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IMPT: the font in pink are the thoughts of Geet handa. She doesn’t exist in the present but her thoughts post her realization do!

“chalein?”, he asked with a smile.

[shall we move?]

“umm…”, she nodded delightfully.

They drove towards the main road with her in awe of the night lights decorating the city. The whole time she did nothing but look out of the window like a small kid looking at the huge world for the first time. He occasionally stole glances at her from time to time and he was rewarded with that sweet smile on her face throughout.


He shook his head smiling when she gaped wide at the huge gates of the park. It was for the first time she had been on her own. He saw her quite stunned with the opulence from the outside…he wondered what she will do when she gets in. He moved forward and gently slid his hand into hers, holding it tight. She turned to him in awe…and he just smiled, “lets go…”

He took a step forward and led her inside. it was a little darker by now and there were still a few people around. Geet never noticed them at all.  Maan walked ahead holding her hand and she walked behind looking here and there…trying to capture all the beauty with her eyes. She had never been to this place ever… it was just too big and too beautiful for her. she looked around as they slowly walked towards a secluded area near the lake and that fascinated her. she never knew such beautiful place existed around her.


“wowww…this is so beautiful…”, she awed as she walked towards the lake and watched the reflection of the moon in it.

“do you like it??”, he asked her cutely.

She turned to him with big wide eyes, “I love it… this place is so beautiful…”

“yes it is…”


Silence lingered for a while as both of them looked at the moon reflecting on the lake. When he thought none of them were going to speak, she broke the silence, “maan…”

“ummm…”, he spoke without looking at her, taking in that serene beauty.

“how do you know me?”

Time stood still for him…silence seemed to scream her presence…people around suddenly felt like going away and the breeze dropped to dead! He turned to watch her expressions… she looked so much in awe of the nature and still looked at the lake. How does he know her… he didn’t know how to answer this question. Wasn’t she the one who was a kid just a few minutes back? Wasn’t she the one who was crying to get away from Sasha? Wasn’t she the one stubborn kid who didn’t want to do her homework? Wasn’t she that excited child who was seeing the world for the first time?

He looked at her with concentration…her face had a very calm look like that of a very thoughtful understanding person…someone lost in a deep thought. he realized…she was someone very differ

ent from the Geet he knew…she was a kid yet she was a person with a great thought process.

Upon hearing no reply, she turned to look at him with a question in her eyes but what could he tell her now? It would be difficult to make her understand what relationship they shared…or the very fact that would she even believe that she had made love to the very stranger standing in front of her…or would she even be able to digest the fact that she had broken it off…


Have I caught thee, my heavenly jewel? Why, now let
me die, for I have lived long enough.
(The Merry Wives of Windsor, William Shakespeare)

Let me die…for I have lived Long enough!


Geet looked at his face…so confused and so pale. Did she ask a question that she was not supposed to ask?

“i..ahh…well actually I don’t remember much”, she tried to clarify her act seeing him so numb, “Chachi said I had met with an accident and thats why I am suffering from such a problem but doctor says I will remember things if I try…”

He still couldn’t believe she was actually speaking so maturely today. Its like she is not the person he actually knew or has come to know in those two days. She had changed… her entire personality has changed drastically!! How he wished he could tell her everything truthfully that she was his jaan… his princess…his soul.. but he knew he can’t..not at least now!

His saviour his phone rang breaking their eye contact. He sighed and thanked adi mentally for saving him in the nick of time.


“Geet… walk around. I have got this important call to take. Don’t go off very far okay. Its already dark…”

“umm..Ok…“, she nooded in understanding and walked around the lake with small steps at a time.

He settled on a nearby bench, sighing with relief. The phone was really a saviour.

“yes adi…tell me…”, he spoke as he looked for Geet who seemed to squeal happily seeing a family of ducks paddling in the water. He smiled seeing her happy…suddenly turning into a kid that he had seen at her place and got engrossed in his call.

“sir… you have got to attend this conference anyhow. Its important for the company…” and Adi just went on and on and on telling him about the details of the conference to be held in Mumbai a day after tomorrow and so on. Maan just got lost in his work completely forgetting Geet until his eyes fell on that beautiful lady sitting by the water, trying to count the number of ducks.


She sat by a small rock with her feet just a few inches away from the water looking at the ducks, quacking occasionally. She was so happy to see them…she had seen them in her picture books. How many are there? she looked at the mamma duck and counted her finger, “1… and 2…”, she had curled her fingers into a fist and opened little finger first when she counted one…and then the ring finger at 2…the middle finger at 3… the index finger at 4…the thumb at 5. She scratched her head a bit because she had to use the fingers of the other hand.

Any would look at her and say her cute…but it was maan who was realizing what nisha meant by forgetting basic cognitive skills. It was even difficult for her to count numbers! He noticed post 7 she was trying to remember what came after 7. She was not okay… she wasn’t okay at all! He listened to Adi robotically while his heart cried for her. she was by now trying to walk towards the ducks by walking along the perimeter of the ducks. The ducks recognised movements and rushed to hide. She hurried up after them as well, trying to hold one little duck.

He just sat like that… trying to digest what he learned today. He knew it was difficult… but he had refused to accept this could be so worse. His jaan would have hated this disability!! The person here was someone so different… he never knew.


“hello? Sir… are you there? hello…”, adi’s voice echoed in his ears as he snapped back to reality.

“ya…yes go on…”

He heard Adi while his eyes were on his jaan still trying to go after the ducks. He smiled and then looked down at his tab he was holding to check his mails. it was so calm at this time.. the occasional chirrup of the crickets and then the quacking of ducks and he just lost himself in his work.

It was almost 30 minutes later when he finished with his call and put his phone in the pocket. He finished with his tab and kept it aside. This was tiresome. He stood up and stretched himself looking around for her.

“Geet…”, he called out, lest she was around but not a reply came. Where could she go?

“Geet…jaan where are you?”, he looked around the lake and around him to see if she was there…but there was no sign of hers. He panicked! Where could she go? She was new here and he did tell her not to wander off. He walked a few steps ahead looking for her. he shouldn’t have taken the call in the first place itself. Ohh she knew nothing around her. he looked around calling out to her when a cute shriek caught his attention, which seemed to come nearer each passing minute.


He turned towards that voice and saw her running towards him with baby steps. Her face her constricted with fear and her eyes shut closed. She was just blindly running somewhere she knew not of.

“ahh ahh..bachao bachao…”, she squeaked.

“Geet… come here…”, he was scared seeing her in such panic.

She just heard the voice and ran towards him…she was just too scared to even realise who was calling her and hugged him tightly the moment she hit him. he was warm… and thats what she liked it. she snuggled closer, hiding her face into his chest.


She did it because of her reflex…but what went through maan was something more than earth shattering. He stilled with the touch of her body against his..every inch of her body clinging to him like a broken leaf, trembling in fear. Millions of times he had dreamed of this moment…his jaan just came back safely to him and he’d hide her from the world. Seeing her like this, made his heart muster up all that courage to make his dreams a reality. She was right here…in his arms and he need to protect her. his eyes welled up…he didn’t know if it was out of happiness or sadness..but they did and unknown to him, a tear drop slid down his cheek. he instinctively wrapped his arms around her petite form protectively…authoratively… and pulled her closer to him, if that was ever possible. His dream had come true… he blinked his eyes a couple of times and kissed her head, making to oblivious for her and rested his head above hers.

Cry Not my Love…for I am here.. though never in front of you.. but I am in every beat of your heart…Or Am I really?


They stayed like that for how long…god knows! But he never wanted to let go. He was at peace right now.. something he had been craving for all this time…so many months..days..hours…and seconds had ticked by… and he found that happiness today!

Geet felt her heart beats calm down as his warmth engulfed her completely. She felt nice.. quite soothing. She slowly opened her eyes only to realize she was in Maan’s arms.. hugging him tight with her hands wrapped around his neck. Realization struck hard… she was never this close to any guy before… and maan…ohh god what he might be thinking?? This was not right.. she breathed in sharply only to take in that deep masculine scent of his… a mix of his perspiration and cologne. Her entire body tingled… its not even more than just 3 days for their knowing each other… and here they were… her face flushed with embarrassment! What would he think of her now? She tried to straighten herself but her effort seemed futile in front of his mighty self.  She sighed…she didn’t know how to just tell him. mustering up all her courage, she tried again this time, a little more strength and she stood in his arms, looking up at him.

Their faces were too close…almost less than a few inches apart… his warm breath fell on her lips, making them quiver and this time, it was her who couldn’t take her eyes off him. he looked into her eyes…straight and deep…almost touching her soul. She could see that question on his face…why she tried to pull away… yet there seemed to be a longing in his eyes. Their breath mingled as his hand wrapped her tighter around her waist. She, in turn, wrapped her fingers tighter around his neck as a reflex, letting out a gasp with the sudden jerk she felt with his hold.


She had never felt something like this in her entire life.. or at least the life she remembered now. This was something so different…his hold, his look…his loving gaze on her..suddenly seemed to burn her cheeks evidently. Her breath became uneven and unable to take the intensity of those eyes, her lashes dropped down…out of embarrassement…out of shyness…none knew.

“tum aise kyun bhaag rahi thi?”, his deep husky voice reached her ears, making her toes curl.

[why were you running like that?]

She looked further down…looking here and there when his grip became even tighter, “Geet…”

“umm…”, she squeaked, unable to understand what was actually happening.

“look at me…”, he demanded, not even letting her breath properly with his grip.

She had never heard a voice so demanding…so authorative yet with much of love. she gulped hard and slowly raised her head to look up at him when her eyes fell on her own hands that held him tight round his neck. She was getting so conscious of it right now. Her breathing was still ragged with his closeness… she immediately untangled her fingers and slipped them down to his shoulder, totally not understanding what it was doing to him.


He shivered as her hands slowly and sensuously slid down his shoulder. He watched her expressions which gave away the effect of his closeness to her. but he was not letting her off the hook this easily. She was getting uncomfortable because she was so close to him that she had no way to get her hands off him. she looked here and there trying to free herself.

“where were you lost? And why were you running like that?”

 “uhh…”, she lost her voice!! Gosh… this was sonot happening. She cleared her throat and tried again, “umm..wo…wo…”, she pointed towards the bushes with her thumb, “wahan…”



He noticed her trying hard not to keep her hands on his shoulder. He arched her brows on her, “You can keep it there…”, he commanded.

And she just couldn’t do anything. Feeling that intensity of his voice, she hesitatingly, kept her hand back on his shoulder and breathed out.

“now..tell me what happened…”

She made a baby face, “that doggy…”, and then she cried, “he was barking at me…”

He didn’t know what to react at this incredulous thing!!! He muffled his laughter as he arched one of his brows, “doggy??”

She felt so shy with that look at those eyes. She shut her eyes tightly and looked down, “umm.. I got so scared…”


He shook his head…this was impossible! He left her waist and took a step back, letting her breathe and burst out laughing. She gaped at him and he just fell on the grass laughing his head off.

She made a face and waited for him to stop, “maan…sachi…mein bahut darr gayi thi. Bahut bhayanak tha wo doggy…”, she spoke wideing her eyes to create the horror.

[maan…honestly… I was so scared. That doggy was too scary..]

He watched her complain and kept on laughing. This was just too cute…actually too damn funny. But her facial expressions made him shut up. She puffed up her cheeks in anger and glared at him. he instantly shut up and stood up, “ok ok..don’t get angry. Now where is the doggy that scared you?”

She pointed towards the bushes just a few feet away. He sighed and held her hand, “chalo..lets see your doggy!”

She glared at him as he dragged her towards the bush.

“maan…he is scary… “

He was already searching the bush for the scary doggy.

“maan no…”, she got scared and took a step back.

He pushed away the bushes and looked at her smirking, “iss doggy se darr gayi??”

[you got scared of this doggy?]

She shook her head for a no.

“arrey nahi dekho tho..see he’s so cute…”

 [arrey no..see… see he’s so cute…]

She was still hesitating. Maan held her hand and pulled her closer, “have a look at it…”

She dared to peek at the cute poodle sit in the bush, looking scared. She was shocked to hell.

“dekho…kitna cute hain…aur tum issey darr gayi?”

[see…he’s so cute… and you got scared of this?]


She didn’t know what was happening..but this was the doggy who barked at her when she had gone searching for the ducks. She made a face and tunred away from maan who had a teasing look on his face.

Just then a kid came running by, “Johnny…excuse me sir…have you seen a small poodle around here?”

Maan smiled, eying Geet and turned to the boy, “are you searching for him?”, he pointed towards the poodle.

The child’s face brightened up, “yes..thats my Johnny…thank you..”

He carried the dog and walked away. Maan sighed and checked the time.

“its late…lets get you home baby…”, he laughed.

“huh… making fun of me!“, she muttered under her breath.

He held her hand and walked out just like they had walked in but this time, she was lost in her own thoughts!! He was to travel to India in the next two days… sigh he wont be meeting her for the next one week.


They were just about to reach their car when he felt a tug in his hand. He stopped and turned to see Geet who had been quiet throughout. He saw her quiet lost and stand still for a moment. He panicked and went closer to her, “ okay??”

She was still for a while and then looked up at him. this time, a bright smile adored her lips and her eyes twinkling in joy!!


“maan… did you see?“, she squealed in happiness!

He didn’t understand what she was hinting at, “what??”

But her happiness was visible on her expressions. She laughed openly, “I ran today… I ran…I didn’t fall… “

Her excitement… her happiness in realizing that she could run was something that made him realize that her problems were not limited to her cognitive skills only.

She had almost started jumping, “ohh god… I ran without falling… I did… yiipiieee I did…”

She held his hands and started jumping happily. He just smiled looking at her this excited. But Geet was far from thinking about him. she wa wonder she didn’t falter a step. She just watched him smile all through which made her evening all the more bright because this was the best evening she ever had and she ran without a fall.

They drove back with a smile still adoring her lips. He brought her an ice cream while coming back…he just couldn’t be happier!

I can see you happy… just smile like that forever and I need nothing. Let me die…for I have lived long enough! Just let me go Maan… Let me go!

next; Meeting After A Week.


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“ohh fish… meeting…”

Geet wondered why he said fish when there was no fish anywhere at all!! Before she could ask him, he just rushed out, waving a bye to her nisha and Ana.

“maan… come tomorrow as well…”, nisha spoke.

“umm… I am travelling tomorrow … I will come in the evening… “

She watched everyone getting so cordial with maan and wondered why doesn’t she remember him when everyone knows him so well! she retired to her room and sat on her study table. She put on her ear plugs of her ipod listening to music”her favourite pass time as of now and thought harder!!!


It was already evening and nisha wondered why Geet was still locked up in her room. She knocked for a couple of times. Upon getting no reply, she pushed open the door and looked for her. her lips curved into a sweet smile seeing her angel sleep on her study table soundly. She went closer and softly caressed her face and realized she still had her earplugs on. she shook her head and switched off her ipod taking out those earplugs. She was about to leave when something very unfamiliar caught her attention. She stood right beside her watching her smile in her sleep. Umm..maybe she was seeing a dream. Nisha was so happy to see Geet actually happy after a long time. The advent of maan back into their lives brought so many positive things back. She kissed Geet’s forehead and let her princess sleep a little more.


Maan was just too happy…he just couldn’t believe his jaan could be just so innocent. Yes, it was painful to realize she doesn’t even remember him or any moment they had shared but then that was a different issue altogether. what mattered the most was that she was fine. Adi and The office saw a very different maan Khurana for the first time after he had shifted to London and they were happy. Adi somehow from their conversation had guessed that Geet Handa was alive somewhere and she was the reason of his boss’s happiness. He was glad that maan was happy… he might just get a raise in salary?? He laughed to himself.. Adi had become in confidante over the years and he was sure maan would tell him when he needed to.


The scheduled meeting went extremely well especially with maan’s happy mood. The clients were happy and so were his employees. They wished they could just see maan like this for ever. But maan was just floating in heaven. He rushed home early for a change and hugged avantika. She was too surprised to see him like this.

“arrey arrey kya hua…aaj aap bade khush lag rahe hain khurana sahib?”

[arrey arrey what happened… you look so happy today Mr. Khurana…]

He just nodded all in smiles, “hmm… baat hain hi kuch aisi… mom get ready. Hum dinner ke liye jaa rahe hain…”

[hmm… the thing is like that… mom get ready. We are going out for dinner..]

Avantika’s eyes popped out, “what?? What did you just say?”

Maan rolled his eyes realizing she had hardly been out with him after they settled here, “we are going out for dinner. Don’t ask the reason… but get ready quickly. Its already going to be 8. I have to be back early and prepare for tomorrow.”

Avantika was happy to see this change slowly seeing into her son’s life…but she wondered what was the reason. She had never forced him to speak out…and maan respected that. he spoke to her when he had to and everything truthfully. And this was the reason he loved him mom more than anything (of course Geet comes in too but later). she never forced him into anything and let him make his own choice.


He drove her to his favourite restaurant and ordered everything her favourite. Avantika couldn’t help but be amused at his happiness… he was being extra sweet today.

“so… you want to tell us…”, avantika eyed him suspiciously.

He took in a bite of his ice cream and looked thoughtful.

“maan…, we’re asking something.”

“umm..yes… I mean no… I need some time to settle things.”


They finished their dessert quietly and drove back home and this time the drive was quiet. He just bid her a good night the moment they reached their mansion and rushed back to his room. He took off his shirt and changed into his tracks and sat on the couch by the huge window of his room, looking out. The moonlight simmered through the glass and fell on him, thinking about the happenings today… his finding out nisha, their talk… Geet’s condition. their meeting..everything. they were here because they wanted Geet away from the spot light. Nisha travelled India-UK from time to time so that no one suspected anything. Nisha trusted him and told him everything… he cannot break the trust can he? He absolutely can’t tell anyone about her at all..not now…at least not till she was better. His mother might just not understand him right now because of their broken engagement…he can’t tell her now!! He sighed and looked at the time. He had to look into some file before travelling the next morning. He just brought his laptop and files and lost himself in his work. The next day was going to be a long day.


Geet woke up rubbing her eyes and she was surprised to find herself on her bed. She wondered who did that and realized she had been sleeping like a long since last evening. Sasha had helped her settling on bed later at night. she sighed and the first thing, she tried to stand up. A smiled touched her lips…it didn’t happening today. She felt like dancing…she could stand up without a help and this time her legs listened to her! nisha came to check on her, “good morning princess…”

She yawned lazily, “good morning Chachi… see I can walk today…”, she squealed.

Nisha smiled at her, “yes very good Geet…you are improving.”

Geet sat back on the bed and looked at the floor thinking something. Nisha looked at her curiously wondering what she was thinking.

“Geet…”, she called out softly.

“i…i saw a little girl yesterday Chachi…”, she spoke, lost.

“little girl??”

“umm…”, she spoke still looking at the floor, “she…she was holding a doll in her hands.. I couldn’t see things very clearly..but then..she was so…umm…soo happy..”, she looked up at nisha with a sweet smile adoring her lips.


It was then nisha realized she might have seen herself as a child in her dream…and thats why she was smiling in her sleep. The doll…she recalled as images of Geet flashed in her mind when she had come back from office, looking frantically for that doll. She didn’t know whether to be happy for this Geet on remembering a bit of her life or about that Geet who is still locked up inside. what will happen when she comes out?

“it was you princess…”, nisha spoke cutely, “when you were young, you had a doll that was so dear to you.”

Geet’s eyes widened in happiness… she actually remembered something…ahh she couldn’t be happier. That little girl was her.. ohh she could just dance right now. The doctor was right… she was improving.



Indeed the day was long for him…too long. He had some lunch parties, meetings and what not. He was tired and growing irritated. He just felt like running away from this crowd. He stood by the window, holding his drink. It was going to strike 4 in the evening. he had been too busy the whole day and this party was just too much of a bore. His mind went back to his jaan… and a soft smile was visible on his lips after a long time. He was actually getting some time to think about anything but work now. The party was still on in the lawn but he chose to stay away and watch then from afar.

“umm…what are you doing right now Geet? I miss you…”, he muttered to himself!


“aaachii…sniff…”, she rubbed her nose and looked up at Sasha cutely, making a baby face.

“you don’t have cold do you…”, she asked sternly, shooting her glares.

“No I don’t…”, she spoke out meekly.

Ana was just going out when she jumped in between, “umm.may be someone is thinking of her…”, she spoke naughtily, indicating maan which was an over head transmission for Geet!

Sasha rolled her eyes, “Ana… you were going out right. Just go…don’t give her all these silly gyaan.”

Ana looked at Geet who was pouting right now…but she couldn’t help it when Sasha came to her big sister’ mode. She shrugged and walked away leaving Geet all to Sasha.

“so..where were we?”, she eyes Geet angrily.


Adi came to him, getting away from the crowd, “the deal is settled sir…i don’t think we have much work left here.”

Maan was delighted. He was finally getting off this place. They walked out towards the parking when maan recalled something.

“adi… come in the other car..actually go home. I will drive from here.”

Before adi and the driver could even say something, he was out of the place in a jiffy. Dusk started to set in and he was hell tired. But he wasn’t going home at all. He was so busy the whole day and he didn’t even get time to think of Geet. how does his day end then? He pulled right in front of her house and walked in humming a tune. His day couldn’t end this well ever… ahh he couldn’t forget that happy look on her face when she had eaten that parantha yesterday. He just entered the house and the next thing he heard was a loud clink on ground like a heavy metal falling on the hard floor.


“Geet…Stop it…”, Sasha’s voice followed!

He wondered what was happening and rushed towards the dining hall and the sight that greeted him made him laugh. Madam sat atop the table with her legs crossed and a huge frown decorating her face, ready to throw another cutlery somewhere. Sasha was standing right in front of her, looking quite angry, “Geet… this is the last warning.. if you don’t come down.. I have to punish you…”

“I am not coming down and I wont do my lessons today… “, she screamed like a kid.

“and why is that so?”

“because I am bored…”

Sasha was losing her patience with this kid, “Geet…if you really don’t come down in the next 5 seconds trust me you won’t be allowed to watch tv for the whole week and…”

“Sasha…whats the matter?”, maan interrupted trying hard to hold his laughter. This was just too funny. Sasha was a bit startled to see maan here…she had been told about maan knowing everything so there was no point in even getting surprised.

Defeated, she sighed, “ here?”

yeah I had just come to check on you people… and what’s this noise?”

He looked at Geet who twisted her lips and looked away from the duo, “huh!”


Ohh god…that was just too cute. If Sasha weren’t there, he’d have pulled her cheek so hard and hug her tightly.

“she doesn’t want to do her lessons!”

“and pray what lessons do you give her with her sitting in the middle of the table?”

Sasha breathed in sharply, “just a small exercise for her cognitive skills…like holding spoons, doing small small things simultaneously… and she doesn’t want it today!”

He sighed and looked at Geet, “Geet…get down here..these are important you know..”

“No…”, she curtly replied, “am not going down.”

“you have to do your lessons right?”

“Nope.. I don’t want to do my lessons today..never!”


Sasha sighed looking at maan, “she had been quite cranky since she had come back from her physiotherapy classes today…”

“and where are Ana and Chachi?”

“they have gone shopping right now…”

“okay..let me talk to her.”

He went closer to the table observing her demeanour. She needed to deal with a child ego that pampered her. he stood by her side and called out softly, “Geet…please get down sweety…”

She made a big face and turned away, “I will not come down… I won’t do my lessons…”

He sighed, “okay fine… you won’t..”, he agreed realizing she was really angry about something, “now come down…”


She thought for a while and looked at Sasha meanly from the corner of her eyes. Sasha shot her a deathly glare and Geet immediately turned to maan, “ask her to go away..then only I’ll come down.”

“Geet…whats wrong with you today…”, Sasha was hell irritated.

“Sasha stop…let me deal with her…”

She rolled her eyes and backed out, “yes sir…”

Maan turned towards Geet and saw her fuming. She looked really cute with that big frown on her face.

“so… what do you want to do today if not your lessons?”

Geet’s ears shot up…someone was actually asking her what she wanted to do except her lessons!!! Her eyes widened in happiness. Al these months she had been living a boring monotonous life…doctor, physiotherapist home..thats it!  she smirked looking at Sasha and turned to maan, “mujhe…umm…umm… aaj mujhe bahar ghumne jana hain..”

[i…umm umm..i want to go out today..]

Before maan could even reply, Sasha spoke up, “No ways…You are not going out. Its already dark as well…”

“I want to go out…thats it. I am always locked up in this house… I want to  see around…”

“Geet..Enough! .don’t be stubborn…”, Sasha spoke in a loud voice. This was heights! Since evening she had been trying to get Geet t at least start her lessons…but she had been quite cranky all this while making her angrier.


Geet was never used to a raised voice and Sasha’s voice actually scared her a bit. The room suddenly filled with silence as Geet looked down feeling the corner of her eyes burn. Sasha immediately realized what she had done…gosh… this was so not done. She opened her mouth to say something when maan’s voice checked her, “its okay Sasha… let me take it from here. You go and take rest…”


“it will be fine. I know you are stressed due to work. So just leave this to me. I will call you when I need..”

Sasha knew she cant argue with this guy! She nodded and headed back to her room feeling extremely sad about being rude to Geet like that.


Maan waited till Sasha was gone and finally looked at Geet, “Geet…she is gone. Will you come down now jaan?”

He spoke softly and extended his hand to her. he swore he heard a faint sob escape her mouth and he really felt bad. But anyways Sasha was not to blame as well. she was being a parent to her.

“Geet… stop crying okay. We will do what you want to today..”, he reassured her.

She sniffed a bit and slowly placed her hand over his. This meant a lot to him…her trust…given her state of mind. she was still looking down, feeling low and he didn’t like it. he held her hand and led her towards the couch and made her sit. He knelt in front of her and held her hands softly, “jaan please.. she didn’t mean it. don’t be sad na…”


Ohh he was being so sweet to her that she couldn’t stop replying. She wiped those tiny droplets of tears that had appeared at the corner of her eyes with the back of her hands, “ am not sad..”

“yeah I can see that! chalo…batao tumhe kahan jaana hain..”

[now tell me where do you want to go..]

She looked up at him slowly…this was the first time ever someone was asking her where she wanted to go. Usually Sasha or Ana or nisha would give her instructions on what to do or what not to… she just felt so happy today.

“umm.. I don’t know much places here… do you know a good place?”

He thought for a while and looked at the time.. already past 6pm and it was getting dark.

“umm.. lets take a walk in Hyde Park today… its a beautiful place…”

Her tearful eyes twinkled in joy, “okay… you will take me?”

He smiled pressing her hands gently, “yes I will… anywhere you want!”

He meant it.. from the bottom of his heart! she might not understand him right now… but he believed the Geet handa was buried deep in her heart. she had chosen to go away for him for the time being but he knew she’d come back some day…looking for him. her words still echoed in his hears, “Abhi Nahin Aana Maan… Abhi Nahin Aana…”

She chose to trouble him for the time being by hiding herself…but she had left behind a sweet innocent side of hers that he was never aware of. Her voice broke his reverie, “maan…chaliye na..”

[maan…lets go na..]

His name sounded so sweet…his name was never this sweeter to his ears just like a sweet melody.

“umm..lets go…”, he stood up when Sasha stopped them.

“sir… she can’t go out like this…”

Worry was clearly written all over her face, “its not safe if she gets noticed…”

Maan thought for a while and smiled reassuringly, “I think I can manage. Sasha.. get Geet’s sweatshirt she had worn yesterday..”

Sasha wondered what he indicated but then obliged. she ran to Geet’s room and brought her pink sweatshirt. Geet still looked away from Sasha angrily.

“thanks Sasha… please take rest. You need it. we’ll be back in an hour or so.”

Sasha nodded and gave it to Geet, “wear this and go.”


Geet twisted her lips and took the sweatshirt and pulled it over her. maan held her hand and slowly led her out to his car. The moment was so beautiful for both of them. he left her hand unwillingly when they reached the car.

“Geet… zip up your shirt…”, he instructed her as he went around to unlock the car and get to the steering. He slipped on his seat and waited for her to settle down.

It was almost 5 minutes and she was still not done. He wondered what she was doing and got out of the car looking for her. he went to her side and stood rooted seeing her struggled even with pulling the zip together. gosh…what was he even thinking? How can he forget about her? he cursed himself mentally as he held the two sides of her shirt together, “here…let me help you…”

“umm..”, she nodded and pulled her hands away. He slowly pulled the two ends together and locked to get the zip and slowly slid it up, looking at her reaction. She was just so clueless about it… his Geet was dependent! She’d have hated the very fact if she was really here! He pulled over the hood and covered her head. It was big enough to cover most of her head and one wouldn’t recognise her when sees from afar.

She was just in awe of this maan… how he took care of this small thing. He opened the door and she swiftly slipped inside. he locked the door properly and went to his side. He ignited the engine and looked at her one last time. She had a big smile plastered on her face. She was actually going out for real today!!

“chalein?”, he asked with a smile.

[shall we move?]

“umm…”, she nodded delightfully.

They drove towards the main road with her in awe of the night lights decorating the city. The whole time she did nothing but look out of the window like a small kid looking at the huge world for the first time. He occasionally stole glances at her from time to time and he was rewarded with that sweet smile on her face throughout.


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