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Slowly when spirit began returning into her numb soul..she found him carrying her to her room. She put her arms around his shoulder and rested her head on his chest. He gently pushed the door open and placed her ever so lovingly on the bed. He tucked the blankie around her comfortably and turned to leave when she held his hand. He turned back to look at her pleading face..


“please don’t go…”

He didn’t know what power she had but her every word seemed like a command to him..a command that he could never deny. He nodded softly and plonked himself beside her. she looked so vulnerable..and so upset. She held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder…still fighting within.. still blaming herself..yet still giving herself to him.



The morning light slowly peeped in, disturbing her peaceful sleep..if you call it peaceful that is, and snuggled closer into his arms..into the warmth of his embrace. She wanted to sleep a little longer but then she couldn’t…very well getting reminded that it was him beside her. she slowly opened her eyes only to see the most beautiful morning ever. He was asleep with a little frown on his forehead. She smiled at him… he looked like that same old little boy who used to run to Geet every time he was in a mess. And now…look at her…she is running to him to find a little solace. She looked at that frown again and wondered why he was disturbed. She looked around to find the cause and realized that it was her..sleeping comfortably on his hand and he wasn’t probably able to move it. she lifted herself off him..feeling extremely shy seeing him sprawled on her her room….reality seeped in! OH MY GOD…. He was with her the entire night???? Her mouth flung she gaped at him… and then last night’s event swept across her mind… and she just turned crimson…he did feel something for her… didn’t he? She supported herself on her elbow and traced a finger over his forehead. He turned a little and slept off again. she smiled a bit and placed a feather light kiss on his cheek and walked to the washroom.


The warm water just reminded of the warmth she had been enveloped the entire time.. but a question rang in her head..did he really feel something for her? she slipped into her salwaar kameez, wrapped the towel on her head and walked out. She found the bed empty..ruffled and clumsy..and she didn’t why but she blushed. Probably he had gone back to his room. As far as she recalled he was supposed to be sleeping with the kids and here he was…ahh she couldn’t even complete. She walked further to do the bed when her leg slipped with the mat on the marbled floor.



She almost touched the ground when he just held her tight in his arms, preventing her from the aftermath of the fall. He was quick so there was no chance she could have hit the floor hard. She clutched his shoulders tight..somewhere relieved that he was  around. He was standing by the window when he had seen her coming out of the washroom…fresh and in better condition than last night.  He helped her stand up, holding her by her waist. Her towel had slipped off, revealing those wet curly locks..that actually took his breath away.


“dhyaan se chal nahi sakti?”

[cant you walk carefully?]

uhh wo…I slipped ‘coz of this mat….an..“, she stopped looking deep into his eyes which seemed so lost in her…she just wished what she was seeing was true and not just a dream. Probably it was just a dream.. yeah it was perhaps. She shouldn’t expect anything.. no..she just shouldn’t. just when she thought to consider everything just a dream, she felt his hand slide up her back..making her shiver..and convincing her that it was as real as it could get. Her head spun round and round with his long fingers slowly yet sensuously sliding up her back…setting million of butterflies in  her stomach… his finger went up and up…as she gave a slight moan, “Maan…


umm…” he just spoke as a reflex, hearing his name from her lips, still lost into her. she could have probably given in when his fingers disappeared into those wet locks. But unknown to him was his effect on her..his gentle touch was enough to make her lose her senses… as every nerve of hers begging him to make her as his! Her eyes went droopy and before she could have actually lost herself, she was brought back to reality with his sudden question, “what happened to your hair?”


She felt him moving away…she hated it..almost cried with desperation. She looked at him..he had a surprised look and asked her again. “what happened to your hair Geet?


He was surprised to see her hair this short..just reaching her back…as far as he remembered it was below her waist and she just loved her hair. Apparently he had love it too. She looked at his questioning gaze and then at is hand which her into her hair, gently caressing them.

when and why did you cut them???”


She realized at this particular moment that no matter how hard she tries to get away form her always comes back to her as a boomerang. She recalled the day she had cut her hair off… those long locks that went below her hips…  dark and thick. It was probably a week after Maan’s wedding. She had come to Mumbai and there was nothing that could have kept her away from him. Her very own self  was no exception. She had come to know over time that he actually liked her long hair. But what was the point now! It was better she cut off all ties with him. She had just randomly taken a scissor and cut them off in one stroke. Roops was so mad at her for behaving like that. She had taken her to a parlor for a proper cut that day. She had become lifeless.


And with her own past came the hard core truth. It was so much better that she had forgotten about itfor the time being. Tears stung her eyes when she felt a tug. He took her in his embrace and cupped her face, “hey..geet what happened? Why are you upset? Did I hurt you? Am sorry…”

He pulled her close to his heart. He was shocked to see that same lonliness back on her face that he had seen the previous night. He felt her not responding at all. He pulled her straight and cupped her face once again, “Geet… kal se dekh raha hun.. tell me what happened! Did any one tell you anything? If you don’t say how will I know? Geet…tell me please…”


She just didn’t want to tell him anything that hurt him. Nothing… not a single thing. She looked into his eyes..wanting him to soothe her like he had done earlier. Her lips quivered with need and he just couldn’t resist the temptation. His forehead rested over hers and his face inched closer and close..their breaths mingled into one..and there was something about her he never ever ever could deny her..especially with that forlorn look…her hiding her pain in those beautiful doe shaped eyes… and still longing for solace in his arms.. it was so confusing yet it was beautiful to be with her. his lips touched her lower lip when a loud knock broke them apart. Geet closed her eyes, holding his hands that cupped her face as he looked around to see nakul asking for Geet.


“Geet baby..aryan sir aaye hain aapse milne…”

[Geet baby… Aryan sir has come to meet you]

she just didn’t look at him at all. She breathed in sharply, took her dupatta and ran out. His closeness flashed back in her mind…it was wrong..all so wrong but that passion between them..that attraction was so strong that it just consumed them like a never ending whirlwind and she just didn’t have it in her to resist either. His one look was enough to make her world beautiful..yet the same look was enough to shatter her world as well. She was like a moth to the flame…she knew she’d burn into ashes if she goes near him yet the attraction was so strong and the death was so beautiful that she’d happily give into that consuming flame.


She saw Aryan stand up soon as he saw her. she just dashed into him, hugging him tight. Aryan smiled and hugged her too but he could feel her tense. He had spent the glorious years of his life with her…ohh how could then he not know of her state.  He gently caressed her back, calming her.

“Geet…is everything okay?”


Maan just didn’t know what was bothering her and then aryan’s sudden visit! He thought of getting back to his room and freshen up before he meets Aryan. He walked across the corridor towards his room when something going on downstairs froze him right there. He didn’t know why..but he hated that very sight. Probably he didn’t even know he had hated it from the very beginning but he had ‘other’ things to look into so it probably got ignored. Rage coursed through his body…as he clenched his fist. His lips still burned with the touch of those pink lips and then Aryan hugging her so tightly…. He just couldn’t digest that fact that she ran away from him just to meet Aryan!!! He knew they were close friends..but it angered him to hell that some one other than him was close to her. he heard namra calling for him..they were awake. He took a deep breath in and walked away.


Aryan made her sit on the couch. She looked everywhere but him. He held her hand in concern.

“Geet..tell anything wrong? ”

Geet sighed… what was she doing? Here Aryan came after so many days..and she knew it would have been difficult for him to actually come to KM and here she was worrying him for no reason. She plastered a smile on her face and shook her head, “nahi..kuch bhi tho nahi…wo I saw you after so many days na..isiliye thodi senti ho gayi..”

[no no its nothing like that…wo I saw you after so many days na..thats why got a little senti.]

“ummm…someone is missing me badly.. isn’t she?…actually I had something to talk about..”


“yeah..that reminds are so early.. .breakfast kiya?”

[yeah…that reminds me… you are so early… had breakfast?]

“umm.. not yet..but this is important Geet..listen to me.”

“umm..nakul kaka…please Aryan ke liye nashta lagwa dijiye..”

[umm..nakul kaka..please serve some breakfast for Aryan…]


“Geet..listen to me….”

“ listening…”

Meanwhile dadima joined them and after exchanging pleasantries.. Aryan asked her to stay as he wanted to speak something.

“Geet… theres a music reality show being organized by my company…and of course some notable personalities from the industry..and I want you to participate!”



I want you to participate…“, he emphasized on each word.

Aryan…are you crazy? Me and singing? And that too reality show?”

why not.. you sing well.. without proper training you are excellent in the field… and of course I have seen your performances in college too… then whats the matter?”

“reality check Aryan… those days are long gone Aryan… I don’t know for how long I haven’t even sung..”


“but have talent yaar… and I had always wanted you to use your talent in something that will yield you a name… “

“no Aryan.. and moreover you are a part of it too right… then wouldn’t it be unfair on others part?”

“Geet..nothing is unfair… I won’t be directly involved in all this. My company is just sponsoring this..and its my sincere request that you at least try. I will never come in your way..promise…”

“ are not understanding..”

“exactly my point..YOU do not understand Geet….”


Dadima had gone to see off the kids and even she insisted on Geet giving it a try. Its been a long time that Geet had actually sung. It was her passion she knew it… and probably in an attempt to make herself stay away from Maan she had actually stopped singing. Geet looked down and her voice dropped low, “ not understand…”

Aryan saw her going low once again…he slid closer to her and held her hands once again. he lifted her head holding her chin, “hey..tell me why you are so low. And please don’t lie Geet….”


She sighed..what will she say..that everything was her fault? Anyways Aryan and roops knew the reason why she left..even prem…but it was her who made them promise not to say anything to Maan..ever. she couldn’t have seen him breaking down.

“i…I just don’t know Aryan…”, her fingers tightened around his, “everything is just so…so…confusing….”

“now please tell me what happened…clearly..may be I can help…”


She was about to speak something when she felt something or rather someone’s intense gaze over her. it was so strong that she was compelled to look up..only to see Maan..looking down at her..intently..angrily…he was all set to leave for office but those look..they just didn’t let her sit in ease. It was as if a sheer dislike to something… she gulped hard.. and looked at Aryan..and then back at Maan, questioning with her eyes as to what happened. His gaze just burned her alive. He just looked away and walked off.


She didn’t know why he was angry..but she knew he was angry though. But why? She felt as if a part of her was going away from her. he quickly descended down the stairs and walked straight towards the door. She quickly freed her hands from Aryan and ran towards him.


He was about to step out when her voice checked him.

“you didn’t have your breakfast….”

She couldn’t even continue what she intended to speak. He just gave a look..a single look…that killed her right there and walked off. He didn’t even look at Aryan..forget speaking or greeting. It was rude..she knew..but that look… why was he so angry? What did she do now?


Aryan looked at the duo..probably understanding what was wrong. But he could care a damn. He was never close to Maan… they were friends..yeah that was true but they always had an underlying cold war between them..god knows why! He just tapped Geet’s shoulder, who stood like that by the door.

“everything okay??”

She snapped and tried to be normal, “ye..yeah I guess so…”

“just think over it Geet…and I want a positive answer. I don’t want you to waste your talent….”


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Before she could speak, gayathri spoke up, “itni badi baat humse chupai aapne… aur kiske kehne se aapne aisa kiya maaji? Anisha ki zindagi tho barbad kardi is ladki ne..ab aur kitni zindagiyan barbaad karne aayi hain ye yahan?

[you hid such a big thing from us… and who told you to do this maaji? This girl destroyed anisha’s many more lives is she going to destroy?]

Geet was shocked to hear that from gayathri..but she was thinking all wrong.

nahi aunty aap galat soch rahi hain…

[no aunty… you are thinking wrong…]

Gayathri didn’t even let her complete. She was too broken at the turn of events. She just gave her a disgusting look and walked away.


Dadima looked at Geet and then at the door…everything went silent! Yes it was wrong on her part that she didn’t tell anything to gayathri..but she was sure she was missing something. She looked at a broken Geet…standing numb like that!!! She shook her shoulder and looked into her eyes!

Geet…is there anything that you are hiding?


She just kept on looking at a statue…million of memories flashing infront of her eyes..anisha’s love for her, her changing behavior, her confession to anisha that she loved Maan…. Anisha’s pain.. everything. had she not told anisha her love for Maan.. nothing could have gone wrong… had she gone away from Maan the moment she realized she didn’t exist between them..nothing could have gone wrong.

Geet…hum aapse kuch pooch rahe hain? Aisi kya baat hain jo gayathri aapse itni nafrat karti hain?”

[Geet.. we are asking you something…what is that gayathri hates you so much?]

She didn’t even get a reply. She just asked nakul to serve the kids and went back to her room, hiding herself in one corner, reflecting on her words.



She stood in front of anisha wearing a pretty white colored lehenga and in front of her stood the bride herself..anisha in her deep red wedding attire. Her eyes were red..probably she was angry… yes she was and crying! Her makeup was getting spoiled due to her incessant tears but she didn’t care about it at all. Before she could say anything, anisha raised her hand up in the air, holding something, indicating her to stop!


do you realize what is this Geet?”

Geet’s eyes widened, recognizing her dairy in her hands. where the hell did she find that? The last thing in this world Geet wanted anisha to know was about her diary. She thought hard… and realized she must have left it here when she had been staying at her place, for all the wedding preparations. Strange as it may sound..she didn’t want to face Maan. She really couldn’t have stopped her it was better to stay with anisha and pretend as if nothing was wrong and go with the flow. With was extremely difficult to hide her emotions.


She looked down..unable to meet anisha’s accusing gaze. Anisha..for her it was like the end of her dreams. She was so shocked…beyond words..and then realization hit hard! This was what her mother was trying to tell her.. and she trusted Geet more than her mother. Every time gayathri spoke about Geet being in love with Maan..she ignored it. she knew Geet could never ever do this..not to her. and even if she did…she was sure she’d at least tell her. not that she’d have hated her..but what seemed the situation right now…she was completely broken. The baraat was going to arrive any minute…and to know something like this when she is dreaming of a life with lots of love and joy…it was heartbreaking for her. she had been a little suspicious about Geet’s behavior for the past few days… she was a little irritated with her too… gayathri’s words were affecting her but never for once did she think that Geet would really do something like her! she wanted to ask her so many things..why did she do that… every word in her diary just told her how much Geet wanted Maan… but given the circumstances, she took it all in a wrong sense. She believed what she was shown..she believed what she was told…. That Geet will take away from her, forever..leaving her all alone. And with things turning around like this, she didn’t have any other option but to believe her mother’s words.


Geet dipped her head low…what will she tell her? she could take on the whole world but the mistrust of her loved ones… be it anisha or Maan! She took a deep breath in… it was probably time to face the world. She had noticed anisha behaving a little rude towards her..was it because she doubted her intentions?

do you love him Geet?“, her sharp yet a broken voice hit her ears.

She didn’t know what to say… or what to think! Yes, she loved him…like a mad..but she wasn’t sure how to tell this to anisha..well she knows everything now.

answer us honestly Geet…. Do you love him? Look up at us and speak!“, she screamed. It was strange on her part to shout…but she did that too.


Geet breathed in sharply…there was nothing to hide anymore. It was tough to hide her feelings….and the pain within!!!!

look up at us Geet….“, she heard her command!

She clutched her dupatta by her sides and dares to look into anisha’s eyes…which had pain and betrayal written in them…the pain that Geet did that to her….but Geet spoke, “yes…I do!!!

Her one simple answer shattered anisha and all her dreams… she recalled how many times gayathri had told her about Geet and Maan..but every time she had fought back that Geet could never do something like that to her!!!! it’s a human psychology that no matter how good you are, but when the fear of losing your loved one engulf you, you tend to stop him from leaving at any cost.. you don’t care about being selfish…you don’t care about being someone who you never were. Fear and helplessness can make you do things you never had imagined.



And it was that day anisha had taken a promise from Geet that she’d never ever meet Maan…. Tears rolled out of her eyes… wish she hadn’t told that to anisha with that much strong determination!  She knew anisha was never wrong in asking her to leave..anyone would do that…. And she was reminded of anisha’s words from the diary…she could probably comprehend she felt all alone even being with Maan.


She could have sat there and lost herself in her memories if she had not heard Maan calling out to her. at first she thought it was all her imagination..but as his voice got louder..she realized it was indeed him nearing her room. She quickly wiped her tears and put up a little smile on her face and looked at the time. He was back early..and that was strange for Maan singh khurana. Before she could do anything, he just barged into her room, held her hand and pulled her out.


Maan…hum kahan ja rahe hain..and..and…

[Maan..where are we going..and and…]

He didn’t even let her complete, “Geet…I have to show you something…chalo mere saath…”

[Geet….i have to show you something… come with me]

but Maan……

He dragged her down the stairs…the kids were clapping at the scene infront when dadima stopped him.

Maan..rukiye..hume aapse kuch zaruri baat karni hain..”

[Maan..stop.. we have to discuss something important with you..]


Dadima had been too disturbed with the morning events and she really wanted to speak to Maan about this. He stopped with a curious look on his face, still holding Geet’s hand tightly. He was so excited to share about his new venture to hee. The moment dadima opened her mouth to speak..her eyes fell on Geet..and she just stopped right there. The pain in those eyes..the hurt..and her head shaking for a no. her words got stuck in her throat…as her eyes looked at Geet.


dadima… jaldi kijiye… I have a lot of work today…

[dadima..hurry up… I have a lot of work today…]

Dadma looked at Maan and then again at Geet who pleaded her not to tell him anything about what happened..and dadima just couldn’t deny. She breathed out and spoke, “umm..nothing..its not that important…we can speak later..”


Maan rolled his eyes and dragged Geet out towards the lawn. Geet looked at dadima once again, pleading her not to tell him anything. Thousands of cracks developed in her heart added another…so I guess it probably didn’t bother anymore. She looked at excited..he looked so happy… she just smiled with the flow as he made her sit on the swing in the lawn and plonked himself beside him. She was happy…with him…was she? Yes she was…as he opened his laptop and talked all about his latest venture and the deal he had finalized with one of the biggest American company and so on. She just smiled and listened to all of him…. She was very happy for him…but the million death she was dying within was painful… he saw her lost somewhere. He held her hand and gave her a gentle squeeze, “ okay? Kahan khoyi ho?”

[ okay? Where are you lost?]


She looked at him..and those chocolate brown eyes… they looked so excited and probably so happy… with her…. his gentle touch was enough to soothe her aching soul….at least for the time being. She smiled back at him and shook her head for a no. she looked at him, still holding her hand. She smiled once again.. and involved herself with him. Probably that was the best thing happening to her in the entire day. She lost herself completely into him. His talks..his touch… his laugh.. they were like a temporary refuge to her.


Dinner passed away with lot of fun with dia and namra but Maan was amazed to see them calling angel mumma instead of angel. He’d have asked but he got an important call from office so he had to leave the dinner table right away. Geet preferred not to tell him anything at all. The kids decided to sleep with their papa that night. For a change Geet liked it. she really wanted some time alone with herself. Maan saw her very quiet the entire time..wondering if something was wrong with her.


dia and namra made themselves comfortable on Maan’s bed and pulled him between them, tickling him…laughing and jumping over him. He was missing this fun for a long time…. He was so enjoying with his daughters. He realized he had a lot of work pending but he kept them aside just to be with his angels.

acha ye angel mumma ka funda kya hain?

[now tell me..whats the logic behind angel mumma?]


The kids got alert with their question and namra immediately stood up, telling how her friends in school were teasing her and how angel said she was their mumma too…of course they never remembered all details about the round round thing. For Maan… probably that was something too touching. The respect he had for her multiplied each does she manage to take care of everything around him?? And he did realize even she makes things work with him too. He probably wanted to hug her once again…thanking her for everything…keeping her close to his wounded heart that seemed to calm down in her presence…


It was late at night and he was up with his laptop. Dia and namra were fast asleep. So he decided to finish his work. It was already 1am when he finally decided to sleep. He kept all his things properly and was about to switch off the lights when his eyes fell on something outside the window. He went closer and looked out…only to see Geet sitting on the swing..all alone… in the middle of the night…he didn’t feel it right! Something was surely wrong with Geet…and something in him just told that she needed him more than anything else. He put on the bed lamp, closed the door and walked out.


Geet couldn’t sleep..the thought that everything was her fault was killing her within. If she could have just kept her mouth shut… she felt someone sit beside her..and she knew it was him. A sudden warmth surrounded her… but nothing could do anything to soothe her. she held back her tears feeling his warm hand around hers. She breathed in sharply..still not looking at him.

“ are cold!!”

She heard that velvety voice..sending shivers within her. yet she just didn’t have it in her to speak anything.

“is anything wrong?”

She felt a tug on her hand. She just couldn’t hold back anymore. She turned and hugged him tightly, burying her face in his neck. She was so disturbed…so tensed and there was nothing but he himself who could just soothe her hurting soul. The emotions were heavy on her heart….she just wanted a little solace. He saw her too emotional… something he had probably never seen..may be once but that was it. his Geet was never this emotional or upset..but if she is today..then there must be something bothering her. he entwined his fingers around her and his other hand went around her waist, pulling her closer to him.


“mujhe batao kya baat hain..?’

[tell me whats the matter?]

She just didn’t reply and buried herself closer. He thought probably she doesn’t want to speak now. She wanted some time and he’d give her. they sat there, listening to the silence for god knows how long but they couldn’t hold back their feelings for each other for long. Their hug soon became passionate with his hand caressing her back…up and down…gently making her shudder. Her cold lips touched his bare shoulder as the reality sunk in. he was in his vest and tracks and she was probably sitting on his lap right now. She slowly lifted her head to look into his eyes… and was amazed to see the same passion in them that she had been experiencing. There was no talking..there was no need for permission…his head dipped into her neck automatically taking in that sweet aroma of hers…losing himself to the moment seeing that longing in her eyes..that painful expression and her loneliness.


She quivered as his lips gently touched that pink skin around her neck, her hands snaking his back..slowly making their way into his hair. Her mind went blank and so did his! That attraction that flared between them was dangerous she knew it perfectly well… but she couldn’t stop herself and neither could he. He has come in terms of the fact that Geet was affecting his senses in every single way and it was strange that he didn’t fear the closeness. Her skin was cold yet he slowly moved his lips across…eliciting a sweet moan from her.


He stopped..hearing his name so sensuously from her lips…. It sounded sooo loving and longing… he dipped his face further into her, giving into that sweet little sin. Her fingers clutched his hair tightly….pressing himself closer and closer. She opened her eyes for a moment..everything was blurred… as pleasure took over her senses but slowly the reality sunk in… view in front of her getting clearer…and the hard truth!!! She stopped right there… her fingers loosened around him…. was wrong… it was so damn wrong…tears rolled down her eyes!!!


He felt her not responding… her fingers going lose around him..was she alright? As he realized what they were doing, with her almost on his lap, the sleev of her kurti pulled down and then her detachment… did she think him wrong? Fear coursed through his body..feeling his bare shoulder get wet with that warm liquid…he pulled himself away… only to be pulled back in her embrace. She closed her eyes tighter and hugged him with all her might. It was wrong..yet she didn’t mind giving in..she knew it was unfair for anisha.. yet she didn’t mind getting closer to him… it was so wrong…. Will he hate her after this?? Will he? She just held him tight with the fear of him hating her.


Her all assumptions went wrong when he held her back closely in his embrace..not even speaking a word yet his every gesture screaming but that he never ever regretted this!  She just stayed in his arms for long time…and probably dozed off too.

Slowly when spirit began returning into her numb soul..she found him carrying her to her room. She put her arms around his shoulder and rested her head on his chest. He gently pushed the door open and placed her ever so lovingly on the bed. He tucked the blankie around her comfortably and turned to leave when she held his hand. He turned back to look at her pleading face..

“please don’t go…”

He didn’t know what power she had but her every word seemed like a command to him..a command that he could never deny. He nodded softly and plonked himself beside her. she looked so vulnerable..and so upset. She held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder…still fighting within.. still blaming herself..yet still giving herself to him.


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