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“Shooter.. evade! Evade! Shooter…”

He rolled his eyes… not again! His securities asked him to duck his head down while he pulled out the gun and leaned out of the window. Two other cars that followed him got engaged in a shootout that lasted for a few minutes. 


They reached to a safer location and he was informed that one of his body guards had been shot dead by those goons while the other had been gravely injured. He checked on his men feeling really upset with the loss of one of his men. This was the 3rd time in the whole 2 months that he had been attacked by some anti-social group for signing the deal with the govt. He sighed and decided to call up his uncle and seek advise!! His location was not known.. his travels were kept secret yet how did these men know where he was going?


His 29 years of life was seeing a lot of turbulence now. He was professionally well flourished, one of the richest men in india and the ammunition deal had got him trouble. He loved to enjoy life but at times he hated so much security. He had initially got threat calls and e-mails to pull off this deal but he could never care! And the attacks..he sighed! But the biggest question that worried him was how how did those people get information about him! His uncle Rajeev had deployed a tight security but still they had no clue who could do that or how did they know the basoc information. Feeling so caged in the tight security, he decided to just go home and call it a day, not before paying the family of his men for the losses.



He walked into his grand office, humming a tune of a latest song and with a smile on his lips. The day was bright and his staff were so happy to see him. He was one of the coolest bosses around.. he hardly got angry and made efforts to make things understand in a polite way. Men and women…loved him. His formal look also seemed super cool and with that hair style..umm little ruffled hair with a bit of hair gel seemed to make women swoon. Each and every lady seemed to love him.


good morning Mrs are you doing today?”, he flashed one of his best smiles to the receptionist as he swayed his way in Mrs Paul was an elderly lady in her early fifties and she had great respect for this man. And he never forgot to wish her!

“good morning sir.. good to see you all in smiles. Any special reason?”

He winked at her, “yep.. you are looking pretty in red today. Gives me a reason to smile..”

“thank you sir…I must say you are looking good too.”

” …And Thank you.. have a great day Mrs Paul…”, he waved at her as he walked in.

“you too sir..”, she smiled and watched the girls around sigh in happiness of seeing him. She shook her head and got back to her desk…girls!!


He was greeted with smiles all the way to his cabin and he never forgot to wish everyone. He whistled his way in, receiving greetings from everyone. Everyone loved him.. he was just the man of dreams for every girl and the guys respected him as well. They worked efficiently and loved him because he loved them. He was about to enter his cabin when he heard someone shouting from around the corner. He stopped and listened to the argument… it seemed someone was really pissed off about some file. He he hated arguments and fights. He rubbed his temples and people knew he didn’t like high pitched voices. He preferred the atmosphere in his office to be calm and jovial and amiable, so that everyone could work efficiently. He checked his phone and walked towards the voice only to see Sharma shouting at some lady.


“… do you even realize what it could have cost to the company? Wrong file… can’t You check once before handing them over to me?…”, Sharma went on and on and the lady looked almost in tears.

“I..I am so sorry sir…”

“sorry my foot…”


“Okay calm down folks!! Ladies..Mr Sharma.. Ladies! Respect. It was her mistake and Miss Iyer is new here. It shouldn’t shout at ladies like this..”, he spoke calmly.

Sharma sighed and backed off, taking a deep breath in. Yes she had apologized but he had been too angry. Maan was right. He respects him.

“am sorry sir…”

“not me Sharma… her..”, maan pointed at Miss Iyer, smiling.

He turned towards the girl, “I am sorry…”, he said politely.

“thank you Sharma.. now relax and prepare for the scheduled meeting in the evening.”

Right away sir..”

He walked away, leaving maan with the lady.

“Are you alright miss Iyer?”

She was so damn charmed with this man…her tears had dried long back. No wonder girls drooled over him. She felt so dreamy.. he was like a prince charming of her dreams. She smiled cheekily, “oh yes sir.. am absolutely okay. Thank you…”, she added meekly.


He shook his head and went back to work. The day had been a relaxing one for him but not for the girls in the cafeteria who gathered for lunch. And Miss Iyer had a long story to tell, adding her spice and salt and extra sweetness to make others jealous. The others wished they were in the shoes of Shruti Iyer and he’d have spoken to them instead of hers.

He was playing Subway surfers on his phone when Adi, his associate knocked, “excuse me sir.. there’s an important message!”

His attention was broken and Jack hit the train making him frown. He could have broken his own record had Adi not disturbed him.

“couldn’t you have waited Adi…i was about to make a new high score!”

Adi gave his typical laugh, knowing his boss well, “he he he.. am…sorry sir but your uncle will see you in half an hour.”

He rolled his eyes, “what now…??”, he muttered under his breath.

“i beg your pardon sir..”

“ah no its nothing. Send him here once he reaches…”




He stared at the old man’s face hard and long making him squirm under his gaze! Unable to take it, Rajeev broke the silence, “stop staring maan! You realize you are in danger right!”

“but uncle… theres no fun without risk..”, he played with the paper weight.

Rajeev banged his hands on the table, “stop acting the cool dude guy maan… its dangerous. And them knowing about your whereabouts definitely has some link.. someone from the inside might be helping them. They might also have the information about your labs too..”

He yawned getting bored, “and how are you so sure old man?”

Rajeev leaned back on his chair proudly, “i haven’t been in IIA for the past 15 years for nothing son!”

“huh! Whatever! I cannot risk more lives uncle. You know i recently lost one of my men and another one is critical..”

“and there will be more if you don’t take measures now.”

“that won’t be necessary…”

“try to understand maan.. you are not dealing with petty goons. These people are a huge group, terrorist, dangerous… and i want no arguments. Three life threatening attacks in two months…don’t ever think you will be lucky the next time it happens…”


“so what do we do now?”

“desperate times call for desperate measures. I have got someone who will be with you 24/7 monitoring around…”

“24/7 is too much…isn’t it?”

“you need it son.. and these attacks are not going to stop. We need to get to those men…they are a threat.

“i will think about it!”

Rajeev sighed, “alright… take your time. But think once about the number of people you’d lose if you do not agree…”




He entered the party and everyone seemed to acknowledge his presence. The ladies huddled up, wishing they could be lucky enough to have a dance with him. But he just smiled at everyone and got involved in speaking and ladies they were for he knew his way with them. They giggled at his talks and he didn’t leave a chance to amuse them, praise them, making them happy.

“you look hot Mr Khurana…as always”, a lady, dressed elegantly joined them. He smiled and took her hand in his, placing a kiss at the back of his hand, “oh why thank you Mrs Collins. I must say you are hotter…”


He winked at her, making all the ladies sigh in happiness. He was indeed charming. They were disturbed when Adi called him for a meeting with some clients.

“alright ladies.. Am sorry but i think i have to leave…”

He could hear sighs of disappointments when someone just spoke up, “thats not fair Mr Khurana.. you always are busy and have no time for us..”

He gave her a cute apologetic smile, “Am so sorry beautiful… as much as i love spending time with you all, it takes a lot of courage to break such beautiful hearts to go and work for a living…”

The women could just faint right there and not even complain a bit. No wonder they call him the “ladies’ man”. He sure knew how to make them yearn for him.


The party went on till late night. It was time for departure. He took his own sweet time bidding goodbye to everyone, and of course not to forget the women species. He waved goodbyes to everyone and headed towards his car in a tight security. They reached parking when suddenly one of his guards pulled out his gun and pointed at him.


He noticed him pulling the trigger and dodged instantly, “fish…not again!”

The bullet missed him… but pierced his right arm, soaking his coat with blood. Before the guard could run away, other men grabbed him. Someone pushed him behind the bullet proof car of his while he could still hear a few shots being fired.

When things had calmed down, he was escorted towards the car and noticed the attacker lying in a pool of blood in the lot. His head security assured him, “you are safe sir… he tried to fire on us and as a self defense measure we had to shoot him!!”


He sat in the hospital while the doctor bandaged his arms. Rajeev came rushing to him and enquired about the security lapse with his men. He was furious realizing they had no idea that one of them could do like this. He roared in anger and marched straight to maan, “Say 24/7 is too much again and i will shoot you myself. your time’s up. I am appointing someone asap and you have no say in this!”

He shrugged feeling lost… he was perhaps indeed in danger. And this was no joke. His old man was really mad and he just let him do whatever he wanted.


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A drop of tear escaped her eyes and fell on his hand. He cupped her cheeks, “i want you to forget about him… its over. You punished him well..”

She didn’t reply. She just kissed his hand and closed her eyes, trying to forget everything. A few minutes later, the doctors came to check on her and inform about her progress to maan. She sighed and tried to sleep, thinking of what to do next.


Geet opened her eyes the next day, feeling much better and first thing, she looked if maan was around. She still had some unfinished business. She looked everywhere as the nurse helped her to sit. Her one leg had deep cuts while the other was alright.

“uhh..where’s maan? I mean Mr. Khurana?”

The nurse tucked the pillow behind her back, “he is out for some work ma’am. He has asked me to stay with you.”

Geet took her medicine and carefully put forward the next question, “can you tell me what happened to Mr Rathode? The one with whom i had this accident..”

The nurse sighed sadly, “he is critical ma’am.. i don’t know much but i hear his spinal cord had been injured…and its dangerous. He might get paralysed too..apparently another vehicle had hit him as well”

Geet smirked, “can you take me to his room?”

“ah am sorry ma’am but you are supposed to rest…”

“please…i need to see him”, geet faked a cry, “please its important. I want to see him. Can you take me to him…please?”


She faked so naturally that the nurse thought arjun was someone really important to geet. She agreed and gave her one of the crutches to support and she held geet from the other side. Geet hated this disability. Her leg hurt but she had to see him. It took them a few moments to reach the room where Arjun was kept.

“are you sure you’ll be fine? Its a risk i am taking..”

Geet just gave her an assuring smile, “its cool. Your name wont come anywhere dear. Now could you please give us some moments alone? I will be back in a jiffy..”

The nurse opened the door for her and waited for geet to come out. Geet sighed in relief and slowly walked…limped towards the window, realizing the person she wanted was sitting there. She felt like laughing seeing him sitting on the wheel chair, staring out at something.


Arjun was numb with whatever happened. He heard footsteps and then someone’s laughter and he recognised well who did it belong to. He tried hard to move but damn he was helpless. He hated this disability and this bitch ruined his life. His temper rose as she presented herself in front of him, laughing wickedly.

She looked at his expressions and stopped laughing, “oops..couldn’t stop my laughter..sorry Mr. Rathode.. bas tumhe dekh kar thodi hansi aa gayi..”

Arjun tried to speak but his voice was hoarse, “you..i won’t…”

Geet leaned over him, with those cold deadly eyes glaring at him, “and you thought i would drag you to court Mr Rathode? or do something like suing you for the stunt you had played on me?”


His expressions were worth watching. She could just stand there an enjoy, “well.. you knew me in the past arjun.. but you don’t know me now!!”, she immediately changed her tone into a cuter one, ” ohh look at you.. i heard you have got spinal cord injury.. so which side are you paralysed? Left or right?”

Her voice turned colder, sending shivers down his spine, “i could have killed you… par mere paas un sab ke liye time nahin hain!! I think this is a better punishment and i couldn’t be luckier…”


The next moment, they heard the door slide open and maan enter with a smirk on his face. He went ahead and pulled geet by her waist, “though i hate you being in hospital jaan but i loved the punishment he got..”

She looked at him happily, realizing he accepts whatever she did.  She felt proud of herself for once as he whisked her away from that jerk! They stopped near the door and looked at her lovingly, “Nancy (nurse) will take you back from here..i will finish up the formalities here and then we can go back home..”

She smiled, “and what about him?”, she pointed towards the room to which maan just shrugged, “he’ll leave if his legs allow him to move and i doubt if its going to happen any sooner..”

“i will be waiting…”, she whispered and walked away with the nurse. She felt relieved… one down, one more to go. Maan watched her slowly limp her way back to her room and tuned back and walked towards arjun who seethed in anger seeing him.


“can i kill you?”, maan asked nonchalantly.

Arjun said something in his own mumbled voice to which he just smirked, “sorry.. i can’t do something as stupid right! Enjoy arjun..”

And the next moment, he thrust  a punch on his face, making him wince in pain. His nose was bleeding and damn hell he wasn’t able to do anything. He heard maan calling out to the doctors telling them that he had fallen off his wheelchair, trying to move his legs and broke his nose. He helped him sit back.


He went back to his room only to see geet waiting for him. He smiled and pressed a peck on her lips, “ghar chalein?”

She blushed and nodded. He filled up some papers and carried her in his arms, making her heart go dhak dhak with just that touch of his. The whole crowd looked on, as he lovingly carried her out. But they could care a damn! They had always been like this.. never cared about the world when they were with each other! She looked at him lovingly as he made her sit in the car comfortably. He was about to close the door when she just pulled him over her and pressed a kiss on his lips. He was sweetly surprised with that gesture. He kissed her again and whispered on her lips, “just wait till we get home..”

She blushed furiously hearing him  say something like that. She was so shy to even face him that the entire drive went silent.


He shocked her and avantika to hell when he carried her to his room in the mansion, instead of hers. He even asked the servants to shift her luggage into his room and that she’d be with him from now on. Avantika was hell angry at this… she knew her son loved geet a lot and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him but staying in one room and when they aren’t even married is something she could never accept.

He placed her gently on the bed as if she was the most delicate deity in this whole universe..she felt she’d cry right there. His love she craved so much yet his love was something that weakened her resolve each time. He tucked her properly in the duvet and caressed her hair, “sleep a little look tired.”


She looked at him and then closed her eyes..this is tougher than it seems. But she can’t drag him to hell with her. She had always been on her own and now leaving him and going was next to impossible. She thought about her family…her dad, mom, chachi, ana.. how much she had distanced them from herself. It was so pathetic of her. And mostly her own parents… it just seems impossible for her to imagine a life long relationship. And to be honest, she was scared.. to lease things all over again. It was better to detach from now itself.


She woke up after a few hours and tried to change sides. But being bandaged here and there and with that injury on her leg, it was so tough and painful. Her skin burned with the medicines and for lying on the same position for hours. She wanted to take a shower but damn she couldn’t even sit up without any help. She looked around wondering where the nurse was, if at all maan had hired her. She slowly tried to sit up but having one hand and one leg and forehead bandaged, along with her abdomen, it was tough. She fell back on the bed, feeling so damn helpless. Her mind went back to the time when she couldn’t her accident. Her legs just wouldn’t move. How hard she had tried every morning to walk on her own…she felt nostalgic as a drop of tear slipped down, vanishing into the pillow.


She felt a warm finger trace her tears and wipe it off. She knew very well who it was. Only she knew what she was going through. Being with him was a heaven and a hell simultaneously.

He leaned over her and pressed a kiss on her forehead, “is it hurting jaan?”

She smiled and shook her head, slowly opening her eyes, “it doesn’t anymore…”

He smiled a bit, “do you want something?”

“no…actually, i need to freshen up and change…”

He checked the time and sighed, evening it was. He played with her curls, “just be here.. i will call the maid to help you…”


She watched him go out, talking someone over the phone. The maid came in and helped her freshen up and change into a fresh pair of clothes. She helped her sit on the bed, backing the pillows and waited for maan. She was in his room, in his bed…she blushed. The feel was so beautiful, tickling her. It seemed like a dream.

He took longer than usual and came back to the room, carrying their dinner. She was getting so bored…one damn hour was like hell. She wasn’t feeling sleepy and she couldn’t move much as well. She smiled weakly seeing him place the tray beside her and rushed to change. Having him around her, all the time was so exciting. She left a deep sigh as she watched him come out of the washroom only in his tracks and pull on his vest. She had felt every inch of that skin on her… damn, she felt warm on her cheeks.


He took the tray and sat beside her, “come on.. have your dinner.”

She looked at him lovingly, how much this man loved her…but does she even deserve any of this? She is such a selfish bitch. She just did whatever he said because she didn’t want to lose a moment with him now. Too precious they are to her now.

He looked at her curiously as she refused to take another bite, “geet..what is this?”

She held his hand that held the spoon, with her good hand and fed him lovingly. He smiled and  leaned forward to peck her lips. She fed him again and he did the same, making her blush. They fed each other, with him stealing her kisses here and there while she just blushed and gave in.

In all this, none of them realized what was actually going on within. Geet’s suicidal attempt was dangerous but thats what her brain had registered. She was into the extremes now..with her memories back, her prosopagnosia and TBI, it was stressing her, slowly eating her away within, thereby drawing drastic reactions from her.


The next morning, she found herself safely cuddled up in his arms. much more beautiful can it be! She kissed his lips that were mere inches away from her and whispered into his mouth, “i love you so much…”

She hugged him closer and slept longer. it felt so light in her heart, speaking out those words. When she woke up after an hour or two, she found herself alone. She looked for him around and found his cell  phone beside her. She sighed…he was still here, in the washroom perhaps. She wanted to call sasha and take note of things. She didn’t see her phone around and decided to give her a call now. She took his phone and unlocked it, only to find some text message open. Apparently he had forgotten to close it. She was about to close it when her name in the message caught her attention. She got curious and looked into  it.


“Mr Khuarana

Thank you for the quick payment. Your penalty of 100,000 pounds has been deposited in the LCPD account and Miss Geet Handa has been cleared off the attempt to murder case. You might need to visit the police dept for further formalities.

-Adam clarks.”


She sat there numb… so in the hospital, he had been talking to the police? As much as she could gather, it seemed as if a case had been filed against her for the s called accident and he paid such a huge amount of money.. ohh god, 100.000 pounds was a huge sum of money he was paying for her. She heard the door open and quickly locked the phone and kept it where it had been and pretended to sleep.

He was paying such a huge amount of money just to keep her away from further mess. Ohh god..what good did she do to deserve something like this? She heard movements in the room…as if he was in a hurry to get somewhere. His movements were so audible since she was highly conscious.  She could feel him take his phone from the bed and stilled completely. He pressed a kiss on her forehead and rushed out


She opened her eyes after a few minutes and sighed… what is just happening! She has to get well soon enough. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. She called for the maid and asked her to help her and get her files from her room and also her laptop. Her phone was broken from the accident. She sent a mail to sasha and tried to look into the work and read a book since sitting in one single room the whole day was very tough.

She looked at the time…it was 10pm. The maid had left dinner and he wasn’t back. The maid helped her with her medicines and left. She was feeling quite restless, sitting in one position for a long time. It was itchy and irritating. She missed him…he had been out the whole day and realization of him paying a huge amount of money was still not out of her mind. She closed her laptop and files and realized she had not changed into fresh clothes in the evening. The medicines she applied on her wounds reeked on her clothes so she had to keep changing.


She called for the maid  but then realised she must have gone home. It was way past their working time. She sighed…and maan wasn’t back either. She held the crutch in one hand and slowly stood up, with much difficulty. The wound on her leg wasn’t dry yet so it hurt when she moved. Her hand wasn’t too good as well. She somehow managed to grab her night suit when two strong hands grabbed her from being and lifted her up in his arms. She shrieked in horror and dropped her crutch, closing her eyes shut.


“its me jaan…relax”

She sighed in relief and slowly opened her eyes to meet his beautiful eyes, “you scared me…”

“pray what are you doing here of your own? You know you haven’t healed yet…”

“i wanted to take a quick shower and change… everyone seems to have called it a day by now..”, she whined.

He smiled at her naughtily, “not everyone darling…”

She didn’t get him, “what do you mean?”

He pecked her lips and carried her towards the washroom, “you’ve still got me working..”


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