Chapter 18

02 Sep

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 Warning: 16+

Chapter -18

A Wisp of Jasmine

“Ahh… Maan..” she called out breathlessly, feeling herself liquefy at his sensual touch. Her hands holding his shoulder, trembled and so did her entire body. the weight of his head now lifted and she gasped, feeling his warm mouth cover her breast, still hidden under her clothing.

“Shh. Its alright Love, Just let me..”

His breathless tone ignited a fire deep down the pit of her stomach, building the heat in her. she felt her t-shirt slide away from her body and waited for his next move, anxiously and breathlessly.

Her every sigh and every sharp intake of breath echoed in the silent house. He had pushed her hands above her head and had asked her not to move them. she cried in denial but it only came out as a moan, building up his desire for her more. She looked like a delicate little goddess in front of him, waiting for her pray to devour her yet holding immense power in her hands to restrain him as well. He adjusted himself and straddled on her and traced his hand on her bare skin, letting his long fingers graze her waist line, along the waist band of her jeans and then slowly dipping his thumb into her belly button.

“oww..” she hissed and tried to hold him.

“Don’t. Keep Still.”
He commanded. She bit her lips and burned all her energy in restraining her hands. He smirked and continued with his work till he reached her cups. Digging a finger into the soft cup, he pulled one of them down. Her mound, heavy and inviting, jutted out holding that proudly erect pink bud. Without a warming, he bent down on her and took it into his mouth, making her shriek. Her eyes shut tight and her forehead wrinkled with the pleasure sensations wreaking havoc on her body as he did the same with its twin.

Her legs, parted on their own accord and her heels dug into his thighs. He grunted and lifted up his face to watch her reactions. She was still holding back. He pressed his lips on hers, taking her into a hot kiss and she bucked under him, only to meet his steely desire in all its glory, despite under covers.

“Desperate, are we?”
he spoke into his mouth.

He had been playing with her all this time. She clutched his hair, finally giving in and pulled his face away from hers.

“Stop.“, she spoke breathlessly. She wanted to tell him something more but she, for now could only speak a word because he was enjoying her agony. He pressed his lower body more into hers, making her crave for a more intimate touch.

“Not so soon Love, we can’t stop until we finish what we have started.”

His voice had mirth in it and along dripped sensuality. Her skin erupted in goose pimples with his words and he left no time to spare. His mouth tasted her like never before, bringing her to the edge. She moaned, digging her nails into his skin and moved her hips in a rhythm, grinding to him in a slow passion. The emergency of his kisses suddenly ceased and the next moment she felt her jeans sliding down her body, leaving her so vulnerable to his eyes. And then she heard the ruffling of his clothes and gulped hard thinking what would come now.
He got back to her in no time and kissed her midriff that still had the marks of the stitches. She bucked yet again and he rubbed her suggestively. Her breaths were quicker and short, telling him the urgency of her release.

“Don’t hold back Geet…come for me.”

His fingers went vigorous around her soft spot and she shattered in his arms, screaming and moaning and then fell in his arms, limp in the aftermath. When she resurfaced, he kissed her proudly, eating her alive.

“Where are we?” she had no sense of time and place now that he was with her. but the intimate position made her wonder of her whereabouts.

“In the living room.”

He spoke as a matter of fact and she gasped in horror.

“What? Oh god…why are we not in the bedroom?”
she asked, tensed. She scrambled her hands to get hold of something…anything to cover herself but couldn’t find anything. he held her hand and guided it down to his hard member, shocking her beyond limits as he gave out a pleasurable sigh.

“Well, because I have fantasies to fulfill.”

She turned red feeling him so bare in her palms.

“M…Maan..whh…what..” her lips trembled as he guided her hand to areas she had never treaded before and she felt so embarrassed.

“Ohh…” his moan caught her attention and she dared to gauge his reaction through touch and sound. Her pupil dilated as her hand now relaxed in his when she realized how much he was affected and how much he desired her. her heart swelled in happiness while her body prepared itself for another high. His sighs, his moans, his convulsing muscles, change in his breathing pattern told her the story of his agony and his want. She melted and wondered if she could ever be able to express her love for him like he did. He let out another sigh of pleasure and she knew she had the answer. Holding his shoulder for support, she fused her mouth with the skin at the base of his neck.

“Let go” she murmured and took her own lead below. She left following his directions and took her own turns and meandered her way to his release. He grinded himself on her and called out her name in the most erotic way possible. She was getting bolder each passing second, exploring new ways to hold him, caress him and make him come. It took a lot of his will power to hold back and pull her hand away. Her lips were perhaps doing wonders on his skin. He pulled back making her wince and then rushed into her like a demon unleashed.


She was still quaking in the aftermath of passion when he carried her back to their room. Her legs wrapped round his waist, she held him close and protested against leaving the comfort zone she had made for them on the couch. Naked and aroused, they couldn’t even wait to reach the bed. He stumbled on his way while she kissed him anywhere she could. He somehow managed to reach the bed and pushed her into the mattress and fell on her. his fingers laced with hers and he pressed their mouths together, biting and sucking and kissing like savages.

They broke apart after a long heart stopping kiss when she took a deep breath in. He sat up to have a thorough look at her flushed body; his eyes smouldering dark took a thorough tour of her body…the love bite on her neck, the redness of her breasts due to his constant attention, the sweet junction between her legs and that flushed face made him want her so much more.

she moaned, looking for him, raising her hands.

“hmm love”

Wiping his lips of the wetness, he leaned on her, making himself available to her touch. She caught hold of his warm bare shoulders.

“Come back to me.”

She threaded her fingers in his hair and pulled his face down to her chest, letting him know what she desired.

It was much later in the evening when she woke up, replete and thoroughly satisfied that she found him sleeping heavily on her. she reached out for his hair and caressed him gently. He turned and pulled her into his arms. His words rung in her ears and a soft smile appeared on her lips. Who was she running away from? Him? Was it that easy?

“You complete me Maan…make me feel beautiful. I always thought as a kid that you perhaps wielded magic. And now i know you truly do

A drop of tear escaped her eyes, out of love and happiness and she felt his palm squeeze hers.

“i do not wield any magic. Its just you jasmine, who makes me believe in it!”

she didn’t realize he was awake and remained still at the loss of words. he brought her more into him and pulled the duvet over their naked skin. She turned to her side and he spooned her from behind. she held his hand that rested upon her and closed her dark eyes. A few minutes passed in silence and only their breath could be heard.



“Why do you keep calling me Jasmine?” she asked innocently. That was a question she still didn’t have an answer to. She had asked him a billion times but he had always remained tight lipped. She felt him tighten his hold around her and press a kiss on her nape.

“Will you ever let this go, jasmine?” he whispered naughtily against her skin, which once again erupted into goose pimples.

“No. tell me today.”

He yawned and rested his head against her bare back, closing his eyes and reminiscing the days of the past.

“You know back when we were kids, I used to call you jasmine only to tease you.”

“tease me?” her eyes fluttered open but she still saw dark. But she knew she was far from that now.

“Yes, you always used to apply that strong smelling jasmine oil in your hair and I didn’t like its smell. So, it all actually started with the urge to tease you.”

She felt him smile against her skin and couldn’t help smiling herself, recalling those days. But she faked anger, “How mean??!!”

“It was not mean…I would rather call it destiny. I loved watching you get irritated every time I called you that. And you, with two pigtails, would always keep reminding me that your name was Geet and not jasmine!”

She turned towards him and snuggled closer.


He smoothed the skin of her bare waist, feeling her warm breath fall on his chest.

“and then I went away. And I kept thinking about you all the time… when I woke up and when I slept, your thoughts would linger, whether I wanted it or not! And one day, I saw a beautiful jasmine bush in a nursery and bought it to my university hostel.”

Her curiosity and amusement knew no bounds, “you did?”

“Yeah, its fragrance reminded me of you and the fragrance of your hair oil. And then I fell in love with it. waking up every morning to it… and sleeping with its fragrance surrounding me didn’t let me miss home much! And when it was time to go home, I couldn’t wait to tease you all over again.”

He waited for her to react but she remained silent, letting him continue.

“When I saw you the first time, I called you Jasmine, teasing you but then you didn’t show me your face. I was angry and hurt but then when I finally saw you on my birthday, I guess I realized why fate had chosen the name for you.

You hugged me that night, I realized then, how fragile you are and how beautiful you had grown up to be.. soft like the petals and wielded innocence as pure as the while color of it! As time passed and we came close, the name had a whole new meaning to it. you are fragile but you hold your individuality like pride. And every night, I  found you blooming in my arms, under the bakula tree and bewitching my soul with your scent. Do you know Geet, what they call the jasmine in Persian?”

She was so overwhelmed with emotions at this juncture that it took all of her energy to even squeak. His love knew no bounds, he had proved time and again to her. she trembled with the emotions he set her on fire with.


“They call it Yasmin, which means Gift from God. And you, my Geet, my sweet sweet jasmine are my gift from God… my yasmin


“Then ruin me. Ruin me Maan to all your heart’s desire but never let go of me. I will die.”

He just looked at her, stunned, overwhelmed and what not! she cupped his face and pulled him down till their foreheads touch.

“I need you Maan…it hurts to be lonely and it pains me more to see you so. Come back… come back to me.”

She was crying. She had grown up to be strong woman, holding everyone together. And if she was breaking apart today, it was all because of him. she needed him; all these days she was as lonely as him… as hurt as him and how come he never thought of that? He still felt guilty of what he had done to his parents. He still cursed himself to have ruined the happiness of his family. When they had been so happy to bring home their daughter-in law, he had pushed them into an eternal darkness. He had robbed dev of the blessings of their parents on the threshold of his new life with Priya and he had robbed Geet off her badi maa and babe papa.

He wiped her tears, unable to hold back his.

“What I did is unforgivable Geet! Do you still want to be with a person like me?”

“I don’t care. I just don’t care about anything right now. I want you back.”

“I ruined our own family Geet…and no matter how hard I try, I may perhaps never be able to come out of it. Will you still want to be with such a person

“I told you I don’t care. We share this life together Maan. I belong to you. I will go with you…wherever you go. You told me I am your “home”, remember?
” she asked firmly, yet sobbing.

He nodded in affirmative. He didn’t have to be reminded of it.

“Say it.” she demanded, “Say it Maan.”

“Yes… You are my home'”.

“Then come back to your home. Come back and let it out. No amount of pain or happiness or any prized possession would let me forego my world with you. Come Home.”

Her mere presence was his undoing. Then how on earth had he held himself strong for so long? He fell into her arms and cried that night. He cried for what he did and what he had been doing. But she held him, cocooned him in her arms like he were a baby and whispered sweet things into his ears.

“Everyone wants you back Maan. Come back for their love. Dev would never be happy if you missed this wedding. He has lost his parents too Maan… and you can never imagine what he goes through thinking about you.”


He stood at a corner, watching the ceremony take place. Everything was kept to the minimum and no one was invited, except family. He recalled the moment he had stepped into his house this morning, scared and guilty. And all his brother did was hug him tightly. That was the end of all thoughts. He met up with dadima and spent a considerable time by his comatose mother. She was responding slowly, he was informed and he felt happy. He got to know from the doctors that she might be able to move a bit if luck favoured. But even that slightest of response was welcoming.

His reverie was broken when he felt her hand slide into his. A warmth seeped into his skin with the touch. Her head rested on his shoulder and she sighed.

“they look perfect.”

He laced his fingers around hers and brought it close to his mouth. Pressing a kiss at the back of her palm, he looked into her kohl laden eyes, “I am home.”

She gave him a wide smile that made him forget the world.

“Then, Welcome home.” She tiptoed and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

“Always be with me jasmine.” He gave her a soft smile.



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