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Rano was too worried. Geet hadn’t called for the last five days… though she trusted her daughter, she couldn’t miss the emptiness in meet’s eyes and also couldn’t forget the drift between the two sisters. She knew maan well.. he wasn’t a person to break relations this easily when he loved meet so much. And all these days, he never visited, there were no calls from his side…there was definitely something wrong!

The days and nights for geet was filled with nothing but maan. After she had accepted her feelings, she felt so light.  She had never been this happy…she had never been this anxious…never been so much in love..she probably breathed maan! She snuggled into the duvet and felt his warmth surrounding her. Umm..what a beautiful dream it was! She smiled in her sleep when his soft voice reached her ears, his breath tickling her, “wake up jaan… “

“umm…”, she hummed drowsily and covered her head with the duvet.

“meet…wake up..“, she heard his voice again but hell of a dream it was.

“umm…no…this is beautiful. Let me sleep.”, she hummed.

He rolled his eyes…this girl was crazy. To scare her, he slid his arms round her waist, and rolled her over on top of him while he lay on the bed, making her shriek in shock!!! Her sleep was gone and she opened her eyes just to see him laughing his head off. She looked around and found herself in his arms, he was lying on her bed, and the duvet was wrapped around them..all twisted and wrinkled!!

“maan… this is not good…”, she glared at him. Damn he ruined her beautiful sleep.

He kept on laughing, “how much more will you sleep? We are supposed to go out today..remember!”

She was not in a mood to go out. As such she slept very late and this guy woke her up around what…like 7?? Gosh…her eyes were still burning!!!

“am not going out.”, she clipped, annoyed and tried to get off him.

He pressed her tighter to him, not letting her go, “its not that easy you know..”

She wanted to sleep! She twisted her lips, yawning, “maan please… i am really not in mood. I need nothing but sleep now..”

He raised his brows naughtily, “acha… mood nahi hain?”

She pushed his chest, trying to get off, “yep…nahi hain! Let me sleep now..”

He flipped over, pushing her on the bed and came atop her, pinning her hands down on the mattress, above her head, “theek hain na.. abhi mood bana dete hain…”

Before she could even understand what happened, his lips descended on hers, catching her off guard. She stilled..her eyes widened… this man..urrghh she wasn’t able to think now! His longue pushed open her lips and entered her swiftly, taking all its liberty. She wanted to free herself..but then she couldn’t! So this was his way to wake her up. A smile crept on her lips and she gave in, wrapping her arms round her neck and kissing him back.

Her acceptance meant everything to him. after her confession that night, he had no sense of control. He went crazy whenever she was around. His hands naughtily traced patterns on the bare skin of her tummy and roamed upwards. She trembled with his touch as his mischevious fingers traced the side of her swells, making her gasp. It was the 6th day here.. and 3 days to her confession and this guy had really meant it when he said he loses his senses with her around. She had very clear notion about her own reactions to him… she knew they loved each other but there was always a flame ignited within them. Her physical reactions to his touch, his kiss made her aware of his effect. He traced his tongue down her throat, earning a drowsy sexy moan from her. She clutched his shoulders to steady herself. Her heart almost stopped beating when he kissed her bosom, before breaking apart.

She was breathing hard… he was making it impossible for her to even breath now. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. How she wished this could stay all forever. That happiness on his face meant the world to her. she raised her hands and cupped his face, bringing it close to hers, “is this the way to wake someone up?”, she faked anger, almost laughing.

He pressed a kiss on her lips, “may be not… but this is how i’d prefer to!”

She giggled in his arms, “and what should i say about sneaking into a girl’s room? And when did you?”

“well am sneaking into my wife’s room… its not a crime right! When you were dreaming about me… then!”, he winked at her!

She raised her brows, “Mr. Khurana… don’t have high hopes. I wasn’t dreaming about you!”

“ohh really?”, he asked seriously.

“ahh haan!”, she nodded in affirmative.

“then you should be punished love…”, he dipped his head and kissed her hard and quick, biting her lips, making her wince.

“ouuchhh..maan”, she complained.

“you deserved it! Now come on..get ready.. we all are going out…!”

She pouted, “no maan… can’t we just stay back! I am really not in a mood.”

“we?”, he smirked!! She blushed a bit and then regained her composure, “you can go if you want to. I can stay alone!”

He rolled off her, stood up and pulled her to a sitting position, “now stop whining and get ready..”

She made a baby face, not wanting to leave the warmth of her fluffy bed but he would listen to none of it. He lifted her up and walked towards the washroom. She was totally shocked, “maan… put me down. What are you doing??

He made her stand on the cold marble floor of the washroom and she cringed with the chillness. She was barefoot and she just wanted to get close to him, away from the chillness. She turned to leave but he would take none of it. He held her still under the shower, “you are not going anywhere…”

“no…please..”, she cribbed like a kid.and the next moment, he turned on the shower, drenching her completely, making her shriek in cold.

“maaannn…”, she tried to run but he held her firm at one place. she felt so angry. she glared at him but he was stubborn.

“don’t show me those eyes… take a shower and come out quickly or else i wouldn’t mind you joining here in the shower..”

Her eyes widened in shock and she knew he meant it…word by word! She was defeated. He had awakened her up so romantically and hell bent on taking her out. Her white shirt was totally wet making it stick to her skin. She watched him eyes her lustfully and felt a shiver run down her spine.

“okay fine… now i will be out soon… you go dress up!”, she blabbered knowing if this starts, there wold be no end to it.

He snapped back to reality and smirked, “thats better! i will waiting for you in the lobby…we all will be having breakfast together and then go out!”

“umm..”, she nodded and quickly shut the door, the moment he was out and breathed a sigh of relief! He would kill her one day. But her heart fluttered in joy…this was consensual. He desired her just the way she did…!


Rano had been in the hospital the whole night and meet hadn’t opened her eyes. She talked to the doctor and gave her the previous records of her medical history. She sat beside meet and watched her breath with the  oxygen mask on. Meet would wake up soon but what ate her within was the broken off link between the two sisters she had to ask meet about it and she has to know the truth.

They all roamed around the city, walking, couples hand in hand and teasing each other.. and the guys complaining for the girls stopped at every damn shop to look around. Geet deliberately went into almost each and every shop… more because she had to irritate maan for being a jerk in the washroom. Gosh… opening the shower tht too cold water and in shimla… he had to be punished. He would seek for her hand while walking and she’d deliberately make a lame excuse and move away from him. he tried to speak to her but she pretended as if she never noticed and went to discuss all baseless stuffs with sanjana.

They stopped for lunch in a small dhaba…ordering stuffs and laughing their heads off on some silly joke. Thats when something happened. A few guys..seemed like local goons entered the place and started harassing some girls who were there for lunch. No one dared tell them anything for their head was son of an influential politician. Maan fumed and rushed towards them, followed by rohan and other friends. They tried to stop that and it took an ugly shape, turning into a battle ground.

Geet was so scared… they punched rohan, hit maan and broke stuffs. She screamed and tried to get help from the locals. Thats when someone informed the police and in no time her friends were getting arrested instead of that goon. Geet and others were shell shocked because everyone knew who was the culprit. When the girls tried to defend them, the inspector asked them to talk in the police station.

The guys were all pushed into the jeep while geet was scared to death. She screamed for maan and made a dash towards him and he smiled, assuring her, “shh…i’ll be fine jaan. Please take care of yourself and sanjana… don’t worry about us we’ll make arrangements..”

They went off while geet held sanjana who was crying her eyes out. She had to take them out of that place. When everyone had calmed down, geet quickly thought of her options. She was a lawyer after all and right now, her maan wanted her. the consequences didn’t matter. She sent everyone back to the hotel, somehow persuading that she knew a good lawyer around and that she’d be back asap!

She called maan…rohan again and again but then it came switched off. 5 of them were already locked up, she guessed and their cell phones seized. She was really angry… she was a witness there and finally asked sanjana to accompany her to the police station.

Maan and his friends were locked up and they had taken away their cell phones.

“Inspector…we aren’t at fault.. how can you arrest us without any evidence? They were the ones who started it..”

The inspector ignored calmly and continued doing something. maan was hell irritated. Did they even know who he was?

“dekiye inspector.. know the truth yet you don’t take action. Just give me my phone..i need to call my laywer..”

The inspector was irritated, “shut up… bahut over smart bante ho! Tourist ho.. tourist ki tarah raho… hitting everyone around..that too local people.. i know brats like you well..”

“excuse me but do we look like those people? Now let me make a call… you don’t know who you are dealing with..”,maan warned.

That man cared a damn. He yawned, “kyun bhai? India ke prime minister ho? Chup chap baitho…ek raat jail me guzaroge tho saari akad nikal jayegi..”

Maan swore he’d kill that man ..he wasn’t even agreeing to cooperate?? They were deciding what to do next when he heard  a familiar voice. He looked around and was shocked to see his jaan, rushing towards him. she had tears in her eyes.

She reached the lockup and almost cried, touching his hands, “tum theek ho? I will do something…”

“jaan…what are you doing here?”, he was worried about her. she had been crying, “just go back okay… i will do something…”

She shook her head and wiped her tears, “just be here…i will get you all out..”

Before he could say anything, she rushed towards the desk of that superintendent and demanded to release them. And when he refused, knowing what all had happened, geet felt her temper rising.

“you think i will buy any of those crap? Release them now.. I and my friend here are the witness…”

Maan and others just looked at geet. She had never been this angry about anything. They couldn’t hear their conversation but yeah, they could hear geet shouting. Maan was worried about her..she shouldn’t have been here.

“dekiye madam.. ye legal mamla hain.. you don’t know anything…”

But geet was buying none of that. She didn’t even let him finish, rather  clutched his collars and jerked him close, screamed loud, “Don’t you bloody teach me what the Indian penal Code is..I know it much better than you… where is the inspector?”

Maan was aghast to see her this aggressive! He was so so so worried about her know. She was getting herself into trouble, she was tensed because of him and hell he couldn’t do anything. The superintendant tried to warn her but she pushed him off and marched towards the inspector’s cabin. Maan was worried will she manage! He couldn’t see her now, neither could he hear her. he could hear a heated conversation but nothing was clear. He couldn’t make out. Sanjana was there with them and asked them to rest assured.

After 10 minutes of a heated argument, things seemed to calm down and after five minutes, the inspector came out with geet, who was still in a very foul mood. He asked the constable to release the guy and apologised to geet. She signed some papers and warned him, “if this happens again inspector..i wouldn’t mind dragging you to the court and make sure you are stripped off your post!”

The inspector apologized to everyone for the blunder but geet didn’t seem pleased. He had never expected her to be a lawyer and with what force she had kept down her demands and her argument and teaching him what the Indian penal code was enough. He had to give up. The moment maan was out, she walked towards him and the first thing she did was check on the cut on his forehead. The blood had dried up but she was angry. Maan could feel her angry breaths. To lighten her mood, he hugged her sideways, smiling, “what did you do jaan…you are amazing!”

She didn’t reply. She walked out, where sanjana was waiting with the car. They all drove back to their hotel. The day had been a long one and everyone wanted rest. It was dark already and maan freshened up and walked to check on geet. He was surprised to see her sitting in the same clothes on the bed, just like he had left her an hour ago.


“tell me the truth meet…”, rano asked her sternly. Meet had woken up a few hours back and it was a relief for rano. Meet looked scared yet she managed to whisper out, “what truth ma?”

“don’t you dare lie to your mother. Do you think i am blind? Has geet really gone to Shimla for her case study? Aur maan… warning you, tell me if you girls have really told maan about this?”

Meet looked down…maan…what would she say now? She looked at her empty ring finger, of course she had given her ring to geet, who was with maan now, In Shimla! Tears rolled down her eyes…and rano held her hands, “beta please… if you don’t tell me the truth, i can’t help you… just tell me if You have really told maan about this. Be honest bacha..”

Meet was overwhelmed with her mother’s concern. Mothers have that magical effect on you. Their one gentle word can make you do wonders. She looked at her hand that her mother held and closed her eyes, shaking her head for a no! Rano, though expected it, was shocked to realise that.

“let me call geet… she is up to something i am sure..”

Meet immediately clutched her hands, “nahi maa.. she must be busy with her assignment. Wo bekar mein hi tension legi.please..just few more days and she will be back…”


He knelt in front of her and held her hands, “are you alright? Am worried about you love..”

She snapped back to reality and saw him all fine. He had a bandage on his forehead… she sighed in relief. She felt as if she was breathing after a long time. She ran her fingers over his face, making sure she was okay and her eyes filled with tears…how could they hurt her maan like this!! How in the hell could they?

Like he understood. He held her hand and pressed a kiss on her palm, “am alright love..please..” and the next moment, she fell into his arms, sobbing badly,“i was scared maan…i was so scared..”

He cupped her face, kissed all over her face and hugged her tightly,“shhh…shh…i know bas its over now. Shh..”

He held her like that until she calmed down and wiped her tears, “i want to go back home!”

He sighed…he didn’t want his jaan to cry like this! He hadn’t brought her to this trip to see her cry. He sat on the floor and made her sit on his lap,”just two more days and we will be done with the marriage..”

She remained in his arms like a baby. He couldn’t see her this upset. He had to make her smile.

“waise you were a tigress there..the way you threatened that superintendent jaan…for a moment even i was scared…

She smiled weakly and he continued, “your evil sister had really done magic on you! She is doing her law and making you a lawyer here..”

She closed her eyes and didn’t reply to that. She was never this scared or worried about anyone ever! He watched her so very silent. Just to make her smile, he continued speaking to her, “ohh and yeah if you are so willing to go home, i think i will have to cancel my surprise..”

He faked a cry and she took the bait. She never knew he had a surprise planned.

She sniffed, “surprise?”

“hmm.. i have a surprise planned for you. The marriage will be over in two days and the next three days i had a surprise…but i think i have to cancel that now since you want to go home.”

She pouted, “hum surprise ke baad hi ghar jayenge…”

He laughed at her cuteness. She was too adorable. He straightened her and softly pecked her lips, “as you wish…”

She didn’t wait a second. She kissed him hard, letting him know how scared she was for him. he cradled her head and let her take the lead. One kiss led to another and then another… simply losing herself, she fell on the floor, while he came on top of her. she moaned his name, while he pushed off her sleeved and kissed her bare shoulders. She sighed and gasped, feeling him rough on her..and somewhere down, she wanted this never to end. Her hands deftly went inside his shirt and pulled it off him, grazing his bare skin. He groaned and dipped his head into her bosom, over her shirt, feeling her. she felt her throat parched…wanting something she never had. She kissed his bare chest, over his heart, telling him that she feels the same desire for him.

His lips claimed her once again and she opened up for him. his hand roamed over her bare back, under her shirt, which wasn’t in its proper place. A wave of pleasure washed her inside out when she felt his hardening length on her abdomen, through the fabric. She knew not where this was going… but yes, she was now sure that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.


next: they make love


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They hit the wall, not realizing how they had come to a corner. Geet’s back hit the cold wall, while maan’s warm body covered her she looked deep into his eyes and then back at his lips… she really loved this man! Yes…she did. Without wasting a second, she took the plunge… inched closer and placed her lips over his.

He was stunned..was it a dream? Was it an illusion? Her lips, soft and supple, moved softly over his, bit hesitant yet bold enough to make him realize she has indeed granted him that much needed permission. Before he could react, she broke the kiss and slowly opened her eyes, blushing hard. Her cheeks were red and eyes dying to dip down but she didn’t want that. She wanted him to see for himself that she isn’t running away or she was even a bit embarrassed for that matter.

His gaze bore into her, trying to read her eyes.. their breaths mingled and he didn’t even blink once. She waited for him to say something but he just held her firm and stood numb. Her shyness took over after a few seconds of deadly silence and her lashes dropped. She could hear him take a deep breath in…what was he thinking?

He slowly raised his hand and tipped her chin, raising her head and making her look at him, “open your  eyes jaan…”

She closed her eyes tighter biting her lips and shook her head for a no, feeling extremely shy.

“open your eyes Meet…”, his voice was firm and she couldn’t help but look into his dark orbs.

“what I see in you love… is it for real?”, his voice came as a pleading as if he desperately wanted it to be true. She felt so overwhelmed with his gestures…no wonder she was madly in love with this guy and today she realized, she could cross limits to make him happy. She blinked away her tears and nodded in acceptance, “yes…its real and its all for you maan…”

His hold pressed her tighter to him… touching her from head to toe and traced his thumb over her lips, smudging her lipstick, “ohh jaan…i don’t know what i would do without you..”

He dipped his head and smacked his lips over hers, taking away what was his. She was extremely sweet for him… he had craved for her one permission… his wish..she fulfilled. Her acceptance was something he was craving all this time.. and when he finally got it, it felt like he had won the biggest battle of his life… and yes, won her heat as well. He moulded her lips as he wished and she just gave in. She felt so happy seeing him take the lead and take her towards satisfaction. She clutched his shirt tightly and opened her mouth to let him have her.

He sighed into her mouth and let his tongue dart forward to taste her to his heart’s content. She was his…only his, his heart screamed because she was so ready for him. They parted a bit to take in some air and he got back to her lips, trailing wet kisses down her jaws, her chin..and further down to her neck until he reached the hollow of her neck. He placed an audible kiss there and came back to her lips. With one last peck, he parted, seeing her reactions. Her face was red, her lips red and a bit swollen..but her eyes had happiness in them. He couldn’t ask for more. Being around her always unleashes something demonic in him and he needs to tame that. Even today…it was their first kiss but he didn’t want to stop, yet he had to, for the sake of her.

He lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bed and made her sit., “you are cold!”

“nope… i ain’t..”, she whispered and hugged him, making her smile. This was the best evening for him. Her acceptance meant everything to him. He pulled her close and pressed a kiss on her lips, “thank you…”, he whispered over her lips.

She smiled and blushed and caressed his cheek with her hand, “no.. thank YOU!”

He shook his head and cupped her face, “alright…now you should rest. Tomorrow we have lot of plans…”

He carried his coat and his phone and tunred to leave when she softly called out to him, “good night maan…”

He smiled and turned back, “goodnight love..”

Geet changed and fell on her bed.. this had been the best day of her life. She had stayed away from home, from her family for the past five years and she had come back home for her sister..but never in her dreams had she thought that her life would take such a turn… a beautiful turn! She caressed her lips…and blushed, she couldn’t wait for the next day to come. The way he calls her jaan… love… uff, she goes straightaway to heaven!

The first half of the next day went off  by sightseeing.. especially the local areas..mall road, Christ church and lot other things. He would try to hold her hand or tease her..tickle her.. she would love it yet pretend to get angry. The previous night had opened a lot of doors for them..and with each passing minute, life seemed beautiful.

It was evening and geet was getting ready for the bachelors party. The guys wanted a separate party..without interference of girls/wives/gfs…so that they could enjoy. After a lot of hassle, they agreed. What would she enjoy without maan!! She twisted her lips and opened her bag to take out her lippy and other accessories when something fell on the bed. She put on her lippy and then her bracelet and came back to put her stuffs away when she noticed her passport on the bed. She shrugged and grabbed it to keep it inside when her eyes fell on her name inscribed on it”Geet handa!

It hit her hard… she was Geet! How could she forget her own identity? All these days she had been living a life which was not hers and now that she had decided to let go, truth hit her hard. How could she forget meet was back home and isn’t well and that she was supposed to break her fiance’s heart! What has she done? She felt weak and sat on the bed with a thump…what has she been doing all this time?

She could have sat there and lost herself in the pain she felt within realizing who she really was if it hadn’t been for sanjana and her girls who came to take geet. She quickly recovered and put everything back in place. She felt so heavy in her heart while she walked lifelessly to the venue. She kept aloof all this while..there was karaoke and dance and some performances but she wasn’t in mood. She sat by the bar, sipping her cocktail, looking into oblivion. One paper seemed to destroy this beautiful dream of hers. She finished her drink and asked for a second one.not that Geet didn’t drink, but in the cocktail party, she avoided for meet never drank.

Sanjana came dancing and pulled her, “come on girl… enjoy the party..”

Geet looked at her blankly while she spoke something..teased her and other girls joined asking her if she kissed maan or not. She just looked at them not knowing what to do. They were a bit surprised to see her drink..but thats what bachelor’s party was like. They took shots with her when they called for her to sing. Geet refused at first but then it was better to smile and enjoy and not ruin sanjana’s special day. She danced with them until girls forced her to take the stage and sing something for her maan.

The guys enjoyed their party but without girls, nothing was fun. So they decided to gate crash the girls’party and enjoy together. Gathering everyone, they marched towards the other venue. Maan couldn’t be happier for he would get time with his jaan! He carried his wine with him to the party hal, few meters away.

Geet sat on the bar stool in the middle of the hall with a guitar while the spotlight concentrated on her. She played guitar at times…being in US for such a long time had made her learn a lot of things. She could probably not confess her love to him…her eyes burned with unshed tears but right now, he wasn’t around. It wouldn’t hurt if she confesses now! She strummed the guitar and closed her eyes.

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Jaan meri, jaan meri

something like this…



She smiled.. what if she never gets to say it, she is enjoying this moment…yes, she is. And when he is around, as such she forgets everything, she needn’t even put effort. Yeah…this is easy because once they get home, things will fall apart. So, she should better enjoy life as it comes. She smiled after hours…she loves him, geet loves him and there was no meet now. She loves him!


Mere dil ne chun liayaa ne

Tere dil diyaan raahan


Mere dil ne chun liayaa ne

Tere dil diyaan raahan

Tu jo mere naal tu rehta

Turpe meriyaan saaha

He stood numb, watching her lose herself in the song. She sang too? Her fingers played deftly with the instrument and her voice…was she really his jaan?  Sanjana noticed rohan and the guys and quietly went towards maan.they would deal with the guys later for gate crashing. She patted maan’s shoulder and gave him a huge smile, “its all for you darling… it took all of us to convince her to get her there and sing out something for you..”

Jeena mera… hoye

Hun hai tera, ki main karaan

Tu kar aitbaar mera

Main karoon intezar tera

Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

jaan meri…

jaan meri...

she smiled softly and opened her eyes when it met his! He looked directly at her, without even blinking. And she stared back…she was dreaming perhaps! She had been living a dream all this while, so she couldn’t differentiate between her dream and reality.  Her expressions eased while her eyes didn’t even leave his sight!!!

Main tenu samjhawan ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

His hold on the glass tightened, realizing it was her love for him! He was too surprised and too happy to react. More than that, he felt connected to her… it was ethearal, a heart to heat connection because he sure felt what was in her heart…how would she make him understand how much she loved him??

Ve changa nahion keeta beeba

Ve changa nahion keeta beeba

Dil mera tod ke

Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan

Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan

Naal tere jod ke

She closed her eyes for she wasn’t scared. Because even with closed eyes, she’d see him and no one else. All that mattered was she was happy and right now, he was happy too. If you love someone…let them know, doesn’t matter what the other person thinks because you will feel lighter and happy and live without regerts. And she did exactly the same. She finished the song, kept the guitar aside and confessed her heart out, in front of everyone, “I Love You maan…more than you can ever imagine!”

Silence surrounded the hall…she expected her girls to shout and scream and cheer for they got what they wanted. She had spilled the beans but the silence scared her. She opened her eyes and found her confronting him…he stood right in front of her, looking deep into her eyes, with an unreadable expression! She thought it was a dream but when she looked around, there were everyone…rohan, sanjana and all of their friends, holding their breaths in anticipation! Did he hear everything? Her heart raced and she felt scared…what would he think of her?

“maan…wo…wo mein..”, she didn’t even know how to explain all this, if he had heard whatever she said and that too in front of everyone. But what he did next stunned her to numbness. He bend down, cupped her cheeks and pressed a longing kiss on her lips as a sign of acceptance. People clapped and cheered them but there was no embarrassment. Geet wasn’t…and so was maan! He broke the kiss and whispered, “I Love you too jaan…”

She nodded and blushed and looked down! He would probably go crazy with that bold yet blushy mushy avatar of hers. The whole evening they didn’t let go of each other. Their feelings so transparent now that there seemed nothing to shy away from. He kissed her hard and quick as they got into the dark and she gave in for she knew she wanted this man.

The party went on till late night and almost around 2am everyone decided to call it a day. He walked her towards her room and yet again, she pulled him inside, with the excuse of having a coffee for she had a headache. Maan knew well it was an excuse yet didn’t say anything. She took off her boots and walked barefoot on the carpet. He smirked and suddenly lifted her up from the back, making her shriek.

“ouuchhh maan… nichey utaro mujhe…”, she giggled.

He obliged but made her sit on the table instead and placed both his hands on either side of her, on the table.

“so madam… meri coffee kahan hain?”, he grinned.

She knew he was teasing her. She eyes his lips naughtily, “hain kahin.. khud hi le lo..”

“are you sure?”, he raised a brow.

She nodded, laughing, “more than i ever was..”

He cradled her head in on of his hands and pulled her into a deep kiss. Her confession, her acceptance everything seemed to make him lose himself. He bit her lips making her moan and swiftly slides his tongue. She gasps into his mouth, feeling  extremely erotic and her hands end up, fisting his hair,and pulling them out. He kissed her lips,down her neck and below while his hand naughtily slides into her top, feeling that raw naked skin.

Geet couldn’t take that force from him and stumbled back a bit. He hold her from falling and carries her to the bed, kissing her lips.

“Love should be mad, reckless and dangerous. It ought to be! It should require your every ounce of courage and every iota of strength. Love like you’re doing a bungee jump. Take the risk. Love like it’s all or nothing. Give your best. Because we only have one life to live.”

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Nothing could stop when two souls are destined to meet. Sparks fly and things go crazy. He felt as if he had never been this thirsty ever in his life…that there was a demon in him, waiting to be unleashed and she did it. She moaned his name and wrapped her legs round his, while he kissed her senseless, his hands aching to feel her more raw and more intensely.

Her nails dug into his back over his shirt and he had the urge to rip off that bloody shirt of hers but he knew he wouldn’t. Not until she wishes it. It was easy to let go… hard to restrain. It took every ounce of his courage and self control and break apart and leave her longing. He watched her while she tried to adjust her eyes to the bright.

She didn’t want this to stop. And feeling him away from her made her feel sick. She raised her hand and cupped his cheeks, “maan?”

He didn’t feel guilty…strange as it was but nothing felt wrong. She was his after all and he was hers no matter what. He kissed her palm, “am here love…”

He moved aside and took her into his embrace while she snuggled close to him. He watched her lips swollen, a love bite on her neck , her ruffled hair and sighed. he wasn’t guilty but he wanted to be honest as well. Seeing him this silent, she sat up, scared if he might regret… she would die if he did because that was consensual.

She was too scared. She held his hands and pressed them close to her maan, “maan… are you sorry?”

Her voice trembled and he hated that. She was scared he might regret or feel sorry about everything that happened and he could never see that. She has to know that he was all hers and he would tell her what he felt.

He looked into her eyes, “no love…please don’t cry for I am not sorry. I loved everything that happened now… and i want to be honest to you.”

Her eyes twinkled in joy..he could see that but what he had to be honest about, scared her. Like he understood. He smiled a bit asking her to lift her spirits and hugged her tightly.

“i don’t know what has happened to me love…”, he whispered in her ears, “I just can’t make myself stay away from you. I said I will be honest..and that I will. I had never felt this before… but right now, i can’t stop wanting you. Hate me or love for this… but you make me lose my senses… make me desire you so badly…i wonder how long shall I be able to hold back!”

She felt like crying hearing his words. He was honest about everything… his feelings.. he spoke out so honestly. If she could, she would probably give in right now. She held him tightly, ” and I will be honest too… i have never loved someone this madly as you. And I just want to say that i am all yours maan. Please… never ever hesitate and mujhe kabhi apne se dur mat karna…”

She meant it because she would die then. There was no returning back. Their feelings to each other were crystal clear and there was nothing that could stop them now. He left her to change and went back to his suite and took a cold shower for he needed that badly. She indeed surprised him yet again…he smiled and turned off the shower.

Geet fell on the bed, thinking about the moments she shared with him and there was more to come. She couldn’t forget how her body reacted with his touch and how pleasurable it felt. If possible, she wouldn’t feel shy to get close to him yet again and forget everything else.


Rano called the ambulance and they rushed an unconscious meet to hospital. Her health was detoriating. For the past few days, she hadn’t been able to coordinate her muscles and her fever wasn’t going down. Rano was too worried. Geet hadn’t called for the last five days… though she trusted her daughter, she couldn’t miss the emptiness in meet’s eyes and also couldn’t forget the drift between the two sisters. She knew maan well.. he wasn’t a person to break relations this easily when he loved meet so much. And all these days, he never visited, there were no calls from his side…there was definitely something wrong!


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