29 Oct

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“I will pick you sharp at 5:30. Be ready.”, he whispered against her ears and just went off like a wind. She remained limp in that position for god knows how long. Prolonged chillness made her realize he was gone. And she dared to let out the breath she had stopped in her gut.

She slowly opened her eyes, steadying herself but somehow it was tough. What has she gone and done? For god’s sake he is her sister’s fiance. She can’t be letting him do…she covered her mouth with her hands and dashed into her room. Her skin burned where he had kissed her. She was definitely not expecting this. She closed the door of her own room and fell on the carpet, cursing herself. How could she let this happen? She was as such guilty of hurting him and in the process, she was letting meet down as well. Tears rolled down her eyes… why couldn’t she stop him? Why did she lack conviction today? Why did he make her feel so vulnerable? He knows meet… not her!! And he was expecting her to go with him to the movie. She cried for this was not going right. And decided to just get over with this once and for all.

She wiped her tears and washed her face and went to check on meet. As she opened the door, guilt and shame ate her up. What will she tell her? That her fiance…her would be husband was trying to kiss her sister? But maan was an innocent soul…he was the one being deceived. It was not his fault for he never knew geet was his meet’s twin. She found meet sitting by the window, looking into oblivion. She slowly stepped closer to her, sat on the floor and placed her head on her lap, “am so sorry meet…”, she confessed.

“am sorry… but this is getting difficult.

Meet looked down at her and knew geet wasn’t being sorry for the situation being tough. She was being sorry for something she felt guilty of and she knew very well what was it!! Still, she faked a smile, “maan ne kya kaha? Ohh han…aaj kaunse color ki shirt pehni? Did he have office today?…”

She went on and on throwing random questions at geet, trying to make her see a lie. Geet faced her, wiping her tears, “aaj usne blue shirt pehni thi… with black waist coat. Koi meeting hain na… and he is picking you up for a movie in the evening…”

Meet smiled and hugged geet for no reason and geet did the same too.

“blue maan ki favourite color hain…”, meet spoke with a trembling voice, “how did he look? You know he hates working on a Sunday.”

Geet nodded and tried to smile…if this was so difficult, how would things be further? But still she gave meet an encouraging nod, “yes and when i asked why are you working on a Sunday, he says he wants to keep you…his wifey darling well off for the rest of his life.”

They both laughed..well, tried to when meet asked about her plans for the evening.

Geet stood up courageously trying to lighten up the situation, “he asked me..i mean you to surprise him..well then, You would surprise him!”

Meet got confused, “matlab?”

Geet grinned evilly, “he will get a dose of his own medicine!”

“ohh god… i can literally see a devil in you geet..”, meet laughed, “ohh yeah… he didn’t ask you about your dress? Am sure he must have been shocked!”

Geet gave a triumphant grin, “yeah… he was like what the hell are you wearing and i just said my sis in the US helped me open up a bit!!”

Meet laughed, “i bet he is going to go crazy this evening! A crazy evening with crazy geet!!”

“yes of course…he called me Evil after all.”

The sisters laughed but meet found it even tough to smile. Whatever happened with her life! Everything in the past two years…her relation with maan seemed like a dream now… a mirage that she could only think of and smile and those were never ever coming back to her again!

She walked out wearing a printed sleeveless top over black jeans, carrying her bag. Maan had a wide grin over his face seeing her open up to him. He sometimes wondered if his meet was really this out going! He felt happy to see her open up and not hold back who she truly. And this was the reason he loved her more. He was a strong believer of a theory called “blind faith” and she seemed to re-enforce it again by showing him this side of hers.

He was proud to be driving her to the Cineplex, holding hands and casually speaking to her but she seemed a bit lost today…a bit thoughtful. When she didn’t reply to one of his questions, he leaned closer and pressed her palm, that he was holding, tightly yet gently, “kya baat hain jaan… tum theek ho na?”

Geet was trying to think of reasons and excuses how to tell him off but her heart refused to help her. She felt hurt to deceive him…he was such a beautiful soul from within… if she breaks him, he might not be able to trust anyone else again! but the sooner she tells him the fact, the hurt would be less. She was trying to weigh her thoughts with her heart but somewhere, her heart didn’t seem to agree with both her reasons.

“umm.. han.”, she was broken  out of her reverie, “maan..?”

He gave her a warm smile, “tum theek ho? Yahin ruko…i will get the popcorns.”

“umm…”, she nodded meekly. She thought it was easy, eh? She thought it was easy! But now, she can’t even move a step ahead with what she had thought of. She took a deep breath in and wandered towards the posters, looking at the star cast, when a guy passed a lewd comment on her. She was startled  but then ignored.

That guy hovered around and then passed another comment and she shot him a glare. She turned away, hoping maan came quickly when that guy had the audacity to touch her waist, almost touching the skin beneath her shirt. Geet hated this. She just turned around and planted a tight slap on his face, “behave yourself you bas***d! Think twice before touching a girl!”

She was not scared… at least not from those people who think they can demean any women they wish to. She was a strong person and she could fight. The guy felt his head spin with the intensity and it hit his ego. There were people staring at them.

saali..bahut shaani banti hain…ruk..”, he cursed and lunged at her. His friends backed him up and circled her, giving her dirty looks. Before geet could even react, someone held her hand and dragged her to him. He was about to slap her when maan caught his hand in the air, almost breaking his bone.

He had come with his popcorn when he saw the guys lunge at geet. How dare they… how dare they touch her!!! A sudden anger coursed through his body, raking his soul… how dare they touch his jaan?? He would kill all of them. He punched that guy, pulling him away from his jaan. He saw him holding his jaan’s heart…and something just broke within. He thrust him more punches, almost knocking the life out of him. His friends tried to hit maan but people around, gathered and took care of them. The women hit them as well cursing them for disrespecting them and in between someone called the police.

Geet was a bit shocked. Had it not been maan, god knows what they’d have done to them. In no time, there people all around, shouting, screaming, hitting the guys but her eyes stuck to maan, still not in mood to let that bas***d go. when the guy fell on the floor, he kicked him, his eyes bloodshot and he was not in this world perhaps. The police came and people tried to pull him away. The guy had fainted crying for mercy but he just couldn’t hear.

Geet realized he was not listening. She looked at the guy and then at maan and rushed to him. He was about kick him again when she wrapped her hands round his waist and pushed him away, “maan…maan… stop. He is unconscious… stop…”

He tried to push him away but she cupped his face, making him look at her, “maan… please stop. Am fine… just stop.”

It was then, he let his breath out… his eyes focused on her worried face, her scared eyes, her trembling lips.  The last time his meet was n such a situation danced in front of his eyes. She was so so so scared. He looked at the hand that the guy held, and held her at the same place and dragged her out of the place. He was still angry…if given a chance, he’d have killed that guy right there! No one lays an eye of his jaan and that filthy guy actually touched her. He pushed her into the car, locked it and drove away.

Geet had always seen his playful, naughty side, caring side,compromising side but never in her life had she seen a madness like this. He could have killed that person for just touching her. She realized he was driving somewhere and way too fast. He still hadn’t calmed down. But she was lost in him today. No one ever fought for her… he holds the madness for his love…he holds sheer craziness… he upholds her dignity.. and his voice echoed in her ears–i will always uphold your dignty jaan, no matter what!

She felt tingles beneath her skin..her eyes watered seeing so much love, so much passion and it was not because she was sad. She was happy…yes, she was. A small invisible smile crept on her lips, he was a prince right out of a fairytale.

They halted before km and she didn’t even realize. His love was something so deep and serene that should be worshipped. She didn’t even feel anything when he held her hand and dragged her to his room, in fact she didn’t even know it was his room and made her stand.

Silence echoed..not a creek, not a chirrup…just pin drop silence and she kept on staring at him, realizing his love was way too much deep to fathom and a certain warmth filled her heart… may be respect…may be pride… or whatever.

He looked at her and then pulled her into his embrace, hugging her tightly. And she gave in! He felt calmness settle in him. He didn’t know why he got her here…may be because he felt she was safe here.. he just didn’t know but he wanted her beside him now. His heartbeats were erratic and she seemed to know exactly what bothered him, for she wrapped her arms around him and placed a light kiss on his heart. It was a feather kiss but he felt it. She has changed yet she filled him with so much love that he even loves this side of her.

Geet smiled in his arms… she forgot for a moment who she was or what she was here for. Her heart gave in. She was restless all this while because she couldn’t let go. but his love changed it all…it changed her heart. She respected his love… loved his love for her sister. She indeed felt safe and his hands seemed to get tighter round her. She held him, letting him calm down.  It was the most serene place in the whole world for both of them, something changed and many things changed.

He broke the hug after a long time and looked deep into her eyes. They had nothing but happiness…he could read them, like she was happy to see him beside her… she accepts his anger…she is not scared, she was not upset. It calmed him and made him swoon in happiness. He held her hand and kissed it where that guy had touched. The first was a feather kiss and then next was a deep smooch.

She shivered and as a reflex pulled back her hand and took a step back. She was not afraid of him now but she hadn’t expected this. He looked at her lovingly and took a step closer, cupping her cheeks, “am sorry… i couldn’t protect you.”

She felt the corners of her eyes burn…how much could this guy love? He said sorry for no fault of his and he was guilty. She blinked a couple of times to dry away her tears and stepped closer, holding his hands, “no maan… its not your fault. He deserved it. You are no where at fault..”

He dipped his head, “i shouldn’t have left you alone..”

She shook her head, almost crying, “nooo… please don’t say that. I…it was all because i slapped that guy..”

He looked up at her amazed. He knew meet was a soft hearted person and the last time she was so scared but today, she stood up for herself. He kissed each of her palms, “i love you jaan and i just can’t see you hurt.”

And this time, geet hugged him, for the first time, shedding her shackles. She didn’t know why she felt so deep for him…but whatever it was, it was just for her. She hugged him tightly and whispered a thank you in his ears.

Maan was happy to see her happy. He smiled and in a swift movement, he picked her up in his arms. She gasped and then giggled, “aah.. maan ye kya kar rahe ho?”

He walked down the stairs carrying her like a princess, “since our movie was spoiled, lets do something productive.”

She realized they were heading towards the kitchen and looked at him in horror, “maan.. dadima!! Put me down please…wo kya sochengi…please put me down..”

He gave a wide smile, “dadima yahi sochengi ke mein apni biwi ko utha raha hoon aur kisi ko she is out for some kitty party”

His eyes twinkled naughtily, “we have all the time to make up for the movie”

She blushed unable to bear his heated gaze but bit her lips putting up a brave face. she wrapped her arms around his shoulder, “achha ji… tho hum abhi kya karenge?”

“hmm…umm…”, he pretended to think while she just adored his handsome face.

He placed her on the kitchen counter and pecked her cheek, “aaj hum meri biwi ki pasand ka khana banayenge!!”

She laughed, “aur ye naya shauk kabse palne lage tum?”

He brought the veggies and the knife and leaned totally close to her, making her move back a bit, “since the time you slapped that guy. Boy, you need to regain your energy.”

He winked and started chopping off while she laughed and kept looking at what he was doing.

“maan…“, she said, getting bored, just sitting on the counter while he worked his way.

“hmmm…“, he put the spaghetti in the pan.

“am bored. Its you who is working…and am just bored here.”

“theek hain… tum bhi kuch banalo apni pasand ka..”, he spoke concentrating on his food.

She got down and looked into the fridge and the shelves, “let me make iced hot chocolate…”

He gave her an encouraging smile and let her cook. He wanted to do something for her just to relax and silence and being with each other made it enough. He finished the garnishing and looked at geet blending her hot chocolate. He thought to plate it all up when she sneaked up from behind and slipped in a few cubes of ice into his shirt.

He growled with that sudden chillness and jumped around to take out those cubes that bit his skin while she laughed her head off at his plight. She was adding ice to her dessert when she had got this idea.

He glared at her, “meet…you little…”, and lunged forward to grab her.

She laughed louder and dodged him, showing her tongue, “too bad mr khurana.. you are slow.”

“just wait till i get hold of you…” and ran after her.

The next moment, the whole house was echoing with their laughter. She was running around the couch and he followed, throwing pillows at each other. She climbed on the sofa laughing loudly while he caught her and pulled her down. She fell on the ottoman and he tickled her. She was way too ticklish and he wouldn’t let go.

no maan stop…hahahaha”, she jumped and laughed so hard that tears rolled out of her eyes but he wouldn’t let go.

“take that you naughty little devil…”, and he went on and on enjoying her laughter until she cried due to laughing so much and her tummy hurt. They fell flat on the couch catching their breaths and she was still in defensive mode lest he tickled her again.

“next time…think before you put ice in my shirt…”, he warned her cutely while she nodded, wiping her tears. He walked to the kitchen and quickly got their food. Geet was totally into whatever he did. She enjoyed his cooking, licking the sauce off the spoon.

“meet.. say aaa”, he spoke suddenly.

And this girl did it without thinking, “aaa…”

And he shoved the chilled chocolate dessert into her mouth, catching her off guard and burst out laughing seeing her reaction. She twisted her lips and wanted to get back at him but then she just didn’t. She watched him and smiled.

He laughed and then noticed her staring at him, “kya dekh rahi ho?”

He laced his fingers with her and placed a kiss on the back of her palm.

She shook her head and smiled, “nothing.”

“i am going to New York…“, he spoke suddenly. Her smile vanished and she looked at him quizzically, “going matlab?”

He sighed… she was upset. Her eyes spoke it out so loudly. He knew she’d be upset but seeing those tiny droplets of tears in them made him swear at himself. He kept his bowl aside and inched closer to her cupping her face, “jaan..its just for a week!”

“a week?”, she looked at him sadly.

He had already known his trip was inevitable and he didn’t want to leave her and go away, especially after getting her back after  whole  seven months!! He was unsure what she would think  of him, but seeing the same emotion that he felt on her face satisfied him.  He was not the only one…she wanted him to be with her too. They both wanted to be with each other and that was the end of all thoughts.


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  1. amrithanair

    29/10/2014 at 13:39

    Maaneet spending time with each otr,though maan is noticing her changes he is not taking it seriously,and the meetings are making geet to open up with him,but while happening all these things she is forgetting the all emotions and feelings of maan is only for meet,hope the truth will be out soon,waiting for next part


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