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Fairy…Tail????!!!! #83


NOTE: me completely a science baby people so i have ZERO knowledge about business and stuffBig please bear with what ever i write…come on..everythings just imaginary!!!Embarrassed



She stood there for sometime trying to gather so much happiness in her tiny hands and when she could finally breathe normally, she headed towards the kitchen, blushing scarlet, still not able to believe he was really with her!


Dinner was a quiet affair. He was busy on a call and was continuously checking something or the other in his laptop. Probably it was an important call form India. She sat beside him waiting for him to finish but his call went longer. He made a sorry face and continued with his work.


Geet (st): yahan bhi kaam? Babajee what have you done to him in this one month?



She sighed and went to get his food. She sat beside him feeding him and occasionally peeping into his laptop. She looked at him curiously…he looked so lost in his own world and she could see that glow on his face… there was contentment with whatever he was doing. She knew it was his dream and she could see the effort he was putting into his work…his time, his dedication. His mind and soul!


He waited for her to shove that spoon into his mouth, while still on call. He turned to see her dazed face, lost in him. He smiled and put his phone a little away from his ears.


Maan (whispering): geet…sweetheart…


She snapped, blushing at being caught. She shook her head and fed him a bite. He leaned closer and placed a quick peck on her lips and resumed his call.


She finished her food with him. He was done with the call but was engrossed in his lappy. He was stuck at a point, unable to decide whether to go with the deal or not. It was important for his company.


She inched closer and looked into his lappy. There were some figures he needed to check on.



Geet: it will be easy to decide if you put all the figures in statistics Maan…this is a good offer…. I personally feel you should look into this a bit more thoroughly.


He looked at her intently.


Geet: come not doing my masters here for nothing.


She smiled and left to do the dishes. He sighed and looked into it carefully. She was right. He should give it another look carefully. He cleaned up and went to the bedroom taking his laptop.



She cleaned the table and finished with her work and headed to her room. It was completely out of her mind that he’d be there. She went in and shut the door and turned around and her heart almost stopped beating. He was standing by the bed, talking on the phone. He had taken off his shirt. Though he wore his vest, it didn’t leave any chance for her to feel out of breath. She stood rooted by the door, fiddling with her dupatta, looking down. She never felt this nervous in her entire life. Though they had shared her bed many times before but today…arrrghhh why was everything so different? She was literally trembling there…neither could she move forward…nor backward!


He turned to see her stand by the door…his eyes checked her out from top to bottom…those hazel eyes, those luscious lips…his eyes travelled further down…. A heat coursed through his body. He wondered what was happening with him…there was an intense attraction towards her…so much that his legs automatically moved towards her. she literally stuck with the door. Had it not been for the phone, god knows what would have happened. The client on the other side distracted him. He pushed his hair backwards and went to the balcony, trying to concentrate on his work.



She sighed in relief. His intense gaze almost burnt her alive. He wasn’t sure if she should go forward. But then everything just happened on their own. She couldn’t deny that longing in her…to be with him, talk to him the whole night….


She very slowly walked towards her bed and looked towards the balcony from the corner of her eyes. He was still on call…probably talking about the same deal. She took a deep breath and kept his bag and clothes properly and tidied up the bed.


He finished his call and went in. ugh…she is going to be the death of him today….


She was busy with the sheets when she felt that burning gaze on her. she looked back to see him inching closer, not even once averting his gaze from her. a shiver ran down her spine seeing those dark intense eyes looking right through her soul. She took a few steps back, unable to speak out anything, lost in those eyes…with an uncertainty!


He threw his phone on the bed. Her heart skipped a beat. He had never felt this strong desire to possess someone….probably distance was the main culprit here!


She hit the wall behind…and within no seconds, he stood right in front of her. There were millions of butterflies dancing in her tummy…and her legs trembled in sheer nervousness. He smirked and leaned on her. he fisted his hand and banged it on the wall right above her head.


She got scared and looked away, not able to bear that intensity in those dark eyes. Her lips trembled in anticipation.  He almost sandwiched her between himself and the wall and whispered in her ears, “umm don’t you think it’s a little boring in here sweetheart…


His warm breath fanned her neck…she slowly opened her eyes, “ma..maan..”


Maan: lets play a game….


And he pulled back. she breathed easy giving him a questioning look. And the next moment she knew was everything going black. He blindfolded her with her scarf and whispered, “remember…no cheating sweety…


He twirled her around and went a few steps back.


Geet: Maan…please mazak nahi…..


She extended her hands to reach him. She tried to picture her room in her mind. There was so sound. She slowly moved ahead trying to feel the things around. Suddenly, everything went dead silent.


Geet: Maan..where are you?


There was no response. Where was he? Her hands went to untie the knot of her blindfold and there she heard his voice…husky and sensuous, right behind her!



Maan: uh oh oh I said no cheating…


She turned swiftly to get hold of him. But he was fast enough to get out of her reach.


Maan: too tough..ain’t it prez?


She marched right towards the voice.


Geet: don’t challenge me Maan…..


Maan: oh really? Try me baby….


She immediately turned back to reach him. He moved away allowing her to put in more effort.


She walked slowly moving her hands in the air. Her leg hit the nearby table..she tripped.


Geet: ahhh..


He held her by her waist preventing her from falling.


Maan: sambhalke geet..


He kissed her hard and quick, and before she could even reach, he slipped off her arms, standing far away from her, enjoying her plight.


She didn’t expect this. Aarrrghh he is playing with her senses. She felt dazed, her head spinning. She tried to concentrate and he just walked past her, sliding his arms round her waist.


Maan: am here…


She was totally losing her senses. He was distracting her…grrr. This felt so unfair on her part…his touch was enough to make her lose focus. And he stood enjoying his effect on her.


She couldn’t even think. She walked here and there aimlessly.


Maan (teasing): what are you doing geet? Focus baby!!!!



Arrrghh this was so not fair. She tried to concentrate and the next moment, she felt his lips on her cheek. She again tried to hold him but he was gone. She was getting super annoyed. He did the a couple of times, making her lose focus. And the worst part, she wanted to react and he was he was giving her no chances.


Geet (st): ok fine….mr. dusht daanav, if you plan to play hard, then be it. Geet…don’t get carried away. Concentrate girl!


She took a deep breath! Concentrate. And she walked slowly trying to feel his presence. It was getting difficult for Maan to distract her. she managed to keep her sanity intact. Game was getting interesting.


She was playing intelligently..and he had to watch out. Her dupatta slipped off her shoulder and she didn’t even notice. She was having super fun. She so wanted to see his face when he found she didn’t fall victim to any of his tricks.



Maan’s eyes couldn’t miss that shine of her skin even in that dim light. The smooth expanse of her skin…suddenly started tantalizing his senses. He stood rooted, leaning against the wall. This steep of her slender neck….his mouth went dry….there was sudden urge to kiss her right there.


He was broken out of his trance when he heard her screaming, “caught you Mr topper…I win..


There was a wide smile on her face and her hands clutched his. And that was the little push he needed. He knew she was no seductress yet her every gesture seduced him to no ends.


He pulled her hard and the next moment, his lips found her skin…devouring her ravenously. She moaned, almost screaming. He went lower to feel more of that silky skin that had long been playing with his senses. He kissed the hollow of her neck, biting into her flesh. His one hand held hers above her head and the other pulled down her sleeve wantonly to devour that skin.


She arched herself to him, her mind and body euphoric. She had goose bumps all over her skin. In one swift movement he lifted her up in his arms and walked to the bed. She was completely red, her body temperature soaring high. She was so lost in him that she hard;ly knew what was happening around.



He gently lowered her on the bed and covered her up with his own self, taking in those lips into his mouth. The desire soared high in him when she kissed him back with an equal urgency…he moaned out her name. his fingers trailed her sides while her tongue played rough with his.


Her fingers went under his vest feeling that raw and bare skin…he growled with content. The pleasure was much more than expected…he parted for a moment to breathe. She opened her eyes slowly…they looked so drugged and so drenched in his love. His tongue trailed her jaw line and further down to her slender neck. Her fingers dug into his back making him shudder. He moved back to her lips and this time, his kiss went deeper and sensuous.


His hands had already made their way under her kurti and with the longing today, they moved up to her chest to feel her softness. She let out a moan with the feel of his hands cupping her curves over her bra. Her heart notched up beats and a tingle ran down her entire body making her jolt in pleasure and shock as well.


His hands played with her curves, fondling them to ecstasy and he could feel her instant reaction in form of those hard buds. She almost screamed into the kiss “MA…..AN..


His tongue made love to her mouth while his fingers enjoyed their play. She was so lost on that passion  and with this new sensation, she actually found herself throbbing against him.



He broke out to take in air and his eyes fell on her flushed yet a strained face. She held his hair tightly, trying to hold on to herself. His touch, she didn’t deny it, actually gave in longingly more. This was the 1st time he had ever got this intimate with her…she was not ready, a bit apprehensive yet more amazed at her own longing to feel him devouring her all over again…pushing her to the edge of insanity.


He dug his face in her hair and his hands still under her kurti, feeling those hardened buds. All her reactions were his doings! She trembled in his arms when slowly, very slowly realization struck her. she opened her eyes and tried to move…this was not right…no!!!


He felt her move, his fingers dug deeper into her curves making it hard for her to breathe. His lips trailed kissed along her exposed shoulders biting her carnally.


aahh Maan..” she hissed…he intensified his kisses when he vaguely heard her moan, “no…Maan…sto…No….


He was instantly brought back to his senses. He lifted himself off her and withdrew his hands, straightening her kurti. He looked down to meet those eyes…drugged and somewhere scared of this sudden intimacy….and that strained face of hers….he felt really guilty to have lost his sanity like that!


i…I,,am sorry..i didn’t…


He couldn’t even proceed further. He got off the bed and went to the washroom.


She laid on the bed…panting….trying to get in terms with what just happened. Her cheeks were still burning….and so was her entire self and her heart was racing like a maniac. Though she was a little scared with so many things happening all of a sudden, she couldn’t resist herself from blushing. She couldn’t deny the fact that she felt contended in his arms.


He came back after sometime and lay beside her. he couldn’t meet those pair of eyes…what if they questioned him…questions whose answers even he wouldn’t know! And the fear in them…the reason was he..himself! he felt so disgusted to have let his desires overtake his senses.



He turned away from her and slept at the farthest corner, away from her, facing his back to her. she was feeling so shy..especially after this…she didn’t even have in her to look into his eyes! She had that longing to sleep in his arms…nothing seemed right or wrong at this point. Though she was a little scared of getting closer, she didn’t like him distancing himself like this all of a sudden! She pouted cutely and tried to sleep, but failed. He was not even stirring. Probably he had slept off. She was not feeling very good about this. She couldn’t bear this sudden distance between them…a distance which was never there until he went and came back!






In the morning, he found her sleeping on him…her entire body rested on his, using him as her bed…like she always did. There was a certain feel of contentment on her face. She looked like an angel. He took a deep breath in and tried to move. She woke up instantly.


Maan: good morning shona…sorry I woke you up…


She couldn’t bear to see that guilt in his eyes. She raised herself and kissed him hard. He dare not lose his senses again..he won’t be able to bear the mistrust for him in her eyes! He kissed her back softly. She didn’t like it at all. She just got off him and went to freshen up.


    Well the next half an hour saw her tantrums. Maan was to leave and that too he was going back to India in a few hours.


She walked walked out with a frown on her face, preparing breakfast and Maan followed putting on his watch.


Maan: geet…kyun kar rhai ho aisa? Talk to me please….i have to leave sweetheart…


She still did not speak to him. He was getting annoyed. For the past 30 minutes he was following her here and there trying to make her understand that he needed to leave.


Maan (angry): aakhir tum chahti kya ho?


Geet looked at him with her red angry eyes.


aapko jo karna hai kijiye Maan…don’t talk to me..actually don’t disturb me…warna…


Uff  gusse mein keh to diya but she didn’t know how to complete her sentence (actually jhootha gussa…and Maan knew that well). He marched upto her dangerously. His bag was already packed.


Maan: warna kya han? Kya kar lgoi tum?


She looked here and there and her eyes fell on his bag. Arrghh that made her all the more angrier.


Geet: warna…mein..mein aapke kapde phaad doongi!


She managed to utter anything that came to her mind. He looked at her intently and then leaned over her. she leaned backwards.


Maan (huskily): dekho geet…. Serious jhagde mein romantic baatein mat kiya karo…am leaving bye!


He placed a quick peck on her forehead and walked out holding a toast in his mouth. She stood there for a while and slowly his words egistered in her mind. Her mouth turned a big O realizing what he meant by “serious jhagde mein romantic baatein”!!!


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Fairy…Tail???!!! #82

Geet stood there…why did she look so familiar? She thought for a moment and then she heard the announcements being made. She shook her head and quickened her steps….

She stood backstage  with other volunteers helping with things. Principal and other dignitaries were presenting students with their awards and degrees. She was so dying to see if he had come or not and she couldn’t even go out..uff being the president of the students’ council, you have to sacrifice so many things. She was arranging some papers to be handed over to the princi when she heard his name being called out—Maan Singh Khurana! She was filled with pride when she heard people applauding for him…all for him….after all he was the topper of the year. Everyone backstage ran to see him crowding and jumping over each other. Even she ran towards the stage…atleast she could have a glimpse of him. A wide smile plastered  on her face and she tried to make her way through the crowd. Uff looks like everybody wanted to see her Maan. Poor girl got pushed away. She pouted cutely and tried again. She got pushed away yet again. Then she heard the princi asking him to speak something to which he politely refused saying everyone can do it if they work hard.


Haiyee his voice….geet madam was so so so dead and upar se these people…suddenly they seemed so tall…she got so angry. Uske Maan ko itna ghoor ghoor ke dekhne ki kya zarurat hain?

She was so thrilled that he was there..OMG he was there…he was there…she took a deep breath in and pushed herself through the crowd…ab to chahe kuch bhi ho jaye!


By the time she reached near the stage, he was already gone. Her heart sunk…ek to she was so disturbed for the past few days upar se not able to see him…she got so frustrated. She hung her head and walked back. she couldn’t see him… grrr why was this happening with her today? She got so mad…she snapped at everyone and every little thing. She even called on his number but no response. He was probably busy with his friends and teachers…she presumed.

She had to rush to the party venue that was scheduled for 7pm for the decorations and she got held up there. But the entire time she had a part of her with him. She checked her phone 1000 times to see if he called or at least texted and her face would fall every time. She was sinking every moment…and by the time  they had finished it was 5:30pm. She hardly had an hour and a half to get ready for the party. Everyone was excited except her. she was dead tired…. And with him not being around it was hardly any fun. If he was here, then why can’t he just meet her? why is he tadpaofying her like this?


She went back home, probably with two large drop of tears trickling down her big hazel eyes. 90degree greeted her wagging his tail. She ignored and went to change. He followed her and waited for her to come out of the washroom. It had never been that she didn’t reach to his “meow”. Even if she was sad, she’d at least pat his head lovingly.

She came out wearing her green salwar kameez. Jess called.

Jess: geet… are you done? Am going to pick you up for the party.

Geet sighed…party…with all that depression on her head, she was in no mood to party…actually she was angry at Maan… humesha use pareshaan karta rehta hai…dusht daanav!

Geet: no jess… I am not going..

Jess: not again geet! Come on, Maan is here baby…you don’t wanna meet him? Goodness geet…he looks damn cool with that light stubble of his…

Her heartbeats went high and so did the red meter.

Geet (trying to control her anger): you…you met him….

Jess: of course I did…come on geet get ready am coming in 15 mins.

Geet: am not feeling well jess…you carry on I’ll go if I feel good…

She disconnected the call  and fell on the bed fuming.

Geet (st): aap sabse mil sakte ho bas mujhse nahi…fine mein bhi nahi bolti aapse…

She closed her eyes. 90degree meowed. She ignored and changed her side!

90degree (st): why is she so upset?


He tried to drag her attention towards him meowing again and again. Geet kept ignoring.

He tried again, “MEEOOWWW”

She closed her ears and shouted, “just shut up you stupid cat….and let me sleep

Bechara 90degree hurt!Broken Heart

90degree (st): sob sob mujhe kiss nahi kiya upar se stupid bhi bola..aur cat bhi bola sobCry

He rubbed his head on her feet lovingly and went out of the room.

She woke up with a rumbling tummy. Uff she had slept off. It was around 9 at night. She sighed…he must be in the party no…she wanted to see him NO NO…this time her gussa was big…

Geet: apko jo karna hai kijiye Maan…I hate you!

She headed towards the kitchen. 90degree followed meowing. She looked at him irritated. He stopped and she went in.

She was in a foul mood. She took out some vegetables and slashed them mercilessly with her knife.

Geet: khud ko samajhte kya hain han? Jab jee mein aaya baat kar liya…jab jee mein aaya akela chod diya…


She found 90degree mowing near her feet again. She was already in a super bad mood. She showed him the knife she was holding.

Geet: kya hai? Kyun pareshaan kar raha hain tu?

90degree (scared): meow meow… (meri baat to suno…)

Geet: kuch nahi sunna mujhe…aur pareshaan kiya to aaj khana nahi milega…

90degree (helpless): mew…meow.. (par darwaza to…)

Geet bent down to him.

Geet (cutting in): tujhe meri baat samajh nahi aa rahi…

90degree (almost fainting): mewww mowww (arrey ek baar baat to suno…darwaze pe…

He was pulling her salwar by his mouth.

Geet (irritated): kya hain bahar? Why are you pulling….

And her eyes fell on the kitchen door…she forgot her words. He stood there leaning against the wall, with his arms crossed over his chest , smiling at her. she slowly stood straight with the knife still in her hand, gaping at him, wide eyes….not able to distinguish between reality and dream. A few seconds passed in silence… she neither moved nor spoke anything… he inched closer.

Maan: geet…geet..

She snapped out of her thoughts and the knife slipped off her hands and fell on the no actually on 90degree. But our handsome hunkWink 90degree had  good reflexes warna tho bechare ke naam kea age “late” lag jata!!!Ouch Pheww saved!D'oh


90degree (softly): moew moew mew…(yahi to tabse kehne ki koshish kar raha tha…)

She stood still…her hand still up in the air…he slid his fingers between hers and squeezed her plam.

Maan (naughtily): aise kya dekh rahi ho…checking me out han…

All this while, she was emotionally a mess…tears rolled down her eyes…all those that she had locked inside slowly found their way out. She looked at his hold and then at his face… she could barely whisper, “ma..maan…” and she fell into his arms hugging him tight, crying…letting those tears fall, wet his chest. He held her back.

Maan: kya baat hain shona..kis baat se pareshaan ho?

She was feeling him after so many days jaise she got her life back….touching him… how he felt under her fingers…she forgot her anger. She just wanted to be in his arms…she pressed herself harder against him. He pulled back a little, lifted her face by her chin and lowered his lips to meet hers.

90degree shy shyBlushing, ran away to MM leaving them alone!


She cried into his mouth, clutching him tight by his collar. All these days he was with her…the thought itself made her go insane with that longing. He traced her lips with his tongue and very unexpectedly, she pushed herself into his mouth, asking for more. He groaned into the kiss trying to control his urges…but her longing for him was reflected in her kiss. He couldn’t deny. She was a little short of him. He lifted her a bit and made her sit on the counter and probed deeper. She moaned in pleasure and her hands restlessly rubbed his back.

He parted a bit to catch his breath and the next moment, her dupatta was lying on the floor. His lips replaced that piece of cloth round her neck, placing urgent kisses, leaving his mark everywhere.

Maan…” she gasped when she felt his tongue play with her skin. He clutched his hair tight unable to take that sensual assault of his. Tears had left her long back and the obly thing wandering her mind was him. She couldn’t take that anymore. She pulled him up by his hair and slammed her lips on his luscious ones. He bit them making them bleed and soothed her too.

Uff…that longing.. so many days of not being with him..not seeing him…she wanted to compensate all the painful days through the kiss. He tried to move back a little…she didn’t let him. He smiled at her restlessness and caressed her hair which was tied in a loose plait.

He didn’t back off until she calmed down, rather allowed him to take the lead. He just held her waist and supported her.

She cupped his face and broke the kiss, unable to breathe and rested her forehead against his, breathing heavily. A tear escaped her closed eyes  and dropped on his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes to look at her closed ones. She dare not open her eyes. What if it was all a dream? She open her eyes and if he is not there…then….


Maan :geet…

Ahh the way he calls her…she clutched him tight still not opening her eyes.

Maan whispered: aankhein nahi khologi?

She held her heart, shaking her head for a no.

Maan: mujhe nahi dekhogi?

He slowly reached her hair and untied her plait. She didn’t reply this time. She just wanted to feel him. He took jer hand and gently slid it down his cheeks…she shivered

Maan(huskily): ab??

She shut her eyes tighter..biting her lips. Her hands slowly went round his neck and hugged him, burying her face in his shoulder. His hands snaked her slender waist and his cheeks brushed against hers. She felt tickled with his stubble….hey wait a min..did she think stubble?

Her eyes snapped open and she sat straight with her eyes spitting fire.

Maan: I missed you sweetheart..

Geet (cutting in): don’t talk to me…

He wondered what happened to her all of a sudden..

Maan: geet..

She jumped off the counter, picked her dupatta and walked out with attitude. He rubbed his temples and followed. She went and sat on the couch. He slumped beside her.

Maan: shona batao na kya baat hain..

Geet: mujhe aapse baat hi nahi karni…

She stood up and walked towards the dining table and sat on the chair. He followed her there too. Oh god.. her anger actually vanished seeing him…the great Maan Singh Khurana come after her like that…but he deserved it!

Maan: geet batao na…kya baat hai! I didn’t go to the party and came for you…ab tum aise karogi tho….

She cut him in between and shouted: tho meine kaha tha yahan aane ke liye? Why didn’t you go there han?


She tried walking away from there but he held her hands and pushed her against the nearby wall pinning her down.

Geet: just leave me alone Maan…. I hate you…

Maan: pehle ye batao ke tum kis baat se naraz ho? Mere party me na jaane se ya mere yahan aane se…hmm!

She looked away angrily, trying to get out of his clutches. He smirked and trapped her between the wall and himself. She couldn’t even move.

Geet: chodiye mujhe…

Maan: pehle batao…

Geet (irritated): aapke paas sabse milne ka time hai par mujhse nahi…poore din I was dying to atleast have a glimpse of you….do you even realize what was going through me? You met jess, Rahul and… and Dan but not me… you didn’t even take my call… I was so dis….

He didn’t let her finish and captured those complaining lips with his into a soul searing kiss. She hit his chest.

I hate you….i hate you…

He took in all her complains and kissed away her tears that had made their way down her cheeks….

He parted panting.

Maan: sorry… but I wanted to meet you alone sweetheart…bas you and me…

She blushed and looked down, tyring to hide that smile.

Maan: bhookh lagi hai yaar…do you want to starve me to death?

 She waked him.

Geet: go and freshen up…phir dinner karte hain!

He placed a kiss on her ed cheeks and went to the bedroom to change taking his bag.

She stood there for sometime trying to gather so much happiness in her tiny hands and when she could finally breathe normally, she headed towards the kitchen, blushing scarlet, still not able to believe he was really with her!


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