12 Nov


There was no twisting and turning… she just spoke out her mind. A smile crept on his lips…she had indeed grown up and flourished, for her honesty and self respect had blown him off his feet.


She came with her friends to the lobby where the guys were sitting and whining that they should go with the girls too. They were school mates after all plus most of them were married. But  Sanjana wanted a girls day out..after all they had surprise the guys in the cocktail party in the evening. Everyone had agree for she had the upper hand being the bride and Rohan was all no no. Geet smiled and then looked at maan, who was too smitten by her.

For him, she had become more than just his fiancee. The way she trusts him, rules his heart with just one smile of her, stands upfor herself… speaks out her mind..sometime he felt she was not meet and sometimes she just surprised him to no ends. She changed colors like rainbow and he sure was head over heels in love with her. It had somehow become impossible to hold himself back in front of her but he had promised her and he wouldn’t mind waiting because with the way things were going, even this wait seemed a sweet poison.

Geet could feel that intensity and love oozing out…and she smiled. there was nothing wrong or right here. She knew he wanted her… and she has fallen deep into the pit where coming out was difficult. But her heart was dancing to his tune. Strange it was…but with his love, she now felt a new emotion called- belongingness. The way he holds her or even his one look makes her shiver. She got into the car and somehow didn’t feel like going away from him. Their eyes were locked all through and she blew a flying kiss to him as the vehicle moved, letting him know her feelings as well.

The girls forgot everything the moment they got into the mall…which is pretty obvious. They helped each other selecting dresses while geet just looked on…nothing amused her. Everything seemed too bland..she wanted something that maan would appreciate, that he would love on her. Sanjana and geet had become good friends in just a day. She selected her dress and tapped geet’s shoulders, “madam… what are you thinking? Go on pick a dress…”

Geet sighed and spoke her heart out, “I just can’t… i don’t know why but nothing pleases me here!”

Sanjana gave her a naughty smile, “yeah… I get it. You want something that would hold maan’s attention right! Hota hain hota hain..shaadi se pehle yahi sab hota hain! Come on let me help you.”

The other girls also joined geet while she found nothing that good. They showed her some deep necked backless gowns, quite revealing gowns but nothing… just nothing pleased her. The girls teased her and she blushed.. but she wanted something that her maan would love on her. They were exiting the shop when her eyes fell on the gown that the mannequin on the display was wearing.

“are you sure about it meet?”, sanjana looked confused but that visible satisfaction on geet’s face said it all. they collected their dresses, paid for it and decided to have a coffee before they went for lunch. Geet stirred her coffee mindlessly as the girls chatted. She didn’t want to part away from maan. And now that she has, everything seemed colorless. The girls, she realized were teasing each other and then sanjana and some even gave her gyaan about first nights and all. someone amongst them spoke up about kiss. Everyone started sharing their experience when they had kissed a guy or their bfs or hubbys for the first time and sorts. Girls and gossips..are just mindless. Things went from one thing to another and then something naughty and dirty cropped up but geet was lost somewhere.

Sanjana was tired of being the centre of attraction when she noticed geet being aloof. To save herself, she directed everyone’s attention towards her.

“ok now meet tell us… have you ever kissed maan?”

Geet was startled at the sudden attention she was getting and the question made her eyes widen,“wh..what???”

“han… a kiss! You guys have been in a relationship for  two years and almost 6-8 months of being engaged, so..tell us.. have even been physically close?”

Geet coughed at the last sentence..what the hell these girls were talking! She tried to avoid the topic but the girls wouldn’t let g0. She blushed hard when they probed further and dipped her head shaking her head for a no. Everyone’s jaws dropped till the floor in shock!!

Sanjana shook geet by her shoulders, “wake up woman! He is crazy about you… you have been in a relationship for more than two years and yet you say you haven’t kissed?”

Another girl who held her hand just mocked, “are you sure you love him? Because i have seen him craze about you. Whenever he would speak to us… it would be nothing but you darling!”

It hit her like a thunderstorm… she loved him? Did she?? Had she fallen for him this bad? But her own feelings gave her the answers… what she had done and what she had been doing and her being in shimla and with his schoolmates and being pampered like this.. was just the proof of it!! The girls talked and talked while they got back to their hotel but she was in another world altogether. All these days what she had been feeling was…love???

Her heart raced like a maniac when she saw him with the guys, having fun in the lawn… was she really in love with him? He looked back at her, like he knew she was looking for him and smiled. her breath stuck in her throat… this man..what has he in him that made her so vulnerable?


He marched towards her making her shiver while the girls giggled and teased her and prompting her to take the lead.

“alright… heres your chance. Go ahead and let him know that you want this relationship to work!!!”, and then the girls pushed her towards maan and went on their own ways.

She collided with his chest while he steadied her by her shoulders, “how was your shopping jaan? Did you enjoy?”

She couldn’t speak for her emotions lay heavy on her. She nodded softly while he escorted her back to her room, lacing his fingers with her, softly yet firmly. She felt it over whelming. Its a dream for every have someone she could trust blindly, hold hands and just walk around or just sit by his side and look at his handsome face.

He opened the door for her and then followed holding her bag and found her so lost in her thoughts. She walked ahead towards the closet when she tripped against the ottoman kept by the bed. He leapt forward to hold her but he lost his balance and both fell on the bed with her on top of him. He was quick enough to get hold of the situation and hold her tight, “are you okay, love? What are you thinking today? You seem disturbed!”

Geet raised her eyes to meet his but she couldn’t concentrate on him. Her gaze stuck at his lips moving… she was probably in love with this guy? Should she kiss him? She wanted to… she wanted to become everything that he liked and thats why she got the dress and the shoes.. even he desired the same, didn’t he? The last time he had dropped her home.. he hinted that…

“meet? Meet… are you listening?”, his arms went tighter round her waist. She snapped back to reality and quickly got up, straightening herself .maan got up and looked at her quizzically, “sach bolo..kya hua hain tumhe?”

Her mind screamed-pyaar hua but she shut it up, feeling so embarrassed. She shook her head and just told him that she was tired and would like to sleep before the party. He sighed and kissed her cheek, “if you are not well…just tell me okay..”

“ahh no… mein theek hun maan..bas all this shopping, am tired!”

“alright. I will order lunch for you in the room itself. Just sleep okay. We’ll leave at 7 okay?”

“ahh maan…”, she looked down, fidgeting with her fingers, “wo..actually Sanjana wanted me to be with her, she wants to surprise rohan. So if you don’t mind… i will join you later..”

He smiled, “ can I forget..girls! alright jaan, take your time. Now change and rest. I will call the room service.”

Geet sighed… she was good at making excuses. She felt her heart beating against her rib cage…what in the world was to happen now!!


He checked the time, sipping his wine by the bar and she was not even here. It was 7:30 already and he wondered how much more help sanjana would need. The couples were dancing…some enjoying the drinks and he was here, still waiting. Someone tapped his shoulders from behind and he turned back to see sanjana clad in a beautiful black dress.

“hey… all alone mr Khurana?”, she teased.

“where’s meet? Gosh sanju… you are too much!”

“hey..what  did i do? “

“meet was supposed to come with you right? Where is she?”

“meet..with me? When?” sanjana looked confused which worried maan.

“she said you needed she’d be late now that you are here… i can’t find her..”

Sanjana laughed seeing him so much in worry and then realized what meet was upto. She placed her hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ears,“worry not Mr Hotty.. your fiance is good at lying. She wanted to do something special for you… so she might stll be in her room..”

Maan couldn’t believe that. Meet was upto something?

“and yes… you don’t have to be surprised by my words because she herself is here to do the honors… look..”, she pointed towards the stairs.

She descended down like a beautiful goddess, clad in a simple short maroon dress, looking absolutely gorgeous. His gaze stuck on her…her maroon pumps with ankle straps highlighted that white skin…her hairs tied in a bun, her lips a deep shade of red..she was amazingly sexy. He kept on gaping at her while she descended slowly while his friends teased him and even pushed to get him back to reality.

image upload no resize

He shook his head…this woman would kill him someday. He straightened himself and walked towards her. As she descended the last step, he extended his hand for her which she gracefully accepted. She was his…that thought made him crazy about her. She looked different from everyone else and totally sexy even in these simple clothes, that revealed nothing. That bow on her waist made the dress look even sexier. He escorted her towards his friends and everyone complimented her. Maan was could probably see or hear nothing but his jaan…she smiled and she giggled but she never let go of his arm.

The girls took geet towards the bar as they ordered cocktail while he just kept watching her refuse drinks. When they insisted, she agreed but for a mocktail. Geet knew he was watching her.. she felt bold and shy all at the same time when someone announced for a couple dance. Rohan whisked away sanjana while maan looked at her for her approval. The lights dimmed and she shook her head for a no, blushing. But he wouldn’t let her go. she had been teasing his senses all this time.

The music started as she slowly walked towards the dark corner. He stood right in the opposite aisle  and kept matching her steps. She walked with poise, and he just kept following her, not even averting his gaze, which made her all warm and red. she bit her lips and he twitched his brows, asking her not to. She twisted her lips a bit and smiled looking away. And when she looked back him, he wasn’t there.

Let me feel you..

Jay Sean at his best.. pls see the vid while you read Wink


The lyrics made her breath hitch. She looked around for him but he wasn’t around. She didn’t like it. He wasn’t on the dance floor either. This man is just so unpredictable!! Damn it!

It’s been about a month and twenty days…
And we’re going round and round playing silly games…
Now you’re saying, slow it down, not right now…
Then you wink at me and walk away..

She walked ahead and her glass on the counter when she felt a tug on her hand and she fell into his arms. His scent…she knew it was him even without looking. His arms snaked round her waist, pressing her close to his body in a jerk.

Now, let it be, let it be, let it be known…
Hold on, don’t go…
Touching and teasing me, telling me no…
But this time I need to feel you…

His one hand held her tight, while the other hand traced her bare shoulder, sending tremors down her spine, meaning each and every word of the song. She felt dazed… she felt intoxicated seeing that look in his eyes… he wanted her, she could very well see it. He dragged her to the dance floor and she fell weak in the hands of her heart. She wanted this… they wanted this!

(Ride it) we are all alone…
(Ride it) just lose control…
(Ride it, ride it) come touch my soul…
(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you…
(Ride it) turn the lights down low…
(Ride it) from head to toe…
(Ride it, ride it) touch my soul…
(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you…

He pressed her hand to his body, roaming her hands on her bare skin, making her swoon. She was sure she’d lose it… ohh dear, he was pulling her into a deep spiral where she would happily lose herself.  He swayed her along with the music, doing nothing but just trailing a finger down her cheek…down her neck..her bare shoulder..and then he did something erotic. He leaned on her and pressed a deep smooch on her  neck..which slowly moved up..towards her jaws.and then ended at the corner of her lips. Her hands clutched his suit on his chest, knowing this was the limit. His feelings were so clear. She felt her lips dry…and if she stays a moment longer, she’d lose it. She pushed him away slowly, and walked towards the bar, getting another mock tail for her.

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MoVida was the club on the Saturday…
Your acting like a diva saying you don’t wanna pay…
It’s gotta be your feisty style…
Raised eyebrow…
I love it when you look at me that way…


She sipped her drink while he didn’t even take his gaze off her. His lookmade her hot.. fel sexy as they moved all over her checking her out. She felt breathless as kept the glass down, wiping her lips.

Now when you order a Mohita at the bar…
We applying lippy cause it came off from the glass…
The DJ plays your favourite song…
Kanye’s on…
Now your backing in from me to dance…

He walked towards her while she tried to get away and darkness seemed to be the best place. She quickened her steps knowing she’d lose it but he followed her there too, almost making her smile.

Mmm… pulling me, pulling me, pulling me close…
You close your eyes girl…
Whispering, telling me we gotta go…
Won’t you take me home?.. I wanna…

She walked into the dark and the next moment, he pulled her into him and backed her up against the wall. His breath fell on her lips, making her quiver.

“running away, love?”, he whispered into her ears, drowsily sexy.

Her lips curled into a smile as she gave in and pulled him closer, holding his collar, “would i ever dare?”

you know what…i love this in you…”, he spoke over her lips and kissed her cheek. To his utter surprise, she moved her head to let him know she loved it.

Everything was right until her phone begins to ring…
She takes it to the corner, that’s when I start wondering…
I can hear her shouting, banging her fist against the door…
Yelling “Yo, it’s over, I couldn’t take it anymore…”
Then I walk away, and acting I want to go chill…
I ain’t trying to get caught up in a mess for real…
But she came around and backed me up against the wall…
She said I know you hurt, but I’ll make you forget it all…


He felt elated. His lips were quick enough to understand and follow her gestures. They moved along her slender neckline, pressing soft yet hot kisses down the line, making her gasp. She enjoyed it..he was happy. His hands roamed over her back, while she writhed under him, letting him know that even she too wanted this. He kissed her shoulders and bit her ear, making her moan his name, ohh this was the best feeling he ever had. He had been holding back too much.

“baby..let me feel you..”, he whispered against her skin. She sighed and wrapped her arms round his shoulders, making him groan.


They walked hand in hand towards their suits. He looked at her while she looked down, blushing. Their moment was disturbed by the shouting of friends who had gathered for some games. They had enjoyed the night, holding each other close and now none of them wanted to let go. geet never ever wanted to let go.

He half-heartedly left her hand when she reached her room, when geet held it back. He looked at her quizzically.

She looked straight into his eyes, “would you dance with me maan?”

How could he let go of the chance now…for the whole evening, they did nothing but lose themselves in each other. She walked in, and followed. She took off her pumps and led him to the balcony, while he just followed, taking off his suit and placing it on the couch. She stood a while, looking at the scene n front of her while he just came from behind and hugged her, “ wanna dance?”

She smiled and melted into his embrace, “if your highness wishes so…”

He turned her around and lifted her up by her waist while she gasped and then giggled, “maan… kya kar rahe ho?

He said nothing but placed her bare feet on his toes and left his cell on the chair, putting on some randon soft number, “dance!!”

She wrapped her arms round his shoulder while he held her close as both swayed softly to the music in the cold winds of shilma.

“ lied to me, eh jaan?”, he narrowed his gaze at her.

She didn’t even try to avert her gaze. She looked at him straight, “yep..i wanted to surprise you..”

“and you did love.. i will be honest, you look sexy..”

She blushed, looking down, “yeah..i had a hard time selecting this. Sanjana and others wanted me to buy something deep necked or backless…and even off shoulders..”

“..and why didn’t you?”

She inched closer to his face and whispered in his ears, “you wouldn’t like me doing a skin show in front of everyone…would you?”

He was stunned by her confession… she knew him this well? She actually got this dress just so that he wouldn’t mind make him happy? He confessed to himself that he was possessive of her and he would never like sharing her with anyone else!!and definitely no skin show whatsoever!

They hit the wall, not realizing how they had come to a corner. Geet’s back hit the clod wall, while maan’s warm body covered her she looked deep into his eyes and then back at his lips… she really loved this man! Yes…she did. Without wasting a second, she took the plunge… inched closer and placed her lips over his.


next: geet’s confession of loveEmbarrassed


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2 responses to “PART 14

  1. geetmeet

    12/11/2014 at 10:28

    Nice update dear I feeling bad for geet when reality come in front of her what will she do she can take the accurions she is playing with Mann life also what will he go through after learning the reality

  2. huma19912013

    12/11/2014 at 20:22

    Awesome update I feel v sorry for Geet if Mããñ when comes to know the truth what will happen?


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