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Chapter 4

Chapter –4

And the next moment she was in his arms, hugging him tight and crying her eyes out, “ohh I missed you so much Maan… I missed you…”

He sighed and held her tightly in his embrace, throwing away the cake that he had brought and hugged her tightly. This was the end of the wait perhaps for even he felt something precious return to him. he let her cry on his shoulder and stood there silently, waiting for her to stop. It took her sometime to hold herself back and when she did, she heard his words that made her cry all over again… and this time in happiness.

“I missed you too…jasmine!”

Time is endless in thy hands, my lord.
There is none to count thy minutes.

Days and nights pass and ages bloom and fade like flowers.
Thou knowest how to wait…

No hand felt so gentle and none’s embrace so warm to have made her so happy. The years of wait had finally come to an end and the anxiety was far from dying out. He had left a warm scent of his on her skin with his embrace and she basked heartily in that warmth. She had walked back to her room post their confrontation. He had gone back to his friends but she knew he would come back for her. she felt something warm yet unknown, deep in her heart, and it felt all so nice and so right!

She sat by her table and kept her head on the notebook kept there. the balcony door was wide open and the lights of her room was turned off. the only thing that
illuminated her room was that of the faint yellow bed lamp, trying its best to fight the night! She sighed and relaxed and thought of things that happened in the evening. That look in his eyes, when they had parted and he had looked straight into them…ohh so beautiful eyes he had! Beautifully dark and tantalizing! She had almost forgotten the world in that one moment.


She waited with abated breath, watching him bat in the school cricket field. He seemed composed but she knew how tensed he was from inside. It was an inter-school cricket match and he was the vice-captain of the team. BeingĀ  a middle order batsman, it was on his shoulders that he led his team to victory.

The crowd cheered but she kept his eyes on him…her lips trembling in unknown prayer. Just 3 runs to win from one ball and all hopes were on him. she gulped down her nervousness and focussed on him as he took a step forward and swing his bat to the leg-side.

And then there was a roar..the crowd erupted in joy as the ball sleekly went between the gap and hit the boundary!

It was a four!!!

They had done it…He had done it!!!

She let out the breath she had been holding for a long time now and rushed, like the other students to congratulate him.

“Maan… Maan…”, she screamed but he could hear nothing. His team had lifted him up on their shoulders and they had been shouting slogans of victory and she, an anxious heart remained unnoticed…unheard!

She screamed and called out his name but her voice drowned. She tried hard but she couldn’t reach him. he had asked her to wait for him after the match so that he could treat her with an ice cream if they won and now, he didn’t even look at her even once! He knew she was there yet he chose to ignore.

She was sad…like always, he had ignored her. dejected, she hung her head down and walked to their cycle parking stands. But her heart couldn’t allow her to go. they had always ridden back together… how could she have gone alone today, despite knowing he’d be late? Saddened, she sat on the culvert, waiting for him. her head hung low and she buried it between her knees and waited…!


It was perhaps long after that she heard his voice, coming nearer! She quickly wiped those tiny droplets of tears and stood up, only to see him running towards her with a trophy in his hand!

Before she could tell him how upset she was, he had lifted her off the ground and swirled her around, squealing in joy, “we won… we won…did you see that?”

As if all her anger vanished into thin air. His joy, his ecstasy was contagious, especially to her. she giggled feeling ticklish and watched him in awe. He shoved his trophy in her hands, “I got the player of the match award.”

She looked lost in that smile…that anxiety…she was too small for all these feelings perhaps but something was there in her that always made her yearn for him.
When she didn’t respond he shook her, “arrey baba hold na… you want to have ice cream or not? lets go.”

He dragged her holding one hand of hers to her bicycle and all she did was look at his trophy in one hand and his hold on the other. She was happy…no no…she was the happiest person today.

They reached the ice cream parlour and before she could open her mouth, he had already ordered her favourite, “two double scooped butterscotch ice creams please.”


She woke up with the sweet murmurings of the breeze that danced with the curtains, conveying her a message. She had dozed off on her notebook perhaps. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the balcony, wide open, calling out to her. she had a strange inclination towards the night sky. She walked to the balcony and stretched herself, feeling the breeze whisper something into her ears.

She wrapped a shrug round herself and smile…she couldn’t stay in when the night was so beautiful. She pulled the curtains of her balcony, not realizing that a certain someone, in the house right in front of her’s was as sleepless as she was right now.

He jumped over the small fence that separated the backyard pavement from the grass and slowly walked towards that one person who had caught his attention since the evening. She had run back home allowing him to spent time with his friends. He has seen her rushing out to the backyard and he couldn’t have held himself back from confronting her again. its been a very long time!!!

Thy centuries follow each other perfecting a small wild flower.

We have no time to lose,
and having no time we must scramble for a chance.
We are too poor to be late.

He stopped in his tracks as a wind flew by, bringing him the faint scent of the sweet smelling bakula flowers and underneath the tree, lay the woman who had taken his breath away. It was April, the onset of spring and the small flowers were in bloom. The wind had helped the tree shed its precious children to make a smooth expanse of a carpet. The fallen flowers around the tree had not left a trace of the soil visible and she sat, inclined to the tree, with her eyes closed, perhaps enjoying the moment. The air was filled with a mild sweet fragrance of the flowers and the sky was lighted enough for the souls to see.

It took him some time to calm his raging heart as he dared to step closer to the sleeping beauty. she hadn’t noticed his presence, he smiled. ohh the agony…”beautiful” was just a small word.

He gently sat down beside her, watching the flowers break off and fall on her, as if showering their love. one of the flowers fell and stuck on the seam of her closed lips. He took a deep breath in as he observed her closely. His eyes fell on the flowers stuck on those beautiful lips and she had twitched. He forgot to let out the breath and sat there, watching her twitch a bit.

He never knew meeting her again would be this phenomenal and a strange current ran down his body as his fingers softly did away with the flower that had disturbed her. as if she could feel his anxiety…she woke up with a start and stopped when their eyes met!

The moment was perfect, the setting was beyond description, like nature had itself conspired their meeting in such a beautiful place! It took them sometime to understand the situation and a smile played on her lips, “you scared me Maan!”

She straightened herself and so did he as both reclined against the trunk of the tree.

“ohh…I am sorry. I didn’t mean to…!“, was his reflex.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she looked at him briefly, making him twitch his brows, “what?”

“Since when did you start saying sorry?”, and she giggled.

He realized what he had said but he had no reply to his. She had all his attention today, since the time she had shown her face to him. realizing him quiet, she turned to look at him and found him staring at her. she knew if she looked into his eyes, she\’d be lost again, like always and so, she avoided that and looked straight, taking in the fragrance of the flowers.

“they are beautiful, aren’t they?”

He was brought back to the present and leaned back against the tree, “yes they are! But what are you doing here, at this time of night?”

“I couldn’t sleep. But what are you doing here?”, she asked, teasingly.

“I couldn’t sleep either. So…I thought I could catch up!”

She sighed, “fair enough…I might indulge myself a bit in this catching up’ thingy.”

He smiled and looked up at the sky, “where is my birthday present geet?”

She felt her heart skip a beat when he called out her name but that wasn’t a surprise to her. it always did!

“even though I had promised you that I wouldn’t show you my face, I still did. Well, that’s your present!”
, she had that playful lilt in her voice.

“Well then, that was stupid present and very childish!”
, he spoke arrogantly.

She twisted her lips, “neither was it stupid, nor was it childish!”

“it was Geet. I wasn’t the one who came up with such a stupid idea. Its only you who could think of stuffs like this!”

She turned and waked his arm, “that was not stupid okay. You were the only who triggered it.”

He smiled at her contorted face and pressed her nose slightly, “accept it geet. You and I both know how silly it was. Besides, who wouldn’t want to meet and see their friend after such a long time?”

She twisted her lips knowing well that it was indeed a stupid thing but she wouldn’t give up, “well, I was young and You were the root cause. Period!”

He laughed watching her fight back and she was in awe of this man. He was beautiful in every possible way. He had changed yet he had the same aura that she had always adored.

The daughters of the wind played for long and it was the owl that made them realize that the dawn was breaking. She yawned and put her head on his shoulder, involuntarily, “Maan?”

He never realized when he held her hand to make her comfortable, “yes geet…”

“we should head back… I have office at 9.”

He smiled at her, “I guess we are done with catching up for today!”

He stood up and stretched out a hand for her. she was drowsy but that didn’t not stop her from feeling the strength of the hand that she held for support.

He looked at the sky and then back at her, “happy sleeping.”

As he slowly walked away, his hand agonizingly slipped away from hers, making her sigh. Ohh what a beautiful night it was!!! They had talked like never before and the fragrance of the bakula still remained with her even when she fell on her bed.

“How I wish we could meet like this again Maan…”, she mumbled in her sleep and somewhere she knew the answer would be “yes…jasmine!”

We have no time to lose,
and having no time we must scramble for a chance.
We are too poor to be late.

Dadima came with an aarti thaal as Dev touched her feet greeting her, “good morning dadima..” and pressed a kiss on her cheek.

She put tika on his forehead and handed him the Prasad, “good morning beta… where are you going this early?”

“Client visit dadima…”, he rushed to the table and gulped down the juice in one go, “am already late!”

Dadima sighed, “one is working like crazy and the other one is sleeping like a log!”

She watched dev greet his mom and then something struck her head.

“dev beta…”, she walked close to him.

“ji dadima…”, he adjusted his tie.

“I was thinking you keep so busy that you hardly have time for yourself. Why not get married and bring a wife who can take care of you?

Dev sighed…not again! he never had marriage as a life goal at least now, “Dadima…not again please!

“but you are already 29 now. I know you are busy with office but you need a life

He rushed out, biting an apple, “we will see later dadima…bye!”

That was the best he could do. he wasn’t into marriage with anyone his prents chose randomly. His choices were always very particular and refined. And even for marriage, he had a mental picture of what his life partner would be like and he wouldn’t settle down untl he found that’ one person! So avoiding the matter was the best option.

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Chapter 3

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Her eyes took in the beauty that he was… dressed in black vest and trousers, his hair ruffled, he faced away from her!

“fine then! I will see you only when you wish it!”, he spat and walked away.
She didn’t know why she had tears in her eyes or what she was feeling but the emotion was strong, way too strong for her to handle and her heart went heavy like hundreds of mountains weighing it down.
She didn’t feel his presence around her even at Khurana Mansion and it felt like something has just gone missing from the place. She hadn’t seen him for the past three days and everyday she had come to KM on the pretext of planning his birthday party which was also a comeback party for him by both the families. All his friends would be there and she made plans and lists but he wasn’t there. she sat by the window, looking at the final list and smiled recalling their last encounter when he had walked away angrily and smiled, he hasn’t changed even a bit.


“geet…”, he barged into her home screaming out her name. She was sprawled on the floor of her bedroom doing her homework when his voice startled her. she kept the books away and rushed to him, “am here…”

He didn’t even wait for her to ask him anything but dragged her towards his mansion holding her by her wrist.

“ahh Maan…what are you doing?”, she wondered what was he upset about. His hold was firm and he didn’t even stop to give her an explanation. They were half away towards km when she wriggled, “ahh leave me Maan. Where are you taking me?”

He stopped and turned back but that deathly glare from him almost made her gulp. ThatsĀ  all he needed to do. And then she was quiet all the while he dragged her to km and then to his room and made her sit on his bed. She had looked down all this while and could realize he was angry at her. gathering her courage, she asked him meekly, “are you angry Maan?”

He left a sigh and turned away from her, seething in anger. She knew him all too well perhaps. And he wasn’t going to melt easily. She walked to him, held his hand, “am sorry.”

He tried to jerk his hand off, “just don’t talk to me.”

She held him firm and sighed, “am sorry. Its just that I have projects to submit post this vacation and I haven’t finished even one.”

It was their summer vacation and now that it was nearing its end, geet hadn’t shown her face for the past one week. He had called her up asking her to come and play with him or just simply visit km but she never did. And when his patience had given up, he had gone to her house and dragged her out of her rabbit hole.

He spoke nothing and just turned away but geet, despite being a little kid, knew he wasn’t that angry now. It just felt so beautiful to be of this importance to someone.
He didn’t know why he was angry but the moment she was here with him, in his room, he knew he was tamed but he wouldn’t show that to her.

“you are irritating…”
, was all he said.



She couldn’t help smiling thinking of that day as she made the guest list. Ohh how could she have told him that she was sick due to her cycles which was very new for her then! She had been scared and queasy about moving around everything was new to her but now…he was angry yet again. would he hold her hand like he had done the last time and drag her to him? a deep hue of red settled on her cheeks…perhaps he was angrier now! He wouldn’t show himself to her and she had brought it all upon herself. She recalled the events in her backyard two days back…how he had come to see her and how eagerly he had held her hand. Her stomach churned in anxiety and nervousness and before she could dwell further, a familiar voice broke her reverie.

“geet… are you done?”

She stood up to see Dev standing before her, suited up to leave for office. She smiled and forwarded him the guest list, “almost! See you want to add anyone else.”

Dev smiled at her innocent face and checked the list, “its perfect yaar! Geet you’re the best!”

He leaned forward and side hugged her happily.

“thanks Dev,”, geet giggled feeling ticklish. They had been very good friends as well and post Maan’s departure, Dev had been her solace in subsequent years.

He drove around the city catching up with his friends and unwinding himself. But in all this he couldn’t forget that night when she refused to face him. he was angry and he wouldn’t let her off the hook easily. He deliberately stayed out of the house when she was around. If she was adamant then she perhaps had forgotten how stubborn he was.



He stood amidst the crowd, receiving greetings and gifts but his eyes searched for one person all this while. She was supposed to be at th venue half an hour earlier but she wasn’t. He sighed and concentrated on the guests who were pouring in. Rano ma, papaji, naina everyone was there but she was missing. He felt angry and he felt hurt.

It was time to cut the cake when his eyes suddenly fell on a person, slowly walking towards him, with slow and careful steps. He slowly looked up and froze right there!

She had fought with herself and had chided and scolded herself until she found herself fit to face him. they had been too stubborn she realized, things that could have been easy between them had almost become a struggle. But now she was desperate… to see him, to talk to him, to see how he looked and how he smiled and hear how he talked and perhaps she could have held back no more.

Clad in a simple mauve flowing gown, she walked slowly towards him, in shyness, in nervousness…in anxiety. Her hair was tied in a neat bun, leaving a few tendrils flowing down her cheeks and those wedges making a faint tick tock sound on the floor.

He stood rooted, watching her and he forgot everything else. Her face, her eyes, her lips, her poise, her walk, the glow on her skin almost took his breath away. He saw her… finally he did. He knew she was feeling conscious by his looks but he needed to take in that image of hers and replace the old one with this new one.
His eyes locked with hers but it was brief. Before they could cherish the moment, his dad urged him to cut the cake. He felt childish but he was so happy to see his family make efforts to welcome him. their gaze broke and he cut the cake amidst thunderous applauds.

He fed the cake to everyone except her for she stood at a corner, watching him lovingly. He has indeed grown up…morphed into a man from a little boy and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. she felt nostalgic and the corner of her eyes burned with unknown tears.

She felt a tug and realized Dev had pulled her for a dance. She quickly composed herself and looked around. The lights had dimmed and her bade papa had pulled badi ma for a dance. She was blushing hard but bade papa was a romantic at heart. naina was pulling papaji for a dance and Maan’s friends even gathered.

“hey… kahan khoyi ho?”
, dev asked, swaying her with the music. She shook her head and smiled, “looking at badi ma and bade papa…”

Dev turned to look at the couple dancing and bickering at the same time and laughed. His one had held geet by her waist and the other held her hand as they talked and swayed to the music.

Maan watched them from afar…they seemed to have so much fun but then why can’t she talk to him normally? Why can’t they’ talk to each other normally? Has the distance really come between them?

Geet felt something and looked up only to meet his gaze, questioning her so many things at once. She couldn’t tear her gaze off for him for he held her captivated. That intense look almost burned her. she swayed with dev but her eyes stuck to Maan, trying to ask him how did he spend his years…did he even miss her at all?

Naina pulled Maan for a dance too but none of them realized as they were lost in their own world. Dev kept talking and so did naina but nothing mattered. The music changed and dev twirled her around. She almost lost her balance and then a familiar touch awakened her. his arm swiftly slid across her waist and steadied her. before she could understand anything, he had swept her off her feet, holding her tightly in his arms.

Their eyes met and the world was forgotten. Her one hand rested on his shoulder while the other basked in the warmth of his palm. His hand held her tight round her waist giving her shivers. He looked so handsome in the black suit and she sighed, looking into his chocolate brown orbs.

Realizing his effect on her, he pulled her closer to him further causing her to gasp, “Maan…”

Ohh his name from her lips sounded so beautiful…he couldn’t do anything but feel his heart flutter. Yet he maintained a stern face, “and finally you showed yourself, eh geet?”

Ohh that drowsiness in his voice almost made her head spin. If this was the beginning then she knew for sure that she’d be a goner in the upcoming days. Her heart thudded against her rib cage as she breathed in sharply to hold herself. Her gaze on him softened, “happy birthday Maan…”

“you are late…”
, he whispered against her ear, making her skin tingle.

She sighed and looked up at him again, getting a grip on herself, “how are you?”, she asked softly.

“very well, thank you.”, he swirled her and pulled her back.

“how was your stay in the US? And your University?”

He lead the waltz and gave a curt reply, “everything was grand there and i enjoyed every bit of my stay there.”

“did you miss home?”, she asked looking into his eyes.

“yes I did… i missed everyone…ma, dad, rano ma, dev bhai, naina, papaji…”

“and??”, her brows raised in curiosity as her heart ran a race.

” and what geet?”
, he asked nonchalantly.

Her hopeful eyes turned gloomy as she looked down, “and did you miss me Maan?”

He pushed her away and bowed her like an arch and leaned over her. his breath fell on her neck, making her gulp down hard!

“no… I never missed you…jasmine.”, came his sharp reply.

Her heart almost stopped breathing as he made her stand and looked deep into her eyes, realizing she was not happy with the answer she got. She stopped, pushed him away and walked out, feeling hurt, not knowing why she felt so. But his words made her teary. Ten years he was away and wasn’t even there a single moment when he missed her?

She stood in the veranda by a pillar, not knowing she was feeling so sad…to an extent that she felt she’d cry. He never actually cared for her… all this time it was his stubbornness speaking. There was no one around and she felt relieved for that. She felt like going back home… ten years of wait and all she got was this?

She felt a warm hand over her shoulder and was startled. She quickly blinked away her tears and turned back only to see him stand right in front of her, with his expressions unreadable. She looked at him sadly, accusing him of being such a brute.

And he forwarded his other hand that held a piece of cake, near her mouth. Her eyes welled up as he urged her to take a bite. She gulped that lump hard and took a small bite. And the next moment she was in his arms, hugging him tight and crying her eyes out, “ohh I missed you so much Maan… I missed you…”

He sighed and held her tightly in his embrace, throwing away the cake that he had brought and hugged her tightly. This was the end of the wait perhaps for even he felt something precious return to him. he let her cry on his shoulder and stood there silently, waiting for her to stop. It took her sometime to hold herself back and when she did, she heard his words that made her cry all over again… and this time in happiness.

“I missed you too…jasmine!”