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“hey… whats wrong with you? Can’t you hear? Mr Khurana…where are you dragging me…”

He pushed her into the car with force which made her angrier. What the hell does he think of himself? He closed her side of the door and sat beside her.

“what the hell was that Khurana.? Answer me damn it…”

“Shut Up!!!“, he barked, with his voice gone rude, “chup chap baithi not answerable to you whatsoever!”

“what the hell…”

He glare at her, “Just Shut up! And keep your mouth shut till we get home..”

His tone was so serious…he seemed angry. She had never seen him serious at all in these days she had been with him and now…he was behaving so rudely! She looked away from him fuming… this man was nuts! She was here to help him out..and instead of being grateful, he was being rude! To hell with this foolish man!


The moment they reached home, Maan dragged her inside and threw her on the couch. He was seething like an angry volcano and she couldn’t understand why. She was the one who saved him and when he invited trouble, she was the one who had to manage the situation and instead of being grateful, he was barking at her. Never in her life had she been introduced to such a person so unpredictable and someone who thought from his ass. geet looked around and realized dev wasn’t here. He might have gone home because of the attack. She sighed..poor guy! And here she was bloody bearing a moron who knows nothing but to invite trouble. She waited for him to start talking but when he didn’t, she snapped, “whats wrong? How dare you behave like this?”

He turned back and gave her a glare that could almost burn anyone with its heat, “what do you think you were doing?”

She stood up despite her ankle hurting, “i was doing my job Mr. Khurana and you have no right to interfere whatsoever!“, she clipped.

His brows narrowed at her, “and when i say to stay back Miss Handa I expect you to stay back!”

Am Not your slave…mind it!

“You work for me now!”, he retorted back!

“Nobody gave you the permission to order me around Khurana..”

“Yes your Agency did! You work for me so you shall listen to ME!”

“I don’t give into the orders of control freaks like you.”

“Fine then… if You are so much into going to the superwoman’ mode and do what you wish, I am afraid you are no longer needed here Miss Handa! I absolutely hate people who don’t listen to me”

What the f**k was that!! He was firing her for saving his life? How very ungrateful. She had never been humiliated this way before!

“you are firing me?”, though she was angry, it came out as a shock to her.

“what do you think?” he taunted.

She clutched her fingers into a tight fist resisting the urge to go and smash something and closed her eyes gulping down her anger, “fine..

She turned around to go back to her room, limping and seething in anger. This was the worst day of her life. She had tackled countless number of terrorists, even more violent than these and this bloody man fires her! Hit on her self-respect!! A shattering blow! She didn’t realize she was nearing stairs. The moment she put her foot on it, an excruciating pain shot up her spine making her stumble. She winced and he was right beside her, holding her firm, preventing her fall.

She opened her eyes to see his. That anger was replaced with something that she had no idea of.

“at least watch where you walk!!”, he mumbled.

He helped her stand and turned away from her, “khud ko sambhal nahi sakti and she was here to protect me!”

Though it was less than a whisper, her ears shot up, “I heard that! Thanks for that!”

He wasn’t surprised to know that she had heard it, “good for you!”

She gritted her teeth…so much attitude! Moron! Not worth her time. It was a mistake coming here. She pushed his hand away and somehow climbed the stairs, limping.

He was angry but couldn’t help noticing her tired form struggling up the stairs. He shook his head and jogged up to her.

She held the railing and waited for the pain to subside. And the next she moment she found herself being lifted up in his arms so swiftly.

“hey..hey… what are you doing? Put me down…”

He maintained a straight face as he walked her up the stairs, “shut up”

“what do you think of yourself Khurana… just put me down!”

As if he ever listened to anyone. She was stubborn, he had realized that, so was he! He kept a straight face and walked straight to her room and despite her attempts to free herself, he dumped her on the bed and leaned over her. She took a defensive stance looking straight into his eyes! He inched closer until he felt her breath on his face! the closest encounter ever… her breath was warm, indicating how angry she was but he cant risk her life for his own! not that he didn’t want security, but somehow something in his heart said she shoudn’t get hurt. And seeing her risking her life for him gave him the boost to just call it quits for her.

She had stilled completely finding him so close yet she was far from being deterred. She hated his guts, she hated his attitude and most importantly, she hated him! When she was very sure she’d slap him for this behaviour of his, he broke his silence.

“Tomorrow I am going to call uncle Rajeev and have you off this place and this job.”

He withdrew swiftly and walked towards the door. He stopped before going out and gave a sarcastic gruff, “so long Miss handa. I want to see you gone by tomorrow morning!”

And he just walked out, leaving her all alone, shocked and angry. The moment he was out, she limped towards the door and shut it close. This was too much. She gritted her teeth and held back the urge to shout as loud as she could. Tears, hot angry tears made their way down her cheeks as she threw her pistol on the bed along with her phone, her shoes and her dress.

She fell on the bed wearing only her slip and boy-short briefs and buried her face into the pillow. Just one week and this is unbearable. Her ankle hurt but she had no more energy to even wake up and do something. She took her phone and called Christine right at that instant.

Chris was asleep but seeing geet calling up so late had her startled. She quickly answered the call wondering it had to do something with work but was taken aback hearing a broken voice.

“geet… you okay baby? What’s wrong?”

“I am coming back tomorrow! I have had enough.”, she mumbled, with her voice trembling. She didn’t whether it was because of her being angry or upset.

“but what happened..tell na..”

“we’ll speak tomorrow.” And she hung up. She switched off her phone, turned off the lights and slept off.


She walked out carrying her suitcase, passing maan and Rajeev who stood in the hall, watching her. Rajeev glared at maan, “what the hell are you doing maan… its a big mistake.”

“thats it old man. I have had enough. I listened to you that day and its time you listen to me as well. I don’t want any woman guarding me around.”

Geet stopped on her tracks, gulping down her anger. She was very sure this taunt was directed at her. She turned back and shook hand with Rajeev, “it was indeed a privilege working for you sir and am thankful for that, unlike people who are awfully rude and manner less and ungrateful!”

Maan got the subtle comment. He turned towards her with a glare and she returned the same with equal intensity. But this time, she didn’t falter, rather smile coldly and put on her sunglasses and extended her hand for a shake, “well then Mr. Khurana, I must leave. Thank You for letting me stay here. It was nice meeting you.”

then i hope, we are not going to see each others face ever after Miss Handa!”, he smiled and shook hands with her.

She cringed and pulled back quickly and made her way out. Rajeev’s car was there to drop her back at her apartment. She sighed in relief the moment she got in. Just a week and things were crazy with this man. She just hoped she never saw this rude and so conceited man ever again in her life. But right now, she was back on her holiday and she’d make a good use of it to make sure she forgot the whole pathetic week!



Geet and Christine entered the pub. It was 11 at night and she was back on her holiday after that khurana fiasco. Chris was worried with whatever happened with maan but then geet was a strong person. She decided she’d just forget that worse time and enjoy her holidays and she had agreed.  Not once after she had comeback, had geet taken the name of that arrogant man. She sighed as geet dragged her towards the bar.

“tequila??“, geet giggled, swaying to the music.

“whattt?”, chris screamed unable to hear geet in the loud music.

“you wanna have something??“, geet screamed louder, eager to get to the dance floor.

Chris nodded and hoisted her up on the bar stool and looked at the bartender, “one Black Velvet Please.”

Geet grinned and shook her head. That was christine’s favourite of all.

“one Whiskey Blazer…”

Chris gaped at geet, “hey…didn’t you say the last time that it was a bit too strong for you?”

“who cares…its time to cross limits darling.”

She took her drink and rushed to the dance floor where some of their other friends were waiting as well. Chris was glad that geet was alright and she joined them after sometime.

No one knew how much time went by but geet and her friends were having super fun. They were drunk and with no worry at all, they had made friends around and joined others as well and had no idea of what the world dealt with.

Geet laughed and banged on the bar counter and called for the bartender to make another drink. As she waited, her eyes fell on a certain somebody’ that made her cringe.  She tried not to care but the sight irritated her. Chris joined her after sometime and realized geet was looking at someone. She looked at that same direction and found her jaw drop to the ground.

“what the… isn’t he…isn’t he…Ma..Maan Khurana with that girl?”

Geet rolled her eyes trying not to think of him, just like she did all these days and tunred away to receive her drink and mumbled, “must have breached his security again. What a fool!”

Chris turned back to her and looked at her quizzically, “breached his own security? How do you know?”

Geet sipped her drink, “he has done that before as well…”

She quickly finished her drink and placed the glass on the counter with a bang. Simultaneously, another glass was placed beside hers with a similar bang and a person stood beside her.

“Two Blazers please, one for me and one for this lovely lady beside me!”

Geet glared at him, “why the hell are you here Khurana? And I don’t need your drink…”

” Its not my drink, its the bar’s! Cant you just stop being a stubborn ass for once Miss Handa? Someone is trying to be a gentleman here and you…arrghh! spoilsport!”

“you’re drunk!”, geet looked away.

He smiled and leaned over her shoulder until his breath tickled her ear, “and so are you! “

The bartender served thir drinks and went off. Maan forwarded one to her and smiled, ” come on beautiful, just loosen up already!”

She hated that word! He never calls her everything but her name. She quickly finished her drink and wiped her lips, “i don’t know why you are doing this but let me remind you Mr Khurana, it was you who amended never to see each others’ faces by all means so why are you here? Someone as important as you just shouldn’t be talking to someone like me! But yes, I wont be ungrateful for thats not my nature. So thank you for the drink!”

She turned to leave when he grabbed her hand and pulled her hard that she collided with his chest, “one dance wouldn’t hurt, eh, Beautiful??!!!”


next: dance???Shocked and trouble again!LOL