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Meet gently pecked his cheek, “you will love her when you meet her. Her university doesn’t give much holidays and thats why even i haven’t seen her for the past two years.”

“ask her to take care of my heart well or else i will kill her!”, he mumbed.

Meet could just adore this man. He was everything a girl could wish for in a life partner. She just wished those six months to be over asap and that she became her maan’s forever and ever!


“…and how are you doing? I miss you around meet..”, he sighed and fell on his bed. The day had been long and tiring. He was flourishing and the past two years he had kept too busy expanding his business. Meet was around so it was tolerable. Even though he was continuously travelling, they had somehow managed to take time for themselves. But now its just a week since meet was gone and he was badly missing her.

“Just in college.. I have to submit the content of my thesis. I miss you too maan… acha bolo, how was your day?”

He played with his engagement ring on his left hand and smiled, “tiring.. and colourless. Just come back fast sweety..”

Meet blushed a bit, “its just started maan… acha now you should sleep. I have a lecture to attend in a few minutes.”

“acha suno… whats the topic of your research? And haan i forgot, how’s that evil sis of yours who delayed our marriage? Is she taking proper care of you?”

“maan…”, she laughed, “stop calling her evil. She is in her college. And please don’t worry, she takes care of me just like you do. And my topic of research is on the amalgamation of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Ab chalo…you sleep. It must be pretty late there.”

He rolled and pulled the duvet on himself, “umm…love you…”

Meet smiled, “love you too..”

“just come back soon…”

“Yes Maan…i will fly down to you the moment i submit my thesis.”


Maan was glad that he was able to speak to meet. Its been a month she was gone but they were continuously in touch with her via phone, emails and every possible networking apps.  His effect on meet was clearly visible.

He walked down to the dining and kissed his dadima good morning and called Adi asking him to mail his schedule for the day. Dadima served him food and sat beside, “maan… did you speak to meet last night?”

“ji dadima..”

“and how is she? We just cant wait to bring her home even after knowing the fact that she still has five more months”

Maan looked at dadima sadly. Dadima had taken a liking for meet the first day she had seen her. Maan had brought her home and meet, being the epitome of simplicity, had made a place in dadima’ s heart. She was the happiest person in this world when maan told her about his wish of getting married to her.  He briefed her about meet’s college and that she was with her sister.

“ohh meet has a sister right! We have never seen her..”

Maan continued to eat, totally not liking the mention of meet’s evil sister, “umm..she had been staying in the US dadi.. she is studying there. Whats her name…umm.. arrgh i forgot. Meet had mentioned a long time back and she hadn’t visited home for the past two years.”

Dadima did some mental calculation and smiled,“koi na.. aapki shaadi mein tho mil hi lenge!”


He dialled her number again and again but there was no answer. He worried and checked his watched..10pm. he was travelling to London for some work and its been a week he hasn’t heard from her. She said she’d be having some exam.. this was just the third month in the US and he was not able to reach her. May be she was busy. He sighed and switched off the phone on hearing announcements and boarded his flight.

Things happen and they happen for a reason. But he didn’t want to believe. Its been a month now since he had last heard from her. There were no calls, no messages, no emails… nothing. Dadima had seen him worry like hell. He was as such continuously travelling and not hearing from her just made him crazy.

Its the 5th month of her in the US and two months since she had vanished.. her phone number no longer existed. He had initially gone to her place and talked to her parents. They seemed to assure him that everything was fine and that university was taking all her time…plus she had to travel to Massachusetts for her project  but it didn’t convince him. He believed them because they loved him so much and he respected them but it didn’t quite sound convincing. But they would never have a reason to lie to him either. A few days later he had got a call from Meet’s mom that meet had left a message for him that she was extremely sorry for not being in touch but her schedule was really hectic and that she’d be back soon

That was enough. She was playing with his heart now. In her absence he had worked like a maniac to stop thinking about her but he couldn’t stop worrying. There was definitely something wrong here…something was amiss. She was supposed to be back soon but still there was no response from her side. He mailed her every single say to check on her but there were no replies. He, despite keeping busy, had tried to reach for her university but the authorities denied to reveal students’ information without authentication. It was against the university rules.  The more days passed, the more he became restless about her.

It was they day she was supposed to get back home. He couldn’t wait to see her. He looked like a zombie with the lack of sleep and shabby with his hair and beard overgrown. But then he was happy that she’d be coming back. He was busy in meeting and hence decided to surprise her at her home itself. And then he’d probably give her a piece of his mind. He finished with his meetings early and rushed home. He took a shower, shaved and dressed in casuals. On the way, he picked up a bouquet of roses for his beloved and rushed.

He stood aghast seeing the house locked! He tried to call her parents but they were unreachable. The place looked haunted now, like no one lived there for months. He panicked and rushed to the neighbours asking their whereabouts.

“umm.yeah they shifted a month ago. They didn’t tell exactly where they were going but yeah..i guess they had been facing some troubles.”

He felt so helpless…first meet vanished and then her parents. The house looked ghostly and he had a doubt that it was all a dream. But the engagement ring on his finger was the solid proof that everything was a reality. Its been months since he had heard her voice or even seen her. Dejected and angry, he went back home and fell on dadima’s lap, crying out his helplessness. Things were so beautiful and time changes so fast… things were slipping right out of his hands and he was just too helpless to do anything!!!


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3 responses to “PART 4

  1. geethuisabseparyi

    05/10/2014 at 16:09

    awesome maan really missed meet
    now all family disappear and maan feel so helpless

  2. angelickushi

    05/10/2014 at 17:48

    Loved the update
    Omg wat happened
    Did something happen to meet

  3. amrithanair

    05/10/2014 at 18:11

    So she has vanished from his life just like a mist in the air,i think the sister is geet, but then what has gone in their life that they just disconnected all the communication with maan,hope we will get to see maaneet soon,waiting for next part


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