04 Jun

@ALL: this time, everyone guessed correctly!WinkLOL


Annie saw geet’s changing expressions and then was surprised to see her getting teary.
“hey..hey…geet what happened? Is everything alright?”

A sob escaped her lips and she gestured Annie to look behind her. Annie, though confused, followed geet’s direction and turned back to see Maan, walking out of the place with a beautiful young girl, visibly happy. She sighed and turned back to geet to inform her about the lady but geet was already sobbing badly.

“geet… she is someone from Bhai’s office. You needn’t worry.”

But geet just kept looking at Maan and the lady, talking. They stopped by the door and she shook hands with him while Maan returned the favour by a hug. The lady hugged him back and he just escorted her out.

In the next moment, the whole restaurant was gaping at the woman who was crying her eyes out, “see what he did to me… wahhh…”

Annie felt embarrassed at the way people were staring at them. She quickly caressed geet’s back, “sshh..geet its alright. She is just an office acquaintance. Stop crying…”

“bu…but you saw him right…he…”,
she couldn’t even continue and cried, actually wailing loudly. Annie rolled her eyes”Hormones! She tried to make geet understand but she would hear none. She cried and cried like some cranky baby and Annie had to drag her to the car, to get back home.

Dadima, Sona bua and Simmi sat in geet’s room, consoling her but she wasn’t even in a mood to stop. Dadima wiped her tears, “na mera baccha.. aise nahi rote. Maan told you right it was due to some official work… stop crying.”

“no..sob..dadima… see what he did? He lied to me.. and…and..”, she couldn’t even speak as she cried and cried and cried for hours together, making everyone go crazy with her mood swings.

Sona bua hugged her, “geet..beta when he comes, you can get angry on him. now stop crying.. baby pe asar padega na..”

She wiped her eyes and nose with the tissue paper from the tissue box that annie had placed beside her and sobbed, “bua ji.. meri zindagi barbaad ho gayi… he does not love me anymore…”

And she wailed louder, making everyone sigh. It was already one hour since she was back and she wasn’t stopping. She was breathless due to all that crying. She’d stop then and when she felt better, she’d start crying her eyes out, all over again.
“okay..Geet… stop crying. I’ll call bhai and ask him to come here right now. Then you can talk to him okay…”

Dadima rolled her eyes- that was over dramatic of geet but she couldn’t stop doting on her beloved daughter. She kissed her, tried to console her and even bought her a big bucket of ice cream to cheer her up and finally geet decided to cease all her water works.

“dadima…mein pregnant hun na.. he doesn’t find me attractive now. He thinks am ugly…”, geet sobbed, trying hard to control herself from crying again, seeing everyone had a headache by now, “..and…and he..doesn’t have time for me… am ruined dadima…”, she spoke ever so innocently in the most heart breaking tone ever.
And she was back again to her crying self, shocking everyone there. none knew whether to laugh at such a condition. Its just 2 months and geet is like this. God save Maan from her in the upcoming months. It made them wonder who seeded such crappy stuffs in her head.

Sona bua was very sympathetic to geet. She place geet’s head in her lap and caressed her head, “na mera baby… aaj tho i will take care of Maan. You take rest okay. I will speak to him.”

Tears again rolled down her cheeks, “bua ji…he doesn’t love me anymore.”

“no baby..don’t you worry. I will take his class today. tu rest kar puttar… eat your ice cream. Watch tv..just relax. We all are there na..”

Simmi dragged annie out at that moment and they burst out laughing. Overdramatic couple! They couldn’t dare to laugh in front of geet knowing she was very cranky. It was a herculean task to calm her down and she had quietened a bit now.

“Annie… Maan ji ka aaj kya hoga?”, Simmi spoke between her laughter.

“aaj bhai ki band bajne wali hain…”, Annie giggled and hi-fived her.

Dadima and sona bua finally calmed geet..not exactly calm but she sat on the couch, eating her huge bucket of ice cream and watched tv, which distracted her for a while now and walked out.

They sat in the hall, resting after such a tedious work. Nakul served them nimbu paani to rejuvenate them. It was 8:30pm when Maan entered, seemingly happy, tapping away something on his phone. He saw everyone slumped on couch and went and sat with them.

“whats up with all of you? Sab itne tired lag rahe ho? Annie how was your shopping with geet?”

The moment they heard him, they sat up, shooting glares at him. at first he couldn’t understand why they were looking at him with such maliciousness when bua ji spoke up, “khottay… its all because of you!”

He was shocked, “ab meine kya kiya?”

Annie gave him an accusing glare, “with whom did you go on a date with, Bhai? I didn’t expect this from you..”

“you disappointed us son..”
, dadima spoke dejectedly.

He couldn’t understand a word, “what are you all talking about? What date?”

“that… that girl in the restaurant you were hugging?”, annie snapped!

“she is the client you fool…i had a meeting with her…”
, he spoke exasperated. His family was crazy! They could assume anything!

“fine! Then go explain that to geet. She’d been crying her eyes out for the past one hour now.”, Bua ji taunted.

“what? geet’s been crying?”

“son…you are in a big trouble right now. But i want her back to normal in the next five minutes else you are going to pay for it..”

He rolled his eyes, “fine. I will talk to her.”

As he walked into their room, annie sighed, “rest in peace! Geet’s pregnancy is gonna screw him big time.”

He entered their room to hear voiced from the tv echoing all around. The lights were dimmed and he guessed wifey darling must be watching tv. His tiredness was gone as he walked in to see what she was upto.

“geet…”, he called her gently, reading the couch but was shocked to see her state. She was seated on the couch, with pillows all around her, eating her ice cream, slowly and her eyes, tearful, stuck to the tv. She was sobbing as she watched some crappy saas-bahu drama on tv. He looked at the tv where one pretty lady, bathing in every kind of jewelleries possible was crying and another fat lady talking shit. He rushed to her and cupped her face, “geet…are you alright? Why are you crying?”

But geet was so engrossed in the serial that she heard him none. Rather she pushed him aside for he was blocking her view and continued sobbing and licking her ice cream, which had melted to almost watery consistency.

He rolled his eyes and switched off the tv and turned on all the lights and got back to her. she glanced at him angrily.

“geet… what happened pumpkin?”,
he knelt in front of her and pressed a kiss on her cheeks. Her mouth was smeared with ice cream. He got the towel and wiped her mouth and her tears, “annie said you were upset about something. tell me jaan…”

And that reminded her of the stab she felt in the restaurant (not reallyLOL!). she kept the bucket on the table and glared at him, with her teary eyes and pushed away his hands, surprising him.

“pumpkin..are you okay?”

“where were you?”, she snapped.

“in a meeting..i told you right!”, he spoke, lovingly.

“which place?”, she bit out.

“in a restaurant…”, he was amused to see her tone.

“with whom?”, she spit out rudely.

i was with Ms Rathode pumpkin… what is wrong with you?”, he rolled his eyes.

“it was a meeting na.. then why did you have to meet her outside the office?”

Maan was so surprised to see her angry at this, “geet…what is wrong with you?”

And her lips trembled, “you…you go meet girls behind my back and tell me something is wrong with me?”

Ohh boy, she was about to cry now. He knew annie and geet had seen him in a restaurant but then obviously they wouldn’t assume things when he was so much into his pumpkin.

“no geet… i was in a meeting with her…
“, he tried to keep his voice as loving as possible, realizing she was almost in tears.

She sniffed, “then why did you hug her? “

He sighed, “it was a friendly gesture baby..”

She felt so upset with him, “don’t lie. She was extending her hand for a shake but you…you hugged her.. “

“yeah I did..but..” he stopped, realizing accepting that thing was a wrong move for she burst out crying, actually wailing.

“no…geet… actually she had called me for the settlement for the legal case na..

“but you hugged her…wo bhi sabke saamne…”, she hid her face in her palms and cried louder, “You don’t love me anymore…”

“no baba… you are taking it all wrong. She decided to take back the i was just saying her thank you..

“you don’t say thank you by hugging any lady in front of your wife…
“, and she cried harder.

He tried to hold her but she didn’t let him. he sighed, “geet… i didn’t know you were there otherwise…”, he tried to reason.

But she just cut him off, “ohh I see…so otherwise you’d have hugged her. you’d hug any girl behind my back…”


But he was rendered silent as she cried louder and walked to sit on the bed, “sob… babaji… meri zindagi barbaad ho gayi…”

He followed her, “no baby… I’d never hug any know there is no one in my life except you…”

“then why did you hug her?”


He didn’t know what to say. He ended up from where he had started off. Anything he tried to reason, she’d counteract and now she was wailing like a kid, cribbing to her babaji.

He sighed… pregnancy was taking a toll on him, instead of hers. He tried to hug her but she kept fighting his hands, “shooo..shoo.. don’t touch me. Mujhe pregnant kar diya and now dumping me…you ruined my life…” and she kept crying and crying. He tried to reason but she’d hear none. He tried to hold her forcibly but she wasn’t even letting him close.

“geet…stop this! I love you darling.. please..”
, he tried to hold her firmly  now but she kept moving her hands frantically and vigorously. Her eyes were shut tight and she wasn’t even looking at him.

He was having a headache now. He sat close to her, “pumpkin..listen to me…”
“no no… mein nahi sunungi… aap mujhse pyaar nahi karte kyunki I look ugly now.. I know.. “

“NO baby… its not like that.. I love you..”

he kept on trying to hold her while she kept on fighting, with her eyes shut and crying and cribbing. And then he was about to say something when one swing of her hand, landed on his cheek, with a *slap* sound, making both of them stunned!

The room went completely silent with the sound and geet opened her eyes and wiped off the tears, only to see him place his hand on his cheek, with an incredulous look on his face. and then it struck her as a lightening and she gasped in horror, her mouth hung wide and her hands covering her mouth.

He shot her a glare and stood up, “what the hell is wrong with you woman?”

She felt guilty for slapping him. it was a shock for her too. She actually slapped Maan who had never ever dared to raise his voice on her. before  she could say anything, he stormed out of the room, leaving her all alone.

It took her some time to realize what happened and she rushed after him, “Maan… wait… that was not intentional.”

But he kept on walking towards the backyard that had the pool. She ran after him, calling out and the people in the hall had a good view now. Bua ji and annie were about to follow them but dadima stopped, telling them to let them be and solve their own problems.

He took off his shirt and pants and vest. He was just in his shorts and jumped into the pool, with no expressions on his face. geet ran towards the pool and stood by the edge, “Maan… am sorry…”

He didn’t reply, rather kept swimming till the middle of the pool and just relaxed. She stood by the edge, calling out to him, scared that he might be upset with the whole thing.

And when he didn’t even listen, she sat by the nearby reclining chair and started crying.
Maan…am so sorry…please don’t be mad at me na…”, she couldn’t help feeling bad.

He watched her cry and call out to him and sighed, “am not coming out of the pool until you stop crying.”

She cried for she herself didn’t know when she’d stop and he just floated lazily in the pool, waiting for her to stop.

“Maan…“, she stopped, after a while.

“hmmm…”, he answered lazily.

“i can’t stop crying…”, she finally confessed and cried for not able to stop crying.

“try and stop geet else am not coming out.”, he spoke coldly.

“umm… am trying..”
, she squeaked.

It took her good ten minutes to finally get a grip on her hormones and stifle her cries to hiccups. He swam back and came out of the pool, wore his robe and went to her.

She was still sobbing and her throat was dry, crying. He made her drink some water, “its alright pumpkin…”, he smiled and pressed a sweet kiss on her cheeks, “now smile.”

She pouted, “am sorry…”, and hugged him tightly, feeling much better now. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to their room. Everyone in the hall, saw them but pretended to ignore, realizing geet was calmer now and that anything they’d do might set her off again.

He asked nakul to get their dinner in their rooms and he fed her lovingly, telling her about his meeting and that he was totally free now, all for her. whatever matter had kept him busy was settled now and that they’d enjoy their holidays without a worry.

Late night, geet kept tossing and turning in the bed, unable to sleep which woke Maan up. He pulled her close to him, “what is wrong?”

“hmmm… I can’t sleep.”

“what would it take to bring sleep to you?”, he spoke lazily.

“umm… I want you Maan…”,
she spoke up her mind, unknowingly and then gasped and then blushed deep.

“oh..i love this idea a lot darling..”, he laughed at her innocent, making her twist her lips.

She didn’t even know what happened next or who initiated things but one thing just morphed into another and another. She sighed in pleasure when he took in her full mound into his mouth, giving it a tight suckle, making her moan. He lifted her thigh and slipped between her, making himself comfortable as his lips went back to kiss her violently. She was totally aroused, receptive and sensitive to his touches. He looked deep into her eyes to see her so happy and content. Kissing her softly, he squeezed her soft mounds, pleasing her whilst her hands roamed all over his bare body that stuck to hers, skin to skin!

She was like hot molten lava under him. as she rubbed herself against him, her skin tasted of fire and he burned within. Unable to hold himself back, he positioned himself well, and softly slid into her, making her sigh in pleasure. She was deliciously wet and welcoming and so warm.

None knew how much time flew by but she felt happy and content. she didn’t even realize when she slept off in their course of love making. He smiled and pressed a kiss on her forehead and pulled the duvet on them, holding her close.


2 Months later,

He watched her sleep but she seemed restless. Her family would be visiting her today before they left for London a week later but she seemed worried, not today but for the past few days. It was just the beginning of her second trimester but her morning sickness was still there. he had taken her to the doctor quite a few times and she was healthy and so was the foetus but he wondered why she had quietened a bit. She stayed with dadima and annie all the time, who were also going to London with them till the baby comes, her every wish was their command but something just worried her, he knew it.

He recalled he had taken her out to make her feel better, for she stayed in the house all the time, and they had been to the babies’ section in the mall to buy some toys and stuff. He had noticed her..she was happy there but then something just happened and she ended up buying few stuffs for boys, like mittens and all. he initially thought she was hoping for a boy but that blank look on her face just left him restless. He didn’t probe much thinking it might just stress her. his reverie was broken when he saw her stir in her sleep, more like writhe in pain. he wondered if she had a nightmare and immediately rushed to her side, taking her in his arms and soothing her forehead.

She saw her mother, smiling at her, her papaji rejoicing at the news of becoming a grandfather and then rajji jumping around. She had smiled recalling the moment when rano had called KM, to ask about her health. Tayii had snatched away the phone, telling her to take care and sharing her gyaan. She could still hear the voices in her head.

“hume tho bhai ladka hi chahiye… maa papa ka naam roshan karega..saath saath papa ki zimmedariyan bhi sambhalega…”
[we need a son… he will make his parents proud… and share his father’s responsibilities too..]

She wanted to say so many things but she had stopped, seeing people around her. she had ignored that too for that was what the mentality of people was but it so happened that tayiji, though unintentional, had rubbed it on the wrong side. Being sensitive that she was, it had remained at the back of her head.

“aaj kal zamana kaisa ho gaya geet…tu tho jaanti hain..beti ya beta ho koi gal ni par beti ho tho zyada chinta lagi rehti hain…humara pind tho dekha hi hain na tune”
[you see how the society is these days geet… it doesn’t matter if its a boy or girl but if theres a girl in the house, there will be a lot of pressure.. you have seen how our  village is right?]

She felt like crying, unable to breath and then she just woke up, feeling nauseated. It was 9 in the morning and she had been waking up late these days. She looked around and realized it was just a dream.

“its alright pumpkin…am here..”, his voice came as a soothing balm to her aching heart.

she looked at him, overwhelmed, and just hugged him tightly, fearing what the future held.

He kissed her forehead, “geet…tell me what bothers you darling…?”

She felt nicer in her embrace and that was the only thing in this world that made her forget everything around. She shook her head, “I had a nightmare…”

“Is it scary?”
, he asked lovingly.

“it was…but now it isn’t.”, she mumbled into his chest where her head rested.

“now come on…freshen up. Rano maa and papaji are coming right…”

She nodded and walked slowly to the washroom. He watched her slowly make her way round, with that small bulge of her tummy. His pumpkin was pregnant… the thought almost made him laugh. Pregnant Pumpkin…sounded so funny. She eyed him like what made him laugh but he just shook his head.

The moment she washed her face, she felt like puking and that she did. She hadn’t eaten much last night but this was the limit. She threw up anything and everything that was in her stomach, feeling weak. He rushed to her, hearing her retch and held her from falling.
She smiled weakly, seeing him all worried, “baby already troubling me so much Maan… am sure it’s going to be a naughty one.

How he wished he could smile but seeing her like this he couldn’t. He helped her clean up and frowned, “its called morning sickness right… its going to be 10am now and its not morning.”

She laughed hearing him crib so cutely, “just because its name is morning sickness, doesn’t mean it has to happen only in the morning. Hahaha it can happen any time Maan..”

He scowled as he helped her change, “then they should change that bloody name. It gives wrong impressions to people.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. He was so cute that she couldn’t stop pulling his cheeks. She dressed up in a comfortable saree and in the next half an hour, her room was flocking with rajji, tayiji and rano, showering their blessing and love. Maan was in the hall with dadima, talking to papaji and darji while the ladies wanted to see geet. They hugged her and told her how to take care when Rano went back to dadima, to give her the gifts she had brought.

Rajji plonked herself beside geet, “achha geet didi…ye batao..beta chahiye ya beti?
[geet didi..tell us you want a son or a daughter?]

Geet smiled, “beta ho ya beti… koi fark nahi hain. jo bhi hoga, humare liye babaji ka aashirwaad hi hoga…
[son or doesn’t matter. Whoever it is, its a blessing for us.]

Tayiji sat beside her and cupped her face, “kyun aise bolti hai… beta hi hoga..nai?”, she said lovingly, making geet lose her smile.
[why do you say like this.. it will be a son only…right?]

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  1. tania900

    04/06/2015 at 22:16

    Hahahah geet ke hormones kuch zyada hi khatrnak hai yr bechare maan ki to band bajegii
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    Amazing part.geet is becoming a crying baby after her pregnancy.maan taking care of her like a mother.he understand geet so deeply dat nobody can.handa wants hear it she feeling afraid alwz.nd maan noticed it.

    • ~Aishu~

      08/06/2015 at 12:10

      thank u so much for the lovely comnt darling ❤


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