22 Oct

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Meet couldn’t stop her tears, “yep… he looks so handsome in white… fits him perfectly and honestly, he takes my breath away with it..”

Geet smiled and continued telling her hat he told her about silence and that how much he trusts her. Meet couldn’t stop falling more for him but alas, she was in such a state, neither could she go away from him, nor could she go to him!

aur kya kaha usne?”, meet asked and her voice shook, loaded with emotions.

Geet wanted to tell her about the incident in the car..she never hid a thing from meet but wouldn’t it hurt her? For god’s sake it was all meant for meet and not her. Quickly making her decisions, she decided to skip the kiss part in the car and told how much he loved and trusted her.

When meet felt sleepy, geet just slipped beside her and turned away, trying to sleep. But for the first time, she couldn’t. His words in the car reverberated in her ears. It made her jittery, his deep voice, telling how much he cares about her just made her cry. How can someone possibly love a girl to such an extent? It is even possible in this world? And the kiss…she realised she got goose pimples again. she knew meet was covering her hurt with her smile and it hurt her more. They had always been very close and seeing her sister so deep in hurt was too painful.

He didn’t recognise her… meet looked away from geet and smiled. And with that fake smile, tears rolled out of her eyes…he didn’t recognise her!!it made her glad and it hurt like hell. She had told maan about her sister but never mentioned she was her twin because she wanted to surprise him when she came back to India. Maan had seen her pictures in the hall too but mistook it as meet because, in the hall, there were pics hanging of both the sisters but they were in the same frame. She didn’t know it was a curse or a blessing in disguise that they were identical twins, almost same to much an extent, including their heights and physique. She had seen maan’s car stop in front of her house when he came to drop geet and it took sometime for geet to come out of the car…and hell it hurt! But she can’t blame anyone but her. She muffled her cry…still trying to smile–-he didn’t recognise her!

The next morning geet woke up a bit late and found meet staring at her.

“morning…”, she yawned lazily.

“geet…help me to the washroom please.”

Geet quickly got up and cursed herself..she can’t be slacking around like this!!!  She has got to take care of meet’s needs but last night was just mentally exhausting. She helped meet to the washroom and gave her the brush and herself brushed beside her. Once meet was done she waited for geet to finish.

“what day is it geet?”

“umm.. its Sunday today!”

Meet thought for a while, “lets watch a movie. Its been so long since we had seen a movie together!”

Geet grinned and helped meet freshen up and herself took a bath. She wore her shorts and a tank top and took meet to the living room. She turned on the tv and meet selected her fav movie P.S I Love You’. Geet definitely disliked that movie. As meet enjoyed she worked her way in the kitchen making breakfast for both of them.

As the music played loud in the hall, she came with two plates of pasta and handed one to meet who was totally lost in the movie. She rolled her eyes,“meet… its five minutes and am already bored. Lets watch something good…ummm how about Knight and day? Or Mission Impossible? Oblivion is great too…”

“shut up…”, meet shouted.

“no..this is so boring…”

“shut up geet…let me watch.”

“No… lets watch vanilla sky.. gosh my tom looks so cute in it..”, she spoke dreamily licking her spoon.

Meet threw the cushion on her, “shut up and get over Tom cruise. He is out of your league. And mujhe dekhne de…”

Geet sighed and fell on the couch, sighing like love struck teenager..her one and only crush”Tom Cruise!

“you are a stupid not to fall for his charms… he is just so..umm sexy and so hot… and his smile…uff am dead!”

Meet rolled her eyes and let her remain in her dream world. Geet was crazy at times and she wondered how she managed all alone in the US.

“you know what…even though he is married and divorced and has a daughter, i could still go and marry him…“, geet had no sense of what she was speaking.

Meet just ignored her and continued watching her movie until the doorbell went off. It took both of them a while to actually come back to reality and realize the doorbell was really crying.

“geet…get to the door…”, meet called not even averting her gaze from the dvd.  But  geet madam was so lost in her dream world about her Tom…she actually had DVDs of all his movies.

“geet…someone’s at the door. Just go..”, meet spoke irritated. Someone was too desperate to get in.

Geet frowned and kept her half eaten food on the table and hopped to the door, “coming…”

She opened the door with a wide smile for she was in such an awesome mood being in her own world with Tom cruise. She stilled seeing him right in front of her, gaping at her, wide eyes, shocked to no ends!! She couldn’t believe this guy had again showed up in front of her door. But then reality struck and she shut the door right on his face and turned to meet, supporting herself against the  door.

Meet wondered what was wrong when geet pointed her palm on her throat indicating she was dead.

“arrey what baba?”

She didn’t want to shout lest maan heard it and squeaked, “its Maan out there…am dead!!!”, she indicated her outfit. She locked the door and rushed to meet was equally shocked. She kept her food on the table and tried to go to her room.

Geet rushed to help her,”ohh god..why the hell does he show up on my door all the time? And the dress meet… gosh…”

Meet smiled weakly, “its up to you now. Show him that I have changed and that I have gone astray…make him believe that i am no more his meet…”

The door bell rang again and again reminding them that he was still very much there. Geet didn’t want to face him after whatever happened last night in the car but meet just pushed her, “just go na… he is waiting. And yes just close the door.”

Maan at first couldn’t believe his eyes…meet clad in short and a tank top?? What in the world is going on?? I mean did he seriously see her or did he just imagine! He shook his head, blinked a couple of times to make sure he was dreaming and then hit his head, “maan… you have gone crazy about her. Just get a grip…”

And the door clicked open. He stood there numb, seeing her stand confidently in her blue shorts and the white tank top, with those curly hairs, tied loosely in a pony… she indeed took his breath away.

Geet waited for him to step inside but he just looked on..without blinking and damn she felt so conscious. She’d better finish off things than delay. She leaned against the door frame, “ahem…Maan?”

He snapped back to reality and hell, it was no dream. She looked hot… damn! Geet rolled her eyes and walked in, “come on in!!”

Come on in…my foot. Why the hell has he to show up on my door every other day? She walked towards the couch when he held her hand pulled her close. She was taken by surprise by this sudden act and hit him. She straightened herself and found him looking at her, “hey… what was that?”

He raised a brow at her…definitely bold and more than him, she had gone crazy!

“what are you thinking?“, he tried to look into his eyes.

Geet was scared for a moment of being caught…but then the faster she got out of this mess, the better. it was better to let him show what she was… who Geet was, a complete opposite of her sister!!!

She braced herself up for his reaction and looked directly into his eyes boldly, “what would I think?”

He was a bit surprised seeing her bold and look into his eyes so confidently. His arms snaked round her waist and pulled her close. Geet wasn’t expecting this. She gasped and placed both her hands on his chest to support herself, “you have changed quite a bit… what has gotten into you?”

He seemed serious… and really in deep though, shocked to no ends. And this was the right moment for geet to strike when the iron was hot.

“well…i had been in the US for long you know… and just realized i needed a change!”

Geet pushed away his hands from her waist and walked towards the kitchen to clean up. He wanted to say something but his meet…ohh god! Her white skin was sparkling in the light…and ohh dear. He didn’t know if he hated this or loved this! The sound from the tv broke his reverie as he walked towards it wondering what she had been upto.

“meet…”, he called out, looking at something curiously.

“hmm…”, she responded from the kitchen, “do you want to have coffee?”

“yes…but tell me, was somebody here?”

Geet looked at him curious and then realized, the two plates were still on the table beside the couch. She gasped…gosh, she shouldn’t get caught. She rushed to him and looked at the table, trying to think of a reason.

“meet… is someone home?”, he asked lovingly.

“err…umm no. Actually ahh han..i was eating while watching the movie. Felt lazy to go back to the kitchen for a second helping so got another plate instead!”

He smiled and she sighed in relief. She rushed to the kitchen to get their coffees and handed him his mug.

“P.S I love you hmm?”, he teased her.

Geet gulped hard, “yeah… lazy Sunday mornings..”

He settled on the couch watching her continuously and she felt it.

“what are your plans today?”

Geet sipped her coffee along with his, “nothing much… just lazing around and watching movies..”

“lets go for a movie…”

“what??”, geet was surprised.

“hmm… i have got a meeting till 4 in the afternoon… be ready by 5:30. Will pick you up.”

“you work on Sundays too?”

Maan gave her a smile, “I need to make sure your hubby keeps you well off darling..”

She blushed… gosh, she had never been exposed to such a situation. She knew meet would have reacted the same way… and she felt ticklish in her stomach. She kind of felt her heart flutter… he was a charmer. After last night and today this…she wondered what more has he show her! And a big question, was he always like this to meet too? She giggled and then decided to tease meet later.

Once done, she took the plates to the sink and maan followed, telling her about some deal he was working on and for once she liked it. She had been studying law in a reputed University and she had worked too hard to crack the exams… starting from her graduation to her MS. She somewhat understood what he was talking about because it was a little related to the business laws she was studying. She liked it… she actually loved him speaking!

“so… “, he continued, passing her the dishes, “surprise me today”

She gave him a quizzical look, “surprise you?”

“yeah… since your evil sister has actually done something nice…”

“her names geet..”, she cut him in between, mentally cursing him for calling her evil.

He stopped for a while and then stared at her, “right…meet… geet… I just don’t tend to remember her name! But whatever… i see you changed meet… surprise me..”

His voce turned husky and she felt shivers down her spine. She fidgeted and walked towards the shelf keeping stuffs, “sh… well I haven’t changed. She has just helped me unwind…”, she managed to utter.

She felt something and turned back only to see him mere inches away from her. She jumped and hit wall behind her, just beside the shelf, “ohh…you scared me.”

That look… his eyes…what the hell was he thinking?? He was just too close and dared inching closer, holding her captive with his eyes.

“so…“, he voiced with a deep tone, taking a step closer to her.

She felt her heart skip a beat with his step and tried to move still into th wall.

“s…so??”, her lips trembled, seeing him too close. Her pupil dialated and eyes widened as his breath fell on her face, almost knocking the breath out of her. She tried to move further but the wall behind her was just not helping.

His large palm snapped her waist while the other hand rested on the wall, beside her head, and he leaned on her, locking her. Her mouth dried as she felt his weight on her and his breath warm and so close. She couldn’t even gulp down that knot in her throat.

“surprise me…”, he spoke with his deep velvety voice. His eyes, intense…too intense to lose focus of her and she felt captivated!!

“s..sur…surprise?”, her breath came out laboured as his entire physical form could be felt on her naked skin.

She gasped feeling his fingers trace unknown patterns on her tummy, over the tight fit top. His lips curved into a smirk seeing his effect on her and he continued, inching his face even closer, “show me what you have under your sleeves…”

Her entire body trembled, getting warmed up with his entire being pressing her down. Her heart had practically stopped beating and she just couldn’t avert her gaze from him. His dark eyes…those tight jaws…that look almost made her swoon in anxiety. She had been with guys but never in her life had someone made her feel like this…so vulnerable!

His face came closer to her and as a reflex, she turned her head away, biting her lips and her laboured breaths became almost a desperate effort to take in air now. Her fingers curled into fists on her sides and she hated her disability… she hated not finding enough courage to push him away…losing her focus and that confidence she always had.

He was too close… his breath fell on her neck, and she literally shivered. Where was this leading to? She wanted to think of reasons, excuses and strength but in his proximity, she could find none.

He smiled seeing her try her very best to stop getting affected and pressed his lips on that naked skin of her neck, this white beauty had been tantalizing him since long now. He had to indulge himself… for once! He knew he told her just sometime back that he wouldn’t go against her wishes but her proximity seemed to make him lose control.

“I am even loving this new side of yours meet…you just make me crazy!”, he breathed his words on her skin, where he had pressed a kiss a few seconds back.

“ohh and by the way…P.S I Love You.”, he whispered lovingly.


She gulped down that hurt down her throat and closed the door softly, that remained ajar. She closed her eyes and moved towards her study table. She had gone to close the door for geet hadn’t shut it and she didn’t want her maan to see her like this…so broken. She was selfish…she was bad…but maan had to detach himself from him. And the kitchen was so clearly visible.

She opened her eyes and wiped away her tears, “no..this is for his own good Meet. Stop crying. You knew this would hurt.”

But she lacked conviction. She trembled and then cried and then closed her mouth with her hands to muffle it… and it hurt. Not that geet was at fault…she had deliberately pushed geet into this and she was sure geet would hate this. She had to go through this. He has to detach himself first… forgetting her was another thing. He had to let go.

“I will pick you sharp at 5:30. Be ready.”, he whispered against her ears and just went off like a wind. She remained limp in that position for god knows how long. Prolonged chillness made her realize he was gone. And she dared to let out the breath she had stopped in her gut.


next: change of heart


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3 responses to “PART 9

  1. geetmeet

    23/10/2014 at 06:59

    Nice update dear don’t cheat on Mann dear tell the truth

  2. Afsha

    23/10/2014 at 14:05

    They are doing so wrong with Maan
    I dont like these sisters

  3. angelickushi

    23/10/2014 at 16:57

    Loved the update
    She is hurting herself and maaneet as well


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