan home?”

“yes, he is in his room but…”

And she had run away without hearing her. ohh dear, she knew he’d have gone looking for her like crazy. She dashed into his room and stopped short, seeing him stand in front of his life size mirror, wiping his hair.

“Maan…”, she panted.

He turned around, dropping the towel and she stood still. He stood in front of her, like a valiant knight, facing her straight yet his eyes spitting fire, his breath uneven. The shower had done nothing to calm him but his bare body had geet gaping at him. sculpted inch by inch by Adonis himself! She had never in her dreams imagined a man so beautiful in her life. His tracks started just below his naval, fitting the contours of his lower body oh so perfectly. And she gulped hard.

His eyes and his body were a complete mismatch now.

He waited for her to speak something but when she didn’t, he turned away, ignoring her he was angry, and he hated that. His moving away brought geet back to the world!

“I did wait…”

There was no response from his side.

“Maan please, don’t be mad. It was getting dark and I was waiting until Dev crossed me. He…he offered to drop me and…”

“…And you went away.”, he completed her sentence.

“I…I waited…”

He strode closer to her, holding her gaze captive in his. Dark brown eyes held her hazel ones with such fierce intensity that she shook in his presence.

“I told you I was stuck in traffic and I would be there no matter what, right?”

He was right. He did call up and tell her the same.

“I know but I didn’t know how long would it take you plus it was getting dark…”

He held her by her shoulder and shook her, “you do know that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you right? You know, don’t you?”

He voice was loud and his hold strong! She was scared and guilty, knowing he was right yet she couldn’t help herself feeling the warmth that emanated from his half naked body. She took a ragged breath in, “I am sorry…please don’t be angry”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“I didn’t know how long it would take you so…”

“So you came back, with bro! Just because I was late, You’d come back with anyone right?”

Something akin to a distant memory reeled in her mind, deja vu it was as her eyes softened at his angry ones. He was angry, not because she came home, he was angry because he was possessive of her?

a sense of calmness settled over her…he was possessive back then as well, she realized as she floated in the sea of memories.

“answer me Geet.”,
he roared.

But how beautiful it felt for jasmine to be so of want by her valiant knight…Tyrant now that he was. Her hand automatically raised and softly rested on his cheek. He didn’t like her going away from her! her Tyrant that he was!

He closed his eyes feeling her soft hand rest on his cheek but then he wasn’t happy. He didn’t like his jasmine go with anyone. He took a sharp breath in and pushed her away, “Go away geet. Just go.”

He turned away, trying to hold himself back from unleashing his anger on her. he didn’t want to. As far as he knew, she was his Jasmine and no one could take her away without his consent. He, unable to bear the thoughts, dashed out, leaving her behind.

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