“the married woman”

Khuda bhi na jane kaise khel khelta hai
Do dilo ko kisi ek ke liye kyu dhadkata hai

  wo kisi ke liye bas ek sapna hai
ya shayad mere liye khuda ka farishta…

na jaane kab se uske saath apni zindagi baanti hai
Uske har kadam ke sath kadam milayi hai

Humari mulakat to bas abhi huyi hai
fir aisa kyu laga ki mein use sadiyo se janti hu…

Uski har ek harkat har baat se waqif hu
Uski ek hasi ke liye apni jaan bhi de du

Uske sath rehkar use samajhne lage hai
Uski ek hasi humari khushi banne lagi hai…

Na jane kab hum unse pyaar karne lage
Par pyaar se jyada is dosti ko nibhate rahe

Pyaar to usse hume pehli nazar me hua tha
Dosti ko ab uske pyaar me badalne ka intazar tha…

Itna to mein use jaan chuki thi
Mein uske liye uski sabse achi dost thi

Ab kuch mein use samajhne lagi thi
Use bhi mujhse pyaar hai jaan ne lagi thi…

Wo kisi aur se pyaar karta hai jaan gayi thi
Par ab uske pyaar se bhi pyaar karne lagi thi

Wo mujhse hi pyaar karta hai..dil mein ek tasalli thi
Uska pyaar pakar mein shayad khushnasib thi…

Na jane kyu ab darr sa lag raha tha
Jaise wo humesha ke liye dur jane wala tha

Uske pyaar ne mere yakin ko gehra kiya tha
Wo bas mera hai ye dil ab jaan chuka tha…

Uski parineeta banne ka mera sirf sapna tha
bas ek sapna…

Uski parineeta banne ka sirf mera haq tha
sirf mera haq…sirf meri haqeekat!

(thanks to ritzz for helping me out with thisEmbarrassed)


hey people…am totally held up till 1st june!
have xams need to travel and lot more! Ouch
won’t be regular in updating this till then!
I’ll concentrate on fairy…Tail???!!! 1st and then this
so please have patience!

SPECIAL NOTE: a biggg thank you to Muski di and Ritzy di for their wonderful works which have inspired me to write this ff!! so thank u to u two dees…i love you so much!!!!Hug



Cute, bubbly, bold, naughty’.in fact very naughty!!! Maan’s Childhood friend..or say Gundi!!! Loves Bossing over Maan anytime and anywhere Possible! And always stands besides him whenever he needs help has a beautiful voice, loves singing but never thought of taking music as a career.(more to be revealed later)

Pyasi Nigaho Ne Har Pal Unka Deedar Manga

Jaise Amavas Ne Har Raat Chaand Manga

Ruth Gaya Wo Khuda Bhi Humse

Jab Hum Ne Apni Har Dua Mein Unka Saath Manga


Princess of  the rich and dignified  khandaan of Thakurs. Very gentle, sober, loves reading books and carries the etiquettes of a Princess. Currently in the same college of Maan and his batch mate. In love with Maan’.though a silent love.


Aaj us khuda ki shararat samajh me aai,
is zameen par aapki maujudgi samajh aai,
Aapko is zameen par bhejna us khuda ka bahana tha,
Kyo ki hamare lie aapko aana hi tha.



2 years older to geet, chivalric, handsome, lost both his parents when he was around 7 years old. From that day, 5 year old naughty geet took care of him. He considers geet as his bestest of the best friends! Currently studying with anisha. Also in love with her’oops..silent love.very frank with geet.!

Ab To Wo Mera Haal Bhi Nahi Puchte

Shayad Unhe Bhi Hamse Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai

Jaisi Bechaini Mujhe Hoti Thi Kabhi Unhe Dekhkar

Shayad Unki Bhi Kuch Aisi Hi Halat Si Ho Gayi Hai


Geet’s Mother’daughter of a rich bureaucrat and handles all the business. Best friend of Maan’s mother, Avantika Khurana. Takes care of Maan after avantika’s death. Her husband left her for another woman when geet was hardly 4.


Maan’s dadi’same as serial. Loves geet a lot. Handles all the business.


Geet’s best friend in boarding school and in college. Naughty with her. very naughty’aakhir geet ki dost hain. Loves to be called Roops’ classy in her own way!

 PREM CHOPRA (roflolROFL couldn’t think of a better name)-

Geet and roopali’s partner in crime and their jigri dost. Same age as geet and roopali. Ek dum spoilt..and pampered by geet!!!

(muski dii am borrowing him from you for this FF okieEmbarrassedLOL)

me…mere Maan ka khayal rakhna Jasmeet……please use akela mat chodna….wo…wo..

And that’s when Jasmeet realized, her best friend was no more!!!she stood there, shaking her violently…crying… screaming…


avantika..uth na…please…..meri taraf ek baar to dekh……Maan bhi to aaya hai na..see he is calling you..uth…..


Dadima stood there silently…watching them….crying..!!! what did they do to deserve such punishment…1st Yash and now Avantika…Maan was left all alone!!!!for gods sake he is only 7…how will he be able to handle all this?


                  X    X    X      X      X     X     X     X      X

 “GEET…GEET….where are you???

Little geet came crawled out from under the table with a toothy grin on her face!

 “mumma… why shouting?

chal Maan aaya hai…school nahi jana kya uske saath?

She made a baby face, “nahi..maan ke shaath nahi jaana!


he..he doesn’t shpeak and humesha chup chap rehta hai..baat hi nahi karta….i get bored

Jasmeet smiled at her little daughter…after Avantika..dadima had asked her to fulfill the role of a mother to Maan.. he has become very quiet and kept to himself! Jasmeet being the best friend of Avantika agreed to this…Maan is her son also! She cupped geet’s face!

Maan akela hain na beta……tujhe to sab pata hai…

umm…Maan ki mumma god ke paas gayi hain?” she said it cutely!

umm…isiliye he keeps quiet!!! Aisa to acha nahi hai na…you have to be with him sweety

She listened her mother intently….

tujhe Maan se baatein karni hain…uske saath khelna hai..usse dosti karni hai… phir dekhna tu kabhi bore nahi hogi uske saath…..he’ll be the best friend you ever had!


muchhiii….use akela mat chodna kabhi geet….

Geet nodded…she hardly understood what jasmeet’s words meant…but she had it in her mind “use kabhi akela mat chodna…”


X    X     X     X    X     X     X     X      X

 Maan and geet came running and hid under the table!!! He was 10 and she was 8 now! Geet was the only friend he had…the only person with whom he can open up…! As for geet madame…she loved bossing over him everytime..and he gave is easily..actually listened to her every command..every order!!!!

Jasmeet came shouting.


Both of them slowly came out looking down!!!!

geet…. What is this? Teri shararat har din badhti jaa rhai hain? Why did you do that?

She gave a cheeky smile “mumma….meine ball hit the vase and broke!

enough..this is the 10th thing you have broken in this whole week…seriously I need to send you to a boarding school!

After Jasmeet was gone, Maan poked her shoulder!

mumma se jhooth kyun bola? Vase to meine toda tha na!

oyeee tu sach bolta to mumma tujhe dant-ti…

par geet…it was me at fault..

SHUT UP! mujhe acha nahi lagta na agar mumma tujhe dant-ti to..” she made a cute face and walked out,, “chal khelna nahi hai kya tujhe?

It was always this way…though geet was very naughty…she always took his faults on her head…she just didn’t want him to feel low..thats it! And it so happened that Jasmeet was fed up with geet’s naughtiness!!! She hit students in her school..princi called up jasmeet….she never listened to anyone…it was tough for Jasmeet to handle business and the two kids simultaneously and finally when geet was in 6th std…12 yrs old..she was sent to a boarding school in shimla!

Maan pleaded but he also feared Jasmeet as a mother! He was a kid too…he couldn’t have done much. He cried the day she left…. But she didn’t!!!! she had a confidence on her face!!!

Jasmeet knew the way she bosses over Maan… and keeps on defending him all the time..he won’t be able to flourish! Its time Maan and geet needed to flourish on their own!!!! And this was the best way!!!!

use kabhi akela mat chodna geet….he need us..he needs you!!!!


waiting eagerly for your sincere comments!!!!Embarrassed


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