03 Nov


She rubbed her eyes and looked at him. He was still very much there. she knew he was back but right now her mind was jammed… was he real or not!! Like he heard her.

“am very much here love… and i have come for you! Ab bhi nahi milogi?

She stood up..thrilled, excited, happy, anxious and what not!! He was very much here…he was back… ohh dear he was finally back!!!

She stood up at once closing her lappy and throwing her book on the couch. She wanted to run into his arms… she had never been this happy ever to see him and after the whole week went crazy, she was like in 7th heaven right now.

He smiled seeing that twinkle in her eyes… he had come back just a day before but was a little held up with some meeting. And he was not at all surprised to find her angry. Gosh…she looked cute. And with those shorts and tight fit top…she was hot! He gulped hard and waited for her to make a move.

Geet was totally not in her senses at all. she forgot who she was whenever maan was around. It suddenly didn’t matter who she was pretending to be. But somewhere deep within, she didn’t want her sister to feel hurt but she didn’t want to stop herself either. Her eyes involuntarily went across the room where meet sat and sighed eeing it closed.

She looked at him for a while taking in his sight and the next moment, ran across the room, hauling herself into his arms. He stumbled backwards with the force but held on to her, almost lifter her up and twirling her around.

He placed her on her foot and she just hugged him tightly, “ohh thank god you are back…”

He felt her softness after ages it felt. She clung to him like a baby and he couldn’t ask for more.

“i missed you so much..”

She made a face and pushed him, “don’t lie.”

“no love…i really did!”

“acha… tho phir ek din late kyun aaye?”, she inquired putting her hands on her waist and a frown on her face. he absolutely loved it…damn it! He loved her authority on him. Total surprise and a total turn on. Gosh… he felt that strong attraction towards her before as well but right now…she was totally taking over his senses.

“maan are you listening? Bolo bolo.. kahan the?”, she snapped.

He got back to reality..damn those lips were inviting, “sorry love, was held up with a meeting.”

She twisted her lips, almost making him swoon right there and went to sit on the couch. He couldn’t help notice those slender white legs and her hips sway as she walked. Shit! What was wrong with him today? Was it because he was seeing her after so long or was it because she had shed her inhibitions?

“you look hot jaan…”, he spoke out right on her face.

She gasped and looked at him wide eyed…and then blushed furiously and threw a cushion on him. She had been called hot before too but what was it about him that made her heart skip a beat and push her more towards him!

Meet had slept off on the table when she heard noises from the living room and she immediately recognised it..her maan was back. Gosh.. she was so happy. He was away all this while and she hadn’t seen him for a long while. She caressed the ring on her finger lovingly and dragged herself towards the door. She opened a bit and then stopped. He sat with geet, laughing, talking about something…oblivious to his surroundings. It hit  her hard..what was she even thinking? She can’t go out like that or speak to him for that matter!!! She froze by the door, unable to move.

“meet… you were studying legal business?”, he held the book and looked at her quizzically. They were talking and it had started raining. Geet had completely forgotten about it. Her expressions changed drastically…she had been working on her case and his gaze were so intense. She thought for a second and then smiled, “yep… its geet’s book!”

He arched a brow, “geet? Your evil sister?”

“she is not evil okay. Wo actually i was cleaning her stuffs and found it on her shelf. And that day you were telling about some legal stuffs so i was just curious…”


Meet felt the corner of her eyes burn… geet lied so efficiently. She had been seeing changes in geet for the past few days. She kind of had an omen about a violent storm coming towards them… and seeing geet hold his hand and smile… it pinched. Something was definitely up. But then her heart denied… geet was her sister, her other half. And there was nothing wrong. She closed the door softly and went back to her table. She was just thinking crap. True as they say, empty mind is the devil’s workshop. You tend to take everything in a negative way.

“acha suno meri baat ab…” he held her  hands and made her look at him.


“umm..i don’t know if you’d like it or not…but.. next week i want you take you out..”

She was confused as to why he was fumbling today.

He sighed and placed her hands on his heart, “i have got a friend’s wedding in shimla the next week. He is a school friend and very close. And i want to take you with me… “

“but maan..mein kaise jaa sakti hoon?”

“shhh.. i want to take my fiance there and also to make up for the days i was away from you. Please mana mat karna jaan… i want you with me, by my side, when i am with my friends…i want to tell them you are mine…and just let me show you how much you mean to me…”

She was tongue tied. This guy always makes her cry in happiness. A drop of tear rolled down her cheeks.. who would do such a thing today for his girl? She felt wanted…she felt…loved.

He leaned closer and kissed away from drop of tear from her cheeks and caressed her face gently, “you don’t know how i lived for those seven damned months. Just let me jaan…”

He saw her overwhelmed with emotions and took her in his embrace, “phir chalogi na mere saath?”

She didn’t even have the courage to say no. She nodded and softly kissed his heart, asking it why in the world was it so warm and so nice!

Geet stood for a long time by the door even after he left, watching the rain. She said yes…but how can she go..leaving meet alone? And what the hell was happening? Why is she not able to stop herself from feeling for him? She didn’t want to go because meet would be hurt plus she can’t be alone yet her heart cried…it wanted to go.

“i can’t leave meet with the nurse all alone for a week … why maan… mujhe kyun aisi kashmakash mein daal rahe ho?”

She went to check on meet and found her reading her thesis. Meet gave her a weak smile and geet just shrugged and sat on the bed, thinking deeply. And she actually realized whatever maan was doing was for meet…she was meet, not geet. A sudden ache emerged within… but why did it hurt? She shook her head and smiled- it was all for meet. She looked at her sister and then sighed. It pained her but why? She had known this truth from the very beginning itself. She gulped down that knot in her throat and rested her head on the headboard, what would she do now?

Meet watched her sister so much in dilemma. She knew maan had asked her out. She didn’t like it. Not that she wanted to hate it, for she knew she had pushed geet into it, but seeing geet’s changed behaviour hurt her a lot.

Geet took her clothes, defeated by her own dilemma and walked across meet towards the washroom when she held her hand.

“so.. you are going?”

Geet didn’t even look back at her sister. She maintained a straight face… she was living meet’s life and she had somewhere started disliking it.

“so you heard everything.”

Meet sighed… geet’s voice was cold and sounded so artificial.

“do you want to go?”

Geet sighed and looked down, “i don’t know… i just don’t know. He searches you in me..”

She felt like crying while saying those words. She was not herself. What the hell was wrong with her.

“but i see you going geet…”, meet clipped, knowing geet was lying again.

She didn’t know why she spoke that. But she was upset. She wasn’t mad at geet but she wasn’t happy with the way things were going either.

Geet remained silent… she wanted to go..she didn’t want to go..she wanted to be with him, she didn’t want to be with him.. what had her life come to? She snapped open her eyes when she felt something cold slip into her finger and she immediately looked back to see meet slipping her engagement ring in her finger. She quickly pulled away her hand and knelt in front of her, “what the hell are you doing meet?”

Meet remained quiet for a while and geet screamed louder, “this…this..are you crazy? What is wrong with you?”

She tried to take that ring off her finger when meet held her hand and shook her head, “i don’t know what i am doing geet… but i can’t forget him.”

Tears rolled down her eyes and for the first time geet actually saw her crying on maan. She had always put on a brave face but she had weakened over time. She held geet’s hand and sobbed, “i tried to forget him, all the memories… i tried to make myself believe that i am not  a part of his life anymore, i sent you because i would learn to accept that i cannot give him the happiness he deserves, without hurting him..but    it just kills me now..if i am to die, then why not today itself? Why do i have to wait for so long?”

She cried in geet’s arms and geet cried silently with her. Meet had never cried this bad. She held her, not knowing what to say because she could really understand that pain.

It took them a while to calm down and meet looked up, “just go. just take him away from me. Make him forget me… please.”

Geet shook her head, “no meet…he loves you a lot…”, and she meant it.

“just stop worrying about me. Maa is coming tomorrow so don’t worry about me. I trust you geet… and i know you will be able to push him away...”

Geet remained stunned with the last line…was she really supposed to push him away?


He heard a knock on the door and sighed, “come in..”

The door clicked open and then there was silence. He waited for the person to speak out and when he didn’t even look away from his file,he heard that familiar voice,“Mr Khurana.. only if you have the time to look at the person standing in your cabin!”

He kept the file and looked at her, standing by his table glaring at first he couldn’t believe she was here, in his office but that look.. ohh dear, she was angry. A wide smile spread across his lips and he stoop up, taking her in his embrace, “how come you are here?”

She felt calmer in his embrace and spoke the truth, “i don’t know maan…i just don’t know why am here.”

Rano was back and she was so happy as well. But something after that confrontation with meet pinched her deep within. She kept herself busy with her case study but nothing felt good. She had come out of the house to refresh her mind and had ended up at his office.

“kya hua mera bacha? Is something wrong?”

She held him closer, closed her eyes and shook her head for a no. He knew she was thinking about something. he wanted to say something when his phone buzzed. Geet straightened herself but he didn’t let her. He pressed her closer in his embrace and took the call. It was Adi telling him about his scheduled meeting. To her utter surprise, he postponed all his meetings for the next one hour and asked him not to transfer  any calls as well.

He closed the blinds and cupped her face, “ab bolo…kya hua?”

She was touched by hs gestures…he always gave her that undivided attention she sought. Whenever he was around, his first priority was she and only she.  She looked down thinking something and he just made her look up, “bolo meet… what are you thinking?”

How could she say she was geet and not meet? Especially now? She was being selfish… she knew it but it was not in her power to tell him. She wouldn’t be able to take his hatred. She just held his hand and kissed them, “i was just missing you…”

He smiled…ohh dear, she could go straight to heaven for that. Her heart skipped a beat as he ran his fingers down her cheek. She guessed he must have liked doing it for he does it too often. She shivered as his fingers trailed down her neck and took a step back.

He arched a brow and took a step closer. Her breath hitched and she took another step back, “wh..what are you doing?”

He took of his coat and placed it on the chair beside and walked closer, “you said you missed me…”

His voice totally husky, making her gulp down, “tho.. i want to see how much you missed me..”

She felt her lips go dry as he took off his tie and threw it on the couch, taking slow deliberate steps towards her. Her eyes widened…what in the world was he doing. She hit the wall behind and he placed both his hands on the wall on either side of her and leaned on her, “i love the way you blush, love…”

She gasped…wasn’t it the exact words he had spoken in her dream? How in the world.. she couldn’t even think. His smell… his looks..she was very much getting drawn into it.  His face came closer and she felt so so so hard to breathe. Ohh gosh.. his nearness, his scent… his alluring eyes…her heart was beating in her ears, he was going to kiss her… he was going to kiss her! She shut her eyes tightly and her hands clutched his shirt on their own and she waited for that moment. She felt too powerless in front of her own heart.

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His breath fell on her lips making her tremble and she felt the time stop… he would kiss her! But she was sweetly surprised when she felt him kiss the corner of her mouth and then move back a bit, creating distance. His words rang in her ears…that he would wait for her. She was so overwhelmed…that she felt she lost something in her. She didn’t know what she lost but there was no guilt in her. It didn’t feel that whatever they share was wrong. It was not wrong. She could vouch on that. Nothing was wrong.

Her soft brown eyes met his dark ones and he smiled, assuring her that she was very much safe with him. To add to her shyness, he winked and then started laughing seeing her so pink and red. she frowned…he was doingall this only to embarrass her. She twisted her lips, hit his chest and the next moment hugged him tightly.

“ohh jaan…i really love you a lot.”, he spoke, smiling.

And thats when his eyes fell on the ring she was wearing. Only she could see that twinkle in his eyes when he held her hand and kissed over the ring… she wouldn’t cry…she wouldn’t cry…she swore mentally.

They sat together having coffee when he handed her an envelop.

“what is this?”

“go ahead and look.”

She opened and found two tickets for Shimla for them.

“i will wait for you…”

She smiled wholeheartedly for now she knew nothing was happier than being with him. She checked all the details and their flight was scheduled just the day after. She was just too happy. Anxiety and happiness filed her… and on her way back home, she couldn’t stop grinning seeing their names in the ticket. They will be together… for ten whole days. It was supposed to be for a week but he had sudden change of plans and it extended upto ten days. She happily tipped the taxi driver, kept the tickets securely in the purse and hopped back home.


next: off to Shimla.. geet totally fidaLOL


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4 responses to “PART 12

  1. geetmeet

    03/11/2014 at 21:45

    Nice update dear

  2. angelickushi

    04/11/2014 at 02:39

    Loved the update
    Omg geet is falling for him pretty hard
    wat will happen when the truth is out

  3. huma19912013

    05/11/2014 at 01:12

    Hayeeeee I’m totally Fida on ur update dear wowwwww it was awesome meet did bad to them also with Geet n Mããñ too she is hurting both of them poor Geet she is falling badly in love

  4. ushankitvc

    09/11/2014 at 11:08

    beautiful and toooouching


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