05 Jul

@ALL so my college reopened and i get time only on weekends. i want to concentrate more on my studies these two years as its already my 3rd year now. So i will be updating every weekend. Pls bear with me.

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“hey pretty… its a basic curtsey…you know..”

” don’t give a damn..just buzz off khurana…get out of my sight till next morning. I need some sleep..”

She walked off with a huff.. too much pissed off at this guy. He was indeed eccentric and she wondered how long would she be able to bear it.


The next morning, he was up early and decided to hit the gym. He decided to get to the treadmill first and kept on thinking about his life! What has it come to! He was being guarded by a woman! He respected that… but that woman was so bossy! He hated that. True, he likes calling her names because she is indeed very beautiful and that he respected evry woman on this plant, all thanks to his mom but it was ego now. She punched him right in front of his friends and he didn’t miss them laughing out on him. That was so humiliating. And then being guarded… his life was in a mess.

He watched her come running into the gym wearing her tracks and a tight fit tee. She had gone for a jog it seemed. She was sweating. He closed his eyes…for a moment he had completely forgotten a she was here. He got off the treadmill and got to the floor for his push ups. To his utter shock, she lied beside him, ready for the same too.

Geet had put on her earplugs listening to music. But damn this man was hell bent on starong at her like he had seen a ghost. Unable to take that gaze on her anymore, she pulled off her ear plugs and glared at him, “what is it?”

He was brought back to reality and looked at her incredulously, “you will be doing push ups?”

She positioned her hands on the floor and lifted herself up swiftly, “yep..why? can’t i?”

He watched her in awe, “no..i mean girls and push ups.. they are so soft and this doesn’t go well…”

“you really are a chauvinist.. are’t you Mr. Khurana… don’t underestimate the girls. I can beat you in this…”

He raised a brow…what the hell was she so haughty about? She can defeat him in number of push ups?? She must be joking. He burst out laughing, “ohh god you have a good sense of humour beautiful… no ways you can beat me in this..”

She gave him an evil grin, “stop being so proud… i want to see this laughter after i have beaten you..”

He liked it! He loved challenges and this woman was one heck of it!

“try me… and the loser will treat the other with his/her favourite food…?”

Geet grinned, “yep.. done! Lets start then..”

They positioned themselves on the mat and on the count of three, started their push-up competition.


They both stopped at 100 catching their breaths.

“you must be tired pinky… why don’t you step back?”, he teased her. This was the first time..a woman was challenging him for all the many stuffs. He enjoyed her sweaty flushed face, “no ways Khurana.. you can rest if you are tired. Treat me with my fav later..ehh?”

“lets continue…”, he spoke shaking his head.

They stopped at 250 this time and none was ready to give up. Geet was flexible and agile while maan was strong and well build. But he had forgotten who he was dealing with. An easy win seemed tough when she refused to give up. They continued doing their push ups stopping in between until their muscles were fatigued… and it was getting tough. They were somewhere in 600s when maan really felt he wont be able take it anymore. His muscles ached and so did hers. But she had been used to this. She watched him evilly as she struggled to finish a couple of push ups more. He seemed he might give up anytime sooner. She has to press on a little more until he gave up.

“giving up..are you Mr. Khurana?”, she spoke breathlessly.

He was breathing hard and looked at her who was hell bent on winning this. He could have given up easily had it not been the punch he had received the previous night. This was the best time to get revenge. He was a nice person but he wasn’t a saint!!! He fell on the mat, pretending to give up, “you are so strong pinkey…”.

Geet grinned giving him a wicked smile, “stop calling me that alright..and you lose… finally!! Mr Chauvinist gets the taste of his own…owww…”

She cried as he rolled on top of her the moment she moved down and now his highness was sleeping on her, pressing her down on the floor.

“oohhh…i..i..can’t breathe…”, she felt breathless. This man was too heavy.

Maan seemed to enjoy that. He slept of her lazily, on his back, “wow.. you are so strong… now cool…can you do push ups with me lying on you?”

She struggled under him, almost being squashed. He seemed fit but only she knew he was double the weight of an elephant.

“ahhh…get off me you fool… you are killing me..”, she spoke breathing heavily. She couldn’t even move.

He just relaxed more, “come on beautiful… you are strong right!!”

She wriggled her hands and legs, “get-off-me…”

“nopes… i feel this is comfy…”, he spoke nonchalantly.

She tried to move but he pressed her down, “khurana get off me… you fat elephant..get off me…”

He stretched a bit and yawned, “what did you just call me darling? Elephant? It was an insult darling.. for a person having a physique as sexy as me…and am not getting off until i get what i want sweetie pie..”

Geet rolled her eyes… what the hell does he think of himself? Sexy…and him?? And what did he want? She was really mad right now… her bones were going to be crushed.

“stop day dreaming..and what the hell do you want?”

“an apology!!”

“an apo…WHAT??? for what??“, she screamed! This man was nuts!

“you should know better… until not getting off. You make a gud mattress..”

“cut the crap khurana and get off me..”, she snapped.

He just ignored and whistled some tune out of the blue, enjoying himself.

“khurana…get off.. or else am going to kill you..”

“yeah yeah… just free yourself first pinkey.. and then do whatever you want..”

She fumed. She screamed… threatened and blackmailed him but to no avail. She just realized how stubborn he was. She was feeling uneasy by now. Her body ached and he was a sadist. She quickly thought her options and decided it was better to be sorry than die in such a pathetic way.

“ok fine.. am sorry. I shouldn’t have called your oh-so-sexy highness an elephant!!” now please can you get off?”

He smiled, “i accept this apology but you have lot more to make!!”

“what the hell? What more?”

“remember sweetheart…you punched me yesterday.. and then the smack… you have to apologize for that too…”

She swore the moment she got free, she’d kick him where it hurts the most. In her entire career as an agent, she had never felt this intense an urge to kill some one. But she has to live to kill him. Though half heartedly, she did apologize, “am sorry Mr Khurana.. for punching you and then smacking you even though you deserved it the most at that time…”

Maan smiled and rolled off, “for happy with this! Come on..get ready for office you lazy princess…i don’t want you rolling on this floor anymore..”

He walked out speaking over the phone about his schedule. She watched him…how incredulous was that? Her body ached as she made her way out to her room. He was talking on the phone when he smiled at her. She ignored.

“you are truly manly pinky…”, he laughed and walked off.

She rolled her eyes… how she wished she could kill him! His life was in danger but damn hell this man took everything as if it were a cake walk.


He looked at her in shock as she gulped down everything that was on the table, voraciously. She probably ate double of him. Nakul served her juice and gulped it down like water. She was crazy. Maan gaped at her… she eats like a whale..but he kept his mouth shut knowing she was in a foul mood. He let her eat in peace because he was getting continuous calls from office.

They both sat in the car while geet called Rajit to know the security status. Once she was done, she found maan staring at her.

now what Khurana?”

“why don’t you call me maan?”, he asked softly.

She bit back, “why don’t you call me geet?”

“i like calling you pinkey and stuffs..”, he spoke honestly.

She twisted her lips and turned away, “then i like calling you Mr Khurana..thank you for the effort!!”

She couldn’t believe she was guarding this moron. She was indeed pissed off and maan realized that.

“alright pinkey… don’t get angry. I will treat you okay..your reward..i wont go back on my words…”

Geet sighed and pointed her index finger to him, “dare you forget it khurana…”

“absolutely no ma’am..“, he laughed while she was not in a mood to talk to him.

The day was busy for maan but boring for geet. She absolutely said no to taking any calls for him or do a thing that a PA does. Ms Iyer was in a good mood to give her back nicely for the previous day but geet’s foul mood scared her. Geet took a tour of the whole place, checked the cameras, called chris and bitched about maan! Chris just laughed at that “truly manly” comment.

Geet sat in her cabin when she saw a young man, dressed awesomely in formals just enter maan’s cabin. She got alert for she was seeing him for the first time in the office. She quickly got on her toes and walked into his cabin and found him staring at the table.

“ahh..excuse..may i know whos this?”

He turned back to see an absolutely beautiful lady in the cabin. He flashed one of his best smiles, “ahh…hey.. where is maan?”

Geet kept her eyes and ears open, ” well you see Mr Khurana is in a meeting. I am his PA you can give me the message…”

His smile grew wider as he walked towards her, “ohh you are geet handa right?? Maan was saying he got a beautiful PA…”

He took her hand and pressed a kiss at the back of her palm, “well there.. Hello Beautiful.. this is Dev.. Maan’s brother…”

She cringed with that word “beautiful” …no wonder they were brothers. She sighed but dev seemed nice. He didn;t call her names.. as he took her for a coffee in the cafe…well he insisted and she found him so genuine. Not irritating like her boss!! Urrghh! And he talked sensible. Geet was very careful with her words but even in that she didn’t miss that sense of humor he had. And by the end of the day, she had actually liked him.

He came to drop her at her cabin and then stopped, “well geet.. you see..there’s a party tomorrow.. i would be blessed to take you with me..”

Geet smiled, “well thank You dev but i am really sorry. I can’t. I have work here and maan..i don’t think..”

“shh..its okay.. Maan will be attending it too. Just be ready. I will inform him that you will be going with me..”

He didn’t even hear her answer and walked off. Geet sighed and went back to her cabin only to see maan waiting for her. His expressions seemed so different…a serious one rather than his usual flirty one.

“hey…you okay?”, she asked seeing him so quiet.

He thought for a while and then shook his head, “nopes… lets get home. I think you are going to a party tomorrow…?”

She gasped, “you heard us?”

He led her out as he spoke out seriously, “you want to go?”

“umm.. i don’t know. Its been a while since i have been to a party..and yeah you are going too right?’

“hmm.. i am.. come on. Lets head home. I have a lot to work…”

“You haven’t forgotten your treat have you?”

He smiled after a long time, “nope… not at all. Now come on…”

She sighed.. these brothers are just so crazy. She wondered if maan was worried about something but then let it go as it was none of her concern.


next: PartyD'oh


2 responses to “CHAPTER 4

  1. amrithanair

    05/07/2014 at 19:06

    Awesome one,oops truly manly and that too d beautiful geet,uff dev is here also,hope he wil be nt a hurdle between maaneet,i think its smting related to dev dat sudden change in maan’s behaviour,waiting for nxt part

  2. abc48

    05/07/2014 at 23:38

    nice update.waiting for maaneet moment


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