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Fairy…Tail???!!! #49

Geet wanted to sway to the tune too…but restrained herself! Being the strict prez, coming to the disc was in itself a big deal! She sighed and sat in the corner of the bar, watching other people, when one of her colleagues joined her!

Boy: hey prez….thirsty?

Geet smiled, “umm a bit

Boy: shall I order a drink??

Geet: no..It’s ok…I’ll do it!!

Boy: no its ok prez….once in a while we get to see this side of our prez!!! Am getting it…please wait!

Geet: umm yes….but fruit juice please…and thanks!!!

Wow…that was easy…they were so friendly with her!!! Maan was right…may be all were just showing off!!! Who knows whats insde??? But still as long as you are treated well, you really don’t bother whats going on inside…now do you???

He brought her a drink and both got engrosses in their talks! He talked about how they had been hell scared of her and were dreading to have her in the disc. Geet smiled, “I’m Prez only in College not here!!!

They talked for a while and geet felt him a nice guy. She finished her drink and thanked the guy again. He smiled and walked off his friends on the pretext of joining them! She sat there for sometime…suddenly feeling extremely light headed and dizzy! What was happening to her?

On the other hand, the guy went back to his friends and gave a hi5 to all…after all he had stepped into the lion’s den…Spiking Prez’s drink!!! They never thought it would be this easy with Maan being around…but it was actually a success!!!

Boy: now am sure this is going to be so much fun!

She felt a burning sensation in her throat…her head feeling so light! Maan was busy on the dancefloor with girls surrounding him, asking for a dance…after all it was the chance of a lifetime! So to his luck or unluck, he couldn’t see geet drinking. Moreover she preferred to sit in the darkest corner of the bar!

Geet sat there alone…thinking something! The boy went to her again, checking if she was drunk!!!

Boy: hey prez…you okay?

Geet raised her head to lok at him. A wide smile appears on her face!!

hehehehe,” she giggled, “fine…fine…am perfectly fine..yes absolutely hehehe fine…oh yesh I am..

Boy smirked at his success, ” umm want another drink??

Geet (unconsciously): umm yeah…am still thirsty!! Another one please!

Boy smiled and this time spiked her drink more than required! She gulped it down at one go and dropped her head on the table!

After sometime, Maan and Rahul got tired and decided to have a drink! They sat by the bar waiting for the bartender to prepare their order! He was worried about geet! For the past half an hour he had not seen her! Hope she was alright! He lokoed here and there restlessly!

Rahul: don’t worry dude, she might be with her friends! Let her enjoy!

Maan was still not convinced. He wanted to see it for himself and make sure she was perfectly fine! Just when he was abput to go and look for her, he saw Jess passing by!

Maan: hey Jessica…have you seen geet?

Rahul was ogling at jess…unable to speak anything…after all she was his love interest! But jess didn’t even notice Rahul. She faced Maan, “umm yeah..just met her sometime ago…she was cribbing about this boring music anx went to the DJ!!!

Maan: DJ? Where?

Suddenly they heard the music change….

I like it,
I like it,
I like it,

Rahul looked at the dancefloor with his mouth wide open!!!!

Rahul: dude….there!!!

He pointed towards the centre of the dancefloor with his thumb!

Na na na

Come on

Na na na

Come on

Maan saw a girl standing at the centre, holding a pole. Her hair was left open…long silky locks that fell just below her waist…they were swaying with the misuc too! He couldn’t see her face as her back faced him! She was swaying her waist with the beat as slowly the crowd gathered around her!

Na na na na na

Come on

Na na na

Come on

Come on

Come on

Na na na na

Feels so good being bad

And she turned around with the beat! Maan’s jaws dropped open as wide as they could…”geet“…!!!! No ways it could be her! Not her! he couldn’t even believe his eyes. For a moment he was lost in that innocent face…the long hair playing with her rosy plump cheeks and that smile on her face….he had never seen her like this!!!

There’s no way I’m turning back

Now the pain is my pleasure

Cause nothing could measure

She stood on the dais and held the pole…dancing..making her moves all the more sensual…trying to complement the song!!!!

All the college fellows were hell shocked to see the Evil prez like that but get to see this side of hers only once in a life time! So its better to enjoy while she lets them to. So they cheered and hooted and joined her too!!!

Love is great, love is fine

Out the box, out of line

The affliction of the feeling

Leaves me wanting more

Maan stood like a statue…but then the thought struck his mind…she wanted to enjoy right? He smiled and felt glad that she was having fun!! Dancing was not bad!!! But then…his happiness was short lived soon as he focused on her moves and the lyrics!!!

Cause I may be bad

But I’m perfectly good at it

S** in the air

I don’t care

I love the smell of it

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But chains and whips

Excite me

She opened the knot of her black short top and slowly got rid of it….making the boys whistle at the sight they saw!!! She wore a tight fit while spaghetti top perfectly outlining her curves….making her look all the more sexy!

Another shock fer Maan…what is this girl doing?? And what was that song about? He was definitely not liking whatever was happening!!!

Na na na na Come on

Come on  Come on

I like it Like it

Come on Come on Come on

I like it Like it

Come on Come on

I like it Like it

Maan heard some boys laughing behind him! He got really mad after hearing how they were having fun spiking prez’s drink!

Boy1: lets click on some pix of this horny prez and circulate it in college! That would be the end of her!!!!

He was the same boy whom geet had punched on the 1st day of her college!! And now he was definitely in for a sweet revenge!!!!

He clenched his fist…fuming! How dare they think something ill about his geet?? How dare they? He just turned around, walked straight to that guy and punched him as hard as he could! He was not expecting this sudden punch and landed on the ground with a bleeding nose!!!

The other boys were shocked to see Maan there! They didn’t expect him there!


Maan: how dare you??

He screamed angrily!

Boy3: no…no..maan its not what you think! We…were…ju…

shut the hell up and get out of this place and eyes before I kill you all with my bare hands

They didn’t expect Maan to know everything this soon and that’s why they took utmost care that when prez drank, he wasn’t around! But now, everything went down the drain! They new Maan and his anger quite well!!!

are you guys leaving or shall I do something about it?: he roared!!!

The boys quietly picked up their bleeding friend and made a quick exit not wanting to make a fool out og themselves, knowing Maan and his anger really well!!!

He closed his eyes and left a long sigh. Its better he gets her back home before she does anything crazy! He turned around and walked towards the dance floor only to find a new scene!

Geet was swaying her black top in the air and the rest cheering and dancing with her! even Dan and rahul were enjoying themselves! He shook his head and walked towards her and that’s when she threw her top! It landed right on his face!!!

Just one night full of sin

Feel the pain on your skin

Tough, I don’t scream mercy

It’s your time to hurt me


He was feeling disgusted with the lyrics as well as the way she was dancing! But nothing could be done right!!! Not her fault! She was not in her senses! She came down dancing and moving her hips slowly which seemed quite erotic! He didn’t know she could dance this well but again he was in no mood of enjoying her when she was actually dancing so closely with other guys!!!

What made him angrier was a guy putting his hands around her waist! He couldn’t bear it any more and walked straight to her! he held her hand and pulled her out and started walking away from the dance floor!

If I’m bad tie me down

Shut me up, gag and bound me

Cos the pain is my pleasure

Nothing comes better


She jerked her hand away from his grip, looking annoyed and ran back to the crowd!

geet…” he shouted angrily but his voice drowned in that pool of loud music! Frustrated he walked back to her and held her hand again!

geet…lets go!!!

She giggled at him and swayed to the music holding  his hand as a support, ” NO… I won’t go…” she shouted!

“you are drunk god damn it!” he was getting so so so angry at everything and everyone! She pulled away her hands again! This time she held his hand and pulled him to the dance floor!

Cause I may be bad

But I’m perfectly good at it

Sex in the air

I don’t care

I love the smell of it

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But chains and whips

Excite me

Na na na na Come on

Come on  Come on

I like it Like it

Come on Come on Come on

I like it Like it

Come on Come on

I like it Like it







She stood behind him facing away from his back, dancing to the music! Her back brushed against his, creating Goosebumps in him! It felt so erotic….the whole feel and the music making him lose his focus on what he had planned to do! Her bare arms brushing against his biceps…he closed his eyes trying to hold himself back and avoid the whole feel. Her hands snaked around his chest from the back as she kissed his shoulder!!! It was really impossible for him to not to react to her advances! His last bit of resistance was washed away when she slid her hands down to his waist and hugging him closer!!!

He pulled her to his front in a sudden jerk. She was already tipsy with the drink and his sudden pull made her lose her balance! He pulled her closer supporting her by slipping his hands around her slender waist!



I love the feeling

You bring to me

Oh, you turn me on

She looked into his eyes…dark and desirous…even though she was drunk. She couldn’t stop herself from looking into those eyes…desiring to drown in their depth and flow in his passion! There was this strong urge to lose herself in his arms….so strong and inviting…his strong hold around her waist made her knees go all weak!!!

It’s exactly what

I’ve been yearning for

Give it to me strong


And meet me in my boudoir

Make my body say ah, ah, ah

She stumbled again but his hold was strong…now both his hands grazing her waist! She raised one of her legs and wound it around his hips, wrapping her hands around his neck and pulling him closer! It felt as if the time has stopped for them …once and for all! They were so lost…what was happening around them..they didn’t know…neither did they want to!!! Just them at the moment…no one to distract and nothing to worry about!

Cause I may be bad

But I’m perfectly good at it

S** in the air

I don’t care

I love the smell of it

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But chains and whips

Excite me

kawaii LOL what did you guys think hun??? By the way..hear the song while you read…or else I tell you…u not gonna enjoy the whole feel!!!!

The music adding to the passion and pleasure…he held her tight as she fell backwards! He bent forward over her…his hands supporting her waist and the other supporting her thighs! He slowly lifted her up straight and crushed her petite body onto his hard toned form! She was enjoying each and every moment with him….his closeness…his touch….things which she had been craving for since the moment she sat in his car seemed to ooze out without any restrain!!!

She had him closer to her now…much closer..their noses mrere centimeters apart…their breath falling on each others lips! She held him even closer by pulling him towards her! her one hand still wound around his neck and the other…she raised the other hand and gently caressed his rough cheeks, feeling ticklish on the  back of her palms!

He was at the edge of losing his sanity….her touch making him wild and the lyrics perfectly complimenting their current condition! He closed his eyes and moved closer to her lips, flowing into the wave of desires! She wasn’t resisting either…like she had been waiting for this moment!!!

But again, sanity hit him hard! He snapped open his eyes and moved back! she was drunk…not in her senses and he was making things worse for both of them!!!! He felt guilty for losing himself like this when she probably didn’t have any knowledge about her surroundings! He left her waist and made her stand straight!

She twitched her brows and opened her eyes, realizing her anticipation had been left unfulfilled and made a baby face looking at him!

He brushed his hair back, ” shall we go? Its late!

She didn’t like him backing away….did he just deny her? she was so much craving for him and he just backed away!!!

She dipped her head low and followed his lead!!! He held her hand tighter and literally pulled her out of the disc and she could just follow him like puppet…still trying to think straight about what had happened…but then the drink was taking a toll on her!!! she wasn’t able to think anything clearly!!!!


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Fairy…Tail???!!! #48


He almost laughed shaking his head! She was so nave…innocent…completely and utterly innocent!!! He had never met some one so different like her..everything about her was an exception…totally different than what you normally see in girls around!

He knew saying anything about it wouldn’t be of any help, so he thought of letting it go…especially with this dumb witch!!!

Maan: you should better go home now…if you are tired, you won’t be able to enjoy tonight!!!!

GEET’S FLAT: 5:05pm

She stood in front of the mirror cursing herself!

gadhi…kutti…ullu ki patthi…kaun bola tha itni jaldi ghar aane ko??? Bewakoof..tujhe ho kya gaya hai? Just a moment ago you were talking to Maan na….how come you are home the very next moment?

She blinked her eyes a couple of times and hit her head hard!!!

jhalli…usne kaha GEET GHAR JAO aur tu ghar aa gayi!!! Wah re meri sherni…tu paagal ho rahi hai!

She fell on the bed and closed her eyes trying to sleep for sometime before she leaves for the disc!

She took a deep breath and relaxed herself! Suddenly jess’ words struck her mind, “don’t you want to look pretty for them or for someone whom you like hun….that special one??

And immediately she had that image of sweat Maan from the basketball court…a smile crept at the corner of her lips…..he is not that he? She didn’t even realize what she was thinking…everything was going in a reflex….spontaneous…like she had no control over it!!!!

She immediately snapped open her eyes and looked at the time…..6:00pm! Oh No…SHE WAS LATE!!! She ran to her cupboard and threw out all her clothes…wondering what to wear!!!

Kawaii *smirkingEvil Smile* what did she just say…getting ready takes only 10 minutes for her…now look what is she doing!!! By the way, Kawaii remembers something similar in the past…it was when Sweetu and MK had become new friends and he invited her to his house! She made a fuss crying her eyes out just because she couldn’t go as she didn’t know his address!!!! (Refer PART 5) that day too she had thrown all her dresses just like this…only to meet him!!!

She ran to the washroom and took a quick bath, took all her dresses and ran to the 2nd floor…MM’s room!

Time 6:45pm

She was at the verge of crying….tears already clouding her eyes….dresses scattered all over the room! She hasn’t been able to decide what to wear!!!

It’s the 1st time ever she is having such a stupid problem…usually she is an independent girl….strong headed and confident!! But what happened today??


he is not herself today…not the girl she has been for the past 5 years..not that strong headed, confident and independent lass……why was so much of confusion over something with is as silly as it could be??? Is she Sweetu…..did that little girl escaped from that prison her heart had created??? It was all thanks to Maan that Sweetu is coming back…but things can get so ironic right??? He was the reason she became the Evil Prez from Sweetu and again he is the reason for Sweetu coming back!!!!

Same time KM

Maan entered the hall dribbling a ball…all sweaty and smiling! Dadi was just going out for some work when she saw Maan smiling…looking really excited!!!

Dadi: cough cough

Maan was startles, “ji dadi

kya baat hain Maan bete aaj aap bade khush lag rahe hain?

nahi dadi….kuch nahi…” he tried to change the topic knowing dadi’s pokey nature! “wo dadi..i’ll be late tonight…have a disc party!” and he walked up the stairs still dribbling the ball!

Dadi (loudly): aaj disc mein geet aa rahi hain kya?

He stopped for a moment…his ball rolled downstairs and he tunred to look at her!!!


acha acha koi na..hum sab samajh gaye….waise are you going to pick her up?

He blushed…”hmm..ji” and looked down!!!

Hindustani hain?

umm” he nodded without looking up!

Dadi almost laughed wondering how her rough and tough grandson was actually making an effort to blush!

Dadi: aarey ab sharmana band kijiye…go and get ready! You don’t want to get late do you? Even I’ll be late tonight…so go and have fun!

ji dadi” and he ran away upstairs to his room…still not able to face dadi!! His face felt hot against his palms……god..he was blushing!!!


Time 7:15pm

MM’s room

MM (irritated): geet…select one properly! For the past half an hour you are rejecting each and every dress that I chose when you actually came to me for selecting a dress for yourself!!!!

Geet made a baby face, ” MM please help me naa….only 45 minutes left and I really don’t look good in all this!”

MM raised her brows….what have happened to her tigress??? Worried about her looks? Ummm something smells fishy! She cleared her throat,

by the way baby doll….how are you going to the disc??? I someone coming to pick you up? Or are you going by yourself???

Geet (busy in her dresses): umm…yeah..maan is coming at 8!!!

MM: Maan????

Geet (self thought): ooops,,,,

She tried to cover up…”I mean he…he is just a college friend MM….

MM coughed, widening her eyes, ” HE??”

Geet rolled her eyes…”MM tell me hows this one?? I think it looks good with the white top right?

Time: 8:05

She was struggling with her hair when she heard a car honking outside her building! Her hair fell down to her waist…soft, thick and silky and she still hadn’t been over with it!

She ran to the window, looking down! Maan was standing by his black sexy car looking at his watch and then looking up!!!

He saw a faint figure of someone on the 2nd floor from a window. He could see the long strands of hair swaying in the breeze and then he just heard her shouting, ” 5 more minutes please”

Kawaii *really wanting to sing now* sajna hai mujhe….sajna ke liye….zara ulthi latein sanwaar loon…ha ang ka rang nikhaar loon ke sajna hai mujhe…sajna ke liye…Blushing

He very well knew it was his evil Prez trying her best to look pretty! But then he wondered…what was the need for her to try so hard to look pretty hun? She looks prettier the way she is! He grinned sheepishly at his own thoughts! Sigh….he wondered how much his life has changed since the moment he had met her!!! From that day..everything seemed to revolve around her and her only! Their silly fights, her falling sick, he taking care of her, the cafe fiasco, their playing together the other day…it was so much exciting being around her!

He saw her running towards him. She wore black short pants reaching just above her knees and a fitting white top! She was wearing another full sleeved black top over the white top that ended just below her chest with a knot tied in front!!!!

He checked her from top to bottom….she made a simple plait with her long hair and wore a pretty glitter silver butterfly side comb decorating her head! She wore low heeled sandals with strings adoring her smooth slender legs making them look really ravishing!!!

He kept looking at her….her slight make up highlighting her beauty even more…kohl adoring those big brown almond eyes and tiny earring kissing her cheeks whenever she moved her head…..

phew…am sorry…mein late ho gayi…actually got struck with my dress! So sorry to have kept you waiting!”

He was brought out of his reverie by her words! He smiled, ” ah its okay….its alright…if girls won’t get late..then I think they wouldn’t be called girls right?


ah nothing…shall we go?


He opened the front door for her and she slipped in comfortably!

Kawaii *tired* todayDeadSleepy…readers please imagine his car as per your choice! If possible someone please post a pic with your comment!!!

The drive was silent…an awkward moment! Not a word coming out of their mouths. They waited for each other to speak up 1st, occasionally stealing glances at each other!

Maan was wearing a demin blue jeans and a white see through tt-shirt! His few top buttons were open as usual! His toned biceps bulgind out of his tight sleevs and that toned hard body….the smell of his cologne reached geet’s nose with the cool breeze from the ac!!! So strong and intoxicating…filling each and every corner of the car!!! She was so much into it…..she had that sudden urge to hold him tight and take in that intoxicating scent of his that had actually created a tingling sensation at the tip of her fingers!

She tried hard not to think of such things which she didn’t know what they meant and looked out od the black tinted wiondow!!!! Damn!!! Maan was struggling with similar emotions and that is when he noticed her turning away restlessly! May be she was feeling uncomfortable with the silence, he thought!!!!


She instantly looked at him, somewhere relieved that this silence will no longer make her go all insane!


He smiled a bit, ” ya I was just thinking…pichli baar ki tarah koi paagalpan mat karna please!

She recalled the last time she was with him in his car…she actually tried to jump off the speeding car in the middle of the road!

are you instigating me to do so?

nopes ma’am….meri aisi zurrat??? Am just making sure!!!

then that’s fine Mr. Show Off….but let me remind you that am not that stupid!!”

are you sure??” he laughed!

grr…what did you just say?

nopes…nothing…” he tried to play safe.

They talked here and there and finally reached the disc! He opened the door for her and she nervously stepped out!

hey Prez…you nervous??

She gave a weak smile, “umm…don’t know!

She came out and both walked slowly into the hall. She was so freaked out….her 1st time in a disc…gosh…she was sweating!! Not that she didn’t know anything about it…its just that she is attending one for the 1st time!!!

She unconsciously held onto his arm tightly and walked closer to him. People were already staring at them…may be they looked odd…or may be they looked perfect together!

He smiled at her nervousness! He gently put his arms around her waist and tucked her closer to him, making sure she was feeling safe!!! She became comfortable real soon!

They entered the hall…typical dark ones, loud music, bar at the corner, people on the dance floor! They reached their frieds. Well wel…typical late grand entry they made!! All of them were already present, waiting for them…and now awed by the sight they saw…Maan and Prez walking in together!!!

Boys were really surprised to see their prez…she looked really pretty…never thought she could look so sweet…I mean sweet evil prez!!!

Girls immediately surrounded her and started talking about 6heir dresses and boys! Geet was least interested. Her eyes were searching for Maan…no reason…but still they did! He caught her restless eyes even in that crowd…somewhere knowing that she was looking for him! He just smiled and nodded his head. She sighed and smiled back.

She was getting comfortable with the surrounding, with Maan keeping an eye on her! all moved to the dance floor…geet excused herself politely saying she was thirsty. Maan made sure no one told her anything rude…but least did he know what some silly guys were planning! He moved to the dance floor along with his friends!

Geet wanted to sway to the tune too…but restrained herself! Being the strict prez, coming to the disc was in itself a big deal! She sighed and sat in the corner of the bar, watching other people, when one of her colleagues joined her!

Boy: hey prez….thirsty?

Geet smiled, “umm a bit

Boy: shall I order a drink??

Geet: no..It’s ok…I’ll do it!!

Boy: no its ok prez….once in a while we get to see this side of our prez!!! Am getting it…please wait!

Geet: umm yes….but fruit juice please…and thanks!!!

Wow…that was easy…they were so friendly with her!!! Maan was right…may be all were just showing off!!! Who knows whats insde??? But still as long as you are treated well, you really don’t bother whats going on inside…now do you???