It Takes Two Season 2

18 Mar

Ok, i said i was taking a break but then I just couldn’t stop myself.
Happens…when you are really passionate about something (though am the east passionate person in this universeBig smile).
But this is for the readers who had never stopped believing that i will start season 2, someday or the other!Hug

P.S  Updates will be slower…one a week, on weekends. Hope that would suffice!

For those who have missed Season 1:
Link To Season 1- Click Me

And we are back to Maan and his sweet sweet pumpkin! It always takes two to fall in love, to bind together in a pristine bond of marriage, to cherish each other till the end of their lives. Maan and Geet came together as two different persons from very different backgrounds which had no match.

But their persona were their undoing! they fell weak in front of each other until they realized it wasn’t weakness. It was their love. fate had brought them together for a reason.

But right now, fate had to step back a little. Well of course, the Maan Singh Khurana needed his space, with his wifey, oops, his Pumpkin”His geet! So I guess, we stop worrying about fate for a while and concentrate on the crazy couple.

And I, finally, for all those loving readers, open the new season of It Takes Two, with a whole new flavour and a whole new charm.


Escape me?
While I am I, and you are you,
So long as the world contains us both,
Me the loving and you the loth,
While the one eludes, must the other pursue.
My life is a fault at last, I fear”
It seems too much like a fate, indeed!
Though I do my best I shall scarce succeed”
But what if I fail of my purpose here? 

It is but to keep the nerves at strain,
To dry one’s eyes and laugh at a fall,
And baffled, get up to begin again,”
So the chase takes up one’s life, that’s all.
While, look but once from your farthest bound,
At me so deep in the dust and dark,
No sooner the old hope drops to ground
Than a new one, straight to the selfsame mark,
I shape me”

(Life in a Love, Robert Browning)

A new day, a new sun, a new season and a new hope! Collecting all those tiny changes in her palm, Geet Maan Khurana now weaves dreams with her Maan. She had never thought in her life ever that the man who had disowned her the night of her marriage could be such a beautiful person within.

He changed her life like a whirlwind and never realized what she did to him. he burned for her, craved and pined! He still persisted and finally found her as a reward of his perseverance.

“It always Takes Two…”

Hope you all support me in this, as you have done for every other work of mine!Embarrassed


3 responses to “It Takes Two Season 2

  1. geetmeet

    18/03/2015 at 22:09

    Nice one dear eagerly waiting for update dear

  2. ushankitvc

    18/03/2015 at 23:43

    awesum pro….waitng eagerly fr nxt updt

  3. tania900

    19/03/2015 at 20:07

    Justtt superb dearrr looking forward for maan nd his pumpkin


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