Character Sketch

13 Jul

I couldn’t stop myself from penning down this concept.
I will continue with Hello Beautiful along with this.

IMPT- my college has reopened and it is stressful. So I will be slow in updating.
Pls bear with me.

Banner credits: shruthe di
This SS is dedicated to her (@shrutheajay) on her birthday
and also a thank you gift for all the lovely banners she has made for me till date.

“…The course of thy love never goes swift

For thou shalt fathom the hurt of drift

How shall thou hold it… firm yet gentle

Hearts entwined with fates entangled

Let her go yet hold her tight

Bleed and die or hold the fight”


“Charmed and bewitched and lost in bliss

Loving you all is what I wish

Chained by fate but my heart laid bare

Love Me Not…If You dare!”


Character Sketch

Maan Khurana– 23yrs, Final Year in College. Very charming, authorative, wonderful personality and loves his friends. A very intelligent student and a passionate and an intense lover. He can do anything for his lady love to make her comfy and feel loved and cherished, even if it meant giving away his own happiness.


Meet Handa- 23yrs, same college as maan but with a few different subjects, very quiet, calm, sober and loving. She is shy but once she gets comfy, she is in command. A very sweet natured girl without a flaw..beautiful, traditional and very understanding. It is because of this nature of  hers that her friends love her.

(You will know why her name is Meet instead of Geet in further parts of the story. I need to develop the characters so pls bear with it)

Mohinder and Rano handa- Meet’s Parents. More will be revealed about them as the story goes ahead.

Savitri Devi – Maan’s sweet naughty dadima.

Rest of the characters will develop as story progresses.

I bring you my fourth ss on Maaneet… Love Me Not!

Please encourage me as you all had always.. with your lovely likes and comnts.

Will post the first part soon.



Posted by on 13/07/2014 in MG SS~ Love Me Not


5 responses to “Character Sketch

  1. navdeep802

    13/07/2014 at 15:21

    lovely cs, update whenever you get time because study comes first.

  2. dvsdesire6

    13/07/2014 at 21:09

    Wow Aishu…u wit new SS
    ll be waitin for story to start…

  3. ushankitvc

    14/07/2014 at 20:29

    awesum cs….waiting eagerly

  4. pratikshya

    15/07/2014 at 06:21

    you just found another fan of yours… eagerly waiting..

  5. stinna

    09/09/2014 at 01:12

    interesting title


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