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Dia was nowhere listening, “namla chalo….angel..

She held namra’s hands and dragged her to the place she had asked angel to wait for her. Dadima rolled her eyes..they were getting naughtier day by day! Just then she got a call from Maan asking where they were! She asked him to meet them in the mall so that they could go home together!


Maan kept the call and turned his car towards the mall, still pondering over what Dadima had told him earlier that morning. She was not wrong too…if dia and namra were a little older then it wouldn’t had been a problem…but at the stage they were…mother was the most indispensible part of their lives! He has no right to keep them away from their mother…he knew how it feels not having a mother..!! he was lucky that he had Jasmeet…but what wrong did his daughters do to deserve this? He wanted to think deeper into the one can take Anisha’s place in his one! Whatever happened between them was what fate had conspired to take her away from him..from their daughters.. and he cursed fate! His reverie was broken by the honk of other cars..he was finally in the mall!!!


He rushed out..he wanted to see his angels….the day been long and tiring and only his angels could make him feel better…his heart lighter and take him away from this confusion and dilemma…at least for sometime!!! He parked his car and called up Dadima. They were in the clothing section for kids. He was tired so he asked them to meet him the food court. By the time they reach he can have a mug of refreshing coffee.


Geet roamed around the mall..thinking what to buy. Aryan knew this was geet… she can shop for everyone but not her own self!!! He rolled his eyes… she is an exception to the ‘girls’ specie!

Dia came back with narma…pulling her, dashing with people and still running. She looked around but found no one!!!


Namra: kahan hai angel?

[where is angel?]

Dia (almost crying): I I told angel to shtay here…sob…

She turned around to see if her angel was there. Even namra looked around. And that’s when dia started crying not finding her angel anywhere.

Dia: sob..wo..wo.chali gayi…

[she went away..]

And she was so heartbroken…namra saw her and as a responsible elder sister, she wiped her tears with her tiny hands, “angel sachi mein aayi thi kya?

[did angel come for real?]


Dia rubbed her nose and nodded. Dadima reached there and saw both the cuties crying. She got so worried. She ran to them and asked what happened!

Namra: sniff… Dadima.. angel.. wo chali gayi…

[Dadima..angel went away…]

Dadima: what?

Dia: yesh Dadima.. I saw angel….

Dadima wondered if they even knew what they were telling! But angel…it was geet right! Why were they crying?


Dadima: hume theek se bataiye beta.. whom did you see?

[tell us properly beta… whom did you see?]

Dia: sob sob..angel Dadima.. unhe wait kalne bola and she… sob wo chali gayi..

[angel Dadima.. I told her to wait..and she..sob..she went away..]

Dadima got alert,.. did they really see geet??? Even she had tears in her eyes… wish what they were saying was true! It could also be that they must have mistook someone as geet! And it could also be that geet was really here…!!!


You really cannot trust children yet you can trust children more blindly than adults!! In all her dilemma she decided to get themselves home! it was Geet’s bday and that was not enough to celebrate! She looked out for the nanny and asked her to get the kids to the ground floor. She walked and called Maan asking him to see them directly at the exit!


Maan sighed and walked downstairs. He wanted to take the lift..but then he didn’t know why he decided on the escalator! He reached the floor just below the food court and walked slowly towards the escalator that led him to the ground floor. he was feeling so helpless today,… so dejected…. So lonely… what will he do? What can he do? Dadima had put forward the biggest question ever in front of him..and he had no one to listen to his plea..his thoughts… his feelings!!! For the 1st time in life Maan Singh Khurana felt helpless…. In front of his own self! He took a deep breath in and looked up ..only to see the world moving so fast… in its own track..and he was still… like time had become stagnant for him!! And even in that state.. his eyes didn’t miss that one thing….his feet automatically carried him forward…


Geet was in the floor just below the  food court..near the clothing section.. selecting a dress…of course with much persuasion from Aryan! She finally got irritated with him bugging to buy something and selected a kurti for her self. Aryan was pleased..finally she was involving herself in something! He put his hand around her waist and pulled her close and walked ahead!!!


Geet had just gone a few steps when she felt a tug on her hand…failing her to move forward. It was as if someone was holding her hand tight behind her. she stopped in her tracks making Aryan look at her! and before she could understand anything… she was pulled into someone’s embrace and collide hard onto his chest!!!! She stopped breathing!


Maan was about to get to the escalator when he saw her… he couldn’t believe it was her… it was her..  he blinked a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t a dream.. but yes..she was as real as she could get! He couldn’t see anything beyond that… he felt his heart beat for a while… it felt as if he had started breathing again… he wasn’t helpless…. He quickened his steps to get her..before she disappears again…! After years of searching..he finally found her here…. He felt the corner of his eyes burn…. She was here…in Mumbai…


How could she not recognize that scent…that embrace…that aura that filled the air around her!!! and his hold…. She stood still… feeling his hold crush her bones..she didn’t move..neither did she say anything…! May be it was fragment of her imagination..she had been thinking about him a lot of late! She could feel his ragged breath…..and closed her eyes waiting for him to convince her that it was him!

She didn’t hold back..she just stayed still..and that’s when she heard his faint voice, “happy birthday geet…

Kyon chahte hain tumhein yeh maloom nahi

Pata hai to sirf itna ki tum bin jeena nahi

Saanse chal rahi hain kyonki tum zinda ho

Muskura rahe hain hum kyuonki tum khush ho!


She bit her lips to stop her sob…. Tears rolled down her cheeks..still she didn’t speak anything! It was him…she wanted to cry out loud..she missed him sooo much.. she wanted to hug him tight asking him if he was alright.. she wanted to look at his face and shower all her love on him!!!!

Those feelings that she had tried hard to burry beep within her..escaped the clutched of her heart… the chains were so weak..she just needed a little push and god know what more she will do for him!!!


Maan held her tighter…. Finally he found her… after so many many years… she looked thin and pale…he got worried for her.. yet the happiness he felt within came out was tears!

Maan: where were you geet? Kahan kahan nahi dhoondha meine tujhe? Koi aise naraz ho chala jata hain kya?

[where were you geet? How much I have searched for you!! Does anyone get angry like this and goes away?]

Till now she had decided not to speak anything..but his words… she was hearing him after 5 long years….10 months…. 4 days…..13 hours….15 minutes…and 29 seconds…!!! She couldn’t hold back anymore..she hugged him back tightly and cried..wetting his shirt. His voice sounded so painful..that she couldn’t even control her tears!!!!

Kabhi aane na dena gam ki parchayai apne chere pe

Tumhare saath jal jayegi har khushi mere dil mein

Tere har kante ko nikal doon, tere har ansoon ko mein pee loon…

Logon ke humkadam hote hote hain, mere to khuda hi tum ho

(by ritzy di)


She slowly looked up at his face…. His eyes met hers.. tearful..tired… and his face.. she felt like kissing his face all over…but she can’t right!!! She caressed his cheeks softly..feeling his stubble.. and smiled a bit.

tu kitna badal gaya hain…“, she spoke through her tears

[you have changed so much.!!]

He smiled back at her too…. Finally he found her!!! yes he did!!!!

Maan: umm..sari..not bad geet….

She blushed a bit… it was probably for the 1st time he was seeing her in a sari. And her reaction to him..all the play of her feelings..that were still nave and innocent..that still lived deep inside her heart..that got a way to express themselves…after years!!!


People around looked at them smiling..wondering if it was for real or some film shoot going on in front of their eyes! Aryan stood numb…unable to speak anything..unable to move!!! He didn’t even realize when geet’s hands slipped off his and she was gone…but he saw her smiling…. He smiled too! So this is what she was missing!!!! He knew she loved Maan madly…and she still love him….  he was indeed happy that they met..he truly wanted that. but something else bothered him too!!!

Maan held her hand and pulled her, “lets go!



geet…its your birthday..celebrate nahi karna kya? Goodness… I can’t believe you are not celebrating your birthday!!!

[geet..its your birthday… you don’t have to celebrate or what? Goodness.. I can’t believe you are not celebrating your birthday!!!]


He pulled her out..and she was so happy…so so so happy…unknowingly the  kurti dropped from her hands and she just followed a puppet..smiling….she didn’t even remember that Aryan was somewhere around…probably watching her!

Aryan looked at her…he was so happy that they met!!!! He walked ahead and picked up the kurti….Dusted it and walked to the cash counter!!!!


He literally dragged her out. on the way he called up Dadima.

Maan: Dadima… aap sab ghar jaiye ..driver hain meri car ke paas..i’ll be late!

[ go home with the driver is there near my car..i’ll be late]

Before Dadima could say anything..he had already disconnected the call. She wondered what happened all of a sudden…but she couldn’t miss that certain enthusiasm in his voice. She sighed and called the driver!!!


Maan was so happy..he had never felt this good with anyone in those past 5 years. Anisha was a different issue altogether..she was his wife!! But with geet..things are always different! He dragged her into a big hotel, ordered cake for her with happy bday geet written on it and made her cut it. He asked the waiter to distribute the cake to all the people present in that hall…forgetting everything!


Geet was so lost in him..she forgot everything…like nothing ever past… no future..just them and that moment. She didn’t even bother asking about Anisha..neither did he think about telling her. he didn’t even ask her why she went away, where she was staying or what she was doing now… he wanted to be with her as long as he could. He even forgot about Dadima’s words in the morning. Geet just kept looking at him…followed every word of his…. As if he owned her..without hesitation..without question!!!!


Dia and namra were still upset about their angel and now their papa was also missing. Worst day ever for them….dadima was tired explaining them the reasons but none of them were near listening.

Dia: mu..mujhe angel se milna hain Dadima….

[i..i want to meet angel dadima]

Namra: aapne kaha tha na… mumma nahi tho angel humara khayal rakhegi..phir kyun chali gayi wo?

[you had told us na if not mumma then angel will take care of us.. then why did she go away?]


Even Dadima couldn’t understand what to do now. Yes she did tell them about angel…she did tell them that angel will come and take care of them… but she didn’t know that dia and namra will take it to heart like this!!! She made the girls lie on her lap and closed her eyes mumbling, ‘hume maaf kar dijiye geet…

[forgive us geet..]


Here Maan and  geet were having a lot of fun. They had dinner together… went to an ice cream parlor and geet…as you see the naughty geet.. she smeared all her ice cream on his cheeks saying it was her bday return gift!!! Maan smirked and smeared the ice cream all over her face saying it was her bday gift!!! But she knew she had already got her bday gift…and probably this was the most beautiful bday gift ever!!!

It was around 11pm when they finally decided to go home. Maan drove while she just sat silently..watching him..still trying to capture each and every moment of his in her heart! Who knows she might not be able to see him ever again!!! Suddenly her heart felt heavy with those thoughts…. Yes..everything will become just a dream.. a passing phase… a memory….

The Hardest Moment in Life is not when

You lose something and tears come out of your eyes….

It is, when you know you are losing something

And You Are Forced To Smile!


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