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Fairy….Tail #27

Dan (surprised): big deal you say Maan!!! Gosh dude….she is like you….SHE IS COMING FROM INDIA!!
Rahul (surprised): India….wow that’s cool man! So a new girl to flirt with!!!
Rahul winked at Dan! Of course he was a big flirt! But much to his misfortune, the number of girls in XIBM was quite less in number as compared to boys!

Previously, XIBM was an all-boys college and it has recently been changed into a co-ed one, just a year before Maan joined! So naturally, female population was lower! Moreover, XIBM boys are well known for their spoilt attitude and got away with everything and anything they wanted! Of course, the teachers weren’t of much help when it came to taming them—as most of them hailed from the rich business class and high society London! But that did not cater to the fall of popularity of XIBM—the results were always the best in the state!

Dan and rahul were quiet excited about the whole thing but Maan…he was least bothered!
Maan: I don’t understand why you guys are so excited! Am tellin’ you fellas..she is from India right! I’ve been to India during holidays and seen girls there—totally aunty types! Believe me..there nothing you could like about an Indian girl….always like a scardy cat..hiding behind parents or trying to find someone to protect them forever!

And he walked away! Dan and Rahul stood there…surprised at his behavior! True, he did go to India during his holidays and attended some family get-togethers there. He had seen girls totally shy in front of elders, trying to cover up themselves with clothes as much as possible, unlike the “goris” of London! And that was the impression he had of Indian girls—typical Hindu naaris!

Kawaii *thinking* did he ever stay in India for a long time to check his facts???Angry

X                 X                X           X           X             X

She stepped out of the flight that evening wearing a simple salwar kameez, with her hair loose! She looked here and there as she entered the airport! An announcement caught her attention—HEATHROW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT WELCOMES YOU TO LONDON.
She stopped abruptly…LONDON!!!! She is back to the same place from where her life had started! So many memories…so many beautiful moments.A familiar ache tightened her chest…memories of the past danced in front of her eyes! She felt so weak that she just closed her eyes tight and ran! As she walked past the waiting hall….she heard a small girl crying her eyes out!  She opened her eyes slowly to see a family of three sitting in that hall.

A little girl…a very cute chubby little girl was crying her eyes out. She was holding some kind of a packet in her hands. Her parents sat there consoling. She could hear them speaking…..her mother was trying to distract her—if you don’t stop crying now, am going to take away those gifts from you and hide it somewhere you’ll never be able t find them ever again!

The little girl stopped crying abruptly, sniffed and told—mamma….sob..threaten…sob…gift nai…..
And she cried even louder than ever.

She stood there watching the trio…..ohh how perfect they looked. But the little girl…she was still crying. She couldn’t see that little girl crying like that! her heart ached to see the little angel in pain! She walked towards them and stood near the little girl. She extended her hand to wipe her tears…..but then suddenly she realized there were one one near her…neither the little girl..nor her parents! Everything just vanished into thin air….it was an illusion!

Tears burned her eyes…she knew that the little girl was she..Herself! They had left London that day…never to come back again! But twist of fate…..she came back…she had to come back! She had no choice! She straightened herself and closed her eyes..she looked so much in pain..but strangely….the tears that were brimming from her eyes…did not fall! She didn’t let them fall.

They dried even before reaching the corner of her eyes. She took a deep breath, opened her eyes and walked off. She took a cab and went to the address she was told! It was a 10 storey apartment. She collected her keys from the owner and walked off to her flat that was on the highest floor of the apartment!

It was big flat with two bedrooms and a spacious living room. She checked out her flat, arranged her stuffs and looked out through the window that reached upto the ceiling with large curtains handing down! It was drizzling..and the tiny lights of London looked so beautiful from the 10th storey!

Thousands of emotions rippled in her heart..neither she cried, nor she smiled! She just looked out of the huge window lifelessly! She blocked her mind from all the thoughts, all the emotions, her surroundings—that was something she has become quite good at in those 5 years.

She locked the door properly and handed the key to the owner and walked out of the apartment. When the old lady in her mid forties tried to ask her where she was going, she simply smiled at her and walked away!

X                 X                X           X           X             X

Maan looked at the time….already 8pm. Damn…..he again got late! Dadi would be so mad. He was at his regular basketball practice sessions after college. Dadi would want him back home by 7:30 pm. But now…its already 8. He was so dead. He immediately packed his stuffs, changed into his denim and tee-shirt and ran to his car. It was raining heavily…he drove fast through the dark empty road to reach home at the earliest when something…or say someone caught his attention!

X                 X                X           X           X             X

Geet…that she was….didn’t have any idea as to where she was heading. She walked slowly…trying to get rid of the old memories that London had brought back to her. No…she didn’t want to remember any of those…NEVER!

It had started raining heavily but that didn’t make her turn back. She walked slowly not knowing where she was…where was she heading…lost in her own thoughts. The road in front of her lay empty…not a soul around! It was already dark and she was drenched to no ends!

She could hear kids giggling and shouting in her head. No..she didn’t want to remember those memories of her past…she closed her ears with her palms and walked faster. She could hear someone shouting—MK……………

No….no…no…no…no…there was no MK….not anymore! She doesn’t know anyone named MK….she doesn’t want to know either! She snapped open her eyes just to see a dark, empty road ahead! She was so frustrated…so damn confused…..the memories she wanted to run away from…the memories she had locked away in that room, that fateful night..has started haunting her again after sooo mnay years!

She wanted to scream..vent out her frustration..her confusion..and when she opened her mouth to do so….her feelings came out as a sweet song instead of a loud scream…

I’m standin’ on the bridge
I’m waitin’ in the dark
I thought that you’d be here by now

She loked up at the dark sky…tears welled up in her eyes…that dark say reminded her of those bad memories of those dreadful 5 years that she wanted to forget so badly!

There’s nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I’m listening but there’s no sound

Ohh how very true that was…there she was standing all alone…in the the rain…

Isn’t anyone tryin’ to find me?
Won’t somebody come take me home?
It’s a damn cold night
I’m tryin’ to figure out this life
Won’t you take me by the hand?
Take me somewhere new
I don’t know who you are
But I’m, I’m with you
I’m with you

The pain that was buried in her heart for so long….she wanted to scream out loud. She wanted someone to hear them out…she wanted someone to understand her!!!

Maan saw a pale figure of a girl walking in the middle of the road. He looked around but he found no one. How strange..the thought. He blew the horn…but she didn’t react..probably couldn’t hear as she was standing a bit far away and may be also due the a patting of rain of the ground..he presumed.

He again looked around….no vehicle either. Was that girl mad…..walking like a ghost at this time of night..that too in the heavy rains! He honked the horn again…but she didn’t turn back! He instantly got annoyed..1st—he was getting late and secondly—the girl…not giving him way. Frustrated he got out of the car only to hear a sweet melodious voice in that rain….

I’m looking for a place
I’m searching for a face
Is anybody here I know?
‘Cause nothing’s going right
And everything’s a mess
And no one likes to be alone

She spread her arms wide…feeling the rain……she wanted a shoulder to cry on…..she wanted someone to hold her tight and say that everything’s okay!

Maan looked at her carefully…..he couldn’t see her face. Her back faced him….her slim figure….waist length hair….and wait!!! She wore a salwar kameez..he was surprised! But still..he was curious to know the face behind such a melodious voice. He stood there mesmerized….still like a statue!
Isn’t anyone tryin’ to find me?
Won’t somebody come take me home?
It’s a damn cold night
I try to figure out this life
Won’t you take me by the hand?
Take me somewhere new
I don’t know who you are
But I’m, I’m with you
I’m with you

Was there really no one to find her? She questioned herself, oblivious to the fact that someone was standing behind her mesmerized. She wiped her tears knowing that she was all alone and took a few steps ahead! Maan followed her like a dumb!

Oh, why is everything so confusing?
Maybe I’m just out of my mind

She swirled around..turning round…trying to distract her mind…..

Yea eee yeah, yea eee yeah
Yea yee yea, yea eee yeah,yeah

And then she saw him…..he was standing there like a statue…watching her dumbstruck! She stopped abruptly…
Maan had never seen some one so innocent before….he stopped breathing for a moment….her drenched face looked beautiful under the street lamp….there was a complete silence except the patting of the rain of the ground!

He looked at her eyes……something dark covered them….he couldn’t understand..he was soaking wet but he cared a damn! Why were they so painful? Why did they captivate him as in dark magic?? He could only feel….there were so many unsaid words in them……so painful…so melancholy!

Geet looked at the man standing in front of her….at first she was startled but them…he looked kinda familiar..he looked Indian..probably someone she had never seen before..but his eyes…why..why did they look so familiar? They seemed like a memory from a dream….they stood there lost in each other’s eyes….each trying to read the other’s eyes!

Kuch madhosi si cha gayi thi maano..jaise laga ke kitne jaane pehchane se hain yeh ajnabee!

She thought him to be an illusion and again got lost in her world. Her voice lowered….
It’s a damn cold night
Tryin’ to figure out this life

She walked a step forward towards him and raised one of her hands to if trying to get hold of his hand…

Won’t you take me by the hand?
Take me somewhere new

Maan stood motionless..enchanted by that sweet yet painful voice! The only response he made was raising his hand to hold hers!
It was then geet realized that it was not an illusion….someone WAS standing in front of her!!! She took her step back..shaking her head painfully, withdrawing her hands….

I don’t know who you are
But I’m, I’m with you, yea
I’m with you, yea
Take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don’t know who you are
But I’m, I’m with you, yea
I’m with you, yea
And she ran away… fast as she could…away from him…away from those captivating pair of eyes…away from..madhosi ka wo sama!!!
Take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don’t know who you are
But I’m, I’m with you, oh
I’m with you

I’m with you
Kawai *giggles* kawaii again an Avril Lavigne fan!!!LOL

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C3 #3

scene 9
hinal sat sadly…no mentos….no idea!!!
she was more sad cuz ash & roops would get better ideas.
ash: hey roops…got a master plan now.
roops (excited): kya…kyaa….jaldi bata na….
dekh hinal kaise maan ko ghoor rahi hai…zaroor uske dimaag mein kuch pak raha hoga.
ash (with james bond atti): hmm….1st task: to get dis back to their senses.
roops: aye aye captain
ash (cutely): roops…tera cell ph dena..
roops: oye…cell ph kyun?
ash: jo aur priya ko call karna hai….dis ko hosh mein laane ka aakhri tareeka hai roops
roops: den use ur cell ph na!!! y mine?
ash: plz…roops…tu dena…..mera balance nil hai
roops: oye….itni kanjoos mat ban…use ur own ph.
ash: roops…tu meri bahut achchi dost hai na??? meri pyaari. dulaari, nyaari sachchi dost…tu meri madad nahi karegi???
ash made a baby face

scene 10
finally after a silly nok jhok, ash and roops found hinal’s cell on the table.
she had left it behind.
wht a luck….
they called priya and jo immediately to the place
but they didn’t tell abt maan;s presence. just 4 safty u knw.
and within 15 mins, priya and jo arrived.
ash and roops no whr to be seen….
jo and priya found hima di and rakhi di spacing out to infinity….
jo: rakhi….yuuuhhoooo….
priya: hima….u der??? knock knock…..
both tried to get the two dis back to reality….
priya:  u guys der???
rakhi di & hima di (together): siiiggghhhh……….
hima di (too lost): u see tht rakhi????
both didn’t even notice tht ash, roops & hinal were missing and jo & priya standing beside them
rakhi di (lost): ya…i do……wht long fingers!!!! ahhh…..
hima di: what looks……….ooohhhh……..
now jo and priya sat there…wondering what was wrong

scene 11
meanwhile, in the washroom
roops: oye ash…..dekh to mera make is okay na???
ash (too busy in hr makeup): haan haan theek hai
roops: tu theek se dekh na…..i need to luk a fresh piece when i go in front of him
ash: yeah theek hai…
lets go fast nahi to hinal will take advantage of tht…..
both rushed out of the washroom and headed towards maan’s table
jo and priya wondering what hap and whr r ash and roops…..
priya: jo…wait here… going to get sum energy drinks 4 us…rakhi aur hima ko dekh kar my sugar level going down
jo: okies…am waiting
now priya walked towards thedrink machine.
she didn’t notice tht maan had extended one of his legs to relax and she stumbled…..and “ouch”

scene 12
priya opened her eyes slowly….
she felt two strong arms engulfing her in a protective manner……and
she was amazed to see him there….MSK……and tht too holding her…..
she blinked her eyes a couple of times and…ahian
now right at tht moment, ash and roops came into the scene frm the washroom
ash (annoyed): yaar roops…..kaun idiot itna maahiii maaahhhiii kar raha hai???
roops: pata nahi yaar……mere kaan dard kar rahe hain…chal chalke dekhte hain
meanwhile hinal got bored sitting alone in the ice-cream parlour and finally decided to go back to her gang…..
rakhi di and hima di : what the…….
jo nearly spilt out the water she was drinking……….

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