16 Dec

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Recap: Maan and Geet enjoy their trip in Shimla when the guys get into an altercation with some local goons. They get arrested. Geet gets worried and goes to the police station and using her lawyer skills, she rescues all of them. She gets worried but maan sweeps her off her feet with his Love. Both are lost in their world of love while maan plans to surprise her. Meet isn’t well and Rano takes her to hospital, and later asks if they had told about her accident to Maan to which meet replies in negative.

His lips claimed her once again and she opened up for him. his hand roamed over her bare back, under her shirt, which wasn’t in its proper place. A wave of pleasure washed her inside out when she felt his hardening length on her abdomen, through the fabric. She knew not where this was going… but yes, she was now sure that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.


The next two days went like a dream for both of them…the mehendi, sangeet and wedding were nothing but extravagant and amidst all the fun they had their dream world where nothing seemed to be in the dark. They both knew they wanted each other and it was much more than just being physical. Their moments of togetherness were more than heaven for they knew they wouldn’t be able to survive without each other. The wedding was over and everyone cried buckets and it was only in the early hours of morning that geet did come back to her room after all the rituals were over. She put away the dupatta of her lehenga on the chair and walked towards the balcony. The weather was cold and her tiny backless choli didn’t do much to help her, except gain maan’s attention.

She smiled recalling how he’d sneaked her to a corner and wanted to get away from all this wedding just to be with her. there was a point when he had literally unhooked her choli but she was quick enough to get away. Her eyes fell on the glass partition that separated her balcony from him with her lipstick mark of her. she went closer and ran her fingers over it…recalling the events that led to this. She had been to sanjana’s mehendi where no guys were allowed and he didn’t want her to go. she was almost ready but he stood by his balcony cribbing. Just to pacify him, she had kissed him on the glass while he had placed his lips over hers on the other side.

They had so many memories in this place…she didn’t want to go but maan insisted on checking out for the surprise. She got in and closed the door, turning on the room heater. It was 3am and he wanted to move out by 9. And she was too tired.if she sleeps, his highness would wake her up in his own way! She sighed and blushed… this was perhaps the best trip of her entire life. She changed into her night suit and fell on the bed. She was too tired but hell, sleep was far away from her eyes. The moment she closed her eyes, her passionate moments with maan would just flash in front of her eyes and it would make her so hot that she would snap open her eyes. She hit her head, chided herself… she had laid herself bare in front of this man…how would it feel like when he touches her very soul? Their relationship was hanging on a very thin line of control. Once it breaks, which she knew could break anytime soon, there would be no looking back…

…she made good use of the long, almost 5 hours car journey to complete her sleep in his arms. He had come to wake her up in his most passionate ways, leaving her panting for more. She snuggled closer as the chill surrounded her and he left no chance to touch her, here and there on the pretext of providing her warmth. He had tried to wake her up in the middle to have something but she didn’t want to break that beautiful dream of hers. She felt the car stop somewhere and his sultry voice just sent chills down her spine, “here we are, love!”

She stretched a bit and opened her eyes. It was a beautiful hilly area and it was cold. She wrapped the jacket around her and came out of the car, looking for him. he stood, instructing the driver about something but her eyes stuck at the wonder that stood in front of her. a beautiful cottege standing lone in the woods of this beautiful place… was it even necessary to describe its worth? She gaped at the beautiful place in front of her when he just came around and hugged her from behind, “isn’t it beautiful, love? And its just for you!”

She left her breath that she had held till now…it seemed now clearer as to why she didn’t find this place beautiful because the most most beautiful thing in this whole universe was standing right behind her, holding her tight in his embrace… why should she even look at something else? Did she even had the eye for something else?

“NO…”, she whispered, surprising her. was it not her worth? Questions lingered in his mind and she gave him the benefit of doubt. She walked ahead and stepped inside… it would be a heaven to anyone on this sane world but she lived in insanity…nothing appealed her anymore but him now. He followed her trail and watched her looking around in awe, “didn’t you like it love?”

She shook her head smiling and turned to walk towards him. she cupped his face and pressed a kiss on his lips, “how can something else hold my attention when i have eyes only for you? This place is beautiful maan… but nothing in front of you. So, I wouldn’t count it as beautiful!”

He watched her in sweet surprise as she made her way round the cottage, pushing away the curtains and letting the light in. She claimed the place didn’t appeal her but he could never miss her eyes widening and her breath being stuck in her throat looking at the scene outside–heaven!


They had their lunch quietly enjoying the chill and the scene behind. It was almost 4 in the evening when Geet insisted on going out and looking around. She had been too happy to be here…and it made his effort worth her smile. His love was happy and nothing else mattered. They walked out, hand in hand, strolling around the lanes… cherishing the beautiful snow capped mountains far far away and the yellowing leaves of the beautiful oak tress…the pavements lines by the tall birch trees…everything around. They walked towards the small markets in the sloping planes…and then she noticed they were actually in Manali! She smiled realizing that he made all these arrangements just for her and knowing him, the cottage..he must have bought it already.

Darkness settled but it seemed to brighten their lives…little fairy lights gave rise to tiny stars that had descended down the earth… she felt tired after all that walking. They had talked…they had held hands all through…they had eaten to their full, watched the local cultural show and it was time to get back. There was something between them that both seemed to realize. She walked into the washroom to take a warm shower to soothe herself while he sat down on the couch attending to some calls. He had taken off his shirt  to change when he had got the call. So he stayed back and let her enjoy her bath.

She came out, feeling refreshed, wrapped in a towel and stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. There was something else between them that she couldn’t pinpoint. Something amiss yet something complete. She went and stood by the window, enjoying the solitude and looking at the nature, beautified by the shimmering moonlight. She shook her head and decided to just get into her night suit when a complete blackness surrounded her. she got scared at first, but then sighed realizing it was just a power cut. It they were a little far from the main city so everything felt dead silent. The only light source was the moon, which poorly illuminated the room while she held the curtain up.

She couldn’t see clearly and thought of calling out for maan when the door clicked open and he endtered, holding a lamp in his hand. He had been worried about her when the power went off. But thankfully, the care taker had at least kept a lamp for emergency. He stumbled his way towards the lamp using whatever little light he received from his cell phone and went to check on her, lighting the lamp.

He stood numb, seeing her stand still by the window, holding the curtains. She was clad in a tiny towel that hid everything yet nothing to his eyes and his imagination. She seemed startled to find him there but she never made an effort to hide herself. Why should she when she had given him the rights to touch her…and why would he shy away when he had seen her in her glory… touched her like crazy and made love to her mouth  ever so sensually! She stood still while their gazes met, the fire had been ignited long back.. the day they had met for the first time. The flame in the lamp flickered, feeling shy as the room suddenly became warm. He took a stepcloser to her… but she didn’t move an inch.

She watched him keep the lamp on the table beside the bed but his gaze never left her. the lamp burned in all its glory now, burning her within. Her mouth parted of her own as she visualized him all over her from the past. May be this was the moment… may be this was what she had been talking about.

A gasp left her mouth when he snaked his arms round her waist and jerked her to him. as a consequence, the curtain that she had held, slipped down her fingers, blocking the moonlight and letting that flimsy lamp do all the hard work to keep the big room illuminated.  His one hand pressed her hard on him, while the other reached out to feel her glory. She looked absolutely breath taking with her locks tied up in a bun, water droplets sparkling in the light all over her. his finger trailed an unknown path on her lips.. and she felt them parched… her tongue instinctively followed his finger over her lips, arousing him beyond his will. His fingers traced her cheeks and she leaned to it. She bit her lips to stop that moan escaping her mouth as his finger slid over her bare shoulders… sliding down till it reached the knot of her towel and in a sudden movemt yanked it down, letting it fall by her feet, in a puddle, leaving her all bare to his eyes.

He knew she felt shy… to stand naked in his arms but she never made an effort to hide herself. This is what he loved about her…the trust that she had bestowed upon him that he would in no way wrong her. her palms rested on his chest, now her nails digging into his skin out of extreme shyness and anxiety.

A millennium of silence passed over and he finally spoke, after indulging himself with all her nakedness, “… you are beautiful…and I love it jaan, when you make me feel powerless in front of you..”

His words and his gaze ignited a flame in her that was so hard to extinguish…in fact impossible to do so. He watched her reaction…her face turning scarlet while her buds tightening against his bare chest. He tipped her chin and pulled her close for a lip lock. She gave in readily, realizing this clandestine night had planned things that would  forever be etched in her memories.


Rano watched her daughter sleep but not peacefully. Something had bothered her. they had been back home but rano was restless. Geet not being around… maan not being around.. savitri devi not being around… somewhere she had that premonition that Geet was with maan! She didn’t know why but her motherly instinct told her that one of her daughters was suffering in the worst possible way but who was suffering…that was the question. But as of now, she was angry at meet…but more than that she was angry on geet!


She whimpered in ecstasy as he pushed her down into the mattress and forced himself into her. they had made a good use of their time together to explore each other’s carnal desires… and right now, nothing existed. Neither the past nor the future… because whatever  was real, was right now. She didn’t even feel the pain when he entered, rather welcomed him with her virgin body..untamed and untouched. He held her firm by her wrists and leaned closer to her ears, “...i had imagined this for such a long time meet…but you surpass me even in my dreams…”

Her body jolted in pleasure as he set the pace, slow and gentle, letting her adjust to his length. And with one more vicious thrust, he was back in her again, making her scream out so loud that almost made him wild. His mouth left no part of her body untouched… untasted… and this time, his attention were those soft, supple mounds of flesh that cried for his attention yet again. he took on her hard little bud into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth, making her cry is pleasure. Her legs wrapped round his waist, not letting him go. she had no clue as to what he was speaking but she knew his words aroused her. he was the only one  who had made her feel pride even in her nudity. She let her nails dig into his bag, drawing out blood…marking this night for him.

Later at night, she woke up feeling so satiated. His hands were wrapped around her body…not hands, he himself was wrapped around her body, holding her tightly. She smiled, as her power to think returned back and she kissed his heart in gratefulness.

And within no time, she found herself pinned beneath him, which took her by surprise, “you… you were not asleep?”

She had tried hard not to show him her astonishment but he could, ohh well, read through her eyes. He leaned down and pressed a kiss on her jaw, “i had been waiting for you to wake up…”, he whispered huskily in her ears, “…to make love to you all over again…”

She gulped hard, taking pity on her now parched throat while he continued, “…to see you scarlet…to hear you scream out my name when i rush inside you… to…”

She couldn’t take it.. her felt wet already, down below, and whispered in a poor effort to stop him, “Maan…”

He dipped his head into the valley of her curved, pinching her buds, one after the other, “…i want to do things to you that would be etched in your well as your body…”

She knew he had desired her since day one…but to this extent when he confessed openly what he wanted to do with her… she felt herself tremble underneath him.

How much time passed…no one knew…but this time, she was in her senses, drugged, yes but still in her senses to see each of his reactions…when he sighed, when he gasped..when he came…and not like the last time when she had been too clueless. She shut her eyes and smiled, when sheer pleasure coursed through her as she came and with one more stroke, he came with her too, “ohh Meet…I Love you so much…”

Did she hear “geet”? did she really? Or  was it just her wishful thinking? He fell on her, exhausted while she embraced him , caressing his hairs, thinking what she heard back then…meet or geet? He was breathing hard and so was she… but her thoughts were a little tumultuous..what is it that she actually heard?

With maan being around, their days and nights seemed the same yet more than beautiful. He didn’t want to go out and hence didn’t let her go out as well. As if she minded! She gave in to his every fantasy, owning them, pleasuring him, letting him know how madly she was in love with him…but somewhere a fear lurked behind her head. It was the last day of them being here and they had done nothing but spent the better part of the day and night, making hot love. She recalled when she had gone get some food them, he had sneaked behind her to the kitchen, half naked and made love to her with just his fingers. She sighed and looked at their clothes piled together. They would be leaving for Delhi in a few hours, and he was busy with a video call on his laptop. Clothes— was there even  a need for it? He had bared her soul already. But something deep down bothered her. she was still confused… what did he call her every time? Meet or Geet? And every time, she had hoped and assumed that it was Geet.

She was keeping their things together when her passport fell off her bag. She picked it up and stared long at her photo and her name… and for the first time ever, she felt confused of her own identity…who was she? The realization smashed her hard on the grounds of reality… who was she really? She was supposed to be Geet right? She was supposed to be Geet Handa… but why couldn’t she convince herself of the same now? What has actually maan called her?

She heard noises outside the room, and quickly stuffed her passport and other things in the bag and wiped her tears. Is this how her beautiful dream was supposed to shatter? She might have faked a name…but her love was so deep and so real!!! She sighed and put the suitcases away when he suddenly lifted her by her wait, startling her and carried her to the bed.

“Maan… what are you doing? We have a flight to catch!”

He literally threw her on the bed and straddled her, quickly ripping off her shirt and unbuttoning her jeans. She was about to speak up but he didn’t give her time. He pushed her onto the bed and fell on her, taking that pink mound into his mouth, making her buds hardly quickly.

“ahhh…maan…we..have a..a flight..”, she was too breathless to speak. His hands went between her legs to free her out of her panties while he bit her earlobe, whispering huskily, “shh…let me love you jaan…”

His simplest of the words fail all her logic. In no time, his dress, joined hers on the floor and this time, she was determined to know  who she was. She was scared that she will be proved wrong and that her sweet reality will become only a memory…and she waited with abated breath.

He found her quite tense today… may be because they were leaving this place which had witnessed their love. He tried every possible thing to make her feel relaxed… gave her ample time to adjust and then went faster and rougher for she loved it…

…and her world came crashing when she heard him call her name out, in sheer ecstasy!

“ohh god Meet…”, he had panted. She felt the corners of her eyes burn.she had expected it…yet she was not expecting it. She knew the truth but she had denied it. She had been an escapist! And this time, she smiled through her tears, deliberately deceiving him now. She was happy..yes she was because he had been her waking dream come true, given her the most beautiful memories of her life but now she knew why she had been restless. Things weren’t going to be same once they reach home.


It was almost 8pm when he dropped her at her place. He noticed her very quiet and wondered what was wrong. She had been very quiet throughout their journey back home. As she turned to leave, he got out of the car and pulled her back to him in a jerk. She didn’t meet his eyes for the first time and looked down. He tipped her chin up so that he could see her face, “what is it jaan?”

She felt a layer of tears gather in her eyes and this time, she let them roll down, “I am scared Maan..”

Her honest confession shocked him. he cupped her face, “and why is it Love?”

Her lips trembled as she tried hard to speak out, “.. i..i wont be able to stay away from you!”

Her warm tears wet his hand and he couldn’t fall deeper for her anymore. He raised her head and crushed her lips with his. She willingly gave in,opened her mouth and kissed him back, like she had waited for it desperately. He felt it. His hands held her by her waist and jerked her closer so that she was sticking to him from their toes to their heads.

“i had the most wonderful time of my life in Manali and I promise jaan that you don’t have to be scared. I will make each day of yours a living dream and each moment filled with nothing but you and me!”

She smiled through her tears wondering at the metaphoric situation. Before he could pull apart, she took the initiative and kissed him tight on his lips, as if it were the last time she was in his arms and pulled back. He watched her till she entered the house and drove off!!!

Geet held her heart and walked in. How will she face meet? What will she tell her? this trip was her life…and probably this was the end for her…the game that she had been playing. She’d confess everything to meet and go away…yes, she would go away and never come back! For god’s sake he is her sister’s fiance! She steeled her heart and entered the hall, only to see rano waiting for her. she had never been this happy to see her mom! She felt happy to see her… mothers are the most wonderful creatures in the world. She, with all that pain in her heart, rushed to hug her but rano gestured her to stop.

“mom… I…I missed you..”, she managed to speak, despite being choked with emotions.

And the next moment, she felt nothing but a sharp stinging sensation on her cheeks, which made her stumble backwards. She looked up at her mother’s face which had nothing but resentment and disgust! Needless to say, geet was confirmed her mother had seen her and Maan outside!


next: rano throws geet out of the houseShocked


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3 responses to “PART 17

  1. huma19912013

    17/12/2014 at 02:34

    Awesome update I just loved it n I knew it the reality is v harsh poor Geet she forgot her mission n now what will happen ?

  2. ushankitvc

    19/12/2014 at 11:21

    awesum part…beautiful moments of maneet….fr maan it is always meet….poor geet….continue soooon

  3. saisarala92

    29/12/2014 at 21:04

    geet is so poor,maan will be shattered when truth came to know


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