Chapter 8

11 Jun

just so you know guys,
there won’t be any confession anytime soon.
This story is inspired by the story of my mom and dad.
just that it is a lot modernized and
has a bit of twist here and there of my own.Wink
P.S I will finish this story in a few more parts.


She squirmed in her sleep, reaching out for him, seeking his warmth. She tried to open her eyes but it was all so dark that she couldn’t. Just like when you cannot open your eyes when its bright, she couldn’t open her eyes because it was too dark.

“ma…an..”, she whimpered.

No sooner that his name left her lips, his warm hand surrounded her, pulling her by her waist and engulfed her in his embrace.

“shh…am right here.”

“umm…”, she snuggled closer to him and buried her face into his neck, “its too dark here. Am scared.”

He looked at her face wondering if she was awake but relaxed immediately when he felt her soft breaths on his neck. He gently caressed her head and holding her carefully. Her wounds were still fresh but that was not what had crippled her. what crippled her was the darkness that surrounded her and he was worried for her.

“I… I can’t sleep Maan.”

He heard her mumble. She had been too still for him to realize she was awake or asleep. Of late, she pretended to be fine around him when in reality she wasn’t, pretended to sleep when she couldn’t, and pretended to smile when she was broken.

“why Love? am here with you!
“, he kissed her forehead.

“When shall I see you Maan?”

That desperation in her voice felt more like dejection. He knew she couldn’t sleep because she had nightmares. Because she was scared that she wouldn’t be able to see him. he made her head rest on his arm and softly pecked her lips.

“Sleep Jasmine. And think of all the beautiful memories you have.”

She wanted to tell him that he didn’t answer her question but then she stopped.

“will you be right here?”

“yes jasmine. I will be here, With You, Forever!”

She held him close and slowly drifted back to the memories she had kept safely in the deepest corner of her mind.


She stood by the bakula tree, lost in her thoughts. Maan had been gone for just three days now and she missed him. what was it that pulled her towards him? what was it that made her so vulnerable in front of him? the night was beautiful but it felt empty without him. there were few flowers on the ground today and their scent didn’t waft in the air like it used to. It was as if the bakula also missed Maan. She sighed.


She jumped hearing Naina’s voice from behind her. she put a hand on her chest and heaved, “You scared me You devil1

She laughed.

“Good. What are you doing here at this time of the night?”

“I..I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Missing Maan Bhai right?”

There! she could she sarcasm pouring out of this devil’s mouth. Though she agreed from her heart, her mouth refused.

“Nope, nothing like that.”

“Shut up di. Don’t lie. You are always this restless when Maan Bhai is away!”

Geet narrowed her brows at her little sister, “Ohh and you think you know everything, is it?”

“not everything but I know You. I have seen you for the past ten years and now am seeing you.”

Geet felt her cheeks warm up, more out of embarrassment. She pretended to be angry and glared at her sister.

“you talk too much. Lets go to sleep.”

She walked past naina, trying to look unfazed but what naina spoke out next almost shocked her to death.

“Ohh fine then. Shut me up for all you want. But just so you know, some guy is coming to see you tomorrow!”


“yes, you are 25 already big sister. Now happy sleeping.”

Naina smirked and walked off. but geet stood there, rooted. What was happening! She wasn’t even told about this!!! It took her some time to come in terms of the facts that Naina had laid in front of her and rushed into her room. She would be getting married? But she wasn’t ready. she frantically looked for her phone to call Maan when it struck her”Maan?? Oh how could she go away from Maan? She quickly dialled his number which was switched off. she checked the time, way past midnight it was. She had never felt this horrible in her entire life now. All she could do was wait for the morning.

But again morning was a very different affair. Rano had told geet to get home early because there would be people to see her. she tried to resist but she couldn’t when avantika joined her mother.

Defeated, she went to office, all the while thinking of Maan. She didn’t want to go away from him. the fact that there would be some other guy in her life except Maan almost killed her. she threw the pen and sat aghast! What was she thinking? There would be no man in her life other than Maan! Realization sunk in. Jasmine dear jasmine, what does thy heart seek truly?

She called Maan a few times more and even texted him that she had something important to tell but there was no answer. She was growing restless. Maan, though however late, always answered her calls but this was worrying her. she wondered if he was alright. She didn’t even listen to avantika or rano when they dressed her up for the occasion or when she was taken to the living room to meet the parents of the guy or what they talked. All she knew that the guy wasn’t there for he was stuck up with some project.

The dusk was dying and the moment the meeting got over, she took the car keys and rushed to Maan’s apartment. She was worried like crazy and all this meeting stuff had really got into her head. It took her a good one hour to reach his place. It was Saturday and he wasn’t home. He had told her that he’d be back on weekends. She quickly took the steps and knocked his door but strangely found it open. She rushed him and was surprised to see the mess that he had created.

“Maan..are you in there?”

She looked around the kitchen and the hall and then stood by the bedroom door, shocked to see him all sprawled on the bed, lifeless. She rushed to him to check on him and gasped realizing he ran high fever. So high that her palm burned.

“ohh god, Maan…wake up. You are burning.”

He twitched a bit and left out a laboured breath. He was shivering. She massaged his palms, trying to wake him up.

“Maan wake up na!”

He turned to face her, trying hard to open his eyes.

“jasmine, is that you?”

She sighed and took his head on her lap, gently caressing his head

“you okay? Why didn’t you call me?”

He thought he saw a drop of tear slide down her cheek but his head throbbed with an excruciating pain. all he felt was nice to have her near.

“have you taken any medicines? Have you even eaten?”

He could only sigh. He felt her cover him with the duvet and close all the windows. She was warm. He didn’t want her to go.


She stopped and looked back at him, “yes Maan..”


Ohh his one word and she probably knew what she had always desired. To Stay! To stay by his side, all the time.

“Shhh. Just sleep. I will cook something for you.”

She stood by the counter, stirring the porridge. It was all so natural for her, to stay by him. it has always been there since their childhood, that irresistible urge to be with each other. She wondered of there was something deeper here that she needed to name!

He smiled as she fed him the warm porridge that soothed his throat. She wanted to get a doctor but he had stopped her. it was all because of tiredness and he convinced her that he’d be aright in the morning. he heard her talking on phone, telling rano maa that she’d stay back at one of her friend’s place and that she needn’t worry.

He wanted her to stay with him and he knew even if she wanted to, he wouldn’t have let her go. she somehow made his world complete, filled with so much of warmth and he perhaps knew this was just not admiration. He had known it all along. And with him being back, there was nothing that could stop him from being with her.

The next morning was beautiful for him. he felt much better. all he needed was rest perhaps. He smiled seeing her sleep right beside him, he had put his head on her lap and had slept off. she was still in that uncomfortable position, half sitting. He shook his head and gently pulled her down to a more comfortable position. She relaxed immediately. He watched her pretty face and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. She was his after all.

She was startled and woke up immediately and looked around for him.

“Ohh god. Are you fine Maan? You could have woken me up right?”

She immediately jumped off the bed to check his temperature. He held her by her wait, steadying her

“hey easy tiger. Am alright. Just needed a little rest.”

She twisted her lips, “then why don’t you? Is it necessary to work like a donkey and fall sick? Thank goodness i was here on time!”

He pulled her closer to him, his masculine scent filling her senses.

“so, what important thing you wanted to tell me yesterday? Sorry, i just didn’t see any messages.”

She sighed, putting her hand son his shoulder to balance herself.

“mom dad are looking for a guy for me.”

“a guy? For what?”

She rolled her eyes, “for marriage buddhu! The guy’s parents came to see me last evening.”

He quirked a brow at her


She nodded.

“so whats the problem then?”

She wondered if he even understood what she was trying to tell.

“I don’t want to get married Maan…to that guy.”

He felt like laughing seeing her so distraught. He pulled her and made her sit on the bed and sat beside her

“arrey meri buddhu jasmine, you could always say no!!”

She looked at him, suddenly going blank. How come she never thought of that possibility?


He pinched her nose, “come on, freshen up. Lets order breakfast”

“No Maan, I gotta go home. I have to freshen up.

He turned back and pressed his index finger on her lips, making her eyes go wide.
“Shhh.. just stay!”

He walked out of the room to make a few calls and she just sat there, still reeling on his words- Stay!


He watched her sleep, with a calmness on her face. she was dreaming of something nice perhaps. He gently put her back on the bed, making sure she didn’t wake up. But she was too restless. She woke up even at the slightest movement. He quickly got back to her, taking her in his embrace.

“sleep jasmine.”

She held his shirt tightly

“Don’t go.”

“I will get some food for you Love. Let me go.”

“No. Stay!”

He was reminded of the numerous times he had asked her to stay back with him and looked down at her. even after one year of marriage, she was still the same. But she was more vulnerable now.

“Listen geet, I will call he nurse and she will hep you change. Till then, I will get something for you.”

She shook her head for a no but he would listen to none. She didn’t want him to go away from her, even for a second. But he was adamant. She didn’t want any dressing of her wounds or any change of clothes. She felt like crying when she heard him speak to her nurse. The darkness crippled her truly for she felt agitated and angry and so helpless, all at the same time.

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2 responses to “Chapter 8

  1. angelickushi

    12/06/2016 at 16:35

    Loved the update
    That was a jhatka that she is unable to see but they are married and she is reminiscing all the beautiful memories of them
    Who is the guy who came to meet her
    Waiting for next

  2. manjeet6

    12/06/2016 at 20:11

    amazing update
    but I am confused Maaneet ki Saadi kab Hui
    omg geet ki eyesight chalk gayi hai
    she is feeling insecure but loved maan’s carding towards geet
    beautifully written
    loved it😃


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