25 Jun

sorry for being this late. My college is reopening on 1st july
and i will be busy.
slow updates from now.. may be once or twice a week.
missing my holidays already!


(French Translation for Absconding.)


He liked that us’ there, though pretended to be oblivious, “its not us darling.. they are staring at you..”, and dug back into his food. Seriously.. what kind of man he was and what kind of people he hired!! She looked all round and the women glared back at her with utmost jealousy which she didn’t even understand! She sighed and tried to eat before hunger kills her.



She was totally bored the whole day. By now, she knew she was not welcome by the ladies in the office. She was appointed as his PA and she had no damn idea on what to do! In fact, she was not at all interested in doing anything for this crazy man. Post lunch, she sat in her cabin, talking to chris or walking around, checking all the floors, making it oblivious to others. The decor was nice and there were security cameras around. She just wanted to get to his mansion and see the security settings there. She still was not very happy with the fact that her holidays were cut short because of this man!!! She sighed and took out her pistol, tucked in her boots and started playing. The intercom rang continuously gaining her attention. She wondered whether she should pick up the phone at all. Come on, she won’t be PA-ing around him. He wasn’t in his cabin and the phone was crying mercilessly. She tried to ignore it but that damn phone was not even in a mood to shut up. It rang twice…thrice and then she lost it. She grabbed the phone and spat out, “who’s it?”

The other person on the other side cleared her throat and bit back in the equal tone, “connect me to MK..”

Geet looked at the phone wondering who was this creature anyway, “he is not here… tell me your name..i will inform..”

Ms Shruti Iyer so hated this girl and her guts and MK having lunch with her was something she couldn’t bear.

“Shruti Iyer it is…i have something important to talk to… please pass on the phone..”

“I said he isn’t here…”

“i know.. he is not in your cabin you fool.. connect me to his intercom..”

Geet rolled her eyes..she was really short tempered and could hardly bear any nonsense.

“shut up…and get off..” and she kept the phone with a bang. Only this man could hire creatures like this Iyer girl!!! She sighed and looked at the watch…it was going to be 6 in the evening and she was bored to death.

“i was better off fighting terrorists…i have nothing to do here..”, she mumbled to herself when the phone rang again. She sighed and took the call again.

Hey missy.. what the hell do you think of yourself han? Its your first day here and  you have the audacity to talk to me like that! I will see to it that MK gets to know your real face..”

“buzz off…and one more time you call, i am gonna shoot you..”, geet disconnected the phone and tried to gulp down her anger. Damn! This woman was such a bitch! She was really mad and she’d actually shoot her one more time she called.

She kept back her pistol back in her boot when the phone rang again. That girl seriously wants to die!! She ignored the call and then it rang again…and again!!! She was so so so angry right now. The phone rang one more time and she lost it.

“you bloody bitch… wait till I go to you and shoot you dead..”, she hissed, taking the call.

The line went silent for a while and a deep voice reached her ears, “hey beautiful…is it you?”

She closed her eyes.. was him on the call!!! Well…she was not guilty!!

“yeah… what happened?”, she snapped.

“oooh… who were you swearing at darling?”

“none of your concern..”

“you are angry..beautiful…”, he spoke lovingly.

“first thing.. stop calling me names.. second… i can’t stay here a minute longer… and finally, what kind of bitches have you employed Mr Khurana?”

He laughed hearing her swear…boy she was cute. It seemed as if he was hitting on his bodyguard…but damn hell..its worth risking for!

“alrighty… i called you to inform just that we will be heading home in next 15 minutes..sweetie pie. Will see you in the parking…”

She sighed, “yeah fine i’ll be there…”

Finally… finally she will have a moment of rest. The day was not very good. He was chauvinist and he had a hoarding of women who hated her! She just walked out to the parking, tapping away on her phone, giving details to Chris. Soon as she reached the lot, the maan’s security saluted her.

“hmm… the moment we reach the mansion, i want the details of all the guards here and the arrangements there..we need to monitor the current situation first..”

“yes ma’am…”

She nodded and looked into her phone texting Chris as the guard opened the door for her to get in. The moment, she got in, he matched up with her and slid beside her on the back seat, peeping into her phone. She was startled to see him suddenly jumping over her. She pulled away her phone and glared at him, “hey..what is your problem Mr. Khurana?”

He raised his brow at her, “nice phone geet…mind if i see it?”

She pulled away her phone to the other side, as he lunged forward to grab it.

“hey… its not a play thing. Its custom made Mr Khurana…  its…umm… sophisticated!”, she gave him a nasty look.

He twisted his lips and looked away, “jeez… its just a phone beautiful and you are so rude…”

Geet could care less. Her phone, right now, was the most precious gadget she has and has got all the data in there.

They reached the mansion in 30 minutes and she was led to the guest room. She found her room quiet comfy and decided to rest for a while. She opened her bag and took out her tee and a pair of tracks. She took a warm shower and hit the bed, and dozed off in a minute.

She woke up around 7:30 in the evening feeling relaxed and decided to take a tour of the mansion. The Khurana guy was nowhere to be seen and she loved this silence. It was much needed! She liked the decor and everything about this mansion. It was huge and still had a warm homely feeling to it. The khurana guy was not around…it rang in her head as she took the tour..round the gym, his room, his study, the spare rooms, kitchen, lawn, backyard, driveway, attic…the guy wasn’t around!!


She stood in the middle of the living room and screamed her lungs out, “MR KHURANA…JUST COME OUT WHEREEVER YOU ARE HIDING…”

A few servants came running to her wondering what was wrong and she glared at them, “where is Mr. Khurana?”

They looked at each other blankly and someone from them replied, “he said he would be in his room…”

“but he isn’t…”

The old family butler, Nakul, came forward, “Ma’am… i.. I guess he isn’t in the mansion right now…”

“and pray where could he be..?”

“NO idea…he must have gone out or something..”

“what? That moron was supposed to tell me where he goes and where not…“, and she rushed out, calling out to the security checking if they were with maan.

His guards were off to take a small break in the outhouse, where they were settled. Geet rushed and asked them if maan was with them. The head guard, Rajit panicked, “no…he doesn’t have anyone with him…”

Geet glared at all of them, “do you realize what danger he might be in?? And how the hell did he go out of the mansion without anyone noticing??

Rajit dipped his head, “he does that at times ma’am…sneaks out and..”

He couldn’t even complete and geet rushed off. She put on her canvas shoes, tucked her revolver into her pocket and ran towards the car. This man was so mad!!! Damn!!! Rajit followed and both of them got into the car while geet switched on the phone. When she said it was custom made, she indeed meant it was custom made! It had special settings to trace locations directly from satellite and not via any gprs services. She quickly turned on the tracker  while Rajit drove faster, looking here and there.

Geet felt so angry on him right now. That man’s life was in danger and freak decides to run away like a bride!! She didn’t even have his number but for once she was glad his uncle was smart enough to fit tracking devices in all his cars. She quickly called chris and asked to track the location.

It took almost 20 minutes to know where he exactly was. They got off the car and geet was so shocked to see things in a mess. Apparently, he had decided to sneak out and park his car near the road and have roadside aloo tikka masala with his friends. Someone was playing guitar and now suddenly everyone seemed to fight. She was so enraged seeing him punch a guy out of nowhere and a gang of goons decided to beat the hell out of him. His friends were engaged in the fight and there was this chaos around, attracting attention.

Rajit rushed to push off the guy who were trying to hit maan. A few guys held her while another one tried to punch him. Rajit caught hold of that man while geet rushed to help his out. A guy was about it hit him when she just held his hand mid away and thrust a kick right on his stomach and the next moment landed a punch on his face, knocking his down. Maan was quick enough to take the cue and knock down the other two guys.

A few other guys surrounded them but geet was quick enough to pull out her gun and point at one of them, in a threatening stance which made them back out and then quickly disperse, seeing that rage in her eyes.

“One more step…and you’re dead!“, she hissed, making them walk back.

The next moment, their eyes met, his were thankful while hers were spitting fire and she thrust a punch right on his stomach!!

“owww…ouchhh…”, he winced holding his stomach as she dragged him to the car and pushed him in, leaving Rajit to clear off the mess. She drove him towards the mansion not even looking at him and dragged him inside.

The moment they were in, she screamed, “what the hell were you doing you fool?”

He had still not recovered from the punch he received…damn this woman was so strong! Yeah he respected women but this freaking woman actually punched him, making him see stars with open eyes. He was a man of principles and ego too!!

He straightened himself, “and what the hell did you punch me for beautiful?”

He had that sharp look on his face, his voice a little stern but that endearment didn’t leave his lips. She tapped her foot and put her hands on her waist, “its you who needs to do an explanation…you sneak out, you get into some fight, you don’t realize you are in danger… and you ask me why i punch you?”

He sighed… this is what he didn’t like. He wanted to have some fun and his uncle… that bloody old ass actually hired him a beautiful bodyguard who was to be with him 24/7! Not that he minded being with her all the time (wink wink) but he wanted to feel free too.

“listen sweetie pie…”

“stop calling me names…”, she snapped.

“alright pinky…

“mind your tongue Khurana..i will shoot you right here…”

“okay..listen beautiful..that girl was in trouble. The guys were mistreating her… and i just can’t bear that…”, he spoke seriously. She looked at him, blinking her eyes… she did see a girl beside.

“you know what… i appreciate what you did but that doesn’t excuse you for sneaking out…do you get that?”

He rolled his eyes, “as much as i’d love to be with you 24/7.. i want to be free for once too…”

“..and then just die like a it?!!”

He knew he can’t argue with her.. and this was the first of a kind he was witnessing. She pulled him to the couch and leaned over him. His eyes were stuck on his face… my my..she was so close to him… she was so pretty and she looked so cute with that anger and her cutie white tee. Their lips were mere inches… ohh she was going to kiss him!! He felt elated. Madam may be feeling guilty about punching him and hence making up with the kiss! Damn those plump lips… he wouldn’t mind it..would he?!!!

He parted his lips a bit as her breath tickled his skin…ohh he was so happy right now. She was indeed going to kiss him.

And the next moment, she planted a smack on his head and platered the bandage on the cut on his forehead, “stop dreaming you fool and go get some rest!!”

His dream world came crashing down as he caressed his head, “why the hell did you hit me again?”

“if you space out thinking crap…i have to do it.”, she warned and walked off, asking nakul to get dinner to her room.

He stood up, caressing that bandage, “hey honey bunch…”

She stopped on her tracks, fisting her fingers, preventing herself from punching him right on his nose. She gritted her teeth, “stop-calling-me-names”, she emphasised on each and every word.

He could just care less. He made a face and taunted her, “you could at least say sorry…”

“for what?”, she spoke without turning back.

“for hitting me…”

“you deserved it…”

“hey pretty… its a basic curtsey…you know..”

” don’t give a damn..just buzz off khurana…get out of my sight till next morning. I need some sleep..”

She walked off with a huff.. too much pissed off at this guy. He was indeed eccentric and she wondered how long would she be able to bear it.


next: living with a girl!!D'ohDancingWink


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  1. amrithanair

    25/06/2014 at 23:48

    Am first

  2. amrithanair

    25/06/2014 at 23:51

    Yippieee am first,Awesome updt,oops poor maan, geet indeed is a strong women now maan also accepted it,really loving deir nvr ending argument,waiting for nxt part

  3. angelickushi

    26/06/2014 at 00:59

    Loved it
    Geet toh ab hi bore ho gayi
    Aagey kya hoga

  4. tania900

    26/06/2014 at 13:36

    Awseum yr kya baat hai this is so fun to read such a story

  5. abc48

    27/06/2014 at 00:08

    totally different from ur other ff.geet is living with maan full hours for protecting him.nd maan just falling love on geet s beauty.awesome update

  6. Afsha

    27/06/2014 at 19:57

    HAHAHAHA Maan got punched hahahahahah it was awesome

  7. huma19912013

    27/06/2014 at 20:05

    Dat was awesome update maan is v naughty lol

  8. huma19912013

    27/06/2014 at 20:06

    Awesome update hehehe maan is v naughty lol


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