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Fairy…Tail???!!! #33


She entered the court…oh how much she had missed it over the past week! She was totally busy with her college admission and then shifting to London. She looked here and there…no one was around. Probably all were inside. She sighed and tried to search for a ball. Luckily there were a few balls kept in a big basket just beside the court. Probably people used the court in the mornings.

She walked towards the basket and chose a good ball with a high bounce by dribbling a few of them. When she found the right one, she dribbled it towards the court and practiced her half-court and full-court shots, crossover dribble, between-the-legs move, finger-roll shot (all basketball terms) and so on. She was enjoying something heartly after so many days!

Now Maan was at his regular basketball practice session in the indoor court of the same sports club. He was a member there! Say it lucky or unlucky..he was there today. He looked at his watch…8:20 pm. His mates were already leaving. He decided to get back home before dadi calls him.

He was wearing his “branded” sports shoes, black track pants and his black vest…his muscular body dripping in sweat. His just pulled on is track tee-shirt and carried his bag and walked outside.

He looked at the sky….rain clouds already covering the beautiful night sky. He looked around, no one was there. He sighed and walked towards his car. Just when he was about to reach his car, he heard the dribbling of a ball.

Strange…he wondered…who could be doing that? his curiosity made him walked towards the other side of the building following the sound of bounce!

He walked towards towards the court only to find what his eyes would never believe! At first, he wasn’t able to see her face…all he knew that a girl was playing alone. He got even more curious with the perfection in her moves and walked closer. His eyes were fixed on a finger-roll shot that she was trying with the ball. She rotated the ball in the index finger of one of her hands and just when she was about to shoot it passing it through her right, a familiar voice just checked her.

Maan was too lost in her moves and shots. When he saw her passing the ball through her right, he just had a strange urge to stop her!

Maan: NO….you should try it from your left side. Chances of scoring is better!
Geet stopped abruptly, held the ball in her hands and turned towards the voice.

Geet (while turning): what???
And a clod breeze just gushed past them! Her hair covered her face as she sook it to move away the strands from her face and eyes!

Maan had been standing there and watching her in awe when her face got covered by her long curly hair. He wondered who she was!
And just at that moment, her hair just moved away unblocking his view! He stood there shocked to find geet there. Even geet opened her eyes slowly after the hair left her face and what she saw was out of her imagination. Both stood there staring at each other, taking time to digest the fact that both were actually standing in front of each other. Their “surprised” expression changed into “why-the-hell-you-are-here” one!!!

Maaneet (together): TUM???

Now both were again surprised to hear each other’s hindi accent. Uff…so both are somewhere Indian…they made a mental note. They looked at each other narrowing their brows.
Maaneet (together again): what are you doing here?
Both just stopped there…uff!
Maan (angrily): tum yahan kar kya rahi ho?

Geet (shouting too): pehle ye bataiye…AAP yahan kya kar rahe hain?
She didn’t know why but addressing him has “aap” came out so naturally! Its true that he is her senior but she never even thought of giving him so much respect! She hated him…for god’s sake she hated his rude behavior..and she cursed herself!

Maan recalled her words of not knowing how to play basketball….she lied to him…grrr why the hell did she lie to him? Theres one thing that Maan Singh Khurana absolutely hates…LIES!
He walked towards her with an intimidating aura while she just looked at him!

He walked closer and closer to him and she was busy comprehending what was he intending to do! Still, she stood with confidence. She would not get weak…she had promised herself.

He threw his bag aside and walked into the court. She stood there holding the ball in both her hands, directly looking into her eyes.
As he reached near her, he just snatched the ball from her hands, dribbled it and scored! He didn’t even look towards the basket..but still scored. He was just looking at her and still it was a perfect basket!the basket was around 1-1.5 meters to his right!
He looked at her in attitude, with his hands on his waist!

Maan: so, why did you lie about basketball?

Geet (coldly): none of your business!
And she just turned to get the ball. Maan held her arm with one of his hands and turned her towards him with a sudden jerk…the typical MSK style!

Maan (sternly): why did you lie about basketball?
Geet looked at him….he was damn serious.but why does her playing or not playing is bother him anyway….she got irritated with his behavior. And how dare he touch her…and pull her like that? but she was no less either!

She snapped back – because I didn’t want to hurt your so called EGO by defeating you!
Oh Man, she was so…so rude! And that hit Maan like a needle. Her got so angry that his eyes immediately turned red. She insulted him yet again! Maan was losing his patience!

Maan (mean eyes): defeat and me??? Have you just seen yourself? In no ways you look like a player!
Geet (looking away): I don’t go on appearances!
Maan: itna ghamand???
Geet (retorting immediately): ghamand nahi Maan, guroor hai mera!
She looked proud saying that! Maan had never seen someone so straightforwards, especially a girl and that too in front of him! Its true that he had many girlfriends but none of them even had the courage to speak back to him….either they were too busy with their make-ups or in drooling over him!

But geet was someone so different he had ever met. His looks never affected her only! And he was kind of thoughtful about that….and seriously, he hated that attitude of hers.

Maan walked a bit closer to her…their face mere inches away! But that never seemed to bother either of them!

Kawaii *thinks* if they just stop trying to find out reasons to hate each other, then probably this closeness would be able to do something to them! But…sigh….in dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta!

Both looked straight into each other’s eyes!
Maan: mujhse mat uljho geet….toot jaogi!
Geet (with a confidence): tootna meri fitrat nahi!

Maan: theek hai…iska faisla hum iss match ke baad kar lenge!
Geet: theek hai…dekhte hain..kaun pehle toot ta hai..mera guroor ya aapka ghamand!

Maan gave her an evil smile and walked to get the ball.
Everything came to a stand still….the stadium light illuminated the court perfectly. Dark clouds still hovered above their heads…they were least bothered. Cool breeze gushed past them as if trying to inaugurate the match. And then it began—the showdown!

Maan threw the ball in the air and both jumped to get hold of it.she was also wearing a sports shoe to her luck…which helped her in the match!

Maan caught the ball first and kept dribbling around towards the basket as geet tried to get possession of the ball. maan was very smooth with his moves and dodged her swiftly.

Geet again tried to snatched the ball while Maan dribbled it across his legs. She was just behind him. In the next moment, he held the ball in his hand and ran to score.
He threw the ball from half court and looked behind him for geet, smirking!

He was so sure of getting a basket…but all his excitement was short-lived. He found no geet behind him. He looked around but there was no geet. He then turned towards the basket only to see her jumping high and preventing the ball from falling into the basket!

Damn….she is too quick—he thought! He had underestimated her. Now geet held the ball and smiled. Now it was her turn!
And their match continued for around half-an hour without any of them scoring!

Maan and geet stood agagin in the middle of the court for another long match. Both were panting!

Maan: umm..not bad Ms. Attitude!
Geet (smirked): you are good too!
Both were sweating profusely and Maan’s shirt was completely wet. Just before they could continue, a sudden cold shower of rain caught them.

Both looked up at the dark sky and at each other…probably co-relating their current meeting with that of their first meeting in the same wet conditions! But this time situation was different. Both wanted to make sure the other one tastes the dirt!and this rain could never deter their determination.

Maan just took off his shirt and threw it aside. He was now wearing his trademark vest. Even geet was feeling uncomfortable with her long scarf. So even she took it off and threw it aside!

Oh man, he just couldn’t stop looking at her now! Throwing away her scarf actually revealed much of her features. He slender long neck…water droplets crawled from her forehead to her nose, to the lips and slid down her beautiful milkey white neck and travelled further down till it disappeared into her clothes above her bosom!

Maan’s gaze could do nothing but travel with the droplet. Her already fitting shirt stuck to her skin making each and every curve of her bosy even more prominent!

His gaze intensified and travelled further down towards her much revealed belly button and the flesh around it that was visible due to her short shirt!

Geet couldn’t understand what he was gazing at  so intently. Gosh, she is waiting for him to start the match and here he is…lost somewhere!
Maan’s eyes travelled up from her hour-glass shaped bosy towards her long slender sleeveless arms…OMG..she is SEXY…he thought!

Kawaii *looking up* chi chi Babaji…kya bol raha hain Maan?Shocked When he has met her the 1st time when they were young, he thought she was cut!! And when they met…what does he think now…she is SEXY….chi chi babaji..its disgusting! Babaji..yeh Maan pagal ho gaya hain! Kawaii *faint*…*thud*Dead

Geet was still wondering where he was lost! Rain caught speed but Maan’s gaze was still hovering around her! Geet was already irritated with his rude attitude….and now his ignorance…that was enough to make her angry…so very angry! She looked here and there trying to figure out what he is looking at. She even loked up and down but failed to realize! And finally her patience snapped!

Geet (shouting angrily):Aap aise kya dekh rahe hain?

Maan snapped out of his dreamworld…OMG did he get caught? He felt embarrassed and frustrated at his own thoughts! Oh God, he is supposed to hate her and not dream about her!!!!


Fairy…Tail???!!! #32

Maan: leave her. Am sure she is scared and that’s why backed out. She probably doesn’t know how to play basketball so walked off fearing her defeat. Don’t worry that’s her real self. She is just a showoff…so forget it.

And he walked off. Dan and Rahul followed him but the three of them somewhere had a feeling that her backing out wasn’t of fear! Something was amiss. Nevertheless, most probably, Maan got back his parking lot..that was one good thing for now!

Geet ran into her room and locked herself. She threw her bag aside and stood in front of the mirror. Her eyes were red…tears threatening to fall….why her out of all? Whay the damn hell it was her? She ran into the washroom and splashed water on her face again and again…..

No matter how much she tries to forget her past…fate does something or the other and everything just bounces back at her…
She sulked the whole night trying to divert her mind…she couldn’t sleep a wink!!!

Meanwhile Maan finished with his regular gym basketball scheduled for today. He had his private gym at his mansion itself!
As he carried on with his push-ups all the events since he had met that geet, just replayed in front of his eyes. The way she had entered the college, her way of dealing with her surroundings…especially with the boys she had punched…her attitude…

Then he just remembered the sudden change in her..”I’m sorry..but I don’t know how to play basketball!

Those words echoed in his ears…her eyes had the same look as that had been on that fateful rainy night. He suddenly felt so restless thinking of those eyes that had so many untold emotions in them. He sat up crossing his legs with his arms crossed over his chest and thought—what a split personality she has! One moment she was so vulnerable like when he had seen her in that rainy night and then again..the next moment..her irritating attitude in the college!

He had got to know a lot of things about her within a day and that was so confusing…especially that split personality of hers. The more he tried to understand her…the more he got confused!!! ladki mujhe sach me pagal kar degi!” he could finally conclude out of sheer frustration and walked off to freshen up for dinner.

Geet sulked the whole night. She didn’t even prepare her dinner. Miss Mariah, who was the owner of the apartment, had seen her entering with tears in her eyes…she had also noticed her trying to stop them from falling.

Miss Mariah had been jasmeet’s closest friend ever since she had started living in London and she knew almost everything about the handas. She owed them a lot too. When her husband had died, Mr. Handa had helped her with her living. Her husband was working for the Handa group of companies. The couple had supported her both mentally and financially.

Though she was quite older to them, she & Jasmeet shared a very strong bond. They had been really close.

Miss Mariah was there when little geet was born and had known her since then. She was a very sweet and cheerful child.

But today when she saw her like this, she just couldn’t bear it. She knew everything about them even after they had moved to India and subsequently to Japan because the Handa couple had still kept in touch with her. She has considered geet as her own daughter…and then how can she just leave her alone now?

She thought of going to her asking her about the cause of her discomfort but then dropped the idea, she needed some time alone, Miss Mariah concluded being so experienced that she was.


Maan went to the college as usual, parked his car at his fav place as he couldn’t see geet’s car there! He was quite at ease. Girls drooled over him like always and he just hated that. his day has started very well….hey wait!!! Something was amiss here. College was exceptionally usual today. Did he miss something, he wondered!
Anyways, he carried on with his routine but something was different. That kept ringing at the back of his head…what was it?

Maan sat with a coke in his hand still thinking about what was he missing. Just then Rahul joined him. Dan was busy ragging his juniors.

Rahul: hey what are you thinking Maan?
Maan (getting to his senses): ahh nothing as such.
Rahul: umm.. (thoughtfully) Maan…did we hurt her yesterday?
Maan (amused): hurt who?
Rahul: forgot? Miss geet!!!

Maan: huh? Why would we hurt her anyways? I challenged her for basketball match….it was her who backed out…so how come we are at fault?
Rahul (thinking deeply): ummm don’t know but I wonder…why didn’t she come to college today then?

Now that was one thing that Maan least expected. Somewhere he felt at ease…moments of restlessness just seemed to ease down. But he still didn’t understand why she just skipped her 2nd day of college!!!

He recalled their fight the previous day…OH MY stupid they had been…fighting like small kids for a parking lot!!! He just smiled at his thought…that was so so so very stupid..their silly “YOU” fight!

Rahul was surprised to see him smile..especially, smiling all by himself…he hadn’t even cracked a joke.
He patted on Maan’s shoulders to zap him back to reality.

Maan: huh? What?
Rahul: are you okay?
He sounded concerned.
Maan: why what happened to me?
Rahul: you…you were smiling.

Maan (irritated): ugh… why? Can’t I smile?
Rahul: but… that was so creepy
Maan: and what was so creepy in that?
Rahul: you were smiling without any reason dude… I think you have lost it!
Maan: Rahul…. What do you think huh? That I was thinking about that geet and smiling!
Maan just blurted out, out of the blue!

Now Rahul looked at him suspiciously… he smiled..
Rahul (pretending not to know): so, you were thinking about geet huh?
He winked at him. And this is where Maan realized what he had blurted out! Gosh…… what did he say!!!! Maan ran his hand through his hair and snapped No.

Rahul (narrowing his brows): NO?
Maan: Yes!
Rahul (surprised): yes??
Maan (irritated): yes, no!  
Rahul: no? but you said yes
Maan: yes, I told yes but to the no you told yes
Rahul: what….. you are confusing me so you mean you said yes
Maan: yes
Rahul: so you were thinking about her
Maan (loudly): NO!
Rahul: No? But see you said yes again
Maan felt like banging his head on a nearby wall! He just gave him a disgusting look and walked away!

Geet’s apartment

Miss Mariah wondered what actually happened to geet! She didn’t even go for jogging this morning. She was so worried about her. She had promised Jasmeet that she’d take care of her baby doll—well that’s what she had been calling geet since the day she was born.

She knocked at her door. No response. She got even more worried. She knocked again and heard the door click open after a while. She was shocked to see a worn out, sleep deprived geet in her patiyali and kurti night dress with a loosely tied plait. Her eyes were completely red. Mariah was worried to see her state. Whatever happened to her baby doll…she wondered.

Geet guided her in and made her sit on the couch. She was about to make her a mug of coffee when miss Mariah called out to her,.

Miss Mariah (MM):
I don’t need anything. Would you care to sit with me for a while baby doll?

Geet’s steps stopped hearing “baby doll” after so many years. She turned to look at her and smiled sadly. She went and sat with her. MM was just like her mother…she recalled her childhood in London when she used to play with her whenever she visited them. MM held her hands lovingly and caressed them.

you have grown into a charming damsel baby doll!
Geet smiled a bit. She looked quite down and MM could read that on her face.

MM continued-
guess what dear, sometimes there are situations that we don’t want to face ever again but fate just plays against our wills…that moment feels so painful…you feel like killing yourself there and then rather than experiencing the pain all over again…but that is the only thing which becomes the most memorable part of your life…

Geet (cutting in): ..but what if the memorable part gives nothing but pain that hurts you and haunts you your entire life…how can you live peacefully then?
MM looked at her in surprise,…there was so much depth in her words…like she had lived every moment of it….but why wouldn’t she? After all, whatever had happened with her family a few years back….she cannot expect anything more than that from her baby doll!

MM (trying to reassure):
doll, I won’t ask you about those last few years…whatever happened and how you lived through them….but always remember—past is past and you cannot undo it…and the future is in your hands. So why do you ruin your future for something that has nothing to do with your current present?

Geet: but miss Mariah…what if the past haunts and just over shadows your present?
Geet looked so lost while uttering those words!!
MM: then you have to find a tiny ray of hope in that darkness and cling to it!
Geet still looked confused. She wasn’t convinced.

living in your past will only make you suffer baby doll. If you keep holding on to it…how can you ever expect to live peacefully in the present?
Geet looked at her in awe….how can she just relate to whatever she was feeling now?

just remember…if you want to do something in future…if you want to achieve your goal, then learn from your past and snap out of it and enjoy your present. Just because of some crap, you cannot destroy whole life baby doll!

Geet was thoughtful now. MM understood it was the right time to leave. She pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead and walked away. Geet thought and thought and thought!!!!

Kawaii *head spinning* geet really thinks a lot…Kawaii’s head getting out of order…can’t think so much….Wacko

MM was right…she was in London for a reason..for a cause and the future of her family depended on it. Then how can she just get carried away like that when she has a huge responsibility on her shoulders. Just because of some jerk in her past, she cannot get weak…especially in front of that showoff Maan! He was sooo irritating.

She finally decided to shut herself…..from her past..finally time to forget everything..a new life awaits her. She is not the person that she was in the past. She is strong and independent!

Kawaii *thinks* poor geet..doesn’t know that the jerk she is trying to forget is always in her thoughts now…be it in hatred! Sigh…Kawaii wanna giggle at this!

She thought the whole day and finally decided to face that showoff and tell him who and what she is!
She looked at the time…7 in the evening. She sighed and got ready in her denim short pants that reached just upto her lower thighs and a sleeveless tight fitting top. She tied a long scarf around her her neck and tied her hair into a long, beautiful, curly pony.

Before leaving, she thanked MM and hugged her. MM was quite happy with her…her baby doll had become really very understanding.
Just when geet was about to get into her car, MM called out to her.
MM: always remember baby doll….whatever problem you are in, don’t forget to share it with me okay. I am and will always be with you.

Geet was overwhelmed by her love. She placed a peck on her cheeks thanking her and drove away…to enjoy her new life.
She wanted to join a basketball club so that she could continue with it. She drove through the traffic and finally came across a sports club building where they provided memberships for various sports like basketball, volley ball, squash, pool, skating etc.

It was nearly 8pm and there were very few people around. She got off the car and walked towards the building. Just when she was about to enter, her eyes fell on a basketball court just beside it. She was delighted. She couldn’t stop her feet from taking her towards the court!

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