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He led her out as he spoke out seriously, “you want to go?”

“umm.. i don’t know. Its been a while since i have been to a party..and yeah you are going too right?’

“hmm.. i am.. come on. Lets head home. I have a lot to work…”

“You haven’t forgotten your treat have you?

He smiled after a long time, “nope… not at all. Now come on…”

She sighed.. these brothers are just so crazy. She wondered if maan was worried about something but then let it go as it was none of her concern.


The day had been busy for Maan and geet didn’t bother him much but he seemed a bit lost in something. He was getting continuous calls and he wasn’t in a great mood either. She was surprised when he didn’t bother her in the gym or in the car or at the office at all. She liked that but then him not being his crazy self was so visible that she really wondered what went wrong!

“hey…”, she stopped him while getting off the car.

“yes pinkie…”, he stopped and turned towards her with a faint smile on his lips, “is something wrong?”

His smile made herself smile too… it was infectious. Ohk..then he was fine. She rolled her eyes, “stop naming me Khurana…”

He smirked and suddenly leaned over her making her fall back, and that devil grin on his face… damn she wanted to kick him right now.

ohh so is this why you called me eh.. sweety? So that i could call you names?”


Seriously…what the hell was she thinking just a few minutes back??!! Kick her brain! She looked at him incredulously while he his smile got bigger, “so beautiful… what are your plans??”

He looked directly into her eyes and she felt numb! Gosh.. this freaking crazy guy was not at all in any trouble or tension. He was perfectly fine and bloody hell, teasing her! She was geet handa, the agent after all. She quickly regained her posture and pushed him back, keeping both her palms on his chest, “hey.. keep distance khurana…and theres no plan! I was wondering what were you bothered about but now i guess you are perfectly fine,”

“oohhh.. pinkey is worried??”, he teased.

“just get out and get your ass to work…”, she screamed at his irritating tease.

He raised a brow at the word she used…hmm she isn’t as fragile as she seems now. But then thats the fun right.

“you know what…i could get my ass to work if i get the opportunity you see…” and laughed off.

Her eyes widened in shock and embarrassment at this shameless comment!! Gosh… that douche bag! Before she could retaliate, he had got another call and went ahead. F*ck her! Who did she think she was messing up with! Nevertheless, she has to keep eye on things. She walked off towards his security to discuss the plan of action. The past few days have been quiet but she didn’t want to take any risk.


It was like almost evening when dev entered her cabin with a wide smile. She had kept busy with chris that day and seeing dev made her smile.

“so… ready for the party geet?”, he went closer and kissed the back of her palm.

“ohh yeah… i had completely forgotten about it!!! I don’t know if Mr Khurana will be leaving anytime soon though…”

“ohh don’t worry about that and get ready fast… you have like an hour more for it…”

Geet was unsure about going to party and anyways she wasn’t supposed to get too much involved in her client’s issues according to her BlackOps Protocol. She gave a weak smile… gosh she was forgetting stuffs. There was a long list of dos and don’ts she had to follow! She sighed and looked towards maan’s empty cabin, “umm.. i will wait for him i guess…”

Dev made a face and held her hand, dragging her out, “come on yaar… we will get late! Maan is usually loaded with work.. am sure he wouldn’t mind if i borrow his secretary for a while..”

Geet was surprised to see him this persistent. How she wished she could punch him but again, she wasn’t supposed to reveal who she was. She struggled a bit to let go but dev indeed was persistent, “dev sir please… its not…”

And before she could realize anything, she felt a hand slide across her waist and whisk her away from dev’s grip ever so smoothly…she felt tickled.


Dev smiled seeing maan stand beside geet, holding her firm, “hello bro…”

Maan kept a straight face, “women dev… be careful not to hurt them..”

His voice was stern and dev got the message. Well he was very well aware of his bro’s “respect women” policy.

“ohh bro… we will get late for the party… she is coming with us right… now don’t be a spoil sport..”

Maan sighed and smiled at his little brother, still holding her firm round her waist, “then lets get home…”

Dev smile happily and hopped out of the office, whistling a tune while he just held her firm, not even letting her go. Geet was thankful to him for coming to her rescue but the moment dev was out, she quickly released herself from his grip, “thanks…”, and then walked out to their car.


The moment she got in..she sat shocked seeing dev already sitting inside. Before she could even do anything, maan came and sat on the other side.

“hey… what are you doing here?“, maan was equally shocked to see dev.

Dev gave his silly wide smile, “i wanted to ride home with you today bro…”

“get out have your own car…”, maan spoke sternly looking into his phone.

Dev made a baby face, “what is this bro? You don’t even like your own brother now!! Sigh… i am such a poor baby..”

Geet rolled her eyes–seriously, only this person could be khurana’s brother!! Nautanki! She was squeezed between the two which suddenly seemed to be a serious offence to her job profile. She was here to do what… and she was doing what??!! Dev spoke about who all would be attending the party while maan just nodded. She was stuck! She was totally disinterested in anything at all right now.

The moment the car pulled over the driveway, she literally pushed dev off and ran inside.

“hey… you are such an elephant…”, dev made faces as he fell out of the car as she pushed him off. Maan rolled his eyes… who would believe this guy was his brother!!!Irony huh!


The brothers got in and dev rushed to the kitchen to grab something to eat before leaving and shouting at the same time, “geet… get ready fast okay! We are already running late.”

He gulped down the coke, stuffed in a muffin or two and rushed to change”of course into one of maan’s suits!


He came out to the hall, fixing his cufflinks when his eyes fell on her descending down the stairs. His gaze was transfixed at the woman descending down the stairs.. clad in complete black tight fit jeans and a tight fit black top, outlining her curves beautifully. She had tied her hair in a bun with a few tendrils left lose in the front and those high heels! Goodness gracious…she looked killer!

She felt his intent gaze on him..gosh..this was making her conscious. He didn’t even blink one so she was confused whether she looked good or really bad! She bit her lips wondering why he was being a jerk that he was when he went ahead and extended his hand to her, “you look so beautiful geet…”

Geet— her name it was! This was the first time he was calling her by her first name. She felt something warm on her cheeks… never she been told something like this in her entire career. Yeah chris did compliment her at times but being complimented by a man… that was just so a speechless moment. It was all happening for the first time in her life.

He took her hand when she didn’t acknowledge and kissed the back of her palm, not even averting his gaze. He could see she was blushing but didn’t quite have an idea as to what was happening with herself. He smiled and they stood there like that for a while until they heard dev scream in horror!

Their cute moment was broken as a horror stricken dev stood flabbergasted!!!

“hey.. whats wrong?”, maan shot him a glare! But dev was more focussed on geet. He rushed towards her and looked at her as if he had seen a ghost, “geet… what the hell are you wearing??”


“you… arrghhh seriously girl… this is a party and not a night out at a club! Do you realize you should be dressed a bit more authentically for the event?”

Geet couldn’t understand what he was speaking. But all she knew was  dev dragging her inside and pushing her into her room.

“alright miss… you have anything stylish yet conservative? Like an evening gown or something??”

Geet looked at him confused, “ahh.. well.. no..”

Dev was indeed frustrated. He glared at her and made a call to someone.

“now missy… do as i tell you alright!”


Maan and dev waited for her in the hall. Maan was not liking this sudden advent of dev. Not that he hated fact he loved dev a lot but what irked him the most was him being so cool with geet while he still hasn’t been able to speak to geet properly.

The moment she descended down the stairs, dev ran to her squealing in happiness, “ohh look gorgeous geet… “

Geet gave a weak smile and looked at maan who seemed equally surprised to see her in a fuchsia knee length evening gown with her hair let let down and just a bit of minimal make up. Indeed she looked pretty but seeing geet he just knew it wasn’t her style. For him, she was pretty just the way she had dressed up earlier..her style..just hers.

She waited for him to speak something or at least tell she was looking like a freak instead of giving her a compliment but he just nodded softly and walked out, “come on both of you… lets get going..”

Geet sighed… its been a long time she had been to a party and now that she is here in one, she felt like running away. Indeed dev had dressed her well for the occasion but she wasn’t that comfortable. There were other ladies who were clad in more than what she could carry with heavy jewels and stuff…and their sophisticated talks! Spare her! She just stood at a corner, holding a drink. Maan seemed to vanish somewhere with his clients and it was only dev who kept her company. He talked to her about everything… at least she didn’t look like a dork here!


Time just went on dragging until she realized she was on the dance floor with dev, giggling to one of his jokes. She had dinner…actually had a competition with dev who could eat more but maan was missed there too. Both were full and now were dancing to burn off some calories. Dev was proving to be an entertaining partner. She laughed shaking her head when her eyes fell on maan, standing in the balcony of the upper floor, staring at her. She blinked a couple of times wondering if it was really him and hell yeah! He looked damn hot with that serious look on his face. She shook her head…what the f*ck she was thinking?! She wasn’t supposed to get too involved.

She watched him come down the stairs and head out of the party alone. She was here for work. She wondered why he was being so distant all of a sudden. She excused herself and went out, looking for him following his trail. He was on a call with someone. She waited until he finished his call and turned back only to be surprised.


“hey…”, she smiled a bit.

“hey.. what are you doing here?”, he asked her softly.

“what are you doing here Mr Khurana?“, she questioned him back. He smiled and shook his head, “you sure stick to your profession all the pinkey! I just had to take this call. Are you enjoying?”

Geet sighed.. he had told her beautiful when she wore that black dress and now he didn’t even say a word! Nevertheless, she chided herself mentally”she shouldn’t be thinking so much on something this stupid.

“no..i am just a bit tired plus had stuffed in a lot…having a competition with dev…”

Maan raised a brow at her, “competition?? With dev? Am sure you much have won it…”

“ohh come on..its dev who won…gosh.. he eats like a pig..”

He smiled softly, “oh i thought you eat like an elephant…”

Her eyes widened, “what?? Mind you khurana you still have to treat me…”

And thats when she noticed a small red dot right on his chest…so tiny that he just wasn’t aware. Actually anyone could have not seen it if not kept alert. Geet wondered what it was. She leaned closer to check on it and her eyes widened in shock.. it was a laser beam meant to aim. She didn’t have time. She turned back to see the source but she couldn’t in the dark.

“geet… whats wrong?”

She looked at him scared and the next moment, a loud scream echoed in the entire place.


Maan felt a sharp hit on his chest and the next moment he was pushed down to the ground with a scream escaping geet’s lips. He quickly opened his eyes only to check on geet but everything was happening so fast. She was lying on him and then she just rolled themselves over, towards the pillar.

He could now very well guess there was an attack. The sound of bullets cutting  through the air could be heard distinctly. Geet stood up and helped him up and pressed him behind the pillar and shielded him from the front by pressing herself on him.

“geet…are you alright?”, he was scared but more for geet. But she seemed to be in another world altogether. She quickly checked for her pockets and realized she was not wearing her jeans. She was in a short evening dress all thanks to dev. And her phone.. ohh god, she left it in the car itself along with her purse.

He watched at her searching for something quickly. His heart was beating fast and so was hers. The next moment, she pulled out his phone from his beast pocket and made a quick call to Rajit, “we’ve got trouble. Alert the security and we need back up..”

“right away ma’am…”


Meanwhile, the bullets seemed to be showered on them. Another bullet hit the pillar and she pulled him away to another corner on the huge corridor which was dark. She knew darkness could help and made him hide there, “just be here and don’t move…”, she whispered.

It was a bright night for the moon was full and he could see her sweaty face trying hard to think something. She was about to peep out when he held her arms preventing her to do so, “no… its dangerous…”

“Its my job Mr. Khurana…”, she spoke as a matter of fact.

“geet… until rajit comes… you are not moving from here..”

Another bullet just missed them by an inches and geet seemed furious. She couldn’t have retaliated violently now since maan was with her. Anything she does could cost maan’s life now and by the noises she knew..there was more than one attacker.

She looked at him defiantly..who the hell was he to stop her from what she does? But hell… those dark eyes boring into her soul was enough to make her drown in  them.

“let-me-go-khurana..”, she gritted her teeth, “its my job…”

“well..i would certainly but not alone..”, he bit back.

They heard noises as if someone shouting that they found them.

“shit…”, geet pushed maan back to the corner and knew she has to distract them. She looked here and there and pulled her frills up, revealing the thigh pads she wore with her pistol tugged within. She took out two and threw one at him, “use…when needed…”

He caught it but glared at her, “geet…you are not going… get back…”

But she was already gone! He closed his eyes..this girl was too damn stubborn! For the first time he felt bad that his security came at the cost of her life! He looked at his hand with which he had held her arm sometime back, and found it smeared with blood! He gasped…she was bleeding… so the first bullet had pierced her arm. There was no way he was going to let her out in the danger..she didn’t even have any guards on! And there was definitely no way he was willing to wait till Rajit evacuated the party and came to his rescue.


next: maan angry at geetAngry



Next Update might be of Hello Beautiful!!Wink

Part 1


He came out of his class sighing in relief. The lecture was indeed a bore! His friends, a lot of them, decided to just sit in the cafe and enjoy the rest of the day. Two hours of boring lecture didn’t leave them with anymore energy to go on with two more classes. It was their final year and they were supposed to have fun. So they decided to just bunk the rest of the classes and go for a movie.

“how about we go for a movie?”, Rohan, his friend spoke up randomly.

The idea suddenly seemed so exciting that everyone agreed. Rohan gave a sly smile and added, “i am calling Nisha to join us with her friends…”

“Oh come on Rohan… you can’t  go anywhere without your gf.. can you?”, maan sighed.


Rohan grinned, “ohh come on… Nishu doesn’t have anymore classes and whats wrong in inviting her? All of you know her pretty well.. don’t you..”

Saying so, he immediately called her up and informed her of the plan. The guys and grils teased him but he wasn’t even embarrassed. Maan knew rohan was crazy about nisha.. and indeed he was happy for her. They were the inseparable birds of the college. They had different subjects but that didn’t hinder their liking each other. Maan quickly checked his phone if he got any message from dadima and smiled.


In the next 15 minutes, the cafe filled with awwws and sighs as nisha and rohan got together.. and their usual bickering habit. Someone found it too cute and someone was laughing his head off seeing them fight even over a piece of pastry. He smiled at them…their usual routine but his eyes fell on someone else today, trying to make her way towards them, fidgeting with the papers she was carrying.


It so happens once in a life time.. theres this moment which comes  all of a sudden and takes your breath away. You just get drawn to the moment and forget to breathe.

She walked in beauty yet clumsiness combined as the naughty wind played with her dark locks and her silky dupatta, irritating her for she wasn’t able to keep her papers intact. His head screamed just one word- wow!


She had a cute frown on her face and that little pout on her rosy lips, trying to fight the wind had him in smiles. Gosh… she was beautiful! Her face was nothing by a myriad of expressions and her hands trying to hold her stuffs together. It was cutely funny to see her fight with something as powerful as the wind but she didn’t give up. She finally managed to tuck all the papers in her bag and reach for them.



Nisha had known everyone from rohan’s gang and she was a good friend of maan as well. She smiled seeing her reach them and called for attention, “alright guys… meet my friend…”

Everyone turned to see the pretty lady standing in front of them. But one pair of eyes just couldn’t blink at all. He watched her through the crowd as her frown was now replaced by a small smile on her lips. He wondered if someone’s expressions could change so drastically!!

“guys… this is Meet… my  classmate and my closest friend.. since you guys are going to the movie, i thought i’d get her along…”

People welcomes her with a huge smile. She smiled and shook hands with them all. Someone just commented on her looks, “uh ohh.. salwar kameez… nishu… no behenji types alright??!!”

Meet smiled and extended her hand to the girl for a shake, “i hope my looks don’t affect your better judgement…”

She was extremely polite and she said her words! The message was clear to everyone and the girl was pleased. She shook her hands and introduced herself. Nisha was so glad that meet liked her buddies. She held her by her shoulders and turned her towards maan, “and this is Maan.. i had told you right… rohan’s best friend..”


From the very beginning, she had noticed a peculiar gaze on herself… and just facing him cleared her doubts. The same intense look… and that didn’t hold her uncomfortable for some reasons. It made her conscious and blush a bit.

“hey…”, he smiled and extended his hand.

She slowly raised her head to his level and shook his hand, “hello..”

The first brush of something attractive and something so blissful it was. Their eyes met for the first time and she realized it was just that look she had been feeling all this while. And this guy… he was exactly what she had heard about him and even more than that! He was tall, well built… handsome with sharp features and those chocolate brown eyes that held her captive in the first look itself. She didn’t know what it was that kept her so still.. and his touch, like the first drop of rain and she felt enchanted by those intense eyes.


It may sound so cliched but it was happening for real..with them!! She immediately broke the contact and took a step back, turning towards nisha, “so what movie are we going?”

umm.. i just checked the shows.. its X-men: days of future Past..”

She hada wide smile on her face, “wow… the next installment of x-men series… so how are we all going?”

umm… movie starts in next 45 minutes.. maan and rohan have i think they can accommodate the 10 of us…and the rest will take two wheelers.”


They screamed in unison and quickly grabbed their stuffs to go. He just watched her… that baby pink salwar kameez didn’t make her look anything lesser a personality… she was sharp and she was polite at the same time. He liked it. He walked out to get his car and the wind seemed to change…ummm may be for the good.

It was strange when he found himself staring at her instead of the huge screen in front of her. He had liked the x-men series and yet he found himself looking at the person seated just a one seat away from him, popping the popcorn.. or at times making faces.


She gulped down her coke and realized there was a pair of eyes staring at her. Needless to say, she knew whose it was. Maan— a small smile crept on her lips when she mentally called his name. He’s got such a beautiful name she thought–Maan! Whist everyone were busy watching the movie and most importantly when mystique goes to fight all alone, she dared to look back at those eyes that had, since their first meet, hadn’t left her. She felt something deep in them… and there was this intense pull, she just couldn’t break herself free from.

Their eye lock was broken with the guys hooting and cheering when the final fisht sequence came and she just blushed. She looked back to the screen trying to catch up with what she missed. Gosh… she was behaving like a stupid. But she couldn’t help it either. You meet someone for the first time.. and then feel this sudden intense pull…sounds stupid but isn’t impossible.


They walked out of the theatre discussing what happened in the movie and how Hughes Jackman was at his best…she chatted away merrily but not missing that deep baritone that spoke of the details of the movie. She smiled to her own, hearing his voice deep and so enticing.

It was already evening and she checked the time. She had to get back home via bus now! She bid goodbye to her friends who parted their ways after a cup of coffee in a nearby cafe. She waved bye to everyone and stood by the pavement, looking for an auto rickshaw.  It wasn’t time for the bus now.. and taking an auto was better for now. She looked here and there and waited for 10 more minutes to see an empty auto.. fidgeted with her dupatta and chewed her lips until she saw a very familiar car, pull in front of her, stopping all her actions.


He pulled down the window and smiled, “need any help?”

Gosh… she couldn’t believe it was him yet she had known it was him all this time. His eyes flicked in an unknown happiness and so did hers. She couldn’t stop that smile from escaping her lips…their first real interaction, “nope..thank you. I will just take an auto..”

He smirked a bit, “i don’t think you will get an auto anytime soon. Come on..i shall drop you. It could rain anytime it seems…”

“ahh.. no no thank you.. i’d take the auto. No need to worry..”, she added politely.

“come on meet… there’s no hard in me dropping you home right! Come on.. hop in.”

Wow…he called her name. Gosh…it sounded so beautiful from his lips… Meet was her name! Her heart skipped a few beats. The person who had taken all her attention today came to her..and offering her a drive back home! Her cheeks turned warm with that blush as he just stared at her.


When he got no reply from her, he got off his car and moved to the other side and opened the door for her! He held the door and looked at her with a cute smile yet with a glint of naughtiness in his eyes.  She sighed… she really couldn’t refuse after this!!! He was the first man in her life who has taken away all her attention just with his look! She played with the end of her dupatta and  very gracefully sat in. And the moment she did… he had that wide grin on his face like that of a teenagers who had been graced with a look of his crush!

He closed the door properly and went back to the steering. It seemed all so meet someone for the first time and feel something different about him/her and then the nature conspires you two to ride in the same car! Typical but yes of course…it was happening with them. The drive was silent for a while for both knew not how to break it or what to speak for that matter.


She knew her heart beats were rising every passing minute and he was in the same boat but a little composed. He stole glances at her from time to time until the silence became awkward.

“so… you are nisha’s classmate?”, he finally broke the silence.

She jumped a bit hearing him say something so suddenly but then composed herself. A bit of talking wouldn’t hurt as much as the silence does.

“umm.. yeah not exactly the same subjects though… i am doing my major in Physics while nisha’s major is Sociology. We do have a few common electives…”

He smiled, keeping his eyes on the road, “ohh.. so we’ve got an Einstein here…have we?”

His playful words made her giggle.. she knew he was trying to make her comfortable and she loved that about him. Yes…not liked but she loved that. She had heard about maan being the heartbeat of the college girl and she just realized why!

“ohh no no… not an Einstein…i ain’t that genius…”

“…but a genius nevertheless..”, he cut her in between.

Her smile grew wider… and he was floored! She was indeed so beautiful and she seemed to get him sigh! Her cute jhumkas kissed her cheeks as she laughed and then shook her head and raised a brow at her, “am I being flattered? And why?”

He shook his head but looked ahead, “am not a flatterer Meet… i happen to say truth all the time…”


Haiyee..her name from his lips sounded so sweet! She almost forgot to breathe for a moment. But she quickly regained her composure, “well then… thank you for being honest. So tell me.. what are your subjects and a bit about yourself. Please take the left turn”

“umm… well there’s nothing much about me. As You know am a final year MBA and then will be joining my family business…”

She wanted to reply but her heart sunk when she saw her house approaching. Gathering all the denies that loomed over her heart, she finally spoke up, “here… stop! Mera ghar aa gaya…”

He was equally upset too! They reached too early! He didn’t like it.. didn’t like it at all!  Before he even knew, she was out of the c ar and flashed her smile, “thank you so much for the ride back home…”

He nodded in acceptance, “well then..see you tomorrow in college.”

She blushed a bit… so he is expecting to see her in college the next day! She dipped her head in shyness and nodded, “umm..bye then…thank you again..”

She turned and walked back slowly into her house. He watched her retread and drove back home to tell dadima everything about meet! Gosh… she was an angel. She was sweet…sober..calm and very beautiful. She seemed genuine.

“meet…”, he murmured to himself as he hit the road once again, “I just cant wait to know you more!”


Next: Maan and Meet- new talk of college.Wink





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