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She was a bit startled by that sudden voice…but then she smiled a bit, “thank you”, she spoke so softly and probably he lost himself all over again. he wanted to speak more..ask her if she knew him at all…but his mother called and he had to leave.

She heard his retreating footsteps till it wasn’t heard anymore and smiled to herself, “Maan….”, she whispered!



He just couldn’t think of anything but her music and her! its been 2 weeks since they were back from hoshiyarpur…but each passing minute he craved to see her more…talk to her… her music…and the way she sat like that in the garden…she looked no less than a goddess in deep meditation. And the most exciting part was…he had known her since childhood! Her expressions would be worth watching when he told her about secretly admiring her for years! His days went brighter…he excelled even more in professional front as well. And he knew it was all her effect that made things better for him. He sometimes sat in his cabin…looking out of the window..Watching the red sunset..lost in her. he was probably falling for someone whom he doesn’t even know. He had butterflies in his stomach wondering if she even felt the same for him…does he even know him…and a life with ‘her’ suddenly seemed all the more exciting.

Love not me for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye or face,
Nor for any outward part,
No, nor for a constant heart.


She walked softly on the dew wet grass, bare feet…her long dupatta brushing over the grass, doing them a favor as she walked straight towards the pond in her backyard. The water felt ecstatic to touch the goddess descending down…her skin sparkled in that warm dawn sun. she dipped in her head to grace the water…taking a bath! She closed her eyes…and his voiced echoed in her ears—she had seem his photograph..and that deep husky baritone of his dominated her thoughts since then.


She emerged slowly out of the water and the water drops stuck to her not wanting to let her go. She pushed her locks back, lost in her thoughts—did he even see her? she walked out of the pond, taking her dupatta that she placed outside and wrapped it around her. her silver anklets felt proud to have stuck to her…teasing those droplets that rolled away from her.

For these may fail or turn to ill,
So thou and I shall sever.


She saw her father speaking to someone over the phone as she got to the breakfast table, after changing! He was planning a grand birthday party for her. they’d be leaving for Mumbai in the next 2 days and her birthday was a week later. She smiled sweetly,– she was going to be 25 now. she placed a kiss on her father’s cheeks and sat beside her. mohinder smiled and looked at her meaningfully. She wondered what the look was about and then realized she was speaking to Dadima… a slight blush crept on her cheeks as he invited her and the entire khurana family for the party and the biggest surprise was…they were to be engaged that day itself. Geet felt her heart flutter hearing his name… they were to be engaged real soon. What would it be like to be with him? she went back to her room and took out his photograph that her father had given her. his eyes were like a mirror to his heart…. He was so…so…beautiful. She couldn’t think of any other word that this. She traced her thumb over his face gently, anxiety filling her as to what was next! She had accepted him as hers since the day she had seen his photograph…and his voice..they were so sincere to her..which gave her the confirmation that even he had accepted her the same way as she had done.


Keep therefore a true woman’s eye
And love me still but know not why,
So hast thou the same reason still
To dote upon me ever.


Dadima went to his study and found him busy with something. She rolled her eyes…he had nothing but work. Does he even realize he was going to get married? She went closer and sat beside him. he saw her and smiled and got back to his work. Dadima made a face and looked away, “since you have so much of work…we are sure you won’t be interested to attend Geet’s birthday with us all…”


He stopped working right there…. Geet’s birthday? Ohh when was that? How old would she turn? Her name was enough to feel excited after a hectic day. he turned to look at Dadima, with a big smile on her face but stopped short seeing that naughty expression. She was in a mood of teasing him. his mom joined them too…teasing him and  laughing. He maintained a straight face all the while even though he wanted to smile very badly. They had been teasing him a lot…so he couldn’t have afforded to become the ‘joke’ again. he hated such stupid, illogical jokes…but here he seemed to like it! Mr Maan Singh Khurana was actually liking it! he tried to maintain a brave face… showing that he wasn’t affected at all but his stupid mistake of spilling a bit of coffee over his file was just the right indicator of his condition. Maan had always been a ‘perfectionist’… not even a drop of water had ever spilled from his glass..and today it was coffee..of course a big thing!


He rolled on his bed..not able to sleep… she was turning 25 this Saturday. Come to think of it.. he was 28 now…a smile traced his lips. He has to make arrangements… and the biggest news..they were to be engaged!! He couldn’t believe what he was hearing was true… but then he had never felt this happy. Its like a memory from a dream coming true for him. he never saw her face..doesn’t even know her properly and he has already accepted her as  a part of his life.


She looked at his photo again and smiled meaningfully, rolling on the bed. She got up and stood by her window, looking up at the night sky… and saw the stars giggling. She made a baby if asking them why they were being so naughty. The starts twinkled even brighter… and then slowly hid behind the clouds crossing them. She smiled naughtily… realizing what they were hinting at..and laughed. Her laughter echoed all around… and she twirled..rushing to her beloved father to demand her birthday gift.




He couldn’t believe he’d be landing in Mumbai in the next 5 minutes!!! It was finally ‘the day’…her birthday..their engagement!!! He was so happy…so excited..this is the place where she had been brought up!!! He had been here countless number of times… but today it  felt special…because ‘she’ was born here!!! This was ‘her’ place! He was so excited but he regretted one thing… he wanted to wish her! come to think of it…it was their engagement and they haven’t even spoken a word properly to each other till date!!! Was it funny? Or silly/ or stupid? Or ironic? He didn’t know.


By the time he reached his hotel suit…he was not in a very good mood. The party was in the evening and he just got the fact that there was a theme to the party he has to follow!!! Maan Singh Khurana has to follow some stupid theme??? That was out of question! And the worst part…out of all was a masquerade ball!!! He wanted to strangle the person who set such themes!!! He was dying to see her face..for once..but nature seemed to play with him every time!!! And he hated it. he saw his mom, dadima and others get things ready for the engagement as they set to leave for the venue. His heart beat faster…. Louder…and yet he was sad..he wanted to see her…at least once!!!


The hall was full of people… relatives.. friends..and ‘her’ friends. He walked in poise and attitude along with monhinder who lead them to the centre of the hall. Everyone was wearing mask..and he just hated it. how was he supposed to recognize her? he looked around everywhere..and every single of them seemed to follow the theme!!! He sighed..wishing he could see her face once…just once…! Mohinder smiled at his condition and realized why his naughty daughter demanded a masquerade ball!!! He kept it to himself as the birthday girl made her way into the hall!!!


Everyone moved aside to give her she walked with beauty and grace, wearing a silvery white gown and a matching feathered mask! He turned around to see her walk past him…and his heart stopped beating at all!!! She had pulled her hair into a bun and probably she didn’t need to even tell how pretty she looked! What will happen if he sees here face..he wondered, if her one grace look just made his heart stop beating. She had stopped for a nano second beside him…did she realize it was him? its only she could answer. She smiled a bit and walked ahead. He stood there..watching her…and a calmness settled over his heart. He didn’t know why but she is the one who could make his heart beat so fast..and it was her who could make his heart stop beating as well.


She cut the cake among huge round of applause and fed the first piece to her father..and then Dadima, his mom and his dad!!! Ohh how he wished she could have fed him as well..but nothing of that sort happened… and he never felt bad either. Somewhere he never bothered about all that. he just wanted to see her..thats it!! he was broken from his trance as mohinder announced for the dance and the elders just moved away, giving the youngsters their privacy. He saw her friends hug her..tease her….and speak to her.. and all he did was to stand at a corner and watch her! he never knew she was so you say ‘chanchal uski adayein..’ which seemed to brighten the party. The entire hall was set up as her 17th century England ball! The musicians got their cue to start while she pulled everyone for the dance.


The music was something that drove everyone to their feet..but he stood there..watching her.. smiling… giggling with her friends… and he was contended just with that! he noticed the music was also chosen carefully according to the theme.. the pianist..the violinist..and the Flutist!!! His eyes immediately went towards her.. who seemed to be get pulled by her friends to the waltz.. she twirled…and laughed…the flutist played and suddenly her entire attention went to the girl playing the flute. She made a cute if she wasn’t playing good. (till 1:17)


He noticed her every gesture… every move ad smiled to himself. He was once again surprised to see her lift her frills and run up to the musicians. He wondered what was she upto when she whispered something in the ears of the flutist and snatched the flute from her! he smiled at her antics…her forte it was! Though he didn’t know ABC of flute but he could guess from her expression that she wasn’t happy. He saw her touch the flute to her lips… and lost him all over again to her tune. But this time..the music was different from the previous if every member in the band knew what she wanted!! The violin music suddenly changed because all the more energetic as she played the flute along. (from 1:17 to 2:31).

She tapped her feet and looked at her musicians and smiled. Her friends seemed to jump  around and waltz with whoever they found nearest to them. She was probably setting the mood!! He smiled when he saw her hand over the flute to the flutist and jump down. She pulled all her friends to dance.. running to everyone and pulling them to the floor.(from 2:31 to 2:41)


 She ran to the corners, pulling out those who hid shied away from dance. The next moment he knew was her hand holding his and pulling him. she was so in a hurry that she didn’t even notice whom she held..but he did. he held her hand with his other hand and pulled her closer. Their eyes met…for the first time ever…and the music hit their hears! (from 2:41 to 2:55).


It was probably the most magical moment for him..both their faces veiled by the mask…but they couldn’t hide anymore from each other. She was so soft and silky. He wanted to ask her so many thing but then saw her smile. Before he could  even understand anything, she smiled naughtily and pulled him to the floor, lifting his one hand and placing it around her waist. He looked at her in surprise… but she didn’t even let him think! The music continued and she gave him a cute naughty look. (from 5:55…)


Like he understood… he smiled back at her and firmed his hold around her waist. He pulled her closer in authority as their fingers laced with each other. He knew what he was supposed to do. She came to him all by herself..and he wasn’t going to leave her so easily. He smirked and led the waltz…tapping his foot along with the music. She laughed and matched his pace, showing him how much capable she was. They dance…and they twirled..along with everyone out there..Embracing each other…excited…nervous…yet happy!


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wish you all a very very very happy holi Hug

i have tried to flip flop between recent past and have mentioned (past) in case you get confused. and yes DO HEAR THE SONG that i used heres..this is the one WHICH HAD INSPIRED ME TO WRITE THIS FF!!!



She hit him hard and cried, “nahi… stop him please….prem…stop him please…”

Aryan held her closer yet she wriggled to free herself, “chodo mujhe..i have to go…please…”

[leave me… I have to go..please…]


Aryan and prem held her till she gave in. she struggled..and fought… and cried…and begged…..till she could no more. She pleaded them to leave her and let her go her own way..but they never let her move and finally she gave up… she didn’t actually but fell unconscious in their arms…lifeless and broken!




She stood on the stage, wearing a black gown with her hair let down and looked lifelessly at the crowd and the judges waiting for her to start the song. It was just the next day and she was here for her performance…qualification round for quarter finals. She didn’t know or what was she doing there…her heart had stopped beating at all…who knew things would happen so quickly! She saw roops standing backstage prompting her to either start the song or just come back. She looked sad. She looked at dadima and the kids sitting in the nearest row..even they looked sad..but perhaps she wasn’t! what was there to feel sad about? The weather was bad..and so was her luck. It was already evening and it seemed as if a thunderstorm was approaching. The cold wind howled and gripped the entire city  and a coldness settled over her heart as well. She closed her eyes and recalled what had happened when she found herself awake on her bed this morning…he had walked away without meeting her last night. She smiled.

pls hear this song as you read…this song is my inspiration for this ff

Bichde abhi thi hum…bas kal parson

Jiyungi mein kaise..iss haal mein barson


She smiled recalling what had followed next as she started her song…she didn’t know what was happening around her but she knew Aryan was there was prem and roops..and dadima…and her angels—dia and namra!


Maut na aayi…maut na aayi…

Teri yaad kyun aayi…

Haiye….lambi judai…




She woke up feeling very sick. Her head spun and she threw up a couple of times. Jasmeet was too worried…she called the doctor as well but geet refused to see her. She was angry at everyone to have not stopped him. She locked herself in the room as the doctor arrived and sat there…not even responding to anyone. Why didn’t her mumma stop him? Why? She knew how much she wishes for him…wants him then why don’t they understand? She had her performance this evening and she wanted to see him.

After almost one hour, the doctor gave up and left but she never opened the door. It was only roops who could persuade her to open and have her medicines.



Char dina-da..pyaar-o-rabba..

Lambi judai….badi lambi judai…

Hothon pe aayi….

Hothon pe aayi meri jaan… duhai…

Haiyeee lambi judai….


She slowly opened her eyes and didn’t know why she searched for him. But what was the point now? He himself wanted to finish every tie with her…her eyes filled up…he lied! He never came for her….then what was the point in living like this?

Ek tho sajan mere…paas nahi re

Duje Milan di koi aas nahi re…

Uspe ye saawan aaya…

Aag lagayi….haiyee

Lambi judai……


Her heart had developed so many crack…and probably it was unbearable now. All her love..everything she had was probably  lost in trying to hold on to this relation..and she failed so miserably…so damn miserably and she still expects him to come for her? How pathetic…and how much of a wretch she was.





She looked at the was already afternoon and she wanted to see dia and namra. She knew they are the ones suffering the most..and her baby…she didn’t waste any time but got ready to leave. She walked downstairs to see jasmeet sitting quietly and looking through some papers.


Jasmeet didn’t know how to speak to Geet now. Both her children were suffering and her own life stood infront of her in form of Geet. How much she had tried to hold on to her relationship…but even she had failed miserably. She knew what Geet was going through and she was living the hell all over again but this time she was damn sure she wouldn’t fail. Its better to finish the relation than suffering under it for the rest of your life. She saw Geet rushing downstairs and kept those divorce papers she was holding on the table. She had to speak to Geet. She had done so much for Geet..and her biggest mistake was to forget her own daughter in that. She was guilty and probably she wanted to do her best to save Geet from going into darkness. She stood up and held her hands, “where are you going?”

Geet looked at her blankly, “KM…”

Geet..are you out of your mind? Even after so much you still want to go there?

She pulled her hand away, “I can’t let my daughters suffer because of me… I have to ask him why didn’t he wait..…”

Her eyes fell on the papers all of a sudden kept in the table…which didn’t look good at all, and became quiet. She noticed something and picked them up wondering what were his signatures doing there? Geet’s papers were here..then he must have come here and talked with mumma!

Jasmeet saw that…and probably she knew she cannot hide this from Geet anymore. She took a deep breath in, when she heard her speak, “he was here yesterday..and you didn’t allow him to see me…why mumma?”

Jasmeet looked away and replied, “the reason is in these papers Geet… its better that you should know everything now..”

She got confused and then actually looked into what kind of papers were they and what mumma was talking about.




Toote zamane tere…haath nigode…

Haath nigode…

Jinse dilon ki tune sheeshe tode…

Sheeshe tode….

hijr ki oonchi deewaar banaai

Haiyeee lambi judai…


She didn’t even realize when those tears had made their way to her cheeks. The entire auditorium was silent as dadima wiped her tears seeing Geet like that. She didn’t expect that Geet would sign those papers..and she was  so angry at him. She didn’t even want to speak to him at all.

Geet didn’t even know what she was doing..but somewhere she had reached her limits. She had done more than she could…she had endured more than she could..and she had given him endless chances…as much as she could but her own love for him seemed to be fatal for her.

Maan was restless all this while. Why..why did this happen? He had realized what had gone wrong in signing those papers and for the first time he hated himself to have not read the documents. He had been very careful in reading the papers..or say any paper before signing..but he didn’t know why he didn’t it only that day! His mind tried to justify that he was on a call and too busy to even read…in fact he had been reading the same papers over and over again so he knew what was in there..but then his heart cursed himself for doing such a silly mistake which went head to become such a big blunder..and then geet’s reaction..something that killed him within. He recalled what had happened an hour back as he took his keys and drove straight to the place where her performance was going on..he had to clear himself and make her understand that he never wanted to part from her.



She stood there numb holding those papers… after all this… this is what she gets!!! He had signed those papers…didn’t he even have a heart to even ask her what she wanted. Her worst fears had come true… he regrets everything that is why he did all this. He doesn’t want to be with her..and her baby!!! She held back her tears, clutching the papers tight. She suddenly felt so unwanted… so low of herself… to the extent that she started believing she wasn’t needed in this world by anybody. But then the thought of her daughters did do something to give her strength to go to km.

Jasmeet was surprised to see no reaction from geet. She stood as coldly as ever and she was even more scared. She tried to call her but geet just walked out, without turning back or even listening to her.




The music of the violin echoed through her ears…it was so painful…so so much painful. She felt it… in her heart and she was not in a position to hold herself anymore. She raised her hand to sway it along with the rhythm but it trembled…she felt nauseated… her hands fell on her sides…lifeless but she still managed to stand.

Bag ujad gaye…. Khilne se pehle..

Panchi bichad gaye…milne se pehle..

Koyal ki kook…ne han uthayi…

Haiye lambi judai…


She recalled how she had run to see dia and namra, faking a smile and holding those papers. Her lyrics fit her so perfectly… and her hand rested on her stomach, trying to make herself understand the reality…trying to come in terms of her ownself.


He parked the car at a corner and ran inside, asking the way to the auditorium. It was enough…he cannot sit quietly anymore. That pain in geet’s eyes was the limit to his endurance. He could never raise his voice against jasmeet because he respects her way too much…. She had been his mother, friend, mentor, father..everything to him. She never hesitated to even raise her hand on him whenever he had done wrong but enough was enough. He can’t let geet suffer in a cloud of misunderstanding.




She hugged dia and namra and they complained why she wasn’t with them. She didn’t even know what to answer.

“nahi beta… abhi mumma ko kaam hain na isiliye she is staying away..jab kaam ho jayega tho mumma waapis aa jayegi aapke paas…”

[no beta.. now mumma has a lot of work na..thats why she is staying away. Once she is done she will come back to you.]

And she didn’t even know if she’d ever come back. She wiped her tears when dia cupped her face in her tiny hands, “mumma..aap ek new baby ko laa rahi ho na…”

[mumma…you are getting a new baby na..?]

Geet was surprised to hear that, “how did you know?”

Namra giggled, “dadima ne bataya hume…aur bola secret hain kisi ko mat batana…”

[dadima told us.. and she also told it’s a secret and not to tell anyone..]

Geet hugged then tightly, feeling very emotional,“dadima was right..keep it a secret…”

“papa se bhi? Unhe nahi pata ab tak”

[from papa too? He doesn’t know it yet]

Geet nodded, “yes..from papa too and make sure he never gets to know…”

Namra felt odd. She stood straight as asked, “but papa will know once the baby comes na…”


Geet smiled…probably she’d never let him know especially now, “we’ll think about that later okay…and tell me are you going to school regularly?”


She spoke to them very casually as she used to and dadima stood beside them, watching geet. She looked pale and weak and she held something. Just then maan entered the hall..and stopped short seeing geet. Did she really come back? Ohh he felt so relieved to see her smiling after ages… she was alright. He wanted to ask her sorry for not keeping his promise..there was no right and wrong. He knew what he wanted and he’d get her back no matter what!! He walked hurriedly towards her and saw her sand up to look at him. Her smile vanished and she took a step back.


He tried to reach for her, “geet…I am sorry…i…”

She didn’t even let him complete, rather forwarded the papers to him, “I think you forgot something important of yours…”

He immediately looked into the papers and then back at her…she knew about this? And his eyes met hers. There were so much pain… s many emotions which she never showed on her face. Her voice faltered as she spoke and he knew what she thought.

“ you are taking it all wrong…listen to me…”

But geet walked away…unable to bear that pain that brewed up inside her. How pathetic! All she wanted was him and now when she was seeing him after so many days she couldn’t even go and hug him…tell him that she loves him, fearing he might just dump her and move ahead. She didn’t even turn back to look at the kids or dadima. Roops had come to take her to the venue and she was quick enough to take her away.



Char dina-da pyaar-o-rabba…

Badi lambi judai…..

Lambi judai…

Badi lambi judai…



She felt something choke her throat and she couldn’t even finish the last line. She turned away and walked backstage. She was probably the stupidest girl ever…to have not understood what he wanted or what he wished. Her every hope came to an end right there…. Every dream… every wish…anisha was probably right..she had destroyed everyone’s lives. She saw roops and gave her a weak smile and pretended to go into the greenroom to change.


He barged into the hall only to see her walking back. His heart beat faster…he has to reach her soon and tell her that he never intended to sign those papers. He saw dadima and the kids walking out. The kids saw him and ran to.

“papa…aapne song suna mumma was just too good…”

[papa did you hear mumma’s song…it was too good..]

He smiled at dia and turned to dadima. She looked away and tried to leave. He held her hand, “dadima please…at least mera yakeen kijiye..i went to get her back..”

[dadima trust me..i went to get her back..]

“stop lying to us…stop lying to yourself..and above all stop lying to geet maan… you have done what you had to…leave her alone…”

He hated it…but he had to make things right, “I will go and get her back…now..”


He asked the kids to wait near the car while he got her back and rushed to the backstage. He saw roops speaking to Aryan, who seemed to turn away as well. He cared a damn!

“did you see geet? I want to meet her…”

Roops retorted, “why do you want to see her now? Haven’t you done enough damage?”

But this time he was firm, “I had told already and am telling again..i am here to get her back.. and I will do so no matter what..”

“you cannot take her maan…not anymore. You have no right on her..” prem spoke as he entered.

“well then you don’t have it either prem…and you can’t stop me today..”

He knew it was futile to argue with them because no matter what he did, they’d never trust him but he had to see geet as well. Prem tried to stop him but Aryan stopped prem, “just let him prem… only he can bring geet back…”


Prem retorted but then warned, “if he huts geet even a tiny mini bit… then you will be responsible for what i will do to him…”

Maan rushed to the green room given to the contestants and looked for her. She wasn’t there. May be she was in the washroom or in some other room. He waited for her…searched for her madly..he searched the entire building but a fear settled in his heart..where was she? He ran back to Aryan and rest, “where have you taken her? Where is she?”


Aryan wondered what he was speaking about, “what do you mean by where is she? She was in the greenroom…”

“she isn’t there…”, he panicked. He hoped she didn’t do anything stupid.

“what? Are you crazy? She might be here somewhere….”

“I have checked all the rooms in this wing..she isn’t anywhere…did you guys see her going back her?”


Prem and Aryan looked at each other and ran to check for her. Roops went to see if he car was there..and it was there. She panicked and called jasmeet asking if she had reached home.. but the answer was negative. Maan panicked..where could she go? The weather started to worsen and within no time it was pouring badly. He ran to dadima and asked them to get home.

“but where is geet maan? You said you’ll get her back…”

“yeah dadima…I will get her back..but please get home now or you’ll get wet…”


Dadima protested asking where she was but he managed to make them sit in the car and asked the driver to drop them home. He met up with the rest, still clueless about her whereabouts. Everyone panicked..wondering where could she go. They called some of her friends too but she wasn’t there anywhere either.


She walked in the empty road, lifelessly, not even knowing where she had come to. she recalled every beautiful moment spent with him till date..his first home coming..her bossing over him, her departure to shimla..their phone calls… her coming back..finding themselves in the same college… anisha… their friendship… her realization of love…her heartbreak… anisha’s promise… her departure yet again..trying to live without him..and then meeting him after whole 5 years..her returning back..the kids… her losing herself hopelessly to him… his love..his anger..his touch..his kiss..his smile… and that beautiful nightmare…


She was distracted by a couple trying to walk together in one umbrella in that heavy rain. She stopped for a while..water dripping down her face and looked at them lovingly. The lady seemed to be carrying..probably 7 months… she had carefully wrapped one hand around her tummy while the other held her husband. The guy held her hand over her stomach and supported the umbrella with the other. She smiled looking at them…as her own hands went to cocoon her baby..she can’t even share her happiness with maan! How silly of her. She saw the guy carefully hold her and walk her to their car parked nearby. He made her sit properly and drove off. The lane went deserted…only the sound of the rain echoed. Her tears got washed away by the rain…and her heart couldn’t take it anymore. It broke… it had to break..but it did brutally…. Breaking to thousands and millions of pieces…making no sound..but killing her to the extreme. She had always managed to hold herself with the tiniest of hopes she ever found..but what hope she had now? She fell on her knees and finally cried…. Out and loud…but her voice dissolved in the rain… no one could hear. She cried her heat out, holding her baby…cried out everything she had held back… years of unshed tears finally found their way out.. and she cried..and cried…and cried….


They finally decided to go out and look for her. She must be somewhere near. Aryan and prem took one car while maan went in his. Roops went home to check if geet was back and be there. Prem and Aryan went around the residential areas there while maan went to find her in hos own away. He drove madly looking for her..the roads went empty and people rushed to take shelter wherever they could. The rains got worse..and he just hoped she was fine.

“just be safe wherever you are…I will take you back..” he prayed under his breath. He had come to the term that he loved her…way too much..and anisha.. well he didn’t have time to think of her as of now. He has to find geet at any cost. He thought something and took a detour back to the area around the auditorium, hoping to find her somewhere near. 


The rain was making the vision blur but he continued to drive till he saw aryan’s car parked in the middle of the road. He stopped and opened the window to see why he stopped but no one was there in the car. He got off in that rain and looked around…only to see Aryan and prem a little farther away. He ran to them and stood shocked…seeing geet’s condition. She was lying in the middle of the road, lifeless. She had turned blue. Aryan and prem immediately held her and tried to feel her pulse. They couldn’t find it. It was just too weak. Prem tried wake her up, “geet…wake up..uth ja..geet…open you eyes…you okay?”

Aryan immediately rushed to his car and called the ambulance to the auditorium. Maan stood there…scared to hell seeing her not responding. He went closer and sat beside prem and held her hands, “geet…”

Prem pulled her away, “dare you touch her maan… I will kill you…”

Aryan came rushing as they carried her into their car and drove towards their destination. He stood there…scared…and flashes of his own past haunted him…



A little 7 year old boy stood by his mother’s bed in the hospital trying to wake her up, “maa..utho na…please…maa….:, he wiped his tears and tried again.

[maa wake up please..wake up..]

She had turned blue..and wasn’t even responding. He cried and asked jasmeet mumma to wake her up as well..but she never responded. He cried and begged her to wake up…but she never did.



He blinked a couple of times as a car stopped right in front of him..honking. he looked at the driver swearing at him or standing in the middle of the road, lost in his thoughts. It took him some time to realize what was happening and moved away. The got back into his car..and drove towards the auditorium where he saw the ambulance moving out. His heart almost stopped beating…his past and present stood right in front of him…together… not helping him in anyways. He was just too scared to even hope anything. He just followed the ambulance till it stopped in front of the hospital and she was rushed in.


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