17 Jan


Maan couldn’t believe his ears… she didn’t trust him enough…she didn’t trust his love enough, “you,…you hurt me meet…”

“i know Maan but please don’t hate me. I saw no light in the path i am heading to. Geet ki koi galti nahi that she fell in love with you.. and i was weak enough that i couldn’t forget you.

At one point of time, i hated geet for being so close to you…taking you far away from me but she was doing just what i had asked her to. She took you away from me… but in her own sweet way… making you realize that your heart is with her…and not me, since the very beginning!”

He never realised where he had been and where is he heading towards. Meet’s words echoed in his head—You love her Maan…Please usey jaane mat do. Go for her… I won’t be able to forgive myself if ever, because of me, the two best people in my life are hurt!

He had been so stunned…so numb that he never knew how he had walked out lifelessly or when he was being driven to the airport…the last he remembered was boarding a flight to Amritsar for some meeting. he had a stay there for one night and two days and he was utterly clueless. He closed his eyes and meet’s face appeared in front of him, crying… and then it just blurred and gave way to that ever smiling face of geet! They were twins…he never knew! He did notice that change in her after 7 months but why couldn’t he recognise? How could he have been such a fool to get deceived by such a thing? Wasn’t he in love with Meet? Wasn’t he supposed to be loyal to her? Geet had besmirched that!

Somewhere far far away, geet found herself all alone, separated from the soiree that the world was. She was wrong…she hurt him and there was no point in getting back home! She has ruined everything. she sat alone on a bench in some park and hugged herself closer…she deserved this. She shouldn’t have gone closer to the fire. It burned her…and it burned her bad! He was like  a dream for her and she was stupid enough to have failed to distinguish between dream and reality.

She didn’t know why she was hurt?  This was inevitable right? His touch was a dream… his kiss was a dream… his words were empty… making love to her was a miasma and she was hopelessly lost. Her skin had goose pimples thinking about him but she has ruined it. He had never been hers from the start… how could she forget this?

“You appear just like a dream to me… like the colors of a kaleidoscope…”

And she was left with nothing but tears and more tears and more and more…

Meet sat by the window looking into oblivion. She had seen worse… and this was probably the best decision she ever made. Rano came to check on her and found her lost in her thoughts. She went closer and caressed her head, “kya soch rahi hain beta?”

Meet sighed and gave a smile, “nothing…”

Rano realized she was making an effort to hide her tears. She kissed her forehead and asked, “do you realize what you are doing meet?”

“yes maa…geet nahi.. par shayad mein hi Maan aur geet ke beech me aa gayi…i have seen him restless without her… and I have seen geet breaking down without him. its not her maa… geet isn’t at fault. Its mine. And i want to make things right…”

Rano gulped down that lump which hurt her throat… true she had been hell angry on meet for playing such a stunt but her both daughters are hurting. Mohinder was angry…he wanted to talk to dadima and call off the wedding but meet stopped…until Maan got geet back!

Two days went and he was not himself. He hated geet…but he was not happy. He cheated on meet but he was not guilty. He pushed away geet and strangely he pushed himself away in due course! Why was this happening? Why couldn’t he sleep? When he was engaged to meet why did his heart flutter with the advent of geet? Why for heaven’s sake wasn’t he feeling guilty for infidelity? Meet had given him time to think but why was he wishing for geet? Why did she go away? Didn’t she even think about him even once? Was leaving so easy?

He broke the vase that lay on the tble of his suite. When he was supposed to think of meet..he was wishing for geet! Why was it? He threw away the files and stormed out of the hotel, got into a car and drove away as fast as possible. He wanted sometime alone. He wanted to think. He drove madly towards a direction he never knew but at last he came to a halt reaching a dead end. It was the middle of some highway and t was already getting dark. He got off the car and stood at the end, which looked down to a deep dangerous river.

“You Love her…“, her voice echoed in his head.

He stood there watching the water come with vigour, dash with the rocks, get battered and move away. What has his life come to? He isn’t able to trust anyone now. Their times in shimla flashed in front of his eyes… dances like fairies and he smiled faintly. She had punched that guy and no wonder she could bail them out of the jail. What the hell was he supposed to feel and think?

He stayed like that for god knows how long…he was calmer but not satisfied, not happy. Adi called him to board his flight back home and he did go back, deciding to talk to meet. She had put him in such a situation and she has the responsibility to get him out of this!


It was a long dragging day for meet for she didn’t know what the future held. She had called geet’s university to talk to her but she wouldn’t take the call. She didn’t know where Maan went and she hoped he understood what he wanted. It was three days since Maan was gone. She dragged herself towards the living room and watch her favourite movie P.S. I love You… her condition was somewhat like Holly. She had him yet she didn’t! All she had was memories  and dream of him that can never become reality. But here reality meant something different altogether.

She heard a click on the door and her heart stopped beating, seeing Maan standing right in front of her. she gulped that lump in her throat and smiled weakly, “where were you Maan? I was worried…”

He came closer, without looking away from her, “I don’t love her… “

Meet gasped hearing it… and then realized it was for geet. She had accepted the fact and no one was going to deter her. he came closer and knelt in front of her, “I don’t love her meet… you are wrong! I had loved you but you hurt me. You didn’t trust me and i am done. You are wrong… do you get that!”

Meet knew this was coming and smiled, cupping his cheeks, “…and you think i will buy that at any cost? I know I am wrong and am not running away Maan. You have all the right to punish me…but you are running away!”

He looked firmly into her eyes, “I don’t love her…I don’t love anybody!”

Meet thought how to prove it to him but fate was kind enough to pave way for the same in her own sweet way. The phone rang and meet took the call.

“what?? Is…is she okay?


 yes I will…

 thank you..”

Maan looked at her worried and meet did look worried.

“what is it??”, he asked, his heart suddenly beating fast!!

Meet thought of telling him but then the look on his face said it all. she was worried too but this might be a chance.

“wo… geet… it was a call from her University..

Maan watched with sheer anxiety… and waited impatiently for her to continue.

“geet…she..she met with an accident and no one is near her. I will ask papa to go to her as soon as possible.. there might be some problem regarding her scholarship…”

And before she could have even finished her sentence, he was gone! He didn’t even wait to listen. She felt like crying… but then this was for good. She made a mistake but now she would make everything right. He loves her but still he wouldn’t accept. And she smiled through her tears”she needn’t worry.

“Sometimes there is only one thing left to say, P. S. I Love You…”

–Cecelia Ahern, P.S. I Love You

She broke down, crying her heart out. This was bound to happen… but this was for good. If someone was to win then someone else has to lose. They were meant to be together. She knew heart is broken but she wasn’t sad…she was happy.. and her tears were perhaps out of happiness???

He couldn’t breathe. She met with an accident… and she had nobody beside her. he couldn’t have lived in peace. His jaan was so much in pain. and at this juncture, he wasn’t thinking anything at all. all that ran in his mind was to get to her anyhow. He had pushed her away and called her names… darn how could he? How could he hurt her?

He checked for the next available flight and in the next 4 hours he was already on his way to New York.. he managed to get a ticket for the direct flight for he didn’t have patience for a stop. He paid double the price for the sudden booking but he didn’t mind. It was a straight 18 hours flight but he didn’t mind. He wanted to reach her as soon as possible.

“am sorry jaan… just be okay!!”, he wished and prayed all through the journey.


Geet woke up with a very bad headache and it took her some time to realize that she was still in the hospital. It was the second day she was in hospital. She hated the smell..the lights and it felt claustrophobic. The nurse came to give her medicines.

“glad you are awake Ms handa. I think someone from your family will be here soon.“, the nurse spoke cheerfully.

Geet didn’t want to meet anyone. She wouldn’t…she had left everything and she wouldn’t go back where she died every moment. As if she were living now!  She took the medicines and lied on the bed, hugging the duvet close to her. it had been a minor accident. She was mindlessly walking on the road when a biker hit her. he had applied brakes hard, seeing her in front of him and thankfully there were just a small cut on her leg and minor scratches here and there…nothing severe. She had fainted though…more out of weakness and fear.

“you can go home this evening Ms handa… your results are perfectly fine.“, the nurse kept on speaking, checking her pulse and bp, “but you need to take care of yourself though.”

Geet didn’t hear what she said. She just hoped she was better enough in the evening so that she could leave before anyone came.


He rushed to her University like a madman…just getting off the flight. He hadn’t slept a wink for the past 48 hours and right now he was worried to death. The thought that something could have happened to her made his heart constrict with immense pain. Her laughter echoed in her ears…her moans… her love..everything just played at the back of his head again and again and he cried. What has he gone and done?

And he rushed to the hospital where she was admitted, getting information from her University. He had to see that she was fine… he couldn’t be in peace. He rushed to the reception to know her whereabouts and rushed towards her room.

The door was right in front of her…it seemed as if it were his destiny. He took a deep breath in and was about to get in when the nurse came out and stopped him.

“are you Ms Handa’s relative sir?”

He nodded quickly and reached for the door again but the nurse stopped him, “there…you have to fill up  the papers sir and the payment as well.. she will be getting discharged in a few minutes.”

“how is she nurse? Is something serious? Is she okay?”

The nurse smiled, “she is all fine sir… just had a minor accident, nothing to worry.”

He heaved a sigh of relief but he wouldn’t accept anything unless he sees her but some unknown force was stopping him. he groaned in displeasure but couldn’t help it. He went to the counter to get her forms and fill it up and forward it to the reception. He could then pick her up, clear the bills and take her away…well that’s what he thought!

She was informed that someone from her family had come to see her. upon asking the nurse who could it be, she had described him as someone wearing a waistcoat and looking absolutely handsome. It took her no time to even realize who it was. She couldn’t see him..she wouldn’t see him and she shouldn’t see him! not anymore.

She got up of her own and limped towards the payment counter. She  stopped seeing him sit in the lobby and talk to someone. Her eyes filled up…seeing him after so many days…nights…hours and what not. She had the urge to go to him and hug him tightly but she shouldn’t. She chided herself to stop and move away. She limped her way towards the counter and took the form from the nurse who was with her…and didn’t even check what he had filled. She forwarded the form along with her card.

She didn’t have much in her account for her scholarship for this semester hadn’t been granted yet along with her insurance. So it would be pricy for her. she didn’t mind. He had done a lot for her…not anymore. She can’t go in front of him and hurt him again. luckily her card had enough to pay but she was left with very little now. It didn’t matter. She paid and left, taking her bag.

He felt a familiar presence around. He had been talking to her doctor, gathering information about things related to her. he looked up…and there he saw her… walking away from him, limping.  His eyes filled up…she looked frail…she looked exhausted and she looked sickly! He wanted to run after her but his emotions outweighed his actions. He just stood there numb, watching her move away… lonely. She had no one with her, she had no support. She limped and by her expressions he knew it pained her. and worse…she didn’t even look at him even once, when he was standing right beside her, a few meters away.

The nurse came to him and informed that the bill has been cleared and he needn’t worry.

“but who paid?”

“Ms Handa did herself sir…”

“didn’t you tell her that i was here?”, he asked firmly.

“yes sir, but she insisted!”

He sighed in frustration…running his hand along his hair! Ohh how could he not know his geet? She wouldn’t take his money… how the hell could he forget she was Geet…she surprised him in every step of life and this is why he had loved her!!

Loved Her???

It struck him. Meet was saying the same!! Realization dawned upon him but he wouldn’t dwell upon him because if he did, he would go mad. Right now, his major concern was his jaan who was out there all alone! He ignored the doctor and everyone around and rushed behind her.


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  1. geetmeet

    17/01/2015 at 22:35

    Nice update dear meet is tring make Mann confess his love to geet

  2. ushankitvc

    17/01/2015 at 23:26

    awesumly toooouching part…..atlast realisation set in…..what will happen now//?continue sooon


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